Tuesday’s Wild Card Games: Only Diamond Ranch survives in baseball; Rowland, Covina, Sierra Vista advance in softball playoffs

El Rancho wanted no part of Diamond Ranch’s Rouric Bridgewater, perhaps the best kept secret in the San Gabriel Valley (I know, blame us). Bridgewater, batting .588 with 10 home runs, 40 RBIs, 11 doubles and four triples, hit a home run in the first inning then was intentionally walked four times in the Panthers’ eight-inning 9-8 win. The lesson here: Maybe if they waked him five times El Rancho would have won.

Above: La Serna’s Connor Burke (7) knocks the ball loose from Los Altos catcher Steven Camberos (2) as he slides in safely at home plate in their 2-1 wild-card win over the Conquerors.

Tuesday’s Wild Card results
Division 2

Chaminade 3, Diamond Bar 2
Division 3
Diamond Ranch 9, El Rancho 8, 8 innings
Palmdale 6, Nogales 3
La Serna 2, Los Altos 1
Division 4
La Salle 3, Covina 2
Division 5
San Jacinto 10, Mountain View 0
Serrano 3, Gladstone 1
Santa Ynez 7, Azusa 3

Division 3

Cajon 10, St. Lucy’s 0
Dana Hills 4, Los Altos 2
Division 5
Rowland 15, Gladstone 0
Covina 13, Tahquitz 0
Sierra Vista 1, Montebello 0

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  • Don

    “Today’s Wild Card Games: La Salle-Covina and Los Altos-La Serna best games of the day”

    Best games you can get to on a gallon of gas maybe.

    Best wildcard with a local team will be Diamond Bar with Kenny Mathews on the mound facing 23-6 Chaminade who will probably start Brando Tessar who I think has 8 of those wins.

    Long drive to West Hills though.

  • Ron

    how did azusa get in with only 5 wins?

  • ?

    hahah games of the day! If you really want to see a great wild card game that will be played over at hueneme high vs Dana Hills.
    Valdez vs Tago will be great. Valdez if going to Arizona and Tago to CS Fullerton. I like Dana Hills with the upset. I really like DBars chances vs Chaminade with Kenny on the hill. LA vs La Serna I will wait to see the box score tomorrow LOL!

  • Born and Raised SGV

    Long drive to west hills…. will become a longer drive after loosing. Remember we are talking about the real SGV not DB. You are closer to the OC than the Tribune offices. We allow you to stick around because no one else wants to cover that side of the 57.

  • billybob

    Great Draw Diamond Bar….3 weeks ago Chaminade was ranked in the top 5 for Div 2. They lost a couple of close games to Alemany to drop to a tie for second in league (lost the coin toss to become a wild card). If Dbar (a big if) they play Friday in Paso Robles! 196 miles away with no pitching…Omana’s arm is dead and DBar didn’t even try to develop any other pitchers this season. Someone at CIF doesn’t like you..

  • scores……..

    Freddie – how about some scores???

  • FredJ

    You’re all on your own for scores today, hopefully players, parents or someone will come back and post, I drew the lucky assignment of covering the Masters swimming tonight in Long Beach, which starts at 5 p.m. … Sorry all, I will try and update scores later tonight.

  • LetEmPlay

    LaSalle 3
    Covina 2

  • dbar

    Diamond bar lost today 3-2

  • Just a Fan

    Juat got word that Diamond Ranch scored 4 runs in bottom of 8th to win 9-8. Congrats to DR and good luck on Thursday!!!

  • DBfan

    “dbar said:
    Diamond bar lost today 3-2”

    Sorry to hear the news, I was worried about Dbar’s bats, it seems that they can’t hit any
    above average pitchers in the league. The good hitter only hits the best pitcher, the better you pitch the better I hit, low level pitcher will get them everytime. I don’t think this is the case for Dbar, they can blow out low level pitchers everytime, but when facing other team’s Ace on the mound. They just can’t hit a thing. DBar only got 3 decent hitters, Crowe, Park, Mathews.

  • DBfan

    Dbar lost 3-2, it’s a sad day. Sometimes you need some luck to win games, you need someone that can make a different to sit on your bench, he doesn’t have to play, he can jsut sit there to help you win. The matter is how to find this guy, Maybe only God knows.


    GO LANCERS!!!!

  • yes im a dranch fan

    Just got in after a how did we win game binge at the team dinner, after a bunch of errors, dranch pitching held tough with Kevin Lengyel starting and going 4 , enter Derek Goodwin after catching 4 innings, who shuts em down for 4 innings but gives up a 2b with a throwing error in the 8th.. Then in the bottom of 8th with 2nd and third Derek Goodwin hits walk off blast to the right center gap to win the game his 5th game winning hit this year). Unreal. Can the magic happen again, stay tuned.

    Other hi lites rouric bridgewater hits a 1st inning home run about 425 ft to right then gets walked 3 times. Dylan gooodwin gets 2 key hits and of course mr. Clutch mr. Cif gus viramontes goes 3-4 with big double in the 8th too. Gus is the man along with Goodwin and bridgewater.

  • any relation

    alvarez, medina, duarte

  • Baseball NUT!




    That’s ZERO for SIX!

    Guess it means its time for the Bigger boys to get to work, ie… AMAT< DAMIEN< GLENDORA< S/H, BONITA< NORTHVIEW. IF S/D and WALNUT win we could have a 8-0 Thursday! Good Luck!

  • Baseball NUT!

    SORRY D/R but we did have a WINNER!

    D/R wins in 8, by a 9-8 score over El Rancho!

    Also La Verne Luth. also lost!

    SO in round one,ITs





    Thos were the Wild Card winners who move on to face our boys!

  • What Happened??

    What is with the DBar team? Most teams would be working hard and preparing for the playoffs with some kind of momentum building.

    Dbar beats CHills in next to last league game in bottom of 7th, start Mathews in final league game then give up the “win” by pulling him.

    Then with additional oppty for some additional “practice” over the weekend, the team (coach) “takes the time off”. That is not how you build “champions” or even “contenders”.

    Embarrassing when DR slides into the playoffs with “poor season” but guts out a “win” in the wildcard.

    Tired of hearing how all the local schools take pride while DBar (coaches) sits back and takes another in the axx!!

    Once again, DBar starts strong but fades as the season goes along rather than building momentum.

    Can’t get far when not properly prepared for the “entire” season, coach!!!

    Trying to ride the same players the entire season rather than “developing a team” shot you in the foot, again, coach!!!


    I was at the DR game as well to check on Bridgewater and he did hit a blast in the first inning and then was intentionally walked four times. The last one was in the bottom of eighth with no outs and a runner on second, he represented the winning run. Do you do that? Derek Goodwin is for real as well. I talked to the dad, he has a ride to Sacramento State (D1 same league with Fresno State)as a catcher. I can see why, hose behind the plate.

  • Baseball NUT!

    As I see it!

    I have seen Rouric in person, and he has an amazing upside! Still a few too many mistakes at 3rd. Not really the errors, but I think sometimes he trys to maybe overthrow, meaning holding on to the ball for a extra split second, then zinging it in there. Not a big thing, and can be worked on. Maybe he is a better outfielder, and that will be his postiion. HOWEVER this kid has power. I saw him against Garden Grove and he has a very nice swing. I thought he was going to hit THREE Hr’s that game. He had ONE, and two DBL’s, and one was OFF the wall. The second DBL was a clear two bagger, but the foul prior could have left Dodger Stadium. He has to be ONE of the BEST UNKNNOWN players outside of Pomona/DB area. I mean the guy is hitting close to .600. Don’t care how weak the divison or league is, hitting like that takes a good eye, and better bat speed. Hats off to a GREAT season, and lets see what he can do tomorrow against Hemet. Should be HOT in the mid 90’s maybe, and the ball could carry!!!!

  • Ya

    Great 3rd place season covina

  • just askin’

    what was that some old coach was saying about Amat’s weak league and how tough the Valle Vista league was? how did that matchup of 3rd place teams go?

  • socal baseball fan

    Time for the brahmas to change head coaches in baseball. Perhaps they can get Mike Burns or Spencer Oborn to become the head coach. To much talent to go one and done. The head coach needs to learn that finishing 3rd in D2 is the bad leading to a wild card game. Next year they move down which should help them. Chaminade was a good team and the Mission league which should be D1 advanced 5 teams into the first round.
    Bad new for 2 former brahmas as Danny Dorn in triple A is out for 4-6 weeks after getting hit by a pitch and breaking his hand. He may have been called up soon to the big show. Gary Brown of CSF has a 3rd metacarpal fracture injured while sliding into 3rd base and will be out until the beginning of the playoffs.
    CIFSS seeds are bad and how would you feel if your are Crespi and have to play 21-6 Yucaipa in the first round. The T-birds won the wild card game with Jose Cota pitching a shutout 8-0. Now they have ace Taijuan Walker ready for the celts. Yucaipa after a midseason slump is back playing good ball.

  • LetEmPlay

    just askin’

    Valle Viste 3rd vs. Del Rey 3rd proved to be an even match up. The Covina coach smalled balled his way to a loss. He’s done a great job this year as did the whole team generally so I hate to ruin it with this kind of criticism. It’s just when you’ve got boys who are GOING to play at the next level I think these high school small ball coaches need to give that BS a rest and LET THEM SWING THE BAT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

    Yeah, you might win a close game here and there with the hit and run, steal, go for the extra base and run. But every time you do that the message you send to the team is that you don’t trust the bats to get the job done.

    Late in the game with a runner on 2nd and no outs. Yeah, you can bunt the guy over. But that’s a big red flag to the guy at the plate. You just spit in his face and showed ZERO confidence in that young man’s ability to hit the ball out of the infield.

    And the big problem is not that you make that tough situation call. It’s that you do that game after game to the point where not only everyone knows there’s a play on but the boy’s who might get 50-75 at bats and therefore so many HACKS at real live game situation LOSES THE OPPORTUNITY to be the hero. Not just be the here but be a HITTER. You’ll wind up with a good record, a winning season that year at the expense of………how many at bats? How many times did those boys have to look at a pitch so you could steal? How many times did he have to bunt? How many bad pitches did he chase on the hit and run?

    Add that up from freshman ball to his final game in varsity and just think about how much better of a hitter some of these boys might be if their small ball high school coaches would just LeEmPlay ball the way it’s supposed to be played.

  • Walter Alson

    how exactly IS the game “supposed to be played”? I musta had it all wrong all those years. If we teach these kids the game so they AND THEIR PARENTS understand there are many more ways to score from 3rd than 2nd – and now the sac fly is in play we’d be better off. If we’d quit worrying about why my little Johnny didn’t get to swing away and think about the team we’d be all be just fine.

  • CovinaParent

    Thank you Walter Alston…how many times this year did we get a runner on, steal 2nd or 3rd, squeeze or hit a fly ball to get a run in and it’s 1-0 in the first inning and all with our 1 & 2 hitters. That’s the way we played the game all year, the kids practice it over and over again and accordng to my son, very rarely does the coach call a steal sign. The kids know what to look for from the pitcher and they have the freedom to steal on their own (most of the time). You can’t change what we have done all year and if you are talking about playing at the next level…guess what, a lot of colleges play small ball…the high school game is different than the travel ball game where there is very little small ball being played. We had a great year, we did a lot of really good things, congratulations Covina on a very respectable season. Why can’t we just say, La Salle was just better today?

  • CovinaParent

    Thank you Walter Alston…how many times this year did we get a runner on, steal 2nd or 3rd, squeeze or hit a fly ball to get a run in and it’s 1-0 in the first inning and all with our 1 & 2 hitters. That’s the way we played the game all year, the kids practice it over and over again and accordng to my son, very rarely does the coach call a steal sign. The kids know what to look for from the pitcher and they have the freedom to steal on their own (most of the time). You can’t change what we have done all year and if you are talking about playing at the next level…guess what, a lot of colleges play small ball…the high school game is different than the travel ball game where there is very little small ball being played. We had a great year, we did a lot of really good things, congratulations Covina on a very respectable season. Why can’t we just say, La Salle was just better today?

  • ya

    Well idk much about the situation, but from what i’ve heard…nobody has a clue on the farm… not sure how 3rd place and losing to a sophomore is a good season….must be good for there standards

  • Exactly!

    you’re right about one thing: you don’t anything about our situation. Until you know and aren’t going off of what you’ve heard, don’t comment…


    Sorry to hear about DB loss but is was expected, they should of tossed out shitley along time ago, JD and shitley are the reasons that all the local talent went to different schools, DR,AMAT,OLU,OC PRIVATES,

  • dbar

    Time for the brahmas to change head coaches in baseball.

    True! True! True! Shitley SUCKS!

  • Deadly Sins

    diamond bar please stop whining. it’s always the same every freaking year.
    1) we used to be great
    2) we play a tough schedule
    3) win a couple of games in a tournament an hope rings eternal
    4) league starts and the boys give it their all
    5) faint chirping from fans
    6) coach blew that one
    7) the wheels are coming off
    8( gary brown is a stud
    9) remember when?
    10) hey as long as we make the playoffs
    11) arms tired
    12) chirping getting louder
    13)bats slowing done
    14) why not play some young kids
    15( gary brown is the next jim edmonds
    16) why are we coasting?
    17) no longer chirping
    18) hey we made the playoffs
    19) if we tinker with the line up
    20) should we tinker with the line up?
    21) coach tinkered with the line up
    22) playoffs are here
    23) way to go boys
    24) anything is possible
    25) fired the coach!
    26) coach sucks

    every single year doesn’t matter the sport

  • Long Time DB Fan

    I have watched the DBar team for the last several years, not sure why this blog has been coming down so hard on this coach and no I dont think thats why talent has gone to other places as one blogger stated…people should really get facts straight before blowing off steam and shouting just non since. Diamond Bar has been preparing for this opportunity, just didnt happen this year. Brahmas keep your heads up, you all worked really hard this season!

  • Covina”s Best

    Covina Fan,
    You should be happy with what your coach is doing. With your team and your school!!

    I have watched this team and this school for the last couple of years. It was a mess a couple of years ago because nobody believed in the coach.

    I saw the coach walk a player off the field and tell him to leave the dugout, because he was not a team player nor would listen to the coach.

    The coach is still there and the team is doing better every year. These changes do not happen overnight, but progress is progress.

    Enjoy it and embrace it and you will be better off in the future.


  • Excuses

    To he sucks…hmmm could this be a parent who’s child didn’t get to play or an upset kid who thought he needed to play more.
    I agree stop whining Diamond Bar….a couple years ago it was Gonzo’s fault now its Shibley’s fault..make up your mind. When DBar wins its the kids when they loose its the coach…give me a break.

  • Another DB fan of the players:

    Agree, DB should have practiced on Saturday like just about every other valley team. Whos decision?

    DB had a very good team but had some weaknesses that gets exposed when playing solid teams. They had a great year given the overall talent top to bottom. The players work hard and want to win real bad.

    Weakness, DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE. Seems like in every close game they lost it usually came down to a defense letdown. It looked like a few players were not playing their natural positions (where they have been outstanding), whose decision? Not to mention it hurts them in all league selections etc.

    Pitching, what else could coach have done? Why did not one senior pitch that pitched since they were 8 yrs old especially a lefty, which in high school ball is huge being able to pitch away? Sure could have used another lefty vs Glendora or Damien? Whose decision?

    Agree, this coach does not give any opportunity for players other than the ones he thinks are the guys in the beginning of the season or maybe there are behind the doors reasons ?? hmmm. I wonder, would another 2 bats in the lineup like the 2 seniors that quit could have helped?? Whose decision?

    We had a really solid senior outfielder that really was not given a chance, great lefthanded bat and this would have allowed them to play one of their top of guys in the infield and not have as many guys out of their natural position. Whose decision? Oh well Im off to the Walnut game. They are still in it.

  • kh

    the season over.
    come watch some real programs today.
    blame yourself for not training your kid to be better.
    if your son was that good the coaches job would be easy.
    parents look into the minor and ask yourself.
    did i do every thing possible for my son to do his best,
    if your happy with your anwser,then the coach is the problem.
    remember its not going to get any easier next year coming to are league.believe me.support the coach if you know that much help the returnies this summerball.you will ever see i to eye with a coach as long as you have a kid on the team,lets face it,

  • just a fan

    First, I don’t have a son at Dbar, he graduated three years ago. My opinions of the Dbar baseball program…Gonzo was burned out, and had really just lost interest. People were excited when a new coach came in because there was no “program” after the varsity level. The coaching at the lower level was brutal and there was a total disconnect with parents and admin. The correct move at that time would have been to find a young veteran coach with varsity experience. Instead Dbar handed the job to an assistant coach with no Varsity experience. The AD that made this move was leaving and his replacement was an assistant football coach with no AD experience. Not good.

    Not sure what Shibley was told during his interview but it was apparent from day one that his goal was to make money. Everything was about fundraising, everything…Nothing about how your kid can become a better ball player or what work he needs to do to make varisity. It was about how much money you contribute to the program. When you say his first year varisity roster it was apparent to everyone that there were four to five players that had absolutely no reason to be on varisity, until you realized that their parents had contributed or raised big bucks for the program. He played two senior outfielders that hit .198 and .235 the entire year, while a junior outfielder hit over .500 on JV and never got a look. This kid was one of the best natural hitters i’ve seen in a while…he did not play baseball his senior year.

    At the end of that first year at the baseball banquet, Shibley did not introduce the freshmen or JV teams or coaches. In fact he didn’t even introduce the varsity players that didn’t get a league or school award. He talked about himself and his sacrifice for forty minutes, how he got the fields in shape and how much money he raised this year.

    Shibley second year…Before the season his first year Shibley wrote letters to each player letting them know where they stood player wise. Two of those players were told they would never make varsity and they should basically quit. Both dads were upset and blasted his name, but over the summer became big money raisers and field workers…Ta Da, both kids made varsity they’re senior year. A kid get’s klicked out of La Habra High, dad is friends with Shibley, he enrolls at Dbar. He’s a sophomore catcher. Dbar has a returning senior catcher who started most of his junior year and hit .320. After two weeks of practice the senior quit after the sophomore (ended up hitting .250) was Given the starting job. The senior told me, there was no competition…

    Season two…same as the first…the lower programs are in a shambles…some freshman are looking to move to new schools…no varsity development of players occurs…Crow, Torres and Chester should have been developed as relief pitchers, guys that can just get an out here or pitch an inning there. I went to watch several practices…there was no pitching development what-so-ever. Shibley got a gift in Kenny Mathews and another when Omana transferred back. They need a pitching coach who understands what relief pitching is. They had a promising Junior pitcher whom Shibley loves sit on the bench all year for varsity, rather than pitching everyweek for JV.

    To sum, Shibley may be a nice guy and a decent baseball coach, but this group of kids, including the two missing seniors, had the potental on paper to be better than a thrid place finisher. If your kid is a stud, and you’ve spent thousands of dollars on training and lessons, go to Diamond Bar. If your kid is a good player who needs coaches to develop them and work with them…if you want your kid to know that if you work hard you will be rewarded….if you want your kid to play on a team that gets better as the year progresses…it ain’t DBar, and it hurts me to say that. I will close by saying how impressed I am with Kenny Mathews – I’ve know the kid forever and he is the real deal. His parents deserve credit for enrolling him at the local school and for his demeanor. All three of his loses this year could be directly attributed to errors, but he never once blamed his team…Just think if this kid was at Amat or South Hills!

  • LP

    In regards to just a fan…here is another example of someone not getting the facts straight and just spewing wrong information. i check out the blogs off and on and I have watched the Dbar season this year. I had to laugh when I read this last blog from just a fan. Does he even know the experience DBar’s coach has had…Shibley was a Varsity coach for years in Glendale before he even came to DBar…he has also been a Director of a well known baseball camp for the last few years. Funny that a coach that actually puts effort into fund raising to help the team is bashed for it. From what I have scene from Shibley he has a lot of character and knowledge of the game.

  • hmmm

    to just a fan’

    Sooooo your son graduated 3 yrs ago. andddddd, you attended the banquet last year? okayyyyy.

  • hide behind the blogs

    Just a fan…come on..were you ever a coach..sounds to me like you are just one of those parents who wants to be a coach and he cant so he hides behind a blog to rip on a program that is being built from the ground up…so sad. Your facts are off too


    I see you said you don’t have a son at Diamond Bar and you are at all the practices..well maybe you should ask Coach Shib’s if you can give him a hand. He works his A off.. Come on….Shibs is cool and wants our program to get better and is doing things to accomplish that. Get a life just a fan and learn to be more willing to help our program then bring it down with all your negativity.

  • just a fan

    Dudes, no, I did not attend the banquet, but I have friends still there….can anyone that was there refute what I said? You can tell the direction of a program by what is happening at the lower levels. Not neccessarily winning, but the fundamentals and are the kids getting better…At Dbar they are not. Shibley may be a hell of a guy and a hard worker…never questioned that….the problem is does he know how to run a program. At this point I haven’t seen any indication that he does. Go watch a couple of practices, talk to the parents of kids that are freshman or sophomores (no bias of my kid should be varsity) and ask them if they are progressing. I went to a Freshman/JV game at the start of league and seveal of the parents said they had no idea who Shibley was. Not good.

  • Zues

    No one is right all the time or wrong all the time.In stories about coaches I look for the points where no one refutes. he ones who disagree with just a fan never said those things didn’t happen, just delivered attacks.

    Address his concerns or accusations of that word makes you feel better but don’t attack each other as if some one hasn’t had a different experience or can’t see things differently.

    Being a coach is tough but they aren’t Gods.

    Always room for improvement.

  • greek mythology


    You must be one of those parents who believes that all of the kids who aren’t playing or didn’t make varsity are victims of some vindictive coach.

    Have you or just a fan ever looked a little deeper. Could there possibly be a reason why your kid didn’t fit? Probably not. There is a lot that goes into building a team. You can have the most talent in the league, but without chemistry you have nothing.

  • Duh???

    Stick your nose in someone else’s business!!

    DBar does not need your 2 cents worth of crap. You are a has been that just talks out of your ass because you have nothing better to do!! You know nothing of the program yet you want to impart your wisdom into a program that has gone downhill year after year!! You have know idea what these kids or parents have been through with this arrogant ass of a coach!! Be glad you have Knott and not a Cresse Baseball wanna be.

    The talent left on the bench could have been and should have been developed but as was mentioned, “you pay to play at DBar”!! Makes me sick but what can you do, nothing!! You can’t transfer because of the mighty Gods of CIF!! You can’t fire the coach because the AD is the former Asst Coach to the Current Head Coach!! The Head Coach was installed by the “outgoing” AD who had no balls and allowed all of this degradation at DBHS to occur.

    So KH, stay in your own back yard, we don’t need your spittle in neighbor!!
    Enjoy your run in the playoffs!!

  • Not a Fan of Shibley’s coaching.

    Is Coach Shibley a hard worker, YES! Can Shibley coach baseball, NO! Is Shibley a nice guy, Yea sure! Does Shibley relate to his players, NO! Does Shibley work hard on the fields, YES! Is Shibley’s ego to big for his own good, YES! YES! YES! This isn’t about throwing Shibley under the bus, this is about the program at Diamond Bar High.Shibley can’t connect with his players, it’s all about his own ego, simple is that. It’s time for a new coach.

  • C Town glroy

    IF covina ever wins, it will be in spite of the coaching staff…….. walking a kid off the field because he not a team player is called coaching..doubt you’ll ever see that again…but you guys are right..good season u hammerd ganesha pomona and baldwin park….progress!