Thursday’s Results: South Hills wins 3-2, game under protest; Huerta hits two HRS for Sierra Vista in win, Bonita advances. Softball: San Dimas, WCovina, Amat, South El Monte, Bonita, South Hills all advance

BREAKING NEWS: Montebello has apparently filed a protest in South Hills’ 3-2 win, alleging that South Hills took illegal batting practice before the game. The Montebello staff told our Steve Ramirez they will discuss it with their athletic department to see if they have a case. South Hills coach Kevin Smith has denied it.

Story: Bonita 6, Kaiser 0
Story: San Dimas 12, Pasadena Poly 0
Story: West Covina 3, Temple City 1
Story: Whittier Christian 1, Rowland 0

Baseball/Softball Roundup: Sierra Vista High School baseball standout Christian Huerta is used to taking matters into his own hands. And that’s exactly what he did on Thursday to advance the Dons to the second round of the CIF-Southern Section Division 5 playoffs. Huerta had a two-run home run, an RBI double and went the distance as he struck out nine to get Sierra Vista past San Jacinto, 3-2.

Thursday’s first-round playoff results
Division 3
Hemet 8, Diamond Ranch 4
Colton 6, Charter Oak 5
Gahr 10, Walnut 9
South Hills 3, Montebello 2
Bonita 3, Elsinore 1
Division 5
Sierra Vista 3, San Jacinto 2
Campbell Hall 12, South El Monte 5
Lompoc Cabrillo 28, La Puente 5

Division 3

Bonita 6, Kaiser 0
Glendora 7, Quartz Hill 1
Ayala 7, Patriot 0
Division 4
Bishop Amat 10, Rancho Alamitos 0
Division 5
Whittier Christian 1, Rowland 0, 10 innings
West Covina 3, Temple City 1
San Dimas 12, Pasadena Poly 0
Village Christian 2, Duarte 0
South Hills 23, Azusa 1
Mayfield 3, Covina 0
Northview 6, Calvary Chapel 4
La Canada 15, Sierra Vista 0
Division 6
South El Monte 5, Mary Star 0
Arroyo 25, Whitney 0

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  • FRED?

    Fred, you got more front page news then the LA times. You keep rolling out new topics faster then we can reply to them! Fred is this some type of race you got going with ARAM, on who can put out more stories???

    Fred slow your ROLL. Okay you won already…

  • The Don and Ken Show

    Bonita is clearly the game to see. I’m going just to see HK in action. Don will be there as well. Now that’s La Verne in a nutshell, The Don and Ken Shpw !

  • Someoneneeds help

    Why aren’t the other blogs in your newsgroup better. You and Aram and Miguel are the only ones that update often, and this one is by far the best. Don’t they feel the wrath of what happens here. I don’t see anohter high school blog like this anywehre in socal. we’re lucky

  • kh huh

    don-ken show
    dame if that was me ,i would of been hung one low already.
    look how you spell show,shpw
    dame you guys need to get things together out there,
    sorry boys this is where donand myself take the back seat and let the sterm cycles do there work.
    the talking over,
    just would like to se the coach remove the blinkers today and let the horses run,the speed horse needs to be in front of the closer not the other go and watch bonita bearcats not your vision of us.please,dont take anything away from the players,its all about them.
    go bearcats.
    and did i say fred would be covering GIRLS softball,last week girls swimming.
    are you married fred?

  • Score


  • lancersoftball21


  • Sports Fan

    South Hills Baseball and Softball both win.

    Baseball wins 3-2….bases were loaded and the batter gets hit by a pitch to score the winning run.

    Softball crushed Azusa something like 22-0.

    GO HUSKIES!!!!!!!

  • shbaseball

    South hills wins 4-3

  • kyle moderow

    South Hills is about to be forced to forfiet due to taking illegal wiffle ball batting practice before todays game. The rule book clearly states that any types of batting practice before a game including wiffle balls is subject to automatic forfiet. 90 degree underhand soft toss from a knee is the only type on hitting practice permitted before a playoff game

    South Hills screwed up. i hope they pay the price.

    but in reality it doesnt even matter because they were going to lose to bonita in the next couple rounds anyways.

    sorry south hills see u next year šŸ˜›

  • RedryderBlue

    Alhambra- 4-0 over La Serna

  • RedryderBlue

    Alhambra over LaSerna 4-0

  • shbaseball

    Sorry 3-2!

  • Baseball Wire

    The only thing illegal about the SHHS game were the umpires. Little man at third base was horrible. Missed two critical calls on both sides, absolutely the worst calls, one at 2nd against SHHS and one at 3rd against Montebello.

    You have a three man crew in CIF for a reason, stagger games for a reason to miss calls like this is remarkable. One can only hope that a CIF offical was there and they yank him from any further games.

    As for illegal BP, did not happen. The team took swings in the outfield with simulated pitches from the coach. Ohterwise no!

    Theres an old saying among men “I would rather die on my feet then live on my knees” It was a great game Montebello put up a scrappy fight against team that should have beat Montebello badly on paper. Hats off to the Montebello Coach for doing a great job coaching a great game against arguably the best team in DIV III. Hold your head proud coach your team played a great game.

  • What???

    What are you talking about???? The softball team only took soft toss from the knees sideways. So you don’t know what your talking about. The baseball team doesn’t hit wiffle balls.

  • Baseball NUT!

    Just leaving my office, and wanted to check scores.

    Looks like our ladies dominated!! Great job gals.

    Also looks like a couple of low scoring games with the S/H & Bonita games, and Charter Oak game could gave gone either way. Lets hope the CIF “jitters” are gone.

  • Don

    Good thing you had that file photo of Smitty explaining a fine point of rule to an Umpire to plug in here.

    Probably the only one in existence.

  • shbaseball

    You call 2 kids hitting soft toss with golf ball sized wiffle balls and a stick batting practice? Montebello was playing pepper from centerfield to the foul line, what do you call that?

  • kh

    looks like coach smith step on a nail.
    please dont go there with the protest.
    we will never here the end we were better but.
    sh bonita wants you guys forsure,i just hope we dont make it are season beating you guys,two games after that.
    great job bearcats hung in there against the best pitcher weve seen all year,90-91 mph.
    errorless ball wins championships

  • Baseball NUT!

    ALOT of close games, INCLUDING round ONE’s FIRST UPSET:

    PRE SEASON # 1 IN THE COUNTY EDISON GOES DOWN 2-1 in extra innigs. Edison lost to a WC entry Dana Hills. Orange LU also WINS by just a run.

    S. EL MONTE losses big to Campbell Hall by a 12-5 score.

    any news regarding Sierra Vista, or L.P?

  • BigDog

    kyle Moderow
    It happened last year to a girls softball team they did the same thing and were playing wiffle ball and had to forfeit?

  • CIF Rule

    this is the rule……….

    Teams entered in the baseball playoffs will not be permitted to take batting practice on the day of a playoff game prior to the commencement of the contest. Batting practice will be construed as ANY type of pitching motion with ANY type of ball from in front of the batter (including pitching machines and overhand throwing). With the consultation and support of the C.I.F. Southern Section Baseball Coaches Advisory Committee, the rules are as follows THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE BATTING WARMUP WILL BE SIDE SOFT TOSS, BATTING TEE WORK OR PEPPER.
    A) For side soft toss, the guidelines are as follows: the tosser should be on a knee, to the side of the batter and the ball should be lifted, not pitched, to the batter.
    B) For pepper, the guidelines are as follows: the maximum distance between the pitchers/fielders and the hitter is 40 feet and batted balls are to be directed toward the pitchers/fielders
    C) To clarify any questions that may arise. Tracking, the idea that hitters will stand in a batters position, while pitchers throw overhand to a catcher, and track pitches as they come toward the plate, is not considered batting practice by definition and is allowable prior to playoff contests. Batters who swing, or attempt to swing or bunt in any fashion, will be in violation of this rule and may face the consequences of that action. Coaches should be very careful to monitor any and all pre-game activities.

    Sounds like peppper is allowed if that is what Montebello was doing. Dont know what SH was doing….not a fan but dont want them to go out this way.

  • 643dp

    The softball team that forfeited last year was I believe Calvary Murrieta. They forfeited not because they used whiffle balls. It was how the whiffle balls were thrown to the hitters. As was mentioned in a earlier blog, a person can throw soft toss from the side at 90 degrees. A person cannot throw the ball to a hitter who is directly in front of her such as a pitcher to a batter. I know this rule applies to softball but I am not sure about baseball.

  • PantherBlue

    How did DR do! Anyone know

  • Brett

    Diamond Ranch lost 8-4 to hemet.

  • Baseball Wire

    For the sake of not hearing KH whinning all year long until the 2011 season, if there is a protest may it go the right way and let the best team play. This is simply dumb is there an advantage in any manner – NO! and KH will whine no matter what. He drinks his own Kool aide and watches Bonita baseball through his rose colored glasses.

    Give him his showdown, let Bonita have their day in the sun to try and re-live last year. It will be over before KH can get on the blog to complain, SHHS to a player is flat out a better team.

    I grew weary of hearing the whine roll out of the foothills all year long, can’t take another year of hearing it.

  • CDawg

    Diamond Ranch lost to Hemet, 4-8.

  • Real Housewives of Hollenbeck

    Gosh Mr. Wire, sounds pretty grim.

    Maybe you should just give up and end it all.

  • Congrats to Lady Huskies! Impressive, dominating performance by Husky pitcher Sydney L.
    She was backed by a strong defense and a scary offensive performance up and down the line-up.
    This young athletic and talented team cannot be overlooked!

  • socalbaseball fan

    This same thing happened to Lakewood who was playing Valley View several years ago. After losing VVHS protested that the lancers were taking BP and cifss upheld the protest and Lakewood was out of the playoffs. VVHS made it to the finals and lost. Coaches must be very careful as teams will do anything to win.

  • LHS

    The other team against lakewood had video of them.

  • Baseball NUT!

    IF the HUSKIES were breaking the rules, THEN they should have to pay the price for it. However if NO CIF rep. was there, it will come down to a he said, he saw argument. Montbello got close to beating the reigning champ, and didn’t want to go out on a H.B.P to end the game. ALSO if he saw this at 2:30 THEN he should have had SOMEONE put in a call to CIF, RIGHT THEN AND THERE. NOT waiting until they lost.

    Would like to see it tossed out so we can see if S/H & Bonita can face off. Also looks like when Bonita faces VERY GOOD pitching, they struggle at the plate. This will only continue as they go deeper in the playoffs. They didn’t face Mathews, when they played D.B and probably faced Pedroza in N.V’s FIRST game of the year. I still think Bonita CAN HIT well.

    South Hills seems to have the SAME problem almost every year. They KNOW their a GOOD team, and just seem to go through the motions in round one, and it has cost them a few times. Once they get past round one, they seem to “get it” that its one and done, and they start to roll! I think once they know they CAN lose they play ALOT better. By knowing their facing a 3rd place team, they either look un interested, or KNOW they are going to win. This is Coach Smith’s fault for NOT preparing th,em for EVERY game, and NOT just the final 4, finals,a tourney championship or when facing AMAT, or MATER DEI!

    Also saw tha La Puente LOST 28-5, WOW!

    Ok round one for the rest of the bigger boys. Lets have a great day, and good luck to AMAT, N.V, DAMIEN, AND GLENDORA, and SD

  • SftBllFan

    Believe Sydney L allowed only 3 hits, towards end of game. Great job!

  • Basic

    I am one of those interested in seeing the Bearcats and SH, I mean after last year’s loss on a BALK call and all. I also think the Bearcats are looking forward to it, I’m not saying they will win or even get there but I think a lot of people are looking forward to that game. They faced a really good pitcher yesterday but our Big Lefty was pretty good too, I know he was talked about early in the season and then fell off the radar but the kid has the tools.

    Also, congrats to our Lady Bearcats, keeping it rolling. I know MANY don’t agree with the Number 1 seeding, so now it’s up to you young ladies to go out there and play hard and show that you are deserving of the Number 1 seeding.

    The Best of Luck to both…

  • sgvbaseball fan

    Sorry but It was obvious that South Hills took illegal batting practice if you were there early enough to see it. Talking to various sources it sounds like Montebello has it on video and is going to submit it to CIF. I think its pretty clear


    Good Job Sierra vista!

    Your the only team from the Montview League that actually won in the first round. Good Luck to you in the second round and that’a what the league champ is suppose to do.


  • To Husky Fan

    23-1 score, I doubt if pitching won the game, come on Mom, really?!

  • hmmmmm

    SftBllFan and Husky Fan same person?

  • why oh why

    sgvbaseball fan,
    that’s a shame, the whole team in front of eveyone took batting practice and allowed themselves to be filmed? why would they do that? too bad it really didn’t help them hit any better, doesn’t seem like they got too many hits with a 3-2 score.

  • kh

    house wife your right,
    just finish the job.
    do us all the farvor
    end it,do like billy bardie did .killed himself,
    he jumped off a curb.
    dont take it to heart,lol.i was kidding.
    your like a scab blogger.
    you come on when nobody wants you.
    we want that game my friend,
    we have class, win or lose
    justice will be served.
    we have way more class,coach knott will not be on the field,like the other smith guy,he should play 2 sack that way hes right in the umps ear 27/7.
    i have a filling there done,cheating my god,hes knows there nothing special this year,its a great way to bowl out of the sh/bohi rematch.
    i think the umps are tired of billy bardie chancing them after games showing them up game in and game out.stop crying ,you saw the movie boys,
    i told you iam going to vidio you guys.we want that ring any way we can get it
    hew right;;;; we wont sh first, then the rings boys

  • BillyBob

    Anyone know where the WC vs SD softball playoff game will be played?

  • shfan

    I believe that the baseball team did take illegal batting practice. There was a CIF rep at the game the other day. I saw him walk around with a CIF badge on. Also, my son who is on the team admitted to me that they took batting practice.

  • Baseball NUT!

    If the game is to be forfieted, then coach Smith needs to resign or be fired! You can’t have one of the better teams in the division try to pull this crap off.

    Also Not sure why all the Bonita people keep saying they want S/H again this time around. Your still upset from LAST years’ BALK! You all must have forgot, that the Cats’ STILL had the last AB’s and couldn’t score. Also Bonita had a better team with more power than this years squad. But to be fair S/H doesn’t have Klena on the hill either.

    IF S/H gets a new life, they will win next week @ Lancaster. They are a much better ROAD team then home. They have lost ONLY THREE road games in TWO years. IF BOTH win Tuesday then S/H would have the HOME game vs Bonita, which helps the Cat’s

  • KH

    last season was last season,its over this season all together were 25 -4 -1 were faster and better playing team,more depth,last season when we pitched gio it hurt us at other positions,this year players step into action and we just keep on trucking,right now you guys have alot more problems then bonita bearcats on your can tell when a coach is starting to lose it,your coach is on the bubble,always in the umps face,dame let them do there jobs by putting exart pressure on them its not going to do anything but tighten their zone and then the game gets out of control,missing pitches not in there groove,he takes umps out of there games,and it screw up the big picture,its not about the coaches,its the players we are there to see.

  • it needs to stop


    if your coach doesn’t argue calls for your favor then shame on him. you seriously need to just shut your mouth and quit talking $hit about the south hills players, coaches etc…and focus on that sobriety you are so proud of, hit the grammar books and saving face for your kid who is clearly embarrassed by your words, telling people to kill themself …really????

  • Hey baseball nut

    You must have a short memory. 2009 game was at south hills so Bonita did not have last AB. SH was home team.

  • sh fan + 1

    Did you see sh softball, we beat a team 23-1, we are so good, and our pitcher is real good too!!! Div 5 second round, here we come!!

  • kh

    needs to stop.
    nobody cares about sh in la verne.
    thats the bottom line.
    theres a game in front for both of us first.
    after we play tuesday and if and win. we play,sh or lancaster,we play nine players in different colors, thats who we play.we dont play against the school,we play against the player from the school.thats the match up.
    you players beat our last year players thats great for the last year players,
    this is this years players.
    the odds are even,the score the same to start off,
    good luck tuesday and acrouse i hope you guys stuff the desert rats,we all live in the sgv.

  • acrouse it’s ken

    Of course…is now acrouse in Ken’s World. How did you graduate high school? No wonder you took the money ! What other option did you have?

  • KH for mayor

    Thats neat. Alls you have talked about before your last post is how your team beat SH early this year in the Lidle Tourney & now you change your tune. Dude, and you keep trying to convince everyone you are sober? Doubt it.

  • kh

    mayor Huth.
    I will not give that south of the 10 fwy. school any more ink.
    being the new mayor of l/v will conduct my affairs in a manor of ordiance.
    in first,we will biuld a strength with in the city to cherrish our blessed childred.
    my first mission will be.
    # 1 bring forth a new rec center for all the kids of l/v.
    the money will come from are local churches,2% of all money they donate will be put the project,
    we will also install a learning center like our sister city glendora has.that way people like myself will go back to learning.
    we will have a day at the track,eveybodys invited to a big picknick style bbq and talk openning about ways we can inprove our lovely city.
    we will put on more plays and concerts in the parks and donations will gather all the senior in the center and pick and bring back after the performance.
    being the new mayor i will have my hands full.something good has come from something bad,thank you for your support that city under the 10 freeway.first things first .i will start naming our see i said ours not my office,
    its about you people from the land of the free.
    if we all ploid together,
    iam not a unitarian.i vast for righteous.
    my mine will grow as your thought flow.

    let get the party started
    my first appointee has to be my right hand man.
    .sergent of armed MR.DON H.
    man of the world MR. PETER ROD.
    man of god MR. PILL
    MAN OF LETTER mr. dr. rusk.
    sec. of treasure mrs. gello
    house chief. mr. miers
    athlete dept. mr. gello
    medical staff. mr. yep

    as you can see theres alot of road to path my friends of l/v/
    in closing iam going to a recovery hospital this morning to speak on a open pannel.
    can you believe the power of strenght,hope and meditation.amen.
    go bearcats

  • Queen of West Covina

    South Hills pitcher Sydney L. better of beaten a team like Azusa. Common the score was 25-1, is that something to really brag about? Let’s see what she’s got the further they get in CIF! South Hills better start finding another pitcher if they want to go any furhter past the second round. SH is bringing the cookies everyone provide the milk.

  • BHS

    What we are looking forward to is KH only has ONE YEAR left at BOHI. Thank God!

    This guy is a disgrace to our program in every sport.