Baseball Friday: Damien, Bishop Amat, Northview, Glendora all win, San Dimas falls to Garey; BREAKING NEWS: CIF denies Montebello’s protest, South Hills’ 3-2 victory is upheld …

Above: Dorian Granados hit a three-run homer to break a 3-3 tie in the fifth inning to lead Damien to a 6-3 victory over Palos Verdes.

Friday’s first-round results
Division 2

Damien 6, Palos Verdes 3: Damien High School junior Dorian Granados is proof that playoff heroes aren’t predictable, they’re timely. After Damien rallied from three runs down in the fifth inning to tie the score 3-3, Granados hit a two-out, three-run homer off the scoreboard in left to lead the Spartans to a come-from-behind 6-3 victory over visiting Palos Verdes.

Glendora 4, Peninsula 1: Glendora High School set the tone early and let its dominant pitching do the rest in a 4-1 CIF-Southern Section Division 2 first-round baseball playoff victory Friday against visiting Peninsula.

Division 4
Bishop Amat 10, Patriot 0: The Lancers rode ace Paul Paez to a 10-0 victory over Patriot that sends the Lancers into Tuesday’s second round where they’ll face Colony.

Northview 7, Barstow 2:Damien Chico had three RBIs and a key two-run double in the first inning and Northview jumped to a quick six-run lead en route to a 7-2 victory over the visiting Aztecs on Friday.

Garey 9, San Dimas 1: Apparently no one told Garey High School ace Vincent Velasquez that he was facing the reigning CIF-Southern Section Division 4 baseball champions. The senior right-hander threw a complete game, allowing just an unearned run and striking out a career-high 17 batters to lead the host Vikings to a 9-1 victory over San Dimas in the first round of the playoffs on Friday afternoon.

Montebello files protest of South Hills’ 3-2 win: Montebello has apparently filed a protest in South Hills’ 3-2 win, alleging that South Hills took illegal batting practice before the game. The Montebello staff told our Steve Ramirez they will discuss it with their athletic department to see if they have a case. South Hills coach Kevin Smith has denied it.

South Hills wins protest — CIF officials denied Montebello’s protest of Thursday’s Division 3 first-round playoff win by South Hills, 3-2. The Oilers argued the Huskies conducted an illegal batting practice before the game. After watching video of the incident provided by Montebello, CIF ruled there was in fact a an illegal batting practice, but it was not enough to warrant a disqualification of South Hills from the playoffs. The rules allow CIF to make a judgment call in situations such as this.

“At the end of the day, nobody is here to penalize kids,” Southern Section Director of Information Thom Simmons said. “Did a penalty occur? Sure. Did a team gain a competitive advantage? No. Did they (South Hills) win on the field? Yes.”

“In the rules, it says a ‘may’ be removed from the playoffs for something like this. Not that they ‘will’ be. The rule allows us that leeway. We don’t think it was worthy of removing a team from the entire playoffs.”

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  • CIF POs

    I think all of the local teams will come away with victories except for Northview. Barstow has one of the most elite pitchers in CA in Araon Sanchez. Sanchez will be attending Oregon in the fall if he isn’t drafted in the first round. His fastball sits 92-93. On the season he has a .69 era with a 7-0 record and batting .403. The kid is the real deal. Without Pedroza on the mound to match him, I believe NV will be hard pressed to walk away victorious. Glendora, BA, & SD will have cake walks, while Damien will have a battle on their hands. I wish all the SGV teams the best.

  • kh

    if they do wrong,then wrong should be brought to right.
    if nothing else then other teams can learn to fallow the rules.
    rules are rules.
    well fred if you were there then we would have the real live insight.but you were chancing girls softball dude.
    you missed a really nice game at lv/bohi
    the other pitcher is going to uc irvine,
    he was clocked at 91mph.
    how fast were the girls throwing any future big leaguer we should fallow.
    i will give the bloggers some insight sence theres zero again about the bearcat game and two pages on the sh.
    the elsn. pitcher set down bohi in order, the first 5 or7 guys he faced.then second time thru line up lead off meirs put a pretty good swing on the ball so the pitcher tried to work inside on him and got just alittle to close.
    hit miers then g-low pudding master a bunt down the 3 sack line the skinny 3 sackmen came up and blow a throw after the dust cleared 1-0 bohi cats with g=l=p on 3nd, h-man laced a shot up the middle and the s.s. made the out at first giving high man rbi making 2-0 bohi cats.high man should be the athlete of the year.if at amat or sh. hands down runs away with it,he was all cif football and now will repeat in you dont know anything,my buddys out there will say,back to the game folks.
    cruzing alone trying to sit on lead like d=bar tried to do against us .not,so the opposite pitcher came up and coach knol and a=mat cruzing so far, call for a cicle change up, it was left up, she went 400 plus into the post office just like the bomb jason p and gio m sent on special dilivery,the fbi were called on a few times last season to check out the was just the bohi kid powlmen ,he hit 9 more bombs a apu this season,the kid will make a good run for the bigs ,they said false alert.
    so 2-1 game carried into the 6th i believe. tuttle which bats has come on fire at the right time seeded a shot to center line middle,they are quit mvp a-ram crushsd a double down the lt field line to seal a win for 20 wins on the season with a total overall record with these boys of 25 -4 -1.great pitching by jr. a-mac. defense stars of the day were 2 sack and rt fielder made acouple nice catchers.solid job from jr. catcher, pops.
    high=man plays first base like fred astair dances.thats it folks.see you tuesday at the old ball park.
    out k.h.

  • sgvbaseball fan

    rules are rules Fred and they have to be followed
    just like all the recruiting and transfer rules that are broken by coach Smith at South Hills. Don’t be naive Fred, South Hills gets kids illegally its only fitting that they lose this way.
    Remember cheaters never prosper

  • Al

    Yep, no crying in baseball. Also, no taking batting practice before a playoff game.

    I thought reporters were supposed to be unbiased?

  • mikey v

    you know what it is silly for teams to win this way ! but you know what is sillier , coaches that don’t know you cannot wear jewelry in compitition ! coaches that don’t know you cannot take batting practice from the front before a game ! if a player does not have grades to compete should he or she still play ? is that silly also ? rules are rules why can’t coaches just play by them ? its not montebell’s fault , freakin for once blame the team or player that breaks the rules !

  • sgvbaseballfan

    That’s why we have rules in America Fred.You cant just do anything you want and get away with it or we would have anarchy in the streets.

  • outsidelookingin


    Trying to follow your rant is like trying to have a conversation with a tweaker…

  • district, what district?

    Many of SH softball players also do not live within the district, how do they get away with this? Oh, that’s right, they are there for the sign language program, I forgot, silly me.


    Was anybody actually at the game who can tell us what was going on? Is there photos, videos, etc that show the real story. It looks like CIF website has South Hills already filled in the bracket for round 2 which leads me to believe that they protest was not upheld

  • Rules are Rules

    Everyone is missing the real issue here, the big difference between this incident and the track one. Batting practice gave SH’s and unfair advantage, which could have affected the outcome of the game. Before anyone jumps all over me yes rules are rules, but the penalty should match the crime.

  • Smash

    Fred, I’m going to have to agree with the others here. What good is it having rules when you’re not going to abide by them.

    Your reporting is also biased, it is obvious. Every now and then you let your comments get too personal. I bet if Montebello had the BP and won the game your comments would have a different tone.

    When Dan Rather finished reporting about the CEO of Enron, he didn’t say “that guys such a jerk.”

    Just give us the facts.

  • just sayin’

    “Sports doesn’t only build character – it reveals it (or the lack thereof)”

  • Real Housewives of Hollenbeck

    This is gayer than a Food Channel Host. Nobody wants to see the top ranked D3 team from the Valley knocked out over a pregame technicality. Geez.

    The other side of me can’t believe that Coach Smith let this go on. This guy knows the rules better than Brad Claude and Ken Mort. What happened, did he put Roddy in charge of the pregame?

  • answers

    rules are rules,

    do you really think an experienced coach like coach smith would allow his players to take an illegal batting practice before a game out in public for the whole world to see?
    please anyone who actually saw it please speak up, upload the videos …….something…….please

  • rulesaren’tjust rules

    If I go 37 in a 35 am I’m breaking the speeding law? Absolutely, but in the spirit of the law a cop is most likely not to give me a ticket for driving with the speed of traffic. I don’t know if what South Hills did broke any rules, but trying to win this way doesn’t sit right. If I’m that coach I don’t feel good about it. I guess other coaches feel differently, but I don’t know how you can look yourself in the mirror and feel good about advancing this way.


    The problem is trying to band a rule because it is SH . What if Montebello took the BP and won the game . Believe me Fred would have made a bigger issue and no thread on there’s no crying in baseball . If that is true why are you making such a big deal and crying about a team ( Montebello) following the rules and filing a protest because of illegal BP. Let’s wait to see if indeed a rule was broken and if so no matter how petty everyone thinks it is let CIF handle the matter. Why is it silly if indeed a rule was broken and a coach failed to follow the rules . I think it is silly that a coach with the tenure he has would break a rule well knowing the punishment it would cause.

  • Frank

    Well the rules are the rules, and all though it is sad that they would get called on this by Montebello. I’m not surprised because I know the coaches at south Hill who have no shame would do the exact same thing.
    What comes around goes around, if you saw what cry babies they were at the amat/south hills game you would know.
    So If I were montebello I would be embarrased to win this way, but again the rules must be enforced.

  • FredJ

    This has nothing to do with South Hills, go back in the history of the archives and stances that I have taken. Even in the Arroyo, South El Monte softball situation, I thought it was a stretch for South El Monte to protest its loss to Arroyo for the same thing, an “alleged” illegal batting practice, which led to South winning the league title. I didn’t like it several years ago when Arcadia won a playoff baseball game that was eventually forfeited because its coach was suspended and watched the game from the street in right field, when the rules states he couldn’t watch the game period. Ironically, the coach asked his AD if he could watch the game from outside the fence, the AD (who didn’t check) told him he could. In this case the coach THOUGHT he was doing the right thing. But who protests and wants to win this way? Not me. Several years ago San Marino videotaped a softball team taking illegal batting practice, they got crushed and won following the protest. I know teams have every right to file it, same goes with the jewelry fiasco in the Rio Hondo league track meet, which I was against also. I’m just not one who likes to advance or win this way, on technicalities and punishments that you know in your heart of heart don’t fit the crime. I want to earn it, period. And for those wondering whether that’s being biased, it’s just an opinion, my opinion. It has nothing to do with how we’re going to report this story in the newspaper.

  • Doctor Rumack

    Dear outsidelookingin,

    I’ve asked Barbara Billingsley to step back into her role from the movie Airplane!, and translate the kh recap of the Elsinore-Bonita game just for you.

    Para 1: Rules are rules; if they were broken punishment must be meted out. We must rely here on anecdotal reports because the game wasn’t covered by a reporter. The Bonita game wasn’t covered either which was unfortunate as it was quite entertaining. Elsinore’s pitcher Zach Varelas, who has been signed by UC Irvine, used fastballs of over 90 MPH as well as an effective curve and change up. (Interject rancor and sarcasm here).

    Para 2: Varelas began efficiently, working quickly through the Bonita order. Rob Mier, the Bearcat leadoff hitter was struck by an inside fastball early in the fourth inning. With Mier on first, centerfielder Matt Gelalich pushed a bunt towards third baseman Andrew Willis who picked up the ball and threw it in the vicinity of the Bonita Staff parking lot scoring Mier and placing Gelalich at third. Evan Highley then hit a ground ball ball up the middle, making an out but scoring Gelalich. (Interject hyperbole here for Highley, who kh thinks is good).

    Para 3: Bonita pitcher Adam McCreery kept Elsinore off the board until the sixth when he took a little too much off a 2-2 change up and Varelas hit it into the USPS parking lot behind left field. That is a long hit. Former Bearcat players Jason Plowman (APU) and Jio Mier (Houston Astro affiliate) also were known to hit balls in the same area. (Interject humor here regarding baseball lexicon, bombs, post office, fbi, etc). Plowman has had continued success hitting balls over the fence at APU and is considered a big league prospect at this point.

    Para 4: Bonita put together back to back doubles by Highley and Anthony Ramos in the sixth to add an insurance run and put the game out of reach. Junior McCreery went the distance with help from a solid defense anchored by Mier at second and Highley at first. Right fielder K.C. Huth also played well, covering a lot of ground and turning a handful of well ht balls into outs. (Interject more praise here for the defensive play of Highley; comparison to Fred Astaire, a dancer and actor of some note).

    Hope that this was in some small way helpful to you.

    T. Rumack M.D.

  • Attendent

    This is one hell of a game from Montebello , wild card team facing defending CIF Champions South Hills. Win or Loose the protest , They Should Be proud.
    I really Hope things go there way , they played there hearts out and really shocked everyone. Great game!

  • What the??

    Got to agree with ousidelookingin… after attempting to read one of KH’s cave writings I feel like the Aflac duck in the Yogi Berra commercial…whaaaaa??

  • Joe Amat

    If it wasn’t the VERY first rule listed in the Playoff Bulletin and was some obscure rule – you might understand it. But it’s the VERY first rule on Page 2… in BOLD TYPE. Now I would hope SH knows better – but we don;t know if we weren’t there.

    CIF makes it very clear that playoffs are “supposed” to be equal. Equal facilities, equal access, equal time, etc. When the home team has extra time to take “batting practice” of any sort while the visitors must travel to them – it can be viewed as a decided advantage. That’s hwy the rule exists and that’s why they go out of their way to highlight it as much as they do in the Playoff Bulletin.

    Bottom line – coaches (SH AND South Pas track) need to know rules and make sure kids adhere to them. Period.

  • outsidelookingin

    Doctor Rumac:

    Thanks for the tweaker translation from KH. I felt like I was reading Bizzarro…

  • FredJ

    You’re right Joe, absolutely right, the question is, do you try and win this way? I’m more in favor of filing protests that have a direct outcome on the game. A few weeks ago Rowland lost a softball game to West Covina over a run that shouldn’t of been allowed, according to the rules. Rowland never protested, but if they had, I would understand, because it had a direct outcome on the game. I’m not saying Montebello doesn’t have every right to protest if what they believe they saw is true, I’m just saying I wouldn’t do it. You win on the field, you lose on the field. Now if an ump screws up a ruling that has a direct outcome, then I understand. Otherwise, man-up and take it. What if this happened in the CIF championship at Dodger Stadium? How would you feel about winning that way after losing on the field? Those rings wouldn’t feel the same, but that’s just me.

  • Dissapointed Fan

    “Smash said:

    Fred, I’m going to have to agree with the others here. What good is it having rules when you’re not going to abide by them.

    Your reporting is also biased, it is obvious. Every now and then you let your comments get too personal. I bet if Montebello had the BP and won the game your comments would have a different tone.

    When Dan Rather finished reporting about the CEO of Enron, he didn’t say “that guys such a jerk.”

    Just give us the facts.’

    I totally agree with this statement. FRED, i have to say i have lost some respect for you as a “journalist”. Your statement WAS clearly biased. Who cares if they were the #3 ranked team in D3. If we are not going to enforce rules then get rid of them! They took BP! Its not like MHS complained about someone wearing a friendship bracelet! It is a little sad that this takes away from the fact that MHS was leading 2-1 in the 6th inning and played an AWESOME game. Kudos to Coach Gutierrez and his boys. It clearly was illegal. And FRED …I thing your Headline “No Crying in baseball” and that picture were unprofessional and dis-respectful. Whats your deal? Are you an alum of South Hills?

  • toughbreak

    If the rule was broken they should forfeit the game it is no doubt a clear advantage for one team to see any forward pitching. A few years ago when I was still coaching I kindly went up to the opposing team and told them they couldn’t do front toss pitching with wiffles the coach told me to stick it in my ear” and continued the batting practice since they continued I should have turned them in but regretfully didnt. I know in college its perfectly legal because both teams get equal time in the cage before games. The rule does serve a purpose in high school the home team would have a clear advantage every game because of time constraints with travel. I know myself and most coaches would love to see this rule modified or somehow eliminated but if they broke the rule its to bad for the kids the coach should know better.

  • FredJ

    You miss the point, I’m not saying Montebello doesn’t have the right to protest, and if CIF rules they broke the rules and South Hills forfeits, I have no problem with that, they should have known better. But believe me, there have been many instances such as this when coaches could have protested over the same thing and chose not to. How many times have we read about coaches who have “overlooked certain rules” in the best interest of sportsmanship and what they felt was doing the right thing in the best interest of the game and players. You have to ask yourself, what would you do?

  • kh

    i couldnt of said it any better.
    thanks professor.
    sorry dude you know what tweaking is,they have meeting you can get some help for your problem.
    is it anything like surms.
    cant help you about you tweaking thing,but i would seek some help before you liquidize your brain.
    dont know how old you are,but sooner or laterwe all need to grow up.

    miss housewife.
    maybe coach smith was too busy milking maz brain for the game plan,and forgot to watch his little soilders with there guns.

  • ?

    Is it me or does the dailybulletin cover high school sports much better? Its eerie similar to the days before blogs and back when the Herald was still ticking.

  • Rick

    If your not cheating your not trying!!


    How about somebody who was actually at the game tell us what happend… A coach who lines up his players and stands infront of them and goes through a pitching motion and the players swing is not batting practice and is legal…

    Was that what was going on or were they throwing wiffle balls at the kids front the front?

    Hitting in the cages before the game?

    Hitting in a kids backyard or local hitting facility?

    Somebody with acual knowledge of the events pleae speak up.

    If CIF rules that “A coach who lines up his players and stands infront of them and goes through a pitching motion and the players swing is illegal then CIF need to make South Hills forfeit the CIF 2009 Championship game as well because I watched them do that in the outfield for 15 mins

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J,
    Don’t you think that the extra batting practice could have a direct result to outcome of the game . Think about it . It could be a huge advantage.

  • Oh man!

    Dr. T. Rumack,

    Im laughing my azz off right now, that is hilarious how you were able to translate the ramblings of a mush brain. Seriously, I’m still laughing. You are one smart Hombre. Good luck Bonita!



    I did your job for you and called the CIF office…

    They will be meeting at 2pm today to discuss the PROTEST.

    This is what the CIF Baseball Playoff Handout says

    “To clarify any questions that may arise. Tracking, the idea that hitters will stand in a batters position, while pitchers throw overhand to a catcher, and track pitches as they come toward the plate, is not considered batting practice by definition and is allowable prior to playoff contests. Batters who swing, or attempt to swing or bunt in any fashion, will be in violation of this rule and may face the consequences of that action. Coaches should be very careful to monitor any and all pre-game activities.”

    If they were tracking and one kid bunted or took a swing they should be done

    But knowbody who was actually at the game has posted truthful information on this board

  • Rules

    Fred –

    THis depends. I agree that protesting over a bracelet was classless and uncalled for no matter the rule. THis might be different. Everyone knows the rule and, if they did orgainized BP with wiffles, then that was a blatant disregard for the rules and it could give them a competitive advantage. It might not have, but it could and that was the intent. THey should forfeit and Montebello should have protested. SH was arrogant if they thought they could get away with it. Now, if was a couple of players jacking around in the outfield for a few minutes without coach supervision, then I think the Montebello coach should let it go. In by book, it totally depends on the intent.

  • Journalism 201

    Fred let’s say The Tribune had a policy where you had to have a degree to be employed as a writer. Let’s say a writer don’t ever produce the degree, knows the rule and gains a good following on;y to find out the Policy caught up with him. So if The Tribune fires the writer is The Tribune cheating the readers, is the writer in question cheating the other employees who earned a degree or is this much ado about noting because hey he got over and who needs a degree to write for The Tribune?

    Same thing with the Jewelry Rule. Every one from here to where ever knows the rule. Everyone saw her at countless meets and probably rolled their eyes because she’s so Robin, giggle giggle. One day, the day in question, one person violated that rule while every one else did not. In other words every athlete who took off their jewelry gave their team a chance to win, she gave her team a chance to lose.

    Same with the pitching rule, every one knows it and because they do they should be punished. That’s the rule. Ask yourself why the rule is so severe?

    A good reporter would get a statement from CIF asking those questions and pass the official answers back to every one. Why the Jewelry Rule, Why the Pitching Rule? Why do these rule carry such heavy handed consequences.

    Be honest Fred, do you know the answers? Reporters get answers when events happen that perplex their readers.

  • ? said is right

    “”””? said:
    Is it me or does the dailybulletin cover high school sports much better? Its eerie similar to the days before blogs and back when the Herald was still ticking.””””

    Yes, you are correct in your statement, the Daily Bulletin does a much better job. We play in the Sierra League and the write-ups in the paper are good. Their prep digest is great.
    Fred is too busy blogging I guess.

  • Barretta

    Years ago I read where a batter in the on deck circle was tracking/timing and swinging as Roger Clemens was working on the mound. He threw at the on deck batter! Must be an unfair advantage. I know Roger should be one to talk but that was pre steroids and pre majors. The point is what’s important here. Unfair advantage means just that. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  • Steve Ramirez

    My only comment would be: Was what South Hills is accused of in the spirit of the rule?
    Was the alleged batting practice formal, which would give them an unfair advantage? Or was it one kid throwing to another, just goofing off before taking infield? Was it something the coaches were involved in, or the players themselves? It has to be, in my mind, in the spirit of the rule.
    I use the term in the spirit of the rule, because I don’t think you can have a rigid rule and have it be fair.
    I’m sure you remember when George Brett hit a GW home run against the Yankees in the early 1980s. Umpires ruled he had pine tar beyond the handle of the bat, which is illegal, and Brett was ruled out and his HR dis-allowed.
    Brett and the Royals appealed, and the American League ruled that while the pine tar was indeed up the barrel of the bat, and Brett violated it, it wasn’t in the spirit of the rule, because the rule is in place because pine tar on a batted ball can give it extra spin and result in a base hit and not an out. The AL ruled that if Brett’s bat was clean, he would still have hit a home run; there was no advantage.
    I would bring it to our case in point sand say if South Hills had a formal batting practice, whether it be with baseballs, softballs or whiffle balls – as the rule states – then OK, they are guilty and must forfeit, but if it was just players goofing off, then no, the win should be upheld.

  • Baseball Wire

    For those not present at the game the setting needs to be laid out for you.

    Did SHHS go into the batting cage for extra BP? NO
    Did SHHS cheat or intentionally do so? NO

    Were the SHHS players swinging bats prior to the game? Yes and they can simulate a thrown pitch with no baseball and swing the bat. Did two players throw wiffle balls? yes over hand or underhand don’t know.

    Were the Montebello players swinging bats with wiffle baseball involved. Yes – were they overhand or underhand? don’t know.

    Did they both do this just before the game and before pregame? Yes, did SHHS gain an unfair advantage over Montebello? NO – they both did it. The difference as it’s being told was over hand in front verses underhand to the side. Who knows, did anyone watch both sides every pitch.

    Nevertheless neither side gained and unfair advantage. And this is a petty as it gets, do do I as do do as I say, I wan to win at all costs.

    Only problem was the Montebello coach was prompted by the 1st base umpire to protest. Why did he do this? because Smith fights for his team? Probably, the umps need to stay umps not state their personal feeling/opinions, call the game not try to be part of the game. Every umpire in the valley talks about how they dislike, Smith, Nieto, Ramano and Murphy etc. Their brotherhood is sad, as they always try to be the game feel their above it when it comes to their superior knowledge of the game.

    The irony is something that baffles me. Umps always cover their fellows umpires back side, they are loyal and ready to defend even when their partner is wrong (happened twice yesterday)Yet when a coach steps up to defend his players, the umpires in the valley take it personal and look for revenge. Rather than hate they should look in the mirror then admire a coach that is willing to lay it all out for the sake of his team.


    Steve if a player strikes out with a corked bat should the player be ejected? Or what you’re saying is let’s make lawyers out of everyone.

    Here’s something to thing about. When athletes sing, rap or generally entertain it’s a disaster. When singers or entertainers play in Hollywood “games/leagues” it’s a farce, and so forth and so on.

    The rule is rigid. Let’s say SH loses. Should Montebello report them? Isn’t this why teams continue to play this cat and mouse game. If you lose, no one cares … but if you win you can cry the blues and make the other team out to be the true “loser” in life. Really? How does that work again? Oh that’s right, “in the spirit of the rule” the rule and its adherence is the “spirit of the rule”.

    Let me repeat that..”Adherence is the spirit of the rule”

    Why can’t people see that, like “doctoring” football. Cheating is cheating and it sets a pattern for kids to accept, “Hey coach cheats?”

  • rules

    Steve – you could have just cut and pasted my earlier post. COmpletely agree.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Yes the player with the corked bat is ejected, because the POTENTIAL to gain an advantage was there. This is different, because the judgment is whether an advantage was gained or not. We won’t know that until we know all the facts of what kind of batting practice it was.
    And don’t get started on the doctored football!

  • The other protest

    This is from

    Softball: Santiago not protesting Rosary loss
    May 21st, 2010, 11:28 am 2 Comments posted by CARLOS ARIAS
    Third-seeded Santiago of Corona will not protest its 5-4 loss to Rosary, a wild-card team, in the first round of the CIF-SS Division 1 playoffs on Thursday, according to a report by Eric-Paul Johnson of the Riverside Press Enterprise.

    Sharks coach John Perez claimed he had film of Rosary players playing pepper, which is illegal under CIF-SS rules, before the first-round game. But Perez did not file a formal protest with umpires before, during or immediately following his team’s loss.

    Alex Fieldhouse and Darby Sanchez hit solo homers in the top of the eighth inning and Rosary held on to pull out the upset over Santiago.

  • Just Observing

    If you shoot a gun at somebody and hit them and they live, it’s attempted murder. If you shoot and miss them, it’s still attempted murder. The crime is the crime no matter what. We don’t lower the crime cuz they missed. You did it, now live up to it and pay for the crime… DONE DEAL

  • Baseball NUT!

    What if Montbello, HAD B.P at THEIR school AFTER lunch, BEFORE BOARDING THE BUS! HHMMMMMM!!!! Nobody will EVER know. Just Sayin!

    I think it goes nowhere. Maybe CIF will let them continue for what happened in the finals two eyars ago. DID or did they not file a protest during the FINALS in 2008? Remember the TWO bad calls that went AGAINST THEM and ONE was the winning run. Just sayin’

    Either way, its going to hurt them. Say its upheld, then WE don’t get to see the best teams play further head to head. IF its overturned, and IF S/H goes on to win CIF again, it will all be in here, with “yea but” blogs.

    This is why I tend to agree with FRED! Let em have it out on the field to determine.

    ALOT of you are complaining about his picture of “No crying in Baseball” YET I STILL HEAR BONITA FANS COMPLAIN about the balk, 355 DAYS LATER!!!!! Thats CRYING to me!

    Its NO wonder AMAT & S/H are the TWO most hated schools in the valley. NODBOY likes winners, and success. Kind of like the Liberals HATING on the “Rich”

  • sgvbaseball fan

    Lets get this straight for all those thinking that this protest is because players were swinging at a coach simulating a pitch. Before the game the catcher number 16 and the shortstop number 13 were throwing whiffle balls to each other and taking full swings. Its cut and dry there is no way around it.

  • Steve Ramirez

    For those of you who are interested, I will be at the Northview-Barstow game. You can track the game at:
    Type in the id no.: 87d69963ca
    And click on the barstow at northview link.
    The site says it will provide live scoring.

  • reality

    Using Steve’s logic if SH did take illegal batting practice and won the game 3-2 and got no hits only walks then they should still be awarded the win. Rules? We don’t need no stinkin rules.

  • Amat Insider.

    MAYBE just maybe these people who bring up the rules, are realy Bonita baseball fans, parents and players. And MAYBE they want South Hills OUT cuz deep down, they know BoHi couldn’t beat South Hills again this cif.

    BUT WHO CARES! TODAY is the day that matters. Today is the day the BEST team in the STATE puts on the eye black, and takes the field. LET GO LANCERS!!!!

    Bishop Amat 9
    Patroit 1

  • witness

    what happened was there was one player OVERHAND Tossing wiffle balls, and the other player was bombing the FULL SWING ass far as he could. CLEARLY a violation. OVERHAND pit and FULL SWING a big NO-NO. No matter if the wiffle balls were not Quite full size.

  • 95guy

    just sayin’ said:

    “Sports doesn’t only build character – it reveals it (or the lack thereof)”

    I agree, even with SOUTH HILLS heavily favored they still had to cheat to beat MHS by one. They deserve to forfeit.

  • Really???

    So only 2 players from the ENTIRE team were involved and this is called a “team” having batting practice before the game. Give me a break! From what I heard Montebello was doing the same thing. The first base umpire should be fired from ever umping again!

  • HHSS

    so sgvbaseball fan — that really makes a difference now that you pointed out 2 (TWO) players now the whole team that’s getting accused of an illegal batting practice … 2 kids … 2 guys who are SENIORS and have been in the playoffs many times and know the rules… where are the videos.??????
    puts an end to all these bloggers calling the whole team and coach smith “cheaters” now doesn’t it???
    TWO kids…not the whole team…..quit the character bashing of the rest of the team.

  • Huskyfan

    When will we know if South Hills has to forfeit this game.

  • Baseball Wire

    Steve Ramirez:

    Best Blog of the year! Better stated than all the collective arguments and reasoning combined.

  • Real Housewives of Hollenbeck

    The CIF wonks were probably following the blog all day and decided what it was a was a conspiracy between the umpires and the bonita fans who were afraid to face mighty shhs.

    They could have saved time and just asked Fred.

  • Amat fan

    What’s the score of the Amat-Patriot Game?

  • BillyBob

    If CIF is going to have a rule and not enforce it, why have it?

  • sgvbaseballfan

    how can you admit to rules being broken and not enforcing them, why have them? CIF just didn’t want to deal with all those parents from South Hills. just throw the blue book out the window let teams do whatever they want. Just like letting any one transfer to South Hills.

  • Guys, in the update I just posted it says that CIF also has a rule that allows it the leeway to decide when a disqualification is necessary. It allows them to make judgment calls like this.

  • amat game

    8-0 amat 4th

  • Jewelry

    I agree with CIF. Why couldn’t league officials have had the same judgement with bracelet girl a few weeks back.

  • GHS

    Glendora wins 4-1. Cage goes distance giving up a run in 7th. Alexander goes yard in first.

  • Seriously?

    Ok about a week ago CIF officials disqualified a girl for wearing a bracelet.. Did the bracelet give her and unfair advantage? Batting practice while another team doesn’t, trust me it’s easier to hit after you’ve warmed up. CIF should just be cut from the state budget. We need books not idiots not doing their jobs.

  • NV game

    7-0 NV top 6

  • ay

    recruiting and bp…they can get away with it all

  • BillyBob

    Ok. When CIF imposes a penalty on my team, I will sue and cite the SH free pass as precident.

  • Bracelet girl had nothing to do with CIF. That was another organization and the league, who disqualified her.

  • letemplay


    there were 2 players guilty — one pitching one hitting … hardly warm unfair advantage …

  • BBfan

    I guess ALL schools can take BP now? Rules, what rules?

  • The “SO WHAT” Rule

    Once again let’s elevate the conversation and look at the bigger picture.

    This doesn’t happen if the Robin Liard “national outcry” doesn’t take place. CIF was made out to be the fool even though other schools had suffered similar consequences, if not worst over the years! It’s been said if you don’t like the law change the law, if you don’t like the rule change the rule but while it’s being enforce “here” it has to be enforced “there”.

    Clearly there is a dumbing down of our sense of fair play or is it a decrease in our willingness to say a rule has merit only when no one is watching. Isn’t that the case with transfers and who can transfer and who can’t. When rules are loop holed who usually has the power to walk thru, the well connected and the powerful. No one is a victim here or looking for a cop out but the fact remains CIF built in that leeway for a reason, to cover avoid costly litigation.

    “Integrity happens when every one is watching”

    CIF blew this one. This is what passes for doing the right thing these days.

    Use steroids and watch every record fall and your bank account grow. When caught deny. When time has passed lie again. Sooner or later there will be those that lie for you. Mark Mcqwire didn’t “cheat” baseball he “saved” it? So now he’s a hero? How about Cushing? Rumors followed him, he lied. Got a huge contract and won ROY. One problem, he used steriod. NO problem, what does it matter? The ROY revote sent the message to all loud and clear….SO WHAT!

    South Hills “broke” a long standing rule, “SO WHAT”!

    Great conversation guys.

  • Think about it-

    Really hated seeing the team have to forfeit because of a bracelet, but really think that had more of a safety factor, not advantage rational. Imagine what could happen if a piece of jewelery is caught on a pole, or by an opposing player in a play. Really think about it, not the same issues.


    How about Montabello post the video on Youtube for us all to see

    So on Tuesday basically every team can send two of its players down the line and take overhand BP?

    And what if after 5 mins those 2 guys come in and 2 more guys go down there to hit…

    At what point does a team get an advantage? 3,4,5 hitters?

    Somebody needs to call CIF and ask for an explanation.. This is going to create all kinds of problems on tuesday

    You might wants to call Lakewood also and ask them how they felt with CIF DQ’d them a few years back for the same thing

  • What the Heck

    About 7 years ago in Sean McCory 1st year as Coach he was ejected out of the final game of the season. Asked his 1st year AD if he could attend the game as long as he was across 4 lanes of road at the park across right field. AD reads the “on premises” part of the ejection and say yes. Their bitter and fired ex-head coach Mike Parisi comes to the came sees him and tells Villa Park that he was there. Villa Park protests the game in the top of the 7th, loses the game, and wins the protest. If CIF has a “Who gained a competitive advantage?” concept why was Arcadia penalized. BTW that was win they then turned around and removed Villa Park from the playoffs for illegal BP prior to the Arcadia game. CIF continues to amaze anyone who pays attention.

  • BillyBob

    Ok, every team in the playoffs should have ‘full on’ batting practice before games. Let’s see which teams CIF will pick and choose to forfeit.

  • OCman

    Unbiased party here. Just saw the video Montebello presented to the CIF office. Embarrasing for Montebello to protest this.
    2 kids from SH (#16/#13) hitting golf ball sized wiffle balls with a precision stick. #16 takes 8 swings and #13 takes 5 swings. NO other players involved.
    But do note: you do see in the background the entire Montebello team playing pepper.
    SO I ask, this would be viewed as an unfair advantage? Here in the OC we got your back SH!

  • KiD CuDi

    okay you wanna know what happened? here it is…

    SH catcher took illegal BP before the game. a teammate was throwing whiffle balls to him in a simulated pitching motion, & the hitter was taking full swings.
    this is on video, but may not be released.

    that player had one fourth of their hits including, 2 singles & a triple.

    did he have an advantage? most definitely!! why do u think pro’s & colleges take BP before games, to have an advantage. why do u think teams play well in double headers.

    fred this is for you..
    as for whether or not montebello should take the loss & “man up” because you think no team should win this way by default, ask how hard montebello played. the starting pitcher lost his finger nail on his index finger on his throwing hand in the middle of the game. the centerfielder crashed into the fence & bounced right back up. the right fielder robbed a homerun from SH.
    what did SH coach say about montebello “they played well enough to win”
    montebello had 1st & 3rd with one out in the 1st inning. the hitter promptly grounded into a double play. what would’ve happened if the hitter had taken BP?, maybe he gets a base knock. who knows? montebello was clearly at a disadvantage.

    so answer me that fred. what do u think now?

    & dont u wish you would’ve heard the things SH players were saying to Montebello.

    c’mon fred, its kindergarden!!!!

  • CIF Kiss Up

    Cmon Simmons. We know youre kissing up to SH for screwing them over with the Canada brothers. Admit it Thom. I suppose the CIF and SH is now squared even.

  • Second Rate Objectivity

    The Tribune Sportswriters aren’t concerned with quality reporting. They do everything to reinforced the Fish Bowl mentality in every aspect of any issue that comes along. It’s truly laughable the things that constitute solid reporting. SH is a bigger fish in the Pond, Pasadena Poly a bigger fish than Monrovia and on and on. Big Fish get the breaks and the favorable analysis.

    This is a no brainer, MOntebello got screwed yet Fred comes across and reinforced the cry baby rule. Isn’t that what Fred’s doing ultimately, calling out Montebello like that. Maybe Fred’s been hurt by Arams return as no other reporter kisses ass as Aram does. Sorry Aram but your objectivity is suspect time and again.


    If montebello played well enough to win then they wouldn’t have hit the batter to bring in the winning run. Face it they lost on the field!

  • Bystander

    KiD CuDi and to all those,
    I too have seen a video from the game and I am not sure Montebello wants to show this.
    It shows in the background during warm-ups, Montebello players playing pepper with only the staters hitting and the rest of the players running all over the field chasing balls. In part of it you clearly see #15 playing pepper along the right field fence with another player and he must be at least 70 ft away. I would say that the players playing pepper were about 50-60 ft from the hitter. Doesnt the rule say you can only stand 40 ft from the hitter? And by the way, #15 for Montebello hit a double and scored there 1st run.
    Maybe what SH did was wrong but I am sure Montebello was in the wrong here also.

  • CIFGuy

    When CIF adopted the rule regarding batting practice, it was clearly intended to take away an “unfair advantage” that a home team might have over a visiting team. If what was said is true that 2 players hit small whiffle balls prior to the game, it was clear to those who made the decision, that South Hills did not gain an advantage in doing this type of hitting. Even a video proved that.
    So we all need to respect the decision and allow the playoffs to continue.
    Best of Luck to all team.

  • KiD CuDi

    i know for a fact bench players played pepper too, not jus the starters.

    players were not 70 feet away, maybe to retrieve balls.

    by the way get your facts straight #3 hit a double & scored the first run, not #15.

  • socalbaseball fan

    Crespi the #2 seed fell today to wild card Yucaipa 4-1. Like i said earlier the celts had a bad draw having to face Yucaipa in the first round who is now 22-6. Yucaipa played it smart using #2 pitcher Jose Cota in winning the wild card game and saving ace Taijuan Walker for the Crespi game. Walker fast ball was clocked up to 95mph and he is 6’5″. Last 3 games he has given up 4 hits including a no-no vs Eisenhower. CBL #1 REV beat Bellflower 11-3 and scrappy Rialto won today with Julio Espinoza pitching a one hitter. Rialto has 2 solid starters and a good coach.

  • old guy 1

    Congrats to all local teams advancing to second round. I see the shocker of round 1 locally is Garey pounding San Dimas. Good Luck bring home the CIF title to the valley!

  • BillyBob

    Hey Lancaster; You are officially allowed to have batting practice just before game with SH cheaters. I was previously an unbaised bystander, but now I’m a Lancaster fan ‘GO EAGLES’.

  • PR


  • No Rules

    It’s obvious CIF is tired of dealing with the principal and parents from south hills. That is why they ruled against Montebello. I wonder why Major League Baseball, and Colleges take BP before games? Beacause it prepares you for your game at bats!(#16 who violated the rule had 3 of the 7 hits)CIF must make it clear that all teams playing Tuesday can have someone throw overhand wiffles balls and a batter take full contact swings SINCE IT’S NOW CONSIDERED NOT TO BE A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE according to Thom Simmons. Once again CIF does not stand up to a school with a big parent backing and shows no love for the David.

  • COChargerfan

    I read it three times and still can’t believe that Thom actually said “nobody is here to penalize kids.” Is this guy senile or just a clown because there’s a long list of kids (and teams) that the CIF has screwed via selective enforcement of nefarious rules. If the rulemakers get to decide when and if a rule will be applied, then we no longer have rules and, instead, a system subject to bias and favoritism. Congratulations Thom, under your “leadership” the CIF continues to be a complete laughing stock.

  • ???

    BillyBob- doesn’t sound like you were ever a bystander!
    KiD CuDi- so obviously you were there to see it & admit that kids were chasing balls all over the field. Let me ask, why were they chasing balls all over the field in a game of pepper? In a game of pepper, don’t they throw in a pitching motion? and use a bat?
    So cant we call this equal? SH has 2 kids take swings and Montebello has the whole team take swings?

  • CIF?

    It is amazing that people keep saying the South Pasadena girl had a bracelet on. It was a piece of string and not jewlery which makes that protest and Monrovia’s league championship a complete joke. As far as a school that couldn’t get it done against South Hills, last time I checked you don’t hit whiffle balls in a real game so where’s the advantage? High school sports is all about cheating these days anyway. I say schools drop sports to save their budgets.

  • Don

    I for one would like to know who started these boys on this wayward path of pre-game pitching.

    Shameful; they need to find this guy and string him up. We need an investigation, maybe put Ramirez in charge or maybe the guy that Aram gets his burritos from. Either way, this person must be sought out and stopped before more young and innocent players are led down the path of wiffle ball warmups.

    Oh woe is me, this must be the worst scandal in the Valley since, since, since, I don’t know what. Come clean 16, name names, you’ll feel better once you get it off your chest.



  • Don Amoochee

    Don you’re making light of what would have been a major upset. 99 times out of 100 CIF comes down on Montebello’s side. We all know that. The “jewelry” uproar played a major role in CIF not wanting to be the butt of another National “joke”.

    Don you’re off your game lately. Maybe Ken’s rubbing off, I mean Mayor Ken.

  • Don

    Cool your jets Amoochee, it’s an inside joke.

    Tell you what, before you get your chonies all twisted up, go find #16. Ask him where he started throwing mini-wiffles as a pre-game warm up.

    And no more caffeine after lunch.

  • Old Timer

    Old Timer said:
    Steve come on now, you have been around this Valley for many many years, and you know taking batting practice before a league or CIF game is a no no! Its been like that for as long as I can remember. Last I checked Montebello is not Santa Rosa! Understand your comments but you and I both know under different situations, or teams this would have been a huge problem. SH is notorious for crying when things dont go perfect and everyone outside of SH High knows this first hand, not fans but actual admins, AD, or other coaches. If that had happened to SH they would be at the CIF office complaining w 100 parents and 100 kids. I know you know how things have shaken out over the years over there. Too bad CIF tucked there tail under the coats and didnt stand firm. Im not upset with you Steve as you are a stand up guy unlike the midget.