Breaking News: South Hills baseball field vandalized, Huskies to practice at Covina

By Brian Day, staff writer
– The baseball field at South Hills High School was found vandalized Saturday, a day after athletic authorities ruled in favor of the school in a contested victory. The vandalism resulted in an estimated $500 worth of damage, West Covina police Lt. Dave Rozeboom said. The incident is being investigated as felony vandalism. (To continue, click thread).

School officials discovered the damage when they arrived Saturday morning, South Hills baseball coach Kevin Smith said.

“The short stop was dug up… the mound was all dug up,” he said. “Home plate, they tried to dig it up, but they couldn’t get it out,” he said.

School district officials brought new sod Saturday to patch the field, and team parents pitched in to help make repairs, Smith said.

“A lot of parents were there,” he said. “It was nice to see.”

The damage to the field was found one day after California Interscholastic Federation officials ruled in favor of South Hills High School regarding a protested victory over Montebello High School Thursday.

Officials upheld the 3-2 Division 3 first-round playoff victory over Montebello High School after the opposing team accused South Hills of holding an illegal batting practice prior to the game. While CIF officials found an illegal batting practice did take place, they ruled it was not a sufficient reason to disqualify South Hills from the playoffs.

Police said it was too early to tell if the vandalism was carried out by someone displeased with the CIF decision.

Smith said he was reserving judgement until more is known about the vandalism.

South Hills players practiced at Covina High School Saturday, he added.

The team has a game against Lancaster High School Tuesday, Smith said. If they win that game, they will have a home game Friday.

Smith said he believed the field will be ready to practice on early next week, and ready for Friday’s game, assuming victory over Lancaster.

Rozeboom said police had no suspects Saturday afternoon.

“We’re hopeful someone will come forward with information,” he said.

In the meantime, Rozeboom said, police will conduct extra patrols around the school to keep an eye on it.

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  • uncle_vito

    Shouldn’t be surprised. Wasn’t there an issue with Montebello.

    You have to protect your school.

  • South Hills Aunt


  • Unreal.

  • A Baseball Mom

    Talk about bad sportsmanship! More power for South Hills to go out and win!!

  • calm down

    no one has any idea if it was Montebello and to accuse them is in bad taste. Could have been anyone, including SH people themselves.

  • kh

    my friends so. of the 10 fwy.
    we l/v can only send the baseball gods prays.
    as the new l/v blog mayor.
    i will talk to my sergent of armed.
    MR. DON H.
    we have some real good field ship fellowship.
    we would love to open our arms and work force to put back your honored field.
    at this time i will name a new member to the l/v/ office
    field mat. control. MR.B HENLEY
    we will be waiting with open arms to asset the wonderfull baseball program. our friends so. of the 10 fwy.
    this will be one of the easiest cases to solve.
    iam sure the boys all came home with huskie dirt all over there cars mats and the shoes made prints every where.
    my self running a honest program would have to make my son accountable for his actions,mom and dad.
    if you let them get away with this,
    whats next, rape, car jacking, robbing the blind.
    you guys came along way in montellbello baseball.i remember playing against the angels in travelball ,one of our stud kids played in your ststem ,evan h, played against our youth blast team.and it gose way back to amats head coaches father MR. nieto.back in the 1980,
    so do the right thing and bring forth the accused,we will slap there hands and hopefully it will all cool off.
    dont let this black mark ruin what baseball people have build in your city,great job hanging in there with one of freds top rated teams.

    thank you,
    blog,mayor of l/v/
    go bearcats

  • AHS parent

    Is it a coincidence that this happened the day Montebello lost their protest…I don’t think so. The Montebello baseball program, from the coaches and parents right down to the players have a very “Ghetto” mentality. The parents use vulgarity in the stands, a player cold cocked a freshman player during the handshake at the end of a freshman game and the coaches have a very difficult time accepting the fact that they have an inferior program. A couple of school administrators had to be called on to attend a game to keep order among their players. They stood guard at the dugout so the opposing team could make it safely to their bus. Montebello High should begin a charter for an FFA club on campus. Future Felons of America.

  • baseball enthusiast

    unfortunately this does come a night after montebello loses their protest but for someone to do this is ridiculous. this will just provide South Hills with some anger to feed off of and give them that extra push to beat everyone!

  • JustAddWater75

    Easy people!!! Students at Charter Oak reacted the same way when our pool was vandalized in January and everyone thought it was Bonita (after we had just beaten their girls water polo team for the first time in some time). Two weeks later, Bonita’s Water Polo Boosters donated money from their snack bar sales to CO. So yeah, it’s very well possible it was Montebello…but hold off on judgment until you really know

  • jus sayin

    looks like someone was very angry at the pitchers mound…maybe it made someone throw a bad pitch that hit a batter to score the winning run….jus sayin

  • Hideo Nomo


    New rules for the La Verne blog Mayor……….

    You may only speak through a translator.
    Dr. Rumack is ready, willing, and available.
    The rest of the coherent world hasn’t got a clue as to what you are saying.
    I think you should sue your high school for breach of contract.

    Get off the sauce, and at least let your kid type your comments.

  • boomer

    this is really uncalled for. especially if it was indeed the montebello kids/fans. Even if the SH coach told them to go do this “illegal” batting practice, its on the coach, not the players. This is unfair to take away from all the players at south hills. And if it wasn’t the coach who told them to do so, and it was in fact that players who decided to have batting practice on their own, they’re just kids, who cares! I bet if montebello would have won the game, they wouldn’t of even brought up the batting practice before the game. So stop making excuses for not getting it done on the field. Just like cif said, “they won the game on the field”. I look forward to catching a SH playoff game soon, as well as a AMAT game.

  • SH Baseball alum

    As player who played for coach Smith for three years, I found that this head coach has many enemies from both the East and West SGV. Playing travel ball and even collegiate ball, I had complete strangers and other coaches apologizing that I had to play three years for Coach Smith. I have nothing negative to say about Coach Smith but we had many issues of vandalism during my baseball years at SHHS. Blaming Montebello makes sense but they could be at the bottom of the list to get back at Coach Smith. It is truly a shame for this to happen but not surprising. Question to ponder is how often to hear of other baseball programs having their fields vandalized? How does one coach have so many enemies? Check with his colleagues at SHHS and they will tell you about Kevin Smith. Ask Kevin Smith why he has so many enemies.

  • BOB

    A female student was attacked by a non-student a few weeks back now this. When will a fence go up around the school????

  • When does it matter?

    What happens if a baseball team wins a CIF Championship and a bull pen catcher is found to be an ineligible? Should the team forfeit the Championship if they win 16-0 and the player in question doesn’t take the field

    Fred let’s hear your “spirit of the rule” take on that.

  • MHS Parent

    “a player cold cocked a freshman player during the handshake at the end of a freshman game”

    This comment shows what an uninformed bafoon you are. This comment is a boldface lie. How dare you try to ruin the name of MHS baseball program by saying these ridiculous things. I was at that game. Why didnt you mention how Alhambra OVER celebrated and ran around on the field like a bunch of fools after squeeze bunting in the last inning UP BY 9 in the last inning to end the game and didnt even shake the hands of Montebello!!!!! So how could the AHS player have been cold-cocked during the handshake when AHS didnt even line up to shake hands because they were to busy celebrating a freshman league title for 5 freakin minutes?? Squeeze bunt up by 9 in the last inning??? The player that got hit was talking smack rubbing it in when MHS was walking to the bus and when he got called out by the player he got upset and approached the MHS player and THEN he got hit and got what he deserved.

  • LOL

    A couple of school administrators had to be called on to attend a game to keep order among their players. They stood guard at the dugout so the opposing team could make it safely to their bus. Montebello High should begin a charter for an FFA club on campus. Future Felons of America.

    REALLY……your a joke!! good story. Ridiculous. But Funny. DIdnt your JV team forfeit and lose their LEague championship because your whole team was taking BP in your batting cage before the game against MHS?? And your coach admitted to doing it all year!>? YEah, you guys have a real good honest program. Get off your high horse.

  • LOL

    A couple of school administrators had to be called on to attend a game to keep order among their players. They stood guard at the dugout so the opposing team could make it safely to their bus. Montebello High should begin a charter for an FFA club on campus. Future Felons of America.

    REALLY……your a joke!! good story. Ridiculous. But Funny. DIdnt your JV team forfeit and lose their LEague championship because your whole team was taking BP in your batting cage before the game against MHS?? And your coach admitted to doing it all year!>? YEah, you guys have a real good honest program. Get off your high horse.

  • A.H.S Baseball Player

    OKAY REPLY TO MHS PARENT : B.S I KNOW THE GUY WHO GOT COMPLETELY SUCKER PUNCHED BY ONE OF YOUR PLAYERS. AND AT THE J.V players tried to start a fight MULTIPLE times at the last game at Montabello. MONTABELLO is a bunch of B*tches and they try to win all of thier games by calling gay C.I.F rules.

  • BDS

    Be serious— I find it odd the field is torn up after Montebello protest is disallowed. The JV girls ( i mean boys) baseball team had the same motive when they waged the same exact protest against Alhambra last week. Bunch of losers there in Montebello is all I can say. You don’t have to be a rocket scenitist to figure this one out. They can’t win on the field so they protest– they can’t win doing that so they vandalize the field. Next they will be spray painting on the walls and marking their territory– you can have that ghetto

  • AHS parent

    To MHS parent: The AHS player approached a MHS player was rubbing the win in the players face, got hit,,,and got what he deserved… GHETTO mentality. I rest my case.

  • Pick your hands when you run your mouth

    AHS , so what you’re saying is he didn’t get sucker punched right?

  • baseball enthusiast

    Why can’t a kid just walk away from what happened with the player hitting another? Goes to show you how poorly disciplined mhs is. Come on now its over. You lost on the field anyways!

  • Just some more BS

    Here’s a question for the Baseball guys to answer honestly.

    Is this rule pretty well known? If it is how did it happen? Why did it happen?

    Before a game isn’t every one on the same page. Aren’t the pregame warmups set in stone by now? Is it possible that Smith didn’t see what was taking place or that every player didn’t know the rule?

    This reminds me of the Pete Rose incident. Baseball only has one rule, it’s posted in every locker room because gambling almost killed the sport. One simple rule. Yet Rose broke that rule. Lied about it for years. Sullied and trampled Giamatti’s name and memory and suddenly he admits his “mistake” and wants back into baseball. One simple mistake that didn’t impact his Hall of Fame status, yet fans want him in.

    I feel sorry for South Hills more than I do Montebello. In the end South Hills cheated and got away with it, the ruling proves that. Like all the steroid abusers say all the time, “I didn’t do it for any competitive advantage”…isn’t that the justification Fred wants every one to believe?

    Why not just push the game back an hour and allow one half hour of pregame batting practice to each team? Wait what happens when 1/2 hr becomes 45 minutes? What a joke.

  • Football Fan

    Sounds Like USC. They get away with Cheating and Steriods.

  • kh

    it will be ok boys,
    move the dirt back patten down and lets get back to work.
    we that are still lucky ,get to play another day.
    look into the future and let the past rest.
    h.s coaching will really get to you if you let it,
    sorry to here smithy has some many people that they say dont like him.
    ill bet theres thousand that love him ,
    in life its hard to please everybody,it will take you to a early grave trying.
    its 530 am getting ready for our day.
    k.c. still getting that last little bit of rest,i can hear the coffee brewing my ex brought over a new coffee pot.she even likes me again boys,.
    so i have some eggs boiling for egg sandwiches for the day.
    k.c. will go to compton mlb work out 4 hours trying to make there summer league team,in the rbi h.s. div. i just heard kenny loffken was hired by mlb.cant wait to get back to his s.s. position this summer,thats were csun wants him at.up the middle.its kind of tough for him now because theres no rest .well the mind needs to be pushed in the area it will excell.nothing comes easy my friends.
    the mayor will be at jackie robertson field in pasadena,brookside park with the redbirds club.
    this will be my 32 season as a player coach manager g.m. owner,i guess you hang around long enought everybody dies and your it,
    we have a good thing going won back to back so cal s.m. trny just cant get to world series yet,
    never stop trying.
    i have pick up six kids i give lesson to today, its rough on the back,but i love it when they boys come on sundays with the biggest smile telling me how good they did over the week,
    its all worth it.and the moneys good guys have a blessed sunday and get the balls out work with the little ones,around the world baseball is really growing ,dont be left behind,/the l/v blog mayor kh

  • KH Fan

    Glad to see things are going well Kenny. I don’t know about that SS thing. KC looked awful good in right field in the CIF game. Ran down everything south of Foothill blvd. He looks good and at home in the OF.

  • what is the rule?

    kh, it is my understanding that while a high school player is still “in-play” he isn’t allowed to play, practice or work out with any other team except his high school team and the high school team isn’t allowed to play or work-out on Sunday’s. Am I misinformed? or did you just throw kc under the bus by stating he’s going to the mlb workout today????

  • CIFguy

    Again, all of you dont understand the intent of the rule when it was implemented, that is why CIF put the “may” forfeit the game in the rule.
    The powers to be sat after looking at the video and hearing both sides and felt that what SH had done did not create an unfair advantage. That is the question that needs to be answered within the intent of the rule.
    I have to agree with them. 2 kids participating did not create an unfair advantage. If it was the whole team, then that would be easy to rule.
    Sorry to hear what happened at SH. Please, let the playoffs move on.

  • What the Heck

    CIF guy I understand what you are saying but then you need to answer for the thread I previously posted about Arcadia be thrown out of playoffs when their head coach was sitting across the street at the park watching the game after being ejected and getting permission for a 1st year AD who misread the rule. How did this situation lead to an unfair advantage by the entire team? Please explain.

  • No Rules!

    What the Heck, valid point. CIF guy, those rules need to be cleared up “unfair advantaga” 2 players only, 3, 4, 5, the starting line-up, the entire team. Too much is left for you softies at cif to decide. #16 had 3 of the 7 hits, maybe if he went 0-4 in stead of hitting a triple off the fence and getting 2 other hits. Even when they got him out he hit one of the highest fly balls I ever seen a HS player hit.

  • jl

    We played SH in the playoffs a couple of years ago and their fans were the worst I’ve seen in many years of attending games. Rude, arrogant, ragging on our players, our field, the umpire, etc. Nice “adults.” Their players were idiots, too. DLF gave a gangster “brush off” after hitting a fence scraper home run. Totally classless- coach, parents, players. May be a winning baseball program, but overall, they suck.

  • sad news today

    Sad news today. Jose Lima died this morning. Lima attended the Amat-South Hills game this year and was high fiving players from both teams and taking pictures with them. What a great guy.

  • just sayin’

    what is the rule? – Rule says you can’t “compete” on an outside team. That means competition, as in “a game”. Workouts, tryouts, lessons, etc are fair game. Not always wise – but legal.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Just to clarify, the coach’s ejection rule is not an “unfair advantage” rule, but a penalty rule. The rule is pretty specific in the blue book. If a head coach or an assistant is ejected, he/she must not be in attendance at the next contest, which cannot be a forfeited, canceled or postponed game. The Blue Book also says “a coach who was ejected from the previous contest who, knowingly or unknowingly, participates in or is in attendance at the next contest, will result in the forfeiture of that contest.” In the Arcadia case, CIF-SS ruled that being outside the outfield fence, whether it be on the school grounds or not, is considered to be in attendance, and thus the team must forfeit. In my opinion, the “spirit” of that rule was violated.
    I use the term “within the spirit” of the rule, because rules are put in for specific purpose, and if that purpose is not violated, the governing body should be commended for having an open mind.


    LIMA TIME !!!!

    What a tragedy, it can happen at any time to any one. Seeing him sing and dance on stage and having the time of his life, so full of life, is how I will remember him…being alive, making people happy.

    Doesn’t surprise me he’d high five kids and take in a much anticipated game.

    LIMA TIME..what a shock!

  • Olt Timer

    As people know here I do not post to much, but I do read malmost everything that has been written or that is wrote daily. In response to the CIF game and South Hills taking Batting practice here is my comment and here is the truth. Once again I have been involded with High School baseball here in the Valley for over 20 years and I know the rules and the “players” involved in this so called scandal.
    CIF has always had its favorites over the years and has always helped or turned a blind eye to things that have happened over the years. Here is an example from a few years ago that is completely true and that CIF denies to this day. During a baseball game at a certain school,mind u its the “regular” season I witnessed a whole coaching staff at this game from Oceanview High scouting and taking notes. You do not travel from Huntington Beach on a Friday afternoon to the SGV for nothing. Granted the CIF Groupings had not been announced or supposedly even made yet. I wandered over and talked with an asst. coach and picked his brain and he told me that there other coach is a great friend of BLANK name in the CIF office and that they already decided to grant there team from Oceanview this team in the playoffs. This team was a league champ and OCeanview was gonna be a 3 or 4 seed (cant remember that part) Now with that being said Oceanview knew who they were playing way before the seedings came out. You do not guess correctly and have all 4 coaches there including your head coach unless you know something. CIF is very dirty.This school went to the CIF office and complained and they denied knowing anything, sure enough those 2 schools played in the first round. SHOCKING

    2nd off – SOuth Hills has always been a favorite of the CIF office over the years. There is no way in hell that that game should of even been played. SOuth Hills has known for years you cannot take batting practice before a game. Once again many ex players that play there will speak up and tell you they have always taken batting practice before away league games, Smitty is on thin ice now that Judy is gonzo! SOuth Hills like other schools should of had the game forfeit or reversed. Rules are rules and they have been breaking them for years.
    Before people get all crazy, I only speak when I see BS and speak my mind when I feel necessary. The facts are the facts and CIF will always protect there own or there favorites, been going on for years.
    On a seperate note, I love how South Hills CO and a few others are complaining about moving up in football as well. Now those schools know what its like to have to play against some school who’s kids are bigger stronger etc.
    EXample: you cannot tell me that South Hills 1500 kids are the same as say Bassetts 1500 kids.

    Just saying

    Old Timer

  • were all good


    you say a couple of years ago the fans at SH were classless rude and arrogant. that was a couple of years ago. this group is a totally different group and unless you know us personally don’t make us pay for the sins of the fathers….

  • Steve Ramirez

    Old school: It may or not be against the rules to have batting practice before league games. CIF-SS lets the leagues govern themselves, and some leagues have the rule in place; others don’t. Remember the reason the rule is in place is because home teams in the playoffs would have an unfair advantage against a visiting team, which would be coming from a great distance and wouldn’t have the opportunity to take batting practice, which in league play most-likely wouldn’t be the case.


    With all the crybaby, hate and ghetto remarks towards Montebello wouldn’t this be the perfect time for some locals who have high hate for SH to have done the vandalizing. Afterall you have the stories on the blog which the moderator sees no reason delete even if they are full of inuendo and half truths about Montebello . There was even a post that stood for quite a while on the Arizona immigration law if we had it in California being a benefit to choking out the whole community of Montebello . Finally it was deleted but the damage had been done , a racist idiot saw what he thought was just in print. Well now due in part to what is tolerated on this blog and with a lead from the moderator it now has all the ammunition to go after a mostly Latino community with all it’s racial hate out front. So yes as the moderator prints, a day after CIF ruled in favor of SH theri field was vadalized , who else is there to blame but THE CRYBABIES FROM MONTEBELLO as our beloved moderator called them.

  • Old Timer

    Steve come on now, you have been around this Valley for many many years, and you know taking batting practice before a league or CIF game is a no no! Its been like that for as long as I can remember. Last I checked Montebello is not Santa Rosa! Understand your comments but you and I both know under different situations, or teams this would have been a huge problem. SH is notorious for crying when things dont go perfect and everyone outside of SH High knows this first hand, not fans but actual admins, AD, or other coaches. If that had happened to SH they would be at the CIF office complaining w 100 parents and 100 kids. I know you know how things have shaken out over the years over there. Too bad CIF tucked there tail under the coats and didnt stand firm. Im not upset with you Steve as you are a stand up guy.

  • manny

    How does CIF decided what rules are upheld and which ones are not acceptable, I believe rules are rules if they are going to makes rules then there should not be any exceptions, see story below about Girl from South Pasadena High school, what’s the difference? Is SH really a favored of the CIF, I beginning to wonder.

    SOUTH PASADENA – Commentators, bloggers and the national media continued Wednesday to debate the finish of a dual track meet that ended in controversy when a pole vaulter was disqualified for wearing a friendship bracelet.

    The April 29 meet between South Pasadena and Monrovia high schools hit the national radar screen Tuesday when Sports Illustrated published a detailed piece about pole vaulter Robin Laird’s disqualification.

    “Right now it seems as if its turned into a monster of its own,” said South Pasadena track coach P.J. Hernandez. “I never thought it would get this much publicity … Now this is national coverage its crazy”

    During the April 29 meet, Monrovia co-coach Mike Knowles pointed out Laird’s friendship bracelet violated national rules prohibiting jewelry. He did it after Laird cleared 7-feet-6-inches and seemingly won the Rio Hondo League title for Tigers.

    Knowles was instructed Wednesday not to discuss the incident.

    “The focus should go back to the girls,” said Monrovia High School principal Darvin Jackson. “…Allow them to enjoy the fruit of their labor. The adults at the table who are responsible hope to come to a resolution and put it behind us.”

    Athletic directors and administrators from both schools met Wednesday evening at South Pasadena High School. Both sides will release statements Thursday, Jackson said.

    At a Wednesday afternoon practice for the CIF-Southern Section Division 3 championship, television crews from local stations set up cameras and did interviews with Laird and others. Producers from sports talk radio stations also sought interviews with the pole vaulter and her coach.

    “It’s definitely been overwhelming,” Laird said. “What’s surprising is how worked up people are getting over this. This has happened all over the country and I’m sure other teams have suffered this kind of situation.”

    Laird said the offending bracelet, made of cloth, slipped

    her mind.
    “Before every meet, I’m conscious of taking off my earrings and necklaces,” she said. “But, I just never really thought about the wristband. I’ve been wearing it nonstop since November.”

    A four-year letterman, Laird plans on attending USC, but won’t run track. Her 7-6 jump was the best mark of the day. South Pasadena’s Rachel Ma and Monrovia’s Samantha Boltz and Gabby McBride all cleared 7-0.

    Hernandez said Laird’s Facebook page has been bombarded with supportive messages. South Pasadena has also received several phone calls of support.

  • Jr Law

    Was a rule broken?
    YES and it’s NOT debatable, everyone agrees TWO kids had batting practice, yes two not the whole team but two never the less the rules were broken.
    Was the team punished?

    So that means that EVERY team still in, can have their 3 and 4 hitter take batting practice, as long as the kids decide this on their own, and cite this ruling by CIF as evidence that this is ACCEPTABLE

    What would be the difference?

  • Old Timer

    For Manny,

    Yes many SH is a favorite of CIF and have been for many many years. The school has been awarded easy draws for years. Mind you they have had some tuff ones too, but overall they are a very very favorable school that CIF uses white gloves with when giving seeds etc. Its too bad IMO and I wish the Trib and others would just call a Spade a Spade in most cases.


  • No need for rules, standards, ethics or decency, “just win baby”!

    What is going on here? We have local sportswriters calling out coach for being cry babies? Is this something new that everyone is okay with. Why can’t people step back and hold themselves accountable and leave it at that.

    Robin Liard made a mistake. The two South Hills players made a mistake. In both incidents players made those mistakes in plain sight. Where is the losing coach coming forward and accepting responsibility for not making sure everyone “adhered” to the rules.

    A few years ago a track team lost because they weren’t wearing the same color uniforms. Another time a tennis player missed her scheduled time and lost her chance to compete, all honest mistake and yet…they suffered the consequences. Did Fred call out the coaches as being idiot or incompetent?

    In the case of SH Smith initially said it didn’t happen. Yet it did. Initially Hernandez asked Knowles “is this the way you want to win”, then Liard comes out and says she did it all season long. In Smith’s case he had a chance to supervise his players and didn’t. Hernandez had a chance to make sure all athletes compiled, he didn’t.

    This is so ridiculous. Better for the coaches to accept their part in he offending act than to blame someone for bringing it up when the rule is clear, widely accepted and continuously enforced without all this drama.

    Declaring “it was won on the field” is slightly disingenuous. Cushing cheats, so what. Ray Lewis is involved in a double murder, so what. Big Ben is accused of how many sexual assaults, so what. When did it all become so convenient to look the other way. Hey maybe there is hope for McQwire, Rose, Giambi, Palmero, Clemens, ect ect ect…if they broke the rules, so what. They “earned it on the field” didn’t they?

  • Just Asking

    Old Timer-
    Since you hate SH so much and you have been around since Thomas Edison, who do you support?


    Ask Lakewood about batting practice before a playoff game.

  • Old Timer

    For Just Askin

    I dont hate SH, if you have seen my posts in the past I call a Spade a Spade. I do not support any school individually. I support whats right and I hate when schools get over when they should not. And I hate when people here start making it personal. I just state facts from what I know and what I see and what I have seen for over 20 years here in the SGV. In the past I have been on record about BA,NV,SH among others, but also have given credit when credit is do.

    Old TImer

  • socalbaseball fan

    Here is what I would do if I was the cifss official in charge of the protest. If there is video showing violations of the BP rule I would make the 2 players have to sit out the next game. If it involved the entire team the game is forfeited. Rules are rules and should be followed by each team. Lakewood won a game on the field vs Valley View and lost after VV lodged a protest. Not sure how many players were involved. By sitting out the offenders this would end any type of debate. CIFSS rules have to be set in stone and not vary from one team to another.

  • socalbaseball fan

    Here is another DQ that happened at the cifss track meet at Cerritos. Banning hs long jumper Derron Smith was DQ after jumping 23’3″ due to the fact he was wearing a black t-shirt with white lettering under his Banning jersey. He easily won the event and now will not get a chance in the masters/state meet. CIFSS has a clear rule and no “may” be DQ in the rule.

  • Take an English class one time

    Hmm MONTABELLO!…lol…..or you mean Montebello??
    So what if you know that player? Whats your point? you didnt see it. Alhambra was the team crying in the JV game because they got rolled in the last game of the season for the title! CHOKERS!!

  • What happens when…

    Once again I take an unpopular position, only because it requires thinking about the bigger picture, and we see that being DQd is part of high school sports, always has been. The micro “outs’ others hang their hats on are nothing more than Fish Bowl pandering due in large part because our local writers have too many friends in high places and don’t think for themselves. The readership would not be hurt by sending a message that doing the right thing has more merit in the log run than telling us what we want to hear.

    The fact of the matter is coaches should be held to a higher standard when things go wrong. When players stray it’s the parents fault more than the coaches for sure but when the incidental DQs happen, and their avoidable, it’s on those in charge to step up and call it like it is. Maybe coaches today feel they can’t take the heat for their athletes, as in years past, because the blog generates too much external pressure, and thats a valid point…to a point.

    We see the outrageous comments directed at Hagerty and Nieto when all that took place was a family deciding they needed to go down a singular road rather than over extend themselves.

    Maybe the coaches could come forward and say,”We made a mistake. It was our responsibility to make sure our athletes were in compliance, and they were not. We regret our oversight.” That would have been the right thing to do, instead we have outrage, threats and ridicule that seem to gain acceptance at the trough of medicocrity.

    That’s why a HC like Roddy Layton is such a breath of fresh air. Ask him a question and you get a direct answer. If he blew it, he’ll tell you he did. If you’re better than his team, he’ll be the first to say so, after the game is played. But what I like most about Layton is he takes the heat for his players and by doing so earns a measure of respect few coaches enjoy. That’s being a man in my book and a role model for kid’s at a very impressionable time in their life.

    Too bad we don’t ask the tough questions and look at the bigger picture when issues don’t favor the favored.

  • Concerned parent

    Take an English class…No, Spanish class, maybe. This student’s problem is that his home language is English. And, I believe, Montebello and Alhambra JV teams are co-league champs.

  • mhs parent

    u u can only be pushed so far. And when a player walks right up to your face in an agressive manner, u have to assume its for a reason. He just got beat to the punch! LOL it was face to face u MOOR-on.

  • baseball enthusiast

    This is getting ridiculous. Get over it. What’s done is done

  • NOW IT’S A

    What happens when,
    Did you see the latest on the protest. It is now being called a scandal . Scandal on who’s part and now why is the Trib or Fred considering this incident of bringing a rule infraction, which CIF admitted it was an infraction of a rule but not enough to cause an advantage to SH a SCANDAL.

  • Define scandal

    It was clearly a Freudian Slip, what Fred meant to say was, CIF’s ruling was scandalous. Indeed bringing shame and controversy to an organization or entity. That’s a scandal. Well that and the one of the Basketball Wives nude iPhone pics. Antoine Walker ex got serious game is all I’m saying!


    No, Montebello JV team won league. Beat Alhambra 2 out of 3. guess pre-game batting practice can only help you guys so much. I see you had no comment on them cheating ALL year by taking BP in their cages before every game which your coach admitted to. I’m not surprised you left that out “Concerned Parent” LOL. Just like you guys.


    Mr. or Ms. Calm Down:

    Remember there are two types of opinions, those of a court of law, and those of public opinion. OJ was innocent in a court of law, but remains guilty in the court of public opinion. Given these circumstances, reaching the conclusion that a person or persons from Montebello were the perpetrators of the vandalism is a reasonable assumption, but absent something more definitive, it will never be proven in a court of law.

    Free legal advisor

  • just amazing!!!

    wow!!! for montebello to be blamed is absolutely pathetic. yeah, they didnt get the proper call, but that does not mean theyre gonna waste there friday night & drive all the way to south hills & vandalize there field.
    SH coach gets away with murder. noone in the SGV likes the guy. you can thank the C.I.F. for SH field getting vandalized. all this did was open up the door for someone else to do this, & frame montebello.
    ever think it was maybe one of ur own kids who despises thebaseball program. its been said no student at SH likes the baseball team.
    check next time when you point fingers, there’s always 3 pointing back at you!!!

  • Pura Mierda

    OILER_Pride as usual your BROWN PRIDE mentality did nothing but reinforce every negative stereotype people have of Latinos.

    Thanks for a beautiful lesson why Montebello is Pico Rivera with nicer lawns.

  • POSER ALERT !!!!

    OIL SPILL you’re a poser. All your vato loco talk gives it away.




    BY A P**SY RULE.



    all im hearing from alhambra is boo hoo!!! stop crying… u guys sound like little girls… dont get mad cuz u guys get layed at ur home field and dont do anything about it… what r we supposed to do about.. thats your stupid ass fault.

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