Softball Results: Glendora wins marathon in 12 innings, San Dimas, Bonita, South Hills win; Arroyo, Northview, Bishop Amat all bow out

San Dimas pitcher Kortnie Clark shows her relief after the Saints held on for a 7-5 win over West Covina. San Dimas took a 7-0 lead into the bottom of the seventh, but a homer and grand slam got the Bulldogs back in it. They actually brought the tying runner to the plate, but a pop out ended it.

Today’s CIF-SS Playoff Results
Division 2

Bonita 1, Sunny Hills 0
Glendora 11, La Habra 6, 12 innings
Division 4
Aquinas 3, Bishop Amat 2
Division 5
San Dimas 7, West Covina 5
South Hills 18, Barstow 0
La Canada 4, Northview 3
Division 6
Grace Brethren 10, South El Monte 8
La Salle 2, Arroyo 1

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  • Amat softball dad

    The home game coin flip was huge! Here’s to cheering on the home team! GO LADY LANCERS! Back up Anguiano with solid defense, play team ball and you’ll be in the elite eight!

  • Cat

    Lets go Lady Saints….
    Who do you like Fred?

  • Basic

    Best of luck to the Lady Bearcats…

    Remember you have “Targets” on your back because of the number 1 seed so everyone will bring their A game… so stay focus and play hard the entire game.

  • softballmania

    To me this would be one heck of a team to represent the SGV.

    And LaRosa for POY

    Stephany LaRosa -INF
    Courtney Gano -INF
    Sydney Stewart-INF
    Natalie Hernandez-INF
    Kayla Norrie -C
    Breeanna Sandoval -OF
    Nicki Sprague -OF
    Jazzlyn Costa -OF
    Carly Argyle -P
    Chloe Wurst -P
    Brittany Rodriguez -UT
    Dekota Monarrez -DP

  • FredJ

    I’m going to go on record right now saying West Covina will win, 6-3.

  • Interested

    The problem with first team selections is the disparity in pitching faced. Teams from the San Antonio, Valle Vista, Montview and Mission Valley leagues just to name a few do not have top to bottom quality pitching like the Sierra and Del Rey leagues and the non-league competition those teams face. So comparing the players from the leagues across the board is difficult. A .500 average in the San Antonio league might be comparable to a .350 average in the Sierra league. Or a .450 average in the Valle Vista league might be comparable to a .333 batting average in the Del Rey league.

    And believe it or not, some SGV teams have been known to pad their stats. So when people make their selection for all-SGV team, please try to take those factors into account. It is not just those ladies with the highest BA or offensive numbers that should be looked at when selecting the team.

  • WOWman

    WOW a pretty bold prediction!

    Heres a few facts: Both teams beat SH and NV but I find this one tobe very interesting they both beat PC 2-1. The question is who can hit the better pitching? BHS smashed WC 7-0, BHS barely beats SD 4-2 and if not for the Mays catch in center its 6-4. I like SD 4-3 in 9innings.

  • Predictions


    Bonita 1 Sunny Hills 0
    Glendora 2 La Habra 3
    Aquinas 4 Bishop Amat 0
    San Dimas 6 West Covina 5
    South Hills 7 Barstow 3
    La Canada 4 Northview 1
    South El Monte 7 Grace Brethren 6
    La Salle 2 Arroyo 1

  • onlooker2

    one OF mysteriously off the radar this season. Hate to say I told you so, but saw that coming. Avalos from SD had a season worthy of the nod.

  • Cat

    Fred last week you said San Dimas in the final four,, Make up your mind..

  • FredJ

    I know, my bad

  • pitching


    After a carefull study I see it more like this.

    Sierra League 4 good pitchers 1 average 1 below
    Miramonte 3 good pitchers 1 average 1 below
    Delrey 2 good pitchers 1 average 1 below
    San Antonio 1 good 2 average 2 below
    Valley Vista 1 good 1 average 3 below
    Mission 1 good 1 average the rest is history

  • bfd


    Looks like the entire team had a good season for the(valle vista) 2 for 12 against good pitching sorry maybe next year.

  • Amat


    Didn’t know she played outfield but its really hard to pick in the league she’s in. Majority of the hits that are counted in that league translate to outs in the others. Carlin, Gonzales and Anguiano all had good years and should be considered.

  • Interested

    To bfd,

    Del Rey had 3 good pitchers, 1 average and 1 below

  • Process..

    Fred, what is the actual process for the selection? Do you get recommendations from coachs? Or is it based on blog suggestions? Because I can only imagine that “blogger” parents will obviously suggest their kid and those that don’t blog will not have their kids considered.

  • whatajoke

    Check this out San Dimas has a 100 to 150 more hits then all the other good teams in the division. In fact I checked several other divisions and nobody even comes close? This must be a record for most hits in a single season. Something smells a little fishy? I even checked the horrible Christian leagues and found nobody at 300 San Dimas has 356 WOW! On average most teams in all divisions have around 200 somebody please call Guinness.

  • Democrat

    What is your kids name I’ll put her on the list?

  • outsidelookingin

    I have to agree about the VVLbeing somewhat weak. What I don’t agree with is the suggestion that SD padded their stats. This team started slow, but ended strong. 1 through 5 can flat out hit. No reason to say the stats were inflated.Their second half record speaks for itself. The high averages may translate to something lower in a stronger league.

  • Legitornot?

    Here is your story San Dimas has 356 hits, 47 doubles, 26 Homeruns and counting.

    No. School Year
    382 Mater Dei 1997
    374 Mater Dei 1996
    365 Oaks Christian 2004
    343 Alemany 1994
    343 Templeton 1994
    325 Oaks Christian 2006
    323 Oaks Christian 2003
    316 Grace Brethren 1998
    312 Linfield 1991
    312 La Salle 2004

    No. School Year
    37 Grace Brethren 1998
    31 Santiago/Corona 2008
    30 Loara 2004
    25 Fontana 1982
    25 Quartz Hill 1999
    23 Buena 1989
    23 Hillcrest Christian 1990
    23 Brea Olinda 1999
    22 Brea Olinda 1998
    22 Oaks Christian 2004

    No. School Year
    64 Desert Christian 1989
    61 Faith Baptist 2002
    60 Templeton 1994
    52 Maricopa 1995
    50 Grace Brethren 1998
    47 Cajon 1978
    46 Hesperia 1989
    46 Oaks Christian 2007
    45 Rio Hondo Prep 1980
    45 Pioneer Baptist 1990
    45 Oaks Christian 2003
    45 Oaks Christian 2006

  • soletitbewrittensoletitbedone

    Mater Dei and Oaks Christian both won their respective divisions the year they set the hit records.If all is legit San Dimas should win the division hands down.

  • POY

    Interested hit the nail on the head all these 5 and 600 averages would be .300 at best in the good leagues. This is what makes LaRosa that good last season .631 no POY. This season .513 POY?, must you always be a pitcher to win POY. Fred this is probably why she was voted the 2010′ most feared hitter by the LA Times and lets not forget going to UCLA.

  • inagreement


    I agree. San dimas’ 1-5 in the line up can definately hit. If others think the stats are padded why not just go to a game and see for yourselves, right?

  • repost

    Some research was done in another post about San Dimas batting average. Questionable stats at best!

    “”Magic hits said:
    Look at San Dimas’ stats and you have to wonder. A team batting average of .477????? Based on Maxpreps, in 25 games and 816 plate appearances they show only 9 ROE and 10 FC – TOTAL! They play many teams with weak defenses and they document only 9 ROE? Contact is not a hit. Looking at some games on maxpreps, you can see why. For example, they played one game against Covina. They claim they had 23 hits but Covina records only 14. In another game they claim 14 and covina only records 10. Against Northview, they claim 22, but Northview only records 16. Against South El Monte, they claim 15, but South El Monte records 10. There are several more examples. 3 teams in their league don’t post on maxpreps so we can’t compare those stats. And you wonder why colleges don’t want to know about player’s high school careers stats. Btw, bases taken on pass balls are not stolen bases. One player shows more stolen bases than stolen base attempted, wow!””

    And nine games are against pomona, ganesha, and baldwin park

  • 643dp

    There is more to the game than just stats. Why can’t we just appreciate that two good teams are playing against each other in the next round of playoffs and let the best team win. Enough said.

  • pitching

    Its tough to make any case for San Dimas they really have not seen good pitching all year. The only games I can find with any decent pitching at all. A 3-hit by Wurst, 1-hit by OToole, Padilla the PC #2 gave up 4-hits and maybe you can count Burbank 4-hits. South Hills we all know has very average pitching they also lost to Montebello who by their record must have none.

  • ?

    So san dimas is now 4th on the single season all time hits list,4th all time for homeruns and tied for 6th for season doubles. I wonder if Don will have the nerve to call it in to CIF?

  • first also

    They are first in “inside the infield” home runs too! Hey, if they touch all 4, it’s a home run!!

  • Onlooker2

    weak league. It is what it is. The legitimate players will continue to shine and lead their team regardless. while others bloom will come off their rose against the “tougher teams” and they will fade away. Only fooling themselves so enjoy CIF. It’s only HS, right? get a good scorekeeper. rah rah

  • more research

    “””””pitching said:
    The only games I can find with any decent pitching at all. A 3-hit by Wurst, 1-hit by OToole, Padilla the PC #2 gave up 4-hits and maybe you can count Burbank 4-hits. South Hills we all know has very average pitching they also lost to Montebello who by their record must have none.”””””

    More maxpreps add-on hits:
    Wurst held them to 3 hits, but SD claims 5 hits.
    O’Toole one hit them, but SD claims 2 hits.
    Padilla held them to 4 hits, but SD claims 6 hits.
    South Hills failed to update the game on maxpreps, so of course SD claims 16 hits.

  • Softball dad


    What about Cortez and Cunningham? They had good years as well!



    It appears that Fred has chosen to refrain from comment? If Amat, Glendora, Bonita or South Hills were setting records or on verge of setting records it would be plastered all over the blogs and front page of the real paper. Onlooker2 would love to see this fade away into the sunset but something tells me Fred is taking a wait and see approach. I say give the kids their do a season like this is something to be proud of for a lifetime. A lot of good teams are on that list of records tell me who wouldn’t want to be listed next to Mater Dei and Oaks Christian?

  • looking at the schedule

    Against REAL teams, SD record is 4-6 at best.

  • Interested

    Fred, what BB and SB games are you covering today?

  • SaintsR4real

    San Dimas up 3 to 0 top of 2. Is W.C. Not a real Team??

  • SaintsR4real

    Saints up 6 to 0 top of 3. Oh my!
    Here we GO!

  • Onlooker2

    Good to hear. Whose making things happen for SD?

  • SHHS

    South Hills is spanking another team, this time Barstow 18-0!!! They have outscored their first 2 opponents 41-1 so far.

  • Sports Fan

    South Hill beat Barstow 18-0 Way to go Huskies.

  • SouthHillsOnARoll…..

    SH softball beat Barstow and I mean badly…. 18 to 0!

  • SHHS the real QUEENS

    Let’s see shall we…..

    Rowland out……check

    West Covina out…..check

    South Hills still going strong…..CHECK!!!!!!!!

    Way to go girls you have dominated over your first 2 opponents!

    Outscoring them 41 – 1

  • ghsfan

    anyone know who won ghs or la habra?

  • bonita update

    Bonita beat sunny hills 1 – 0

  • Glendora Update

    From andrew campa on prep sports….

    Glendora 6, La Habra 6 (still in progress, 11th inning)

    By the time this posts tho, the game will probably be over. hope it goes Glendora’s way

  • won’t happen next year

    Enjoy the run SHHS, next year you’ll be in the Sierra League and 41-1 won’t happen again.


    “”SHHS said:
    South Hills is spanking another team, this time Barstow 18-0!!! They have outscored their first 2 opponents 41-1 so far.””

    WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!
    Spanking div 5 powerhouses Azusa and Barstow, we are awesome!!!!!

  • whitey

    the sgvtrib reporter shows up to the Amat game in the top of the 3rd.has to check the scoreboard to see what’s up………..and he still gets the score wrong it was 3-2 Aquinas , not 2-1…….how freaking hard is it to report the score….huh freddy

  • mikey v – jv

    amat loses 4-3 wheres th honkers
    san dimas 7- 5 over wc
    south el monte loses 10 -8
    la salle 2 arroyo 1
    any more scores ? whats up with glendora and bonita ?

  • FredJ

    We didn’t have a reporter at the Amat softball game, must of been a mid-valley reporter

  • ??Glendora??

    Is Glendora and la habra still tied?? Kayla Klein vs Carly Argyle or Langdon??

  • update for glendora

    Andrew Campa blog says—Glendora 11 La Habra 6 in 12 innings

  • Bill

    How about an apology for disrespecting Aquinas Softball.

  • What’s the deal with Los Altos softball? They are looking for their fourth coach in for years.

  • south hills who??

    south hills is really proud that they made it to the 3rd round of cif?? Look at who they are playing!! Seems to easy for a team that only got 2nd in league. If anything they should have play san dimas. What do you think the score would have been then?? Psh!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I went 6for8 not bad for a rookie I even had a couple of the scores right. I’m changing my name to Jimmy the Greek for next weeks predictions lol.

    Predictions said:

    Bonita 1 Sunny Hills 0
    Glendora 2 La Habra 3
    Aquinas 4 Bishop Amat 0
    San Dimas 6 West Covina 5
    South Hills 7 Barstow 3
    La Canada 4 Northview 1
    South El Monte 7 Grace Brethren 6
    La Salle 2 Arroyo 1

    May 24, 2010 2:52 PM

  • FredJ

    Sorry for the disrespectful prediction, feel any better?

  • ????

    SH Who, Why dont you get your facts straight! SH did play San Dimas in the Charter Oak Tourney, SH was beating San Dimas till the last inning. Catche Brittany Rodrigues pitched the full game against San Dimas.

  • Sports Fan

    So who are the real Queens of Cameron? Winning league means nothing I guess.

  • Sorry Dumb Butt

    Winning league means-WINNING LEAGUE! What part did you miss? Beating Azusa? Barstow? What’s that mean, NO COMPETITION. Keep trying baby!

  • Juan

    ????, you are right u was at that game an SH was beating Dan Dimas 5-0 till the last inning when the SH Coach made the switch and put Sydney in San dimas won 6-5 rodriguez had them totally off balance.

  • It is what it is

    Sports Fan said:
    So who are the real Queens of Cameron? Winning league means nothing I guess.

    What a nin-cow-poop! Let me explain this in lame-man’s terms, so you understand… when you win more games than anyone else in your league, that would make you that leagues CHAMPS! When you don’t win a game against the other team on Cameron, that would make that team the Queens of Cameron. South Hills last win would make them the Queens of Barstow.

    Good Luck SH. We won’t fault you for this fans ingeniuos comments!

  • outsidelookongin


    SH still lost the game right? Only the final score matters…

  • outsidelookongin


    SH still lost the game right? Only the final score matters…

  • Sancho

    The Queens of Cameron are all the Dads that are living there failed High School dreams through their daughters…..Pathetic!

  • mikey v jv

    i really want to know where all the bishop amat honks are ??? really all that masa they talk and can’t get to the quarters !! wow !! you guys did beat cantwell though !!

  • Micheal

    I guess if we really think about it the West Covina is the real queens of Cameron for winning league! GREAT JOB! It’s over now, quit crying! SH go out and represent! Go kick some ass!

  • just askin’

    where were amat “honks” talkin’ about girls’ softball?

  • south hills who??

    last I recall… West covina beat south hills every time they played them this season which makes them the queens of cameron and LEAGUE CHAMPS! Get over it!





  • playing nobody

    Azusa, Barstow and Valley Christian, these are NOBODY TEAMS.

  • AMAT 73

    mikey v ,
    Where did you see us talking shiat about our softball team . We have a tendency to speak the truth when staring it in the face . Our team was a very young team and getting as far they did was a hell of an accomplishment .The foundation is in place for them to make a run in the coming seasons towards a title . It was a great season and a learning one also and we are all very proud of the Lady Lancers accomplishments, even thou they fell short of your expectations . Now to the point , you seem to be of the mold of people who follow AMAT only to find joy when they fail and you crawl out from under your rock to bask in the glory of our teams loses .I don’t think I have seen you post before but I may be mistaken . Now are you lying in wait in case our baseball team loses for your next outburst. What is your point in posting like you do about AMAT ? Why the hate towards AMAT . Explain if you can muster up the nerve.