Spring Football: Walnut trio making it tough to name a starting quarterback

By Aram Tolegian, Staff Writer
Walnut High School’s football team has gotten an early jump on the season, but that hasn’t made the quarterback battle an easier decision for coach Mike O’Shields. The Mustangs are auditioning three would-be signal callers for the job of throwing to Washington-bound receiver Aubrey Coleman. The race is between senior-to-be Brandon Roach and juniors-to-be Kevin Lopez and Chris Mendez. (To continue, click thread)>

“There’s some competition going on,” O’Shields said. “Most of our skill guys are returners. Our offensive line is basically all returning. I think the good part of spring ball is looking at the quarterback situation.”

The Mustangs have been practicing since March. They’ll wrap up spring ball next week before turning their attention to a busy summer that includes stops at the Bonita and Claremont passing tournaments.

Roach appears to have the jump on his younger challengers, O’Shields said after recent practices and two competitions against Baldwin Park.

O’Shields said his team really enjoyed the scrimmages with Baldwin Park, even providing a barbecue meal after their home game. The Braves returned the spread when they hosted last Friday.

“We had an obstacle course for the linemen,” O’Shields said. “They did one-on-ones, then we did seven-on-sevens. At the end, it was seven-on-seven with linemen also there just going one-on-one.

“It went real well. We’re not going to play each other in league, so we could help each other out.”

O’Shields expects the rest of summer to determine who his quarterback will be in fall. And he’s got a special treat for whoever wins the job – throwing to Coleman.

“When you’re 6-foot-5 like Aubrey, they can throw the ball anywhere and he’s going to catch it.”

Walnut finished 7-3 last season, but missed the playoffs after losing some key games in the now-defunct San Antonio League.

The Mustangs will now be part of the new Hacienda League, which includes rival Diamond Bar and nearby Rowland and West Covina.

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  • Hacienda League

    This Walnut team is a fourth place team at best. No way are they beating DRanch or WCov. Very unlikely they are beating Rowland. I see them fighting it out for the fourth and final playoff spot with Bonita. Los Altos and Diamond Bar will be fighting it out for last place in the Hacienda League. Diamond Bar is the wildcard team in the Hacienda League. We all know that Los Altos is going to be terrible, but I just can’t believe that Diamond Bar is as bad as everyone says they are.

  • The Real Walnut Insider

    Just waiting for the walnut “insider”.
    Hacienda League…its obvious you did not catch ONE DB game this past season…its bad out there in DB.Poor coaching, poor atheletes, poor AD. Good thing D. Paul is calling it quits! He knows whats up. My prediction, DRanch, WCov, Walnut, Rowland, Bonita, LA, DB.

  • We will see

    I agree that this team will be fighting it out for fourth place with Bonita. The lack of experience at the QB position will be hard to overcome. At least the 4th place makes the playoffs this year, so it could be worse.

  • Wally Walnut

    What this article is saying is altho Walnut has a big play reciever in Coleman they do not have a QB. Dranch will be a first place finisher with Rowland and WC fighting it out for Second. Lets face it Walnut just does not have the draw of players that play football. Brandon Roach? Does that make Oshields the “ROACH COACH” too funny. A Tribune article surrounding Walnut football is a joke. The Females make up the noteriety of that schools athletic success. The boys have always been losers baseball basketball and football. They are lucky to see So Hills go elsewhere in football. It will be a long season for Walnut again. There is nothing there in Walnut for football but Coleman.

  • SGV For 30 Years

    So why are we talking about football in May? Are baseball and track really that boring to talk about? I’m not going to comment on football yet, other than to tell you that I’m not going to comment on football.

    SGV430 OUUUT!!!!!!!!!!

  • baby blue nutter

    Wally Walnut..don’t you have a pimple to go pop? Can’t you disrespectful little turds go find another place to deal with puberty? The public blog is no place to be dealing with the new found feelings. Go away and let the big kids talk.

  • Walnut Insider

    I think losing King and Rhodes will be difficult to replace on paper. King became the featured back during the season because of Rhodes’ inability to get moving. I hear that they do have some solid backs as of right now. If the returning line can maintain their blocks then that should be enough.

    Aubrey should dominate if you can get him the ball. Take a page from the book of Randy Moss and throw the ball up and let him go up and get it.

    I would like to see Walnut go with a really simplified offense that produces, rather than a bunch of plays that get you nowhere.

    As far as the QB situation is concerned, I haven’t heard of anyone really in the “lead” so to speak. I think the staff realizes it is way too early to pick a starter when there is no clear cut QB.

    In terms of the new league, I still think they have a shot of making the playoffs next season. If the top 4 teams make the playoffs (I think I read that, I might be wrong), Walnut could get into 4th spot behind DRanch, West Co, and Rowland. They would have to come up with some solid wins against Bonita and DBar, which they should but those teams are returning some players as well.

    I am cautiously optimistic about the season. I was really let down last year with the amount of talent that just didn’t produce. Hopefully, this year will be different.

    And Wally, you are correct when you say that the girls are the “strong” teams on campus, but the boys seem to be getting a little better. Basketball, baseball, and wrestling all made the playoffs this season. They still have a long way to go to be the “studs” on campus, but it’s a start.

  • Transfers to Walnut

    Word on the street Walnut will be getting a few transfers, a couple of them have it in their blood line, but are small. Ron Brown of the Rams/Raiders will be transferring his kids in from Diamond Bar, I don’t think the older one (to be Junior) even played football last year. The younger one will be a freshmen next year, he is a good RB but small. It looks like they will be bring a friend with them, this kid can play but once again small, he will be a junior. These kids have talent but need work.

  • fish bowl

    They talk about football in spring because that’s what they do in fishbowl sgv. They talk how good they are when they aren’t very good at all.

  • Patrick

    Transfer to walnut,

    Ron’s kids actually would be going to Diamond Ranch, so i guess they stole a couple from Diamond Ranch!? Go figure!