San Gabriel Valley All-Star Baseball game on Sunday, June 6 at Alhambra’s Moor Field

The annual San Gabriel Valley Senior All-Star baseball game is on Sunday, June 6 at Alhambra High School’s Moor Field instead of Mt. San Antonio College, where the game has been in recent years. Game time is scheduled for 2 p.m. Alhambra coach Steve Gewecke and Nogales’ John Romano run the event, and have released the rosters …

Blue Team
Head Coach:
Nick Lemas (Arcadia), Assistants, Brad Blackmore (Monrovia), Dave Moore (Monrovia), Joe Laski (Gabrielino)
Infielders: Brian Tuttle (Bonita) SS, Erik Lewis (Damien) 2B, Evan Heighley (Bonita) 1B, Robert Nakamura (Monrovia) 2B, Mike Maldonado (Montebello) 1B, Garrett Tuck (Arcadia) SS/1BJonathan Larson (Arcadia) 2B/1B
Outfielders: Bobby Oatman (Damien) LF, Joseph Eusebio (Amat) LF, Greg Saldate (Alhambra) RF, Justin De La Nuez (Monrovia) CF, Anthony Ramos (Bonita) LF, Jonathan Tom (Arcadia) LF/CF
Pitchers: Paul Paez (Amat), Brandon McNitt (Amat), Dylan Covey (Marantha), Jonathan Beltran (Alhambra), Aaron Murphree (Monrovia), Derek Penilla (San Dimas), Danny Beckwith (Marantha), Ruben Chavira (Walnut)
Catchers: Jerry McClanahan (Amat), George Ortega (Damien), Keith Clapp (Gabrelino). Chris Alas (Alhambra)

Red Team
Head Coach: Kevin Smith (South Hills), Assistants, Barry Bacon (TC), Rich Remkus (Gladstone), Jacob Barendregt (Baldwin Park)
Infielders: Brandon Cage (Glendora) 3B, Jake Shirley (South Hills) 3B, Christian Ibarra (South Hills) SS, Alan Gonzales 1B, Adrian Carillo (Pasadena) 2B, Dusty Sanderson (TC) 2B, Tom Remkus (Gladstone) 1B, Charlie Baxter (Pas. Poly) SS.
Outfield: DJ Wallace (Charter Oak) RF, Jeff Crowe (Diamond Bar) RF, Chester Pak (Diamond Bar) CF, Chris Holden (Charter Oak) LF, Branden Pultz (TC) RF, Louis Torres (Sierra Vista) LF, Efren Aguilera (Baldwin Park) CF
Pitchers: Adam Plutko (Glendora), Jacob Smigelski (Glendora), Dakota Behr (South Hills), Brian Hill (La Salle), Eddie Pedroza (Northview), Justin Smith (TC), Christian Huerta (Sierra Vista)
Catchers: Joe Winterburn (Glendora), Cody Doyle (South Hills), Arman Valenzuela (Northvew)

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  • info says

    For the red team its Jacob Cage not Brandon Cage

  • James Guillen Fan

    Apparently Damien is out hitting everyone? They play in the toughest division, the toughest league and come in a close second to#1 ranked Glendora but not one Damien pitcher? REV said Guillen was amazing.

    Oh well he’s going to USC…I just he’ll have to suffer being a TROJAN .

    Great job yesterday Mr. Guillen. The team and parents really appreciate all you’ve meant for Damien in both sports, Football and Baseball.

    Being a flashy loudmouth or a look at me I’m a BMOC isn’t your style…leading by example and coming up big when called upon is.

    Great to see your parents and relatives enjoy your success the right way.

    It’s be a true pleasure watching you do what you do. You’re a winner kid, remember that!

  • I agree

    JG Fan,

    Yeah, you see that garbage. Damien has two senior pitchers that are as good as anyone on those lists, but they got no love. While Guillen & Amhrein are pitching Damien into the Qtr Finals others are sitting home watching. Come on! Oh thats right, Damien has no pitching. What a load of crap. Damien has pitched themselves into the Qtr Finals. Damien out hit REV yesterday, but the real story was that REV couldn’t hit Guillen. Guillen was lights out yesterday and has been pretty much all season. I couldn’t agree with you more. Guillen is the anchor of the pitching staff and gives everything he has. It is great to hear that he will continue his baseball career beyond Damien. I understand that 2B E. Lewis is also getting some serious looks from PAC 10 teams and other So. Cal universities. I also heard that Damien jr. lefty has already been offered? Things are just beginning to heat up for some of the Damien boys. If they keep winning many of the seniors will be able to show their talents and land an opportunity to play at the next level.


    Okay Damien Dads….say it with me…you know you want to…




    No need to hate …the truth will set you free!!!

  • Don

    +1 on the James Guillen fan club.

    He’s a great kid and a fine athlete with a big heart; it’s hard to imagine a Senior All Star Team without him.

    What about the Inland Valley Team? Any word on who is going to be named to that squad?

    On another note, why are they playing this at Moor Field instead of one of the College venues or even Jackie Robinson? I mean Gewecke has a nice yard and all . . . just asking.

  • karma

    I hear Mt. Sac would not donate the field. What a great opportunity to sell your facility, program to local kids;however, Mt. Sac does not need players, they are happy missing the state play-offs or not making runs year in and year out. APU has no stands and Brookside? (Field needs some work but has plenty of stands. Alhambra is enclosed and plenty of stands but college field would be nice.

  • Are u serious

    Are you serious Mt SAC has never charged to use the field for the all star game. The coaches and players at MT SAC did all the field set up and never charged a penny to the all star game.Why would’nt they want it there. It was a great recruiting tool for them. I bet if you ask them they will tell you they loved having it at there place. Get your facts straight.

  • Mt.SAc is blowing it

    Mt.Sac wanted to charge the Cory Lidle Foundation $1000 for the weekend to use the field for the Cory Lidle tournament. The same foundation that has donated about $15,000 to the school. The money from the gate for the game between Bishop Amat and South Hills….Mt. Sac baseball kept the gate money! They gave none to the RJ legacy foundation. NONE! unless something over the past couple weeks. Shame on Mt. Sac.

  • karma

    I hear Mt. Sac would not donate the field. What a great opportunity to sell your facility, program to local kids;however, Mt. Sac does not need players, they are happy missing the state play-offs or not making runs year in and year out. APU has no stands and Brookside? (Field needs some work but has plenty of stands. Alhambra is enclosed and plenty of stands but college field would be nice.

  • best outfielder in the valley

    Joseph Herrera is by far the best outfielder in the valley. He has the best batting avg. best on base perc. No errerors. strongest arm. Most speed. Who is better? No one

  • Jury out

    Not sure I would jump on Guillen just yet. Yes, he pitched good yesterday, but doesnt make him a stud with a 5-2 4.34 ERA.

  • Cup of Coffee

    USC BB Sucks and Krteuter has had four years to produce what? Hope Garrett get wise or his job may be on the line. His record and that program speaks for itself.

    They’ll take about anybody right now!

  • Just Wondering

    Who’s Joe Herrera and why is his family on all the blogs?

  • So.Cal.Fan

    Never heard of Joesph Herrera, What High School team does he play for?

  • Robert

    It’s a sorry state of affairs that the game is at Alhambra on a Sunday afternoon. Mt. Sac was a good location, but a money trap. You have to pay for parking and than admission (which I understand) and than come to find out that Parker (Mt. Sac Coach) rakes in all the money for the RJ Foundation Game between South Hills and Amat is flat out wrong. Big deal that they got the money for the snackbar for the charity…The admission is where the big money was made and the easier of the two. I understand even a small rental fee, but to make any money for a charity is wrong. If that’s the case, put in a disclaimer that you are getting money from this because I’m sure no one at the game that night thought it was a Mt. Sac Fundrasier, which it was. Sac should bend over backwards for the all star game and accomodate anyway they can. Word is they kept snackbar last year at All Star Game, which upset the organizers.
    Where does admission fees collected go every year? Says that Alhambra and Nogales are running it, so they get it?

  • Is this true Fred?

    Fred- Is this true that MtSac kept the gate money for the RJ game? Please lmk so I can write and call MtSac and give them a piece of my mind. I bought t-shirt, bought from the snack bar and paid for 8 of my family members to attend the game because I wanted to do my part to help out the RJ foundation fund. This really upsets me. How about playing a Maverick field?

  • Truth b Told


    What about this years revenue? Is this game turning out to be a fundraiser for Alhambra & Nogales? Who benefits from the gate, snackbar and other items sold? If the baseball community is to support this we would like to know where our money is going. Please, full disclosure.

  • underclassmen game.

    fred whats the word on
    the underclassman game?
    the time, place &teams!?

  • It’s just a game

    How does Amrhein from Damien get overlooked? I guess an 8-1 record this season, while pitching in the Sierra League (and handing #1 ranked Glendora one of their 2 losses), and a 20-6 record over the last three seasons is not good enough to be an “All-Star” in the SGV. 9-3 as a sophomore, 3-2 as a junior (when he was not given much of an opportunity to pitch) and 8-1 as a senior after not getting a start until the 4th league game on 3/31. There are probably other deserving players out there not being recognized but let’s take a look at the pitching selections for the Blue Team.

    Paez 11-1, McNitt 8-2, Beltran 10-1, Covey 7-1, Beckwith 7-2, Murphree 11-1, Penilla 9-4, Chavira 6-4.

    I’m glad “it’s just a game”.

  • No Penilla

    Penilla should be switched for Amrhien hands down! The others are legit guys!

  • It’s just a game

    For the record I don’t think anyone should be “switched”. If their names are there it’s for a reason but someone should be taking a hard look at the list before it is released. This is not the first time it has happened and it won’t be the last.

    It’s just a game.

  • Observation

    Why are there eight pitchers on the Blue team and only seven on the Red team? Is Pedroza even going to be able to pitch? If not, that’s eight and six.

  • just sayin’

    Two-Sport athlete. Football. Baseball.
    See – it is done more often than you think.


    It’s just a game said:
    How does Amrhein from Damien get overlooked?

    Know you stuff before you QUACK !

    Your stats are WRONG>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Paez is 12-1 with a .57 era not 11-1
    (missing a win)

    McNitt is 8-0 with a 1.53 era Not 8-2

    Covey is 7-1 with a .40 era

    Thats how the made it FOOL….

  • It’s just a game


    Ever read what you write BEFORE you post? As of now your stats are WRONG too. I never questioned those three making the team. In fact, I never questioned any of those kids making the team. I’m just wondering who takes a look at the team BEFORE it’s announced to make sure they got it right.

    My mistake, McNittt’s “2” were saves not losses but as of last night MaxPreps had Paez 11-1 and I’m pretty sure I had Covey at 7-1. Paez (or anyone else) would be no less deserving at 13-2 (after today) if his ERA was 3.50. Your “corrections” still don’t explain how 7-2, 9-4 or especially 6-4 records are more deserving than 8-1.

    It’s (still) just a game.

  • C.Dawg

    Underclassmen All star game Sat. 6/12th at Gladstone High.

  • ?

    Does anyone know about all-star practice.
    When and where?

  • Allstar Game

    Lead off Batter Jeff Crowe Doubles off Amat Ace
    Paez to spark a four inning 1st. Followed By
    Home runs in the game by Winterburn, Wallace and
    Aguilera. Red team wins.