CIF Softball Results: Bonita wins 4-3 thriller, scores two in the bottom of the 7th; South Hills wins 10-3; San Dimas, Glendora both lose

Jacki Campa smacked a two-out hit to center to drive in two in the bottom of the seventh to give Bonita a dramatic 4-3 come-from-behind win over Mission Viejo. South Hills scored seven runs in the 7th to pull out a 10-3 victory while Glendora and San Dimas both lost after going to the seventh in tie games. Village Christian scored three in the bottom of the 7th to pull out a 3-0 win over the Saints and Glendora gave up a run in the bottom of the seventh to lose 3-2 to Warren.

Bonita game story
South Hills game story
San Dimas game story
Glendora game story

CIF-Southern Section Quarterfinals
Thursday’s results
Division 3

Bonita 4, Mission Viejo 3
Warren 3, Glendora 2
Division 5
Village Christian 3, San Dimas 0
South Hills 10, Cerritos Valley Christian 3

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR: Bonita will face Ayala’s Jessica Hall in Tuesday’s semifinals. After Ayala won, an O.C. reporter told Hall that Mission Viejo was beating Bonita and that’s who they would likely face next. Hall sounded disappointed she wasn’t going to face Bonita, noting that they wanted to face the Bearcats all along. This all stems from Bonita getting the No. 1 ranking, and No. 4 Ayala openly questioning the Bearcats’ credentials when the playoffs started. Well Ayala, now it’s time to walk the walk. You’re not the only team playing with a chip on you shoulder.

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  • Jimmy the Greek

    Jimmy the Greek said:
    Freddizzle here ya go whats your picks?

    Warren 4 Glendora 2
    Village Christian 4 San Dimas 1
    Valley Christian 5 South Hills 3
    Bonita 3 Mission Viejo 2

    May 26, 2010 4:05 PM

  • Steve Ramirez

    Hi all:

    I will be at the San Dimas-Village Christian game. I will be sending Fred my live updates, but for those of you who want a pitch-by-pitch account, you can track my live scoring at: The cust. number is: 87d69963ca

    They don’t have a link to view it here, so you will have to go to the site

  • ParentAtGame

    top of 1st inning, SH takes the lead 3 – 0. Heading into 2nd.

  • Is she cheating

    Silly Question Time

    Is Argyle pitching style legal in college ball or Travel Ball? Seems as if maybe she’s just an advanced pitcher…or she’s a cheat.

    Pretty simple. I’m sure she’s airborne because some one taught her that specific style and weighed the times it would be called. What’s remarkable if true is how dominant some recent area pitchers have been without anyone saying they did it as well. I don’t hear that talk about DLP, Wurst, O’Toole or any of the past greats.

    So what gives? Is she cheating…yes or no. I know there are other more politically correct ways to say it (is it legal or not) but the truth is Glendora isn’t a PC Town so I’m going for broke her. Legal or not is guess a nice way of saying she’s cheating or…not!

  • AParentAtGame

    Valley Christian, bottom of 1st, no harm done. Score 3 HS, VC 0

    Heading into top of 2nd

  • justafan

    Look, Carly is not a cheater nor is she pitching illegal. She pitches in Travelball and has never been called for “crow hopping” or hopping. So, Otoole get over it!

  • softball dad

    Ha, so much for San Dimas vaulted hitting stats; lost on 2 hits with 12 strikeouts!

    Think the CIF record book is safe until next years padded stats!!!

  • ohboyfred!

    Fred, ur twitter updates are so jacked up…r u kidding? First you tweet “bonita in bottom 7th down 3-2”, then 11 minutes later you tweet “wow, bonita wins in bottom of 7th, 3-2″….which is it??

    You tweet “valley christian 3, san dimas 0, final”…it’s VILLAGE christian, i’m guessing since SH is playing against VALLEY christian

    OK, now I’m nickpicking but get it right

  • Wow! SH WHAT??

    Start eating those words freddy boy! SH and VC tied in the 7th, Brit Rod hits a 3 run HR, pitcher lofallette also homers….FINAL SH 10, VC 3 !!!!!! Our girls fought til the end! Way to go, what an exciting game!!!



  • “sorryhuskiesnottoday” what!!

    10-3 south hills wins!!

  • bonitafannn

    did we win or not?!?

  • am/pm

    So did Bonita win???

  • outsidelookingin


    I knew it! Your a pissed off SD parent. Way to support your team douchebag…Stay at home next year, crybaby.

  • real team

    Gee, San Dimas I guess you ran into a real team and real pitching. 2 hits only, but i am sure you will put down 10 on maxpreps. haha

  • thrilling div 5 action

    South hills is doing real good against those super tough div 5 teams, scary!!! Enjoy this year, it wont happen next year, when you finally see real softball.

  • Husky Fan

    Go Huskies! keep it up – outscoring all CIF opponents to date 51-4. Yikes!

  • shfan

    Why do people keep commenting on how South Hills is in Division 5? They don’t control what division they’re in you idiots. Everyone keeps bagging on South Hills saying that they haven’t faced anyone. Now what!? 10-3 against the number 3 seed. Shut your mouth Bulldogs! Do your homework because that’s all you have right now!

  • wcfan

    who says bulldogs are talking smack?? But it’s true. Look at the teams south hills is playing. They aren’t very great.. Yea you got some hitting and fielding.. But you did lose to wc all 3 times.. And you are 2nd in league.. Remember that

  • what happened

    wcfan said:

    who says bulldogs are talking smack?? But it’s true. Look at the teams south hills is playing. They aren’t very great.. Yea you got some hitting and fielding.. But you did lose to wc all 3 times.. And you are 2nd in league.. Remember that

    So they lost to WC 3 times…were 2nd in league and sure they remember that… and they are also gonna remember that while they were playing, west covina was doing what?…..wishing they were still playing.

  • shfan

    Who cares about those wins right now? They don’t matter. South Hills is in the semi-finals and West Covina isn’t. The best thing West Covina gets is a patch for winning league. South Hills can still win a CIF Championship trophy. What would you rather have?

  • Ayala calls out Bonita “we’ve been wanting to play them”

  • voice of reason

    let the girls play and stop starting crap. bulldogs and huskies had some great competition this year…both team had their ups and downs. bottom line is that most of the girls on both teams KNOW each other and are friends. the bulldogs deserve their kudos for willing league. SH deserve their kudos for going as far as they have in CIF. personally, i wish SH the best of luck in representing the SGV. do i wish it was us? sure! but it’d be nice to keep the CIF title in this valley than in any other. grow up people.

  • Aaron

    Go Lady Bearcats, crush Ayala.

    Sounds like somebody should be pissed that they weren’t ranked second or third before they should question not being ranked first don’t you think?

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Nice Video? a little 3par at Rancho Duarte will suffice my ego. This guy Carlos Arias do you know this guy? I guess he doesn’t travel north of the 60 fwy but he gives little to no respect for all of the SGV. Someone needs to ask him what he thinks of the Bearcats and the rest of the SGV now. Good softball does exist outside of the OC and IE put him in his place Fred with a little reporter rivalry lol.

    So the Greek goes 3for4 and is 9for12 overall, with only four teams left in each division I’m making my predictions for the first five this week. Six and seven don’t interest me much. I really like my odds going against you and Steve how about a little bet with the Greek?

  • grow up

    Everybody keeps complaining about SD and padded stats!! Get over it!! All your complaining is doing is taking away from the girls…they have nothing to do with it so grow up!! So they have an easy league, that is not in their control. They show up to play!! As far as a playing a real team…it was 0-0 until the bottom of the 7th….sounds evenly matched!! So before everyone starts talking crap….just remember, the girls read these blogs!

    SD…You girls have had a great season!! Hold your heads high and be proud..don’t let any of these losers with no life bring you down!!

  • yougrowup

    grow up

    It doesn’t really matter if the girls read the blogs or not if the stats are legit good for SD 370 hits second to Mater Dei put in the record books. If not fire your score keeper spank the coach and move on.

  • Onlooker2

    The stats ARE padded and all the coaches in the area with any cred know it or suspect it. They will also know who the true leaders on the team are because basically they not only are in print regularly, but most importantly, produce consistently or can make things happen regardless of who they are facing. All season it was Norrie, Clark, Avalos, Moore, Nunez, and Vinsonhaler. Three are seniors. Who else they got and what’s next for our Lady Saints? They’re only fooling themselves with some of those numbers…and tell your kid not to read the blog if it’s upsetting. Seems pretty simple.

  • Fuzzy Math

    I have another silly question to ask:

    If the girls read the blog my question is why? Do women read bath room stalls to see what the boys are thinking or saying about them. Point is sports generates conversation, what’s next putting hidden microphones in the stands. Deal with it. Kids text, and make their lives open to the public on MySpace, FaceBook and countless other media so why is the blog the crushing ego machine some say it is? Answer: IT ISN’T ! More on point the blog is whatever you chose it to be. Dan loves WC completely and it comes thru. Aztec Pride is similar in his feeling for Azusa. Bonita has the Don & Ken Show and so on and so forth.

    The real question is how is it possible that so many people read the blog but only 6 1/2 bloggers exist? Okay maybe it’s 11 1/2 bloggers. Why would anyone read a stupid sports blog and not voice an opinion unless they read the blog to gossip to coaches or gerrymander a known blogger’s demise. Sometimes the numbers just don’t add up.

  • Steve Ramirez

    My only comment would be: Why is the ORANGE COUNTY Register interviewing someone from Ayala? Since when is Ayala in the OC. I was taught/trained that when you covering a game that features just one team in your coverage zone, you slant/report it from that local team’s angle, which includes quotes/interviews with the local players/coaches, not from the opposing team. They teach this in any journalism 101 class.
    Just a thought.

  • Business 101

    Steve because the Orange County Register isn’t a FISH BOWL PAPER. When I want to know playoff brackets about Salesian I check the OC Register. Unlike the Tribune, or this blog which ONLY gives LOCAL news barely, OC Register gives all the pertinent info.

    Just look the brackets in baseball. For D1,2,3,4 we don’t know all the scores. Hey Damien’s score was the last was in.

    It’s pretty bad that in all sports Fred doesn’t give bracket wide scores and instead links it to the LA Times or CIF. Is it that bad at the Tribune that no one can input the brackets or we have to wait for someone to cut and paste it?

    That’s also Business 101, which hasn’t been too good these days for the parent Tribune Companies.

    Usually I agree with you Steve but that comment really makes you guys look childish.

  • Scott Fisch

    The San Gabriel Valley Senior Softball All Star Game will be played Monday, June 7th at Mt. Sac. Start time is 6:30 pm. Players need to arrive by 5:30. Mt. Sac will be charging a $5 admission fee, I believe, and a $2 parking fee. The north team will be coached by Reese Mitchell from Glendora High School and the south team will be coached by Dean Bunting from South El Monte High School. Coaches from both teams should be contacting players about practices. Rosters should be displayed on this blog shortly. Players, if you have any questions, please contact your respective coach.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Fish Bowl,
    It’s how you cover a local team. When the L.A. Times, or even CBS2 covers a Dodger-Reds game, the first guys they talk to are Dodger players/coaches, even if the Reds win. The reader/viewer wants to know why the Dodgers, in that situation, lost and as a writer/reporter from that news source has to recognize the readership/viewership as a whole. The video would make more sense if they had a comment from her after they talked to the OC players, but not before, and not separate, unless of course they had other videos of the player(s) from OC.
    Now if the L.A. Times had posted the video it’s completely different, because their coverage area is all of Southern California.
    Sorry, this is a pet peeve of my, one which I learned while a journalism student at Cal State Fullerton.
    Our loyalty is to our readers, who for the most part, want to know about what our players/coaches feel. Now, when you cover a national event/series, like I did with the Rose Bowl, or the NHRA or NASCAR, then you get both sides, because their is no local tie. You just cover whatever is the best story.

  • In the Fish Bowl Steve’s the Man

    Steve i respectfully disagree. I think your comment “unless of course ifthey have other video of OC players”….my guess is they do. Interesting that I’ve read you previous work Steve, because I do my homework when I have an opinion, and you are incredible in your previous work at the Tribune. I would link the story but you Basketball Breakdown of the Sierra League when Yeazel was still coaching Damien is superior work. Stuff Aram and Fred couldn’t do today. I’ll ask my kids how to link the piece but I’m sure you remember since you wrote it. Reading it showed me what a pro you are.

    So Steve-O any chance you could do that again seeing as Fred and Aram are too busy glad handing coaches rather than making non objective critiques. Throwing in the Guru is worthless for one reason, he’s far too biased.

    Anyway Steve continue contributing.

  • Let’s try this

    OC Varsity covered the Ayala game because softball is big in Orange County and they cover softball in general, including travel ball, not just high school ball. There’s a whole world of softball out there bigger then high school ball.

  • whitey

    I had a nice chat with Carlys father at the American Pastime 18u Gold tournament over the weekend, nice guy knowledgeable about fastpitch, I told him that my post was 100% complimentary in nature, I admire and respect the way she pitches never giving in…..she does try to adjust her footwork to get into at least a “gray” area of compliance and that she’s actively working with her pitching coach to clear up this minor “flaw” in her style…. I never used the word “cheat” for that is an illegal player, an altered bat etc. nor did I the term “crow hop” occaisionally she leaps! both feet entirely off the ground simultaneously….not a big deal. Best of luck to you Carly

  • kh

    you gals are the bomb.go lady cats,
    love the game you guys bring.

  • joemama

    whitey you big counch . “gray” area? she’s cheating! so now it’s “gray” area when she’s off the ground? crow hopping she’s not? what do they call being air born? what a crock you lousy counch. what happened mr. argyle put a much needed boot in you asterisk! “at least she’s trying”…what a crock of bs! so now the umps are wrong huh whitey? you started all this and now your backpeddling when someone finally calls you out. what a counch!

  • whitey

    yo’mama take a Midol, extra strength………..youo bviously don’t know the rule book, nor have youo ever officiated a fast pitch game, what is clearly an illegal pitch in the U1 position is hard to discern sometimes in the U2 or U3 slot, hence a gray area? I have a DVD out on officiating fastpitch pick one up willya……..or do you need it on Beta? lmfao again

  • bobby brown


    look who needs the Midol.

  • joemama

    whitey in the rule book is there a section called gray area or does the word gray area appear in the rule book. i’m looking at the book right now and i can’t seem to find those words. but i did find a picture of a grey davis.

  • whitey

    joemama which book are you looking at CIF-SS umpires get 3 every year , tell me which one you’re looking at, either the title of the book or if you’re stumped the color on the cover, I’ll direct you to the rule in question!

  • lizzytish

    Can’t believe the comments coming out of Coach Reese!
    Ok so he still wants to ride into the sunset on Dana’s talents from last season.

    All he has done with his obvious “favoritism” is isolate a very tight and talented group of girls!

    He doesn’t even know the TALENT had this year and how he singlehandedly attempted to douse the enthusiasm and honor these girls had for their High School and sport!!

    Maybe….next year with no relatives or family friends on the team, the girls will have a legitimate shot at actually EARNING a position on that team.

    Good luck Tartans…and hang in there for next year. Maybe with Jeff calling the shots you can shine as excellent athletes you all are!!

  • lizzytish

    $7.00 for the All Star Games on June 7th at Mt. SAC. Where is the lineup or not yet available?

    How much will it cost to see the ALL Star Games on June 8th at LiveOak Park in Arcadia? I see they have the teams listed….thanks.

  • This is probably one of the best mentions of this topic I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s obvious that your knowledge of the subject is deep and this made for a very interesting read.

  • This is probably one of the best mentions of this topic I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s obvious that your knowledge of the subject is deep and this made for a very interesting read.

  • Just enjoy commenting for the sake of it. It makes whoever posted the piece be aware that someone cares. and we do!