Spring Football: Newbie coach Jim Arellanes busy identifying his playmakers at Los Altos

by Aram Tolegian, staff writer
Things are picking up at Los Altos as the Conquerors work through their second week of spring practice under new coach Jim Arrellanes. The Conquerors have 70 players in the program and not much in the way of position battles is known at this time. The quarterback position appears to be a two-headed monster in David Foyet and Shane Birnala, with the battle expected to continue well into the summer. One thing Arellanes does know is that returning skill player Scott Tibbs will get the ball in a lot of different ways. (To continue, click thread).

“We’re moving him around to multiple spots,” Arellanes said. “He’s going to be one of our main offensive guys.”

Arellanes said that Los Altos’ offense won’t be too different from last year, so there shouldn’t be much in the way of growing pains.

Los Altos concludes its spring session on June 4 with a scrimmage that will take place at 5 p.m.

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  • Break it down Aram

    Aram would help if you told us who was on the staff along with Arellanes. How’s the Longoria transfer going? I hear Cathedral is loaded again this year. Make you wonder where Longoria would play considering the talent that’s move on from that program. They have speed to burn plus they hit. Not to many thin kids at Cathedral.

    Aram who has a better staff, Workman or Los Altos at this point? Let’s see how well you know your football.

  • Coaching

    Break it down Aram,

    This is Fred’s thread not Aram’s. Anyone that knows football knows that Arellanes and staff aren’t even in the same class as Morrison and staff over at Workman. Morrison may hire Arellanes and staff to coach his freshmen team.

  • LA Fan

    The main playmaker in the team will be Scott Tibbs, he is a decent player that if coached well can become a good player. Overall LA took a step back with the loss of Longoria, however, the key to having a successful season will rely on the quarterback. Los Altos has playmakers in the tight end position, in both a senior and a junior next year. Their weakest spot on offense is their wide receivers, but could make it up by running the ball. Overall LA is decent and it is up to the young guys to step into the playmaker roles. I cant say the coaching staff is bad becuase they havent played a game yet so it is too early to assume LA will have an unsuccessful season. GO LA

  • Aaron

    I love conflicting numbers, Mid Valley Sports reports 65 players after having start spring with 80.

    Aram’s blurbs belong on Aram’s blog Mr. Prep Editor, but I’m enjoying your coverage of spring sports so keep that up.

  • Huh?

    “The quarterback position appears to be a two-headed monster”

    They come off more like a cold bowl of soggy noodles.

  • los altos is done

    Los altos sux’s and will always suck. Workman would beat them hands down.the only competition los altos will have is for last place between LA and diamond bar.

  • Laugh Factory Coach


    You lost all credibility on that one. Thanks for the laugh.

  • LA Status

    I have been to multi practices this spring the real numbers are about 50 players practicing. Take note to Arellanes wording 70 players in the program, what ever that means. Sorry but its hard to believe any comment he makes.

  • 1st Day On The JOB, yikes !

    LA Status I’ve got to give you credit. The guy has even gotten his team in pads and already you’re undermining the team. You must be a first class A-HOLE !

    I don’t know Coach A but we’ve all had first days on the job, give it a rest. We get it you transfered to Wilson and are still part of the LA SUX brigade!

  • The Real Numbers?

    I sure would like to know who is telling the truth, is it 50 or 70 big difference.

    For the record those numbers that Morrison is giving over at Workman sound just a little bit off also. Workman last year at this time didn’t have enough kids to put an offense and defense on the field at the same time (less than 22). Now he expects us to believe they are fielding 60 kids, don’t think so.

  • Fix The Problem

    I don’t understand what the big deal is; we do have about 50 players at practice, so what.

    This program needs to be rebuilt from the freshmen level up. Someone mentioned the kids haven’t even put the pads on yet, well sorry but to date Arellanes has failed. Since he has come on board we have loss the complete core of the freshmen team. This should have been his major concern in building for the future. The talent is the core of our success; right now we don’t have it. Our program has been setback yet another year when we loss those freshmen.

    The freshmen players that quit, Arellanes needs to talk to them and get them back in the program. He needs to find out why the other players are transferring out, and fix those problems. Until this is accomplished we will continue to perform miserable on the field.

  • Stop whining

    You LA people are insane and the attitudes you are showing is exactly why the state of the high school athlete is declining. I can guarantee you that Arellanes is not going to go and talk to the kids who quit (including Longoria) because a coach should not have to kiss the butts of 16 year old kids. The kids have inflated egos because of their parents and they should not expect a coach to cater to them regardless of how good of an athlete they are.

    Arellanes and staff were fighting a losing battle the second they walked into Los Altos. Teh LA faithful were waiting for Vince Lombardi to come and ressurect the program and wouldn’t settle for anything less. Several of the kids had quit before Arellanes had arrived.

    A coach should work with the kids who are going to stay loyal to the program, not beg the other ones who don’t want to be there even if it does mean his team won’t win as many games.

  • Skipped Out

    LA has lost its way. Maybe when Mendoza passed it should have been a good time to look in the mirror. He’s a high quality individual and saw and heard what was really going on and said , ‘NO THANKS!!!”

    Forgot about that didn’t you dad?


    Who would want the head coaching job at LA . This poor guy inherits a program that was run into the ground by Gano then the next guy came in and failed but it really was not his fault. Now you get someone willing to take on the task of rebuilding a once gloried program and all you LA people can do is slam his every move . If kids want to abandon ship let them leave because the program will be better for it . Give the coach at least a season or two to see what he can do . If he show some improvement get behind him and if not he should know well enough on his own he was not up to the task. At least give him a chance. If you have 40 or 50 kids out there working their asses off to make the team then get behind them and cheer them on because they are the ones that will head up the comeback to glory . Don’t hate , start to appreciate what you have instead of crying for what you thought you had in kids who bailed when things got tuff.

  • Dan

    To Who Would,
    Nice post and I agree 100%, except I doubt those on here complaining are truly L.A. fans or parents with kids on the team. My guess is they are people who have transfered their kids out of L.A. or even could be some of the transfer kids themselves, maybe a bitter friend of a coach who was not hired for the job, or some disgruntled ex fan that didn’t wan’t the current staff to be hired, I’d hate to think it’s a coach himself that may have been passed over but you never know. Any way you look at it, it’s pathetic to try and tear down a program the way they are trying to do on here.

  • eliasbuckwalter

    The quarterback’s name is Poyet – David Poyet not Foyet. He looks like he’ll be the guy. and i don’t think he looks bad at all. Los Altos’ problem is that they’re in the Hacienda.

  • QB issue

    Poyet is clearly the better quarterback. Per the old coaching staff Poyet’s major issue is he takes off running before the pocket breaks down, he plays scared. Same issue with Shane but he is way to slow to play with the big boys, where as Poyet has decent speed. Both qb’s will look good in 7 on 7 with no presure.

  • QB’s are different

    QB Issue…did you play the position in high school?

    Just asking because it seemed rather simplistic. Again with the playing scared thing, what is that a sign of football cred to make that observation.

    I’d rather hear how a QB looks off, his leadership abilities, his command of the playbook, his ability to make throws and his willingness to understand the nuances of the game.

    Rate QB’s on those issues and I’ll respect your opinion. Other than that you’re just trying to sound in touch when you’re clearly not.

  • Dad to the rescue

    QB’s are different

    Those are all lovely attributes your son has, but at what time after he gets knocked on his back, will they come into play?

  • QBs a special

    Dad to the rescue,

    You might want to apologize to the “real” dad for that slight as my sons don’t play football much less attend Los Altos. It was simply an observation based on experience and what was being discussed.

    Years ago I spoke with Aram at a All Star practice when Mc D and Mendrun were competing for playing time. I’m sure most would say Mendrun was the more typical QB but actually Mc D was more efficient. As we spoke I told him Mc D throws the ball to protect receivers, where they can make a play, while Mendrun “waits” until their wide open. Mendrun has incredible skills but Mc D was special. When Mendrun went to USD they tried to make a WR out of him, why?

    The other day I saw two young QBs competing in what will be the best QB competition in the Valley (even though Fred and Aram are clueless on this one) and what seems to separate them early is one throws into traffic with his cannon arm while the other makes great reads but has inconsistent arm action. That’s a huge plus as both have workable issues to address and both are tall with outstanding potential. They’re QBs from jump.

    So when I hear people discuss QBs I’m always a bit amused. The “being scared” issue is one that follows even Pro QBs to this day and is based on the punishment they’ve taken. ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, probably the best Football move of all time, Dennis Quaid gives as accurate protrayal of the body, mind and spirit of the greatest position in any sport…a Pro QB.Even he had “happy feet” when he was at the end of his career…AT TIMES!

    So at least give QB this one consideration…while everyone is trying to kill them, they have their eyes down field and are as vulnerable as any athlete in any sport. Give the kids time and hope for the best. Being a QB is tough enough, especially when no position affects a HC job status as much as the QB.

  • Coaching

    Andy was hired by Coach Arellanes as the DC, then Arellanes changed his mind and gave the job to a friend with no varsity level DC experience. Andy became the special team coach. At that time I stated major mistake he would lose Andy by week 1. When Gil got the HC job, Andy said see you to Arellanes. That was a major mistake on Arellanes part he let go a great DC.

    If anyone is woundering why the offense is going to stay basicly the same is LA’s old OC, Michael Urrutia came from Northview and was Arellanes OC their. The only difference between this years offense and last years will be the play calling, this year it will be Arellanes calling the plays. Interesting being that was a major issue with last years team, the offense.

    Last years team lacked the skilled players to compete with that offense just woundering what Arellanes is thinking?

  • The Bigger Story

    The one positive spin you can take from the LA demise is the success of the other local programs. The number of players attending spring practice at LA is 50. The number of players attending spring practice at Workman is 65. Who would have ever thought they would see numbers like that.

  • Fire School Administration

    The major issue with the LA program is the school administration. If players don’t want to play at LA let them go, we don’t need them. The new direction of school administration is any football player that attempts to transfer out they are going to contest it via CIF. Even the freshmen players who transfer will be contested. I thought our administration was clue less now I am sure they are. This is an attempt to keep the players at LA, why do you want them to stay. If they don’t want to play at LA, I would hope you would want them to move on. Instead by making these kids play at LA you are creating a cancer within the program. Everyone wounders why we are where we are, well ask our administration.

  • Interesting Tidbit

    Interesting tidbit:

    Arrellanes has reported he interviewed 28 potential varsity coaches and settled on 10.

    Morrison has three, Hile Sr. Hile Jr and a other guy.

    Call me ca
    razy but what’s wrong with that picture?

  • Coaching

    Aram should have asked Arellanes why did he hire an OC that only runs the Wing T if he planned on running his basic two back offensive the same one that Urrutia ran at LA and he ran over at Northview. I guess the new OC is in training, like Urrutia was over at Northview. We all saw what happen with that.

    The bigger issue hiring coaches from the old staff. These coaches tend to compare and when they do it out loud it creates issues within the staff, players, and parents (hint hint).

  • nut up, shut up and put up…that’s real !

    coaching what’s your point? (hintie hintie) just man up and tear into the guy. you’re coming across like a slime ball. you must have been one heck of a coach. hopefully you retired. that’s what kills coaching staffs, crybaby back stabbers within the system.

    just a question, doesn’t anyone wish los altos football well after all the success the football program brought for that community. all we hear is from the negative side. how about the players or current parents coming forward and saying, “good or bad we’re behind los altos 100%” never mentioned the coach did i?

    pride in your school translates into pride in yourself. that’s a valuable life lesson for all young men and women. parents would do well to take the high road rather than instill a whiner, why aren’t things perfect mentality on their kids. what a poor example los altos bloggers are setting for the families still loyal to the school.

    nut up, shut up and put up….that’s life gentlemen…deal with it !

  • School Administration

    Looking back at the last four years the key to LA’s failure has to be Principal Robert’s moving to a district job. Roberts win at any cost attitude created an environment that the new LA administration hasnt been able to recovery from. The illegal recruiting, grade modifications, special treatment of the student athletic, all came to an abrupt end when Roberts left. Once Cheli McReynolds became principal, athletics were no longer a priority, Gano saw the writing on the wall, Harrington was exposed for what he really is (cheat). Then McReynolds hires Garcia as the new AD, another bad move. Every move seems to be the wrong one. Four year into this you have a program in a downward spin that they cant seem to get out of.

  • The Parents …

    There has been a lot of talk about the administration and this new staff. From a parents perspective this staff lacks the experience expected. This is based on reading all these comments over the last few mouths and my own personal observation on the field over the last few months. This staff is supposed to be an upgrade from last year. After reading the comments on this blog about this staffs lack of experience and poor record we have looked into these comments, to our shock they are true. Our head coach coming from the VVL with a 1-9 record, the OC coming off a 0-10 season, and the DC that was a DC on a freshmen team last year. This is the core of our staff and that is an upgrade from last season?

    Now you come on here talking about us not appreciate what we have. Your right, but you need to understand where we are coming from. At the end of last season the promise was made by school administration, we were going to get a quality staff in here. Now after everything is all said and done, this staff is clearly weaker than the staff they are replacing. To throw salt in the wound, Workman somehow hires the quality staff, yes Workman. The quality staff was out there; somehow Los Altos administration couldnt do what Workman administration could. This administration is real good at making promises, but has a real tuff time following through. It should be noted that this issue with the school administration is also on going with Coach Arellanes. Promises were made to Coach Arellanes and were not keep, he isnt a very happy camper at this time either. As a parent all we are asking for is to be honest with us.

  • FBFan

    What makes Workman’s staff stronger? Morrison was run out at Damien and he has hired a young kid who played for him with no coaching experience (No I’m not bad mouthing him, he may end up beign a player) and his dad.

  • coaches

    Morrison at DAMIEN (D2 now) compared to Arellanes at Northview (D10) how can you compare the two. Look at the two programs since the two took over. LA continues to have issues, players are still leaving the program. Workman has huge numbers for workman.

    These new hires can be huge for the area. If Morrison has a positive impact at Workman look for more kids to stay in their attendance area, less kids attending LA to play football. LA may never recover from this low.

    What may come out of this is four teams with basicly equal talent within the district, with LA on the short end based on leagues.

  • QB Situation

    QB’s are different,

    Poyet is clearly the starting qb at LA. He does have a bad rap for leaving the pocket to early but he usually makes a positive run play out of it. The other head of this monster is Shane, who has no speed. Shane in the same situation will be sacked for a loss. Both quarterbacks can throw the ball given the TIME. Interesting fact this years freshmen quarterback quit and the last four years before that the best freshmen quarterbacks have all left the program. If they stayed, Booth would be the starter this year (Bishop Amat).

  • QBs are different

    QB situation

    Here’s the thing. As I said Qbs are different. I seen two QBs recently. One throws lasers into traffic, and gets them there…while the other goes for the safest routes and completes plenty. The safe routes sometimes tun into TDs going the other way, trust me I know! lol. On the other hand the kid that throws lasers takes risks that maybe asks more of his receivers but ultimately lead to what separates the good from the potential great.

    Jeffries from the first time I saw him as a JV player has the will to win with either his legs, arms or mind…that’s huge! He’s a no brainer when it comes to picking a QB to model your game after.

    As far as LA goes..I think the issues are, at least form the outside, have less to do with X’s and O’s as it does with E…G….and O’s .

    One thing I have noticed recently is this..too many pencil thin QBs. Boys hit the weight room and eat some steaks. Look at Viramontes from DR…that kid came back bigger and stronger his senior year and he did as much with less due to the fact he knew more would be asked of him. Kid was tough as nails.

    Best cure for happy feet….the weight room, strong men linemen and fundamentals.

    Best of luck to all the SGV QB fighting for time on the field.

  • LA Parent

    Longoria is not that great of a player. His brother was much better. If Cathedral has a stacked team, then he won’t get much playing time.

  • XXX

    First off Longoria is a lot better than these bloggers are leading you to believe. He will not be the most athletic WR at Cathedral but he has excellent technique and good speed.

    I just heard that the top remaining freshmen at LA quit last week. He is transferring out, I don’t know where.


    I hear that the freshman running back from last year will be transferring to Garfield. Lots of kids have been saying that around school. He was a pretty good back, is he at spring practices?

  • XXX

    Status as of last week,
    Freahmen team

    QB quitn not going to practice

    RB transferring to garfield not going to practice

    MLB transferring to Wilson, not going ti practice

    TE transferred to Bishop Amat

    WR not going to practice transferring back to home schoom

    OL/DL doesn’t want to play mom made him start back up a couple days ago.

    This is clearly the top six freshmen, major hit to the program.

  • What happened to you guys?

    Next level coaches do their homework. Trust me when I say this, so did Mendoza. Who in their right mind would want this job. And to think how close LA was to being in a Championship Game if Rodriguez, Contreras and Mc Bride don’t go down with season ending injuries that year.

    Gano kicked the snot out a Morrison team coming off one of Damien’s best seasons since Ian Johnson and Freddie Brown lit it up. Maybe the whiners should look at Mc Bride’s highlight film up to that point. LA was crushing people. Look at Rodriguez’s highlight film, he was a monster!

    Something tells me all those years of success came with a price. Too bad, I knew senior citizens thatt lived for LA’s games yet never had a child attend the school. Back in the day it was SRO at LA games. Guys, what happened?

    They were physical, well coached, aggressive as all hell and hit like a ton of bricks. Yet six months later the wheels fell off.

    I see Fair, Torres and Howling at practice and they are absolutely incredible teachers. So how could LA fall off so quickly.

    In all seriousness I think you guys should have gone with Morrison. At least then Aram and Fred would be giving you guys kool aid. Hey it’s hot in them hills!

  • Coaching

    The demise of the LA program is great for the community. You have LA, Wilson, Workman, and L P. All four programs are basically equal and that is great for the community. Now that being said I do agree Los Altos is by far in the worse shape of the four programs. They are playing in Division 7 the Hacienda league (Dranch, Wcov, Rowland, Bonita, Walnut, and Diamond Bar). The future of LA isnt look good, with the developments of the freshmen program that is going to setback this program another year. At best the rebuild is going to start with the incoming freshmen class, we are talking at least three to four years best scenario. Can Arellanes and staff survive?

    Now Wilson, Workman, and La Puente are Division 10 with Wilson being in the much tougher league. Wilson may not make the playoffs in their league and La Puente may win their league. Wilson you would assume is the strong team based on history. Interesting how this is going to unfold being that LP plays Workman and Wilson and Wilson plays LP and LA.

  • Are you kidding???

    You guys have to be kidding? For the last few years the comments about the Wilson program have all been the same…”Wilson has a better program and team than LA!” How do you explain the whipping they recieved last season courtesy of Los Altos! Wilson sucks at every single sport! They have no athletes per say! If you think Schreimen is going to be their saving quarter back, along with a few skinny track runners, you better think again! As we speak, he is being replaced by a third or fourth level transfer!

  • XXX

    Do you guys at LA think your team has more talent than Wilson, La Puente or Workman?
    I seen Schreiman and Nelson play they are way better than anything you got ask Felipe.

  • XXX

    Do you guys at LA think your team has more talent than Wilson, La Puente or Workman?
    I seen Schreiman and Nelson play they are way better than anything you got ask Felipe.

  • Skinny and Fast or short and slow?

    Your comment about Schreimen is very interesting especially coming from an LA blogger. If someone plans on transferring into Wilson they better be content at backup after what we saw at the Cardinal and Gold game today I don’t see anyone beating Schreimen out at quarterback, we do need a backup.

    From what I hear the quarterback position over at your school is a REAL issue. They all have no balls, slow and cant read a defense if their life depended on it. That third or fourth string qb would fit in real nice over at Los Altos, he must suck just like the rest of your qbs.

    You mentioned our skinny track stars, can’t wait to see them match up against your corners. You guys had Tibbs and Najera at corner today. Lets see Tibbs, and Najera or Nelson, Hawk, Soto and Boyett. I didn’t even throw Vega’s name in there. You guys don’t have a single guy on your rooster that can keep up with any of these five guys. Did we mention height what Tibbs and Najera are 5’8″. Nelson 6’1″, Hawk 6′, Boyett 6’1″ and Soto 6’1″. I will take our skinny track stars over you small and slow corners any day.

  • Saw the Cardinal and Gold game

    Cardinal and Gold game???

    Dude, you can’t be serious. The best part of the Wilson QB game today, at the Cardinal and Gold game, was their running game. But that can’t be taken seriously as the kids were playing flag football, not fully padded tackle. How long is the Wilson QB (all 140 pounds of him) going to last if he’s asked to run the ball when the pads come on?

    As far as the track stars, Wilson does have some speed at the ends, but they aren’t a deep threat, because Wilson doesn’t have a qb that can throw the ball 35 yards past the line of scrimmage. Not that the O-Line is going to give them the time to run a deep pattern anyway.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Mo was back at qb (like last year) after a game, or two, due to the lack of current qb durability.

    not a Wilson hater.

  • In Shape, Tall, Fast or Short and Slow?

    Saw the-Cardinal and Gold game,
    You obviously didn’t watch last season, Moe Vega was the one going out hurt every game, not Schreimen. Why do you think the staff went to Schreimen, he would take the hits that Vega wouldn’t. Now as far as Schreimen’s arm goes you must have stepped out when Schreimen threw that 50 yard pass on the run. Do you have anyone at LA that can make that pass?

    Your quarterback is 510 160 pounds, Schreimen put on 30 pounds this off season and is now 5’11”, and has to be at least 155 pounds. Schreimen last year 30 pounds lighter proved he could take a hit at the Varsity level, your quarterbacks havent proven anything. Now why is it so important for you guys to try and prove that Schreimen isn’t a good quarterback? Because whether he is or is not at this time he is clearly much better than what you have.

    Now do you really want to talk o-line? While your coaches were watching TV and your players were having a social hour our players were lifting all off season. Our smallest lineman is 220 pounds, and in great shape.

    Do you want to talk running backs we got Vega you got Tibbs do I need to say anymore?

    Wait you have Giovanni Martinez all 58(with high heels on) 150 pounds running the ball also.

    Do you want to talk linebackers you have Ortiz at 57 190 pounds (right), we have Camacho, Gustavo Garcia both 6 footers at 240 and 230 pounds respectfully.

    Now these are just numbers, we are much taller, stronger and faster than you guys, it isnt even close. Based on your comment about Schreimens size being important, I would have to assume you are also saying that your whole team sucks because you are smaller (a lot) and slower at just about every position on the field than Wilson.

  • Are you kidding???

    That’s Amazing! Mark based on your comments…Wilson will win CIF this upcoming season! What were we thinking? They have size, speed, height and not to mention a stud quarterback! LMAO!!!! Wilson needs to worry about some of these guys being eligible because of their grades!

  • LA = 0-10

    For the record not Mark and I see Wilson at third to fifth place in the VVL league, a long way from even a league title. What I do see is LA in last place in the Hacienda league. I also see LA getting destoryed by Wilson this year.

  • Saw the Cardinal and Gold game

    In Shape, Tall, Fast or Short and Slow?

    Don’t get so defensive, Bro. I said I wasn’t a Wilson hater. I was just making some honest comments about what happened on the field.

    So, in response to your reply… If you think B.S. was a replacement for injury prone Mo at qb last year, you’re wrong. Mo ran the ball with a purpose, and took the hits. The only hits B.S. took were when he was chased out of the pocket, and sacked. In no way was B.S. a “replacement” for Mo.

    As far as your “on-the-run 50 yard pass” it didn’t happen. The field was only marked out to the 50 yard line, and never did B.S. throw it to the goal line from the 50 yard mark, nor did he throw it to the back of the end zone from the 40 yard line.

    Just observations, not trying to pick apart anybody’s kids, and I’m not an LA guy either. If I was why would I go to a Wilson scrimmage? You’re the one making all the Wilson/LA comparisons. I never once commented about LA. Stop being so paranoid. I’m thinking ahead to what Wilson needs to do to win a playoff spot, and you can’t seem to stop fixating on LA.


    Wilson needs lots of work on the passing game. Hopefully they’ll put their summer passing league games to good use. I would also like to see Zavala start “recruiting” some of the tall (6’3″-6’5″) basketball talent at Wilson for use at wr, and possibly db.

  • LA Fan

    Every year Wilson fans come to these blogs and talk about how they have this great talent and will destroy LA. It is all talk and no show because look at what happened last year, Wilson got destroyed at home, and now suddenly you guys have these great athletes, it is pretty pathetic. Wilson is not in the same level as LA and has never been. You have a small QB, that after looking at the LA scrimmage game yesterday will be in the ground most of the game. Wilson has big lineman that cant penetrate an O-Line, and cannot block, just look at last year. I wish Wilson the best next year, but please stop the lies.

  • LA Sucks

    LA Fans,

    Once again you read into my comments what you want to. I never said Wilson has great athletics. What I did say is the talent level at Wilson is way higher than LA. As I stated in the past I project Wilson to finish 3rd to 5th in league. Where do you project LA to finish in there league.

    Now I understand why Schreiman doesn’t response to your comments, you guys are really clueless.

    See ya Week 2 ……

  • LA Suppoter

    I have been an LA supporter for over 20 years. Came down to see if things are as bad as the talk, wors. Sorry but the old LA freshmen teams would beat this LA team who are we trying to kid.

    We had no fan support maybe 100 parents. I can’t belive the program is so messed up.

  • Wilson dream team

    Wow…that’s amazing! 3rd or 5th place in the weakest league in the valley is pathetic! By the way, where were your so called studs last year…54-17! If I can recall correctly, they were on the floor face down most of the game! LMAO!

  • Week 2

    That’s the difference between LA and Wilson we know where we are in the food chain, you still don’t realize.

    We are a “starfish” and you are “green plants” in the food chain.

    Week 2

  • Weakest League ?????

    Weakest league in the Valley, you really have no clue what you are talking about. San Dimas CIF championship last year came out of this league.

    Now your record against teams out of this league is 1-3 over the last two years. Your were 0-2 against San Dimas got blown out both times. Your record against the the second weakest team in that league is 1-1. Your only win was aganist a 1-9 Northview team. Weakest league in the Valley, then once again what does that say about the LA program.

  • LA Alum

    Does anyone know why Arellanes scheduled a passing league game against Bishop Amat. We are questionable at the qb spot and have no real receivers. Watching the inter squad game last friday our short slow corners are going to get destoryed by their receiver core. I don’t understand what Arellanes is going to get out of this 7 on 7.

  • Aristotle Knows

    My child attends Los Altos. Someone from Wilson made an interesting comment regarding knowing where they stood in their league. That’s a very valid point. Coach Zavala will probably turn the Wilson football program around for the better with the help of the community (which seems to be supporting him), the buy in of the players, and talent won’t hurt either. Hopefully, the positiveness will continue over there…for the sake of the students, NOT the alumni, ex-players, parents who live through their childrens’ lives, etc.

    A student that has the opportunity to go through the athletic program experience in high school can benefit in so many ways. Good luck to all of the boys on the Wilson team. Be competitive and I hope you learn about integrity, not pride. Yes, even Schreiman (the kid). Because it would not do me or anyone any good to wish any kid bad luck. Most of these kids grew up playing football together at the local parks and even grew to develop friendships. Then, they get to high school, and for whatever the reasons, they attend rival high schools and suddenly, the parents/adults are the ones talking madness. What is this?

    As for Los Altos, yes, we do need to realize where our program is. We also need to embrace it and support our coaches, children, and community so we could someday make it the LA football program that people talk about with that sparkle in their eyes. Tradition is great when celebrated and accepted for the great and not so great years. So our kids are slow, then we encourage them to work hard to get faster. They are short, we wait for them to grow. 🙂

    So good luck, be competitive, leave it on the field, and enjoy your high school careers. For those that make it to any form of college ball, congrats. Embrace the moments for they pass us by so quickly. Good luck to ALL teams and I look forward to watching our boys this football season.

    Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.