Baseball Quarterfinals: Glendora’s Adam Plutko throws no hitter in return, Tartans beat Valencia 2-1; Bishop Amat knocked out by Torrance, 7-3; Bonita wins big, 11-1; Damien falls 7-0

Glendora’s Adam Plutko walked five but threw a no-hitter in a 2-1 victory over Placentia Valencia in the Division 2 semifinals. John Alexanders double scored Clinton Harwick and Jacob Smigelski in the first inning, and that was all the Tartans needed to advance to just its second semifinal ever, and first since 1989. Bishop Amat fell behind 6-1 early and never made it back, losing a shocker to Torrance, 7-3 in the D-4 quarterfinals. Bonita wins big, knocks off Lancaster 11-1 to reach semifinals for the fist time since 2001. We just learned that El Toro shutout Damien, 7-0

Above: Glendora’s Adam Plutko threw a no-hitter in Friday’s 2-1 victory.

Friday’s games
Division 2

Glendora 2, Placentia Valencia 1
El Toro 7, Damien 0
Division 3
Bonita 11, Lancaster 1
Division 4
Torrance 7, Bishop Amat 3

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  • NUTS

    Man up Plukp, its playoff time! What a “P”

  • Frank

    Good luck to all teams

  • Damien Breakdown

    Today a 3:15 the Spartans, 20-6, will take on El Toro HS, 22-6-1, in the Div. II quarterfinals. The winner will advance to the semi -finals next Tuesday. If Damien wins, they will host the semi-final game. Here is a breakdown of the Spartan team for todays contest.
    Pitching- Although the pitching staff has not been given the respect it deserves, they have been doing their jobs. Today, LHP, Nick Amrhein will take to the mound. Amrheins fastball sits right around 85-86, but its his curve and ability to hit the corners that keeps batters off balance. Amrhein comes in todays contest with a 2.47 era and an 8-1 record. If Amrhein falters the Spartans will bring in Jr. LHP, Antonio Gonzales. Gonzales sports a 3-1 record with 5 saves and a 2.80 era. His fastball sits around 87-88, but his out pitch is a nasty slider. Today, Amrhein will probably go 4-5 innings and hand it over to Gonzales to close.
    Defensively- The Spartan defense is solid, highlighted by the gloves of Jr. 3B, Joe Chavez, Sr. 2B, Erik Lewis, Sr. C, George Ortega and CF Sr. Bobby Oatman. Defensively the Spartans started slowly and were hindered by multiple errors. Now they are a solid unit and close to error free. Behind the plate Ortega has a gun and controls the defensive calls.
    Offensively- Timely hitting is what can be said about batters 1-9. Oatman, Lewis and Ortega are the jewels of the line-up, but as of late Soph DH, JJ Murillo, Chavez and Jr. OF, Dorian Granados have been supplying the fireworks. Spartan batters have faced the best HS pitchers in the State in the likes of Glendoras Plutko & Cage, Marananthas Covey, REVs Griffin, and Dbars Matthews. Today they face Sr. RHP, TJ Kendroza and I predict will gather 10-12 hits.
    Overall, I think the Spartans are peaking at the right time and I anticipate a win for Sparta!

  • Wow NUTS

    Wow NUTS he’s injured. He’s going to get drafted might as well sit out and heal instead of getting hurt more and sitting out longer. Yes he’s important to Glendora somewhat but they have two other solid pitcher that are studs as well with cage and smigelski.

  • lil fat frank O

    doesn’t anybody else have a problem with Paez h…..havving to get the last 7 outs Tuesday, then come back Friday? I do , makes me a lot worried

  • Steve Ramirez

    I will be at the Bishop Amat-Torrance game. If you want a pitch-by-pitch update, you can track my live scoring here:

    The cust. number is: 87d69963ca

  • bracketology

    Just in case for some reason you get get scorecast… Torrance leads Bishop Amat 1-0 in the bottom of the 1st inning…

  • Spartan Student

    Good Luck Spartans! get that W so when you play next at home youll have all your 100s of fans RIGHT THERE with you! šŸ™‚ D-HIGH!

  • bracketology

    And just like – Amat responds in the bottom of the 1st and ties the game at one on a single by Ruiz…

  • Damien Correction

    If I am correct Covey did not pitch against Damien.

  • spartan score

    El Toro 3-0


    6-2 torrance up, bottom of the 4th.

  • AJ

    Any Damien updates yet?

  • Slime woulda smoked you anyhow!

    Sounds like Amnot is choking again like last year… can they ranked number 2 in the nation but can win outright in the D4 playoffs in this section alone??? OVER RATED!


    7-3 torrance bottom of the 6th

  • Tarts

    GHS WINS 2-1. Plutko
    throws no hitter.

  • Amats Done


  • Bohi

    Bohi wins 11-1.

  • Hahaha

    Wow there was talk of a national championship and how CIF was a guarantee, ouch Amat loses and is upset and didn’t even qualify for the semifinals of Division 4. I agree OVER-RATED!!!!

  • VVL Scout

    Without a doubt, this year’s biggest upset. But it’s baseball. You can’t go out there and expect to win. That’s why you play the game.

  • BillyBob

    It’s a great day in the SGV, bishop loses. Now let’s all enjoy the entertainment of the arrogant bishop fans and the blame game.

  • Jackboy

    Bonita wins Big! 11 to 1. Mc Creery Pitched a great game today.

  • lil fat frank O

    being an Amat guy(class of 1968) didn’t anyone else with just a bit of baseball knowledge see the warning flag when Paez had to get the last 7 outs Tuesday? I did, posted it here at 1PM …..

  • Aaron

    Bonita looked solid today. This was a totally different feel of a game for me as I haven’t seen a Bonita playoff game since I graduated and there were nowhere this many people there watching the Bearcats.

    I showed up in the second inning thinking I would have a seat until I saw the parking lot. When did we get a PA system? That new dugout is awesome. Good pitching and good hitting, keep it going Bearcats.

  • BigDog

    Well Fred two out of the three teams that you said would win CIF titles are now watching in the stands.South Hills and Bishop Amat are done.Will Glendora win it or will they get bumped next week.

  • Baseball NUT!


    With ALL 4 TOP seeds OUT in DIV III, after # 1 seed Beckman lost today, This is Bonita’s division to lose. And they MAY GET ANOTHER HOME game Tuesday. Has to be SWEET going through CIF, and NEVER having to leave the school grounds. VERY NICE! IF SAN G, wins today then Bonita has a chance at being home with the coin flip, as BOTH Bonita, and San G, have played all games at home. IF Paloma Vly wins, then the Cats hit the road! Wont think it will matter. Even IF Bonita hits the road in Menifee, for 90+ temp. Bonita’s pitching HAS HITS ITS STRIDE!!!

    ONLY GLENDORA IN DIV II, is still ALIVE as a # 1 seed. ORANGE LU in DIV I also went down today.

    Heard it through the grapvine,

    My pick as DIV I champ. ROYAL, WON today, but has a player who is having his bat POSSIBLY being examined. He came away with three hits, and everyone heard a “thud” instead of the usual “ping” from a aluminum bat. Interesting!!!!

    Grapevine part 2, DANA HILLS a AT LARGE team is alive and well in DIV I, making it to the final 4. Impressive!

    MY DIV II pick is ALIVE in EL TORO. Wanted Damien today, but knew the Chargers had DEEP pitching

    Still have a shot at GETTING TWO rings for the VALLEY! I also admit I didn’t pick either team left, but am cheering for them. And NO its not being on the bandwagon, just wanting the SGV to represent!

    Has either WON a CIF baseball title in the last 20 years?

    Who will tackle this kid?
    My NEW favorite USC recruit, De’Anthony Thomas aka. Black Mamba from Crenshaw, just gave a blistering time in the 100M @ 10.57. His 200M time of 20.61 is FASTEST in NATION to date!

    In the Top 4 divisions,we have 4 seeds in each for a total of 16 seeds. As of NOW ONLY THREE REMAIN
    ROYAL # 2 is alive in DIV I,

    GLENDORA # 1 is alive in DIV II

    PALM DESERT # 2 is alive in DIV IV

    With # 3 Lakewood in DIV I getting beat 11-0 by Mater Dei, in the 5th, as I type and NOT knowing the # 3 St Paul score, in DIV 4 its pretty safe to say IF St. Paul WINS, then ONLY FOURS SEEDS REMAIN. We could see 13 OF 16 seeds GONE BEFORE the FINAL 4/SEMI’S

    Think the CIF AS A whole WANTS A “do over?” Maybe us FANS should vote who gets the seedings.

    Ok, time to head home, after a 13 hour day. I even gave away my Angel tickets for tonight.

    Hope you ALL have a SAFE Holiday weekend!!!!


    Just for the record – I am not an AMAT hater but I have seen them play twice this year and without Paez and Ruiz they are an above average high school team. So if you can control those two in a single game you can beat them. But that is the question can you control both of them at once. It looks like Torrance did just that. Now that the season is over for them I hope that they stop using that blue composite bat that has been rolled and is really an illelegal bat. That bat the whole team uses when they need something good to happen. For those of you who don’t know what that means it is simple if you have a composite bat made of carbon fiber you can roll it and that breaks the carbon down which makes the bat have twice the pop it normally would have. Softball players used to beat their bats against a poll to breakdown the carbon fibers but now they make machines that actually roll the bat to breakdown these fibers causing tha same results. I know now I am going to get all these blogs from AMAT people saying I don’t know what I am talking about and how I am trying to bring them down etc etc. College baseball has outlawed these bats already and high school is not far behind. How do I know they did this to this bat — I watched the guy do it!!! Ruiz is too good and does not need it but the rest?

  • The Source

    Reality. Amat lost. Errors etc, etc. The truth is that the rumors just might be true. The famous blue bats did not show up. Missing they were the accuse has not hit in 4 games.The great one can barely get the ball in the air?? His fellow USA teammates have gotten caught. Just curious what is HOPPY going to do with out his leaders. That dug out was a dead as door nail. Limpy got out coach and out played stop with the oppo and just swing the bat. Maybe something might happen. Teach the game about hitting if that is your speciality. So many strike out the Torrance kid could barely get his off speed acroos the plate. But your hitting approach just out right s—ked. Stop the nonsense and start earning your fundraiser money and pay to teach them some defense and hitting. Overrated is correct coach one foot.

  • Damien vs El Toro gamenotes

    Damien lost 7-0 and was badly outplayed in all phases in this game. Senior lefty Amerheim started and was hit hard early as he fell behind in the count often. After giving up 3 in the first to his credit he battled and threw 3 shutout innings and got damien at least a shot into the 5th. In damiens half of the 4th they blew a shot to get back into the game after having 2nd and 3rd with no outs (Lewis double following leadoff single)they had a guy thrown out at the plate for the 1st out of the inning! Ouch. They subsequently did not score and basically that was all she wrote. El Toro hit back to back to back homeruns in their half of the 6th off rh reliever to cement the game. El Toro is very good and VERY well coached and in my opinion will win division 2 (despite starting only 3 seniors.) No disgrace for Damien except for the fact that they really were outclassed in this game and that even though trailing they made 1st pitch outs in four of their final 6 outs, not textbook to say the least. Nonetheless, coaches Leyva, Claprood, and Gross did a fine job with this group this year. Should they both win, Glendora vs El Toro will be an interesting final in division 2.

  • D5 vs, D4?

    Amat played the toughest schedule so they tell us every year but FAIL to win a CIF ring while moving up?

    We’ll that league play there in sure doesn’t help much now does it? They just can’t seem to beat the better coached teams in CIF. Two years in a row Andy boy!

  • MONEY?????

    Why did Amat not spend the money for a fence. AMAT..Really home game is suppose to be an advantage not a disadvantage. Where is the fundraiser money lets open the books. No fence wow what is really going on. Shorty is spending the money “fundraiser” on vacation not on a fence. Hoppy needs to think about and tap his hat with his finger and think about how to win a big game. Lets think about it San Dimas, Edison and now Torrance think about it tap your short finger on your head and think about what is wrong. Just frustrated. No more fundraiser and back to the basics and teach baseball may be you might win a big game. Your great knowledge of baseball is in the dumps. Back to the drawing board with your short stool.

  • Really

    Damien Breakdown said:

    Nice pipe dream! LOL Your timely hitting sure made the cut today!

    What a donkey..


    Just so you know check up on the LA Times article on Royal vs. San Clemente and the issues they had with the special composit bat today. I am not an AMAT hater just a person that thinks a team taking advantage of a grey area should be called on it. Are the batting averages posted by Amat REAL?

  • Green & Gold

    Gamenotes: I would not say Damien was “outclassed” today. They were not the better team on the field today, yes, but outclassed? No. And it was very classy that Coach Leva made sure every Senior got into the game. Damien baseball is here to stay – we’re on a roll and the guys coming up are looking to keep that momentum going.

  • Green & Gold

    Gamenotes: I would not say Damien was “outclassed” today. They were not the better team on the field today, yes, but outclassed? No. And it was very classy that Coach Leva made sure every Senior got into the game. Damien baseball is here to stay – we’re on a roll and the guys coming up are looking to keep that momentum going.

  • Green & Gold

    Gamenotes: I would not say Damien was “outclassed” today. They were not the better team on the field today, yes, but outclassed? No. And it was very classy that Coach Leva made sure every Senior got into the game. Damien baseball is here to stay – we’re on a roll and the guys coming up are looking to keep that momentum going.

  • Aaron

    San Goronio beat Paloma Valley 7-0 so that means there’s a coin flip tomorrow about who gets the home game. Bring the stands down from the Frosh field and we are set…maybe even a few from Las Flores for the upper deck.

  • John Thomas

    What a great day when Bishop Amat and La Mirada both get eliminated from the playoffs. I can only imagine how much the whiner fans from Amat were trying to come up with conspiracy theories as to why their underachievers lost in the quarters! Nieto must be limping in anger tonight that his recruited blue-chippers just couldn’t the job done when it mattered most.

  • Bonitahighb

    The coin flip for the bbonita boys has already happened they are away

  • It’s just a game


    Without dreams what do YOU have?

    It’s just a game

  • Brad

    Sorry, I meant to say Semifinals, not Quarter Finals are posted on the CIF Website.

  • It’s just a game

    To anyone here who likes to spew the negatives after a loss, I guess you need something to do. For once in your life just say it wasn’t our day or our opponent played better than we did today because in this game anyone can beat anyone on any given day. Quit bashing teams, coaches and players after a loss, Remember, what goes around comes around. Some very good teams lost today and that may happen again before this is all over. That’s just the way it goes in baseball. Always has and always will be. Let it go. Your momma was right all those years ago, if you don’t have something good to say don’t say anything at all.

    35+ comments here and NOT ONE congratulating a kid who just threw a no hitter in a Division II CIF quarter final game. It’s only the headline!

    Nice job Plutko, good luck on Tuesday!

    It’s just a game.

  • SGV Baseball Fan

    We in the SGV are lucky, when it comes to high school baseball. There are just so many fine athletes & programs here. But as the season winds down, its only now, when the top teams are eliminating each other, that the cream really rises to the top.

    With such great baseball factories like Bishop Amat & Damien out and past champs South Hills, Charter Oak and Northview also eliminated, who is left then to carry on the fine SGV legacy?

    It will be GLENDORA and BONITA. Plutko’s no-hitter was freakishly clutch for Coach Dan Henley, and Glendora is playing like a team of destiny. They’ve eliminated powerhouse Harvard-Westlake & now Plutko give the entire team a rush of adrenalin.

    But like GLENDORA, over the last several years, BONITA has become known as somewhat of a basketball school, with Coach Greg Eckler’s run of league championships & deep CIF runs. (and due props to the Bonita girls water polo CIF title last year). So what’s up with Bonita baseball? Wasn’t LAST year supposed to be their year?

    The Bearcats have played at a high level, from the opening bell. Seniors Brian Tuttle and Evan Highley have led the younger Bearcats just as Jiovanni Mier, Greg Gelalich, Jason Plowman and Nico Calderaro led each of them last season. Bearcat baseball is officially on the map and it’s not just because of the players, Coach John Knott, teamwork and those cool uniforms; no, it’s because we all live in one of the world’s hotbeds of high school baseball talent, the SGV.

    Go Tartans & Go Bearcats…….represent.

  • socal baseball fan

    Glendora has had an easy draw to the semi-finals thus far. They first beat a 3rd place team and then Harvard-Westlake which finished 4th or 5th in the Mission league. Then they play another 3rd place team Valencia. Next week they will finally play a league champion in Mira Costa.
    El Toro vs Yucaipa in the other bracket should be a good game and El Toro should win as they will hit sr rhp Jose Cota hard. If ET wins they will have their ace ready in the finals.
    Diamond Bar has played El Toro the last 2 years in the Loara tournament and they can hit and a very solid program. Not sure who gets the home games in the D2 semi-finals as they are not posted on the cifss website.
    Bonita vs San Gorgonio should be a good one as SG is a solid team with 2 outstanding players.
    Another BP allegation occured in the softball game between Beckman-Upland and Beckman lost the protest as they said the same thing only a few girls participated in pregame BP. CIFSS should address this problem next year and should enforce the rules.

  • kh

    so so your brittens.
    would the real kh please stand up.
    thank you.
    oh freddy,
    its me the guy who told you bonita has and will prove to be the best team in so-cal my friend.
    so thats 23 and 4
    plus the five straight wins in the cory l trny.
    28-4 on the season,
    we beat glendora 8 to 3 in that trny.
    but by no means did the game count,or trny count as s.h. had mentioned.
    just a trny to work in some fressmen or even 8th graders coming up.
    right? wrong we played the season one game at a time to win the more game ,then you worry about the next.
    some key guys stepped up and the hot bats all year keep getting hotter.out of 9 positions in the starting.2 were soph.5 jr.and 2sr. 1 sr. dh
    bonita is going strong,
    so let me make the freds top ten for you cuz.
    so d.b. we spotted you guys 8 runs and came back to beat you,think we were lucky, or just winning the in championship fashion,thats what the good teams do,never quit,you guys will get your shot three times next season,dont foruces to much on us because will beat you guys too.
    like i said little man been working day and night,300 cuts after school,results are coming 3 knocks yesterday,the coach moved him into a nice spot in the line and boy has it helped him and the other kid hes on in front of the other kid and the other boy is driving him home,the two boys were 6 for 7 with 4 rbi,it was a learning season i guess but now we have to take care of business,all the teaching is in the passed,loved to see my three ex l.l. players on the field yesterday,all of them live for that pressure spot,thats one thing they learned at a early years in baseball,be the man,dont ever wait for the next guy,people think l.l. is a joke,it is if you have a dad manageing just so little jr. can pitch hit and play s.s. everygame.
    we on our staff ,all along,just wanted the little guys to man up,so later in life theres no excuse about anything,were it. be pround of the shirt on your backs,
    i love all these kids at bonita we are a team all the parents now are on the same road to happiest,some times it takes a guy like me to bring out alittle anger in some one,only because,people hate a winner,sooner or later if you cant beatem,joinem.well we all our one,all year i took the heat on this blog,but did i fooled under your pressure,never i rose to the top, all the bearcats rose right with me,i challege them and they responed,thats how we ride,in bear county.
    when we fill fear we attact and boy we attact we pride,i loved seeing all the bonita brass there yesterday,man the whole school is on fire,
    hey bhs
    should k.c. and pack our bags and hit the road because nobody like us as you say.your two bit little tea bagger,
    your dad should of socked you the first time you backed talked him.
    come see me and ill do your dad the favor,punk
    we are going no where,fast.
    next will be the football team,bet some of you guys our going to eat some crow,
    bonita was just getting warmed up at the end of the season,cant wait,go bearcats

  • gamenotes

    Green + gold, I. Used the word outclassed in the sporting sense only. I’m not referring to class in any other way. Having to even explain that is irritating but there it is. And Damien would play El toro 10 times and lose 9, so nothing to do with given day theory. Its not your fault that u can’t recognize that though. Afterall your just a parent.

  • We are better then that

    On any given day. Tough loss for Amat, no excuses they were not in this game and it showed. Pitched Paez too much in game one and he had no velosity at all yesterday. Arm looked to be tired and out of gas. Hey Jay hope you are wearing a disguise on Tuesday when you get back to the Amat campus because Hagerty will be looking for you. Now get your arse back in that weight room…Nieto sold you on a junk bond for a Championship. Now go get coached by a real coach not some dwarf that thinks he has people convinced he is a good baseball coach. Nieto was totally outcoached and out classed by the Torrance side. Time for a change in baseball coaches Amat..Nieto please resign your getting in the way.

  • just sayin’

    a year ago people were blasting Nieto for NOT using Paez in the semifinals and saving him for the final (that they never got to). This year they are slamming him for using him in relief and Animal being tired vs Torrance.

  • just sayin’

    and for the Slime fan below – couldn’t get past El Segundo either. They play some good ball in that area

  • socal baseball fan

    Looks like according to the SBSun that both San Gorgonio and Yucaipa will be the home team. Both SG and Yucaipa used their ace yesterday. Looks like i will attend the El Toro-Yucaipa game which is at a better location.

  • Just saying::

    Yes, Rio is very good!! BUT Mr. Stats (DADDY) kept the stats for him and the team. Talk about inflating his stats. It’s a shame! Dad will do ANYTHING to get him there, it’s a proven FACT. Figure it out

  • Steve Ramirez

    Just saying, in my opinion, hit it on the money. I think you can’t blame coach Nieto for this loss. People have to realize that this is baseball and some days you are off. Look at Tim Lincecum. The back-to-back Cy Young award winner just got pounded the other day by the Washington Nationals. Was that Bruce Bochy’s fault? There’s a reason why college baseball has double-elimination tournaments for the post season, because sometimes you are just off, and a double-elimination allows for the best team to still rise to the top. I often wondered why CIF-SS never went to that, but now with seven divisions it’s just not feasible.
    Paez was off early, but he found himself after the second inning, giving up just two hits and finishing with 14 strike outs.
    It’s kind of like the Herb Brooks line: Torrance could play Amat 10 times, and Amat would win nine, but not on Friday.

  • mc crayknee

    catch the ball mc crayknee!!!!! and amat winss

  • Truth

    Been to just about every Amat game. Animal was not tired it is called defense and where was this line up every one talked about. 1 thru 9.This great hitting team. Where was zevvy, Mc Craney Anderson, and Franco. I mean where the jury is still out old blue disappear and so did the hits. Just strike out after strike out came up and sat down. Errors from the infield just kill you short stop 4 errors in two games out field i do not need to talk about just look at them confused all the time cannot track a ball. Just horrible no excuses they just got lost to an average team like they are. Now about the averages ?????? I think the Just saying might have a point go back and check the book if not done in pencil and erased already. As for the coaches well Hoppy see how you do next year with that great team of yours.

  • just sayin’

    Torrance is 23-9.
    hardly average

  • Tommy Lasorda ain’t doing anything….

    Steve you make a great point about Herb Brooks. I used to tell my teams the same thing, “Not today!”

    Amat is an interesting story and one that they might want to address. Parents coming after Nieto form day one, fans giving him low down nick names, and people talking about his lack or this or that…who needs it?

    All he’s done is bring the team to National prominence again and players didn’t step up… or another team went USA on them and beat them on the 10th day. Either way Amat knows when they step on the field everyone is playing them with their A game…take it as a compliment.

    Hate to think what Torrance players and fans must think when they read the Nieto bashing….simple (that’s why they lost). Maybe Amat should ask Tommy Lasorda to donate a season, he did pretty good for an Olympic team that was suppose to crumble at the feat of the Cubans, that way no one would second guess every lose as if it couldn’t happen.

    Amat almost beat eventual CIF Champ LB Poly, LB Poly almost beat eventual Champ Servite…that’s why you play the game. Win or lose act like Champions.

  • infoman

    Just saying, in the grand scope of things, yes very average. Division 4 folks is a helluva long way from the teams in division 1 +2…quit fooling yourselves.

  • bohi fan

    oh boy…I can’t wait till next year’s South Hills vs Amat game at Mt Sac (yawn…) 2 of San Gabriel’s finest…

  • again

    again another big name school loses hope this proves its not all about size



  • Steve Ramirez

    Again, it happens a lot in baseball, which doesn’t work for a one-and-done tournament. If you look at recent history, more No. 1 seeds have failed to win a CIF-SS title in baseball/softball than any other sport. That’s why colleges use a double-elimination tournament.

  • Rock

    Don’t know if true or not, but small buzz circulating around La Puente that a certain coach might be looking around elsewhere…has he had enough, has the school had enough of him? Who is the next coach?

  • If you’ve had enough come on over

    How about Nieto to Diamond Bar?

  • Why oh Why???

    Why would Nieto go from Amat to Diamond Bar? He would move from one spoiled bunch of kids & parents to another. Lose, lose situation!!!

  • Me

    Boy what’s up with all the Amat haters.. It’s ok to hate but give respect.. There only kids… But reality is Amat had probably one of the best teams since there last championship. And it’s sad that a one-and-out leads you to going home.. On any given day any team can’t beat any team and thats the fact jack.. Football coach Hags said it before the big match between Amat vs St.Bonnie.. Hags said “they may beat us 9 of 10 games but we will win one of those 10 games. Every body and their mama had Amat to lose that game and Amat spank St.Bonnie. Until CIF implements a baseball and softball similar to the likes of MLB, college baseball, and softball we will never know who is truly the best of the best. Shorten the preseason tournaments and play a playoff system like league play. During league play each team has a chance to win even though you may beat them 2 of 3 games. This happen to Amat who ran away with the Del Rey League with flying colors but got beat by St.Paul on the last game.. It can happen although Amat spank St.Paul 8-0, 7-2, then lost 3-4 it happened. The playoff for baseball should me gear to play 2 of 3 games and the semi and final should be either 2 of 3 or 3 of 5 games this gives every team a chance to demonstrate who’s the better team.. Not to predict any thing for next year but Amat will have a awesome team again next year with the likes of Rio, Anderson, Wallace, and others ho step up to the plate this year… My only concern next year is no picher other than Paez and Nitt made noise por next year..with out pitching I don’t care who you got because the pitcher is the driver og the team..

  • Just thank the seniors and move on

    Why all this talk about changing the format. CIF has it right, one and done. That’s what gives everyone the same chance in theory. What some are saying is best 2/3 or 3/5…that’s being silly.

    Amat lost for one reason and one reason only, they were outscored. Pretty simple actually. The game is played by kids who do spectacular things and kids who lose their minds…that’s what makes sports fun, exciting, frustrating, perplexing and ultimately painful and joyous at the same time.

    Give it up for those that haven’t had a bad day at the office or better yet survive in spite of not bringing their best. The games are always subject to second guessing but now is the time to thank Seniors who will never again represent the schools they love.

    Think about that right about now instead of tearing each other apart.

    To all the seniors on all the teams, youve been a joy to watch and made your families very proud…well done….now go get a degree or a trade, lol.

  • Baseball NUT!


    AMAT lost! To a better team? Well On Friday YES~, but overall, I would say NO! DIV III # 1 seed Beckman lost with 5 errors, and gave up three runs in the 7th. Isn’t that how S/H lost giving up all those runs in the 7th? Things happen, their gone season over, so be it!

    The TWO that are still alive, have had pretty EZ paths to be honest. One (Glendora) has had a VERY favorable draw, the other Bonita has YET to leave “D” Street. Those scenrios change Tuesday. However they are BOTH playing GOOD baseball at the right time, and SHOULDN’T lose.

    As for the people who cone in here and trash first Smith over at SH, and now Nieto at Amat for losing to inferior teams doesn’t add up.
    I mean winning teams/programs will ALWAYS have haters.
    Lets look at it this way:

    Notice how 95% thought Bonita was not supposed to be in it this far down the road. They had NO expections in Febuary, unlike others. Sure the team probably thought they may be good, but even then I bet not many around the Bonita program thought they woul be sitting in position to win it all. It really is about something other than coaching and talent, becasue YES things happen and teams get beat.

    BUT what KH said earlier in a post is the REAL difference…….PARENTS! Parents are on the same page at BOHI, and it goes a LONG way in high school, especially in CIF. The TWO most storied programs with the MOST CIF championships in baseball, are AMAT, & SH! YET both seem to ALWAYS have issues with some kids parents! They think their stud/talented kid should be the focused star, and it gets in the way of what is going on as a team. Perfect example was in football earlier this decade. Off the top of my head I can’t remember his name but the QB from San Dimas who had parents who always complained regarding their talented son ( parents thought more highly than any coaches). So what happens they transfer the kid to S/H. After the Huskies WON a CIF ring,the year prior this kid comes in, and ruins that team ( I want to say it was 2001) They has their best team,including those that won the rings go 12-0 I think and lost to La Mirada in the playoffs. Parents who coddle their kids only hurt the kid, and have NO regard for the school, and the team he is on. He never went on to anything, and YET when he graduates then S/H wins another two or three rings. OK, back to baseball: Those two schools have ALOT of pressure on them when it comes to sports. When their coaches in baseball for example are getting a ear full from UNHAPPY PARENTS, its makes for a edgy ball club. This is in NO MEANS saying this is the reason AMAT lost to Torrance and S/H lost to Lancaster. HOWEVER Bonita, with NO expectations, had the coaches say ” were just going out to play the game and see what happens. When thier is NO pressure, it makes for a better team. When the team feels nobody is watching them they pull together and have a amazing season like Bonita is having. WHEN PARENTS LET THE COACH do exactly that.. COACH, then everyone is on the same page. Bonita parents sit back and let things happen, while Amat and S/H parents seem to always be pointing out whats wrong with the program,and coaching instead of letting them play. I mean we never see Bonita kids, COMMITTING to colleges as sophmores, like the kids at Amat, & S/H. Yes they are extremely talented, BUT its though they are only thinking of themselves, while the Bonita kids, are thinking about “TEAM”. So parents need to remember that having a talented kid go to storied programs, does not and will not bring happiness or trophies. I mean it looks like AMAT can have a dozen kids, and S/H have about 10 kids ALL go to college in the next couple of years. Their full of talent, YET unlike Bonita with maybe 2-4 kids who will go to play ball, they are HOME, while the CATS’ are TWO away from a banner.

    Let the coaches, do exactly that.And let the parents stay off in the background like their suppossed too, and let the kids ENJOY what will be one of their better memories of their teen years!!!

  • Now The War …..

    That rumor about Jay Anderson and the conflict between the baseball and football coaches is true. This is coming right from Jay Anderson’s mother, that is why Jay made the decission he made. This isn’t the end of this issue, as we speak this issue is being addressed with school administration. Nieto may have won this battle but he won’t win the war.

    To Be Continued …….

  • Amat fans are funny

    Amat fans are funny. It’s always about we play the toughest teams in non league blah blah blah then when you get bounced out of the playoffs you want a bestof 3 because you couldnt win? If you were the best you would have won. You lost and it looks like you do belong in division 4.

  • Frank

    It is sad that Amat lost when they had such a strong team. But, as anyone knows in baseball especially more then any other sport, any team can win, and thats not to take any thing away from Torrance, they are a very good team. Its not like Amat lost to some weak team. Amat is still the best team in the valley and most of SC.
    Amat pitching: I know amat has a lot of pitchers that they hardly use. If people say they didnt step up they were barely given a chance. Maybe the coaching staff felt they weren’t good enough. I’m not sure why they weren’t used. But it can be argued that they didnt get a chance. Not a case of them not stepping up.

  • time to re-evaluate

    Ok, tough loss, but things like that happen. Now it’s time to move on and when I say move on, I mean time to focus on Football.

    By the way, if that rumor is true about Nieto and Hag’s hashing it out in the admin office is true, then it only goes to show you that what I said earlier, is clearly evident, and that is that this baseball-football conflict is getting way out of hand.

  • just askin’

    where has an Amat fan asked for a “best of three” playoff? seems to me that was commentary by others.

  • Just a slightly different view

    Baseball NUT I usually agree with you and differ to your obvious wealth of baseball knowledge but I will say this about your take. You had an agenda or a point to make and you lost your way trying to get there.

    Good teams are always second guessed. Phil Jackson might be the all time winningest NBA Coach yet few would say he’s better than Larry Brown. Phil get’s it all the time, especially when Phoenix when to the zone and the Lakers looked lost. Most casual fans say Phil is out coached while teh Championship pile up, crazy huh? So why is anyone surprised when a HS HC gets second guessed?

    While I do believe cancerous parents exist I think in most situations, if you took a long look… in hindsight, you will find the Coach failed. Sorry but it;s true. Rotten kids, rotten parenting. While there are exceptions on closer inspection one finds out the true details of what went wrong, went wrong early and often.

    Coaches with “bad” parents need to address the issue head on instead of having it fester and destroy everyone. The QB story you mentioned absolves Bogan from his responsibility to sit the kid down if he was truly cancerous, but he didn’t do it did he…and there’s the rub. Why not?

    Back to Phil…his genius is hiring great assistants and managing egos, situations and superstars and that’s why he’s in the Finals for the third straight year. Most great coaches understand how to deal with parents, players and fans….get them to believe in themselves and rise above the nonsense.

    As far as Bonita goes, yes they are successful but look at their coaches and the relationship they have with everyone around them, that’s where it’s different. La Verne has it’s power brokers and gerrymandering trust me but…the coaches are the difference. If you’d read Ken at all you know his issues with coming into LV and understanding the lay of the land, it ain’t all peaches and cream, trust me.

    I guess what I’m saying Baseball NUT is there are no absolutes and in most cases the “stars” parents kill coaching careers not the “bubble” players. I mean when Smuch became a problem he was shipped off to JV Basketball teams in Siberia. WHY? Because if Phil can’t get to you, no one can. I’ve never known a team that failed because of bench warmers, never. Yet I se teams crumble because of stars egos ruining teams, star players parents crushing on coaches and visa versa.

    “when you dance with the Devil”… so it goes. Look at Minnesota. Every one with half a football brain said, ‘Brett will shine early on but by the end his ego will kill you”…and it did.

    Maybe people mistake complaining for frustration and coach’s never address the frustration, what’s key is to address it rather than ignore it. Communication is key. Once that shuts down the all bets are off.

    Just a different view.

  • just sayin’

    Only 7 schools out of 500+ finish with a ring.
    If it’s big news when you lose – you’re in a pretty good place with your program.


    KEN father of mini me.

    We would be in the same position if your kid was gone now. Don’t speak for us parents. Most of us still hate you and pray you leave.

  • kh

    fred wheres my response to baseball nut

  • Non Amat Fan

    I am glad Amat lost they talk alot of crap. If you didn’t get transfers from all over you guys would be like Bassett. I hope Not to see anymore A stickers on the windshields for A-holes in la Puente. Amat was dying in sports and all you stupid parent’s care about is winning. That’s why they brought in all those Ex-Head Coaches from other programs and pay them high Salaries with you’re hard earned tuition money. Amat is just like SC they let anybody in. Maybe that’s why Amat kids go to Sc because they do not have to do homework like USC. Cheat on Amat and USC.

  • FIGHT ON !!!!

    How funny that USC is easy to get into. A complete sign of ignorance, no surprise there.

  • Joe Amat

    USC is ranked 26th in the Nation and a Tier 1 National University by US News & World Report while less than 22% of applicants are admitted.
    Easy? Let anybody in? Ignorance. It’s no wonder I spend less and less time on here reading some of the drivel that’s written. It hurts my head.

  • Rick

    Joe Amat,
    For years, you’ve hurt a lot of our heads with you nonsense drivel and obsession with Amat. Statisitical data of winning percentages vs. La Salle and B. Montgomery etc…hurt all of our heads, so you need to step up to the plate and take one under the chin like the big timers do when they talk a lot of crap. Facts are facts. Half Pint won 2 titles in a softball division and you and all the others said just wait, we will in div. 4 too and now you’ve lost back to back years with the best teams in the bracket. What do you have to say now? Come on…we’re waiting. Big time disappointment the last 2 years. Shouldn’t even be in div. 4 but can’t win it at the same time. I have no idea how this team was ranked 2 in the country. Not a knock on the kids, but the programs they beat were all having down or rebuilding years and you know that. To be honest, 2 teams in 2008 were better than this years Amat team and they are the 2008 Amat team and the team that beat Amat that year- Northview. No doubt. Go position to position. Those two teams were better and not ranked top 10 in nation etc.

  • Ro

    yeah the playoffs should be double elimination like they do it in pony allstars.

  • Non-Amat Fan

    Yea SC is 26th Ranked University for regular Students,but if You’re an Athlete at SC anybody and their Mother can get in. Keep taking phony classes at USC Trade Tech. USC even has a Luxury Condo complex across the street from the campus where Dwayne Jarrett , Re$$ie Bush, and all the Sc Football scholor Athlete’s lived. Maybe Amat can buy some homes cheap in La Puente on willow street so the transfers don’t have to travel so far.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Ro: It’s that way in every level of baseball/softball, but high school. In NCAA Division I for both baseball and softball, a team can lose as many as four games (one in the regionals, one in the super regionals, one its CWS bracket, and one in the CWS championship series) in the postseason and still win the national championship. Fresno State used the formula en route to a CWS title two years ago. It’s that way for a reason.

  • Just for kicks

    Just so you know USC has two Damien students on their roster. One was accepted to Georgetown and the other to Stanford. Both were outstanding student athletes. USC kids routinely apply to Ivy League schools as well. Some even get interviews (wink wink) but all are extremely competitive as students. While USC might be 26 overall their Film School is #1 and their Business School (Marshall) is #24. Most of the students admitted at Valedictorians or there abouts, clearly the the best of the best.

    COCF loved to talk about comparable educations but he was mistaken. Fact is Damien probably has the best overall college admittance in the Valley when quality of school is factored in. Every year they send students to West Point and the other Military Academies. The West Point representative said most schools have one every 23 years. When Father Travers went back for a graduation this year he had six former Spartans in attendance.

    The last two years running Damien has students who individually had been admitted to “every Ivy League school plus MIT”. That’s incredible!

    It always floors me that bloggers say the most ridiculous things without any foundation. Must be easy to do. Let’s try. Fred wears Victoria Secret underwear…(looooooooong pause)….wow nothing happened. No lightning strike! Oh now I get it…this is cool. lmao

    COCF did you ever get the CO IB graduates collge admittance results. Damien’s is on their website. Not only do they give the final choice but ALL the colleges they were admitted to. Might want to rub your eyes, it’s pretty impressive.

  • Can’t Cut The Mustard !

    When you think about USC at 26 consider that there are 8 Ivy League schools. Consider also the competition to get to 26 with Notre Dame, Northwestern, Stanford, Cal and other fine academic monsters out there. Yes USC makes allowances for athletes but it’s not remedial by any measure. More so give credit t schools like UCLA, Stanford, Notre Dame and others who have demanding admit requirements for their athletes.

    I just NON-Amat fan can write anything he wants but ultimately it only proves he couldn’t cut Trojan mustard unless it was after eating a Colesium hotdog….OUCH !

  • me

    To just than the seniors and move on said: I guess you don’t undertsand the concept of 2/3 or 3/5 elimination. If every team from Pro to College had a one elimination it wouldn’t ever give another opponent a chance to prove themselves and it wouldn’t be as exciting.. If your team is that good let me see them beat the same team twice, and if you do, you move on. Every team just might have an off day and have a chance to redeem themselves. Double or triple would only demonstraes who’s the better team. If the pros and colleges did a one game elimination what would it prove? College Basketball is understandable due to all the teams and Pro Football because of the Sport. If the lakers won every one game to advance then you would never have a series.. just one and go to the championship it wouldn’t be fun nor suitable for the team to make a come back. Thats why they have series and eliminations. I’m not talking about just because the Amat lost, I’m talking for every school, South Hills, Damien, etc. Even pro tennis have some type of elimination they just don’t win one game and move on, they play up to five.. you could be up 2 sets and your opponent can make a come back to win 3 straight. Playoff system is just right for the school and the kids because they get a chance to redeem and rebound from a lost.. the kids would say: “hey, I had a bad game and I can’t wait to see them again” this is every kids dream to get that second chance to show their better.. remember double elimination is not for all sports but should be for baseball and softball. South Hills would of loved to play Amat in a double or triple elimination then one can say who’s the better of the two… Althuogh Amat won.. it was anybodys game I was there and believe me South Hills would of and could of won but they didn’t but I bet you any money, the South Hills kids, parents, and fans would of love to see a 2/3 or 3/5 series to see who’s the better team. One game just show me at that moment, that Amat was the better team. Who knows who’s the better team in a 2-3 series????

  • Don

    How exactly would one go about assembling anything other than a single elimination tourney for HS baseball?

    Play three games a week instead of two? You still would need to either add another week or two to the playoffs. You would also have to begin them earlier and end them later too. Hard to sell to school administrators who are struggling through a myriad of big deal events this time of year. Hard too is justifying the additional cost of travel especially considering there are teams who have very little extra money to travel at all.

    D1 teams play what, 13-14 week schedules and the roll into the Regionals in June? The NCAA World Series ends a month later; I just don’t see using that kind of schedule as a model for High School play which has about a ten week season and another three for the playoffs.

    Don’t get me wrong, if I had my druthers, they’d run the football season from September until the Christmas break and start baseball as soon as the kids came back to school. OK, OK, maybe a little break in there for roundball and kommie kickball, but no more than a couple weeks max.

  • Joe Amat

    Little Ricky,

    Facts are facts? You just said facts are drivel. Statistics, percentages… things that REALLY happened… those are facts. Opinions, rumors, old-wives tales – even perceptions – are not.

    If ever La Salle or Bishop Montgomery was brought up it was to rebut some “little ricky” like knucklehead that wanted to talk about how bad the Del Rey League was at the same time as spewing out the other end the difficulty of some local league like the Valle Vista. I think pointing out that there is no Ganesha or Pomona in the Del Rey and that St Paul is as good as anybody (ask Northview), while La Salle is right there with them (Covina found that out) are both valuable facts.

    So the only way that is determined, without the uninformed comparisons, is on the field and I have been quick to point out that scoreboard trumps all – as it has when Northview and San Dimas has knocked off Amat in past years. To that , I congratulated them.

    As for rankings, little Ricky, outside of the Fish Bowl, rankings are based on who you play and who you beat. This year. Not years ago. Rankings are not a position by position analysis of some fantasy team. It makes me chuckle that Amat gets talked about “living in the past” – until someone else wants to “live in the past”.

    At the time Amat was ranked #2 in the nation they had played and beaten a schedule that was worthy of that. Those mediocre teams they beat having “subpar or rebuilding years like Mater Dei, Royal, Palm Desert, Lakewood, SalPoint(Az), Chatsworth all had pretty good runs and some are still playing. Facts – not opinions.

    The important point is rankings don’t win championships and you need to be playing at a championship level at the end of the year. The Lancers have not done that and props to those who have.

    Little Ricky, here’s your final challenge.

    You said “…you and all the others said just wait, we will in div. 4 too…”

    Go back through the archives of the history of this blog and I can *guarantee* you that you will NOT find a single “prediction” from me of a victory in a game – much less a divisional championship. That may be your perception – but like I said -perceptions are not facts.

    And THAT’S what I have to say, little Ricky. How ’bout you?

  • open mouth insert foot

    Your words Baseball Nut —

    I mean we never see Bonita kids, COMMITTING to colleges as sophmores, like the kids at Amat, & S/H. Yes they are extremely talented, BUT its though they are only thinking of themselves, while the Bonita kids, are thinking about “TEAM”.

    obviously you have never met any of these boys or you would have never made such a stupid comment

  • Big Rick

    Little Joey Amaty,
    Thanks for the attempt to talk down to me because I spoke up against your passionate love Bishop Amat. You have always had a comeback for everything (La Salle beat Duarte in 2005 who only lost by a run to Monrovia the prior year, thus, they could be a second place team in the Pioneer League)Really, screw the stats and percentages for once Little Joey and tell us why Amat lost and what is the excuse for losing two years in a row in div. 4 to teams that have less talent than you? Don’t tell me a stat. We all have listened to you post after post tell us Amat’s history in big games, their batboys in 1998, etc…Just tell us why this happened again? Will you take one off the chin and man up on it or going to give us the “On any given day speech”? I know baseball and I know the best don’t always win, but when people like yourself talk so much smack when you are on top, but run into a hole when you’re not, it pisses me off. Stand by your team, that’s great, but don’t give all this statistical data showing you have no more advantages than rest of the valley. BS, you get to recruit and you do it openly. Nieto and all the coaches in the program do it, I’ve seen it. It’s wrong and he plays by his own rules because he’s arrogant as hell. The truth is you got rolled by Torrance like a “rolled bat” that hasn’t made an appearance since the first St. Paul game.

  • me

    My friend Don: Easier said than done.. This is How. Cut the preseason short, cut some of those tournaments, not all, keep league play as is 3 games. I never said play 3 games in a week. I’m not sure if you read my earlier post when I mention cutting preseason a little short and cut all those tournaments to a few. It can me done. Eliminate some tournaments, cut preseason short, and make room for a similiar playoff system like those of college and pros. It can work big Don. One does not need to sell to the administration and there is no additional cost of travel. Teams travel enough during preseason and tournaments. Look at the facts at travel..South Hills and Amat, the only SGV schools to Represent in the National Classic and had to travel to orange county. Amat travel to Lakewood, Simi Valley (Royal), Redondo, and Chatsworth, and so on… Steve Ramirez May 30, 2010 @ 9:29 pm post said it like it is.. READ IT, This will always favor who ever is the best team and the real Champion will emerge. Thanks Steve for that self explanatory post… Ok folks I’m done with this issue of baseball.. Let’s support and look out for those who’s Representing the SGV from the Boys baseball to the Girls softball. Let’s support them, even if it’s not your team, they still represent us here in the SGV. Now it’s time for Football and it’s right around the corner. Good luck to the remaining teams still alive in the playoff. From a Amat alumni, not a hater, but a realist of sports competition.

  • Open Division Playoff By Invite


    i think you miss the point of high school sports. there is nothing that says the best have to have an advantage when they already have that advantage by being the best. that’s the beauty of high school sports. any playoff team can win, and in theory, sometimes they do. that’s a beautiful thing.

    the thought that somehow the best team didn’t win unless they play two out of three is just sour grapes. how is it that butler gets to the national championship. would you deny their “run” to always have kansas vs duke in the championship game?

    high school baseball is no different. in fact i’d be in favor of an open division for the playoffs where schools would be invited by committee and teams have the option of being in a so called Open Division Championship with the 2/3 rule but what would that prove? That Mater Dei, Amat, and other top flight programs have no business being spread across divisions just so they can add to their hardware?

    It happens in basketball all the time and it’s pretty sad. who really thinks baldwin park or mark keppel belong anywhere near a school like damien in cif playoffs who can pull from as far as they want.

    Now imagine a Open Division playoff with your rules that include Northview, San Dimas, South Hills, Bonita, Bishop Amat, St. Paul, Damien and Glendora. That would be pretty special but remember only one team wins a ring n the end…any takers?

  • Prep Fan

    Just for kicks,

    I don’t know about best college acceptances in the valley. Webb has 3 kids going to Harvard, 1 to MIT, 1 to Air Force, plus more to Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, Berkeley (the list goes on), all from a class of just 89 graduates.

  • Just for kicks

    Prep Fan, I think Damien has that covered. Webb is a great school with International students who board there as their parents work across the globe making millions. The tuition is about:

    $37,000 full seven day boarding
    $29,000 five day boarding
    $45,000 English as a Second Language
    $14,000 no boarding

    Damien is $6,600 and students do match Webbs college numbers in their top ten percentile kids….plus our Debate team was National Champions last year, lol

    One thing I feel separated Damein from Webb for us is Damien addresses all students whereas Webb seemed more exclusive in the academic arena. I could be wrong.

    But on second thought Prep Fan I think Damien and Webb take a back seat to Charter Oak’s IB Program…at least according to COCF.

    I’m sure he’s gatherig their college admittance data as we speak!

  • me

    Open Division Guy: Sorry dude I didn’t miss the point, although I understand your thinking as somewhat rational. No one has the advantage just because critics say you are the best when you have yet to prove yourself and yet to win a championship. And please don’t compare college basketball to a baseball playoff system, although Pro basketball does have a similar system as pro baseball and it works, doesn’t it. One shuts critics mouths by paying your dues and thats winning a championship at the end of the season not because a newspaper, or because Tom, Dick, or Harry said so. Would you agree to see college and pros have a one game elimination and out. I don’t think so!! I can understand all the possible negative politics behind why they don’t have a 2/3 or 3/5 elimination with budgets in all, administrative issues, travel, etc.. but I can also think of all the positive out comes it will have with less discussion in who’s the best. It’s all up to CIF to ratify a change. We can discuss and debate this issue all day and night with no end just like everything else in this world. These kids who make it to the college level and the pros will finally see and feel the difference. Put it this way (Pro Baseball playoff system = (right), College Baseball playoff system = (right), H.S. Baseball playoff system = (wrong,) two RIGHTS don’t equal a WRONG in the same playoff Sport. For God sake, even little league have a similar playoff system to those of college and the pros. Why? because it makes since for that type of sport. This type of sport demands this type of playoff system simple as that. I guess little league knows better than H.S. baseball..ajajaja. What I see, in the college and pro playoffs, that it can and will work for H.S. baseball. It’s to demonstrate the better of the two teams to advance in a series. Track and Field for example, it’s also a process of elimination, you still get up to 4 chances to run against the same person who beat you several times. Obvious, a different sport but still a process of elimination. Here you get a first attempt at (league), second (CIF), a third (masters qualifies you to state), then forth (state,) and if you can’t beat that same person after the fourth race then you know who’s the better runner, it’s called competition to better yourself and redeem yourself and a process of elimination. Listen dude, let me tell you a quick story, yes, I went to Amat back in the days and played 3 sports. I realize at Amat I was very strong in the weight room although small in stature. When I was at the University of La Verne I went out for football and after a player advised me how strong I was he asked me why didn’t I do powerlifting. I never knew of such a sport existed other than weightlifting. To make a long story short, my very first Powerlifting event was at Malibu, Califonia. Having the strength to out lift my competitors, they still all beat me due to techic and skill… and even here, I had the oportunity to come back because I had 3 attempts.. After that sad lost, I rebounded and beat the same persons I lost too at other Events. After that, I won and became a 2x State Champion and a 2x National Champion in 91’and 92″ and qualified twice to Represent the USA at the Worlds. The first World Championship were held in Germany in which I placed 4th out of 30 contries. The second World Championship were held in China were I won the Silver Medal out of forty countries. It was rather, I must say, a nice accomplishment having only been competing for only two years in powerlifting. It was that second chance I had to prove myself that I was the better and stronger competitor. Like any sport you have a chance to redeem and rebound if you know you are better. This is in all sports, and with all due respect my friend, if you never played a organized sport, then you will never know about competition… I’m out of here.. write me when football season starts… By the way, those who remember me from Bishop it’s me “Speedy” ajajja

  • The Grand Poobah Tournament

    Congrats on the titles and representing the USA. Still doesn’t change things in my mind. As it is you want to prove to the bigger guy you can beat him on a given daym as it is now…those are called “upsets”. In your scenario you want the lesser team to eventually lose and acknowledge the better team by putting the odds in the favor of the stronger deeper teams, right?

    My solution says ok, lets devise a division where teams with that “need” participate in the own tournament. Everyone else is one and done as the system is now.

    Why wouldn’t that work for you. Call the winner the Grand Poobah!

  • COChargerfan

    Just for Kicks, Damien is a fine academic school and I’ve never said otherwise. But an equal education is available at many public schools, including CO. The problem is not on the academic side but, instead, is from a lack of motivated students. And BTW, my son has received recruiting materials from West Point…we’re still trying to decide if it is something that he wants to pursue. Because my son in law to be is a Damien graduate as are his circle of friends…in fact, one of them is an Annapolis graduate, I know a whole lot more about Damien than you think. All of them pretty much say that their education was good but nothing spectacular. I also know two kids that started at Damien, hated the environment because the Spartan way includes a lot of administration condoned underclassman hazing (stuff that would get a kid expelled from public schools), and left for local public schools and both are currently pursuing advanced professional degrees. My cousin graduated from South Hills about 10 years ago and he is a medical doctorin the United States Navy. So what exactly is your point Frankie?

    As for the USC football roster, do you realize that there are 3 kids from that educational hotbed named LB Poly? In fact, the vast majority of their roster has come from public schools. So whats your point Frankie?

    And BTW, from what college did you earn your degree? You do have a degree Frankie, dont you?

    What you are too ignorant to see Frankie is that just because of the shear number of public school educated kids vs. private, there are a whole lot more success stories running around the world from that sector.

    So whats your point Frankie boy in trying to smear CO as a school, the kids like mine who attend there and every other public school educated kid? Does it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Ill end with this quote that I’ve used before To be ignorant of one’s ignorance is the malady of ignorancecongratulations Frankie, youve been re-elected president of the I club. Whats that, your 4th term running? Youre still the man.

  • COCF, my personal Pavlovian puppy..woof woof !

    So your son is now on West Point’s radar as well huh? He, not “we” decided to pass. West Point “men” know it right away seeing that West Point isn’t a feather in a cap ( as you’re making it out to be ) as much as a calling. So with your son it’s a “we” decision, that’s different, lol? My son has different plans, apparently he wants to work in Washington and affect Policy. He’s actually interning in D.C. this Summer for a play that’s non of your bee’s wax. Nice huh?

    CO is a fine academic institution. I’ll rate it a Malibu on the hierachy of public schools, better than most but not on par with the best, in sheer individual numbers. Damien I think might be ranked in the German class on par with Loyola at the top but probably with CO at the bottom and that’s my point COCF. IN numbers across the board Damien outshines CO. Sorry! Thought you knew, your daughter does as she married private school kid. So obviously there is some smart’s in your family. lol

    As far as the two Damien USC players my point was Harper had a ride to Georgetown, very impressive and Mc Mahon has a walk on at Stanford grade admit…equally impressive. The public school connections you’re making is on par with that? Okay…if you say so. I’ll ask my brother who coached there last year about that. Wait didn’t CO have two twin towers who the Tribune said had full rides to Stanford with 4 plus GPAs…are they there now? Thought they were at MSAC?

    No one is saying public schools don’t produce as my brother also coached kids at Wilson and Carson who are recent Cal grads, both on scholarship. BTW he also coached Stefon Johnson (USC) and Randall Carroll (UCLA) just to name a few but Morrison wouldn’t hire him to help out a his freshmen team. Just for kicks I should ask him to send his resume to Workman, or is that cruel? lmao Three Championship Rings, four Finals, DC at Compton College and 25 years of resume and they went with a CYO coach…too funny. BTW that freshmen team went 3-7 their senior year, ouch!

    Look DR had two kids go Military and one went to Colgate, not saying it doesn’t happen but saying the campus life, teacher dedication and real world college recruiting status is the same is plain silly.

    I love rankings:

    COCF rank local public school by academic excellence and see where CO ranks. This should be interesting.

    My guess it goes something like this:

    1) Diamond Bar
    2) Walnut
    3) Chino Hills
    4) Diamond Ranch
    5) South Hills
    6) Bonita
    7) Charter Oak
    8) West Covina

    Where do you think CO would rank among Private schools like

    Damien. Loyola, Mater Dei, Santa Margarita, Oaks Christian, O Lu, Servite, St. John Bosco, La Salle, Notre Dame, Crespi, ect ect ect ect ect.

    Take a shot at it COCF and get back to me . I’ll check Salesian’s schools. See COCF you always want to be the smartest but you twist things. Salesian compared to Garfield and Roosevelt? Cathedral compared to South Gate or Wilson? Serra compared to Gardena or Inglewood. Damien compared to …well you get the picture.

    BTW how would CO compare to Arcadia? I await your brilliance!

    Less ‘ignorance’ and more ‘fun’ okay? seeing as the blog is dying down I knew you’d be up for a speech or ten to help out Fred, lol…well done you never disappoint. See you at a basketball game…if I can pass the metal detectors. lmao !

  • Aaron

    If we’re talking about sports which is what this is why are we going after academics? I’m sure as Mr. Corona knows Damien isn’t the only school in La Verne with excellent academics. Over the last four years Bonita has consistently sent at least one student to a federal service academy. As COCF said there is comparable education to Damien in the Valley, but if a parent really wants their child to attend a catholic institution Damien is a fine one.

  • Got your list? I got mine, lol

    COCF, want to take a crack at the girls side of this comparison? How would CO rank against St. Lucy’s (Notre Dame, Northwestern, NYU, USC, UCLA, Cal, ect) as well.? When you take into consideration Damien and St. Lucy’s as one it’s even more impressive.

    So remember COCF you’re comparing Charter Oak (boys and girls college admits) to Damien/St. Lucy’s (boys and girls college admits). Take it anyway you want, by sport or by the top ten percent.

    I actually have both list of DHS/ST. Lucys student’s final choice and on Damien’s side all the schools they were admitted to. Should we go by sport or overall students, you decide.

    I won’t give names just schools.

  • Top Ten Public Schools in the Valley?

    Aaron I couldn’t agree more. Three of my kids did time in the BUSD and there are outstanding teachers at Shull and Ramona for sure, unfortunately too many of them are retiring. Bonita is also an outstanding academic school and probably farther up the food chain than Charter Oak. I feel comfortable in saying that, maybe I’m wrong Aaron. One thing I admire about Bonita is the amount of millionaires who send their kids there. That’s a testament to the security they feel on that campus and the loyalty they have to public education. No one is saying otherwise as I would put my youngest at Bonita in a heart beat before I’d put him at CO. I’m just teasing COCF because he’s so irrational and defensive about everything CO.

    COCF what high school “did” you attend? I mean didn’t the Robert Morales story talk about a drive by at Edgewood’s graduation? lol I have friends who had kids at Sonrise and went over to South Hills and they were happy there as well. Glendora’s got to be further up as well

    Aaron you’re a bright kid, rank the local schools by academics and campus safety. My guess is Bonita’s at or near the top right right along with Glendora ? If Bonita is here and Bassett is there…where does Charter Oak rank?

    Aaron could you list the top ten public schools seeing as you’re the youngest here and would actually know.

  • Prep Fan

    Just for kicks,

    Top kids who are motivated can attend any school and succeed. It goes without saying that selective schools should have great college acceptances or they are not selecting the right kids.

    As far as Webb goes, I would point out that over 50% of the students live within 10 miles of campus so it is not an international school. Also, while academics are important and come first, they won a CIF championship in boys water polo this past fall, beat San Dimas in the girls volleyball playoffs two years ago, and just hired a football coach from Cypress in Orange County who was recently ranked as one of the top 10 coaches of the decade by the OC Register. Seems pretty well rounded to me.

    Also, the school does give out a significant (around 3 million) amount of financial aid to help families who cannot afford the tuition.

  • COChargerfan

    So Frankie I’ll ask again, so what’s your point in bringing this crap up on a sports blog? The only answer is that you do it because you’re an idiot.

    But it looks like “Rent” is re-opening this summer in D.C. so hope your son has a gay old time with his “play”-mates. Seems that the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. Sorry everyone cuz that ain’t right but I just couldn’t resist…


    Come on now guys. What is all this bs on production of graduates by these schools. You can look at any school and find fine young graduates who go on to college and so forth . Any private institution should be expected to have many of their graduates go on to college and succeed . You are paying for that and it should be expected . As far as public school the SGV is blessed with many fine high schools as well . Maybe just maybe since they do have the tag of public / free education they might be looked at as not as good as a private . But the fact is they are not free we all pay for them by paying our taxes. Like I wrote earlier you can find great students at many of the campuses around the valley. Every school has it’s failures from Damien,Amat,St Lucy’s to CO,SH,WC and so forth even Salesian FC . Nobody wants to nor will write about them but they are out there.There is a factor that has failed to get mentioned and I am sure most who are blogging on this subject will admit to . PARENTS. I am alomst positive that behind all of you who our on here with the my school is better then your school had parents who made damn well sure you went to school to learn and get the best education that was available to you . Many cannot afford a private education but does that mean they cannot get one by going to a public school. No because of the fact of many fine hs in our area. Just look at LAUSD and their magnate schools . Other than Bosco Tech show me another private that has programs like they offer. That is one heck of a school compared to Damien or any other private and they too also send many on to Ivy colleges and top universities. Come on now let’s all agree to the fact that success has to have many elements of which some are good list of curriculum ,caring teachers, great school atmosphere and most of all caring parents . No need to come on here and belittle people because of their choice of school or a kid’s decision on a school because it’s a personal choice of his and his family. Now Frank, have you ever thought you kid wants to spend the summer in DC because he wants to get as far away from you and the bs you throw out on this blog. Think about that instead of lyao so much on other peoples’s thoughts or what they write. Grow up man.

  • Aaron

    This list is based on my experience. Combined school environment, academics, as well as teachers. When your teachers take the time to get to know their students help. Remember teachers like parents are role models.

    The list is pretty top heavy when you think about it.

    Bonita, Claremont, Glendora, Glen A. Wilson, Walnut, Diamond Bar, Charter Oak, Diamond Ranch, West Covina.

    Remember this is a list based on the experiences I had in high school and as I said it’s a pretty top heavy list. Which is the reason why I didn’t number them.

  • COChargerfan

    Thanks MAYBE JUST MAYBE, because thats exactly what I’m trying to say. Because the problem isn’t with the quality of public school academics but instead with the low percentage of students that attempt to even pass let alone excel. My kids went to Sonrise before going to public high schools so Ive been in both forums and I believe that a great education is available for the taking at our local public high schoolsjust depends upon whether each kid is interested in the challenge.

    What I find quite interesting is that Frankie just doesnt get the big picture because if he did I suspect that hed be a little more compassionate to the source of the low test scores at schools such as CO. Frankie, heres a hintlook at own skin. Because CO is almost 50% Hispanic and per a recent report from the Calif. Dept. of Education this group drops out at a 30.3% ratethats almost one in three and almost all are performing at a miserable academic level when they leavehence the OVERALL low test scores. Just think about this Frankie, my Caucasian daughter is a public school elementary grade teacher who is busting her tail to attempt to educate each and every kid no matter what their race or background and you, the mighty one who is always reminding us of how much money he raises and donates to noble charities including in Mexico, is the one that smugly writes these same kids off as failures.

    Frankie, sometimes you get bitten when you wake up the big dogso let it sleep because youre just a puppy pal.

  • kh

    boys we have two locals teams playiny in cif semi and all your can do is have a pissing contest on whos better then who..who cares.
    at temple city we had steve linsey,who is he? well he flew the space command airship twice ,dosnt matter were you went,its about were you going now,you cal tech guys figure out away to hit 4oo in the bigs then we will lesson.
    go bearcats

  • COChargerfan

    Aaron if you’re interested in actual numbers, read the STAR results on the Calif. Dept. of Education’s website. Unfortunately, the privates can’t take the STAR tests (nor do they take the proficiency exam)so we don’t have any objective means to measure how they compare to the publics.

    I watched Bonita beat Lancaster and they played great defense and hit the ball throughout the lineup. The caveat is that Lancaster was very average. Today looks like more of a challenge but good luck to the Bearcats to bring another title to the SGV.

  • Men calling kids GAY…wow…must make you feel like a man! A REAL MAN !

    See COCF you’re a douche…I meant to say the “place” he’ll intern in DC is none of your bee’s wax and you, the virtuous one, intimate he’s gay? Are you a fifth grader? So Tom Hanks is Gay? OMG every actor in teh theater is GAY!!!!! OMG….lol.

    Bagging on a kid because you think he’s “gay”…”have fun with his play-mates”????? Are you stupid, immature or just being your normal self. I think you owe me an apology but that would be too much to ask I’m sure.

    Tell me again why you think it’s cool to call a kid “gay” as an adult…

    Well at least you and Phillips will have something in common, both of you think calling kids gay is manly.

    Like I said COCF I was trying to get the blog going….I asked you be have “fun” with this but you went “postal” on my kid….says allot about you. See you at a basketball game, maybe when our kids play you can say call him “gay” that while I sit next to you. I don’t think you will will but then again you’re a big dog right?

    What is it with grown men calling kids gay? Is that some sort of badge of courage. Pretty stupid.

    Well at least Aaron had it right. He took to the discussion as he always does…straight forward with no agenda. Aaron you’re right I forgot about Claremont.

    We’re lucky to have so many quality public schools in our neck of the woods…you know the “gay side where people don’t lock their doors and have pit bulls to protect them out front.


    Well that stat is all fine and well . Why do you assume it is the Latino students who are bringing the test scores down . Even though they are 50% of the student body doesn’t mean they are solely accountable for that stat. You must take into account that state report is for the whole state where you have some schools at 95 – 100 % Latino students which could throw off the numbers of the report. I am sure you have seen Stand and Deliver or maybe not but there is a scene where the head of the math department tells Mr Escalante that teaching Calculus to inner city kids , mainly Latino, was setting them up for failure . Well the rest is history as to the results Mr Escalante obtained with those inner city kids. So before you call out Mr Corona maybe just maybe you should ask yourself is it possible there a few white,black,asian , or whatever nationality attending CO that might be in that group that are bringing the test scores down. Latino’s are not the only ones that have the market cornered on bad test scores or failure to complete high school or maybe that’s the way you see it . If so I really feel sorry for you because it was you who wrote that Hispanics are the cause of low test scores at CO. Remember the hint,hint about skin color to Frank.

  • King Stud

    Looks like CO Charger and my pal Franky have a nice rivalry going on. Nice to be on the outside looking in. Popcorn anyone??

  • Incredible

    COCF you say I called these kids miserable failures…when and where? NOt in your mind but in my exact words. you say Latinos state wide have a 30% drop out rate, true, yet at CO where they are 46% of the population and CO has a 98% graduation rate. You say Latinos hurt CO test scores yet they are marginally behind Whites at most by less than 8 points in Math Science and English. In fact when compared, white to white and Latinos to Latinos…CO Latinos do better than CO Whites compare on a state wide basis. Ironically Asian blow the doors off at 68% or better in state mandated standards. So once again you move the battle field and say things that aren’t true.. I never said CO was failing anyone miserably but CO’s own stats show that while 78% of students are enrolled in required classes for admission to UC/CSU schools only 43% actually complete the courses. That would mean only 43% QUALIFY for UC/CSU admission. Sorry your stats. You look up the stats, year 2003-04 to 2005-06.

    Like I said it was all in fun to start a conversation as the blog was slow and me and Prep fan were discussing things. He made great points as did Aaron. My comments have been in jest and I told you they were. Maybe your fingers didn’t read the “let’s have fun with this COCF”. I think you went places you shouldn;t have gone. This is a long running joke about far, far superior “this and that”…I was just following up. My mistake, I never thought you’d call a kid GAY to win.

    You know when I wrote “play” instead or “place” I thought of saying so but who would have thought anyone would go there, much less a noble man like yourself who showed what a small man you really are. And I’m sure deep down you know you crossed a line esecilay when I said “he wanted to affect Policy”..i.e Politics.

    Heres the thing with the “gay” joke and “Gay” name calling. I have no issues with Gay anything. One of my favorite uncles was gay and he’d beat the tar out of anyone unable to sit and have beer in peace. Be surprised what it’s like when a gay man pummels your ass and drags you back into the party with no hard feelings. I learned that from him. Accept people for who they are.

    The point is you and men like Phillips make that comment from a place of evil ignorance. You said it with malice.. I won’t soon forget.

    Thinking that Damien has better academics or higher college placement is no different than believing La Verne is safer than Charter Oak, sometimes you get what you pay for.

    Like it or not I would never call or intimate your son was anything less than who he is … a good kid. I’ll wait for your apology and won’t hold my breath seeing as I’ve waited six years for Phillips to do likewise. You two are meant for each other, man I can’t wait for league. lol.

  • COChargerfan

    Frankie it was YOU that started this by saying the CO is a sub-standard academic school. And it is your fault not mine that you didnt think it through that there are 2000 real kids behind those test scoresthe majority of which are Hispanic. So pal, you called out your own race as failures because isnt that what you are saying Frankie boy that the CO kids, including the IB kids that you specifically called out, dont get into the best universitiesbecause they arent intelligent enough?

    Only the uninformed continue to deny these low graduation numbers. There are lots and lots of reports out there that support this FACT including the following link This report states that overall 70% of high school kids graduate with their class but only 50% of Hispanics and African-American kids do so. The governments numbers, not mine and some say that the numbers are even worse. Certainly, the college graduation rates bear witness to this fact for example, look at this quote”If you look at who enters college, it now looks like America,” says Hilary Pennington, director of postsecondary programs for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has closely studied enrollment patterns in higher education. “But if you look at who walks across the stage for a diploma, it’s still largely the white, upper-income population.”

    As to the graduation rate at CO, my kids junior class has already lost 100 kids or approximately 20% of the classdoes anyone not believe that drop outs account for the bulk of this decline? Because, statewide statistics say that this is the reason.

    And Frankie, I dropped the Rent joke, and it was a stupid childish prank, just to yank your chain because it is you that is always dropping stupid comments like my personal Pavlovian puppy and talking up personal achievements (while downplaying others). I obviously yanked your chain pretty hard so I do apologize because I didnt mean any harm but, for Petes sake, stop crying like some two year old that just dropped his ice cream cone and accept it for what it wasa joke for which you became the butt. Heck, a few years ago I spent the money to sit in the front row to see Doggie Howser (Neil Patrick Harris) play the lead in Rent. And sorry you missed that the gay old time comment is in reference to the Flintstones theme songit was another part of the joke.

    So Frank, may I suggest that you at least make an attempt to think before you open your mouth and also to stop whining when you get crap in return for the piles that you so much like to dish out.


    I am sure you can come up with something better than that reply to calling a kid gay. If you want to yank FC’s chain why go after his kid. Also trying to play off the gay old time as reference to the Flintstones , come on man that is quite a stretch . You know what you meant by the line . Why use a cartoon line when insinuating someone is gay . Doesn’t make sense , you meant what you wrote and it had nothing to do with the Flintstones. Your true colors are starting to show thru your posts . Frank maybe many things and write a bunch of crap as we all do sometimes , yes even you , but I have never read where he has stooped so low to call one’s kid out just to get a rise out of a fellow blogger. You may have printed an apology but the one you need to apologize to is his son for dragging him into a bitchfest between to grown men debating on who’s school offers the best and which school has the best . Why don’t both of you crybabies grow up get back to talking about sports instead of trying to see who has and who is the biggest putz .

  • just sayin’

    COCF – all this academic talk started because some bozo was trying to equate Amat to USC and how easy it is to get into. That was shot down and the floodgates opened. CO was brought into the fray with, “But on second thought Prep Fan I think Damien and Webb take a back seat to Charter Oak’s IB Program…at least according to COCF.” Doesn’t sound like anyone started it by calling CO ” a sub-standard academic school” But the COCF complex shows again. The first real negative blow was actually thrown when you said, “What you are too ignorant to see – ” Calling someone ignorant?
    So as they might say on your playground “You started it”

  • That’s an apology?

    COCF, you think calling out my son is a “stupid childish prank”? That’s says it all, you are an imbecile. You’re a “child” now? What are you 54? right?

    COCF you obviously don’t read well. The actual test scores of Latinos at Charter Oak are “within points” of Whites at Charter Oak. I’ve said that more than once. So where am I calling out my own race? I also said compared to overall State stats Whites at CO are “behind” other Whites. Again where am I calling out Latinos, hey maybe I’m calling out Whites. Latinos at CO score better than the State average for Latinos. Again how does that say I doubt their intelligence. You’re saying something that is a bald face lie and you know it.

    I also stated that Asians far out perform Whites at CO. Am I now saying Whites are less intelligent? Whites score in the 40’s while Asians score in the near 70s in proficiency in Math, Science and yes even English. So am I now bagging on Whites?

    Understand the ridiculousness of your actions and comments. Test scores which you bring up don’t support your assertions or your twisted manipulation of my statement. Which is what you always do.

    You say on the one hand 100 students dropped out but that doesn’t affect the overall quality of education at CO? Why wouldn’t it if drop outs affect test scores, class room dynamics and overall school yard security. Funny but CO’s statistics say CO graduates 98% of their students yet you claim 20% dropped out? So who am I to believe the Districts scores or your words. One year in fact CO claimed 100% graduation for their students entering the 10th grade and following thru to the 12th…100%!

    You moved the issue to State wide numbers when we’re talking only about CO. In fact Roosevelt High by where I grew up once had 20% of 9th graders graduate…20% so those number are true. The issues surrounding those numbers aren’t part of the CO discussion. Can’t you stay on point? To make the assertion that somehow I’m bagging on Latinos is what makes you an imbecile. No statement could be further from the truth. Damien’s last three class top senior students were in fact Latinos. This year’s Latino Monster was accepted to EVERY SINGLE IVY, PULS MIT, PLUS PLUS PLUS…HE’LL ATTEND YALE. Last year’s LATINO MONSTER WAS CLAIMED TO BE THE SMARTEST KID TO EVER WALK DAMIEN SOIL. So how am I bagging on Latinos when two of my kids will be IVY Level?

    As far as your IB program what would be of interest in the racial breakdown in that program. Maybe you know the stats there as well. You say you’re an educated man with a daughter who teaches yet you can’t stay on point. I’ll go to CO today or tomorrow and find out for myself. I’ll also ask for the District numbers. They’re public record and report back.

    I do find it odd that COCF you talk out of both sides of your mouth. You blame Latinos for test score but deny Damien is a better academic environment. You assert that the IB program in on par with the best Damien has to offer but yet complain about 20% of the students leaving, wouldn’t that actually bring up test scores?

    COCF I don’t know why it offends you for me to say Damien is at the top in academics in the Valley, when you can’t say who’s better. Webb at 38k a year probably? But that 38k! After that it’s who? CO? doubt it. Sorry that offends you.

    Here’s one last stupid COCF comment for you…you said since Damein doesnt take the STAR test we have no way of knowing blah blah…

    Yes we do…college acceptances! That’s my point! Doesn’t matter that you can’t afford Cal or UCLA or Northwestern…the point is you GOT IN!!!

    Thought you knew!

  • Football Fan

    To Maybe just Maybe. Every School has it’s good point’s and it’s bad. There are some that are just bad enviorment all together. Damien and Amat have been steady over the year’s. How about st. Francis and Pasadena La Salle along with the New Cathedral High School in downtown LA. Bosco tech is on a downward spiral. Bosco Tech stoped their 5 year program and their enrollment is way down under 600 kids for the first time in a while. The Academics are still good but not great. Bosco’s Athleteic program is a joke. Salesian does it’s job where they are at but, The Academics are bad and anyone who could afford tuition would not send their Son’s there. Cathedral High school is College Prep with a New 18 million Dollar Science Center and one of the top 5 Computer Labs in Calif. cathedral also offer’s Television Studio production on Phantom TV. Loyola is Loyola and is always a good School. Again,everyone has their nitch. Good luck to all.

  • Props to Cathedral

    Football Fan I couldn’t agree more. A friend of mine who has a son at Bosco and played on a Travel team with my son said the Principal was stabbed by a kid while on campus recently. The Dad said the kid told his son prior to doing it and his son didn’t warn the Principal. Imagine that? My brother went to Bosco and it’s been having gambling, loan sharking and other problems for almost 25 years with little fan fare. My other brother’s fiend was a former HC there and he’s a solid guy but whatever is going on there is just crazy. Too bad as Bosco has a great piece of land yet

    Cathedral is another side of the equation. My brother was a coach there and a nephew just graduated this year from there. He was admitted to St. John’s but decided to stay local. The Phantoms are hitting on al cylinders for sure after almost having the ground sold from underneath them. Props to the Alumni who made Cathedral a monster in the making on that small piece of land.

    Salesian’s education has always placed tons of kids in upper their schools across the nation, from Harvard to Stanford to USC to Michigan as long as I’ve known. Salesian is a one stop school that serves a particular population. They do what they do. One former Soccer player was named Ivy League player of the Week twice this year…so it still happens.

    As far Loyola, they are not a good school but a great school, as their graduation admits reflect.

    Someone in the Fish Bowl once said “WHat has Cathedral done?” when I said area teams should schedule them, well now we know. I still think Salesian and Azusa would make for a great game as would Charter Oak and Serra. We’ll see.

  • Props to Cathedral

    Football Fan I couldn’t agree more. A friend of mine who has a son at Bosco and played on a Travel team with my son said the Principal was stabbed by a kid while on campus recently. The Dad said the kid told his son prior to doing it and his son didn’t warn the Principal. Imagine that? My brother went to Bosco and it’s been having gambling, loan sharking and other problems for almost 25 years with little fan fare. My other brother’s fiend was a former HC there and he’s a solid guy but whatever is going on there is just crazy. Too bad as Bosco has a great piece of land yet

    Cathedral is another side of the equation. My brother was a coach there and a nephew just graduated this year from there. He was admitted to St. John’s but decided to stay local. The Phantoms are hitting on al cylinders for sure after almost having the ground sold from underneath them. Props to the Alumni who made Cathedral a monster in the making on that small piece of land.

    Salesian’s education has always placed tons of kids in upper their schools across the nation, from Harvard to Stanford to USC to Michigan as long as I’ve known. Salesian is a one stop school that serves a particular population. They do what they do. One former Soccer player was named Ivy League player of the Week twice this year…so it still happens.

    As far Loyola, they are not a good school but a great school, as their graduation admits reflect.

    Someone in the Fish Bowl once said “WHat has Cathedral done?” when I said area teams should schedule them, well now we know. I still think Salesian and Azusa would make for a great game as would Charter Oak and Serra. We’ll see.


    Football Fan,
    Sad to hear that about Bosco. It has been a while since I’ve heard good or bad on Bosco . I do recall something about a stabbing incident but only what I read in the paper. Didn’t know they cut out the 5 year program. That was a great program while it lasted . Can you imagine the Church was ready to close Cathedral many years back but the alumni headed by Henry Alfaro of channel 7 fame any many others brought the school back to life . Great move on their part . I think that what truely separates a private vs public is the strength of the alumni . You just don’t have that same fire and loyalty with the alumni of public schools as you do with privates and mainly the Catholic high schools. Maybe the Bosco alumni will come to the aid of their school. As far as enrollment being down I think that has more to do more with economy then anything else. All the privates are feeling that pain.


    Hey D-face,

    I notice that you have conceded the point about shooting the jumper like a fruit. I’m glad you’re finally facing up to the truth.

    p.s. TKE sucks

  • just askin

    what’s TKE?

  • King of Beers

    Not sure. Better ask the fruits at Sigma Nu.

  • dude you’re obsessed

    yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnn !


    Shut up D-Face!

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