Semifinal Results: Glendora wins on Smigelski’s walk-off homer in the 7th, 2-1; South Hills beats No. 2 La Canada 3-1; Bonita softball loses 1-0 in eight innings to Ayala; Bonita baseball crushes San Gorgonio, 13-4

Glendora advances: It was classic Glendora High School baseball. The Tartans usually get solid pitching, backed with good defense, and then let someone step up offensively. That someone was senior Jacob Smigelski, who with one swing of the bat has Glendora where it’s never been before – the CIF-Southern Section finals. Smigelski homered with one out in the bottom of the seventh inning and the Tartans advanced to the school’s first appearance in the CIF-SS title game with a 2-1 victory over visiting Mira Costa in a Division 2 semifinal on Tuesday.

Bonita advances: None of the players on the Bonita High School baseball team were alive the last time the Bearcats made a CIF final. There’s a good shot none of their parents were alive as well in 1951. Needless to say, Bonita’s 13-4 victory over San Gorgonio in Tuesday’s CIF-SS Division 3 semifinal game held a bit of extra significance.

CIF-SS Playoffs Results
Tuesday’s semifinal results

Division 2

Glendora 2, Mira Costa 1 – Tartans will face Yucaipa in Saturday’s championship at 4:30 p.m., at Storm Stadium in Lake Elsinore.
Division 3
Bonita 13, San Gorgonio 4 – Bearcats will face Ocean View or Gahr in Saturday’s championship at 1 p.m., at Storm Stadium in Lake Elsinore.
Division 3
Ayala 1, Bonita 0, 8 innings — Ayala will face Warren in championship either Friday or Saturday at Deanna Manning Stadium in Irvine.
Division 5
South Hills 3, La Canada 1 – South Hills will face Whittier Christian in championship either Friday or Saturday at Deanna Manning Stadium in Irvine.

Ayala-Bonita softball game story
By Fred J. Robledo
Pitcher Chloe Wurst did everything she could to carry the Bonita High School softball team on her shoulders, dragging the top-ranked Bearcats into extra innings against fourth-seed Ayala. But Ayala pitcher Jessica Hall has broad shoulders too, carrying the Bulldogs to the CIF-Southern Section Division 3 championship with her fourth consecutive shutout of the playoffs, outdueling Wurst and the Bearcats 1-0 in eight innings in Tuesday’s semifinals. (To continue, click thread).

Hall, who will play in her first championship against Warren either Friday or Saturday at Deanna Manning Stadium in Irvine, delivered a clutch one-hitter and struck out 17.
But Hall needed her offense to deliver, something that proved just as difficult against Wurst until the bottom of the eighth arrived.
That’s when Natalie Martinez led off with a perfect bunt that crawled up third for a base hit.
After Stevie Knapp’s sacrifice bunt moved Martinez to second, Brianna Celaya took first after getting hit by a pitch.
Mary Massei, who doubled in the sixth, found another pitch she could drive, lining a shot off the fence in right-center that drove in Martinez for the game-winning run, sending the Bulldogs (28-5) to just their second championship since losing to Mater Dei in the 1998 Division I title game.
“It’s an incredible feeling that I can pull through like that,” Massei said. “Jessica pitched an amazing game, and we all did well behind her.”
Wurst struck out five of the first six she faced, finishing with 11 strikeouts while allowing just four hits, two of which came in the eighth.
Bonita got a walk in the first and a two-out double by Jacki Campa in the sixth, but that’s all they could muster against Hall, who had nine consecutive strikeouts at one point.
“It’s a tough ballgame to lose,” said Bonita coach Ken Carlson, whose team finished 25-5-1. “Chloe pitched great, but hats off to (Hall). To be the best you have to beat the best, and we came up just short. You knew it would come down to whoever blinked first.
“But either way, I’m extremely proud of how we competed, it’s just one of those games where someone has to win, and someone has to lose. Give them credit, it was their day.”
Runners were so precious, Ayala coach John Ameluxen knew he had to change things up.
“The ways these two were pitching, I finally got it through my thick head to bunt the ball,” Ameluxen said of the leadoff bunt in the eighth. “After that everything kind of fell into place.
“But I got to say, Chloe started out outstanding, her ball was moving so much. It wasn’t just the change, the movement was fantastic, it took something like this to beat her in a game where Jessica was phenomenal too. It was just a fantastic softball game to watch.”
Hall, who is headed to UCLA in the fall, was just as relieved as she was thrilled.
“I was never stressing out, but it was definitely a pitchers dual,” Hall said. “They had a great pitcher and she wasn’t going to give up, so I knew I had to give it my all and leave it all on the line.
“But it takes a team, and nothing we do surprises me, especially (Massei), she’s always clutch.”
Now a goal the Bulldogs set in February is one win away from fruition.
“You got to win it,” Hall said. “It just has to end good, that’s how you want to remember your senior year, winning a championship.”

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  • DamienScore

    Good luck to Glendora & Bonita.

  • kh

    can i put my resume in for the amat job. catholic and christain could we come forth and bring happenest to all beloved amat nation,
    i wont lose.
    would give half my pay back if we didnt win the title in my first 10 straight years,
    but want a bonus every year we cruise thru the playoffs.
    salt and pepper
    oil and vinager
    tom and jerry
    things will work them selfs out thru hard work.
    oh my lord fred and i can hang out together,that would be kool.hanging with the brass,
    i can see it now fred and i hanging at newport talking about our all-american s.s. or the stud about just alittle i will work with there rt fielder on his throwing style,send usc a monster next season,then for sure we will play in the nv-bonita pre=season bash,with honors.would love to come home and look at my sons face after we just smoked them,
    thats the kind of guy i am.will win at any steaks.
    with fred in my corner,we are on top and will finish on top.
    would try to at least get amat to div3 or 2 man would that be kool to try to denine bonita from there back to back cif rings,
    sorry kc i have a job to do.
    iam dreaming ,some body slap me.
    ok back to reality,bonita we go on a road trip ,love road trips get to see all the milfs,
    we are banged up with alot of key guys going down but like kh said all year we our a team and teams raise to the top.
    go bearcats

  • Jackboy

    Great news! Your girls softball team is still alive and playing well. South Hills baseball program lives on. You go girls!!!

    Go Bearcats.

  • SS-Softballer

    Com’on Fred you know you need a photographer at the Bonita-Ayala game… should be one of the Best games of the year..!!

    Go Bearcats..!!

  • eliasbuckwalter

    You only have one photographer? Have the writers take a camera and snap a couple of shots. What’s the big deal?

  • kh

    went on maxprep. bishop gorman ranked 9th in the co.they won 4a title 13 to 0 state champs.
    we beat the crap out of them in the cory l. trny.
    they sent down the jv squad i guess.
    like s.h.
    and glendora. chino hills
    they should of made it opt. for starters to stay home,
    i guess if we win the ring.maybe we can tell the boys its ok to smile,
    you guys keep down playing bonita baseball 11 to 1 lancaster.
    now there blaming coach smith,look in the minor parents,you have no talent, hows little jr suppose to have it,
    should of dug deeper into the pockets for those lesson.
    now we are ranked 3 in civ.3 behind beckman who lost,
    and san g. school who we play tuesday.
    no respect.

  • Rankel

    Who do you think is going to win Division 4 now considering Buena smoked La Quinta in the second round whom you thought would make it to the finals? Did you you see they beat Ocean View after 13 innings 2-1?

  • One Day At A Time

    “you have no talent how’s jr suppose to”

    ken when you make comments like that you’re an ahole. you bag on kids but ask parents not to bag on smith. your double standards are common. i hope bonita wins but only a fool looks to every one else for affirmation and repect. that might explain your insecurity. fred isn’t a baseball guy he’s a tennis, soccer and golf guy as his passionate and informative stories on those subjects reflect.

    you have one over everyone this year and maybe last as bonita is on a great two year run with Knott who’s in complete control. why ruin a good thing sticking it in every one’s face and making stupid childish remarks at everything that pops into that pickled brain of yours. allow that the first year of sobriety will make you difficult to deal with and hard to handle.

    better yet reflect on what an ass you must have been when you weren’t sober, well like i told you before…now you’re just a sober you know what.

    I was at bonita’s game and your son is about 5’7″ with serious wheels. you’re right he all charge and go, no doubt. enjoy his success but remember he’s had a huge advantage with all your MLB know how and will probably get the Mike Piazza “give me” some time down the road. Worked out for Big Mike so maybe KC will be the next David Eckstein,

    One last thing Ken all those Bonita Dads that were cheering on the team were also the parents who gave you and KC the business early on in LV L.L. remember? BTW maybe they didn’t hate you as much as saw you had issues that you’re now addressing. Best of luck enjoying the ring with your boy. IN true sincerity I wish you nothing but the best just trying to help is all.

  • socalbaseball fan

    Glendora has had a easy time into the semi-finals and now plays a 1st place team with 14 losses. They have had beter competition in the sierra league. To me looks like a Glendora vs El Toro final as I do not think rhp sr Jose Cota can hold El Toro down. CIFss finals should be a good one with both Glendora and EL Toro having their aces ready for the big one. Not sure why ET was not rated in the cifss D2 polls and they have a good team every year and play in good preseason tournaments. If they had not lost their ace to injury last year they may have won.
    As for Bonita-SG this should be a good one as SG is underated every year. Some of the SG players are playing for REV who seems to have the choice of the Highland players. SG used their #1 pitcher last gave vs Paloma Valley and not sure if the #2 starter can beat Bonita.
    Predicions Bonita 7 SG 3,El Toro 10 Yucaipa 5.

  • Baseball NUT!


    I kept telling people all season that El Toro was the real deal. I have seen them twice this season, and they too are deep in pitching. Scary thing is they have only three seniors! I picked them to win Div II.
    El Toro will give the b.b to Tyler Brashers, I think who spots a 1.4 ERA, and he isn’t their # 1 guy. GLENDORA NEEDS to win it this season, as it looks like the Chargers will be favored next season, and Glendora loses ALOT!

    Bonita, is just playing strong baseball at the right time. Their bats which pretty much carried them all season, FINALLY awoke last game, while their pitching is on fire giving up only a run a game.
    San G is usually overlooked every season becasue as you say it, REV gets the kids. But the kids they do have have played well, AND what is pretty important this time of year, is they are 16-2 AT HOME, and by the looks of CIF so far HOME has been kind to BOTH San G, and Bonita. I think the San G kids get a early lead with a home run or two, probably from Andy Crowley as they have three guys with at least 6! IF Quintana is pitching it could be a VERY good game. Both Crowley, and Elias are power hitters and BOTH are only Juniors. I saw a few innings of their game against Cajon in which they lost, but they played with poise, and that was early on.
    STILL I think Come at or about the 4th, Bonita will take their chances on the other kids, and make them beat them. Bonita scraps away,steals a few bags, and gets a key DBL form someone who will clear the bags in the 6th. Bonita then holds on and reaches their first final in years.
    BONITA 8
    SAN G 5

    Get ready for the FINALS in 95+ temp, unless its the 10:00 game, then it should be only 80+,

  • go bonita

    someone please tell me kc is a senior so we don’t have to listen to his dad & all his nonsense next year — please…

  • get lost poser

    go bonita…you claim bonita but don’t know kc’s grade status? what gives? you claim to be irritated by ken and wish him gone from bonita but don’t have enough reading comprehension to know ken’s talked about kc playing football next year.

    you’re a poser, trying to belong. trying to get ken to acknowledge you. you’re in need of attention. what’s the matter your school doesn’t want you. what’s the problem, no friends, no girl, no hobbies?

    get lost poser

  • Keep in mind SHHS

    Respect is earned, not given. No one is entitled.

  • socalbaseball fan

    SG pitcher Adam Quintana went 7 innings vs Paloma Valley and will not start. He may pitch an inning or 2 in relief. Looking at SG schedule vs the few good teams in the SAL they had trouble winning both games during the week. The SAL has only 3 good teams Colton,SGHS,and Cajon. The rest of the league would not beat most jv teams from the sierra or baseline leagues.
    San G last won a cifss title in 1977 using one pitcher the entire playoffs and in those days there was no limit to the number of innings pitched.
    To bad Yucaipa does not have sr Taijuan Walker ready to pitch vs El Toro. Walker has been among the hottest pitchers in cif pitching a no-no and 2 other games having a no-no till the 5th or 6th. Thus far he has beat defending champion Crespi and Santa Barbara both good teams. He did not pitch musch last year playing ss and got a late start this year averaging a double-double in basketball. Coach Stout said he is the best athlete he has seen in Yucaipa in his 36 years at the school. Scouts have been on his trail most of the season and he played club with the so cal bombers.

  • PR

    BHS Parent

    I know who this poser is.He is a want to be little
    league parent that bought his way for his son to
    be in the team.You started a travel team at 11
    that went no were,with a lot of bad feelings from LL parents you have not won anything,but yet all you do is prop your son on what a great player he is.So let me tell you Henley your son can not hit at this level and he does not have an arm.Be happy that Knott gives him a chance to play every now and then. So do me a favor son stop running your mouth about your son and stop running your mouth
    about KH.I also hear that you have donated a lot of money towards the BHS PROGRAM.Stop buying your way for your son, let his ability do it SON. OUT.

  • Baseball NUT!

    So Cal baseball fan,

    Your knowledge is pretty amazing, and WE ALL respect that. You talk about the SAL league, and how they have ONLY three teams and couldn’t beat the jv teams from the Sierra.
    I know that everyone thinks that the Sierra is the toughest hands down, and you have mentioned this a few times. BUT I think WE ARE ALL fogetting what a AVERAGE league the SIERRA was this year. THREE teams UNDER.500, a third place team who only got in as a WC team who ended up with 11 losses, and a # 1 seed who STILL outside of Damien has YET to face a top team. ONE TEAM does not make a league.
    I think you know Glendora got the # 1 seed based on thier record, and NOT thier opponent as did Beckman in DIV III. CIF usually make those kinds of mistakes. You mentioned that Glendora FINALLY faces a first plce team today but has 14 losses. But take a look at some of those losses. I think Mira Costa would have a 25-7 record insted of 18-14, if they played non league games like Glendora did. Nothing against the Tartans, they play who is in front of them, I’m just saying. Mira Costa has I believe three losses against teams that are still alive. This doesn’t mean I do not want Glendora to come out with the “W”, but I think I am not the only one who thinks the Sierra had a “off” year!

  • My Vote is for KH

    I say we get KH to give us updates from Bonita/San G game. Can I get anyone to second that?!!!

  • kh

    what love too.
    but i dont work for the paper,let them do there own job,
    we have are job to do ,at least they should have to do there job.cant send a reporter out to our game,thats how weak things are getting on there side,
    send roger murray out,hes the best all time sgv sports writer ever.

  • socalbaseball fan

    To Baseball Nut,
    I enjoy reading your posts as you are a great follower of hs baseball. I looked up the schedule of Chino Hills who had a losing season and here are some of the teams they have beaten this year. San Dimas,South Hills,Northwood,Damien,Dana Hills(semi-finalist D1),Diamond Bar. Even Chino has beaten some decent teams in tournaments. The only bad team was Ayala.
    As far as he SAL Pacific and San Bernardino only won 3 games this year as some wins came vs each other. Arroyo Valley did better with 11 wins.
    As far as Diamond Bar playing a wild card game all 3rd place teams in D2 played a wild card game including Yucaipa who was 21-6. DB did well on the road losing 3-2 to Chaminade who then beat Paso Robles before losing the next game. You are right about Glendora and their easy schedule and they will have to beat El Toro to win the title and ET will have TJ Kendzora. I will be at the ET-Yucaipa game and will report the score.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Softball Picks

    South Hills is on a mission and will face their toughest test today with Oleary in the circle for La Canada.South Hills has proven they can hit just about any pitcher and a emotionally charged season is probably their inspiration. These two teams met last year with La Canada winning the game but South Hills was able to muster up four runs on OLeary. My gut tells me their a better hitting team today as they pull off the upset in a slugfest type of game.

    Bonita on the other hand faces the terminator in Jessica Hall from Ayala who no doubt is every bit as good as they say she is. The Ucla bound pitcher will have a stellar career at the next level but as history has shown us in the past where stranger things can happen its still high school ball. The bearcats seem to have the softball gods on their side with all the stars in the universe aligned. It will make for a good bed time story as the other lefty wins the battle today and will be able to share it with the grand kids on how she beat the great Jessica Hall in the D-3 semis.


    Valencia 6 Margarita 2
    Corona 5 Oxnard 2


    Temecula V. 5 Lakewood 3
    Upland 4 Redlands 3


    Bonita 2 Ayala 1 in 9innings
    Chino Hills 3 Warren 2


    North 4 Buena 1
    Torrance 8 Santa Monica 1


    Village Christian 2 Whittier Christian 1 in 12innings

    South Hills 6 La Canada 5

  • DB

    Good Luck South Hills!!! Girls you are on a roll and I wish nothing but the best for you. Keep those bats hot and Syd I hope you pitch a heck of a game!

  • You gotta be kidding

    Are you kidding. Bonita is is one of two baseball teams in SGV playing for a spot in CIF championship and you guys can’t send a reporter. Real interesting that you were able to send Steve down to Torrance for the Bishop Amat game (I guess you thought you going to witness a great CIF run….haha), but can’t seem to find even an intern to go to San Bernardino. I guess KH doesn’t generate enough blog hits to justify sending a reporter.

  • AMAT 73

    Cool down a bit . The game against Torrance was at Rio Hondo so Steve really didn’t have that far to drive to witness our loss. Now I do agree that someone from the paper should make the drive to cover Bonita’s game today . Local team playing for a chance to go to the finals. Makes all the sense in the world to have a rep there.

  • The truth when spoken, often hurts…..

    Kidding – Your absolutely right. Now how does that make you feel?

  • Bohi

    Bonita puts up 4 in first

  • GHS

    Mira Costa up 1-0 after 1

  • Kidding

    makes me feel like Bonita will be in CIF final, while your school will not.

  • Basic


    I’m refreshing more than usually to get updates on the Bearcats, and then you go and throw the “no-no” word out there regarding the Lady Bearcats and Ayala, you’re killing me…

    Does anyone have any updates on the Boys???

  • Kimbo Slice (of Reality)

    HELLO! Any updates on the Glendora game?

  • bohi

    Bohi up 5-2 after 2 1/2

  • Come on update SH

    Well since the paper doesn’t care about SH…thought I would update ya!

    1-1 tie in the 6th!

  • bohi

    up 6-2 heading to 5th


    SHHS WINS GOING TO THE BIG SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bohi

    6-4 Bohi after 5

  • Basic


    I hope you give us all the details on that 1-0 Bonita – Ayala game…

    Lady Bearcats, Congrats on a Great year and you made Bonita and La verne proud…

    Now it’s up to the boys to keep it rolling

  • Bohi

    Bohi up 8-4 in bottom of 6th

  • Bohi

    10-4 Bohi in 7th

  • socalbaseball fan

    In one of the best high school games I have seen Yucaipa hs came from behind and beat El Toro 7-5. The game would come down to which ace could win the game in relief.
    El Toro in the 1st inning with 2 outs got 2 big breaks when the Yucaipa 1b Wyatt Padgett made a great effort chasing a foul ball down the line and dropping it when hitting the ground. The El Toro batter than hit a solid single giving the Chargers a 1-0 lead. Another bad hop single that at the last moment jumped over SS Grady Espinosa should have been the last out. However after this ET loaded the bases and a bases clearing gapper scored 3 runs and the game looked like a rout in progress. However the T-Birds scrapped for runs and tied the game in the 4th inning 4-4. After the top of the 5th inning ET scored a run on 2 walks and led 5-4. In the bottom of the 5th El Toro had to bring in their ace TJ Kendzora after runners on 1-3 with no out. He was able to get Padgett out on a pop fly and induced Taijuan Walker to hit into a double play. However in the 6th inning Yucaipa was able to tie the game on some solid hits and a near 3 run homer that was caught at the wall To start the 7th Coach Jeff Stout decide to bring in ace Walker who retired the side in order. In the bottom of the 7th Kendzora got 2 quick out and then walked Walker. Up came #5 hitter 3b sr Matt Hardison who unloaded on a fast ball from Kendzora which had home run from the moment he hit the ball. The huge Yucaipa crowd erupted in happiness and El Toro was stunned.
    Walker pitched one inning and will be able to go 9 innings in the finals in Lake Elsinore.

  • HuskyFan

    Nobody Cares
    Nobody cares about softball.And that’s a fact.Lets talk football Freddie……

  • Aaron

    How about that complete game for Brian Tuttle. Good bats today, let’s keep it rolling. One o’clock down in Elsinore…ouch. When is the Glendora game?

  • kh

    man bhs
    are the same guy who hates kh?
    now your on our soph.dads ass
    these guys know more baseabll then 3/4 of the whole valley/
    nothing but classie family from granddad,to dad to little jr.
    not kool calling us bonita parents out on the blog.
    we are getting closer every game.
    if he did denate some funds ,match if you can.
    he pickup guys like me who are in the construction business,
    it will all turn ,am working on my life to make my sons life a little easier.
    leave us bear cat parents out of your bad thaughts plaese.
    his boy riped a shot in todays win over san g and he will and i will be going to to the finales sat.were u going to be.

  • Jackboy

    Congrats to Glendora and Bonita both of the valleys premier class acts teams and Managers. KC Huth Nice job hitting today way to go deep! Also great job Brian Tuttle on the mound. Great to see a class act team play ball.
    Well done both

  • socalbaseball fan

    Glendora and Yucaipa will play at 4:00 pm Lake Elsinore. Should be a great game with Glendora pitching Plutko and Yucaipa Walker. Yucaipa had little trouble hitting fast ball throwing TJ Kendzora of El Toro. El Toro starts 2 freshmen along with only 2 seniors not counting Kendzora. El Toro starter jr rhp Tyler Brashears is a 3/4 quarter sidearm pitcher who throws everything at the knee level and creates a lot of ground balls. He has a decent change up and no other pitch. ET will be a top 10 and possible 5 if they can find some throwers.
    Yucaipa will only return 4 starters plus Kevin Davidson who was injured most of the year. They will have to develop some pitchers or they could have problems next year.

  • SGV Baseball Fan

    Congrats to BONITA & GLENDORA, keeping the SGV tradition of baseball excellence alive & headed to the CIF Championships in Div. II and Div III.

    Today, BONITA’s Brian Tuttle was in control all 7 innings. The game was not as close as the score indicates; yes, I said that. The San G Spartans scratched across a couple of runs, one on a Bearcat mental mistake and the other 3 were, I believe, all unearned.

    By contrast, the Bearcats, behind Tuttle, started hitting in the first inning & never stopped. They jumped on San G and took the large crowd right out of the game. Tuttle, when he wasn’t painting the black with off speed, money pitches, spotted his blazing fastball right where catcher Mark Lindsay had his mitt. Tuttle was an eyelash from having 3, yes 3, pick offs.

    To list the big hitters would be to just recite the lineup card, but props to EVAN HIGHLEY, MATT RODRIGUEZ, BRANDON MURFETT and the ever poplular KC HUTH. It should be noted that on HUTH’s home run, he had first squared around to bunt, drew the bat back, & launched the ball over the left field fence much to the shock of the charging, San G third baseman & most everyone else. ( my .02 on your little discussion here; who cares, KC is all that matters, like the other student athletes. He’s playing because of his skill not because of any other reason, or else you do not know John Knott. Parents are invaluable to high school sports but this is not really about parents. This is the kids time, let them have it)

    BONITA advances and let’s all give props to the coach & his very able assistants. I know that everyone at BONITA also wishes the best of luck to GLENDORA in their finals also. Now wouldnt’ that be nice? Two CIF Div. titles from schools only about 5 miles apart?



    Wow, Bonita is going to play for the RING! Way to go Bearcats..

    Who would have thought that with all the “I guys” gone, that this team would advance to earn the chance to win on Saturday.

    I guess coaching does matter and hats off to Coach John, Coach Dave, and Coach Mitch. Solid as they come with a huge resume in knowing how to bring a group of young men together to believe in themselves. Win or Lose, they won this year!

    Good Luck and enjoy the moment..

  • Trojan Man

    Congrats Glendora !

  • Jackboy

    Right on kh.
    This PR. Guy as he so bravely calls himself is a hater. He hates the idea that his kid who shall remain nameless because its a classless mostly jealous person who picks a name out of thin air. PR, your kid was a good little league player. Calling out some kid who just shot past your son in the talent category is petty and demeaning to your own son. Sounds like you have some jealousy issues. So PR, just get over it these things happen! Good luck to your son and dont give up on him It doesnt help his cause; it only makes the rest of us feel sorry for him.
    PS, PR, I dont think the Henley family has ever produced a want to be Little League coach
    On the contrary, All the male Henleys above the age of 21 in this family have played Pro Baseball!
    Fact; Every one of them have been offered, or have managed minor league Baseball teams.
    Fact: Two of the three are still involved in Baseball, Professional and High School.
    Everything Ive heard about this kid and his family has been positive.

    So, PR work with you son, give him a positive mental attitude, If he doesnt improve enough to play next year, its not the end of the world for him. Just encourage him to be happy in life and not to be a jealous old man like yourself, because you wouldnt want that to happen, would you?

    Go Bearcats, Go Tartans.

  • Baseball NUT!

    ONE game left!

    What a FUN season it was not only for baseball, BUT for having fun in here as well.

    What a difference a year makes.

    El Toro loses ONLY three guys so NEXT season they shuld be the favorite, in DIV II

    S/H the reigning champ, but losses Klena, and it comes back to hur them EVEN with all that underclass talent.

    Bonita, having one of their best teams in 20 years LAST season, has NO expections, AND GOES ALL THE WAY THE FINALS.

    Amat has the BEST pitcher, and best talent, YET once again they falter, when it counts most.

    Glendora, who before last season was barely a .500 team for close to a decade. Then bam! their pitching matures, and they GO 26-2 heading to the FINALS!

    Mater Dei, heads to CIF with TEN losses and crushes everyone in front of them.

    Dana Hills is IN THE FINALS as a “At Large” team

    Edison, the pre season # 1 in the nation losses 9, and goes out in the FIRST round!

    Yucaipa, Glendora’s opponent, losses their BEST two from last year when they were ranked in the TOP 15 in the country, make it to the FINALS.

    Also can we agree that CIF knows nothing about rankings! ONLY THREE OF 20 TOP 4 SEEDS ARE ALIVE. GLENDORA IN DIV II, PALM DESERT IN IV, AND WOODCREST CHR.IN DIV V. That’s two # 1’s and a 2, and thats it!

    Goes to show ” On ANY given day!”


    Since Max Preps came out with their EARLY TOP 25 for FOOTBALL, I am heading to that thread. Leaving BASEBALL NUT!, till Febuary. Time to change back to my football name GameDay@USC!

    Nice job everyone!!!!!!

  • DamienScore

    To Glendora and Bonita,Good luck in the finals. Make the SGV proud.

    Until next season. A sweet good-bye.

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to both Bonita and Glendora on making it to the finals. Good luck to both and bring the championships home to SGV .

  • Aaron

    Read the article from the Sun’s staff writer in the Prog this morning. The part where he says: “He[Quintanta] went 2 for 2 at the plate with a double but labored on the mound, giving up five runs on eight hits in three innings before being ejected from the game in the bottom of the third inning after a verbal altercation with Bonita catcher Mark Lindsay at home plate after a failed double-steal attempt.” The kid didn’t come up to Mark after he got tagged out, he walked away, came back and got in the Umpire’s face. I don’t think he said anything but he got to close for comfort as if challenging the ump. That’s why he was thrown out of the game.

  • fan

    Go Bearcats! bring it home.

  • Set The Record Straight

    Bonita’s last appearance in the CIF finals was 1974. Yes, they won it in 1951 vs. Escondito but they got there in ’74 and lost to Hemet 3-2 under the old 2-A division. Maybe the article in the paper today needs an update?

  • Eraser Journalism

    Ever wonder why the Tribune is written in “erasable ink”…lmao!

  • GHS Parent

    Nice Going Peter Rodriguez, Peter, these are high school kids playing a baseball team. How do you think this kind of jealous garbage makes this kid feel? How about the team? Did you ever give this some thought or are you just stupid? Doesnt your son play on the same team as this kid? (Teammates) Whats up? All we keep hearing is Bonita is supposed to be a class act program! Nice Going PETER! Now we know how much class you have. We hope the rest of the Bonita parents have more.May 31, 2010 4:41 PM