Baseball: Time to think about postseason awards, nothing more difficult than coach of the year

Let’s face it, Glendora coach Dan Henley and Bonita’s John Knott deserve every award you can give them for how they have led their teams this season. Glendora is playing for its first championship in the school’s history, and arguably in the Southern Section’s most difficult division, earning the undisputed tag as the Valley’s best team so far. But then there’s Bonita, playing for its first since title since 1951, which came before the Dodgers moved here from Brooklyn. That’s just crazy. When you think about how many impact players the Bearcats lost, it’s just crazy. I can still remember Knott weeping on the field following the loss to South Hills last year. I really think he thought they let an opportunity slip away that might not come back for a while. Who knew? Hopefully there will be a good Valley turnout at the Diamond in Lake Elsinore, with Bonita going at 1 p.m., followed by Glendora at 4:30 p.m., games that we will live blog for all of you. Player of the year, that’s a tough call too. So much has happened in the final weeks that everything is up for grabs, including all the first-team area spots. We’ve got a few days before Saturday’s championship, so go ahead, looking for a player of the year, two pitchers, four infielders, three outfielders, a utility and catcher.

Saturday’s championships
At the Diamond, Lake Elsinore
Division 3

Ocean View vs. Bonita, 1 p.m.
Division 2
Yucaipa vs. No. 1 Glendora, 4:30 p.m.

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  • Don

    I’m giving YOU guys an award here too. Henley, Plowman, Paradez, Highley, Ryan, Nico, . . . wait, that’s LAST year’s team.

    Says it all about the Trib’s coverage of Bonita’s run this year.

  • observer

    Some key guys that deserve attention…

    Adam Plutko quite obviously the best pitcher in the SGV and probably the earliest pick in the June draft…
    Jacob Smigelski has been big all year for Glendora playing a great left field.. Made a great sliding catch in the game yesterday to save a run or two.. Swings the bat really well… Also, he is 8-0 for Glendora as a pitcher…
    John Alexander is one of the top juniors in the Valley.. He crushes the ball and for someone with a 6’6″ frame he has some wheels…
    Joe Winterburn has led GHS in BA and OBP while playing catcher…
    And finally, Joseph Woodward who has been on Varsity all four years. Hitting over .400 and has stolen a good amount of bases this year. He is a natural in the batter’s box. I’d say if you are looking for a top flight second baseman for that 1st team, Woodward makes an excellent choice. You have to see him play to appreciate it, or just look at that Batting Average…

  • Aaron

    P-Brian Tuttle
    C-Mark Lindsay
    1B-Evan Highley
    RF-KC Huth

    I really don’t know too much else of the Bearcats roster. But the two games I’ve seen says throw in all of the starters to be recognized. But based on defensive play from those four they should be 1st team in my eyes.

  • Observer

    Dan Henley is the most dedicated coach I have seen in years. He truly cares about his players and wants the best for them. He spends his days off working on the field. He is on that baseball field 7 days a week, making sure it is the best playing surface possible. Kudos on such a great season Glendora! It says something being that I am a Bonita fan and I am giving Coach Henley the kudos.

  • WOW

    Don – I noticed the same think. I saw a pic of Nico and fell over. Nice job Tribune. Geez. I know we are not BA, but we are the team still playing along with GLendora. At least put a current pic up.

  • Ok Mr. Woodward – LOL

    Eric Lewis out hit Woodward in league and overall, with less k’s and more walks.

    Natural hitters don’t rack up the k’s like that, especially if you’re in the first or second hole.

    No brainer!

  • Aaron

    Wow I just noticed that right now, good eye there Don.

  • Coaching Matters

    John Knott should win this award given the simple fact he lost so many players last year.

    Glendora is stacked and should win with just a little help from Henley. If you look at Henley past records, pretty poor when he had to coach with less!

    But Knott, we’ll the proof is in this year team!

  • Step UP


    Get this picture fixed and award the Bonita kids that played this year! I am in shock over this ERROR by the tribune..

  • Go SGV

    Interesting post here sports fans!!!!

    Baseball NUT! said:
    ONE game left!
    What a FUN season it was not only for baseball, BUT for having fun in here as well.
    What a difference a year makes.
    El Toro loses ONLY three guys so NEXT season they shuld be the favorite, in DIV II
    S/H the reigning champ, but losses Klena, and it comes back to hur them EVEN with all that underclass talent.
    Bonita, having one of their best teams in 20 years LAST season, has NO expections, AND GOES ALL THE WAY THE FINALS.
    Amat has the BEST pitcher, and best talent, YET once again they falter, when it counts most.
    Glendora, who before last season was barely a .500 team for close to a decade. Then bam! their pitching matures, and they GO 26-2 heading to the FINALS!
    Mater Dei, heads to CIF with TEN losses and crushes everyone in front of them.
    Dana Hills is IN THE FINALS as a “At Large” team
    Edison, the pre season # 1 in the nation losses 9, and goes out in the FIRST round!
    Yucaipa, Glendora’s opponent, losses their BEST two from last year when they were ranked in the TOP 15 in the country, make it to the FINALS.
    Also can we agree that CIF knows nothing about rankings! ONLY THREE OF 20 TOP 4 SEEDS ARE ALIVE. GLENDORA IN DIV II, PALM DESERT IN IV, AND WOODCREST CHR.IN DIV V. That’s two # 1’s and a 2, and thats it!
    Goes to show ” On ANY given day!”
    Since Max Preps came out with their EARLY TOP 25 for FOOTBALL, I am heading to that thread. Leaving BASEBALL NUT!, till Febuary. Time to change back to my football name GameDay@USC!
    Nice job everyone!!!!!!
    June 2, 2010 6:59 AM

  • valley ball

    robledo is so up on Amats jock that he doesnt care about anyone else.

  • thanks

    thanks for changing pic.

  • Eagle Eye

    Caption for Picture

    Oh My! your but is so nice! ummm and firm…

  • Tough Noogies

    Here’s the thing:

    Knott has done it the right way. Home grown talent and he really has the kids going. Instead of a huge let down he galvanized the team like no one else in the Valley. Glendora has been incredible, but that’s what you would expect with arms like that. Still it some odds to reconcile all that Henley’s gotta go talk with his masterful handling of a team that finally got paid attention to the game rather than play games in the stands and in the dugout. What role WG had or would have had baffles the mind. Oh well best that everyone moved on from that fiasco.

    Fred it might be time to give both Henley and Knott Co COY.

    There also has to be an award for Ken Huth. The man believed like no other and said from Day One Bonita would be in the Championship Game based on the chemistry, hard work and talent that he say with his trained eye. He wasn’t a cheerleader parent he really knew his stuff.

    As far as POY….wow Plutko seems like the logical choice now but Paez was unreal all year and ..well….that’s going to generate the first 300 comment thread I’m sure.

    Fred, have you ever spoken to Ken Huth? Seems like you missed out on Bonita big time!

  • HardBall

    Knott is AWESOME! He has done everything right and always has. Bonita is truly a BASEBALL school now. Good job Knotter.

  • AMAT 73

    I had said this about our football team this past season and I think it goes for the Bonita team also . I say give the POY to the Bonita team . From reading all the posts this season and taking into account kh’s outlook this has to be the ultimate team performance this year . Nobody but kh had these kids penciled to be playing for the title . Maybe since I am not speak of AMAT it will make some sense this time . Yes there were and still are some fine individual accomplishments but what this Bonita team has done is really something magical. COY no doubt Coach Knott of Bonita. Let’s hope their run continues and they bring the title home to the SGV.

  • Tough one…

    Henley has done a fantastic job, but it was expected. Knott has done this when people didn’t even think they would win the Miramonte, let alone, make it to the CIF final. I think both teams win on Saturday, but Knott gets the COY.

  • kh

    eagle eye.
    your a sick puppy.
    a pad on the back or ass is what athlete really play the game for,its not for money,frame or fortumes.
    cant believe you said that,thats just not right,
    what it means to me,a ex minor leaguer.
    is respect from your fellow teammates.
    thats it.
    matt r is what i was saying about bonita all year,we have depth on the roster,theres to more kids on the pitching staff k.p. b.m.
    when called apond,awnsered the door and closed it behind them too.
    we just keep picking each other up every game.thats the making of a championship closing. go bearcats

  • socalbaseball fan

    Here are Baseball America’s top 10 so-cal prep pitchers in the upcoming draft.
    1. Dylan Covey Maranatha hs
    2. Peter Tago Dana Hills
    3. Aaron Sanchez Barstow
    4. Griffin Murphy REV
    5. Taijuan Walker Yucaipa
    6. Scott Frazier Upland
    7. Adam Plutko Glendora
    8. Zach Weiss Northwood
    9. Gabe Encinas St Paul
    10. Cody Buckle Royal


    KH, what the h*ll??? “FRAME, FORTUMS, etc. HAHAHAHAHAHAH…. My man, go and enroll yourself at BONITA, and please take some type of english course. YOUR KILLING US SMALLS!


  • Amat Fan

    John Knott is the obvious choice for COY. No disrespect to Henley but we all knew Glendora was going to go far before the year started due to their pitching. Bonita lost 2 kids who were drafted and also their ace on the mound. Great job by Knott and his staff.


    It is that time of the year to pick the All-Area team. Since there is no other way to determine verifiable stats other than Maxpreps I have picked my team from that. I know there may be better players out there but how is anyone to know without letting everyone know. Also, just because you are on a good team does not mean you are the best player at a given position in fact I believe it hurts you. Why? Beause if you are a good hitter on a good team it stands to reason that you have a lot more protection in the lineup than say someone on a lesser team with no protection. Who is getting to see better pitches? The kid on the better team with better protection behind him or the other one who is probably seeing 3-0 knuckballs and curves because who cares if they walk him their is no one left to drive him in or how about the guys on teams with great pitching like Glendora, if their hitters had to face Plutko – Cage and Smigelski where would their batting averages be? The kid on a lesser team had to face those guys so he is probably the better individual player in my book. Since this an individual award not a team award we have to keep that in mind. So that said, here is my All-Area team.

    Coach of the year
    John Knott – Bonita
    After what he lost from last years team to do he did this year is unreal.

    Christain Huerta – (Sierra Vista – Mountain League MVP)
    .514 BA – 35 Runs – 36 Hits – 38 RBI’s – 8 HR’s
    10-2 – 1.18 ERA – 71.1 IP – 37 H – 20 BB – 126 K’s

    Adam Plutko – Glendora (UCLA Ride)
    9-1 – 1.28 ERA – 60 IP – 31 H – 16 BB – 94 K’s
    Paul Paez – Bishop Amat (USD Ride)
    13-2 – 0.92 ERA – 84 IP – 47 H – 24 BB – 148 K’s

    Derek Goodwin – Diamond Ranch (Sacramento State Ride)
    .409 BA – 14 R – 38 H – 25 RBI’s – 3 HR’s

    Kenny Matthews – Diamond Bar (Cal State Fullerton Ride)
    .471 BA – 23 R – 40 H – 19 RBI’s – 3 HR’s
    7-3 – 1.73 ERA – 73 IP – 52 H – 15 BB – 91 K’s

    Rouric Bridgewater – Diamond Ranch (Miramonte League MVP)
    .580 BA – 37 R – 51 H – 41 RBI’s – 10 HR’s
    Rio Ruiz – Bishop Amat (USC Ride)
    .528 BA – 35 R – 36 H – 38 RBI’s – 4 HR’s – 12 SB
    Robert Meir – Bonita
    .438 BA – 36 R – 39 H – 31 RBI’s – 7 HR’s – 6 SB
    John Alexander – Glendora
    .381 BA – 27 R – 32 H – 27 RBI’s – 5 HR’s

    Jay Anderson – Bishop Amat
    .340 BA – 30 R – 32 H – 23 RBI’s – 4 HR’s – 8 SB
    Matt Gelalich – Bonita
    .514 BA – 43 R – 38 H – 20 RBI’s – 3 HR’s – 9 SB

    It is a toss up for the last spot between
    DJ Wallace – Charter Oak
    Chester Pak – Diamond Bar
    Jacob Smigelski – Glendora
    Bobby Oatman – Damien

    I know some of the South Hills guys had to have a good season but better? Good player on a good team but better individual players?

    Let the games begin —

  • observation

    Another indicator of just how tough Div II is. Of the the top 10 draftable socal pitchers, 5 of them came from Div II. POY Plutko, COY Knot.
    Where is Paez?

  • Amat 73 had it right once before

    Amat 73 you bring up a great point comparing Bonita’s team to Amat’s Football team. I’d say for the record that Amat’s “run” was more impressive. That’s not a disrespect to Bonita who is doing it the right way but Amar did it against better competition and far exceeded anyone expectations.

    Bonita had talent but for some reason wasn’t recognized because Fred, like others,, don’t know the game or are just penciling teams ahead of them. Obviously they had the goods. Amat on the other hand just flat out got coached up, played up and delivered huge!

    To say otherwise is crazy. Futhermore how Hagerty doesn’t win COY is as stunning as Cody winning National POY and Tribune Player of the Decade but not winning POY his senior season after being a one man wrecking crew on both sides of the ball.

    Last year it would have been nice to have Amat’s “team” as POY but then that would mean everyone who have to suspend their “homerism” and acknowledge the bigger picture. Everyone bags on me first type players but when a “team” as Bonit and Amat have shown, really merit a higher distinction everyone says, “NO WAY!!!”


    POY…Bonita Team

    Has SI ever had a “team” named Sportsmen of the Year? I think they have right?


    I know that a lot of the bloggers on this site are OC and SGV homers so Yucaipa has not gotten much love throughout the tourney. There has not been anyone who has not looked past each Yucaipa game, yet here they are in the D2 Championship. With that said, I think that Coach Stout of Yucaipa has to get some consideration for Coach of the Year. For a team that has gotten such little respect, he has brought them a long way. That coaching staff really gets the most out of that team. Although Walker is mentioned most when referring to Yucaipa, they play team baseball and it seems as if there is a different standout each and every game.

    I think SoCal baseball left a name off of that Pitchers list. Carter High Schools Steven Landazuri has got to be on there. He is very polished.



    CONGRATS TO GLENDORA AND BONITA. I hope you both win CIF and carry the pride of SGV baseball to CIF glory. You have done it all year the right way so keep it up. SAN GABRIEL VALLEY BASEBALL IS FOR REAL!!

  • stats

    Look as much we want our kids to win POY or etc. It comes down to there stats. As for pitchers well stats should determine who gets it. I mean come on Fred it is not who wins cif or not it is who stats are the best overall. Not who you like or you think should get it. It is who stats are best overall. Who they played against to get those stats. Let just be fair. I know the Bonita and Glendora kids will get threr props but come on South Hills and Amat, Nothview also have great players. There numbers a great and the players should also be consider for the Great SGV team wich really is just for show I guess. For instants check Rio Ruiz numbers look good. Check Paez numbers they look great they both had a great year. So just check and do your research and consider all the players for SGV.

  • Don

    Coach of the Year: If Glendora and Bonita both bring home championships the nod probably goes to John Knott who has done an amazing job rebuilding after losing so much talent to graduation (7 players gone from last year who provided about 70% of the offense and 80% of the pitching) and bringing the team so far. In over 40 years of following the game I cannot remember ever seeing a High School Coach better at teaching the game.

    Dan Henley, on my short list of top flight Coaches in the area, has done a masterful job dealing with stuff at Glendora that would frankly drive a lesser man over the edge. No community in our area has higher levels of expectation from their local school’s athletic teams than Glendora and Henley has lived with that for years. And how about dealing with FOUR stud duck Pitchers, all Seniors, all going on to play at a higher level next year, and all with families and friends who show up every day to see THEIR favorite throw. You say, nice problem to have, but you try keeping them happy and focused all year.

    Player of the Year: Still thinking this one through. As usual, the valley has an amazing amount of talent.

    All Area Team: Same thing although I will say too much is made of strictly offensive production and too little of defense and base running. It’s easy to punch up the stats of one player or another and pick the one with the best numbers but it takes a little study to find kids with an all around game and provide leadership.

  • my take

    Here we go…….

    MVP Plutko (if he wins on Saturday)
    P Paez
    P Mathews
    C Winterburn
    IF Bridgewater
    IF Ruiz
    IF Lewis
    IF Meir
    OF Anderson
    OF Pak
    OF Gelalich
    UT Smigelski

  • observer

    3 of the top 5 pitchers in the SGV are all at Glendora High School. Plutko, Smigelski and Cage all deserve consideration for All-Valley honors even though they all happen to go to the same school. Someone below said that Huerta at Sierra Vista should be player of the year. Hats off to that kid for having a great season on the mound and at the plate. However, he would not have cracked the lineup or the rotation at all if he were at Glendora. Plutko is POY in my opinion and the other two GHS pitchers should be honored as well.

  • hard work pays off

    I agree w/ Observer…Glendora is a character ball club…a class act…. a first-rate group…their dedication/determination/perseverance=young men who will enter the world knowing what it takes to succeed on every level. They demonstrate discipline every day, on and off the field. Henley, a nineteen-year veteran, who has coached in two programs, Mt. View and Glendora, has led both teams to quarterfinals and semifinals. Best wishes to all of the teams on Sat. in the finals and all of the players as they move on in life.


    Your all area team stinks. We all know your from
    D-Ranch who you fooling fool.
    You got Derek as a catcher. I think he pitched
    and played third all year. You got kids that
    struck out almost 20 times this year.
    Your Amat kid Anderson avearge one hit per game
    32 hits in 30 games played. wtf
    If your going to blog know your facts.

  • So. Cal. Scout my choice





  • Silence of the Lambs

    I have the same question here as I always have.

    When I ask people who know Henley they say he’s outstanding as a person and has a keen baseball mind. I have friends involved in Glendora’s LL program and they say the same thing, class act, solid baseball man. Yet the past couple of years all we read were one slam after another. So here’s my question, especially after reading Don’s take. Why don’t people who know otherwise speak up on behalf of men like Henley?

    No one is saying get in front of a speeding bullet but to allow a man as solid as Henley to get fried speaks volumes of the people who know him. Must sting actually knowing no one comes forward until you put together a monster team like this year’s on a Championship run.

    As Martin Luther King said:

    “In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends”

    Same on those who knew better. Lucky for Glendora Henley stuck around to see his team in a Championship Game.

    Winning doesn’t a good coach make and losing doesn’t define a man. Coaches make kids grow, believe in the righteousness of hard work, team work and development. Great coaching is about trust….Knott has “it” Leyva has “it” and I’m sure many others do as well. Let’s hope the silence is no longer deafening.

    Great job Henley!

    Maybe the less here is to have a solid working relationship with the pre high school programs as they transition kids to high school. Kudos to La Verne and Glendora. Maybe there are other programs out there that do a great job. Would be cool to hear more about those men and women who produce the Meirs, Plutkos and others.

    Don who’s the special pre high school coaches out there? Someone has to produce these kids.

  • bonitafannn

    POY Plutko
    P Paez
    P Mathews
    utility Smigelski
    C Lindsay
    if Highley
    if Mier
    if Ruiz
    if Bridgewater
    of Gelalich
    of Huth
    of Anderson

  • Old Timer

    For Observer,

    You are crazy. That Huerta kid is a stud and he would crack the lineup and the rotation at Glendora. See the problem is alot of people just cant seem to understand that a good player is a good player no matter where he plays. Huerta is a really good pitcher and probably has a great year as well at Glendora at the plate and on the Hill. I can remember years ago a kid a Gladstone (Rodriguez) Shoving it up Bonita’s A** in a CIF game as they were the Valley Vista League champs with a 15 game winning streak, Ranked #1 in the Division and Paper and he smashed them and there studs. Also remember back in the day that Starns kid at Covina (all 5ft8 of him)Shoving it up Swedlows but from San DImas (top player in Valley) and also going over to South Hills and there horse Ryan Smith and blowing the doors off them as well 2 Times. My point is, give a good player a better chance and a challenge and you would be surprised on most occasions as they will surprise you.
    Granted I dont think Huerta should be POY but damm give the kid some respect. He was a great player this year

  • socalbaseball fan

    The top 10 pitchers list came direcly from the baseball america website where draft potential comes from throwing 90 plus and having size. One of the best pitchers in the SGV is Bishop Amat Paul Paez who due to his size is not listed in the top ten. Carter’s Landazuri is a good pitcher and hitter however not in anyone list as a potential draft pick. His cousin freshmen Angel Landazuri of Redlands will be a big time pitcher the next 3 years after starting as a freshmen.
    Jeff Stout will be coach of the year in the IE section. This SGV section does not include teams in the IE. IE fan I hope you were at the El Toro-Yucaipa game as this was the best game I have seen this year and in my all time top 5.
    Good luck to the CSF titans begin regional play with 4 SGV players playing key rolls. Diamond Bar’s CF Gary Brown is out this weekend with his fractured finger. Hoepefuly he will be a first round draft pick next monday and is a semi-finalist for the Golder Spikes award as college POY. #1 pitcher for the titans is Alhambra’s Noe Ramirez who will pitch game #2. Covina’s Tyler Pill has a sore arm and is limited to playing RF where he has played well. The titans started to play well when inserting freshman 3B Richie Pedroza from Northview.

  • Steve Nebraska

    I only have 1 Question,
    What does all your Bonitas Best, Glendoras Best Rhetoric mean if they both Lose?

    Maybe we should ask the Kids from Ocean View and Yucaipa…

  • Tim

    Good observations…I can see you try to watch the games with your mind and not just your heart (not that it’s wrong to do that, but personal feelings get in the way of good judgement, esp. for parents). I agree with Coach of The Year going to Knott. He’s done a remarkable job with an unrecognizable group (not anymore) but going in yes. As the season started to come to an end and I saw teams like Northview and Bonita clinching league titles after years where they lost everyone- I came to recognize that coaches like Murphy from Northview and Knott win with whatever team they got because the teaching starts way before the season starts. A good indicater is the former players of these schools. Ask them what they think of their coaches. Henley has done a great job this year as well. The only thing with Glendora is this team was loaded and been expecting this for years now with this group. Doesn’t take away any credit, but also the Glendora boys would give ULV Coach Winterburn and CO Super. Harwick lots of credit for their development as well. These two guys run the offseason program for Glendora the last few years, so Henley’s had some help here…lots of the other coaches coach their teams year round. Kudos to Glendora for having that much help. Player of the Year has to be a Glendora or Bonita kid and the most domiant kid is probabally Plutko. Other highlight years from players need to include the D. Ranch kid Bridgewater, Matthews from D. Bar, 4-5 kids from Glendora and Bonita, Pedroza and Valenzuela from Northview, stud from Garey (could be best player in the area), Huerta from SV, Paez and Rio from Amat, and many more I’m sure…a great year, didn’t mean to leave anyone out.

  • kh

    like that picture,
    ill bet coach podley likes it to. picture perfect form for a linebacker ready to make the tackel.
    sh remember,17 tackels in the cif playoff game.
    that was a great game for the bearcats to start the season on,
    the staff should bring the whole team together and show that game to all of them,remember bonita had no business even in that game,wrong,we had that game,its over just like last season lost to sh.
    what a differents a year makes.
    tough call on all the awards to players the valley is full of studs,
    like i said theres only one award that counts in our house hold.the ring,that means all season as a team we brought it everyday ,work it, and finished it.
    kc was put into a spot in the line up all season with ropes around his feet,maybe thats why knott will be coy.two games before cif he moved him up and both kids love the move,the ropes are off and the little man showing the real ball player hes bread to be.
    in the long run john and i see the same big picture,
    theres alot in structoring a young mans future,as people know kh isnt the brightest star in the sky.would like the thank bonita brass for hanging in there its only going to get better.
    go bearcats

  • Just a Bohi Fan

    Tough job with so many good players in the area. I would think some SOuth Hills players belong, but hard to say since there are no stats as a starting point and I haven’t seen them play too much….

    1B Highly and/or Alexander
    2B Mier – terrific player and going to get better
    SS Ruiz
    3B Bridgewater – stats are mind blowing
    C Goodwin and/or Winterburn – both very well coached by their dads over the years
    OF Gelalich – Hit over .500 and his defense is amazing
    OF Anderson
    OF Smigelski – great year and a walk off HR to get Glendora to CIF final
    P Plutko
    P Matthews

    COY Knott hands down

  • socalbaseball fan

    Palm Desert who will be playing Torrance for the cifss D4 title has a first baseman/OF named Ryan Garvey son of Steve Garvey. Ryan is hitting 396 and leads the teams in home runs(6) and rbi’s 45. He is a junior and about the same size as his dad.

  • Just ask the Indians

    You know there could be substance to the knock on Henley in previous years when they said he didn’t pay as much attention to the team to go watch his kid play. That’s something only those involved at the time know for sure. From what I hear of Glendora’s team is they are well coached before getting to Glendora and during the off season and might have under performed in previous years. In fact those coaches have created the year round development for Pultko and others deserve tons of credit, maybe even more than Henley. How about the controversy when Henley left in a pitcher in the last inning as Damien scored a comeback, down 8 runs! That had to hurt team chemistry seeing a pitcher exposed like that. I mean who allows a pitcher to die on the mound lie that. Obviously no one. I read about the poor judgement of parents but for once I’d like to know if coaches are ever held accountable for poor judgement without it falling back on parents. I do recall Regan being toasted for allowing kids to do things that weren’t cool but after he won all was forgotten or forgiven. Same with Smith and his personal behavior antics that were aired out here, once he won again, all was forgiven or forgotten. That’s as true of sports as anything else…”just win baby!” Ray Lewis was involved in a double murder and rats out his friends, a no no in the Black community, and his friends were acquitted. Now he’s a NFL darling. If OJ Simpson had murdered his wife while still playing he’d have been on the field once the acquittal came back and all would have been forgotten, yet because he can’t play, he a pariah. Same goes for Big Ben and Tiger Woods who’s case if different because he generates ten fold $$$ when he’s in competition. Like I said, “Just play baby!”

    I don’t have an opinion about Henley, Smith or Regan as there are equal backers and stabbers but I will say this, the relationship between players, coaches and administrators can’t be a one way street. Even coaches are human, prone to every weakness known to man, and not every parent is out of control. Between the dram is some truth, how much we’ll ever know. Just ask the Hoyd haters who seemed out of control until the truth came out. Hoyd almost singlehandedly destroyed years of structure. Luckily that community, once thought to be out of control, proved all they needed was a good man to run things, they also proved they were right.

    I guess the point is unless you’re the one being screwed how would you know the pain of those that are, just ask the Indians.

  • Toolman

    Changing my pick COY: CO-COACHES KNOTT/HENLEY
    spend another $20 for an extra plaque!!!!!

    No matter how finals come out win or lose COY make them co-coaches Knott and Henley. Most likely Glendora will not be in this postion in a long time and they are just both very well deserving. Knott for pulling together a team that plays sound fundamental baseball and for developing 3 NEW pitchers to replace 3 pitchers (all in college or pro) and maybe being even better. And Henley for keeping all the senioritis and possible egos in check and getting them to be a team in every sense of the word. I LOVE HOW THEY COMPETE.

    Earlier post:

    Congrats to all teams winners and losers you all are all winners..

    First, without a doubt the coach of the year is Bonita Knott!!!! How do you lose 3 stud pitchers, a first round mlb pick, and other seniors, retool with inexperienced pitchers yes thats true, and win league and make this kind of run Wow

    Honorable mention coaches who had tons of pitchers coming back with experience, Damien Levya, Amat Nieto, Glendora Henley , Walnut Hoff

    Coaches award for most underachieving South Hills Smith, Diamond Bar Shibley, Diamond Ranch Francis

    More awards:
    Best blogger: Huth
    Most knowledge: Baseball nut

    Glendora I hope yall win it as those boys have worked so hard from the day they were 8 on up.

    Damien I hope you play Glendora again and make D2 an all Sierra final. Great team Great kids.

    Go SGV baseball

  • valley fan

    p-paez (era .92 ip 84, k 148, w 24, bat avg. .173)
    p-plutko(era 1.28, ip 60, k 94, w 16, bat avg. .135)

    honorable mention pitcher:

    p-mathews (era 1.73 ip 73, k 91, w 15, bat avg. .199)



    I love it when someone comes on and starts bashing without any backup or starts baggin just to get a rise out of someone. You wanted facts so here they are:


    POY – Huerta – 8
    Utility – Matthews – 11
    Catcher – Goodwin – 3
    Winterburn – 19 (that’s why I did not nominate him)
    Bridgewater – 9
    Ruiz – 10
    Meir – 10
    Alexander – 12
    Anderson – 15
    Gelalich – 11
    Toss up
    Wallace – 11
    Pak – 17
    Smigelski – 8
    Oatman – 7

    OK, so Anderson and Pak’s K’s are high and that’s why I called it a toss up for one of them but the rest are 7 – 12. Where’s the BEEF – Who’s the real FOOL now!

  • Really –

    Who is infielder lewis for all area never heard of him? Ibarra from South Hills – maybe. Any stats other than dad said so.

  • Don

    So I’m thinking about the post from stats said and I have wifi here so I hop on the Maxprep sorter and start going through the pitchers in the Southern Section by w/l % and one thing leads to another and almost 40 minutes later I end up with some stats (only) for kids from local schools. The list is missing anyone from a school who had secret stats and assumes the positions stated on Maxpreps were correct. If I missed someone I apologize, it wasn’t intentional.

    Pitchers: W-L, ERA, Strikeouts
    Paul Paez BAHS – 13-2, 0,92, 148 K’s
    Chris Huerta SVHS 102, 1.18, 126
    Adam Plutko GHS 9-1, 1.28, 94
    Jake Smigelski GHS 8-0, 0.89, 43
    Brandon McNitt BAHS 8-2, 1.70, 66
    Kenny Mathews DBHS 7-3, 1.73, 91
    Derek Penilla SDHS – 9-4, 2.74, 82 K’s

    Catcher: Avg, slg, obp, hits, runs, rbi’s, HR
    M Zurita SCHS – .531, .854, .613, 25, 16, 18,
    Noah Ingram CHS – .420, .531, .466, 34, 12, 14, 1
    Jerry McClanahan BAHS – .405, .514, .578, 30, 27, 29
    Joseph Winterburn GHS – .410, .667, .562, 32, 30, 23

    First Base: Avg, slg, obp, hits, runs, rbi’s, HR
    Evan Highley BHS – .411, .611, .429, 37, 23, 35, 2
    Aaron Henry COHS – .394,.690, .527, 28, 25, 27, 2
    John Alexander GHS – .381, .702, .465, 32, 27, 27, 5

    Second Base: Avg, slg, obp, hits, runs, rbi’s, HR
    Alonzo Garate SCHS – .486, .633, .557, 17, 14, 13, 1
    Robert Mier BHS – .438, .798, .505, 39, 36, 31, 7
    Erik Lewis DHS .419, .500, .480, 36, 22, 24,

    Third Base: Avg, slg, obp, hits, runs, rbi’s, HR
    Rouric Bridgewater DRHS – .580, 1.148, .648, 51, 37, 41, 10
    Nick Hynes CHS – .482, .783, .543, 40, 23, 24, 2
    Bernardo Zavala BAHS – .471, .549, .363, 26, 24, 30, 4

    Short Stop: Avg, slg, obp, hits, runs, rbi’s, HR
    Rio Ruiz BAHS – .528, .854, .596, 47, 35, 34, 4
    Elias Novelo SVHS – .451, .620, .517, 32, 22, 27, 2
    DJ Larios WCHS – .424, .458, .469, 25, 11, 10
    Brian Tuttle BHS – .400, .613, .466, 30, 23, 23, 3

    Outfield: Avg, slg, obp, hits, runs, rbi’s, HR
    Matt Gelalich BHS – .514, .865, ..625, 38, 43, 20, 3
    Chester Pak DBHS – .449, .692, .517, 35, 30, 16,
    Jeff Crowe DBHS – .430, .720, .505, 40, 27, 20, 3
    Bobby Oatman DHS – .429, .512, .495, 36, 23, 14
    Chris Holden COHS – .420, .681, .506, 29, 19, 20, 3
    Chris Eusebio BAHS – .417, .512, 514, 35, 33, 12, 1
    Steven Camberos LAHS – .412, .565, .429, 35, 26, 15, 1

    Sorry I ran out of time before I got through all of the permutations of outfielders, (OF, RF, CF, LF) in all the D’s. Never got around to that UTIL thing either.

  • Aaron

    Don that’s great list but to not have Mark Lindsay in the conversation for catcher and KC Huth in the conversation is wrong in my eyes. Doesn’t mean they get it but they deserve to be up there. You have a better list than I could come up with since I don’t see any of the other teams, and only having been able to see the Bearcats last two.

  • Don


    All I did was use the MaxPrep leader board sorter and work down through the various divisions at the different positions and list the guys with the best numbers at each spot. You might note I even added in some kids from Southlands Christian in Walnut, (about the same size as Lutheran High), to make a point about the levels of play in different leagues. Mark and KC are not in that rarefied group, yet. Remember, the list is about hitting #’s only.

    I did make one huge mistake using only Kenny Mathews’ pitching stats as he hit the snot out of the ball all year. My bad.

    Anyhow, KC and Mark both made enormous contributions to the BoHi team this year. Two kids with bigger hearts would be hard to find.

    Best news? They are both back next year along with Puddin’, Rob, AMac, Smurf, MattR, Heslop, Castro, Garza, Henley, and Rojas AND a JV team that won like 16 games and a Frosh squad that won even more.

    Welcome to the Hacienda.

  • just pitiful

    BA should have won last year as well as this year, but until the great USC reject Andy Nieto steps down and gives this team to someone that knows how to coach these poor kids will have to settle for second best. He was out coach last year and again this year. As everyone knows, anyone can coach this talent during regular season, but when it really counts, totally different story.

  • Paper Tigers?

    Don I’m not a baseball man but is hitting everything in baseball? How about defensive players. How about timely hitting. How about all around skill level.

    For example Jon Joe caught 12 ball his senior year and had 6 TDs. Was their a better WR in the SGV that year? Travis, Foss, and others were making noise but to me, having seen them all…the kid from Bonita and Joe were on another level.

    Point is the “best” don’t always so up on paper. Is it the same way in Baseball.

    Sorry I don’t know the kid’s name from Bonita in 06-07 but he ran beautiful routes and had incredible skills. Clearly better than anyone else…except Joe who was a freak!

  • Don

    Paper Tigers,

    Jon Joe, ahh yes, big tall lanky kid with soft hands, ran great routes. I seem to recall he liked roundball better than football. I believe the BoHi guy you are thinking of may have been Phil Aguayo, about 10 shorter than Joe but quick and could jump through the roof; caught the ball like he had a butterfly net.

    Your points about using just the hitting #’s are spot on, read what I wrote to Aaron below. What I began with was a post from a guy yesterday who posted as ‘stats’. First I began to rebut his position and then started looking at ‘just the stats’ but never finished the thought, only the stats. Here is what I typed this am before I got back and posted the ‘spread sheet’, maybe it’ll make my take clearer:

    Now that I’ve had a day to think the thing through I realize that some of these guys are quite remarkable defensively.

    Others . . . well, let’s just say some kids were just made to DH.

    Some of them like Ruiz, Eusebio, and Gelalich stole a few bases although it was clear most were saving their legs for other things. And how important is power? Are slugging numbers as important as the average? How about OBP? Then there was that ‘contribution to success’ thing, not to mention whether you ought to weigh in the level of competition and how far the team got this season and leadership and all that other jazz coaches like to talk about. Another issue is whether you really need to name guys at all of the infield positions or maybe use an spot to reward a guy who had a monster year offensively by calling it IF.

    Too much for me to process, and honestly I didn’t see enough of most of these kids, (or any of a few), to fairly judge.

    But then, that’s why the Trib pays Fred the big bucks, right? He and his trusty sidekick, SR, will process all of these and dozens more factors and come out with an impeccably well reasoned list of players based upon an inarguable mixture of objective and subjective data.

    Just like always.

  • Where are the Glove Men ?

    Don yup Phil Aguayo. Incredible routes, buttery transitions and just caught the ball as if it were a video game. Whether Mendrun or Mc D were throwing the ball somehow he made them look like old team mates, even though they were not. Jon Joe on the other hand had Larry F skills and made catches at the All Star practices that were unreal, all the while laughing and teasing team mates. What a super talent. If any kid deserved to go to Amat on scholarship it was him. Seriously whoever coached SD at the time screwed this kid, sorry that’s how I feel. 12 catches?

    Don where would Ozzie Smith’s offensive stats place him. I somehow find it hard to believe there isn’t a kid with a glove in all the SGV that just warrants inclusion.

  • kh

    i will awnser your ? about k.c. and marks stats.
    after the glendora trny,
    john decided to put a speed running behind a slower catcher.
    it didnt work for both kids,
    well after 20 games of station to station,moving mark in scoring position game after game.the numbers just werent happening.
    now in the last 5 games k.c. back in front of mark and both boys numbers are on top.marks 4 for 10 with 4 bri driving in the speed in front of him.
    and k.c. is 8 for 18 hitting 444 with 6 rbi 1 2b 1 3 run hr.
    so aaron, project those numbers over the season and both boys put up monster season numbers.
    so thats why i guess hes coach of the year,he puts the team first and boys stats second.i said all along would of loved to have kc number matched is peers,but in life we can only control the trollables.
    which is ourselfs.iam very happy with the out come of the season,k.c. really learned some baseball gods standards,to take to future gains.
    we as a team are right where we want to be aaron,
    k.c. is fine, hes already visited a major d-1- college and is invited to try-out for the area code games,thats big.
    mark throw out and stopped a big rally last game,and he has a great eye at the plate,k.c. and mark would be all in any league,aaron thats for your support on behalf of the bearcats baseball club,
    bo bearcats

  • Stats. Don your are correct

    Well i have reading these post. I must admit Don is correct. He went through the stats and the best players came up on top. Yes winning C.I.F. is awsome that is your reward is to win. Not to also get POY etc.. You have to look at the body of work. These kids put in all year. For instance injuries missing games. Who are the work horses out there playing every game fighting to get there team on top. Just an example because Fred brought it up did not even know he was nursing an injury. Plutko missed almost a month with some kind of injury. Now they want to nominate him for POY. Really his numbers are great but there are others who have been throwing all year long and when the team needed those picher they throw. Absolutely no know knock to Plutko he is just an example since I just read about him by FRED. Yes he threw that great game in the playoffs. It is called rest i mean really rested arm no way around that. How about those other guys that have not stop throwing and still dominating teams that is who deserve props. For instance Huerta from S.V.H.S. pitching, hitting i mean come on. Just in case you are wondering there are more pitchers. Paez look at what he has done all year round talk about a work horse he a definition of one. All ways throwing in closer roll and then ask to come out and start the next game. His numbers speak for themselves. Mathews from D.B is another one is also was great. Why Huerta or Paez, Mathews. Look at the stats they are right in front of you innings pitch, strike outs, era. Stats are there for a reason FRED. We know you have favorites but do the right thing and pick your all-star team correct this year. We hope you do your research or just let everyone else do it for you “DON” did a pretty good spread sheet just use it. STATS STATS

  • Free is good

    Tough to argue that Huerta had a monster year and because of his bat should be POY. Mathews as well has huge numbers on on both sides of the game. That’s something few would argue.

    As far a KV huth what I find remarkable is those drive by artists that said he sucked when nothing could be further form the truth. See what the blog does it makes cowards out of decent people.

    Bonita is a great story this year and will be nuts next year as well. Oh did I mention they have great academics and it’s free!!!

  • BHS


    Bridgewater has to be considered for POY. His numbers are just off the chart and I bet he leads most categories!

    Go Bearcats



    Quit trying to sell us your kid! The last four games aren’t the real issue, now is it?

    Maybe work on yourself first and then your kid could learn from a real role model. What a joke!

  • kh

    dont be a hater,
    now its crunch time and the real pressure players rise to the series rings are won in post season games my friend,
    when reggis got closr to the play=offs the whole world was watching,
    that seperaters the little bats from the big boys .
    selling k.c. this isnt a action my friend,my boys not for sale to you front runners,real baseball people know how he was down played all hes helping his team battle thru the play-offs your jealous,your sick.marianes are trained too kill,k.c. trained to play ball. deal with it.

  • Covina Blvd says,

    In order of choice

    P-Paez, Plutko, Mathews, Santiago, Cage
    C-Goodwin, Valenzuela, Winterburn,
    1B- Mathews, Highley, Alexander, Henry, France
    2B-Woodward, Mier,Lewis
    3B-Bridgewater, Shirley,
    SS-Ruiz, Tuttle, Ibarra
    OF-Anderson, Holden, Crowe
    OF-Gelalich, Pak, Eusebio
    OF-Wallace, Oatman, Saylor

    Great stat post by don even though he missed a few boys and great stat post on strikeouts per player.

    Agree with those that want the total package however its tough to quantify defense for high school. Maybe thats when you factor in the scholarship factor since the D1 baseball guys make offers to those that can hit and play defense. FYI D1 committs and known offers from above:
    Paez, Plutko, Mathews, Goodwin, Valenzuela, Winterburn, Bridgewater, Shirley, Pak, Wallace, any others missed sorry but go ahead and post.

  • Special Forces


    Mariners are trained to be leaders and have each other back in the heat of battle. If you ever were in the service, you would understand what comes first.

    Downed played? By Who?

    I think you missed the blogger’s point!

  • Don

    Covina Blvd:

    Thanks for filling in some of my blanks; I can’t imagine how I missed Travis, 8-1, 1.01, (my bad Greg). You guys would have been sunk without him although I would have liked to see Quinner pitch him more aggressively, (three times against Los Altos and twice against Dranch?)

    I would have also had Shirley, Chris Ibbarra, and Cody Doyle on the list, but Smitty is all secret squirrel with his stats; geez, it isn’t like they don’t have four different people keeping a book in their stands . . . anyway . . .

    BHS: Bridgewater’s #’s are off the hook, but I think the POY needs to be a little better rounded. Frankly, I think RB is a lot better LF than 3B and the DB coach did him a disservice playing him there. Maybe he was pressured by Dad, maybe he didn’t have anyone else . . . still.

    Defense? Well there is defense and there is defense. Diving catches by Gelalich to kill innings or masterful handling of pitchers by McClanahan or Doyle come right to mind but I have one for Covina Blvd. Hows the memory?

    Tuesday April 13, Charter Oak at Bonita, top of the 6th, score tied at two apiece, one out, runners at 1st and 2nd. C O crushes a line drive down the first base line, the BoHi F3 steps left, leaps and snags the ball then pivots and makes a perfect throw to the SS to nail the runner at second. An inning ending double play to end the threat. Bonita scores in the next frame and wins.

    You’d think Tom would have a better memory for stuff like that, wouldn’t you.

    Time to head for Elsinore. Tallyho.



    I’m going to guess your son sucks as an athlete and that has more to do with your genes than anything else. I’m also going to guess you, yourself, never played …other than with yourself. You come across like a frustrated little man.

    “Quit trying to sell us your kid”….what kind of stupid remark is that?

    Ken’s been talking up the TEAM all year. Slimeballs like you have decided it’s time to bag on his kid because it’s “FFFFFFFUUUUUUNNNNNN”

    You have no vested interest in Ken or KC’s life. They impact you how? Not at all. You’re the slime that “protects” the blog from ego maniac dads…yeah right!!!

    Too bad the service didn’t make a man out of you. Too bad you parents never loved you and too bad you’ll still be breathing tomorrow!

    Get a life loser !

  • ???????

    Don isn’t the F3 your son?

  • Missing from Don’s list

    You did miss a few of the deserving players being blogged about,

    OF Wallace, avg. 397, slg ..731, obp.489, hits 31, runs 25, rbis 25 HR 6 2B 4 so/k 11
    OF Eusebio, avg. 417, slg .514, obp.512, hits 35, runs 33, rbis 12 HR 1 2B 5 so/k 7
    OF Anderson, avg. 340, slg .532, obp.443, hits 32, runs 30, rbis 23 HR 4 2B 4 so/k 15
    C Goodwin avg. 409, slg .581, obp.438, hits 38, runs 14, rbis 25 HR 3 2B 7 so/k 3
    3B Cage, avg. 407, slg .542, obp.431, hits 24, runs 12, rbis 15 HR 2 2B 2 so/k 3

    From this it seems many have missed out on
    OF-Wallace with his power numbers 6 HR slugging .791.

    OF-Anderson average is not near the other outfielders whom show about .400 avg plus.

    C-Goodwin has most hits,least k’s, and solid power numbers.

    COACH OF YEAR: make em both winners knott/henley
    PLAYER OF YEAR: PICK EM PAEZ, MATHEWS, BRIDGEWATER, HUERTA (plutko missed to much of season)

  • Covina Blvd,


    Thanks, and duly noted on Highley, he also made a nice catch in foul territory too. He is a heck of a player.

    I see there were others not on the list some very good players. In our league Santiago had a great year and you can not argue the numbers. But did he beat Bonita??? I think not. His time will come on this list. A first teamer for sure next year or after maybe with Mathews and Mcreary and Henry. But to miss D J Wallace is wild, to me he is legit and just might get mlb drafted next week from what I hearing probably one of most underrated guys who hits for big power. And for Goodwin, our coach never ran on him (as strong an arm behind the dish Ive seen). What is glaring is Anderson avg a little low for this list.

    We will see how we do in the Sierra. After Santiago we have young ens and I am not so sure they will cut it in the new league. Time will tell.

    To ??? I do not care that a kid is a son if that poster does posts objectively like Don does. And his son is way legit and very clutch in the playoffs.

    GOOD LUCK BONITA AND GLENDORA BRING HOME THE RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sorry………….

    WELL CONGRATS TO BONITA ON A GOOD RUN. Kh do not count your chickens until they hatch. They lost may be next year. Lets face it they were on lucky streak and it ended. wa wa wa……

  • Don

    Covina Blvd and Missing:

    Actually I DID have Eusebio on the original list and didn’t have Wallace only because the original parameter was the BA and think DJ finished with an average a smidge below .400 and I only took 6 or 7. As a matter of fact, if I were somehow to ‘weigh’ all the numbers rather than just pick one like Batting Average, Wallace and Goodwin, (who I considered the one guy Dranch couldn’t do without), would certainly been there.

    That was the original point of course, as I was responding with a kind of tongue in cheek answer to the guy who posted as stats. I don’t think you CAN use only stats but must take a bunch of other things into consideration. To do that, however, anyone compiling a list of the best players needs to have seen them ALL play, something which I don’t think any of us have done.

    Therein lies the problem because you have to know that all of the reports used here are going to have some kind of spin on them. Even those of us who try to maintain a bit of distance and not go ‘homer’ too much still see a relatively narrow group of players and whatever we report is going to be flavored by that. Anyhow, thanks for the words about the kid. See you tomorrow.


  • Top Hitters

    Top Hitters in all of the San Gabriel Valley

    With 40 or more hits
    Batting average over 400
    SLG % Over 700
    0B % Over 500

    Tuck Arcadia
    Larson Arcadia
    Hynes Covina
    Torres Sierra Vista
    Ruiz Amat
    Mathews Diamond Bar
    Crowe Diamond Bar
    Bridgwater Diamond Ranch

    These are your Top leaders.

  • SL Props

    Aren’t Mathews and Crowe’s stats the most impressive seeing as they had the least help and played in the toughest league?

  • Last High Sch. Game

    Jeff Crowe Gets three hits in the Inland Valley
    All Star Game Wed.Night 6/9/2010 Quakes stadium.
    Two long Singels and a Doulbe.
    Derek Goodwin Hits a bomb to center field for a Double. Bobby Oatman and Eric Lewis also both get
    hits. Good job for the local boys.