Bishop Amat football for bloggers …

With the baseball season officially over, Bishop Amat turns all its attention to football from now until December, if they’re still playing that long. This will be our bloggers’ opportunity to offer their impressions of spring practice, what you see at quarterback and the other impact positions. Who will carry the rock if Jay Anderson really doesn’t return to concentrate on baseball. Who will carry them in the trenches? Who are the newcomers that will make an immediate impact, and the returners that have to step it up. And as always, what’s the 411, the mood in Lancerland, the inside scoop. You know we all want to know.

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  • OK, I’ll go first Fred. Well, I’ve heard nothing. And that’s how Amat obviously wants it.

  • Who cares??

    Are going to have open blogs for all the schools or just your favorite BA. They may blog the most, but does not mean other schools aren’t as closely followed.

  • FredJ

    The Times has a Lakers blog and not a Clippers blog … don’t you think there’s a reason for that?

  • One legged QB throws for 3000 yards!

    The most compelling story line this year will be Charter Oak. They are loaded with players and going into a new division. The second story line that’s equally compelling is Damien who might have replaced Morrison a few years too late. The coaching is off the charts but with only eggs and potatoes it’ll be tough to make it look or taste like Prime Rib. Diamond Ranch is at a cross roads as well and might do well to not replace Viramontes with another Viramontes but might look to go in a different direction, which a run first QB, who knows. Amat is a story but like some over hyped movies they might not deliver this year without Jerry Mac who will be appreciated more as time goes by. You heard it here first!

    Writers generate interest, except at the Tribune where writers have been on auto pilot for about a decade. Too bad as there are more stories in the valley that who’s being recruited and who plays in the Pac 5. Anyone hear about the QB with one leg that threw for 3000 yards? Neither did I. lol

  • Amat Onlooker

    The lancers look pretty good for team with a lot of grads. J. Moore and Z. Shay look capable of handling the running back duties. They should be a great one two punch. W. Gonzalez is a beast at the WR spot, pretty good hands for a should be TE. SH transfer at recvr looks decent too. The big question mark appears to be at TE for the receiving corps. Could be anybodys spot cuz no one sticks out. QB’s are throwing so good balls and the ones that are getting caught look real good. maybe we can finally open up a passing game at Amat with R. Ruiz back there. OL looks small at the gaurd spots but Tackles look to be good size w/ Big O shoring up the blindside. Dont know to much about the defense, whats the word on the LB who got sick? And I heard jenner’s broken leg is doing better?

  • AMAT 73

    Damn I love that comeback, but boy are you going to catch hell now . The running back situation should be very interesting this season . We have a couple of young kids who had some touches last season in Shay and Moore and I am sure there are others out there . On the defensive side of the ball look for the names Alcantera and Acuna because you will be hearing them often. Also the battle for the QB position should be very interesting.

  • Aaron

    Fred, buddy, pal, this ain’t the Times and I don’t want it to be. Amat generates three kinds of folks: their fans(honks for all haters), the haters, and guys like me who isn’t sitting on the fence of either but enjoys a good story and team.

  • coaching

    That is pro this is high school. That is a blog this is threads. Fred when I counted about 50 percent of your threads have something about Bishop Amat in then. You are going to do what you want but realize your blog has taken hit because of it. No we don’t believe you that the numbers are at a all time high, not even close.

  • Cathedral Alum

    Big Thank’s to Our friend Joe Canales of Amat for calling the Phantoms for a game. This is Cathedral’s Biggest game to date almost 35 year’s ago when we lost to loyola in 1975 14-12. That year Loyola were National Champs. The Phantoms are loading up and getting ready for this game. Coach Pearson Knows what an Upset would be if the Phantoms could beat mighty Amat. Win or loose Amat should win because of Depth. This is a David vs. Goliath but anything can happen. The loss to Serra last year was due to lack of depth . Many of the Phantom players had to go both way’s. It was 7-7 going into the forth quarter against serra with all their Stars. The Phantoms will be ready and hope to pull off a David vs. Goliath win. Good Luck to Coach Hagerty and the Amat Football Team.

  • coaching

    That is pro this is high school. That is a blog this is threads. Fred when I counted about 50 percent of your threads have something about Bishop Amat in then. You are going to do what you want but realize your blog has taken hit because of it. No we don’t believe you that the numbers are at a all time high, not even close.

  • FredJ

    Not only at an all-time high, almost double the number of hits per day than a year ago.

  • Who Cares??


    Yes – the lakers fan base is bigger. I would argue that you have a few Amat bloggers that just post over and over. I guess the dozens of Amat blog followers justifies their own blog. The other HS are just as deserving of the attention. Of course, i have seen how you have covered Bonita’s run to the CIF finals so this does not surprise me at all.

  • Truth comes out !

    Blogger comment of the Decade

    Aram: “Okay, Fred I’ll go first. I heard (know) nothing.”

    Boy, that about says it all. Classic!

    Sgt. Schultz would be proud.

  • Whatever

    Fred – you work at the Tribune and not the Times…don’t you think there’s a reason for that?

  • XXX

    Fred do you drive a lifted truck, little man.

  • kh

    maybe fred,
    deep down inside loves setting amat up for the big dropped pass.
    here he goes again,we are making a great run in baseball and all fred can do is put up amat football blog.
    its not right.
    learn from the bearcats play hard and come to work to work.not read the amat blog.
    i dont know how you guys stand for it.hes already down talking jay a . the line small,whos going to run the rock.
    bonita two outfielders will shine for the bearcats def. and on off.will be in the guys would never beat us this year in football.just like i said in baseball.look whats happening.nation amat.fred builds you up,the players bring you down.
    good luck .
    and it is still baseball season for glendora and bonita bearcats,
    go bearcats

  • AJ

    Why did the whole freshman staff leave to go to Damien?? I heard Sheldon Price’s dad and all the other coaches left to coach at Damien on Gano’s freshman staff

  • Salesian/Cantwell/Cathedral..who got who’s jackets most?

    Fred does “hits” mean “lookd at” or does it mean “comments”? I think the point should be clarified. Maybe both sides have some truth in their positions and actually highlight a glaring problem. Threads that generate comments, specifically comments about high school sports rather than “feuds” , which also turn bloggers off after things get nasty.

    Cathedral Alum

    My brother was the DC there two years ago and should have beaten Serra but lost 23-22. Where you at that game? Funny he’s a Salesian grad but has probably coached at Cathedral more years over two stints. Some say he might be back for a third. All I know is where ever he’s at people go to D1 schools and the Defense is wicked, nasty and hard hitting. He’s won league titles, City Championships and coached with some incredible HC at Wilson, Carson, Dorsey and LB POLY…but never could break the Damien “think tank” (sorry it’s still a sore spot) who in those days loved CYO, Pop Warner and kiss ass grads/dads as coaches.

    I seen him tear up Amat at Keifer during a passing league when he was the DC at Carson so maybe that’s why they want him back, lol. He coached at LB Poly last year before retiring to spend time with his amazing kids. Some day I hope he’s a Damien, if his boys go there.

    As far as Joey Canales goes. He a remarkable story. I’ve known him since my other brother dated his sister back in high school and I played football with his twin cousins, great, great, great family. Joey’s brother Gary coaches along side Pete over at Montebello. He’s the best as well. Always a pleasure talking to any of them.

    Cathedral will be a great game for Amat. The next game for Cathedral might be Damien who needs to play tough and rough teams rather than lay down when a team has more talent. Monrovia is another city that needs to be tapped by Cathedral who gets some real athletes from all over. Speed kills and Monrovia and Duarte has tons!

    As far as that 75 Loyola team, they were wicked. Seen them play St. Paul at the Coleseum. St. Paul was small but the heart on those guys! Seeing Richie Valenzuela carry the ball was incredible! I actually played my best game ever against Loyola as a Soph. They ran double tight all day and it was a true war from the safety position. After the game, I was crying cuz we took a beating, and Loyola’s coach shook my hand and told me “Son you played like a man… see you next year.” It’s still the highest honor I’ve ever received on the field. Sometimes I still wish my kids went to Loyola, they are the “standard” as far as I’m concerned.

    Cathedral Alum what’s the word on the Longoria kid from Los Altos going over there. Is he in for a rude awakening? I know the kid was a stud at LA but what do you guys have at the WR/CB position? Any ballers? lol. The last two corners there went to UCLA on full rides right?

    Always good to talk Football with the players who played against the best back in the day.

  • new name amat tribune

    Why don’t you just change the name of the paper to the Amat Tribune? Fitting don’t ya think?


    God damn, you guys just like to persecute people and would not audacity to tell it to anyones face! We all know this is a football driven blog. Don’t get me wrong it still is baseball season for two teams in the SGV and I hope and pray Bonita and Glendora bring home the titles. But as far as Bonita goes its like watching finals between Orlando Magic and the Phoenix Suns just plain boring… Or even watching Charter oak take on Diamond Ranch again in the finals boring. I am sure the Tribune will have Bonita baseball covered and will be on the first page of the sports section right under Glendora if they win.

  • You can’t sell Chopped Liver and call it Filet Mignon…sorry you just can’t!

    Gotta say Fred and the Tribune are ground beef to the Bulletin but….they don’t make the schedules.

    DR vs Amat was a huge game and generated 100’s of hits as did Damien and Amat.

    If Glendora or Charter Oak had stepped up we might be talking about State Champion CO, assuming they won with that “historic” team. Instead Amat goes on a tear and CO gets scraps and Glendora gets kicked to the Baseline League. BTW Fred how will the Tribune handle that scenario. Will Glendora be Bullentin’s property or is the Tribune going to go “Lutheran” and wait to see how successful they are before “sliding in at the last minute”?

    Match ups make noise. Time for some local matchups that bring in the fans or “out of Fish Bowl Games” that UNITE the Valley.

    Anyone else want to see LB POLY vs. Charter Oak? I know I do.

  • haha

    Well, I guess we will take our boring Div III CIF final game over Amat’s 2 straight Div IV losses over the past 2 years anyday. Wow, and everbody thought Div IV was going to be a joke for them. I guess it’s time to move back down to Div V.

  • Amat Onlooker

    Hey all you complaining little girl clowns need to get off Freds back!!! Go to Aram’s super football, all day-all night 24/7 non-stop snoring blog if you don’t like it here! But regardless if you go or not – GET OFF OUR THREAD, HATERS!!!! This is an Amat subject. 7-11 is having a sale on Amat Haterade you guys should go stock up because its a long season. Fred will still cover Bonitas great season (what’s really scary is that the reigning spelling bee champion “kh” had it pegged from day one! Props big guy, you called it) and Glendora will get some gloss when they win too. Whats really funny is that as soon as an Amat thread opens up out come the “whiners”. How come you dont talk about us? Why is it always Amat? Boo Hoo….you guys are classic. Let us bounce some football amongst ourselves will ya? And by the way I hope Azusa has another great year too. It’s always good to hear about a program rising up and smackin around all the nay-sayers!

  • ftblfan

    Yes, it is true that all the Amat freshmen football staff are now at Damien! They all looked good in their Damien attire specially Mr.Price…hehe. I’m sure they will be great coaches….will be interesting to see them at the Amat vs. Damien game.

  • Amat Observer

    Interesting to loose frosh coaches Spoon, Zendola, Ron Marquez et al to Arch Rival Damien. What I don’t understand is these guys have bled Blue and Gold for years and for all the years of service these guys have provided they get a lowly e-mail terminating their coaching careers at Amat. Parker who coached for the last 12 years was terminated last year. I think Koelle is staying on.

    Well low and behold, Hagerty’s older son is pegged to be Amat’s next Frosh HC. Can anyone say Nepotism?

    Also, we started with over 100 frosh football kids during 09 season and less than 40 showed up for Spring Ball, what is going on?

    Revenge is a great motivator.

  • Amat Shame

    If that’s what happened to those freshman coaches Amat should be ashamed. What do you think of this Joe Amat?

  • To Amat Observer

    Amat Observer

    Why the lies?

    You attempt to speak from point of knowledge but you know nothing of the truth.

    “we started with over 100 frosh football kids during 09 season and less than 40 showed up for Spring Ball….”

    this statement in and of itself shows you don’t know squat. You did not attend a single spring practice, have know real knowledge of who the frosh coaches are, and are a complete idiot.

    Get a life sir and stop the hate.

  • Amat Observer

    Well what is the truth? The truth hurts doesn’t it? I’ve watched these kids when they first stepped on the field last year, losing kids left and right…should I name names? Blue, Kirkoff, Llamas, Gravini, Borgquez………..and these kids were our starters, and then the whole entire freshman coaching staff. What’s up with that? Don’t get me wrong, I like Hagerty, I just don’t like his politics and how he treats long term loyal employees.

  • Ha!!!

    Come on Fred sucks off Amat as much as possible

  • ya really

    serious how ur knees feeling fred amat should get u some pads lol

  • just sayin’

    History-making championship opportunities for Glendora and Bonita
    By Fred Robledo on June 3, 2010 8:13 AM
    Comments (4)

    Bishop Amat football for bloggers …
    By Fred Robledo on June 3, 2010 11:33 AM
    Comments (30)

    answer your question?

  • Knute Rock

    Do any of you pros remember when Damien was named Pomona Catholic;and played Cathedral? My two Uncles played for P.C.

  • jcaz

    Wow, fred puts up a thread on Amat and the bloggers go crazy !

    30 something hits already, and the thread has been up, what, all of 12 hours ?


    But in all fairness, and from what I can see in here, there is at least one other blog dedicated to those two fine baseball programs, and at least one other thread on another, local, football team correct ?

    So where all of these “It’s allways about Amat” complains comming from anyway ?”

    Yup, it’s time to start the trash talking, and yes, it’s even time to break out my old trusy and dusty joke book…..Ha ha ha…..

    It’s football season people, and you can certianly smell it in the air can’t you ?

    And no, i’m not talking about that kind of smell ok….

  • kh

    just saying.
    why would we be likesh and amat and stert talking greatness ,when the jobs not finished yet.thats amat style brother telling every body how great there kids are the schools the best ect,,,
    when we finish the race ,then its on.we dont need fred at the starting gate,we need fred fred fred at the finish there a softball game to cover sat or swin meet to cover,now that he taking on glendora,hopefully he dosent jinxs them next.go tartans

  • Frosh

    Amat Observer, Here’s the truth. Blue lived out in the SF Valley and was just to tough of a commute, Borgquez lived in San Bernadino and was just to tough of a commute. Kirkoff’s dad pulled him out because he wasn’t going to pay for less than average grades(He had his chance to pull them up, but didn’t care enough to do it). Llamas was selfish and wasn’t a team player(When you have 2 Amat greats and NFL players tell you to be patient and wait your turn, and you don’t listen. C’mon now.) Gravini got kicked out for selling drugs. The guy was selling drugs.

  • Amat Su@ks

    35 hits in almost 24 hours, most of them talking sh@t about Amat or Fred, and you are bragging about that.

    Lets summarize,

    Your whole freshmen staff has been fired via email.

    Most of your freshman players has issues.

    One of your players got kicked off the team for selling drugs at school.

    Your freshmen team was over 100 now you only have 40 players.

    Everyone hates your program.

    Everyone hates Fred.

    all in 35 entries…..

  • FredJ

    Feeling too good about the Lakers for any of this to bother me. Best comment so far ..

    “Whatever said:
    Fred – you work at the Tribune and not the Times…don’t you think there’s a reason for that?”

    I guess I’m lucky, otherwise I wouldn’t get to deal with all you folks

  • FredJ

    For those wondering about hits, which are page views, on Tuesday we got over 15,000, when last year at this time we averaged about 6 or 7,000. To give you a better perspective, the UCLA and USC blogs by the Daily News, which generate the most hits in our entire newsgroup, average around 15,000 a day all the time.

  • That’s a fact Jack!

    Anyone that is someone around Lancerville knows exactly how Amat feels about the infamous Aram and FredJ. You know as well as I do that’s the worst kept secret. This blog is a waste of Amat’s time and energy because the story lines always read stirring the pot tabloid nonsense towards Bishop and their coaching staff. Ask the Guru to help you some more for your creditability. He may just be the next mayor of La Puente and we’ll celebrate with a rally in his name at Bishop Amat. Can you imagine what would happen if the three amigos Robledo, Tolegian, and the Guru walked on the property at the same time. I would feel sorry for them. Sinners!

  • FredJ

    To, that’s a fact jack ..
    I guess anyone that is someone around Lancerville shouldn’t be inviting us to speak on career day if that’s how they feel. Amat is big-time Pac-5 football, if they can’t stand the heat of criticism and praise that comes with their storied tradition, passionate following, and second-to-none popularity in the Valley, then go find a smaller pond to swim in. And if “anyone that is someone” at Amat doesn’t care for our blogs as you suggest, then maybe they should stop sending me emails asking to post their football camps on our blogs, right? Believe me, the interest generated on the blog has helped stir Amat football interest, maybe there are some coaches or administrators that don’t like it, which is the same all over the Valley, but we’re not here to please them, we’re here to please and serve our readers, who have thanked us countless times for posting news and scores as soon as we get it, and giving them (readers) an outlet to voice their opinions soon after, not to mention the live blogging that Valley followers who live out of the area, and out of the state, rely on to follow their alma mater. Those folks have thanked us the most. If we have to take some heat from coaches, administrators, and parents, then so be it, we’ll take the heat to serve the readers. But honestly, most coaches, almost all actually, understand our position and have great relationships with us.

  • Winds of change

    The winds of change are always blowing. Coaches are always moving in footbal people. When new coaches come in sometimes they fire the whole staff, sometimes they keep a few and fire the rest and sometimes they give others a trial run to see what they are about and then fire them. Damien will be getting some good coaches who served the Amat community well but sometimes it just doesn’t fit and like any boss (head coach) you have the right to make changes. Don’t think that just because someone has coached at a school for many years means that they cannot be considered a bad fit to a new boss. No hating on our past coaches, it will be fun to play against those guys come next season. Good luck guys I know you will do well and I for one wish you well, even after we beat you on the field :)Once a Lancer, Always a Lancer!

  • Winds of change

    Amat Su@ks – Still enough of a draw to get your comments though? Our Freshman squad was exactly that a freshman squad (90+). When all was said anf done the numbers were down due to all the same issues that plague other schools, injuries, grades, lack of intrest, playing time and competition level just to high. The players that left needed to leave, better now during their freshman years so they can take advantage of the “open enrollment” rules and choose their next school of participation. The players that stayed on to play are the ones that you want out there and traditionally, there is a great fall off between Freshman and Sophamore years. I dont know where you get your numbers but I do not believe that they are as accurate as you would have the “blogger nation” believe. Regardless, We are Amat and we are here to compete with the players that want to compete. Go big Blue!

  • Coaching

    That’s a fact Jack,

    Have to agree with you 100%, that being said all programs feel the same way about these blogs. This blog is a very powerful tool if used properly. Everyones dirty laundry gets aired out on these blogs. Programs get exposed for what they really are. A perfect example is the situation at Los Altos; this blog has been a major factor in there down fall. The school administration and coaching staff have been exposed for what they really are. Amat takes a beating on this blog because of its own parents and there ego’s. Honestly Fred’s support doesn’t help either. As you can see there is very little negative comments about your administration or coaching. If your parents were more mature and toned down the comments this blog would be a much more positive influence on your program. JoeAmat’s comments truly hurt your program more than they help. I realize it makes him feel big and important, but when all it is said and done Bishop Amat pays. Joe is on this blog representing Bishop and do you think parents what there kids to grow up and be like Joe an arrogant a@@hole.

    Now we are going to get Joes 500-word essay on why I am wrong, but isnt this thread the perfect example of why I am right?

  • Coach?

    coaching said ..
    You’re probably a coach, what you and other coaches dont’ like is being held accountable in the public eye, something coaches have avoided for years before the internet, blogs, facebook and myspace. Maybe by being under the eye of public scrutiny, you and others have to clean up your acts, have to treat kids and parents with more respect, so I’m all for this kind of forum. We’re hearing about coaches getting paid six figure salaries, which is probably the case at a school like Amat. If you make that much, just like a pro athlete or college coach, you better be able to take the public opinion that comes with it. Blaming the blog for the Los Altos fiasco? Right, Bishop Amat took even more heat under DiFiori and Verti, then hired a coached like Hags who turned the program around, all under the daily diaries of the blogs. If Hags can do it, so can anyone else.

  • Saay Whaaaatttt????

    Coaching – wait a minute, you come on here all self righteous and professing to know just how good and bad this blog can be for a school or administration, then you call out the parents of Los Altos HS and parents w/egos AND then you proceed to drop a Joe Amat(one of the only bloggers who actually supports his “views” with factual evidence) is an arrogant A@@hole comment??? Really? Maybe “the” parents should “mature” and “tone down”? Those were YOUR words right? Well, does “your ego” feel better after putting someone down on the blog? Why dont you re-read your own Bull@hit advice and do the same!!!!

  • Right on brother

    Say what, that was calling the kettle black. But you know, that’s exactly how society is today. Commenters come on and act all self righteous like you said, then turn around and write the kind of stuff that they just criticized others for. Amazing.

  • Coaching

    This is so much fun……..

  • Kaptain Keifer

    Hey this is an Amat Football thread right? Anyone got any Amat football observations, concerns, comments? Anybody else excited about the upcoming season? I think there is a huge amount of expectations for this years team to be like last years yet it has changed so much. Gonna take some real coaching to get these guys to the place they were last year. Blue collar attitude continues, Go Big Blue!

  • AMAT 73

    As I had wrote earlier to Fred. He was going to catch hell for this thread. Well that happened and then the it proceded on to AMAT catching the rest.No problem with that because after all we are the school people love to hate. I totally understand. Now as far those dwindling numbers of freshmen it is just a natural phase of football at AMAT going back to my freshman year. We always start off with huge numbers to the point of having 2 freshman squads. After the first year many realize to make the varsity or jv team requires dedication and hard work. Very few move up to varsity in their sophomore year. Many see the light and realize they can’t make varsity and drop out of football and are happy for the experience and go on about their life as a student or go to another sport or leave the school. If a player is dedicated and willing to put in the time and effort he will eventually make varsity be it his senior year but he will make it . It’s funny how many of the ” IN THE KNOW ABOUT AMAT BLOGGERS ” don’t know that fact. It happens every year. Now can we all get back on subject here as Fred asked , who’s going to carry the rock for us and who will be in the trenches and so on . To the all wise and knowing Coaching . Give us your take on Fred’s questions . Sorry if I went on close to a 500 word reply but maybe that is just a trait of an AMAT blogger.

  • Perry Mason

    Amat 73 haven’t you learned by now. You can say anything on this blog as long as it generates hits. Fred’s in the hits business and business is good.

    Here let’s try this.

    Amat 73 I know for a fact that your twins were kicked out of Amat and one of the reasons you are so supportive of the school donating so much money is because the school turned you youngest down this year. I know the coach was hard on your kid but calling him out at the banquet and throwing a drink in his face was over the line. Most parents probably wanted to do the same thing but you did. I’ve seen your daughter play travel ball and she’s a flat out stud, at 5’11 so maybe Wiard can go to bat for you. I her her AAU team dominated at Vegas. Best of luck.

    Amat 73, see how easy it is?

  • Easier than I thought

    Perry Mason you’re so full of crap. His daughter is not Travel Ball material. Many daddy war bucks thinks so but that not the case! Wiard, “going to bat for her”? Are you kidding! Two left feet and a jump shot that works like a third graders? Yes she is closer to 6’1″ but the most she can do is block shot ala Mark Eaton! One more thing stop donating new uniforms to the baseball team. The kids think it’s a joke!

  • AMAT 73

    You almost got it right except they are triplets and one did graduate but under assumed name . I did that to see if all the bs was true. If that drink would have been a Crown on the rocks I might have socked him but since it was only Mountain Dew I let it slide. As for my youngest let’s just say an envelope found it’s way under the door of Mgsr’s office and he will be a freshman in the fall at AMAT .You’re right it is easy. Let the hits begin.

  • she got game

    perry mason might want to rethink getting in amat 73’s face. there is a reason his daughter is 6’1″. amat 73 goes 6’5″ 310 so i’d rethink that tuff talk. amat 73 you’re ok in my book! let them talk when we bring home another state championship your daughter will have played a huge role. haters hate and baller ball.

  • King of Beers

    This thread is yet another example of what a lazy, pathetic, unoriginal hack Fred is. There is not even a topic here to be discussed. Fred just pulls a drive-by and says “Amat Football . . .Go”, the blog erupts, hits pile up and he laughs is sorry a$$ all the way to the bank.

    This type of thread and the response of the posters is going to lead to the end of any actual work FanBoy Freddie does. BTW, does he really do any work anymore? Or has he reduced himself to a professional pot stirrer?

    Either way, I consider him a hack/loser. Have you ever seen anyone look so out of place on the sidelines of a Friday night football game? Or judging a dunk contest? Every time I see the guy in person he looks like he should be wearing a little red jacket and parking cars for tips. Oh well, I guess it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Thanks again, Daddy.

  • the blog makes cowards out of decent people

    Amat 73…I guess I made my point. You’re a stud as always. Hope the family is doing well. Amat is lucky to have an Alumni like you. SHT as far as that goes so is Fred and Aram…lol.

    I told you once before “the blog makes cowards out of decent people”. Just look at what COCF did. Calling a kid “gay” to get back at someone else. Tell me that ain’t cowardly?

    But then again didn’t a blogger once say something terrible about Verti’s mom that wasn’t true?

  • AMAT 73

    Give it a few more minutes and that daughter of mine will grow another 6 inches. It’s all fun as Bernie Mac would say . But can you really blame Fred for putting up an AMAT thread to generate some hits. Many accuse him of turning his back on other schools but look at the threads surrounding this one . Bonita,Glendora , and the SH girls on tap for championship games and not even double figure hits on those threads. As I wrote we are the school people love to hate . So whether you agree or not you can’t blame Fred for continuing to put up threads on AMAT . Wait for the CO football thread and you will see a large hit count also . Look at that thread on DR , all bloggers did was mainly knock Fred on the picture.

  • Kaptain Keifer

    Lets try this again…..this is an Amat Football thread right? Anyone got any Amat football observations, concerns, comments? Anybody else excited about the upcoming season? I think there is a huge amount of expectations for this years team to be like last years yet it has changed so much. Gonna take some real coaching to get these guys to the place they were last year. Blue collar attitude continues, Go Big Blue!

  • AMAT 73

    You got that right. Speaking of decent people, we had the of pleasure partying with a few guys from Salesian and their wives at the TOP,AWB,and WAR concert last Saturday . I am sure you know them very well . Anyway one of them mentioned they have a quarterback club and they tailgate at the Salesian games . He invited us to join them at a game which I am sure we will take him up on this coming season. Great group of people and we had a blast.

  • SGV Athlete

    All of you haters are pathetic, its just a blog. No other team gets this much hate, but no other team has as large a fan base either. AMAT players DO NOT care what is said on here, I know, I use to be one.

    With that, lets talk some football. As much as it hurts to see Jay Anderson not carry the ball this year, the running game will not be hurt too much. Zach Shay is a very well-rounded back able to get 5-6 yards in the trenches or scat for a 50 yard burst. Jalen Moore is more suited for downhill running and will do well. The WR position could go one of many ways. Wallace Gonzales is going to be the biggest threat for sure, but the #2 spot is wide open. Rio Ruiz is a great option if he doesn’t play QB. The O-Line will find a way to work and will be anchored down by big #74 Christian Orduno. The biggest question on offense right now is QB. You have Rio Ruiz, Brook Booth, Tyler Pruszynski, and three other incoming Sophomores in the mix. If Booth can prove himself this summer, I would love to see Ruiz making plays at WR and Safety.

    On defense, the Lancers are returning key contributers at every position. The DL is anchored by a bigger and faster Julian Gener. He was injured part of the off-season, but I saw him recently and he looks to be getting back into shape quickly. At LB, Austin Lacy is an absolute stud and should have a very good year. The secondary lost All-Everything Darien Johnson and Davis Cazares to graduation, but still have depth with Zach Shay leading the charge.

    Coach Hagerty has already proved he knows what he’s doing after bringing the program back from near destruction. This is going to be a fun season to watch for sure…

  • Kaptain Keifer

    I don’t know if Booth will have the accuracy or feet to play QB in Pac-5? It’s still early and that would be great to have Ruiz and Wallace to throw to but I think its gona be hard to beat Ruiz at QB. The kid was only out for a couple days of spring and you could tell that he has some zip on that arm. Is Lacey gonna make it back….? I sure hope so, Lacey and Bowens are strong returners to have at LB. Ruiz and Acuna will be good anchors in the secondary too. Its gonna be a good year guys, Go Big Blue.

  • To King of Beers

    King of Beers, call him what you want, but if he’s so terrible, why is his blog so much more popular than any other I’ve seen in california. Those other blogs are updated once or twice a week, and nobody is commenting. I’ll take the hack jack.

  • blueandgoldstud

    SGV Athlete;

    Let me correct you at the LB position, you meant Michael Juarez since Austin had suffered a serious injury during December and has not participated in football since then.

    To the other people commenting on everything about what they heard or were told from someone who is in the know…

    Just stop it. This is blog set up for Amat Football, Fred’s first line in the story states; “With the baseball season officially over, Bishop Amat turns all its attention to football…”

    As a parent of 3 kids who have or will be graduating from Amat, I can verify what I’ve seen & been a part of since 2001, anything before that is in the books & explained best by those you have been there.

    One of the other reasons that there is a large drop off of freshman is due to players & parents realizing that just because they played jr all american or pop warner football doesn’t guarantee you a starting position regardless of how many championship teams or all stars they played in. This is what I believe seperates Amat from other schools, if you work hard & dedicate yourself in the classroom & on the field, you will be given the opportunity to “compete” for the starting position. Players have to “earn the right” to compete by challenging themselves to become better athletes regardless of their size or experience, then they have to maintain that level of intensity in order to keep their job.

    Those that truely know what is expected from every player & parent wearing the blue & gold, understands & support (en masse) the school with passion that public schools will never know. I went to public school and believe me when I say there is a BIG difference.

    Regarding the lack of a championship banner since the 90’s, it is true, the coaches can put the best players on the field, practice all week & have the perfect game plan but ultimately, it’s the players on the field that do or don’t execute what they know. This is the same in every school & level, the difference is that unlike most valley schools, Amat places itself at the D1 level, yes they play lower level teams in preseason and sometimes they lose but most of the time they win and win BIG. There is a special mystic that takes place at Amat football games, against all odds, outnumbered, oversized & over rated, they win the battle when they where doomed to lose it. This is what coaches at Amat can do, most are alumni & understand what it means to wear the blue & gold & it what it takes to wear the helmet with the gold “A”.

    Amat reloads every year and this year will be no exception, it’s still too early to indicate who has the edge even as they approach passing league season. It’s best to wait for the pads to come on…then the real fun begins!

  • Football Fan

    To Amat 73 man if you want to party with Salesian people you got to be pretty desperate. They play in D13 and are letting kids in with below a 2.0 GPA just for Football. That is the worst Catholic school in the Archdioses of Los Angeles. They came out with 54 Players against rio hondo Prep’s 22 players and still lost .

  • Blog Hits

    THe reason you have 15,000 hits is that yiou have to constantly hit refresh in order to see your blog comment show up. Also, on the main page, the number of comments are higher than the actual until the latest comments post which causes even more refresh hits. Nice idea I guess if you want to convince your boss that the hit count is up.

  • your house your rules

    There are 20 bloggers and 7 snitches ( 5 at Damien alone)

    be honest

    Amat has 4 to 7 regulars
    Damien as 3
    SH has 3
    Covina has 3
    Northview has 3
    CO has 5
    Anonymous drive by artists..5

    do the math, it doesn’t add up

    never has

    other than attacks I can’t think of a single conversation that had more than 7 people involved

    don, dan, Amat 73, joe Amat, Aztec pride, KH, Drannnnch, and me….everyone else is random or looking to snitch to a coach

    fred how about a live chat room, is that so hard to do? at least when someone acts like their an expert a question could be asked and answered in real time

    I was talking to your brother’s best friend (SH dad) and we were mentioning the blog. like I told him, it’s your house your rules

  • Clueless Comments

    “This is what I believe seperates Amat from other schools, if you work hard & dedicate yourself in the classroom & on the field, you will be given the opportunity to “compete” for the starting position. Players have to “earn the right” to compete by challenging themselves to become better athletes regardless of their size or experience, then they have to maintain that level of intensity in order to keep their job.”

    Your right if you don’t play for Amat you aren’t working hard and challeging yourself.

    Are you really that stupid?

  • blueandgoldstud

    clueless comments;
    Please pay close attention, class is in session.

    You obviously left out the presiding sentence….”One of the other reasons that there is a large drop off of freshman is due to players & parents realizing that just because they played jr all american or pop warner football doesn’t guarantee you a starting position regardless of how many championship teams or all stars they played in”…This is what I believe seperates Amat from other schools, if you work hard & dedicate yourself in the classroom & on the field, you will be given the opportunity to “compete” for the starting position. Players have to “earn the right” to compete by challenging themselves to become better athletes regardless of their size or experience, then they have to maintain that level of intensity in order to keep their job.

    Now, doesn’t this help you understand the complete paragraph or do you still need time or a tutor to comprehend it?

    I didn’t disrepect the other schools, you did!

  • Clueless Comments

    Are you really that stupid, your comment didn’t have an or in it.

  • GameDay@USC

    Here is why this blog is here, in MY OPINION ONLY!

    Bishop Amat, has the MOST recognition among ANY SGV H.S by far, hands down! Only MAYBE MUIR, can come a distant second.

    They have ALOT of FAMOUS Alumni in sports going back to before Joe Amat 73 was a freshamn.

    They ARE the MOST FOLLOWED school by far.

    They are the MOST LOVED school hands down

    They ARE the MOST HATED school hands down

    The TWO most important coming from this SHOULD BE:

    1. With this thread THIS should only BE about AMAT FOOTBALL. HATE OR LOVE this is the place. AMAT bloggers/fans should be in here, and in here ONLY! If a S/H-DAMIEN thread pops up from their league game the AMAT people SHOULD talk about THAT game, and NOT anything regarding AMAT’S game in their thread. Same goes for anyone else. You shouldn’t talk about how Jefferies threw for 350 years, or Ball ran for 180 in this thread either. AMAT bloggers/fans, OUTNUMBER ALL OTHER schools probably by 7/1, ONLY S/H bloggers are probably under 4/1

    2. And probably MOST important:

    ALl other schools, ie…. C/O, or S/H, or WC, or NV, or AZUSA, GLENDORA, BONITA, whoever. They have followers USUALLY FROM THE SGV, ONLY!
    AMAT followers, and graduates, come from places OUTSIDE our SGV, because MANY attended school from outside our area.

    EVERYONE WHO went to a SGV school graduated, went to college or began a career, and has a family probalby STILL lives close enough to buy the TRIB. Some who live outside our state may have NO idea a SGV football blog exists, to follow their beloved H/S. MANY probably forgot all about their H/S from 20+ years ago. At AMAT, as a alum. MOST years YOU STILL get a letter relating to the news of the school.

    I am in Oakland for business, have my lap top, and just ran across this this morning.

    I think this is a good thing IF # 1 is followed.

    I GUARANTEE, if CHATER OAK or ANY other school, has had the SUCESS, AND ALUMNI as has AMAT and has AS MANY BLOGGERS/FANS they TOO would have have their own!


    First off you as an Amat person should know that Joe Amat and AMAT 73 are two different bloggers of which I believe JA is pre 73. Second anyone can come on any thread and post a comment . I beg to differ with you on a couple of points or I should say opinions you have on the Amat thread. There are many bloggers who are not per say fans of Amat but follow good football teams and have an opinion also. Should a guy like WC-Dan or CO-SGV FOOTBALL , Muir Stang Fan , Seven duece, Drrranch, even our beloved FC not be able to come on with opinions or input on the questions Fred is asking simply because they are not Amat people. Even Amat’s groupie haters amnot,amatsucks,sgvsbest (although he did carry it a bit to far )and others should be able to come on here with their input if they choose. The rules were set by Fred letting all the drive bys ( no knock Fred just the truth ) to continue to be posted . I say if you want football for only Amat bloggers the go to the Amat blog and post there. Did you know the school has one ? Yes they do . I can see a trend and a very good one going on Aram’s blog . Just go read the lastest on the SD qb situation. Many different school loyal bloggers putting in their 2 cents but all in a positive manner. This blog is mainly for shitzs and giggles as Jcaz likes to say not always but more so than not so relax and enjoy it for what is . One last thing there are many SGV schools who very well known and have sent many on to the pros. Amat does not have the market cornered on that fact.And really it is the college that has sent the player on to the pros not the high school. The high school should take the pride in sending the players on to college .Do you think MD has more pride in the fact of Lienart winning the Heisman trophy or the fact he was back up to Warner for their superbowl run.Hell Bonita can boast of a Heisman winner . Which other valley school can claim that.To me that tops anything any other SGV school can brag about . Your type of post goes along way in the perception out there by many of “THE ARROGANCE OF THE AMAT BLOGGER” so in essence some opinions are better left kept to ones self. But that’s just my opinion.

  • jcaz


    I think you pretty much got it right on the money there big guy.

    It’s mostly about Schitz and giggels … more, no less. So enjoy the ride folks

  • DRanchhhh

    *SmH* @ the…..nevermind!! I’ll keep my 2 cents where it counts, TO MYSELF.

    Anyhow I am wishing AMATIANs both arrogant and knowledgeable a great season.

  • Sport of Kings


    Bishop Amat beat Mater Dei dude. And before that, they beat the #4 team in the country in St. Bonaventure. If Lancer fans wanna thump their football chest, let them. They earned it.

  • Here we go again…

    OH GREAT! More inciteful comments from people that have never laid eyes on a school like Long Beach Poly or Orange Lutheran…

  • truth about hags

    Here is the truth about the Amat Frosh coaches:

    Coach Parker was let go because Hags insulted him over frosh coaches not being at spring practice.
    Coach Marquez resigned because of Hag’s lack of respect for the frosh coaches.

    Coach Zendola and Coach spoons wanted to return, but were fired via email.

    And now they are left with Koelle.
    Hags is a professional???

  • Amat Hits

    Start a thread about why Amat teams can’t win in the playoffs. Last 2 years baseball and football team in 15 years. That would get a lot of hits.

  • To: truth about hags said:

    What are you a bitter little ma?. Why disparage someone with comments not even closely related to facts.

    You don’t know Hagerty, assuredly never never met him.
    You don’t know the truth as to why these coaches are no longer at Amat, hell you don’t even know their names!

    Grow up.

  • J


  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Hey they’re gone (coaches), good luck to them. Maybe this will open other doors for them in the long run. Back to Amat Football. When do the 7 on 7’s start for spring? I would like to catch a few. Want to get a better look at these guys. SGV Athlete or bluandgoldstud – what can you tell me about our offensive and defensive lines this year? Whats you view of the QB situation? Go Amat.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    **Clarification** My prayers go out to wrestling coaches and their families. I wish them both a speedy recovery. My comments regarding the coaches was in reference to the old freshman coaches. Just want to be clear on that..

  • Bar E. Backrider

    Real ‘clever’.

    You look like a jacka$$.

  • blueandgoldstud

    Lan C. Erbacker said:

    I’d like to also offer my prayers for a speedy recovery for the wrestling coaches. The passing league is every Tuesday starting next week, sites TBD. We are scheduled to compete in the Beverly Hills Tournament on Saturday 6/19. As I mentioned before, it’s still early in the season to give an honest opinion of what players are stepping up. Oline definitely is getting more consistent in the pass & run, Dline has its days and we’re waiting for some of them to step up and be more dominant.

    Qb position is up for grabs, each one brings something to the plate and it’s a bonus to see them as a receiver as well. I believe the starter will not be named until the start of the season just like last year and the year before.

    Go big blue!

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Jacka$$ is as Jacka$$ does – JACKA$$!

    Thanks for the info BnGS. Hopefully I can get out to a few 7on 7’s to see for myself. Go Amat!

  • Do the ChinWhip

    Prayers to Coach Pierre and Coach Olague, hope you guys make a speedy recovery. Thank God Coaches Claproth and Coach Barbosa are safe. We need you back on the Mat soon so we can kick St. John Bosco in the ass next year and take back our Trophy!!

  • to the truth abouy hags to

    why are you so defensive? Guess the truth hurts! And Hags knows that is the truth….ask him!


    How professional is it for the frosh coaches not to show up for spring practice . How about those coaches showing a lack respect for the program by not showing up to those practices. You posted those facts concerning the frosh coaches as the truth . So in your eyes it’s ok for those coaches to not show up for practice but not ok for Hags to call them out on it . Why do they deserve respect when they don’t respect the program according to your truths.

  • Yet another Spooner Fan, and there are many!


    I have a question. I’m sure the Freshmen Staff has been together, in some form or fashion, for quite some time. I know Spooner has been there over 20 years, or there abouts. I’m sure the Freshmen coaches follow orders. The HC tells the other coaches when and where to meet. In the chain of command the Freshmen assistants follow the direction of their immediate boss, the Fr. HC. Fair enough?

    Here’s what is confusing to me. The last two years there had to be a process and a procedure regarding Spring Ball. Did Hags deviate from that plan or did were the Freshmen staff insubordinate in knowing they had to attend, as they did previously… if that was the case, or what really went on? Who really knows.

    Doesn’t make sense to attend one year and then decide, en masse, not to attend this year. That’s the rub, doesn’t hold water for me. The story breaks down right there for me at least.

    Now if this is clearly a case of insubordination my question is why? If this is a question of loyal staff being ushered out to bring in his son, well that’s his choice as the head man, but it smells bad. Still it dosn’t make sense. Now if the case is the coaches had gotten lazy or were losing their way or edge, as some coaches do, then their behavior at Damien might make sense. (just saying)

    One thing I know, if they are good coaches they’ll find their way back…or if not they will be exposed. Spooner on the other hand has been a loyal worker bee and definitely deserved than an email. Thats extremely perplexing but hey I’m not there to know what’s what.

    I’m a big fan of Hagerty but I also know coaches are not perfect. Even the best have their issues. My gut, after seeing the Freshmen staff at Damien, is that it was time for them to go. When you’re fired or let go it’s a wake up call to come correct. If you have any pride in your craft you show up in soldier readiness not breezing in as if this is old hat. I thought they were a bit smug and over confident seeing as they were former Amat guys. That’s the vibe I got, but who knows? I mean who really knows what these guys are thinking after that email. Must have been extremely humbling. Having said that I know that they coached against great programs and did well, so maybe it was off field behavior rather than Xs and O’s.

    This I will say. I wish them nothing but the best. Damein has great kids. Hard workers and probably not as tough and hard charging as Amat but that’s ok I think they’re now willing to address those areas. The true test will be will how they adapt to the “new” kids and bring their wealth of knowledge of the game, after years at Amat, and “teach” the game to a willing student body.

    Gano and staff have done a masterful job to date so I see things going well even if coaching philosophies might differ in the short term. Given the lack of competence previously held at the lower levels @ DHS hopefully these coaches raise bar after being as close to the ground as possible, and that’s no joke.

    Best of luck to Spooner where ever you are. You made Salesian proud. Hey in the end Spooner earned and gained the respect of 100’s of Amat parents and players over the years, so much so that most probably thought be was a Lancer in high school. That’s his legacy…hope it’s enough after all those years of dedication.


    Spooner fan,
    I as you am a Spooner fan also . But the one line in your post that tells it all is WHO REALLY KNOWS. Only those involved truely know the reasons and my reply was to truth because of what he posted. Broke his post down and used what he wrote to come up with my post . Nothing more nothing less. Who knows maybe DHS put a carrot out there that could not be resisted . Either way DHS has gotten some truely fine coaches and it is too bad to hear they came across in that manner. Maybe that is part of the reason they are at DHS .But as you put it who really knows and I would bet my last dollar no one on this blog knows the true answer.

  • Kaptain Keifer

    Amat Passing Tourney next weekend Saturday June 19th Beverly Hills.

  • Justrab

    Where and when is the Los Altos passing game?

  • Recruiting

    You guys at Bishop Amat are making this much more complex than it really is. You need to understand how Gano ticks, its all about recruiting. These coaches to Gano are a recruiting tool. Gano hired these coaches to pull more Bishop Amat kids over to Damien.

  • At last!

    Someone got the right answer at last! Thank You.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    True, should help with recruiting, but what he really got was a good group of top notch coaches. Amat still draws the talent and Damien is secondary in that field. Arams bolg indicates that Amat just added Tom Salter to their “Dream Team” coaching staff. Who would you rather play for? damien or Bishop Amat? Of course you would. Go Lancers!

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