The 86-year-drought is history, heavyweight champ Remontay McClain won the 100 and 200 meter state titles, the first for Covina since 1924

The 100 and 200 meters are the most anticipated for a reason, they crown speed, and for Covina High’s Remontay McClain, it means he’s the fasted in California after winning a pair of state titles in Clovis on Saturday. He won the 100 meters in 10.45, and the 200 in 20.85. But that’s just part of it, he broke what has to be the longest drought in Valley history. I thought Bonita chasing its first baseball title since ’51 was crazy, but Remontay took it back to the 20s. His two titles were the first for Covina track since 1924. That’s gotta be a record no matter what Joe Amat says šŸ™‚ Speaking of Amat, give it up for Kylie Price, she finished second in the long jump and sixth in the 100 meters

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  • colt fan

    Congratulations, double gold 100, 200 meters fastest kid in state as a junior!!!!

  • kiurmugin

    Congrats to McClain. but, what happened to his early season rival, WC’s BJ Lee, who was beating him tghen?

  • Anon

    Nice kid, too. Congratulations, Remontay!

  • POY

    Fred I think the POY competition just got a new front runner!

    Tough call. expect fireworks!

    The female swimmer who broke Janet Evans record looks tough as well.

    That’s why you get the big money.

  • Dan

    Remontay had some great improvement towards the end of the track season, most of the year he was doing 10.7 and higher, in the 100, now he is running in the 10.3/10.5 range, the hard work really paid off for this kid, I would imagine he must be nailing it at the start line.

  • Dan

    From what I’ve been told about Bee Jay Lee is he has great speed but his start needs much improvement, so my best guess is he probably didn’t have a good start at CIF finals, I believe he had a 10.6 time at prelims and was the top seed in D1 going in to finals.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Just to set the record straight: Remontay McClain is not the FASTEST in the state, but the QUICKEST, since time is used and not speed (mph).
    I, too, wish congrats to the best sprinter in the state.

  • just askin’

    Steve – if someone travels an equal distance in a quicker time – did they run faster?