Glendora should be considered No. 1 in SoCal, and the best I’ve seen in three years

With Mater Dei winning the Division I title on Saturday night, which is a team that both Bishop Amat and South Hills defeated, even the L.A. Times’ Eric Sondheimer admitted that Glendora makes a solid case to be considered the No. 1 team in Southern California after finishing 27-2-1. In fact, after covering five champions in three years, Bishop Amat and Northview in 2008, San Dimas and South Hills in 2009, and Glendora in 2010, I would have to say that Glendora is the best of them all. They have everything you want, three No. 1 caliber pitchers, great defense, great offense, and the type of chemistry that comes with growing up as neighborhood kids and making the dream happen in the final. And look where they’re going, Adam Plutko (UCLA), Joe Winterburn (UCSB), Joseph Woodward (UCSB), Jacob Smigelski (LMU), Clint Harwick (Point Loma) and Jacob Cage (Azusa Pacific) — all on full or partial athletic scholarships.

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  • Maybe the rumors were true

    Not to be a downer or anything but did Glendora under achieve in previous years?

    As far as the team goes this year they were as close to a college team as any. The first basemen was 6’6″, third base 6’3″ second base 6’1″. They were physically dominating! No wonder Glendora Basketball is suffering, all their athletes play baseball.

    When I was at the game an old gentlemen mention Yucaipa was going to get killed. He said Glendora was going to outclass them, and they did.

    Here’s my point…that didn’t happen over night. Or as was the case with Wild Card entry Yucaipa or Bonita, they weren’t just on a “run” but were extremely, extremely polished.

    Just seeing them take infield practice was impressive! I did notice one thing at the game, both winning teams had big time energy as soon as they took the field all the way thru the last out.

    After seeing Glendora this year and having seen Bishop Amat the last four I’d say the team I saw Saturday was a class above anything I’ve seen. Just a great, great ball club.

    So was there credence to the comments from frustrated parents, players and alumni that the Glendora coaches weren’t fully getting the most out of all the local talent? Would appear so.

  • kh

    ill second it fred,
    great job glendora.

  • T Bruno

    Congrats Guys.

  • Objective Observer

    Absolutely! I was astonished watching every inning of the D2 final. Glendora was seemingly flawless. They constantly made solid contact. Their fielding was smooth. Their confidence was soaring. The body language of Yucaipa players suggested that Glendora ripped their spirits. The bleeding never stopped for Yucaipa. I am not a Glendora fan, but I am objective. Glendora is the deepest and most polished team I’ve seen this year. This conclusion didn’t occur to me until I pondered it on the way home, and that was after watching Mater Dei perfectly blank Dana Hills in the D1 final. In the presence of a jury, I can easily defend the assertion that Glendora is number 1.

  • just askin’

    “growing up as neighborhood kids”?

    doesn’t Plutko live in Upland?

  • Final Rankings

    Looking objectively at Glendora one can see that Glendora hits the weight room. They look college ready. They team was awesome, no doubt. But where they awesome last year, or the year before that? How did they get so good seemingly overnight?

    I mean they had six pitchers. Four of them are starters anywhere else. The fielding was incredible and the throws, cannon city. Yes Glendora was a beast!

    Final rankings

    1) Glendora in a landslide
    2) Bonita, the game is played on the field not in the press
    3) Amat, when you lose you lose
    4) South Hills, see above
    5) Damien, private schools are entitled
    5) Northview, history dictates nothing less

  • great effort

    Glendora produced a tremendous result on Saturday. It was by far their best all around performance of the season and what a time to do it. The team had the perfect mix of experience and talent. The guys put it all together. Just look at the difference a year makes between guys like Harwick(SS), Layton(RF), Plutko(P)/Cage(P/3B).. Everyone took their game to another level and they had all played together since a very young age. Coach Henley did another tremendous coaching job as he has done sinc ehe has been at Glendora. He has had other teams with more talent, make no mistake about it, but never has there been a group of high character guys like these who all happened to be playing to their fullest potential in their senior years. Also, you had solid contributions all season from guys like John Alexander(1B, Junior), Nick Cooksey(backup utility fielder, Junior) and Brennan Salgado(DH, Junior)… This team had no sour grapes; everyone played for each other and the team.. Some of the guys could have been upset about playing time, but Henley did a great job of making everyone an integral part of the team and bringing this group of guys together. It starts with coaching, but then you just have to look at the character of the guys coupled with a clear progression in each guys game form the first man on the roster to the last and everyone in between. Great coaching all around at Glendora.

  • Great BB day

    Great Saturday Baseball.. Of the eight teams I saw, MD just was a well-polished group. Its D1 for a reason!

    Best Team Victory= Glendora – The story wasn’t Pluko, it was the bats of GHS. WOW!

    Best Athlete of the day = Cory Hahn (ASU bound) The kid threw 5 scoreless and 5 no hit innings, then made a Willie May catch in center, then came in and hit a 400+ bomb. Great Athlete!

    Best Relief = Tyler Moore Only a sophomore folks!

    Best Arm of the day = Peter Tago from Dana Hills! This kid will get a little cash this week!

    Biggest Team Flop = Yucaipa, with the exception of Walker who wasn’t on, this team was overrated.

    Best Coached Team = Bonita, very impressed for such a young group, who I understand majority is coming back next year!

  • Greeper

    Maybe the rumors were true said:

    You’re an idiot, the typical Glendora Parent who’s been a little league coach and that’s it. Also quit being a coward and leave your name on the blog. I’ve got news for ya there’s a ton of us ex-Apache’s out here now who proudly stand behind Henley and we’re not afraid to post our names. Many people reading this blog will know me and know my experience.. I played with Henley at AHS and he was a hell of a player and and heck of a person!!! His entire family is BASEBALL and Danny has done a hell of a job as a coach. He may have had talent in the past, but those parents were knuckleheads, I know many of them and all they did was interfere with the teams success or lack of. Get over it and give the Coach the respect he deserves!!! Do the rest of us a favor and go back to coaching little league or better yet stick with Lassie League.

  • tcbruin

    Final Rankings or anyone else,

    DOES Glendora baseball have a weight training program?

  • jcaz

    Congratulations to Glendora. Whenever you win our division, especially against tough competition, you most certainly deserve to be called the very best at what you do.

    Also, the reality here is that unlike football, we can see that most of the SGV has tremendous talent when it comes to the sport of baseball. Perhaps next year, some of the better teams can schedule a few more games amongst themselves, and in that way, we can have some good hearted banter to rival all those the football blogs.

  • Don

    What a great season, congratulations to the whole Glendora program.

    Enjoy the ring Dan, you and your guys deserve it.

    I’ll leave the lists to Fred, they’re his staple.

  • larvi

    That’s my boy Greeper. It’s the Lita sauce in our veins that keep us together now that we’ve all moved east.
    Those boys made themselves special by working hard EVERY DAY, pushing each other on the field and the classroom and playing as a unit for years.
    The baseball program is moving in a different direction here at GHS and we all have Dan to thank.


    Here we go again. We have our own Glendora winning the toughest division CIF and and they play in the toughest league in CIF. Of course they are the best in So Cal! But we still have people that want to rank Div III & IV teams ahead of the Div II/SL schools (Damien & Dbar). The Final Rankings should be 1) GHS 2)Damien 3) Dbar 4) Bonita 5) BA and then everyone else. No disrespect to Bonita or BA, they had great seasons, but their divisions and leagues are not at the level of Div II of the SL. It will take SH & CO a few years to make the playoffs in baseball because of their move to the SL. SL RULES!

  • Jackboy

    Great job Danny!
    You make us all very proud.
    Very special.


    Reality is Amat no.1,SH 2,Glendora 3,Damien 4 and who really cares whos next, smoke that

  • socalbaseball fan

    Congradulations to former DBHS of-p Gary Brown who was the #1 pick of the Giants and the 24th overall pick. His teamate SS Christian Colon(Canyon hs) was the 4th overall pick. It paid off for these two players to go to college and improve their draft position. Brown was highly regarded by Baseball America and he may be the giants CF in 2 years. He is the only player in DB history drafted in the first round.

  • Stone Ground G-town

    Glendora # 1 in So Cal.. Are you kidding me! LOL

    MD is the top team and proved it in D1..

  • socalbaseball fan

    I would put Glendora as the #1 team in the cifss as they had a good team with clutch hitting. Glendora did have an easy draw in the D2 playoffs with the majority of tough teams placed in the lower bracket. They beat mainly 3rd place teams,one 4th place team(Harvard-Westlake) and played only one league champion who had 14 losses.
    As for Yucaipa someone said they were overated and I disagree. They really missed P-3b jr Kevin Davidson 5-0 who was injured in the preseason Arizona Tucson tournament and did not pitch after this due to an ACL tear. In addition he could not play in the field and did not play near the end. Their best relief pitcher #17 was not playing near the end of the season due to arm problems. This left the pitching to sr Jose Cota and Taijuan Walker who in the quarter finals had to come in and relieve in both the 5th inning and later the 7th inning. In the semi-finals he pitched the 7th inning vs El Toro. Coach Jeff Stout has a history of overusing his pitchers. In conclusion Yucaipa was a 3rd place team and did well making the finals where Walker ran out of gas pitching to many innings. Glendora had a deep staff and did not have to overuse Plutko.


    Here’s to Coach Henley and the young men of Glendora baseball. Congrates guys CIFSS D2 CHAMPS! Next up RING sizing.

  • COChargerfan

    I second Final Rankings list. Because if you’re not hosting a trophy at the end of the year, then you’re not #1, it is that simple. For you doubters, please see the 2001 Seattle Mariners.

  • BHS Parent

    Good day for G. Henley Got to watch his Grandson play for Bonita for a CIF championship. Then watched his son Danny Henley as he wins his first CIF championship for Glendora.
    Nice day of Baseball.
    Back to back games. Think about it.

    Congratulations to all!

  • All league

    Fred, when do the all league and all valley teams get published?

  • Bathroom Stall News

    Geeper I think you misunderstood my point or as usual I’m failing miserably at communicating my point. Accept my apology as I have heard from great sources that Henley is a great guy and a solid baseball man.

    My point was the trash talking that Glendora parents heaped on Henley were extremely personal in nature and that meant only one thing, it was Glendora people who were giving him the business. One sore point was that Henley left practices early to go see his son play. If true I don’t know what that says other than he’s a typical Foothill parent. But clearly that irked Tartan parents. The other jab was that he misused his awesome players and in turn failed to develop clearly defined roles with so many stars. After seeing them in person I’d say, even without Wallace Gonzalez, this team is clearly the most polished team I’ve ever seen plus they are HUGE !!

    So my point is or was should the same parents who gave him flack apologize or was there some truth to the rumors that Glendora was really a sleeping giant considering the senior heavy team that earned their place as the best in So. Cal. That’s not only my opinion but the opinion of solid baseball minds who finally saw Glendora in person.

    I think it’s fair to say players make coaches and coaches make players. The balance is sometimes equal and sometimes not. That’s the rub…which is it?

    In the case of Bonita it’s obvious Knott and staff are inspiring and coaching the players up. In other cases it can be said, as was the case with Amat last year, maybe Nieto blew that one.

    Point is there seems to be a trend when a coach gets hammered on the blog they produce quickly. Maybe it’s coincidence and maybe it’s not. Who knows. Either way it’s just a blog.

    Like I said if a fan, coach, player, alumni, AD, administrator or God forbid Head Coach needs to check the blog to verify their worth than they might as well check bathroom stalls to know if their wife or girlfriend is cheating on them.

    BTW I had a great talk with HC I really admire between Championship games. Funny how the “great” ones always deliver. In truth this blog is what it is….a reprint of what parents and fans say in the stands….and who’s calling who idiots there?

    BTW wasn’t Jackson momentarily “outcoached” by Alvin Gentry and that “girlie zone”. Hey do you think Jackson “cares”?


    I went to the final games and would agree MD was the best of the best. Just a little more impressed with the quality of play against a good opponent like Dana Hills.

    That Hahn kid is the real deal and Tago, we’ll the draft round says it all.

    And to the Glendora fans, it nice to see that the distraction early this year just PROVES that its a team game and not a “me” game. Great learning experience for the team and great memory for the Seniors.