Breaking News: Glendora’s Adam Plutko taken in sixth round, 183rd overall by the Houston Astros

Fresh off of winning the Division 2 championship on Saturday, Glendora High pitcher Adam Plutko was selected in the sixth round, and 183rd overall by the Houston Astros during Tuesday’s Major League Baseball amateur draft, joining Jiovanni Mier, who was drafted in the first round by the Astros last year from Bonita.

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  • ghsfan

    congrats adam! from 08 ghs alum! you were great if you dont get that money that i know u want always good to get education at ucla! and season there too! super regionals for them nxt week!
    keep tearing them up man!

  • COChargerfan

    And Gabe Encinas out of St. Paul also went in the 6th round…pick #205 to the Yankees.

    But Vincet Velasquez out of Garey High went in the second round with the 58th pick overall to Houston. I for one didn’t know this kid was that highly regarded. Just goes to show you that team success and pub go hand n hand.

  • Just a suggestion Fred

    Fred would it be possible to give a review of all the Championship players that were drafted regardless of school. Tijuan Wlaker form Yucaipa went 43rd in the first round to Tampa Bay. That’s pretty impressive! I read where he throws 95 MPH but has dilivery issues…whatever that means. I know nothing about baseball.

    Point being why not give expanded information. Seems the Fish Bowl is getting smaller and smaller yet we’ve shown we can compete with all the big fishes in the Ocean. Giving info on our out of area competition really does illustrate just how competitive we really ca be.

    Just a suggestion Fred.

  • Big Dawg

    Although I love the Animal. I would give pitcher of the year to Plutko. Not only did he pitch his team to a championship he was also drafted high by the MLB.

  • Congrats

    Congrats to Adam. His hardwork and dedication have paid off. One thought though, the 6th round is not good enough to pass up an opportunity to play for the Bruins. Go Adam & Go Bruins!!

  • More Draft Picks

    Don’t Forget Dylan Covey from the West SGV selected with the 14th pick of draft. Not bad for small school guy. Some of the stuff you do out of HS is very important.

  • What Dawg

    Well you are right congrats to Plutko for getting drafted and on winning his C.I.F. But that is it. He was injured for about month and half. Rest rest rested for play offs. SO that does not mean he gets pitcher of year. He missed one month and Paez pitch all year in closer and starter roll. But we all know FRED has soft spot for C.I.F. winners not for the body of work over a year. Apparently it is the 2 games you win in C.I.F. that counts. Again congrats to Plutko on your accomplihments. Good luck in the PRO’s or college ball. Paez good luck in college ball. You both had great years.

  • just sayin’

    PLutko was 10-1 (Paez 13-2) and Plutko only pitched 29 fewer innings. Doesn;t sound like significant time missed. Plutko is POY Paez=1st team

  • just sayin’

    meant 20 fewer innings. fat fingers!

  • socalbaseball fan

    Vincent Velasquez was recruited by CSF this past year and they only recruit top notch pitchers. Another pitcher they recruited Peter Tago of Dana Hills. Both Velasquez and Tago will probably sign professional contracts. CSF will return for sure 2 starters in Noe Ramirez(Alhambra),Dylan Floro(Merced),and injured former starter Tyler Pill(Covina). In addition Colin O’Connell(Arlington) pitched a great game in an elimination game. Other returning players will be Ray Hernandez just eligible for the playoffs and a transfer from Fresno State. Jr Daniel Renken will most likely return as a senior as his draft round was not good.
    Taijuan Walker only pitched in 4 games last year and needs a lot of work on mechanics especially his release point. He is a great athlete and was drafted high since he did not sign with any 4 year college which I think is an advantage to the drafting team. Plutko will most likely go to UCLA unless they offer him slot money.
    Next season should be another good one and looking forward to see Diamond Bar play in a new league with both of their starters back.

  • Math expert

    I am no math expert but 4 1/2 games at the end of season. Is huge if you pitched not if you are resting an injury. Equals less pitches thrown.”Just Sayin” unless you are pitcher then you understand the concept to rest and throwning.

  • Get real

    Only pitched 29 fewer innings. That’s huge dude!

    Get a grip that 4+ games

  • Hmm

    Maybe if Paez pitched fewer innings, he wouldn’t of been burned out at the end of the season losing to St. Paul and Torrance don’t your think?

  • DBfan

    socalbaseball fan: DBar needs some fire power and clutch hitting next year since Pak and Crowe graduated. Kenny will be dominating again, and I am sure we will talk about draft picks from Diamond Bar next year. Pluto will be a UCLA Bruins but Kenny may not be attending CSF.

  • Just a Bohi Fan

    Derek Goodwyn from Diamond Ranch was drafted in 46th round today by the Brewers. Way to go Derek!!!! Congrats to you and your family!!!

  • Burned out Hmmm

    Burned out really. You must not been at the games.It is called defense and run support.”errors” Have you heard of those words. Like I heard and read it is a 9 man game. One player will not win. But, still the facts are the facts month and half is a big difference from not throwing and throwing. If you have never pithed then you do not understand that concept. I am just a fan. Props to Plutko and Paez. Who get the award well it is deserving I am sure both players do not even care. Because they are on there way to college D1 schools. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE PLAYERS MOVING ON.

  • TeachDGame

    So here is my list (may have missed a couple as I was deleting lines etc) of what I’ll call the San Gabriel Valley kids that were drafted:

    Round Team Player Pos School
    1 Milwaukee Brewers Dylan Covey RHP Maranatha HS, Pasadena, Calif.

    2 Houston Astros Vincent Velasquez RHP Garey (Calif.) HS

    5 Philadelphia Phillies Scott Frazier RHP Upland (Calif.) HS

    6 Houston Astros Adam Plutko RHP Glendora (Calif.) HS

    6 New York Yankees Gabe Encinas RHP St. Paul HS, Santa Fe Springs, Calif.

    19 Seattle Mariners Frankie Christian OF Upland (Calif.) HS

    28 Los Angeles Angels Tim Helton C Upland (Calif.) HS

    46 Milwaukee Brewers Derek Goodwin C Diamond Ranch HS, Pomona, Calif.

    Someone was mentioning Plutko would sign if he got Slot money… I think you meant OVER Slot. Anyway here is some expectations of what those Bonus offerings will be. Keep in Mind, 1st round you can throw Slot & everything else out the window. It all depends on “options” namely Nat’l Letter of Intent = Scholarship Value.

    Round 1 — Huge Rediculous money at the top, falls like Gravity as you move through the round, except where there is “leverage”… expect Covey to get $2.0 Million + or – a few hundred grand.

    Round 2 Velasquez should be somewhere around the $600k mark, plus or minus $100G’s… by the way, he wasn’t unnoticed by any stretch by the folks that matter. Anyone “in the game” knew he was a flamethrower… by the way, I am not sure what leverage he has, have not heard about a Scholarship for him, so less leverage…

    Round 5 – Frazier $150k is about slot money, now apply any “leverage” he has and that number in prior years can go over slot to $1.0 million, but usually that is a dual sport guy who has scholly offer in both sports…. expect Mr Frazier might be above slot offer possibly though.

    Round 6 – Plutko & Encinas —- aaaawe interesting neighborhood. By the way, Love both these guy’s. Plutko was flirted with 1st round “rumors” my bet is signability became an issue. Not saying in a bad way though. He had SOLID OFFER FROM UCLA which would take big money to sign him away from. Scouts knew that. He probably threw out that big number which would most likely have thrown him into mid first round neighborhood… now, I personally know a few of those pitchers up there. Plutko is a stud, they might be a notch better plus scouts have seen them in little bigger stages… so could have factored. Either way, Slot for these guy’s is still in that $125-$150k range. FULLY expect both guy’s to get over slot offer’s, possibly in the $500k range (especially Plutko) can’t remember if Encinas has leverage with a deal although my memory tells me he might. So you make the call — $500k to bail on UCLA, might be enough. Less than that 50/50. At slot — both move on to the next level and hope to move up the draft charts by JR year. Fully expect Plutko to develop into heavy @ UCLA, could be $1.0M pickup to spend 3 years under Savage…

    19th – 46th rounds —- Not enough money at all, unless you REALLY, REALLY HATE SCHOOL. I expect Goodwin to get his education at Sac State and play some ball…ARE YOU HEARING ME DEREK !!! Other guy’s don’t know as well, but don’t think the $25k-$80k they are gonna get offered will do it.

    Congrats to all of them. Worse case scenario they are recognized as part of the top 1,525 players in the country right now including all the College & JC guy’s… so studs all of them and part of a very small fraternity.

  • socalbaseball fan

    Vincent Valesquez has committed to CSF however the titans expect him to sign a MLB contract. Titans will lose Peter Tago from Dana Hills. The titans rarely get anyone to play for them if they were drafted in the first 6 rounds. Christian Colon and Gary Brown would have been drafted higher out of high school except MLB teams knew they had the option of going to CSF. Both made the right decision and expect Colon and Brown to be in the big show by 2012 or 13. Colon may be moved to 2b.
    Reading MLB scouting reports about Plutko mentioned his fastball was inconsistent and felt he would go to UCLA. Next year he may be the #3 or 4 starter with Cole,Bauer as #1 and 2 and Claypool at #3. This would make him the midweek starter.
    Baseball America predraft report on so-cal high school pitchers was very accurate

  • Ben Dover


  • Ben Dover