San Gabriel Valley underclassmen all-star baseball game on Saturday at Gladstone High

The second annual KG Sports Training Foundation Underclassmen All-Star Game will take place Saturday at 2 p.m. at Gladstone High School. The foundation will award two scholarships, one for $1,000 and another for $500. Keppel coach Houston Hernandez and his staff will coach the Blue team, and Covina coach Pete Loaiza will coach the Grey team, flanked by Darren Murphy (Northview), Tom Quinley (Charter Oak), Gil Adame (Covina) and Andrew Hanson (Covina) as his assistants. The rosters are as follows:

Above: South Hills’ Ty France is one of the huge standouts playing on Saturday.

Blue team: Angel Acosta (Gabrielino); Vince Albelo (Gabrielino); Julian Jarrard (Temple City); Calvin Copping (Temple City); Gary Acuna (Al- hambra); Frankie Wright (Al- hambra); CJ Saylor (South Hills); Ty France (South Hills); Dom Martinez (South Hills); Doug Mayberry (San Marino); Haram Park (Arcadia); KJ Edson (Arcadia); David Hubinger (St. Francis); David Olme- do (St. Francis); John Alexander (Glendora); David Ortiz (Bosco Tech); Brennon Martinez (Bosco Tech); Mark Jebbia (Maranatha); Chris Rucker (Pasadena); Robert Lain (Pasadena); Ives Brown (Pasadena); Max Katz (Keppel); Matt Lee (San Dimas); Nate Rousey (Crescenta Valley); Elliot Surrey (Crescenta Valley); Dylan Mersola (Burbank); Sergio Luna (Cathedral); Chris Flores (Cathedral); Mike Aguilar (Montebello); Anthony Milan (Montebello); Daniel Lopez (Montebello).

Grey team: Jason Martinez (Covina); Andrew Carrillo (Covina); Vinny Venegas (Covina); KC Huth (Bonita); Adam McCreery (Bonita); Robert Mier (Bonita); Matt Gelalich (Bonita); Steven Baltierra (Wilson); Daniel Farfan (El Monte); Mark Roche (Arroyo); Steven Adame (Arroyo); Antonio Gonzalez (Damien); Jose Chavez (Damien); Obryen Sanchez (Whittier); Stephen Zavala (Whittier); Daniel Moriel (El Rancho); Will Walters (Walnut); Adrian Velasco (Monrovia); Mark McMahon (Whittier Christian); Bobby Ramos (Northview); Tyler Grijalva (Northview); Xavier Martinez (Northview); Travis Santiago (Charter Oak); Aaron Henry (Charter Oak); Fernando Gonzalez (Baldwin Park); George Johnson (West Covina).

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  • Is this true

    Wow Damien doesn’t have any top underclassmen. Wonder why.

  • wow

    Is it true also no AMAT guys are on the all-star team. Really why? Lot of talent on AMAT squad. No knock to the teams but not AMAT.

  • just askin’

    neither does Amat?

  • >>>

    I believe the Mark McMahon who is playing goes to Western Christian not Whittier Christian.

    Lead the Lancers in BA with 511 this year, but more impressive is only struck out twice in 101 plate appearences.

  • >>>

    I believe the Mark McMahon who is playing goes to Western Christian not Whittier Christian.

    Lead the Lancers in BA with 511 this year, but more impressive is only struck out twice in 101 plate appearences.

  • >>>

    I believe the Mark McMahon who is playing goes to Western Christian not Whittier Christian.

    Lead the Lancers in BA with 511 this year, but more impressive is only struck out twice in 101 plate appearences.

  • Don

    These all star games, (football and baseball), are all great fun and a great honor for the kids involved. To really make ’em ROCK, they need a couple things:

    1.Buy in from ALL the area coaches; the guys who choose not to participate should hear from their peers and their parents.

    2.A special venue, under the lights. Coach Gewecke and his boosters did a swell job Sunday, and the Moors have a nice field, but it was HOT. And it was a high school field.

    3.Ya gots to have a CLEAR GEOGRAPHICAL BOUNDRY between the teams, like the 605 Game, or the North South Shrine Game, or something like that. Walnut Creek, Rio Hondo River, San Bernardino Fwy, it doesn’t matter; you just need to give the fans an identity to get behind, otherwise you’ll only get moms and dads at the games.

    That all off my chest, I’ll see you Saturday at Gladstone to cheer on KC, Puddin, Amac, and Rob . . . OK, Ty and Travis too.

    After the game, across the street to Dino’s for the Chicken Special and a large pineapple Bang. WHOOO!

  • Nettie

    Go Ruck Ruck!!

  • Farce

    What a joke of an all-star game. How can it be a San Gabriel Valley all-star game without Rio Ruiz, Jay Anderson, Jordan McCraney, Bernardo Zavala, and Adrian Franco. Who by the way have all committed to play at the next level.

  • what a doofess i am

    Once again opps…

    Antonio Gonzalez and Joe Chavez are playing for Damien on the Grey Team….my apologies!

  • no worries

    because the Amat players didn’t want to play with these little guys, they are above them…….

  • WHY , WHY ,WHY

    Why start up on no Amat players, now will come the posts as to how either Nieto will not allow his underclassmen to participate or that for Hags baseball season is over and time for football and football ony.Either way that will become the spin on this. By the way how are the rosters made up for these all star games and who is picking the players . Also how do the players get word of being picked for a team . Is it KG Sports or the listed coaches or are milings sent to each SGV coach for nominations of players. Alittle insight into the process would be nice. But maybe that is asking to much .




  • Waterboarder

    Farce – I dont think there ARE any underclass Football players left on the baseball team (except Rio), so conspiracy theorists give it a rest. Oh and by the way, my 9 year old son just “committed” to play for USC too! I just hope they commit to him? Eitherway, my back up plan is to send him to college anyway, you know, just in case things don’t work out with the verbal committment and all.

  • Montview league?

    ALL-STAR GAME at Gladstone, and not one???? Player from the Montview League! I find that hard to believe, and the sad part is there playing at a Montview league School. I guess the GLadstone players will be working the snack bar and making sure the field looks good only! What a slap in the face.

  • who cares

    Amat kids are to good… the biggest joke is the coaching staff, shows that the game doesnt mean anything

  • kiko garcia

    Tthe KG Foundation is a non-profit organization set up to help keep kids off the streets, through sports, sports tranining, health related services, goal achievement programs, metortship programs, to help kids achieve life change through programs centered on character development. We help get kids to college with scholarships as well.
    The scholarship is based off a few things. Obviously he is a good baseball player, hes been nominated for this game. We also take into consideration academic achievements, community service achievements, as well as an essay that they write to us. The scholarship is worth $1000 to the school of there choice. We are also giving away a $50 gift certificate (sorry not $500) to a local sporting goods store.

    The picking of the teams is done as follows.
    Stats are pulled off max preps. We highlight potential participants. We contact ALL 62 schools (including AMAT) within the sgv (though this year we spreaded out a little bit more). We then ask the head coaches of ALL schools of there nominations. The coaches nominate there guys. Those are the nominations. If for some reason a kid has great stats but is a knucklehead off the field, then we must trust the coaches decision of there nominations and respect it, and this has happen in the past as well as this year.
    The nominations are then given to the head coaches of the teams ( Blue and Grey), then they ultimetly choose the players of the teams.
    Some players are not listed or dont make the team due to previous plans or teams involved on.
    Thank you
    any questions please call, also looking for volenteers
    (818) 620-7569
    Kiko Garcia

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J,
    Many good ball players left off this list of players and a few schools without representation. LA,AMAT,LP,WORKMAN,SD just to name a few . Who does make these rosters and what is the critiria if you know or can ask someone in the know . I think it would make for an interesting topic on the blog. Also how does SH and Glendora wind up on the Blue and CO on the Red .

  • FredJ

    I’m not sure who picks the teams, we have nothing to do with it except covering the event …

  • AMAT 73

    Thanks for clearing up the process of selecting the teams. Sounds like a very worthy cause and organization . Do you have a website where someone can see more and maybe send a donation your way. Again thank you for the information.

  • LVL? are u serious??

    No players from LVL – You must be kidding – please who do you think should be there?

    The best player on the team left midseason – because the school and program are a joke (unless your only focus is basketball). Proven by the fact almost half the faculty left at the end of the school year – guess they do not need that many teachers to “educate” 12 basketball players!

    They have one good junior – who could care a less about baseball and no way he would bother to play in a game like this as baseball is just a diversion – rumor is he will not even be playing next year.

    And two sophmores who are decent – one who came and left a number of times – despite the fact the school was going to play “Gary Grubb baseball” (and is more famous for throwing helmets than hitting baseballs) and a second who might have a future at a JC if he is smart enough to get away from LVL.

    After that six kids who either have never played baseball or have not played in years!

    They play in one of the weakest leagues in CIF and still snuck into the playoffs on a technicality.

    Next joke! PLease!!!

  • DBfan

    Just noticed: Kh (AKA the big mouth) is a all-star from Bonita, Wow, Congratulations! You are for real.

  • I CARE

    Hey who cares,

    My son is on the grey team and I have talked to the coach. He has been very helpful and cordial and we are looking forward to the game, so I care. Not everyone needs to be from Amat or S.Hills all the time to be an all star. Instead of complaining, get off your butt and help.

  • kissass

    I CARE,


    Get real Dad. The Coach was cordial. We spoke to him. Put that man in the suck up bin.

  • Underclass

    This seems like an impressive group of young men. How many of these student/athletes are committed to colleges (who & where). Good luck to all.

  • kh

    did you notice we beat you guys this year,
    we went to the championship game and lost 2 to 1 .
    i got a hair cut too b-dar.
    put some gas in my truck today.
    worked in pasadena,
    got a new d-2 college coaching job.
    be the hitting coach,i coached there back in the 80s.
    hey i went out side and noticed it was dark.
    thanks for waking us the huths up.dame if not for you maybe we would of not noticed he made the team.
    the seasons over, every thing from here on out
    is just some cuts and putting a uniform on.
    iam not excited about crap.we let that game get way no way no way we lose that game. we needed some hits from are all league guys,seniors should of took care of business,
    when your a senior you have to deliver,theres no in saying that,the juniors to be senior,the season over,your a senior now act like it and bring the little jr. and soph. a ring next year.step up like glendoras seniors did, they were on fire in the championship game the whole team was so pumped,over here nobody gets excited,look at the results.
    lets get to football allready fred.fred it was nice of you not to make one bonita baseball game this year.

  • kh

    went back over max prep
    we were 4 for 23 thats 179 ave as a team.
    you wont win a pony game hitting like that.
    i really dont want to go here ,
    but blue strike zone sucks.cant stand umps.
    if theres somebody i dont really carefull in life its umps.
    big adam got robbed,
    he clearly picked off the guy who came around for the winning won.
    cant hit you cant win.
    my statement about seniors ,its not talking crap,its the truth,
    seniors have to carry the load.
    in that big ass park, cant figure why we didnt have the speed guy in left,blondie covers twice the ground. was hitting 444.ave on season.compared to 280.after the banquet i know why,never heard of a coach so pumped up on a soph, with a 280 ave. theres love in the air.

  • sour mash ken

    Ken in truth it was a close game but the error was the difference. Next time you call out a player have the decency to use names, especially after the season is over and everyone felt they played so well all season long. The .444 hitter and the .280 hitter wow who are so talking about? gee let me check maxpreps! how about kc huth hitting .0000 for the biggest game for the seniors. who’s setting the table? Ken you waited almost four days to bag on the seniors and the .280 hitter and gossip about the banquet? get team mate you are!

  • DBfan too

    KG FOUNDATION Thanks for the info on selection.

    Please advise if Diamond Bar High or Diamond Ranch High were sent nominations and if their coaches nominated anyone. Both schools have at least 3 elite underclassman and arguably the 2 best not only in the SGV but all of socal they are Ken Mathews and Rouric Bridgewater. If they were not chosen or their spots were given to a few of the sophs on the roster then this turns into a travesty to the coaches that select the team. And if you need more sophs well both schools have a couple elite sophs too.

    However if the coaches were not sent any forms or if they did not nominate anyone well then its on them and the parents and players need to let em know about it, why because possible scholarship missed.

    These are great events that recognize upcoming players. Thank you and kudos for putting it on.

  • seniors lead


    I have been a supporter of yours on the blogs but to see u bag on seniors is bs. Your son does not get to play in that kind of game if your seniors did not produce the whole year. Period. It all starts with pitching and Tuttle and Yepez seems to me oh they are seniors righttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

    Bonita had a super year and are finalist champs.
    Tell the rich la verne folks to pop for championship finalist rings, extra large, and then the kids can wear them when they are 24 , fat and married with 2 kids. But hey they can use them for conversation starters when they call on customers. And fyi not one person ever and i mean ever looks at the side of my rings to see that they say champs or finalist, they only look at the size of the ring and get impressed.

  • kh

    iam not calling out anybody,i said the team hit `179
    .if you hit 180 or 444 ,its just #,stats,go with the hot bat,
    it happens all the timefrom mgn,use different players in different situations,thats all,no names just #.
    and i stand behind my ,that senior need to step up in big games,wow if i hurt there little filling ,so be it,didnt say they stink,all of them are studs,and will go on and play for a long time,k.c was part of the 179. ave ok. we the team,go beat your dog.thats the h.s. probably somebody it would of been nice if the senior showed who is the boss,

  • shut up already


    your rings should say 1st.loser

  • Tim

    Amat guys were too good to play with these little guys? Does the little guys include Torrance and the rest of Div. 4 teams that you can’t seem to get by in the playoffs. Amat can be spelled Arrogance as well.
    One more thing- way to go KH, for whatever reasons, you seemed to have a few supporters here by seasons end and you f….. it up by calling out players after the championship and the coach on his banquet talk…Knott, lose this guy and his kid. They are not worth it anymore. I’m not supporting this program anymore (and I do, but will rise above this namecalling bs) with this family involved in the program. He’s a joke.

  • COChargerfan

    Got to go with kh here. It doesnt sound like hes bagging on your seniors, but just a general outlook on the championship game. kh is an ex pro ballplayer, In the pros you always go with the hot bat, especially in the biggest game of the season, the fact that this kid can run is a giant plus in a big ballpark. kh, did this kid get in the coaches Dog House somehow? Or just a love fest with the coach as you said?

    Go Chargers.

  • AMAT 73

    If you think that post from who cares was from an AMAT honk I have a choice piece of property I think you would buy at great price.
    I was fast becoming a fan of you and your insight on baseball. For you to come on here now after preaching all year on the team concept of Bonita and how all season the team was united and doing it as one is in a term you would understand BUSH LEAGUE. Yes seniors should be the leaders but you could also say the underclassmen should have picked up the ball also by using what the seniors showed them all season. You take the wins as a team and you also take the losses as a team .Remember that for next season as I am sure you will be in rare form seeing as your son I think will be one of those seniors.

  • just askin’

    Tim – can you sense the sarcasm in that post by a hater that was actually baggin’ on Amat kids for “being too good”?

  • just sayin’

    I’m going to throw up on my keyboard the next time I hear kh referred to as “an ex-pro player”. Undrafted? Never higher than Single-A? .214? Please!

  • kiko garcia

    Fyi, Diamond Bar and Diamond Ranch were not a part of the game at this time, so no coaches were asked of there nominations. But look for us next year as we plan to add your schools to our list.
    Also next year we plan on not only expanding on the schools but also the venue that well use. were looking to get it at a much bigger place next year.
    Starting June 21st were running our baseball academy Mon& Wed 1-3 at Muir H.S.
    Ex- Pro players as well as College coaches come out and make cameo apperances to help us work with the kids. Ultimatly to help the kids to get exposure to some of the colleges and help them get to college. (via scholarships)
    we are always looking for donations to help with this cause, for we are a non-profit organization
    kiko (818) 620-7569

  • Smiles

    Hey Kiko!

    Maybe KH can coach at your Academy, he is an “ex-pro player”. Opps, I just threw up a little. šŸ˜‰


    It figures you would side with kh. You are such an azzhole, how could that post not be bagging on the seniors and the coach for his choice of outfielder. Why second guess now after all is said and done. And kh guess what , yes way , yes way , yes way , you did lose the game. Take it at that and quit your biatchen . You are starting to sound like one of the biggest crybabies to hit the blog since COCF .

  • True Colors

    KH – glad to see the true colors come out. Let’s see…TEAM TEAM TEAM TEAM. Oops, TEAM lost. Let’s blame senior kids and let’s criticize the soph LF. Dude, the kid is 16. Do you really think it is cool bagging on him online. Grow up. It’t not all about you.

  • kh

    stop it,
    i need friends like you back my dog needs more fleas.
    just staying ,do you know what it means to be a pro.
    you get paid jerk off.
    did sign for some money too.theres a number # 1 draft pick from last years team hitting in the low 200,so that means he cant play,the dudes a stud.there the best of the best pro players.i just wasnt ready should of stayed in school.
    if it was easy every jerk off like you would be playing pro ball.
    amat 73. dont need your love.
    last season senior did the same thing,so big deal.
    wasnt calling the little soph. as you say. was looking at the big picture,hot bat speed defense in a monster park.inless you never coached the shout your mouth.the reason am on the was there last chance
    ,and next year you cant bet,if same results i will be all over the seniors dont think are senior parents are pissed .we worked hard to come in second place,

  • COChargerfan

    It figures, maybe you cant read.
    kh has made a clear statement about a coaching decision, thats his right.
    The fact is Fred, never comes out to see the locals, other than Amat, It sounds like kh is frustrated about losing a game and is asking questions that Fred should be asking the coach in an interview after the game. You dont get many chances a CIF ring, so youve got to make the most out of it.
    However, not a big fan of talking about coaches comments at an after season banquet.
    Go Chargers

  • COChargerfan

    Not my posts folks…I never use “Go Chargers.” Hey moron, it is not cool to post using other people’s monikers. Fred J., can’t you check the email address and then ban that fool?

  • kh

    are u the only co charger fan
    theres plently of fans over there.
    am not second guessing any body,
    so get over it.
    thats why theres the blog,just something to throw out there,its not going to change crap.iam letting some steam out,i wanted bonita to make history,sorry i love to win,i will say it again you wont win hitting 179 as a team.iam saying i wish somebody would of stepped up.
    senior rule juriors duel.boy thats all am saying take me to judge whopper

  • Charger/Bruin Fan

    Sorry, COChargerfan.
    My son plays baseball on the freshman and football team. Didnt know it was your moniker. Ill pick something else. Your right not cool using someone elses moniker but, not cool calling someone a Moron. If your kid goes to CO we probably know each other.
    Go Chargers.
    Ps. is this Moniker ok with everyone?

  • AMAT 73

    I am not giving you my love just making a post regarding your turn of thinking after the loss. And yes I have coached and made a few blunders in my time but that is hindsight . You know like it is easier to see the mistakes after the game than during and wish you had made the other choice. No need to get huffy and I am guessing you told to me shut my mouth if I haven’t coached. Not everyone has as tough of skin as you do especially 17-18 year old seniors. Don’t you think they feel bad enough. You see that is one of the many problems with this blog in the fact that adults or so-called adults come on here without a second thought and berate and blast these kids who are out there busting their asses for their schools honor and trying to maybe get a scholarship or drafted based on their athletic ability. If they don’t perform to what you think they should have what gives you and others the right to be so critical of them . How would you like it if and I don’t wish it upon you would fall off the wagon and you show up to a Bonita game and the whole team begins to chant kh is drunken failure and is back on the bottle. I don’t think you would like that very much. Maybe it’s time you get that chip off your shoulder and take a good look at what you are becoming in your quest for sobriety and inner peace.

  • there’s always next year

    You sorry azz losers thats what a blog is for to second guess everything. Seniors are always expected to come up big in big games its called leadership, if the youngens are able to contribute big its called a bonus. In high school sports from the very beginning you highlight the upper classmen how many times have you heard a coach say I was going to win or lose with my senior on the mound or up to bat. It is still a team game to win or lose, in the end you can always second guess and say more could have been done by the entire team (including the coaches).

    In changing this non subject how about Amat losing so early in the post season. I believe this goes to show you a team of so called super stars is KNOTT always the recipe for winning championships.

    A little quote from the coach:

    “There’s not much you can do,” Knott said. “That’s the way baseball
    is, we didn’t take advantage of our opportunities.”

  • was there

    Well,Ken stepped in it this time. He’s a good guy who is trying hard to make it right, be a good dad and fan. Yeah, he screwed up big time, and he can’t write a lick, never could, but go back and he is the guy who called the Bearcat run from day one. He also knows a ittle about the game(.177 never works) and he likes to win just like we all do. I don’t have a kid on the baseball team, do have two in other sports at BHS however. I will take his will to win, sprit and support anyday, wish I could help with the writing though. Don is right about next year with all that return, should be special again. End of day Bearcat sports faired pretty well, young football team-should be pretty good with big QB and “H”brothers, basketball girls made the semi’s return a ton of starters and 2 all CIF’s, boys bball should be strong too might have the quickest backcourt in the so cal & all CIF pg returns too, “H” bros too, G-Volleyball played in the finals, two other all CIF’s comeback, track solid ton return, softball semi’s? plenty return, water polo another all CIF return, soccer sorry did not follow but usually pretty good too. Welcome to the Hacienda League.

  • Enough!!

    Can we focus on the all-star game. This is supposed to be about the athletes not about some drunken “has been” that can’t spell. Let’s try! My money is on the grey team! They are stacked, arms and bats.

  • WHAT a….

    Wow…is this a way of getting back at AMAT? Really… not to diss some of these kids but I have never even read some of these kids on the blog before let alone get coverage in the tribune. Kids from Covina, Keppel? …. and not Rio or anyone else at AMAT? Is this a little league all star team where all the daddys got together and picked a team? Let me finish, WHAT a joke!

  • kh

    enough said.
    another tough guy blowin off his mouth .
    never have i ever been a drunken fool drinker.
    i stopped for one reason,
    too better my life in gods way.
    took the poison out of my soul.
    i still stand strong in what i said,
    being a senior,with lots of job time,
    it would of been nice to see those guys in that game only,
    carry the bearcats home with pride,
    so where in your little sick mind,are you making me the bad guy,iam the only one including the coaching staff who said we will be on top at the end.
    go on the other side,stay with the blue team.dont need another front runner pulling for the grey team.
    like you said you have no kids in baseball,
    so stay out of are sport.go join fred and watch girls swimming,
    like i said all along,not in this for your frienfship.
    dont hang around with back stabbing front runners,i like people to tell me to my face if they think am wrong,thats what men do,nobodys going to hurt you.

  • laughing my azz off

    WHAT a….

    Amat may be the top diggidy dog in football but baseball is still a public school sport in the SGV. What do you guys always say,” come and play with the big boys.” You can’t win a ship in that weak azz division, what division are you in anyways like 12 go ahead and cry me river its your turn Lol.

  • A$$ Handers Inc.

    Laughing A$$ – Anytime, anywhere. Who knows maybe it will be your day, it was Torrances day when they won; however, I will venture to say that 9 out of 10 times it will be our (Amat’s) day against SGV teams. Not knocking the SGV Teams or their talent just saying that in MY OPINION, Amat is that good. You can’t win’em all laughing A$$. Come by the Amat Diamond and check out the lists of league titles and championships won by Amat over the years. Your just another in a long line of Amat Haters. Take a number and proceed to the back of the line son, 53 years and going strong! Go Amat!

  • kh

    its all on the coaches not doing there job to place the kids,amat has plently of talent,
    kiko and his partner would welcome amat with open arms,its just like coaches not putting up stats during the season,weak
    i will have to say,torrance s.s. went in the 3nd round,and palm desert beat the crap out of them in the finales,you guys were over fred rated all year.just take care of business and all the hater will hide back in there holes.
    are you guys still talking about teams knocked out early in the playoffs.

  • Enough!!

    Ok, let’s try and focus on the game. Yeah we know Amat kids walk on water and KH is an “ex-pro player” that was a drunk whup dee doo. What about the game!

    After reviewing both rosters closely and looking at Max Preps I would say that the Grey team has the better team. The Grey team will have some great arms (McCreery, Gonzalez, & Martinez)throwing the ball. I saw each of these kids this year and they can bring it. Mcreery is 6’6″, Gonzales 6’2″ and Martinez 6’4″. You mix in the bats of Gelalich, Mier and Huth and you have one helluva team. I hear Baltierra and Santiago are also legit. The Blue team have a few real goodies in Saylor, Jebbia and Rousey, but they won’t be enough. Have any of these committed early?

  • just sayin’

    kh – you;re the one that’s been talkin about draft spots all year. so Amat loses to a team that has a guy that goes in the 3rd round. pretty good? then you say Palm Desert beat them. Guess what? Amat beat Palm Desert! Make your head spin? That’s enough to drive you back to drink!

  • kh

    just saying and enought.
    i have to stop taking things so personally,it immunity to emotional poison.
    you didnt make me stop drinking and dont know if you will make me start.
    its just your opinion,
    i dont take anything personally because by taking things personally you set yourself up to suffer for nothing.dont take anything personally as you make a habit of not taking anything personally,wont need to place your trust in what others do or say, you will only need to trust yourself to make responisible choices.
    i have taken some real good advice,i’am woking on eduacating myself better.
    enough, i think your close, but still a little away from bring a good fellow.but then this comes as a personally opinion,which am working to get away from.
    one stencense youe calling me a has been drunk? the next your praiseing my sons talent,
    we all have bad habits to work on ,come say hello tomorrow,i never hold words to judgement,the devils tough to control.go grey

  • kh

    don made his line up for bonita i like it except.theres no way k.c. dosnt play s.s.
    miers is gone on to the pros .
    tutle is off to what excuse will they use not putting him in his nornal position.
    greg g knows from l.l. days hes a s.s.
    with k.c. and miers turning two all year and pudding up the middle and pops behind the plate.the senior will take full leadership. then castro and henley be on the out field corners with garza and rojos at 3 b matt at first the big hoss dh thats my team line up,
    i think they forget who was there s.s. two years ago .k.c. and miers.they turn some treat those two worked really good together.
    k.c. not a h.s. right fielder.people need to see the light,why dose a kid with his talent have to beg the coachibng staff to play his position,.do you think he will hit behind lindsey 25 of the 30 games we played next year.
    in college hes getting recuited as a s.s.
    in football this year i hope he gets all the fire out of his ass,because we all know at bonita baseball theres no showing any emotions.

  • Jackboy

    Coach Knott has some tough choices to make as far as a starting line up goes next year.
    Bear in mind next year is a long way off and Im sure there will be some surprises.
    Bearcats have loads of versatility!

    1b, McCreery, Rodriguez, Heslop.
    2b. Mier, Reyes.
    3b Huth, Castro
    SS. Garza, Huth.
    LF. Henley
    CF. Gelalich
    RF. Castro, Reyes
    C. Lindsay, Heslop
    P. McCreery, Garza, Stavang.
    Dh. Rojas, Heslop, Rodriguez.

    Depending on whose pitching determines what positions are being played.

    Batting order? Depends on whos hot and what the teams needs are.
    This lineup is just for fun, Im sure there are other opinions out there. Lets see em, It Ill be fun! Then this time next year we can all se how far off we were.

    Lots of good student athletes on this ball club anything can happen and often times does.

    Prediction, Bonita goes to the CIF championship game and wins.

  • Bonita2011

    I don’t see huth playing ss he has one of the best outfield arms I have seen maybe 3b but not short here’s my lineup

    p-mccreery garza tessone stavang
    c-Lindsay heslop
    1b-rojas/rodriguez heslop
    2b mier Reyes
    ss Garza mier
    3b Castro/huth
    lf Henley
    cf gelalich
    rf huth/Castro
    dh heslop/rodrigues

    rodriguez is shakey at first I saw a couple of practices and it’s ugly maybe heslop or rojas will fill with rodrigues clutch bat at dh

  • Aaron

    Jackboy you have Henley listed as LF by himself. That’s where Castro was all the games I saw. Only saw Nolan out at bat once. No knock on Henley he’s a good kid, just didn’t see him play much in the games I was able to see. Which were Lancaster, San Gorgonio, and Ocean View.

    Mr. Huth,

    K.C. has good speed and extremely quick feet and I thought he did pretty well out there. I say leave him out there. But he’ll be a senior and he’s earned his shot to play up front as well.

    LF Henley
    CF Gelalich
    RF Garza
    3B Castro
    SS Huth
    2B Mier
    1B Rodriquez
    C Lindsay
    P McCreery

    It’s obvious that pitching needs to develop again as the Bearcats lose Tuttle and Yepez. That shouldn’t be to hard as McCreery had a great year as a starter and his first year on Varsity. Prepared read all about.

    Go Bearcats!

  • Charger/Bruin Fan

    Taking a shot at the line up and batting order for opening day.
    Most of this is guess work as I dont really know these kids and Ive only seen them play a few times.

    CF Gelalich
    RF Reyes
    LF Henley
    2B Mier
    3B Huth
    C. Lindsay
    SS Garza
    1B Heslop
    P. McCreery Hits for himself unless facing a lefty.
    DH Rojas

    Good mix of power and speed.

  • Earthquake

    Bonita Daddy boys

    Get a reality check. KC will not see the light of the infield unless someone gets hurt.

    A LL SS? So what, this is not LL KH. Get your head out of your @ss for once. Your the worst Bonita parent in history and most coaches in all sports here at BHS are tried of your BS!

    Your son is a great outfielder and his role there is where he needs to be. It might surprise all the “Daddy’s” who will be taking the spots in the infield next year! Can’t wait for the “Shock Way” to happen.

    Our coaches didnt coach up and get to the final game by chance, they know exactly what there doing. Guys like KH are a CANCER in any program.

  • can anyone answer

    Aaron, you say:
    K.C. has good speed and extremely quick feet and I thought he did pretty well out there. I say leave him out there. But he’ll be a senior and he’s earned his shot to play up front as well.

    I have a question and in no regards to any player you mention, just a general question regarding all and any team-why do Coaches feel seniors have first shot any anything, if they play best at certain position or if an underclass person is better at a certain position shouldn’t it be about the best for the team not the senior player? Of course if the Senior is the better player, but if the underclassman is better at that spot, why should the senior player have it over the underclassman? Because it’s their last year and like you said they’ve earned their shot to play? Does the underclassman who is the better player for that position now play out of position?
    Again, no regards to Bonita or any player just a Senior vs Underclass question…for the TEAM or for the Senior?

  • Aaron

    This is guesswork for me. My guess is that if a senior has put in his dues playing other positions for the good of the team and doing well there and the position they’ve traditionally played is open they should have a shot to play there. Knott is an excellent coach and if putting K.C. Huth at shortstop doesn’t help the team then it won’t happen. K.C. is an excellent athlete and I don’t think him playing right field will stop him from getting recruited to play college ball.

    This is all specific because Mr. Huth is a father and he speaks about his son. And people also have seen fit to attack Mr. Huth through anonymity rather than trying to square their differences with like men.

    I also do not think Mr. Huth has been critical of Coach Knott’s decisions either, he has provided observations in hindsight.

  • Jackboy


    Lets see your line up,it should prove interesting!
    Also batting order,
    Charger/Bruin, How did you come up with your batting order?

  • Great job Aaron

    Aaron you’re a remarkable young man. Always up front and accountable your takes are refreshingly honest and sincere while providing true insight.

    Mr. Hut has an interesting problem on his hands as he believes KC’s college future is at SS but his son can’t beat out the SS’s at Bonita. I see his point for once and understand his frustration. The problem for him will be to keep his mouth shut as the history of the blog has been parents tell coaches and sooner or later the coaches become affected. That’s proven at all schools. So maybe Mr. Huth should take the issues up with Knott in person rather than on the blog where egos get hurt and kids pay the price.

  • Earthquake


    The line is left up to the coaching staff. Differnce with me is “I’ll let the coaches do there job” not the daddy boys in the stands..


    You don’t know the full details of KH BS! He’s a Cancer because his LL boy doesn’t get to play where daddy thinks he should play.

    One thing for sure, our coaches will do whats best for the team, not one player. And if KC is an good outfielder doing the job there, then that’s were he goes.

    Maybe others can’t play in the outfield like KC, so should daddy boy KH get his way because he belives his kid deserves it? This dog just doesn’t hunt with coaches that know the game and what’s best for the team.

    If he wants an “I” sport, take up Golf…

  • Charger/Bruin Fan

    CF Gelalich Ideal leadoff hitter, lead team in hitting last season .494, Speed, Great base runner. Great CF with a strong arm.
    RF Reyes Also good leadoff hitter, Patient at the plate. Good hit and run guy, Good arm in RF.
    LF Henley Hits with power, Fast, Hit over .444 1st year Varsity, Great CF moved to LF.
    2B Mier 7 HR last year, Hit .435 Consistent, Solid 2b has some speed. Ideal # 4 hitter.
    3B Huth Hit .316 last year, has power, great arm from right side of infield. Team leader influence on the infield.
    C. Lindsay Solid defensive catcher, Hit .317 good arm.
    SS Garza Defensively like Geo Mier.
    1B Heslop Solid catcher means good hands at 1b. Can hit and hit for power.
    P. McCreery Hits for himself unless facing a lefty. Not a DH fan. Plus this kid can actually hit.
    DH Rojas Great power if he finds his swing.
    Good mix of power and speed. Nothing drops in the outfield and arms all the way around. Infield solid defensively with strong arms on the right side, good arms on the left side. Most of these kids can run. No lazy players in this line up!

  • Don

    One of the hardest jobs a coach has is putting the best nine on the field. Sometimes that is the nine best players and sometimes not. Often a coach has to play a kid in a spot because he is the only one on the team with the skills for the position. Other times, with a player who may be less skilled, the coach sticks him in a spot eh thinks will ‘hide’ him from too many defensive chances, (consider here one Manny Ramirez). If a coach is lucky, he doesn’t have to ‘hide’ too many guys on defense.

    When kids played youth ball, the best guy on the team usually played SS. By the time kids get to High School the roster is often full of guys who were 12 year old shortstops and the coach selects one because he thinks that player is the best fit; maybe not the best SS, but the best SS for that team. The best SS may be the Catcher or the CF or even the guy at first but the coach is trying to see the whole picture.

    I think I know John Knott pretty well and whoever plays SS next year, Castro, Garza, Huth, Mier, Row, Vislay, WHOEVER, will be there because Knott thinks that guy makes the TEAM the best he can field. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Jackboy

    No disrespect to you or the coaches at Bonita. They certainly know what their doing! As I said in an earlier Blog Knott should be a lock for Coach of the year! Certainly he doesnt get his Lineup from kh.
    Don is one of the classiest people Ive ever meet and he put a line up out Just for fun.
    Im sure Knott will put the best line up he has on the field without consulting this Blog or kh.
    Still, just for kicks what does your line up look like? It Ill be fun! And dont worry about the coaches. They dont read this stuff anyway!
    Come next year, Im sure the line up will look very different than what were putting out there.

  • My Opinion

    I like Charger/Bruins lineup
    I made 2 lineups that are similar in someways

    1. McCreery
    2. Garza
    3. Murfett
    4. Stavang
    5. Garcia, Johnson, Tessone (Whoever earns it)

    Lineup 1
    CF Gelalich
    LF Reyes
    RF Henley
    2B Mier
    3B Huth
    SS Garza
    C Lindsay
    DH Rojas
    1B Heslop
    P McCreery

    Lineup 2
    CF Gelalich
    LF Reyes
    RF Henley
    2B Mier
    SS Huth
    P Garza
    C Lindsay
    DH Rojas
    1B Heslop
    3B Castro

    This lineup is fit for speed combined with power to drive them in.

  • Bonitasportsfanatic

    Here’s my lineup for next year just for fun it will for sure change

    p1 mccreery

    bullpin- murfett tessone stavang Garcia

    cf gelalich
    lf Castro
    rf huth
    2b mier
    c Lindsay
    dh rodriguez
    1b heslop
    3b rojas
    ss garza

  • La Verne’s Genteel Politics

    From some one who lives in La Verne and has experienced the genteel politics that exist in the city I will say Ken is on thin ice here. The “Don” makes a line up and trust me people listen. Ken makes a line up and people “gossip”, simple as that. A few months back Ken mentioned the LL dynamics that went on during his time in his new found city and he hit a nerve with the old guard. After seeing the game I thought the third had the weakest arm of the infield and clearly was the slowest on the team. I can’t see how KC wouldn’t have been better suited there with his speed and cannon arm. KC will suffer next year, not for his talent, but because his father isn’t one of those that chummy up with the Hill SIde Shakers. Trust me the heavy lifting is always done by the flat landers but Bonita is like as much a private school as any public school I’ve ever seen. What would be interesting to find out is how many of the Bonita Dads actually played Varsity ball and beyond. While every one else thought this was a rebuilding year for Bonita Ken said they would be in the Championship Game and should be ranked no lower than 2nd in Fred’s Rankings. Tough to admit but Ken knows baseball and he was right. Take it form some one who knows Ken, it ain’t worth it to convince the blog of what you know. Deal with Knott or better yet let KC deal with it himself. No sense winning when everyone hates you, every one being the parents who will ultimately undermine your kids chances.

  • DBfan

    Since when parents can make a lineup? LMFAO
    This could only happen at the little league level. Knott got some tough crowds here, deal with it next year, hahaha……

  • kh

    getting ready for some football boys.
    take it easy ,
    we have some good coaches,
    they know what there doing,rt field is alot of fun the higher you go up.
    where ever j.k. puts k.c. in, thats were he will play,
    as far as people making some line ups,theres nothing wrong having some fun on the blog.
    the season is over.
    i still like all you guys who hate me,
    life goes on,nice game from the 4 bearcats who played in the underclassmen game today,we the grey won.
    robert went deep #9 on the season,
    a-mac started went two,shut out inns.
    matt g was on base all three times and k.c. had a rbi.
    good job bearcats.
    now go beat you dog,haters.

  • Brew 102

    DBfan, Earthquack,

    You guys ever play fantasy Football or Baseball? This seems harmless enough.
    I think you Blog Just to Blog. Blah, blah, blah
    Go yell at your neighbor because hes having too much fun!

  • Earthquake


    Want to leave it up the coaches! Yes it would be fun, but maybe “DON” has mentioned some names that could put some strength up the middle. Then the corner might be filled by another surprise.

    Like I said “Shock way” could come and watch old KH talk @hit all year long.

    The guy a bag of crap and thank god only one more FB season and BB season. Then and if then, let’s see if the college guys don’t show him the door. This clown hurts his son more than helps! He’ll learn someday-maybe.. LOL

  • Pot Meet Kettle

    DBFAN you guys should talk ! You guys wrote the book on parent/coach abuse! How many coaches have you guys gone thru over the years in all sports. Best you stay clear of this discussion least we revisit the Coaching House of Horrors also know in coaching circles as The School of Fools.

  • kh

    man we need to show some love for the game too guys,
    n.v. parents, class people and a great program.
    they asked how do i handle all the haters.
    i said its all love crying out to be kh frind.
    k.c. and i are ok people in l.v..dont believe all the dis believers.
    what a nice job that coach dose with the field.big league,
    the outfield with the high fences with the nice green mess.the infield grass looks like dodger the field looks great sir,ill bet your a glass 1 guy.
    kiko and his partner and the wife put on a nice funcation.the cooks working allday ,the dogs were good,parking right up front,this was one of gods days,i want to thank all involved for inviting k.c. and myself to be part of a very special day .amen

  • just saying

    Ken seen the ex at the game, smoking little body that one! Mayeb there’s hope for a reconciliation in the future now that you’re walking the straight and narrow.

  • Jackboy

    Any thoughts on that BIG surprise you keep talking about?
    Be Brave and share your line up, if you have one in mind.
    Its all in good fun!
    Put your son at SS nobodys going to laugh, hes probably a good ballplayer.
    No offense intended.
    Come on in, the water is warm!

  • This is hilarious to read people piecemeal a lineup. The top of the order is set in stone, if it worked this year why change it next year? When Huth is calm at the plate he always hit liners. Lindsay works to right field, good at hit-and-run. Rodriguez is clutch, plain and simple. Castro has great hands at 3b. When Rojas is on he is a very good hitter. Garza is moving up the ladder. The stronger he gets the better he becomes. Reyes is a good addition with a plus arm, speed, and smarts. A-Mac and Garza are the one-two punch with Row at SS when Garza is on the hill. Murfett also has a live arm and will be ready in relief. As long as he locates his fastball he is nearly untouchable.
    2011 Bonita Lineup


    #4-Tessone or Stavang

  • How dare you !

    You call yourself BearcatPride yet you don’t have Henley in the starting lineup? How dare you!

  • kh

    just staying
    my ex you saw.
    you must of had on your sollow hal goggles,
    she know tiny little smokin body anymore,
    how about the smokin body you saw is my daughter,
    26 years old.blonde short hair with a body to kill,ya when i married k.c. moms she looked just like heather the daughter,
    thaught you were there to watch the ball game.
    have another daughter and 19 son too.there my step children.
    thats the kind of guy iam ,i give up my life to help someone else raise there kids that a bum ran out on,16 years later we all still have a great times together just like when we all lived together,i love them all the same.
    this blog lets the coward little people unload on myselfs.if it makes your day brother,am really happy for you,get it off your shoulder,tell us how you really a man,spit it out.i dont need anymore hate in my life,love is what we all need.if you have a gambling problems and loss all your money and need to funnel on kh ,brother let it out,am here,better me then your kid or wife,or maybe you got a little buss,fill like a good verble fight,put your fingers to work,am here.but know in the long run any one can come to the house and take some cuts in the cage,or on sundays i will be at brookside park padadena in the batting cages working with gods children 800 to 400 1979 tell 20tell i die,getting late g=night

  • DB fan too

    KG thanks for the honest answer. We will not roast our coach. Darn.

    BONITA , BONITA, BONITA DADS, HAVE A CLUE.. This was an all star blog for petes sake. But since its all about you well here goes nothing

    Whatever lineup you put out there will not hit what DBAR is gonna throw at ya. And you only get 2 games against us cause a 7 team league. Wait to you face the big lefty, and the hard throwin righty and play on our field which will take monster power that your juiced bats can not even get to. Yeah thats right. Use real bats and not those Eastons that every one of your players use. Oh you better not buy any new bats cause the wood is a coming AND WE CAN SWING THE WOOD. Think DBAR elsinore stadium and it will bring back nightmares for you. Can not wait cause the talking will be there.

    And it just got worse, PomonaRranch has not one but 2 transfers (pitchers) from chino hills one that is already verbaled to D1 school. He plays on our travel team and would have come to us but it was to far a drive. Ouch.

    So lets get it going Bonita. We will gladly be your rival if you need one. We would rather you be our rival over PomonaRanch since you started with all that smacktalk on your field. See ya soon.

  • Calling U Out

    The Blue Team showed why first year head coaches equal disaster for such a supposedly talent loaded squad. Hernandez stay with the Keppels WHERE U BELONG AND LEAVE THE ALL STARS TO EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS like Gewecke, Laski, Lemas, Adame, Smith, et al. Blue team coach was horse5’1t! Houston bro, you do have a problem!

  • Just sayin

    Might want to win something first, then pop off.

  • DB where coaching careers go to die!

    just sayin

    That’s not fair to DBFAN. DB has the title for:

    “Most coaches fired in a Decade”, and that ain’t no joke!

  • kh

    where is diamond bar?
    sounds like a night club.
    must of missed that one.

  • Jackboy

    Good luck with the rivalry, we have a good JV team you can play next year.

  • Redbirds Who?


    You would be the one to talk about Night clubs! Didn’t you visit all of them in your day? I’m sure the bars knew you real well. LOL

    Our pitching staff will give you fists next year! Remember where we played over the years and what league. Till then…

  • kh

    redbird who.
    your talking to mr.redbird.
    acourse i never missed a night club,
    you sick,
    what did you married the first girl you ever kissed.
    been to night clubs all over the world,except for our trip to india,we had to stay in the hotel 24/7 when we werent training there boys.
    austrailia rocks they start the night out about 1200 oclock midnight and go intell your the states,chicago by far out dose the night life,i remember before the all star game a few years ago we had a player in the futures game wang.ming yang wang.yankee super star. will that night went to the night clubs with 10 or so big leaguers jim edmonds rivera giambi brothers,loads of them,what a night,so yes i did and still do have fun in my life,
    dont need you to watch me,gods doing a great job lately.

  • good luck ken

    Ken what a life! God bless you and your family. you’ve been there and done that…just like everyone else right? lol. maybe that’s what happens ken. people read your life stories and can’t measure up so they mock you. been ther ad doen that as well. good to hear about the college job. i’m sure 99.9% of bloggers have coached at the college level, pro level and been all over the world. lol

    speaks volumes to who you are that baseball people have come out to lend you a hand. I applaud that.

    as far as weightlifting hurting baseball players , seen the assistant coaches and both could play football right now! huge dudes!

    too bad more hs coaches don’t remember their youth.

    best of luck ken

    still got to make rome, australia and finish up in amsterdam before i go…lol

  • kh

    i think ive been told are next trip in planning is lie, next season there will be a pitcher posted from japan leagues,hes a super star,hes half japannse and half iran.his dads iran, they have already built the stadium.
    when we left india 6 months after thats when the crap broke out over there,we where staying next to the hotel were all the gun fighting broke out.every night when we got back to the hotel they would open up the 15ft. electric bob wired gate,they check under van for bombs,it was a i think about it we were 5 months from being taking hostage or killed.then who the hell would the hater rebell agaisnt with kh gone to the baseball gods,
    the two india boys are playing in the pittsburg org. sony paid 100 million for the movie rights i was told, would be cool if i could play myself in the movie,gods working on it,i brought it up to him,dont need to much on my plate,
    9 months july 5 thats pretty cool being sober,things are really starting to happen.
    so baseball is going big time my friends,its world wide ,europe is catching up , in the near future,baseball will compete with soccer,so just because your kids no super stat player theres managers coaches scect. baseball is our lifes.bring it on.

  • socalbaseball fan

    The pitcher from Japan that you are referring to is Yu Darvish who led Japan to the WBC title in 09. Last season he was 15-5 with an era less than 2. When he decides to come to the USA their will be an intense bidding war for his services. Hopefully by then the dodgers will have a new owner with some money to spend. Teams have been scouting him since junior high school.

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  • @Markus I get your drift on where you were going there. I often think of my past and use it as a means to analyze where I am and where I want to get to. Where I struggel is balancing it all out. How do you guys balance things out?

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