Where can I get a Fisher jersey

I want you to know what I wrote about Derek Fisher was nothing more than an April Fools joke, look at the date I wrote the ridiculous piece about benching him. You know I wasn’t serious, right?

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    Oh yeah, I have my #2 T-SHIRT on under my work shirt and busting it open like Superman!

    Forget about the Fish called Wanda, It’s about the FISH THAT SAVED L.A.!!!


    P.S. Fred, good job mixing it up and your APRIL 1st article is just by coincidence, but great excuse though. LOL…


  • ST G54

    Suuure buddy…

    You are a prime & perfect example of what i call a FAKER FAN..

    My post still stands from that date as well & was no April Fool’s joke..
    “You lost any cred with me regarding talk about the Lakers.. Stick to preps buddy..”