FYI, taking a blog break …

Over the next week I will be in and out and working on all-area and football stuff, so won’t be blogging too much (I’m actually in a severe Lakers depression, though I expect them to win two straight at Staples and won’t accept any other scenario). I will start posting all-league teams over the next few days so you’re on your own to comment on threads already up, or if you wish, email or send a comment of a topic you would like discussed. BTW, Argentina, Germany and still to play Brazil and Spain are my World Cup favorites.
Below: Congratulations to all our graduates ..

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  • Aaron

    I may have missed it but where are the all league lists for baseball. As well as Track, Swimming/Diving, and Boys Tennis.

  • Aaron

    Nvm…just read the entire blog post. Celtics in seven and rep Old Glory Mr Robledo!

  • Rank the Coaches

    We always rank players why not Head Coaches or Coaching Staffs?

    Top Five

    Water Polo
    Soccer Boys
    Soccer Girls

    This year it would be interesting in Baseball given the talent to chose from and the success of local teams.

    With so many opinions on kids why don’t we ever stick our necks out and tell it like it is with coaches? Who does the most with the least. Who delivers every year regardless of superstars and who puts in the best example of what a coach is suppose to be. With Bogan, Farrar, Pasquerella, Gano, Le Duc, Smith, Knott and others there is clearly no shortage of great coaches but who’s the best and why?

    Instead of seeing the down side think of it as an honor, like making All Area.

  • BigDog

    I get depressed watching the fakers and Celtics as well.These are the worst teams that have made it to the NBA finals in forty years.Both of these teams would have been crushed by the Magic Johnson/Larry Bird/Michael Jordan teams.The NBA has gotten terrible in the last ten years.I would rather watch World Cup Soccer then the NBA finals.What can i say June is a slow month.Congrats to the Stanley Cup champs Chicago Blackhawks.Now that’s a trophy…..

  • Are you kidding me? I missed it again!

    Wait…when was the Stanley Cup?

  • Don

    All League Teams:

    Nick Bueno, Monrovia, Junior
    Aaron Murphree, Monrovia, Senior
    Chris Calver, pitcher, Monrovia, Senior
    Calvin Copping, pitcher, Temple City, Sophomore
    Adrian Velasco, catcher, Monrovia, Junior
    Jairo Jiorge, infield, Monrovia, Junior
    Dusty Sanderson, infield, Temple City, Senior
    Robert Nakamura, infield, Monrovia, Senior
    Justin Smith, infield, Temple City, Senior
    Stevie Yortsos, Infield, San Marino, Senior
    Jimmy Bradley, outfield, Monrovia, Senior
    Tim Kim, outfield, La Caada, Senior
    Justin De La Nuez, outfield, Monrovia, Senior
    Brandon Perry, utility, South Pasadena, Junior
    Julian Jarrard, utility, Junior
    Branden Pultz, outfield, Temple City

    Player of the Year: Garrett Tuck, Arcadia High School
    Coach of the Year: Nick Lemas, Arcadia High School
    Lonnie Kauppila- Burbank High School
    Jonathan Larson- Arcadia High School
    K.J. Edson- Arcadia High School
    Ryne Kahikina- John Burroughs High School
    Christian Garia- John Burroughs High School
    McCauley Taylor- Burbank High School
    Elliot Surrey- Crescenta Valley High School
    Troy Mulcahey- Crescenta Valley High School
    Nate Rousey- Crescenta Valley High School
    Chris Rucker- Pasadena High School
    Robert Lain- Pasadena High School

    MVP: Vincent Velasquez, Garey, Sr.
    1st team
    Kevin Lara, Don Lugo, Sr.
    Alex Mancillas, Don Lugo, Sr.
    Jeff Miller, Don Lugo, Sr.
    Scott Makoran, Don Lugo, Sr.
    Danny Maturino, Garey, Sr.
    Josh Ortega, Garey, Sr.
    Thomas Michel, GArey, Jr.
    Oscar Gomez, Montclair, Sr.
    Eddie Ramirez, Montclair, Sr.
    Andrew Jacquez, Ontario, Jr.
    Joey Puzin, Colony, Sr.
    Kyle Zosky, Colony, So.
    Andrew MacKenzie, Colony, Sr.
    Aaron Bernal, Colony, So.

    MVP: Tim Helton, Upland, 12, C
    1st Team
    Marcos Flores, Alta Loma, 11, 3B/P
    Austin Keenan, Alta Loma, 12, SS
    Kyle Jackson, Claremont, 11, 2B
    Jonny Traber, Etiwanda, 12, 3B
    Mikey Ramirez, Etiwanda, 12, P/OF
    Spencer Thorton, Los Osos, 11, CF
    Anthony Fernandez, Los Osos, 12, 2B
    Jake Hernandez, Los Osos, 12, C
    James Zamarripa, Rancho Cucamonga, 11, CF
    Austin Reed, Rancho Cucamonga, 12, P
    Frankie Christian, Upland, 12, OF
    Scott Frazier, Upland, 12, P
    Ryan Goodman, Upland, 12, IF

    Rio Ruiz, Bishop Amat, So.
    Paul Paez, Bishop Amat, Sr.
    Paul Paez, Bishop Amat, Sr.
    Jerry McClanahan, Bishop Amat, Sr.
    Brandon McNitt, Bishop Amat, Sr.
    Joseph Eusebio, Bishop Amat, Sr.
    Adrian Franco, Bishop Amat, Jr.
    Jay Anderson, Bishop Amat, Jr.
    Bernardo Zavala, Bishop Amat, Jr.
    Rio Ruiz, Bishop Amat, So.
    Nick Oddo, St. Paul, Sr.
    Gabriel Encina, St. Paul, Sr.
    Evan Sanchez, St. Paul, Sr.
    Anthony Gonzalez, St. Paul, Jr.
    Bowdien Derby, La Salle, So.
    Chris Williams, La Salle, So.
    Eddie McLaughlin, Bishop Montgomery, Sr.

    Oh, wait . . . you meant all league from over HERE. My bad.

  • just sayin’

    how would you like to the ONE kid from Amat who DIDN’T make 1st Team. DANG!

  • reality

    I have heard that there our quite a few parents deliberatly holding back their kids a grade or two so they can compete against kids less physically mature. Does the CIF have any rules on this matter Just at first look it does not seem right if it is happening.

  • softball dad

    Don, what about All-League softball from those leagues?



    It has been going on for a while now in Texas. I would think some parents have caught wind and have done the same. It is completely wrong to do as a parent, I think CIF has a rule that says is the player is 19 years old that he has to be 18 before the beginning of football season. Some thing to that effect.

  • recordbook

    NO comment as of yet from the tribune on the record breaking stats from the San Dimas softball team. Any player considered for all area or poy from that team should have their numbers thoroughly audited. If the numbers are legit good for them but something tells me its all a charade and lets hope Fred doesn’t take the bait.

  • Don

    Softball Dad,

    Tried to give you links but they were held.

    Just use Miguel and the inland valley and Whittier links on the right to the other blogs.



    None of the local kids made the cut for Steve Clarksons Super 7.

  • socalbaseball fan

    I have watched a few WCS games and the early rounds are nothing but kiss your sister ties. Spending hours watching a 0-0 game or 1-1 is a waste of time. I will wait till the real games begin where you have to have a winner to advance. Imagine during the regular MLB season having no exta inning games or the NFL like the old days no OT during regular season games. Here is my order of preference in watching sports.
    1. NFL by far
    2. High school baseball
    3. NBA
    4. High school football
    5. MLB
    6. Majors in golf
    7. World Cup Soccer after the prelim games are done.
    8. College Baseball including JC games
    9. NCAA basketball once the 65 teams are chosen
    10. High school basketball although to much recruiting makes an uneven field.

  • kh

    so whats your intake on h.s.sports going on all year?
    today in our first day of football practice five kids left early to go play basketball,and two could of went to the baseball game,
    its not fair for the football coach trying to rebuild,coming off a season of major injuries at key positions,in the old days it was like all the coaches pulled together and tried to win during that period of the sport season,now they all are looking over there shoulder seeing that one of THERE players didnt get hurt.
    well what happens if one our the football players get hurt tonight playing bb.
    the only thing a coach should be during in the off season is lifting wieghts and running bases,bull pins and thats it,let them go play summer ball with other kids around the valleys.
    in our house hold during football season podley first,
    baseaball coach knott.
    wrestling cunningham,but he drop k.c. off team.
    he showed us k.c. beat amat 165 lb to go to a soph. next season he off team.
    did us a favor.
    would love to hit the mats again next year if they changed coaches.
    back to the team bonita sport.
    basketball great time to let the under classmen strait there stuff.
    in baseball,the fressmen team only lost one game last season,good time to see what they do agaisnt 80 plus mph.
    just on a fress note little guys.the last three fressmen teams only lost one game to.look at amat,has a really good football/baseball player basically the coaches srewed up this young mans h.s. dreams.that sucks.
    as of right now, we have .
    football.6 days a week,
    baseball maybe 3 to 6 days week.
    on sundays mlb rbi baseball.
    how about water sking.
    deep sea fishing.
    wake broading.
    checking babes at newport beach,
    dame these were the things i did with my dad and still found plently of time for h.s. sports.
    cant get no rightestness time with my son anymore,the place is watching him from the stands,

  • KH is right

    KH – you are absolutely right. These coaches need to work together for the benefit of the students and not their own selfish needs. Most athletes will not play beyond HS…that’s a statistical fact, yet, coaches think it is ok to monopolize their time during the offseason. Let the kids be kids. They want to play 2 and 3 sports, no problem, encourage them instead of making them feel guilty about it. These kids sit around and worry about which coach they are going to dissapoint instead of being allowed to focus on the season at hand.

  • Unity

    The AD should be the responsible party to get these coaches on board. Do you really think coaches between sports care about the other guy? They may say that to your face, but when push comes to shove, they care about there sport first. The kid usually suffers unless a system is in placed by the bosses above them.

    However, a kid leaving a HS summer game to go play travel ball game isn’t right. I would enforce HS team sport first before a secondary travel team unless its a show case.

    I recently heard of a HS program having a football practice and the baseball coach having freshman camp around the same time of day. The BB coach is all butt hurt because the FB coach said his kids will not be released. Whos wrong? Its called planning for the entire student bodying and coaches dropping their ego’s for the kids.

  • KH Is right

    At Bonita, the AD is also the football coach. In this case, thought, it looks the football team is the one getting screwed by other sport’s offseason programs.

  • kh

    i know for a fact @ bonita our baseball coach supports his players to play other sports,it only mades you a better formed athlete.
    come on training for football lifting weights running sprints will only help them in the long run,plus seeing the same guys all year around,that must suck.i know our baseball staff loves football season,kh is gone.
    kc will be there playing with his teammates when he can,but i took a college bb job am getting things together for myself in life,k.c. turn to step up and become a young man in life,one thing i will say j-knott has the love for all his student athletes to be a very mature person in what ever field they roam in,thanks j.k.
    like i always said,stats are numbers,but a young mans life,is the future of our country.

  • King Stud

    Fred. No thread about SC getting hammered with sanctions? Being the Bruin fan that you are I expected that to be up here this week.

  • outsidelookingin


    Still see your kid didn’t have the year you thought she would. Funsucker…

  • HS Basketball

    SGV HS Summer Basketball:
    If anyone has schedules for upcoming summer league/tournaments games please post.