2010 All San Antonio Baseball and Softball

All San Antonio League
: Cody Doyle, South Hills, Sr.
First Team
Pitcher: Andrew Morales, South Hills, Sr.
Pitcher: Dakota Behr, South Hills, Sr.
Pitcher: Ruben Chavira, Walnut,Sr.
Catcher: Bryce Harrison, Walnut, Jr.
Infielder: Jacob Shirley, South Hills, Sr.
Infielder: Christian Ibarra, South Hills, Sr.
Infielder: Andrew Guzman, Nogales, Fr.
Infielder: Richie Rollice, South Hills, Jr.
Infielder: Brett Bonilla, Walnut, Jr.
Infielder Alan Gonzalez, Nogales, Sr.
Outfielder: CJ Saylor, South Hills, So.
Outfielder: Kevin Costello, Nogales, Sr.
Outfielder: Andrew Roddy, South Hills, Sr.
Outfielder: Albert Lemus, Nogales, Sr.
Utility: Ty France, South Hills, So.

Above: West Covina’s Dakota Monarrez, the MVP

: Dakota Monarrez, West Covina, Jr.
First Team
Alexandra Robles, South Hills, Fr.
Alyse Gutierrez, West Covina, Jr.
Andrea Gutierrez, West Covina, Sr.
Britney Rodriguez, South Hills, So.
Camille Herrera, West Covina, Sr.
Deanna Alfaro, Nogales, Jr.
Justine Chavira, Walnut, Jr.
Juunae Dai’re, West Covina, Sr.
Kaylea Snaer, Rowland, Fr.
Kristen Stewart, South Hills, So.
Laura Banuelos, Rowland, Jr.
Mariah Gurule, Walnut, Jr.
Mariah Gurule, Walnut, Jr.
Mercedez Cundiff, Rowland, Jr.
Sam Nieves, South Hills, Jr.
Sidney LaFollette, South Hills, So.

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  • Trojan Man

    Congrats Richie Rollice !


  • No Bull

    No West Covina Bulldogs on the baseball squad? Can we at least take half-credit for Jacob Shirley, he was ours for two years. Congratulations Coach Lorenger, another masterpiece year of last place baseball!

  • Don

    Congratulations to all of the folks recognized here.

    Great season guys.

    Special shout out to Dakota and Cody, clearly men of vision

  • ??

    Cody Doyle MVP really?

  • ?!

    Cody Doyle is an amazing catcher and deserved to get MVP!!
    congratulations to ALL south hills players!!

  • Huskie

    Doyle got the MVP probably because Smith was afraid to hear it from his co-worker. He wasn’t even the best catcher on the team. The coach would ask Doyle if would be ok if the other catcher could catch some and his answer was no. Didn’t want to get shown up by the underclassman. Smith…It was your team and tell guys where to play. Don’t ask for permission.

  • just sayin’

    Charm would kick Smith’s rear in a street fight!

  • GameDayatUSC

    A BIG Congrats, to ALL the young men and women. It looks as though our ladies will represent the area again next season. I see ONLY two seniors, and 5 underclassmen for S/H, and three from Walnut, and a couple from WC.

    I see no problem with Doyle as MVP, but I personally would have chosen Ibarra from S/H. Also has anyone seen this Guzman kid at Nogales? A Freshamn to make it, where the league has alot of talented infielders. Nice job kid!

  • curious

    why aren’t Doyle and Ibarra going to D1 schools? or are they? why aren’t any of the seniors committed to even play after high school? the only one I know about is Shirley (UCLA) — has Behr, Morales, Roddy or any other Senior players playing at the next level?
    how is Smith at arranging this? opportunities for the seniors in his program? he won’t provide stats so does he make calls for them? I hear a couple of his sophomores have offers but is it because he went out there and got them?
    whats the best high school or coach that will do this?
    (cn you tell I’m shopping for a program?)

  • InsideTrac

    The best thing to look at as far as getting exposure for your kid at this time is travel ball. With all the showcases and big tournaments, thats what college coaches flock to. Look at the history of players going on to the next level at the high school’s. SH & Amat has had more kids go on to play at the next level than any school in the SGV. Both have a storied history that rival each other.
    As for this years seniors, as of right now, Ibarra is going the jc route due to grade issues, Roddy is plugged in at La Verne to play both sports, Morales is jc bound but he did turn down a ride to New Mexico as did Doyle, Behr is still up in the air but looks like the jc route as well.
    This was a great group of kids to watch, we all wish them well.

  • Don

    Dear Huskie,

    Why would you want to try and lessen the thrill of post season awards for kids on your own home team? Does it make you feel better about the season or are you trying to enhance your own toxic reputation on Cameron Avenue.

    Come on now and stop being petty, your kid had a nice season and got his name in the paper a few times, now let it go. He has a couple more years to prove himself and then he can be the star of the show.

    Cody was a three year starter, a team LEADER, and a TEAM player who wasn’t steered towards self-interest from home. He was trusted by the South Hills pitchers and coaches not to mention part of that highly valued commodity, a left handed, power hitting Catcher.

    Now go on out there and get some more exposure.

  • keeping count

    Congrats to all players.

    Now, How in the world was south hills 9 players better than all others in that league?????

    sh 9 walnut 3 nogales 4 rowland 0 w covina 0

    come on coaches show some b__ lls and stick up for your players.

    It sure would be nice to see stats on all s hills players rather than hearing it from the dads.

  • marty j

    Fred,you forgot to list 2nd team all-league like Melendez did for Almont league.

  • marty j

    Fred,you forgot to list 2nd team all-league like Melendez did for Almont league.

  • marty j

    Fred,you forgot to list 2nd team all-league like Melendez did for Almont league.

  • nobles fan

    i here that guzman kid is preety good

  • rick

    the guzamn kid is only good at his position…..thats it !

  • LB Rick

    Congrats, Adrian Guzman, on making All-League. We know what you bring to the table and this is only the beginning. All of your friends in the LBC are very proud of you.

    Not bad for a freshman!

    Also, big congrats to all of the other boys that made All-League.

  • Adrian Guzman! Way to go cousin! We’re all so proud of you!

    @ rich: he can do more than just play his position- keep an eye on him and you’ll see. This is his passion- “the Guzman kid” was born with a baseball!

    Eventually you all will be posting something about him. This is just his first year of high school, starting as a freshman on varsity with such competition is great- he has 3 more years yet to come and I am sure he’ll continue to be recognized.

    keep making us proud cousin! wish we could see you play more!

  • sgvbaseball.com


    I know who you are referring to Huskie might be but it not who you think it is. He was in Florida at the time the post was made. The player you are referring to is good friends with Doyle and they workouted at the gym and hit together outside of the school. Even the dad you are accusing of being “Huskie” would throw both of them BP. The kid you are referring to knew Doyle had his spot and would get the next two years behind the plate. So before you make assumptions, form an opinion or accuse of anyone of anything due to something on this blog you should really think about it. This the blog we are talking about…where a poster has no name. You are doing exactly what “Huskie” did..blow smoke.


  • Don

    Tell you what Mike, go ahead and believe what you want, I guess that being a mentalist is just part of being a travel ball coach. And to your point about no names: I used no names and in rereading my post, I can see no place at all that someone other than the OP could infer I was talking about anyone other than the guy who bashed the Doyle kid in the first place. Look carefully because I could have been talking about any one of a half dozen people close to that team.

    As for the kid and Cody being pals, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve known the Doyle’s for about ten years and I cannot recall him ever saying a cross word to or about anyone. This, unlike the guy YOU are talking about. You know, I stood and listened to the guy Saturday, TWICE, and both times had to walk away. Amazing, and he posted here once that he knew who I was. Guess he didn’t recognize me in my disguise.

    This is the same guy who has mounted me more than once here on the blog when he thought I was badmouthing his kid, which incidentally has NEVER HAPPENED. I know he is one of ‘your’ guys and it’s nice that you are standing up for him but don’t suggest that you can read my mind because you can’t.

    And that’s no smoke.

  • Don,

    You point is taken. Doyle is a good kid. He has come by the field to workout in the past. I even made a few phone calls on his behalf. How was that game on Saturday last Saturday? I am going to give you a buzz because I think you can help me out with something with guys from the area.

  • Anonymous

    Rick is absuletly right! Adrian Guzman is “Only good at his position” problem is he plays “All positions”.Why dont you grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

  • Anonymous

    Rick is absuletly right! Adrian Guzman is “Only good at his position” problem is he plays “All positions”.Why dont you grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

  • Intheknow

    Don and Mike who cares? You can have your own private convo we dont care to read it. “Don” the dad who’s more important than his kid on here. Your kid has said more than once he wished you werent on these blogs, its embarrasing. And “Mike” mr sgv baseball, a guy who cant get a hs coaching job yet badmouths all of them. Wow, get a life you two!!

  • Aaron

    I’m sure I’ve met Don before several times over. But I can’t for the life of me remember him being a certain players father. In fact I’ve probably sung more praises because in all sports he has done one thing. Unlike myself he has remained objective when as a father he could go homer on you quickly. To attempt to insult him makes no sense as he watches the game he says something positive about the players he sees and even provides an area of improvement. However, at no point does he do it in a condescending tone. One thing I learned reading people here last fall and beyond was that majority of the people here are critics, I’ve been one. John Wooden once said that young people do not need critics, they need role models. And I know for a fact his son wouldn’t be who he is without the role model that his father is. Just think about that before calling people out behind a the curtain of the internet.

    Oh and Congrats to those who made all San Antonio selection!

  • Intheknow

    Hes a bonita parent. Last name starts with H

  • you get a life

    seriously intheknow you’re going to point out blog Etiquette by two people having a conversation — we didn’t think there was any. look at the far right hand corner of your screen, theres a white X in a red box if you don’t want to read what people are entitled to write on this BLOG no matter who they are. how much do they pay you to be blog monitor? my 9 year old wants the job.

  • Intheknow

    firemen are great servers to our communities but EVERY ONE of them that ive known are douchebags when it comes to being high school baseball parents. There opinions on baseball are from a book or webinar and their kids have learned to get ahead by d—sucking.

  • STFU

    quit talking out your a$$ intheknow maybe your kid has to get ahead by sucking d …. but my kid gets ahead by his talent. paste your name douchebag I’ll put my kid up against yours anyday

  • Intheknow

    paste yours first and then ill respond…i got no problem, you have no idea who your dealing with. I dont live through my kid, lol…Did i touch a nerve??

  • Intheknow

    paste yours first and then ill respond…i got no problem, you have no idea who your dealing with. I dont live through my kid, lol…Did i touch a nerve??

  • SHHS parent

    Congratulations to all the South Hills players!! Shout out to Dominick Martinez who should be on this list as well!! You had an awesome season…

  • out

    talking about kids sucking d… would touch a nerve with anybody but you’re right I don’t know who I’m dealing with so you win classy guy. Happy Fathers Day your kid must be so proud.

  • dcasta13

    Great job Adrian Guzman, we are very proud of you!!! Keep working hard and don’t let anyone take your dreams away.

  • Cameron Saylor


    If you are referring to me (and you are) then you are a flat out liar! You know nothing about me nor how our interests are steered. I was at the Underclass Event and happy to be there watching all the well deserving kids play. I spoke to exactly three people at that event all of them I know and respect. So don’t play games referring to other kids on the SHHS squad, there was only one other catcher on the SHHS team, you know it and I know it. Your diagram of words only points to me saying I made statements that I never made, you’re a liar! You should be ashamed of yourself.

    I don’t know you are and don’t care too, unfortunately you by some misguided assumption you think you know me – wrong! DO NOT try to run my name across the blogs as if I were bad mouthing a kid that I respect. Maybe you didn’t recognize my disguise and thought I was someone else – come on!

    I sat in left field the entire game, next to other SHHS parents, spoke to the last SHHS baseball coach for a few minutes, he asked how my son was doing and that was pretty much it.

    All year long, whenever anyone ever asked me about my son catching it was pretty straight forward. “There was a three year catcher in front of him and he deserved to be there”. Sound familiar? It should, that’s what you wrote in your blog – Oh maybe your were listening in on my conversation after all. In fact if you ever went to a SHHS game as you claim to have then you would have heard me and my son always cheering on the Senior Starter – plain, simple & factual.

    Yes he has two more years and is eactly what we always talk about. He played right field lead the team and league in several offensive categories as well as votes for 1st team. All of which I am very proud of him for and have no regrets for him not catching and neither does he. In fact since HS has let out he has already caught more games than he would have during the HS season. HS baseball is a small snap shot in time, it’s the experience that counts and he’s making the most of it.

    So stop making up crap that did not happen. My son and the senior catcher are friends your lies are fueled by blogger HUSKIES comments. Don’t make assumptions it’s me, when I comment you know it because I comment under my own full name and never single out another player EVER! Next time you stalk me come up and make sure you to introduce yourself so I know who you are then you will know you have the right guy.

    By the way, Mike thanks for having my back while I was in Florida and Phoenix. Don that’s what firends do, he knows the truth and knows how much both my son and I respect the senior catcher.

    So if that means I’m one of his guys – dam proud of it and dam proud to have a friend that has my back. My son has a plan, his plan not mine to play baseball at the next level. My job as his father is to help him reach that goal, keep him focused on grades and his moral compass in check while helping to guide him down that road.

    So get a clue you don’t know me you know know my son and you are a flat out liar.

  • oops!

    looks like Don stepped in shyt on this one!!!!

  • kh

    got dons back and hes a front up guy.
    went back read some of your, he said she said crap.
    don has never talked bad about any fathers child on the blog,
    what he said from what i read,was your son can play but wont play while the other catchers there,
    whats wrong with that,my son can play cf at bonota too,but with the other kid there already we all know he wont,big deal.the other kid runs a 6.6 60 yd dh.face the facts.
    don said your boy had a good year,your lucky he said that coming fron sh watch talks alot of crap and would of had the lunch handed too them if we would of bonita again,like we did in the cory l trny.
    dons has always talked highly of sh baseball program,so i think your barking up the wrong tree with putting don as a bad profile guy with your sh kids,its the opposite,deep down inside that gentle giant,don has big passion for shbb. he and coach smith ill bet are cool buddys.in my eyes the sh program is going down a notch ,so dont be to high on what your boy did,be more on what the team did,montbello they should of beat you guys,and remember lancaster.another loss,we beat the crap out of lancaster 11 to 1.we will see you next year,and be nice to don,hes a aweson baseball guy.

  • Mike

    I have seen this Freshman Shortstop at Nogales play this year. He is quite a talented young ball player. I am glad to see the Coaches in this League give the kid the honor he deserves.
    Good Luck Adrian Guzman and look forward to seeing you play the next couple of years.