2010 All Miramonte Baseball and Softball

Above: Charter Oak Co-MVP Travis Santiago
All Miramonte League

MVP: Travis Santiago (Charter Oak), Rouric Bridgewater (Diamond Ranch).
First Team
Brian Tuttle, Bonita
Adam McCreery, Bonita
Derek Goodwin, Diamond Ranch
Robert Mier, Bonita
Joe Munoz, Los Altos
Gio Morales, Los Altos
Aaron Henry, Charter Oak
Evan Highley, Bonita
Joe Reynoso, Charter Oak
Matt Gelalich, Bonita
De Jon Wallace, Charter Oak
Anthony Ramos, Bonita
Chris Holden, Charter Oak

: Chloe Wurst, Bonita
First Team
Courtney Gano, Los Altos
Sydney Stewart, Diamond Ranch
Kayla Papez, Charter Oak
Vanessa Bracamonte, Wilson
Jackie Campa, Bonita
Breeana Sandoval, Bonita
Nicki Sprague, Charter Oak
Mariah Midyette, Los Altos
Alyssa Villalpando, Los Altos
Cassie Andrews, Charter Oak
Jennipher Solis, Los Altos
Clarice Spathias, Bonita.

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  • what about….

    Fred – what about 2nd team and honerable mention. List all the kids so they can get their recognition. You did for football.

  • Aaron

    I like how no one from Wilson made all league in baseball…ouch. MVP of the league, I would think a co MVP award would have a person from the green and white…guess not coaches…oops. M-Town had both co-MVPs in the RHL, that’s a lot of respect from opposing coaches.

  • kh

    reality bites,
    iam very happy with it.
    made honorable squad.
    thanks very token of the coaches,probably pissed our staff off.sure the league coaches liked what he brought to the table.
    we had a 280 hitter make second team.
    they did just like they wanted too.
    but in the end,boy he sure made alot of fans in the area with some nice at bats in cif,plus keep bonita alive running down ball with his partner in cf.
    love the bearcats

  • Bo Knows

    Reality B

    Prime example that parents don’t coach! If they did, it would be little league 10x.

    Sometimes a parent/kid will learn from there mistakes, but it seems that this duo just can’t seem to figure it out! Too bad for the kid, he’s seems to have some talent and probably would be much better if he checked himself at the door and his dad would learn to be quiet!

    Attitude is everything, but some learn later than others…

  • You call parents in for student discipline why not do the same for parent discipline

    Bo knows are you sure you know what you’re talking about? How is a parents attitude translate into punishing a kid.

    Don’t go into “everyone’s human” bs. The fact remains no coach should be given a “I hate his Dad pass” juts like no Kid should be given the “”I like his Dad pass” as well.

    Give me a break, that’s being a coward. Go talk to the Dad in person and come to an understanding that serves the best interest of the student or just cut the kid. Why take advantage of the kid’s skills but punish him for his Dad’s interference.

    My guess is this didn’t happen at Bonita but the inference that it did sickens me.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Interesting for Bonita softball they were deserving in my opinion of at least six spots for first team. JC and KC who were left out get my vote they both had tremendous seasons and were major contributors to the success of this team. KC lead the league in RBI’s with 11 and 29 over all. She slumped a bit at the end as did a few but the entire season should be taken into account. JC batted .425 with an overall league leading 45 hits WOW! that speaks for itself.

  • bigfella

    It’s Dajon Wallace not Dejon or just call him DJ.

  • Don

    First, congratulations to all of the folks recognized here as well as those who made the 2nd Team or were Honorable Mention. Your individual successes were only part of the role you all played as great teammates.

    Most people don’t know the time and work you all put into getting this far. Thanks for letting some of us come along for the ride as fans.

  • GW

    If KC only had a first baseman’s glove!! LOL
    That’s weak. She’s the League leader in RBI’s, that IS value worthy of 1st team.
    congrats on a great year KC

  • GameDayatUSC

    Nice job to ALL who represented the league well. It looks like this league will be fun to watch for the next few seasons, as we have alot of underclassmen.
    I mentioned at the start of the season to watch out for the Los Altos kids. They will be fun to see as they mature even more. Nice job to all the Bonita kids, as well as a sophmore MVP pitcher with a ERA at 1.00 This league SHOULD be the cream of the crop next season with so many returnees.

    Nice job guys!

  • Bo Knows

    Y Call

    The kid wasn’t punished for daddy. The kid made his own bed! The dad was dressing on the salad and needs to learn to be quiet!

    This is not LL…. and it’s apparent the coaches don’t listen to him.

    End of Story.. pretty simple stuff

  • Cat

    Fred, where are the other all league Teams?

  • ESPN Final rankings

    ESPN Rise congrats to the local softball teams who made the final state rankings.

    Bonita softball ranked 22nd in the state overall and 6th in division II .

    Glendora ranked 28th overall in the state and 9th in division II.

    South Hills honorable mention in division III

  • whattheheck

    Glendora is division 3 and South Hills is Division 5 in softball. Where the heck is ESPN getting their info? South Hills is going to Division 3for 2010/2011 but certainly won’t make playoffs again in the tougher Div 3 Sierra league. No more cupcake wins.

  • ESPN Final rankings


    they jumbo the divisions together because the state sections all have different divisions. and they only go up to five.

  • Don

    No disrespect intended for either of the guys named MVP here, but I think a strong case can also be made for Brian Tuttle of Bonita since he led BoHi to WIN the Miramonte League and to the D3 Finals. C O and DRanch, on the other hand, finished second and third in league and were knocked out of the playoffs in the first and second round, respectively

    W-L ERA Avg, slg, obp, hits, runs, rbi’s, HR

    6-0, 2.98 .397, .603, .462, 31, 23, 31, 3

    8-1, 1.01, .370, .432, .429, 30, 26, 6, 0

  • Be honest Don

    Don what about your son. He was magic at first why not him? Be honest he had a bigger impact on Bonita’s success did he not, plus he was tough all year long and had better numbers on the field and at the plate.

  • fred meally

    Clarice Spathias 1ts tem, are you friggin kidding me? What a joke

  • kh

    hands down highley out played tutle and c.o. guy.
    tutle was the man on the mound all year ,every start expect d-bar.
    tutle really started to drive ball mid way thru the season and playoff time,
    could easy made a story for him,thats why theres no way i dont let him hit in the cif game. runners on first no outs and we tried to force a hit and run first pitch,back fired,the game was 2 to 1 in the 5th with no outs,,flys out to right on a tough pitch on his hands,them k.c. gets a hit two pitches later in the 5-6 hole when thats the time evan should of been going,the s.s. makes the play of his life drives and wheels to second to get evan ,he was safe the throw pulled him off the bag,bad call.
    our coaching staff would of got together and made sure it would of been a error.
    big games you need to do your home work,every thing we hit they had a guy waiting for the ball.great job of scouting on ocean view,they get rated # 11 in the l.a. times and bonita # 25 2 to 1 game,whos doing the ratings fred.fred fred fred ,
    so evan was the mvp of the league your right he made so many plays with the glove ,and big hits all year long,a-ramos too.two clutch bonita players.
    am still trying too figure out why k.c. hit behind the catcher,thats like putting the cart in front of the horse.
    its all in the eyes of the beholder.

  • know your facts first

    fred meally,

    Before you pop off, know what you are talking about! And no, she is not my daughter. Clarice had the 5th highest BA in league at .425, she was the 4th with 9 rbi’s in league and 9th in ob% at .452 in league. Last time I heard, all league selections are based on what you do in league, not your opinion, thank GOD, because you are clueless! You are the friggin joke here!!

  • Don

    Be honest and kh,

    Over the years I have tried to keep from posting about eh on the blog because I’ve always thought his play stood on it’s own without any props from me. Thanks, though, to both of you for your kind words. He and I both appreciate them.

    On a ‘non-player specific’ note, great points about defense. Guys who are ‘magic’ defensively always seem to be under-appreciated. Ozzie Smith’s mastery was seldom spoken of outside of baseball cognoscenti and hardcore Cardinal fans until ESPN and video tape replays enlightened the world. Me, I’ve always been a D kind of guy; my early heroes were Brooks Robinson and Roberto Clemente not for their clutch hitting, but for their gloves and arms. My pals favored Oliva and Killerbrew and Frank Howard and I talked about guys like Bill White and Mazeroski and Robinson.

    As far as the better prep players go, it’s simply that the guys who do most of the reporting, like Fred and his counterparts just don’t see these guys and have to rely on stats which are almost universally leveraged to feature offensive numbers. That’s why guys who hit like Rouric Bridgewater look so incredible to reporters who scan the MaxPrep stats. The Time’s Ben Bolch gushed the other day about RB, (as he should), but had he every seen the kid play. I didn’t think so.

    Amusing to me too is how most casual Baseball fans are about defense, or the absence of it, for granted. A guy like KH, who is about as casual about baseball as Gloria Allred is about being on TV, knows how many balls kids like Christian Ibarra or eh have had rolled, tossed, hit, and thrown to them in the last fifteen years to get where they are. He has a greater appreciation for glove skills than does the guy at the game hoping for the walkoff in the bottom of the ninth. Ken knows the game is played one run and one out at a time. You can usually find me at the game talking to someone like him or Ray or Jim Bastion or Pat or Gail Henley. They get it too.

  • Don

    Sorry about the butched up syntax guys. Hope you could figure it out.

  • the magic number was 6

    Know your facts first & Fred meally,

    NO need to bag on players when the question that should be raised is how Bonita wins league, loses in the semis to the eventual winner Ayala state champions to boot, But some how only gets 4 first team picks? The reason Bonita went as far as they did was because they had the best players this year at their respective positions, both defensively , statistically and with the legit batting numbers to prove it. And some of you will say it was all about pitching ! No way if you were there you would have seen plays that were made to not only save perfect games, no no’s and the full out wins. The four players that made first team did so right fully but JC and KC had the game and numbers far above their competitors to be there as well. The point is somebody screwed up and should have pushed for his kids a hell of lot more? The magic number should have been 6 first team players for Bonita 25-5-1 and this years best team in the valley.

  • Aaron

    Don makes an excellent case about Brian Tuttle. He was the senior ace and was an excellent shortstop. Bonita had a league MVP not too long ago in Matt Baudino who is a friend of mine that was the ace of the staff and played first base. Matt was an excellent pitcher and I remember being surprised to see him pitch because I didn’t remember him pitching when we were Frosh and Sophs.

    In the end there’s a lot of kids on the Bonita squad that could have been the team and league MVP, that’s because all of them were needed for this season to happen and they understand that. As a fan I don’t understand how one of the two players selected for league MVP was not from Bonita. However, I’m also sure that the Bearcats don’t worry about it either. Just champing at the bit to have another go.

  • EH was a stud

    Don that was classic! Ken and Gloria…I almost fell out of my chair!

    The glove work is what makes the game interesting and at the same time poor glove work leads to loses more often than good hitting. Time and again a glove miscue unrattles a team. Your boy had a great impact on the team. Like his plays at first in the Championship game, he was pretty special and probably the best first basemen I saw all year, and I don’t need batting averages to say that.

    Don where’s he going to continue playing next year…and what sport will he concentrate on?

    Always a pleasure Don.

  • miramonte fan

    Gentlemen, and kh:

    EH deserved first team, mvp 1b defense is great but mvp defense comes from p ss cf or the catcher position. Come on kh you know that and all the baseball gods know that unless the offensive numbers are such that warrant something else like Bridgewater. Myself Im with don on a complete guy for mvp and also think one should have come from bonita (my pick tuttle or mier) but then knott had to make deals in order to get mcreary and ramos on the list . No way soph from co gets mvp over tuttle when bonita beat em 3 times. Dranch had the soph beat with 4 EARNED runs on the rained out game after 3 innings which could have been finished had co put the mound tarp on (so super soph goes from 1 era to 2.5 era and gets a loss). But thats how the miramonte works.

    As for no bonita guy mvp yall received 6 picks co 5 dr 2 la 2 wilson 0. how many do you want and think you deserve. If anything your coach should get the mvp or all league because without him and his up coaching of your players you do not get where you ended up. Hes that good especially with your pitchers and defense. If you watch bonita defense my gosh your players are always in the right spot and never to deep especially on your field.

    Loved your team, and the swag yall had. And the fact that you beat so hills t giving and they are still wining about how they did not have their guys.

    If im a league I give out an mvp overall, offensive mvp player all league, defensive mvp player, utility, and then the positions. In todays world accolades seem to be very important to the players and parents so why not buy a couple extra patches and hand em out.
    Next year its Bonita, Diamond Bar, Los Altos, Diamond Ranch in new league, in that order.

  • kh

    went back did alittle resreach on what made those two guys mvp in our league
    big hitter has lots of power.
    hit 4 hr in the league,but 3 of the 4 hr were in games that dr lost.
    so just another hr.
    didnt chance the out come of the game to me.a true mvp chances game structor on the field.
    thats what carrys him above the league players to be the mvp.
    now the co player
    whats his big achivements towards the mvp,he beat everybody except the league champs.
    so in my eyes hes the second best pitcher if thats what you want to call him.no way dose he beat out tutle.
    so back to mvp
    put it all together,
    best player helping team get the most out of the team
    defense and offense
    big plays, big hits.
    who won and how far did he carry them.
    the more i see it.
    the bigger the joke becomes.
    stop playing good cop bad cop.
    call the spade a spade.
    just have a pitcher of the year?
    player of the year?
    defence player of the year?
    rookie of the year?
    coach of the year?
    best inf.?
    best of.
    best catcher?
    most s.b.?
    most k.o.
    and the biggest award should go to the coaches pet of the year.
    make the awards more geared were the players can achive them on there own,
    we will miss you next year son,nobody on this team will repeat what you brought to the table,this isnt kissing dons butt,its patting it for the years he and evan have worked thru the grid,
    father and son of the year.

  • Hard Choice

    Really is a slap in the face that Bonita did not have at least one of the Co-MVPs. That’s incredible after they won league going away and made it to the Championship Game losing a close one 2-1.

    Really baffles the mind.

    Oh well, it’s a team game so Bonita will have to accept it for what it is.

  • kh

    do you think they bring figures with the stats or just the season end stats.seen some of the tamx
    s dr played in the middle season,even our friend mr.goody @dr will contest,those teams had zero pitching,
    like i said the kid can hit and hit with power,
    but did the hits win game that needed to be won?
    those to me are open for debate,
    so do are loyal league coaches debate or just throw out # after beer after beer,
    will we ever know,or in lots of us,do we really care.
    maybe things work out for thing to be worked out.
    baseball gods will always raise to the top.
    somebody will learn from there mistakes or history will just keep repeating itself.
    you rarely see h.s. coaches move up to the next level of coaching,why,i think they love the ego of having total control of are kids and if we say anything at all,little jr. will play the price,and there set on there class rooms,so coaching is just a part time gig,with full time control.do i think little jr. will have to sit or get in trouble over me,dont give a rats ass,i cant control the out come of the game,thats his job,my job is to hand the coach a athlete in tip top shape ready for duty,how he polishes him is with in his own bountrys.but dont expect the big hit ,so you can glory in your coaching,the hit hit is for the teammate that our on the field pushing each other day in and day out,
    its not about the h.s. coach.
    its about the TEAM.

  • Bill Wilson


    Stop the rant, it’s HS baseball’s off season. Football’s in the air brother! Take a drink and I’ll see you at tomorrow morning’s meeting.

  • kh

    biil w.
    i just took my morning drink for u.
    nice hot coffeeeeee
    theres nothing to chat about ,he dose little work ,gets nothing done.
    the blog is losing its mojo if you know what i mean,why dosent he let us put some topic up, if hes to busy doing what ever he dose.