2010 All Valle Vista Baseball and Softball

All-Valle Vista League
: Derek Penilla, San Dimas
First Team
Pitcher: Jason Martinez, Covina
Pitcher: Eddie Pedroza, Northview
Pitcher: willie Gomez, Ganesha
Infielder: Shawn Kennedy, San Dimas
Infielder: Nick Hynes, Covina
Infielder: Fernando Gonzalez, Baldwin Park
Infielder: Bobby Ramos, Northview
Outfielder: Bobby Fraijo, San Dimas
Outfielder: Efren Aguilera, Baldwin Park
Outfielder: Damien Chico, Northview
Catcher: Noah Ingram, Covina
Catcher: Arman Valenzuela, Northview
Utility: Matt Lee, San Dimas
Utility: Xavier Martinez, Northview

Kortnie Clark, San Dimas
Pitcher: Jen Vargas, Covina
Pitcher: Chrissy McPhael, Northview
Infielder: Molly Ross, Covina
Infielder: Sarina Jaramillo, Northview
Infielder: Jazmin Chavez, Northview
Infielder: Sara Moore, San Dimas
Infielder: Aleena Avalos, San Dimas
Outfielder: Candice Orozco, Covina
Outfielder: Telia Provenzano, Covina
Outfielder: Makailah Garcia, Northview
Outfielder: Courtney Hine, San Dimas
Catcher: Kayla Norrie, San Dimas
Catcher: Felicia Calles, Northview
Utility: Andrea Montoya, Covina
Utility: Erin Jaramillo, Northview
DP: Emily Lewison, Northview
DP: Karissa Conner, San Dimas

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  • softball dad

    Fred, what about All Del Rey softball?

  • Born and Raised SGV

    It would be cool if you can list the grade of these winners. That will give us a chance to see who will be returning. Not just VVL but all others as well.

  • cat

    Fred, is there a Tribune team?

  • softball fan

    Fred….What about all league softball for the Del Rey league? Do you plan to post that?


    Since when did all league become so cheap 18 spots WOW. Why not make everybody a first team player. WEAK LEAGUE

  • COV80

    congrats to the covina boys played hard all year gona be fun next year

  • outsidelookingin

    Rec Ball League:
    Bitter.Douche Bag.Funsucker…

  • real reck ball – everybody gets a trophy!!!! You are all winners!!!!

    How does a softball team that finishes 3rd get 5 first team selections? What a joke! Hey, have fun playing in your reck league’s allstar teams this summer!

  • really???

    Northview has 7 1st team selections??? They couldn’t even get past the second round of weak div 5 CIF playoffs, wow. I would hate to be the two starters that didn’t get the 1 team award.

  • Silly at Best

    This is always the case now.

    There are positions and there are players…..some one has to be the best.

    How really is the best 1st basemen? Best at 2nd , best at SS?

    It’s really that simple. Who plays the best CF?

    Unfortunately we’ve diluted the process by just assigning INF and OF to the selections…that’s not the way anyone should look at things.

    I mean should and 1st team have 4 catchers if five catcher warrant best INF?

    Look at it this way….let’s say in Basketball the 1st team was made up of five Centers? Would that make sense?

    18 players making 1st team? Silly at best.

  • SI

    To Derek Penilla;
    I read that you are going to Mt. Sac?
    Don’t do it!
    Talk to Erick Salcido, one of the best lefty’s to come out of San Dimas.
    Mt. Sac was a big mistake for him.
    Go somewhere with better pitching coaches.

  • missjaws-softy

    yes northview had seven first team players and all deserved it. The only reason they didnt make it past the second round was one error on the coach after a la caada girl hit a measely pop fly over the northview’s extremely short fence.

  • The Lion King

    How did the girl who played 3rd base for San Dimas NOT make all-league??
    She batted over .500 the whole season!!!!
    And, how did one player from the same team who was not a regular, make all-league????
    The coaches who made the selections are a joke.