Hoops: Los Altos summer tournament starts tonight, right smack in the middle of Lakers-Celtics game 7 — what should i do :)

Would you believe me if I said I flipped a coin between covering the Los Altos summer league basketball games tonight or staying home to watch Lakers-Celtics in game 7? Give Conqs’ coach Jeff Lucas some credit, he’s taking one for the tournament team by playing at 7, and my good friend at Keppel, coach Hung Duong, who I know is a big Lakers fan, is playing Arroyo at 7 at Workman High. And those graduations tonight? I can only imagine the oohs and ahhs in tight-knit crowd of cell phones, that should be interesting. My goodness, hope the TIVOs are working, and if the bus doesn’t show up or breaks down for the games tonight, I understand, it’s only one of the biggest games in one of the biggest rivalries in NBA history.

Los Altos summer basketball tournament schedule
Games at Los Altos and Workman

Thursday at Workman HS
2:00 Upland vs El Rancho
3:00 Workman vs Whittier Christian
7:00 Arroyo vs Mark Keppel

Thursday at Los Altos HS
4:00 San Dimas vs Whittier
5:00 Brea vs La Puente
6:00 La Serna vs Claremont
7:00 Los Altos vs Huntington Park
8:00 Cal vs Sierra Vista

Note: Friday all games at Los Altos
Saturday games at Los Altos
Saturday games at Workman

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  • kh

    boy fred.
    you put alot of time putting the blog
    together today,
    is it b.b. season already.
    whats next, girls volleyball,do we have to here about some brought down math teacher,
    that nobody can stand.
    what about the college w.s. theres some local kids in there,oh crap,i forgot,no amat kids no story.?????

  • FredJ

    KH, you love this blog don’t you:)

  • Funny Fred

    I wonder what the over/under on attendance will be tonight…those poor players

  • socalbasketball fan

    Fortunately I will tape the game and if the lakers win will watch the game. If they lose will hit the erase button asap. I have watched this series since the lakers came to LA and Boston is one team that scares me. Good thing the lakers are at home which means a lot. LV line has the lakers -7. Refs for tonights game will be the Crawfords Joe and Dan along with Scott Foster. At least we will not get Bennett “i have LA” Salvatore. To bad Steve Javie is injured as he is the best ref in the NBA. Boston will bring it tonight and the lakers need to come out of the gate fast and never slow down. Artest and Odom need to have decent games for the lakers to win. Bynum will be of little help since he cannot jump and rebound.

  • EddieTheHat626

    Huh, Fred. That’s a no brainer. Go have a good time with some cold ones and watch the Lakers! Plenty of time later in the school year to torture yourself.

  • kh

    fred fred fred
    I LOVE L.A.

  • kh

    fred fred fred
    I LOVE L.A.


    Damn boy you got the Amat in your head blues pretty bad. You tend to relate every thread on here you don’t like to Amat . Give it a rest and besides this is mainly a high school related blog as it states inthe heading , prep sports.

  • Jeff Lucas


    We will have 2 TV’s on in the gym so everyone can watch the tournament games and the Laker game at the same time.

    Will you come now?

    How about a free open snack bar for you?

    Coach Lucas

  • HuskyDo

    Lakers Celtics game 7 oh yeahhhhhh! get a fist full of rings KOBEEEEE!

  • FredJ

    Tempting coach, real tempting

  • jcaz

    Geez, thats a tough one.

    When I was working, I often had the same conflict. Either go to work (and thus pay my bills) or skip out and have a good old fashioned time with my drinking buddies !

    For me however, the choice was pretty easy, if only because I enjoyed eating and if it wasnt for those facts, Im almost certain that I wouldnt have had too much of a problem in deciding what to do.

    Your lucky Fred, because ooooooh, if only my job allowed me to watch the game, and get paid for it at the same time !

    What a life you lead….

    Im just surprised that you didnt get any press passes to the game tonight, with seats next to Jack….

  • kh

    dame boy.
    if its a h.s. blog.
    then why we talking about the lakers/
    then say something we can all relate too,
    am waiting,
    bonita has a passing league today at our place,
    damien.c.o. r.c. glendora,lots of good strong teams come visit,see thats what we need infor.not kh bullshit/.

  • LA Alum

    Come on Luke! You’re better than that!


    If they are good strong teams what is Bonita doing there.


    Passing league going on at Bonita as we speak.

    Upland, Charter Oak, Glendora and Bonita.

  • fred fred fred

    luck el fakers ese

  • To sgv football

    Went ot se the action at bonita today. Charter Oak Upland Bonita and glendora. Four very good Quartebacks out there today. From what I saw today I would rank the QB’s 1- Upland, very accurate today 2- big kid with a very big arm. The Glendora kid did not impress me. He missed several open receivers and threw some picks. But overall this might be the four best QB’s in our area.

  • Than;s for the tip Ken

    This is why Passing Leagues are passing leagues.

    Before I start let me say thanks to Ken Huth for the tip. Too bad more info isn’t given regarding these events on a weekly basis from Fred. Also Ken sorry for not introducing myself when you came down on the track but you seem involved in your fishing story so maybe next time. I see we have mutual friends.

    In truth I was shocked to see Jeffries lack of size. He’s thin but cut for sure but thin. His arm is solid as are his mechanics. The throws are there but passing league really doesn’t do this kid justice especially with the routes they give him and the lack of quality receivers who are willing but not able as one pass after another found the ground…hey that’s why it’s a work in progress right?

    Seen Pendleton as well and he’s an interesting kid. He’s confident for sure and has great size but there again what’s with the cheap routes. His arm action is very fluid but with increased arm speed this kid could really do something at the D2 level. Nothing wrong with that. This kid makes throws but maybe his defense reading isn’t as strong, but then again Podley is a stud QB coach so what do I know. I’m sure he’ll be fine.

    Didn’t see Upland so no reason to guess.

    Seen CO and they are LLLLLOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAADDDDDEEEEEEDDDD!!! They had 6’5″ Thropay at one wide out and a tall, thin and lanky 6’5″ SH transfer on the other side…talk about a QB dream. If that was Santiago he was off, probably baseball but his footwork is extremely solid. I like what he does and EVERY QB should take notes. He gets out very very very quick and sets up well…moves his feet and then bam! the ball’s out. Liked what I saw for sure. Maybe it’s just me but CO looked like a Champion, dressed like a Champion and worked like Champions. They definitely have it going early. Kudos to Farrar.

    Well that’s it for the QBs, remember it’s only a start. Best of luck to everyone, remember these are just my observations your coaches know what theyre doing…at least these guys do. lol

  • COChargrfan

    Does anyone know the basketball scores?

  • Coach Lucas

    Scores from Thursday and Friday’s Schedule

    Upland 60 – 50 El Rancho
    Whit. Chr.50 – 40 Workman
    Whittier 55 – 34 San Dimas
    Keppel 46 – 21 Arroyo

    Brea 50 – 46 La Puente
    Claremont 60 – 45 La Serna
    Cal 51 – 38 Sierra Vista
    Los Altos 58 – 37 Huntington Park

    Friday’s Schedule
    All Games at Los Altos HS
    1:00 Whittier vs Keppel
    2:00 San Dimas vs Arroyo
    3:00 Upland vs Whittier Christian
    4:00 El Rancho vs Workman

    5:00 Brea vs Claremont
    6:00 Los Altos vs Cal
    7:00 Sierra Vista vs Huntington Park
    8:00 La Puente vs La Serna

  • COChargerfan

    Thanks Coach Lucas.

  • Summer Tournament Info

    How’s CO doing in Summer League Basketball Games? What tournaments are they in, and when do they play next? Bonita has been killing so far this year with a squad that has been playing together for years. Does anyone know Bonita’s next scheduled Summer Basketball games?

    Coach Lucas thanks for the info. More tournament host should be so kind.

  • COChargerfan

    CO is playing over at the Glendora H.S. league and we’re o for 2. Going to play the Amat tourney but that’s all that is scheduled. Last summer we played 52 games…this year looks like around 12…with a very inexperienced team the Sierra league looks a little scary…

  • Coach Lucas

    Friday’s Results and Saturday’s Schedule

    Mark Keppel over Whittier
    Arroyo over San Dimas
    Whittier Christian over Upland
    El Rancho over Workman

    Claremont over Brea
    Cal over Los Altos
    Sierra Vista over Huntington Park
    La Puente over La Serna

    Saturday’s Schedule
    Consolation Bracket
    At Los Altos HS
    9:00 Workman vs San Dimas
    10:00 La Serna vs Huntington Park
    11:00 El Rancho vs Arroyo
    12:00 La Puente vs Sierra Vista

    5th Place Bracket
    1:00 Los Altos vs Brea
    2:00 Upland vs Whittier

    3:00 Claremont vs Cal
    4:00 Whittier Christian vs Mark Keppel

    5:00 7th Place Game
    6:00 5th Place Game
    7:00 3rd Place Game
    8:00 Championship Game

    At Workman HS
    1:00 15th Place Game
    2:00 13th Place Game
    3:00 11th Place Game
    4:00 Consolation Championship

  • Scores Please

    Any reason why the scores weren’t posted. Does it have anything to do with LA lossing to Cal. Sure would like to know what the score of those games were.

    No problem posting the first round?

  • BB Junkie

    Does anyone know the Glendora Tournament schedule and scores?

    Also when do the Amat Tournament take place and how many teams will be involved?

  • Coach Lucas

    Los Altos Tournament – Saturday’s Results
    13th Place Bracket
    San Dimas over Workman
    La Serna over Huntington Park
    15th Place – Huntington Park over Workman
    13th Place – La Serna over San Dimas
    9th place (Consolation) Bracket
    El Rancho over Arroyo
    La Puente over Sierra Vista
    11th Place – Arroyo over Sierra Vista
    Cons. Championship – La Puente over El Rancho

    5th Place Bracket
    Upland over Whittier
    Los Altos over Brea
    7th Place – Whittier over Brea
    5th Place – Upland over Los Altos
    Mark Keppel over Whittier Christian
    Claremont over Cal
    3rd Place – Whittier Christian over Cal
    Championship – Mark Keppel 48 – 44 over Claremont

  • COChargerfan

    The Amat tourney is 7-9-7/10.

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