Tribune all-area THIS WEEK!

The 2010 spring all-area teams will be published over the next two weeks. We had some changes because of the Lakers parade on Monday, so, the Baseball all area will run on Wednesday and Softball on Thursday or possibly Friday. Track, Swimming and BoysTennis will run next week.

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  • just curious

    Wonder why the 2nd teams and honorable mention were not listed? Did the league reps “drop the ball”? I noticed there were alot of freshman who made varsity softball teams this year. Just curious how they all did. What about an all-SGV freshman team?

  • JFR

    Fred, you coming to the CO golf tourney today, what better way to spend a Monday. It would be considered work related.Give Joe Amat a call and get over to San Dimas canyon.

  • kh

    fred ,
    bring us something,
    your killing groove thing.

  • Information Said

    The Ornage County Register just posted the ALL CIF Baseball Teams. Congratulations to all the SGV locals named All CIF!

  • Information Said

    The Orange County Register just posted the ALL CIF Baseball Teams. Congratulations to all the SGV locals named All CIF!

  • kh

    grads to coach henley cif coach of the year div 2 and adam player of the year,
    day of praise for city of glendora.
    you earned it. great job to finish the cif road to victory.
    that what seperates the good ones from the ok ones.
    win the big ones…

  • Just “OK”

    Hey KH,

    Now you got it. In you own words, The Bonita Bearcats are just “ok”. Weak league & weak division. Let’s see what happens when DBAR comes into the league, then you’ll know what it means to play some real baseball.

  • lizzytish

    Already heard through the grapevine that two Senior “star” softball athletes didn’t make the “First Team” SGVT because of school politics.

    This just makes me want to puke!

    Why can’t you give top athletes with PROVEN records the honor they deserve instead of High School coaches nominating their “favorite girls” (some of whom are related).

    These girls got major scholarships to top notch universities to play softball and they were the high scorers on their respective teams.

    They don’t NEED a pat on the back because they have proven themselves in action and with the college recruiters but you would think their own hometowns wouldn’t forget what they did to make a great season.

    Shame on the Glendora and Arcadia coaches!!