Hall of Fame Game: East routs West with 40-0, Diamond Ranch QB Gus Viramontes MVP

The East defense was advertised. And Diamond Ranch’s Gus Viramontes took care of the rest, with three touchdown passes. What a game by the East!!!! Read the game story and see PHOTO gallery …

Video Highlights of the East-West game, thanks to whoever posted it, the video is super clean and well done. If you have video of anything SGV preps related and want us to share it, let me know.
Part 1:

Part 2

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  • Hey Fred, I ran into you tonight at the football game. Just wanted to say sorry for calling you steve. You two look alike. I new it was you but said the wrong name.

  • cockeyed

    Hey Fred sorry for calling you Steve tonight at the football game. I new it was you but said the wrong name.

  • Get it right

    Wow Fred,
    after two years starting for DR, you still can’t even get GUS Viramontes’ name right, man nothing I can rely say but that.

  • jcaz

    Geff Vaughns along with Viramontes led the East team tonight in my opinion. However allot of kudos to the East’s punter for getting them out of hot water on more than one occasion this evening.

    A decent game I thought, and it was really interesting to see just how passionately both sides took the game tonight.

  • just askin’

    Can someone explain the graffiti helmets?

  • Ultimate sign of respect to some

    Just askin

    It’s a sign on mutual respect. You “share” school emblems as a sign of your respect for that player or that school. Most of the time those helmets end up as prized possessions. Every time I see my brothers helmets I’ll ask them about the “game” and their faces light up. I was no where near that good but the player part in me wishes I’d have a helmet like that. Not sure I’d call it graffiti but it can sure be distracting I’ll give you that. Almost 100% sure those helmets will never make it back to their former school’s equipment room.

    Soccer has a different tradition as players “exchange” jerseys after a game.

  • Steve Ramirez

    It’s a tradition that goes back to College Football’s East-West Shrine Game. The players trade helmet logos and stick them on each other’s helmets. I can remember the process first happening in the Shrine Game about 30 years ago.

  • Thank You Jim B.

    It was a great game…especially for the East which dominated the West physically and mentally. I’ll say a couple of things here. The Amat kids don’t know any other speed. They play full out! DC was a monster and even got into a tussle when he apparently jarred some one too hard, lol.

    Viramontes is what he’s always been, a great competitor. Glad to see him do it one last time for his DR people. Heard he’s going to play football ad baseball at ULV so maybe I’ll get to see him some more.

    Speaking of DR, I’ll say this up front, when is Roddy Layton going to coach this event? The man has the cred and the connections to make this event as high level as it’s ever been. Just an amazing individual…can’t say enough about the man.

    One thing that always impresses me is how he interacts with his players. It’s always an introduction and a strong handshake. In short, he treats his players like men and that’s something that’s unfortunately lacking more often than we’d all care to admit.

    Really a pleasure to see Ricky Johnson who had tons of support from the WC crowd. Seemed like this year the players had great chemistry and really pulled for each other. Great sideline chatter between players from various schools. Jim B would be proud.

    Last thing I met Northview’s Germany’s dad at a practice. Seems we had lots to talk about and even more in common. His son will earn his degree at USC after doing it right on and off the field. Too bad his story didn’t get more attention. Great kid who understood this would be his last game. Son you made you Pops proud I can tell you that! Also has a brother scheduled to work his way to UCLA…so props to Mr. Germany!

    Great way for the East to play, inspired, active and having fun. What a great night!

  • just askin’

    that’s a cool tradition to trade helmet stickers

  • Hey you guys I had my nephew record the some clips of the game, check it out. He will be working on posting the second part of the video later today. Here is the link.


  • Part 2 is up and running here is the link.


  • BOnita air assault tourn

    Why no coverage. This is a premier event


    GREAT JOB JOB KENDRIC! AZUSA AZTECS, and how did it feel playing with the big boy’s. 40-0 outstanding!!!