Bombshell: NCAA approves proposal to prohibit college coaches from issuing early scholarships

Eric-Paul Johnson, Associated Press
The NCAA committee has approved a proposal which would prohibit college coaches from issuing early scholarship offers, the Associated Press reported. Under this proposal, coaches would not be allowed to offer scholarships to prep athletes until the summer between the recruit’s junior and senior years. Recently, many athletes have been offered and accepted scholarship offers during their freshman year and there have been some cases of coaches offering scholarships to middle school athletes. (To continue, click thread)

According to the AP report, college coaches would have to receive transcripts documenting at least five semesters or seven quarters of academic work before they can make a scholarship offer to the recruit. Petrina Long, the chair of the NCAA Recruiting and Athletics Personnel Issue Cabinet committee, acknowledged the rule will be difficult for compliance officers to monitor. Long, who is the senior associate athletic director at UCLA, said the proposal came about because recruits and their families felt pressure to make decisions too soon. Long also told the Associated Press that college coaches expressed concern about the pressure to “keep up” on offering scholarships to younger players or risk losing them.

The proposal also would allow more flexibility for college coaches to contact a recruit, allowing for one phone call to a player and their family once a month from June 15 of the sophomore year through July 31 of the junior season. Coaches would be able to call a prospective recruit twice a week beginning August 1. This rule already is in place for basketball and would be expanded to include all sports except football.

The proposal will not be voted on by the NCAA legislative council until January and could be delayed until April.

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  • YES

    Great decision!


    This is a great move. It really takes the pressure off of the student athlete for a couple of years. Then it might go into a full blown attack by schools trying to persue the kids with only a year and 1/2 to get them to commit. There will always be a good and a bad when it comes to recruiting.


    Change of subject. What is the story with BA and Rio? The Times has his father saying that “Of course, Ruiz might have a slight problem. He’s also the quarterback for Bishop Amat’s football team. And the team selected will compete in the Pan Am Championships in Mexico Oct. 8-17.

    “We haven’t decided,” Ruiz’s father, Rudy, said as to whether his son would choose to miss three football games to play baseball. “He really wants to play football this year and start at quarterback. I don’t think he wants to let his team down.”

    Will Hags entertain the thought of Rio missing three games most likely Venice, Crespi and Loyola?

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    If Rio has already secured his Baseball Scholly with USC then the only reason I could see him playing in Pan AM games would be for personal experience. And I understand that. It will be a hard decision because who wouldn’t want to play in the Pan Am games in Mexico if given the opportunity? Amat will just have to make sure that Booth and “SKI” are ready to go should Rio choose to play in Mexico. Tough decision for the youngman BUT HEY, HOW FREAKIN EXCITING IS IT FOR THIS YOUNGMAN THAT HE IS EVEN IN THIS TYPE OF “PREDICAMENT”!?!?!?!?!

  • Football Season

    I would play football and enjoy my season! If I already had a BB D1 offer, then playing another experienced game really isnt goin to make or break me!

    If your already getting looks and offers, it’s
    apparent the scouts already know aobut you! Only thing, I would think about SC BB? They are not the elite program anymore and with all the athletic problems coming down, a lot of other opinions out there.

  • Goin Pro

    doubt he is going to have to worry about playing at USC. The kid will be a top draft choice.

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