Bishop Amat QB Rio Ruiz could have big decision to make, his father says

“We haven’t decided,” Ruiz’s father, Rudy, told the L.A. Times as to whether his son would choose to miss three football games to play baseball. “He really wants to play football this year and start at quarterback. I don’t think he wants to let his team down.”

LA Times: Southern California is well represented among the 39 players selected for the USA Baseball U16 trials that will take place Sept. 25 through Oct. 6 in Houston. The team will end up being 20 players. Players were chosen based on their performances at tournaments in Florida and Arizona. Among the players selected are well-known high school standouts such as shortstop Rio Ruiz from La Puente Bishop Amat.

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    Wow, either this is not a problem in Lancer land or people do not want to speak about this issue… To me is sounds like a big issue if you have a QB that might leave his team for three games and then come back to be reinserted as the starting QB, doesnt seem fair to Booth. You never know Booth might be the starting QB come September.

  • kh

    when your as great as the mighty amat,
    nobodys bigger then the team,
    the wheels on the bus go round round round.
    they will just keep on rolling.
    they had him on the baseball team and the results didnt bring home the gold,so as a young man in a coaches world,
    flip the coin heads you play baseball and tails you head for the basball.
    sen him play baseball,brings alot to the table,
    if he can be a ligit s.s. prospect,he should just play football to stay in shape and keep a close eye on the cheerleaders.
    isnt that what h.s. was all about for us jokes sports and girls .enjoy young man,
    best wishes ,go with your gut feeling and dont worry about the h.s. coach.

  • FAIR??????

    why is assumed that Booth is Rio’s back up?
    I wouldnt use the word fair in the same sentence as Booth..

    Is it fair that he came to Amat his senior year and is assumed to be a starter,

    Is it fair that CIF cleared him while kids all over California are denied… dont forget this is his 3rd or 4th High School.

    Is it fair that kids who are dedicated, loyal, hardworking are automatically replaced by easily..

    Fair… who said fair?

    Rio deserves that spot and yes, it should be waiting for him when he returns!

  • Frank

    Hopefully he can get the chance to represent his country, this is a great thing to be selected to. Hopefully the coaching staff at Amat would be understanding of being selected to the USA baseball team. It is not like he would be missing for some silly reason. Tough decision hopefully they can work it out. Im sure Amat can handle 3 games without him.

  • Aaron

    Forgotten in all this hype and back and forth between Rio no Booth, no Rio is Tyler Pruszynski who if I understand it right will be a senior. He’s not without his backers either. However he’s paid his dues, if Ruiz wants to go to Team USA trials and the Pan Am Games while still playing football he can be a role player at receiver…which you know he did well last year there.

    For the good of the team right…and no it is not for the good of the team for someone to go off for three weeks and be given his job back.

  • Coach


    Now you are talking about FAIR, wasn’t me that brought up this subject when he first transferred over to BA. We all know my position on this situation, you may not have believe it back then but maybe you are starting to know.

    How long has Ruiz and Booth been aware of this situation, and yes I mean Ruiz and Booth. Was this something that just came up, of course not.

    Booth didn’t leave South Hills to be a backup at Bishop Amat. Although in talking to Booth he was not going to stay at South Hills either way. Also per Gano’s camp Booth was offered the starting job over at Damien, but he choose the backup job at Bishop Amat instead, yea right.

  • Old Timer

    Seriously Rudy! ( the Dad ) your boys future is in baseball and not in football. If you cant see that then WAKE UP! think back to when your kid was young and all the other studs in this Valley had to make the same decision, most that choose to play both, ended up being hurt or dinged up when baseball came around. I know your smarter then that Rudy!

  • just sayin’

    maybe Rio walks thru the Amat Hall of Fame everyday and sees dual sport guys like Lange, Simon, Wyrick, Phillips, Sciarra, Tanner (All-CIF, THREE sports, THREE years!) and more – then realizes not a single one of them missed baseball because of a football injury. It’s clear the kid WANTS to play football)and QB at that) and feels some responsibility to his teammates (Thank God for that attitude! We need more of that instead of the “disease of me”) Let’s let the kid make up HIS mind.

  • Amat Class of 79


    Have him miss the three football games, it is not rocket science. He is a basebal player first and this opportunity is a once in a lifetime. HS football is huge at Amat but Hagerty will survive without Rio and still win football games. It is not like you are walking away completly ala Jay Anderson. The team will hold the fort and come playoff time Rio will be back. Rios calling is baseball, football he is playing for the love of the sport. My biggest concern is when Rio becomes a senior and he has now filled out even more as a young man, will he leave football and go year round Baseball? You dont want him injured if he gets selected in the MLB Draft. Amat Hall of Fame, big man on campus, two-sports star, the broads, all of that must take a back seat to the big bucks this kid is eventually going to make playing baseball. Take Rio the path of the rewards of real life Money instead of the accolades of pleasing a HS student body and Adult Amat football fans. Look out for number one Rudy.

  • GameDayatUSC

    A Thank You to the few who have my e-mail, regarding the well wishes. I just returned from burying my grandmother in Indiana. ALWAYS hard, no matter the age. So thanks guys!


    I actually believe Rio ( IMO ) will play WR, and NOT QB. He can take snaps all he wants in Spring, but Booth came to Bishop for a reason. So letting him miss a few games should not be a problem. We see receivers pull a hammy, or sometimes worse, but at QB all are after you, so its less chance of major injury. Also MOST think baseball is his ticket to at least a couple million regardless if he makes it to the “show”. That signing bonus alone will take care of his future family for a long time!

    MOST IMPORTANT however, IF it comes down to it, I would think HIS family would go for the tryouts. IF they are as proud, as they make it out to be regarding their son, THEN as prestigious as it is to wear a AMAT helmet, its FAR better to have U.S.A Across your chest, and to represent the WHOLE country!
    Besides its NOT like he is missing, games against POLY, SERVITE, and WESTLAKE!

  • GameDayatUSC

    We heard about the passing tourney at Bonita, and what Chino Hills did. Wonder how they would fare at this one?

    NOW here is a Tournment.

    JULY 10 @ Edison.

    The host EDISON, and ONE of our OWN SGV team SOUTH HILLS.

    WOW, talk about tough cometition for the Huskies. I know they beat Mater Dei, two years ago to win it but this pool looks alot deeper.

    WE NEED MORE SGV teams invited, especially the really good passng teams, like Glendora, Schurr among others

  • just sayin’

    Game Day – he may not be missing games vs POLY, SERVITE, and WESTLAKE – but he’d be missing 2 LEAGUE games vs Crespi & Loyola.
    Receiver? Booth came for a reason? Did you read Dad say,”l. “He really wants to play football this year and START AT QUARTERBACK.”?

  • Go For It

    Many have worn the Amat across their chest, but only a few have worn USA. Go represent your country Rio. If Hagerty can’t understand then we know he cares more about himself than his players. And as far as Tyler getting the QB job, Grandpa get off the blog. You were discovered with your other grand.

  • socalbaseball fan

    I agree with you GameDayatUSC if you can play for USA baseball this should be your highest priority. I remember when Diamond Bar’s RHP Mark Jecman was chosen to play for team USA he missed over 2 weeks during the baseball season going to a tournament. This was during the sierra league games he missed. I think Rio Ruiz should concentrate on baseball only and now players play baseball into their 40’s. In the NFL by the time you are late 20’s your career is about to end and you get dumped to save money on your contract.

  • Aaron

    Um…I’m not old enough to a be a grandfather.

    Think about what people seem to be saying. We’re not talking about a QB coming back to his job from injury. We’re talking about letting a kid “earn” the starting QB job and then leave for three possibly four weeks during the season to play baseball and then coming back to his job. I mean yeah right.

    You award the job to a player that will be there the entire season because as a team leader you’re there for your team right? Be fair to the other kids trying to play quarterback as well as the rest of the team.

    I also don’t care if it’s Tyler Pruszynski, Brock Booth or a Frosh…

  • What Would Wooden Do?

    This is a problem if it it a problem. First off Rio is just one player. The rationale to play this “will he or won’t he” nonsense happens at smaller schools with less dignity than a school like Bishop Amat.

    History has shown these problem become cancers as players either wait for a player to walk on water or resent the circus when he gets wet.

    From the outside looking in Bishop Amat has begun to get light headed somewhat here with their all so rapid climb back to League Champions.

    The truth is every player has commitments and obligations outside of Football. Hagerty has a simple choice on his hands whether he decides to play ball or shut him down as both will have huge and lingering consequences regardless of his public statements.

    If Rio decides to play with the intentions of missing a few games Hagerty will have split the team. If he shuts Rio down he will split the fans. Either way Hagerty loses….and Amat loses….and everyone loses.

    After seeing John Wooden’s Memorial I was struck by one truth, being a great coach goes hand in hand with being a great man, or at last it should. What would Wooden say? Maybe the answer is in Wooden’s response to Walton’s “bearded” conviction…’We will miss you.”

  • Just askin’

    Didn’t Rio already “represent the USA” in some summer event with “USA on his chest” in the last year or two?

  • The Insider

    Booth is going to be the QB, this has been the plan from the get go. Booth’s pops and Rio’s pops worked it all out with Hags already. Booth will suit up game one with Rio playing receiver. If Booth cannot handle the pressure we are moving Rio back into the QB spot. Rio is a better receiver than QB!

    I just saw Garfields schedule and they must think they have a good team because they have us game 1,
    OLU game 2 with a breather with Colony game 3 and then back to the privates with the St. Paul Slime in game 4.

  • Who Knew ?

    Wait Garfield’s schedule is tougher than CO’s back to back championship teams? That’s embarrassing for the Fish Bowl.

  • AMAT 73

    There many sides to this decision facing Rio. It has nothing to do with Hags or the coaches being understanding about playing for the USA . It has to do with a commitment to the team and the program. The lines have been drawn as to what is accepted and what is not as we have seen in the past . JA understood he could not commit to football and made his choice. Rio is now facing the same choices . Granted he could leave with the coaches blessing to return when done with baseball if he was not in the battle for the QB position . But as a starting QB if he winds up starting and the leadership that comes with the position brings a whole different light to the situation. If he is sincere in his wanting to be the starting QB then it’s a no brainer stay with football and say thank you for the oppportunity but I am playing football . As someone posted no one is bigger than the team and the team is what should be considered first as far as this decision . Who knows if Rio pans out like everyone seems to think, he gets to USC just when Barkley leaves so maybe the USC QB slot is on the horizon for him. Either way I wish him well in his choice and will root for him whichever way he chooses. So let’s not make this out to be such a big deal as to Hags being a bad guy or self serving person because he will do what is good for the team and the players that make up the team which is the right thing to do .

  • just askin’

    The Insider – if “Booth’s pops and Rio’s pops worked it all out” why would Rio’s Pops say, “He really wants to play football this year and start at quarterback.”?

  • spectulations

    speculate all you want, but unless you are Rio and his family or Hagerty and his coaches, we have no idea what they are thinking, YES we all know that Rio will most likely be the starting quarterback, because his dad has already stated and Hagerty has already hinted to that, as for a back up, we do not know. If you have been to the practices and passing tournaments, we all know that Booth has not been that impressive. He has actually looked really good at tight end and receiever, but he we go again speculating.

    Amat has Tyler, with much dedication and loyality who will step in nicely for Rio. We all know that Rio is an outstanding athlete, no doubt in that… but if you watched Amat last season, Amat is built on a TEAM, not any one player, TOGETHER they win games.

    Rio, you only live once go out and make your country proud play baseball!!!

    Tough decision to make…

  • SGVsBest

    Fred –
    You can verify this! I said back in February…”No Defense and No Quarterback”
    And they all said I was crazy! Who’s laughing now?
    Sniff…sniff…What’s that smell? Is that 16 years I smell in La Puente? LMAO!
    Garfield is only 2 months away!!! Oh…Oh!!!


    Who Knew ?: Who knew that 16 years with no trophies would become an everlasting tradition at Amat… You talk about the fishbowl but when you need to win the big came you cave under pressure. Too much la puenty water is making you guys soft haaaaaaaa San Dimas and Charter Oak are the only ones that can brag in the fishbowl. You can worry about playing Garfield and well take care of the smudgepot.

    Dimas runs all over Amat’s sorry defense this year with our wing t! MARK MY WORDS


  • Amat!!!!!

    there is so much talent at amat that NOT one player makes the team, Hagerty has many players to choose from. Dont forget Amat can take the average player and make him awesome with the backing of his TEAM, so please dont worry about amat not having a quarterback the worry is which talented player will take on that role, or maybe even share that role…

    Go lancers…

  • SGV Athlete

    Rio should go, this is a great opportunity for him. He would only be missing one league game in Crespi and two non-league games in Cathedral and Venice. And depending on how well the team does, he could be back for the game against Crespi.

    As far as the Booth v. Ruiz debate, AMAT could really use both as a 1-2 punch. While both have great arms, Ruiz has the combination of speed and strength to move outside of the pocket. And if all else fails, Ruiz is an EXCELLENT receiver. And if you don’t think so, please watch the Mater Dei and Loyola highlights from last season.

  • Lance R.

    The ones that may have the leverage here are Rudy and Rio. If they decide to go baseball and miss the three games what is Hags going to do bench him when he comes back?, maybe. He may not be ready to hit the football field so quick being away for this extended time. Will he be in the following week? maybe. Hags may bench him for another game to prove Rio is not bigger or better then the team. Lastly Rio and Rudy can play their card,, hey this is my junior year, if when I come back from this Baseball jaunt and you bench me for a couple of games based on the Power struggle then guess what I will not be back for my senior year to play football, concentrating on baseball full time. So who do you think has more leverage Hags or The Ruiz’s. If anything Hags should be encouraging this young man to go play in this once in a lifetime opportunity knowing as a coach he still has a good team and has a star player coming back for the stretch run not to mention for his senior year.

  • FredJ

    I talked to Rudy this morning, who is amused by all this, but also says everything is going to work out with Hagerty and Rio moving forward. He says they have constant dialogue and will make sure everything works out…What I also gathered in our short conversation is that Rio loves being a two-sport athlete

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Lights out – Stay in the dark! It’s been a great baseball season not having to read your juvenile drivel, but alast, football season is here and with comes the slime and the haters. And so it begins. Such strong self loathing, you are obviously from la puente (and obviously very bitter about it) give us bloggers a break and try not to get into full moron status before the end of passing league….OK? Maybe we could arrange for more sewage to seep into your hole so you will be a little more comfortable and not have to emerge until maybe mid-season??? Well, its wishful thinking. Amat. All Day! Anytime, Anywhere! GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!


    This is getting ridiculous. What leverage are you speaking of and leverage against who . Rio has not played a down at qb for Amat. Yes he has played wr and db and done a fine job . At Amat the team comes first and what is best for the team is what will happen . If Rio and his dad’s decision is to play for Team USA great as it is a fine honor but it will be their decision and their’s only . No person is bigger than the team and to say something to the effect of leverage and power stuggle I just can’t see that as a scenario because Hags will do what is best for the team and then the team will do it’s best for Amat .

  • TMZ

    And we all wonder what is wrong with sorts today.

    Didn’t think the wheels would come off so soon at Bishop Amat. First JA, then the Freshmen coaches and now the Rio Show. Must be nice going to practice not knowing who has your back or why the school is taking in senior transfers.

    What a bunch of phooey from a school coming off a Serra League title and two wonderful seasons. I think it’s going in the wrong direction or at least appears so. Too bad it seemed as if the Lancers were more than one player, more than the sum of it’s parts rather than an ongoing farce that would make Terrell Owens proud.

  • Another Angle

    This has created a Catch-22 situation for Hags and for fans, and I’m sure he’s uncomfortable being in that position.

    If Rio goes on to represent team USA, which is most likely going to happen (think $$). Then Hags will be forced to bench Rio for at least 1 game, which means he will miss at least 3 games, in order to enforce his rules and his football philosophy. And if Rio does not play right after he returns, you and I know that will definitely have a negative impact on the outcome of the game, especially against Crespi (just think Lakewood, Mater Dei and Loyola game). He was a huge factor in wins over MD and Loyola, and when he was taken out of the Lakewood game with a concussion, Amat’s air game was non existent. Rio is a playmaker period!

    On the other hand, if Hags does play Rio right away, it will make him a hypocrite, have double standards which will undermine the team.

    So the question, is will Hags make an exception and play Rio or will he bench him and risk losing games?

    Like some early poster said, either way, Hags loses and the fans loses.

  • Lance R.

    Win Win situation for Rio he is only a junior and you are only 16 years old once. Play for team USA Rio you have your senior season to play Football as well. As far as Hags he should know this as a coach not to hold back a two-sports star that can represent his country in baseball and bring even more noteriety back to Bishop Amat High School. I am sure Hags is aware of what is best for Rio and will make the exception, and why not he has him back for a full football season his senior year. I am sure if he scratches their back they will scratch his come Rios Senior season of football. It will all be worked out, it is good for both sides. A Two Sport athlete like Rio only come around only so often so you have to do whats best for them and work with them to achieve greatness in the two sports they play.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Relax people. The true Amat fan and Family member wishes only the best for Rio and we encourage the multi-sport athlete. No matter what happens we don’t blame our coach for his actions he has to do whatever is necessary for the team. I’m sure Mr. Ruiz and Coach H are in touch and whatever the decision is…it is! Those of you worms out there trying to spawn a controversy need to get a life. I look at this as a testament to the AMAT Athlete. What a great time for Rio and Bishop Amat to have such a fine athlete and even better youngman on OUR campus. Hate all you want Haters but The Amat Family is proud of Rio Ruiz and no matter what, you always back your family’s play! Good Luck this year Rio and Go Big Blue!

  • Just sayin’

    list of current pro/former SGV athletes interviewed on Jim Rome is Burning:
    1. Michael Young , Bishop Amat
    2. ?
    3. ?

  • Joe Amat

    Really this whole thing will all work itself out. In high school kids play – or they don’t. Teams go on. If you’re fortunate, as Amat is, you have others to step in to holes that may be created. It’s happened for 50yrs at Amat in all sports. Players have foregone football for basketball or baseball, basketball for baseball or football and certainly girls’ sports have suffered the same fate.

    Truth be told it is rare that a high caliber football/basketball player has not been afforded the luxury of going on a football recruiting trip and missing regular season basketball games. That’s just the way the recruiting calendar works. Happens ALL the time. Probably everywhere. Sometimes they come back with penalty – sometimes reasonable heads prevail and no action is taken.

    I personally disagree with the premise that some sort of “punishment” needs to happen to “enforce his rules and his football philosophy”. Treatment does not have to be EQUAL in order to be FAIR. Every situation is different. If a kid misses to go on a vacation it’s a bit different than a once in a lifetime opportunity. Same with the recruiting visits – this could effect a kids life.

    I’m sure they’ll do what’s right… and fair.

  • Aaron

    Joe Amat,

    You’re a cooler heads but we’re talking about the possibility of him being the quarterback of the lancers. Team leaders sacrifice for the Team, that means if he wins the quarterback job he doesn’t go play baseball in the middle of the season.

    But if he’s just a receiver/ defensive back, that’s different because he won’t be the signal caller of the offense.

    If he were to be the quarterback and went and played baseball you wouldn’t split the team, it would be the team on one side and Rio Ruiz on the other. With this decision up in the air and the possibility of losing your QB at minimum three and possibly four weeks. That means you don’t take the chance as the head man and you put Ruiz out wide.

  • Lance R.


    Thats the luxury of having a solid program like Amat your back up QB can run the offense just as well as your Starter. If it is Booth or someone else it is a team game and Hagerty will still get his wins reguardless of who is under center. To play Rio as a Wideout or DB is a waste. You have Rio with another football season to go after this, so with the type of great athlete that he is I would not move him out of the QB position because he chooses to play a few baseball games. You give this type of special player the leeway to play the sport that he is mastering for his future (baseball). Think of Rio with that USA accross his chest first. The golden A must take a back seat to the Country for three games and I am sure Hags is all good with it, he will manage and still come up with the Amat Victory. He is that good of a coach.

  • amat sucks

    Lan C. Erbacker is related to orville reddenbacker the popcorn guy. amat suck.

  • Aaron

    No that’s not a solid program Lance R., that’s catering to a primadonna.

    A solid program is able to win games with it’s backup when an injury occurs, not because he went to Mexico to play baseball for three to four weeks.

  • jcaz

    I’m going to have to say that I agree with Aaron on this one.

    But, this is why I hate baseball so much.

    Having said that, In my opinion, I think that kid should go and play in this baseball thing, because in the end, most people figure that his future will be in baseball rather than in football anyway.

    You know, playing quarterback is perhaps one of the most difficult positions in this sport, and truth be told, you simply cant do it part time.

    The reality is that even though Rio is a great athlete, he has only played the quarterback position once, and that was as a freshman quarterback, a long time ago.

    The facts are that he hasnt devoted the time to have developed the same skill sets as has some of the other quarterbacks in the PAC5.

    The fact is that if he should ever play for Amat as a quarterback, he will be doing the team a disservice because if you look around the Sierra league, you dont see part time quarterbacks running their teams.

    Rio will go to USC, but as so many others have already stated, , he will go as a baseball player and not as a football player.

    BTW, USCs quarterback of the future is the kid who is currently playing for Mater Dai this year (according to the LA times). The irony is, that while it was Rio who helped beat that kid in last years playoffs, it will most likely be that other kid who gets the starting job there, not Rio.

    So, if he should go and play in this baseball thing, he will be a success I am sure, and if he ever comes back, halfway through the season to play football, then he will come back and be a better wide receiver than what he was this time last year, I am sure of it. However, when he comes back, he shouldnt be the Lancer s quarterback.

    I a way, I guess that its a shame that the faithful will never really get a chance to see what a great arm that kid really has, but the truth be told, it isnt as if Amat has lost a great quarterback here, because in really, he never really was our great quarterback, he was our great third baseman

  • tcbruin

    Rio has already ‘represented’ the USA on the 14 year old team 2 years ago.

    He did not make the 16 year old team as a 15 year old last year.

    He is trying out for the 16 year old team in Sept.

    Next year he will be trying out for the 18 year old team.

    So while he is at Amat he will/may be trying out for the US National team during football season.

    So it’s not like Rio will never ‘represent’ the USA in baseball or like this is a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity. There are numerous opportunities for a player to tryout and make the US national team.

    HS football is a 4 year window that does come as a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity.

    Rio should defer to football since 16 US national takes place during FB season. A true leader forsakes personal glory for the good of the TEAM.

    IF the US 16 national team was during baseball, go for it. Wonder how Nieto would feel about one of his beat players to leave during the season, say during the playoffs?

  • Rio for President

    There is no primadonna situation here with Rio. He is a bonafide real deal player in both Baseball and Football. H.S. football coaches 95% of the time put their best athlete to play the QB position and guess what people Rio is Amats best Athlete. All you people that are saying “for the good of the team” and Primadonna , play him at DB and WR….all BS. This guy is Amats QB. PERIOD! If he decides to go play some baseball it will be allowed he will be their QB when he gets back , if he decides to not to play for the USA Team by way of choice by him and his Dad then he still will be Amats signal caller. PERIOD!. The jealousy that comes in here is ridiculous, most of you blow hards wish your son was in this situation of having a multi-talented sports background. To the Ruiz’s these are good (so called) problems to have. If it was your son that was the talented kid like Rio I think you would have a different opinion altogether, but since it is not all you can do is hate out of jealousy. Rio is the Amat QB for the next two seasons if he decides he is playing football, so get used to it, Hags knows what he has. By the way Rio also is Shortstop and a damn good one. Fri@ken haters.

  • Dan

    There is no doubt the kid from Mater Dei would get the starting QB job over Rio or any other SGV quarterback, no shame at all on Rio, but that kids another Barkley, if not better.

  • congratulations RR

    no wonder his dad Rudy is amused by all this, look how everyone keeps talking about his kid. Rio is exceptional there is no doubt about that he will be a hall of famer no matter what sport he chooses or if he does both as Bo Jackson did. The Ruiz’s will do whats BEST for THEIR SON not whats best for ANY team. Rio commits to NO ONE. I don’t mean that in a bad way, shoot look at where that has gotten him. He has played for just about every travel ball team in Southern California and is still on every roster of every elite organization today. And why not, they let him and his name eliminates the scared and brings in the talent who wants to compete. Is he the second coming, no but right now he is the Golden Child. Enjoy it Rio as people have said, it is a great problem to have!


    This is quite amusing with all this hype about Rio. My only take is why didn’t he start last year at QB if the kid is that talented. There have only been 2 three year starters at Amat at the QB position so it is kind of puzzling that Rio was not the third by being the starter last season. Whatever the outcome is I am sure it will be worked out so all parties are happy. The Ruiz family , the team , and the Amat family . I just wish we had more phenoms like Rio and had more problems like this. Now who can name the 2 – 3 year starters at Amat . No Joe you can’t play in this one.


    The first one has to be Pat Haden who was 5’11 182 lbs…IN THE PROS !!!

    God only knows what his stats were at Bishop Amat and USC yet he did pretty good by any measure.

    The other was Raymond Velacchi who was actually a four year starter ( trick question) after starting and winning two playoff games when injuries forced the move. He was 5′ 4″ 197 lbs and could throw the ball right or left handed and very quick and strong as a bull. Also had a sister who was a three year Basketball star who won a Basketball scholarship to Ohio St. but instead joined the Peace Corp.

    Wonderful family who did tons fundraising for the school. In fact the mom used to make meatball sandwiches for the team.


    No trick involved there is another 3 year starter. With all the hype on Rio he has a long way to go to pass THE GREAT PAT HADEN who still holds a few CIF records as the greatest to ever grace the field of Amat who was a 3 sport letterman and starting guard on the basketball team that would usually have to wait until after CIF for him to play basketball.

  • Lance R.

    Daniel Robles was another 3 year starter maybe 4yr.

  • Old Timer

    Velacchi goes back before your time. He was the QB from 1952-1955. HE never made All CIF but was an honorable mention in Baseball. He was a pitcher of all things. Nasty slider and also threw palm ball. Now that’s going back. Seems like todays athletes are the only ones that matter but some one has to be the first.

  • jcaz


    The funny thing about it is that, “IF” he were to concentrate on that position exclusively, then he would give that other kid a run for his money. That’s how good he is.

    BTW, as you can no doubt tell, I don’t got to too many baseball games. I saw Rio as a third baseman a few years ago and simply thought he was still playing that position. Oh well….

    Oh, and just some food for thought here. A good baseball player is nice to have, but football is the cream de la crme in prep sports. When was the last time anyone put out a blog that had more than 50 hits when talking about a guy walking out on starting position in baseball?


    Oh, and just to let you know, I think there was a reason why Mat Leinert (sp) over at SC stuck around that extra year.

    Football gave him the headlines.

    Again I ask the question, when was the last time anyone read a story or even really cared about a baseball player at SC or even ???


    Lance R you are the man . Very little know fact because Robles’ numbers were not all that great but he was efficent as QB. As for Old Timers input it’s hard to figure since Amat first held it’s classes at local elementary schools in 57 and the campus opened in December of 57 ?

  • before your time


    I think you have your dates wrong. Matter of fact one of the Velacchi brothers was a special team monster on the Robles lead teams. Velacchi also opened a Bookstore in Covina off Citrus. Six of his brothers played sports there as well as his sister, the Peace Corp volunteer, who dominated from the post.

    Do you at least remember Mama Velacchi’s Meatball Sandwiches?

  • Tommy T.

    We still have a baseball team at USC? I haven’t heard much about them in a long while….don’t remember the last time I had to be covered up to prevent those pesky Bruins from dumping paint on me for a baseball related reason……?


    before your time,
    Who’s got their dates wrong . I believe it is old timer as I said Amat just celebrated their 50th aniversary in 07 and Robles was at Amat I believe in the 2000’s . Never heard of those meatball sandwiches but have been to Petrillo’s which is another Amat family place.

  • Props to Mama V !!!

    If you don’t know the Velacchi’s you’re not from Bishop Amat.

  • People!!!!

    people,people , people, you all are making a bigger deal than what is called for… we all know the decision is up to Rio and his family, everyone else will just have to live and deal with the decision that they make, im not saying that the ball is in their court, im just saying Rio is the one who has a decision to make.

    BTW… I wouldnt worry too much about Amat, Hagerty is a champion with a champion mentality which means he most definitly has a back up plan. He would of had a plan even if Rio was staying or didnt play baseball, cause champions always have Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C… so dont worry about AMAT.. Amat is a team!!!

  • Arenas

    At Amat every Lancer is a gift. We are here to build family not be finicky nor create havoc as to who is this or that or whose going to start or not in regards to football positions. I know Coach Hagerty loves all his boys and defends each one’s right to be a football player and to also play other sports. I also know that each one of our quarterback/students will play just as well, because they have a Lancer heart. History also shows that often the person we might assume to perform a certain task better than others may not be the one who should. In either case, Amat continues to shine because success comes from the attitude we place in our efforts, and because we continue to put God first (everything else is trivial). With God at our side, we have already succeeded, if anything at being a true human, which is what it is really all about. I enjoy the football games at Amat and have grown to do so more because of the attitude our students demonstrate and have when we don’t win a game than when we have won. The true test of a athlete is not what they do when they win, but how they love the sport and continue to support one another when they don’t. Football should be enjoyed for the attitude our athletes put into a game; a win just lets us know the final scored when the clock runs out. If it were up to many of our boys, they would continue to play even after the clock runs out.
    Go Lancers!

  • Rudieeeeeee

    From a source Rudieee need stop pressuring his son. Calling the LA Times. I mean come on how bad can it be for his son Rio. He is a great kid. But daddy is out of control. Again like last year in football telling everyone his son should Qb. As if he thought no one new. Bad mouthing other kids. Also, like baseball complaning about other not making plays. Well look right in front of you your kid was also making errors almost every game coughing up the ball or kicking it around. Fudging his numbers you know it is true. Check the stats since Dad was doing them. Just curious how he hit in the frist few games when he 0 for 7, or 8. Not sure but went something like that. What I am trying to say is that if daddy stop calling the news papers and just let the kid play. Every thing would work out. In football and baseball. Stop the hype machine which is daddy living through his son. Let him play. Finally if L7 is on stats again we a sure he will hit for 600 next year in baseball. Please when I go watch my son play please some one do the stats for daddy is not fair. As if Rio needs help he is already a good baseball player. Rio good luck in football and baseball we be there to support you. Keep your head up stay grounded. Have a great summer.

  • Coach

    Now didn’t I say last month when Booth transferred over that Rudy and Marc had a play. How long has the Ruiz family and Hag know about this issue. Since Rio has played on these teams in the past he is very aware of the process.