Some friendly advice

Here’s a video of former Alabama coach Paul “Bear” Bryant that I found on youtube. It’s a freshman orientation speech he made, and the advice to work “on the little things” is profound. I thought, it being the summer, would be a good time post as the players prepare for the upcoming season this fall.
But coach Bryant can say it a lot better:

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  • Justrab

    Do you that “other” guy Bear was talking about was Sam “the Bam” Cunningham?

  • WTF

    This is a great message for you bloggers In SGV who think its all about size and speed. It is all about how you practice and giving as much as you can. Practice with the intent of 100% effort is the single most important you can do. This goes to all you lazy coaches in the SGV if you can not give 100% donot except your kids too. Show-up prepared!!!