Hoops: Los Altos summer tournament starts tonight, right smack in the middle of Lakers-Celtics game 7 — what should i do :)

Would you believe me if I said I flipped a coin between covering the Los Altos summer league basketball games tonight or staying home to watch Lakers-Celtics in game 7? Give Conqs’ coach Jeff Lucas some credit, he’s taking one for the tournament team by playing at 7, and my good friend at Keppel, coach Hung Duong, who I know is a big Lakers fan, is playing Arroyo at 7 at Workman High. And those graduations tonight? I can only imagine the oohs and ahhs in tight-knit crowd of cell phones, that should be interesting. My goodness, hope the TIVOs are working, and if the bus doesn’t show up or breaks down for the games tonight, I understand, it’s only one of the biggest games in one of the biggest rivalries in NBA history.

Los Altos summer basketball tournament schedule
Games at Los Altos and Workman

Thursday at Workman HS
2:00 Upland vs El Rancho
3:00 Workman vs Whittier Christian
7:00 Arroyo vs Mark Keppel

Thursday at Los Altos HS
4:00 San Dimas vs Whittier
5:00 Brea vs La Puente
6:00 La Serna vs Claremont
7:00 Los Altos vs Huntington Park
8:00 Cal vs Sierra Vista

Note: Friday all games at Los Altos
Saturday games at Los Altos
Saturday games at Workman

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2010 All Valle Vista Baseball and Softball

All-Valle Vista League
: Derek Penilla, San Dimas
First Team
Pitcher: Jason Martinez, Covina
Pitcher: Eddie Pedroza, Northview
Pitcher: willie Gomez, Ganesha
Infielder: Shawn Kennedy, San Dimas
Infielder: Nick Hynes, Covina
Infielder: Fernando Gonzalez, Baldwin Park
Infielder: Bobby Ramos, Northview
Outfielder: Bobby Fraijo, San Dimas
Outfielder: Efren Aguilera, Baldwin Park
Outfielder: Damien Chico, Northview
Catcher: Noah Ingram, Covina
Catcher: Arman Valenzuela, Northview
Utility: Matt Lee, San Dimas
Utility: Xavier Martinez, Northview

Kortnie Clark, San Dimas
Pitcher: Jen Vargas, Covina
Pitcher: Chrissy McPhael, Northview
Infielder: Molly Ross, Covina
Infielder: Sarina Jaramillo, Northview
Infielder: Jazmin Chavez, Northview
Infielder: Sara Moore, San Dimas
Infielder: Aleena Avalos, San Dimas
Outfielder: Candice Orozco, Covina
Outfielder: Telia Provenzano, Covina
Outfielder: Makailah Garcia, Northview
Outfielder: Courtney Hine, San Dimas
Catcher: Kayla Norrie, San Dimas
Catcher: Felicia Calles, Northview
Utility: Andrea Montoya, Covina
Utility: Erin Jaramillo, Northview
DP: Emily Lewison, Northview
DP: Karissa Conner, San Dimas

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Don’t miss the Bishop Amat girls basketball camp with the greatest girls coach in SGV history

The Bishop Amat Lady Hoops Girls Basketball Camp will run from June 21-24 from 1:30-5:00 daily. The camp is open to girls entering the 5th-9th grades. Girls will receive instruction in basketball fundamentals, a camp t-shirt, and the chance to win daily prizes. The cost of the camp is $80. For more information, contact Coach Wiard at 626-962-2495 ext. 5868.

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Scouting Guru talks about the big three, Sioasi Aiono, Chad Jeffries, Dennis Rufus, and liked what he saw from Wallace Gonzalez

The Scouting Guru has been all over the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, and like always, he’s offered to share his thoughts, free of charge. Don’t hate, enjoy it for what it’s worth, which is one man’s opinion on the talent in the San Gabriel Valley.

Guru says: Needless to say, it has been a very busy May and June for your friendly friend here on the recruiting trail. The month of May was spent with college coaches on the west coast and the month of June has seen us working college camps (including USC and UCLA). For this column, let’s take a look at what I will call “the big three” These are the three best college recruits for the San Gabriel Valley and see what is going on with their recruiting. (To continue, click thread).

Continue reading “Scouting Guru talks about the big three, Sioasi Aiono, Chad Jeffries, Dennis Rufus, and liked what he saw from Wallace Gonzalez” »

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2010 All Miramonte Baseball and Softball

Above: Charter Oak Co-MVP Travis Santiago
All Miramonte League

MVP: Travis Santiago (Charter Oak), Rouric Bridgewater (Diamond Ranch).
First Team
Brian Tuttle, Bonita
Adam McCreery, Bonita
Derek Goodwin, Diamond Ranch
Robert Mier, Bonita
Joe Munoz, Los Altos
Gio Morales, Los Altos
Aaron Henry, Charter Oak
Evan Highley, Bonita
Joe Reynoso, Charter Oak
Matt Gelalich, Bonita
De Jon Wallace, Charter Oak
Anthony Ramos, Bonita
Chris Holden, Charter Oak

: Chloe Wurst, Bonita
First Team
Courtney Gano, Los Altos
Sydney Stewart, Diamond Ranch
Kayla Papez, Charter Oak
Vanessa Bracamonte, Wilson
Jackie Campa, Bonita
Breeana Sandoval, Bonita
Nicki Sprague, Charter Oak
Mariah Midyette, Los Altos
Alyssa Villalpando, Los Altos
Cassie Andrews, Charter Oak
Jennipher Solis, Los Altos
Clarice Spathias, Bonita.

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2010 All San Antonio Baseball and Softball

All San Antonio League
: Cody Doyle, South Hills, Sr.
First Team
Pitcher: Andrew Morales, South Hills, Sr.
Pitcher: Dakota Behr, South Hills, Sr.
Pitcher: Ruben Chavira, Walnut,Sr.
Catcher: Bryce Harrison, Walnut, Jr.
Infielder: Jacob Shirley, South Hills, Sr.
Infielder: Christian Ibarra, South Hills, Sr.
Infielder: Andrew Guzman, Nogales, Fr.
Infielder: Richie Rollice, South Hills, Jr.
Infielder: Brett Bonilla, Walnut, Jr.
Infielder Alan Gonzalez, Nogales, Sr.
Outfielder: CJ Saylor, South Hills, So.
Outfielder: Kevin Costello, Nogales, Sr.
Outfielder: Andrew Roddy, South Hills, Sr.
Outfielder: Albert Lemus, Nogales, Sr.
Utility: Ty France, South Hills, So.

Above: West Covina’s Dakota Monarrez, the MVP

: Dakota Monarrez, West Covina, Jr.
First Team
Alexandra Robles, South Hills, Fr.
Alyse Gutierrez, West Covina, Jr.
Andrea Gutierrez, West Covina, Sr.
Britney Rodriguez, South Hills, So.
Camille Herrera, West Covina, Sr.
Deanna Alfaro, Nogales, Jr.
Justine Chavira, Walnut, Jr.
Juunae Dai’re, West Covina, Sr.
Kaylea Snaer, Rowland, Fr.
Kristen Stewart, South Hills, So.
Laura Banuelos, Rowland, Jr.
Mariah Gurule, Walnut, Jr.
Mariah Gurule, Walnut, Jr.
Mercedez Cundiff, Rowland, Jr.
Sam Nieves, South Hills, Jr.
Sidney LaFollette, South Hills, So.

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