The weekend is here, so why not list the top ten projected quarterbacks in 2010

Arroyo’s Steven Rivera has the potential to put up the best numbers

1. Chad Jeffries, Glendora, Sr.
Most sought after QB recruit since Chris Rix?
2. Rio Ruiz, Bishop Amat, Jr
We’re selling the “Big River” on potential, potential, potential.
4. Steven Rivera, Arroyo, Jr.
He’s the real deal. If you ask Knights coach Jim Singiser, he will tell you Rivera is the best in the Valley.
3. Michael Ball, Rowland, Sr.
Was a stud as a sophomore, then went through the brutal collarbone injury as a junior. He’s a Michael Vick type, and these QBs are tough to defend in high school.
5. Travis Santiago, Charter Oak, Jr.
Already owns a championship and is cool under pressure. Will probably be asked to do more this season, and who knows, could be in our top three by the end of the year.
6. Vincent Hernandez, South Hills, Jr.
Was the guy even before Brock Booth bolted to Bishop Amat. He’s another who can run and pass, and will be counted on bigtime in the new Sierra.
7. Andrew Cameron, Diamond Bar, Sr.
Can’t way to see how he shines in the Hacienda League. We didn’t see enough of him in the Sierra, but curious to know if he still has the job with the Mater Dei transfer at DBar.
8. Garrett Pendleton, Bonita, Sr.
Could have a spectacular season because coach Podley loves QBs, and he’s got a good one.
9. George Johnson, West Covina, Sr.
A third-year starter that floats under the radar, but he’s always played with a ton of confidence and grit. He could be big-time his final season.
10. Shawn Kennedy, San Dimas, Jr.
QB’s not as important in the WIng T, but Kennedy is a winner, already owning a football and baseball CIF title.

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  • Born and Raised SGV

    Since most of these are based on potential and only a few have proven themselves… then I would ike to add Billy Livingston from Covina. I know what most of you think of Covina as a team however that also makes my point valid. Billy does not have star WR’s to throw to, only started 8 games and threw over 1500 yards as a soph. Say what you want about the team but the kid himself is solid.


    Garrett Pendleton at number 8, Wow he should be way higher at least in the top 5.
    He will have a great year with the WR’s he has to throw to and with Podley as his coach i think Pendleton should be 3rd ranked Qb right now

  • Agree with # 6 will be at the top by seasons end

  • Agree with # 6 , will be near the top at seasons end

  • kh

    i will second your call of the covia boy,
    man watched him last week and yesterday.the kid has a great tight ball and puts it where th wr can run after he catches it,hes good,and garrett p. is loaded with down field guys,he as acouple kids that will make for a great season and again theres some who cant catch a cold.its up to him to read the films and study the weakness and go for the throat,bonita looks good,the coaches look different this year,little more love and happyest.boy that goes along way,good luck team.

  • shfan

    Wow. Brock Booth isn’t in the top 10. What a shock! I hope he doesn’t play a down this year after his dad moved the fifth year senior for what seems like the tenth time.

  • Projection: Top 3 Sports writers in the valley

    1) Greg Hoyd – potential potential potential
    2) Mark Scrheimann – potential potential potential
    3) Felipe Agular – potential potential potential

  • Projection: Top 3 Sports writers in the valley

    1) Greg Hoyd – potential potential potential
    2) Mark Scrheimann – potential potential potential
    3) Felipe Agular – potential potential potential

  • Projection: Top 3 Sports writers in the valley

    1) Greg Hoyd – potential potential potential
    2) Mark Scrheimann – potential potential potential
    3) Felipe Agular – potential potential potential

  • FC

    Not for nothing but the best QB I’ve seen this year, based on this one performance, was the QB from Sierra Vista. Don’t know his name. Checked and last year’s QBs were seniors but Sierra Vista has a real talent on their hands.

    He’s left handed and throws a pretty ball with lots of tight spiral action and speed on his ball. He has all the throws down and threw a couple about 50 yards..FAST!!!

    A real talent in my eyes and I’m not from SV or related. Fred might want to get out some and see this kid. Probably the best pure passer out here in terms of release and flat out arm strength.

    Big BIG props to the SV coaches. Your players were extremely active and very skilled. They played with great confidence and class. Especially liked the DC, young tall kid (hey I’m 50) who coached his butt off. Very skilled WRs and very active LBs on that team.

    Best of luck Sierra Vista


    Brook Booth is a 5th year senior? What! How does that get approved by CIF???

  • Hello McFly?

    He’s not a “real” fifth year senior. He was just held back a school year in seventh, or eighth grade. You can only have four years of sports eligibility in high school. Although, depending on your birthday, you can play two years of freshman sports, but then you’re still left with two years of HS sports.

  • DRanchhhh

    I say Pendleton breaks the TOP 5. I mean these are projections right? Are they knocking him bc he didnt lead Bonita to a championship? He torched us last year with a mediocore receiving corp. You guys have kids up there that havent played a down of Varsity ball or enough to be ranked, INCREDIBLE!!!

  • BoHi

    Pendleton has to be in the top 5 he is way better than some other qb’s that are listed ahead of him

  • Coach


    Once again I have to question your logic? Please advise all of us how you have Ruiz at number 2. The kid hasn’t even taken a snap at the varsity level. This kid has been questioned as far as toughness on the defensive side of the ball and you just ranked him number 2 in the valley.

    Your number 7 Andrew Cameron of Diamond Bar with his 11 touchdowns. You never mentioned he had 12 interceptions. Then that Mater Dei transfer, transferred over in June 2009. At Mater Dei he played on the line, he got no work at qb, thats why his dad transferred him to Diamond Bar. Don’t get me wrong I personally think Henry Omana your Mater Dei transfer is a much better quarterback than Andrew Cameron, great kid.

    Now Michael Ball at 3 or 4 not sure if I should go by the numbers or the order? One question how can you put Ruiz infront of this kid. Michael has done everything at the varsity level that you think Ruiz might be able to do, and he does most of them better than you think Ruiz can.

    Here is a question for you, what do you THINK Ruiz does better than Michael Ball?

  • kh

    wait tell they win there first game amat,rated # 1 fred fred fred rated

  • Pac-5

    Pendelton stills hasn’t improved his foot speed. Let’s see how he moves out of the pocket before anybody moves him into the top five.

    A little different when the pads come on and you have to play the game.

  • sgv Watch

    From what I have seen last year an so far this summer. There are two that are clearly above the rest in my opinion. Jeffries and Pendeton. Pendelton was the best that I saw at the big Air asault Tournament last week.

  • Glendora Dad

    So not to be the bearer of bad news but Santiago outperformed both Glendora, Rowland, and San Dimas last Thursday. I don’t even like Charter Oak (Cheaters!) probably hate them is a more appropriate word but regardless Santiago was throwing passes like he was pitching on the mound. No one threw the ball farther or more accurately than he did and I was getting sick and tired of watching his receivers catch long touchdown passes. I remember the good old days of Glendora youth football competing against Charter Oak youth football and these boys are going to be fun to watch on Friday nights especially when our eleven are better than Charter Oak’s seven! Do work boys, do work..!

  • FRED is terrible

    Get a clue! Chad Jefferies is way better then Chris Rix. That was a REALLY BAD statement under your ranking. Yes I agree Jefferies is the best around but if you remember which you probably don’t because when Rix was in school you probably din’t even like sports.

    Rix was kicked out of Bishop for cheating. Its a good thing he signed with FSU as a Junior(while still at Bishop) because when he went to Santa Margarita he was so bad a QB he got pulled and didn’t even finish the year at QB they moved him to WR. DID YOU KNOW THAT FRED?

  • Glendora QB U ?

    There was another quarterback out of Glendora who flew under the radar but was just as highly recruited all over as Chad. If one does his Glendora homework I remember Jacob Crook signed with UNLV and ended up at UCLA but never got into a game there.His stock really rose after going to one of the camps and made a name for himself. I think he is on Brandon Rohers staff at La Puente now. That guy had a gun and could run too.

  • unbaised observer

    Glendora Dad (aka c/o dad)
    You stated Santiago threw more accurately than anyone at the San Dimas passing games? Wow I guess your not going to count those 2 or 3 picks he threw against glendora their first series?
    I was sick of the glendora defense giving up the long ball and if they dont get that together its going to be a long season.
    Jefferies is very limited on what he is allowed to do due to his coaches conservative play calling. With a kid like that you need to air it out and he would blow Santiago away. But when you have a young recieving corp like Glendora has I guess you have to be. What a shame!

    QB U,
    Crook was very good but he was a walk on at UCLA after his scholarship was pulled by UNLV due to his knee problems.

  • just sayin’

    FRED is terrible –
    Rix was a FOUR-YEAR starter at FSU (the 1st and only one BTW).
    Did you know that?
    At FLORIDA St – not SAN DIEGO St. For the legendary BOBBY BOWDEN not the legendary BRADY HOKE? FSU won 3 ACC championships and went to Bowl Games all 4 years. How often does SD St go to Bowl?Games? Can’t – their last 11 seasons have been
    Yeah, great program. A bit of a difference in the level of play. But in the FishBowl we know level of play doesn’t matter. LOL! Recruited to a team that has not had a winning record in over a decade and Rix went to a team that just won a National Championship. Your ignorance kills me.

  • Code RED

    A freshman Qb will start over one of these top so called 10. CIF here he comes!

  • Where’s the line men love?

    Does any one know the kid’s name from Sierra Vista at QB. I really liked that kid. No one at Damien knew where Sierra Vista was but after they left they sure had a greater respect for their coaches and players…I’ll tell you that!

    About Jeffries and the conservative play calling. Didn’t Coach P also have a kid at Damien, Davila who ended up at Cincinnati? Kid had skills for sure and I think played Arena ball right? So how is that? I still think Coach P gets the short end of the stick where ever he goes because he’s a no nonsense ( and by that I mean he doesn’t play the father stroke me game ) kind of guy.

    Just think he coached Freddie Brown, Ian Johnson, Tommy Hernandez and Davila and all got pro looks. Now he’s got Jeffries and maybe Addison who I think is still one of Glendora’s best ever linemen who’s rumored to be getting D1 offers out of Citrus. I remember the first time I saw Addison @ GHS I said he was special, (some one said he was weak at the time, imagine that!) . Still think he’s pretty special.

    Any way back to Football. CO has an incredible group of WRs and can go “over the top” of any defense I’ve seen recently. They’ll be tough this year for sure. Jeffries and Santiago will be a huge match up in the first game of the season so let’s just enjoy the competition and see what happens.

    Back to that SV kid….maybe there are other “gems” out there. Hope people allow that talent exist everywhere without the “they play no body comments”.

    Also does anyone know any players to watch this year who will be a first year Varsity players?

    Hey and where is the love for linemen. BTW how many offers does Big Andy have from CO. Great kid, great dad…

  • Glendora Rebel

    Jacob Crook and most of the recruiting class of UNLV was let go because of the retirement of John Robinson in 2004. Mike Sanford took over and pulled back Crooks scholarship along two D’backs and three receivers recruited by the Robinson staff. Crook’s knees were a non factor he went on to sign at New Hampshire but decided to stay home and walked on at UCLA. If he had knee problems I don’t think New Hampshire or UCLA would have let him on the field.He was the scout teams quarterback at UCLA and went to the Las Vegas Bowl. He was replaced by Neuhesiel to make room for transfer Kevin Prince.Ironically I think Mike Sanford at UNLV brought in another JC transfer showing Crook the door once again. Maybe someone here can fill me in.There is not even a mention of Jacob or Marcus Bryan who also went to UNLV on the Glendora football website.
    I’m a Rebel alumn who lives in Glendora and knows all of the Glendora kids that have gone to UNLV and or have played football there.
    QB U you are correct Jacob is the head JV coach and Varsity QB coach at La Puente.I think he is teaching there to.
    Chad did the right thing by getting recruiting over sooner than later. Chad will be just fine.

  • FRED is terrible

    Just Sayin

    My point you retard is that rix was a cheater and not a very good QB. Yeah he went to FSU but they would have never signed him as a senior. He was average at FSU. Four bowl games none of them worth a darn. No BSC bowl games did he? And yeah they just came off a national champioship before he got there but never even got close while he was there. FSU had to start him cause they had nobody else they put all their eggs in his basket after signing him as a junior and that really hurt them. He may be what started the fall of the mighty FSU program. Like you stated they were National Champions before he got there and have been horrible since he got there and after he left!!

  • Just a reminder

    Just saying,
    Does it really matter if a kid gets a free ride education and a college degree if Bobby Bowden isnt the coach of the football team?
    Get your priority’s straight buddy, your pathetic!

  • just sayin’

    Just a reminder – the point was not to downplay a free education but to refute the point that “Chad Jefferies is way better then Chris Rix”. If he was – National Championship coaches would have been knocking down this door.
    FRED is terrible- No one that’s “horrible” starts for 4 years, wins 3 BCS Conference Championships, gets to 4 Bowl Games – and yes 2 were BCS Bowl games the ’03 Sugar Bowl (as the #14 team in the country) and the ’04 Orange Bowl (as the #7 team in the country). Must have been really “average” to QB the #15 team in the country as a Fr, #14team in the country as a soph, #7 team in the country as a Junior, #15 as a senior. Did you know that?
    Drop the vendetta and recognize.

  • BCS Historian

    Just Sayin:
    Now as you say, “Your ignorance kills me.” You might not want to mention the ’03 Sugar Bowl and FSU and Chris Rix in the same sentence. You know what I’m talking about don’t you?

  • Ignorance is Bliss

    FRED is terrible

    It appears that it is you that is the retard. You are trying to compare Rix who was a proven D-1 level QB and a 4 year starter at that at Florida St. with Jeffries who is a good HIGH SCHOOL football QB.

    By the way, Rix faced some awesome Pac-5 teams when he was at BA and Santa Margarita. Jeffries from Glendora High has never laid eyes on the likes of Mater Dei or Servite.

    At this point, it’s completely foolish to even begin comparing the two…

  • Let it go

    This is “exactly” what Fred wrote:

    1. Chad Jeffries, Glendora, Sr.
    Most sought after QB recruit since Chris Rix?

    “MOST SOUGHT AFTER”…..where did Fred say “BETTER THAN”…”EQUAL TO”….”AS GOOD AS” ???


    Most sought after “SGV/FISHBOWL” QB recruit since Chris Rix.

    By the way did Rix “steal from his team mates while they were on the practice field or was that someone else? Must have been some one else? Care to go into that again?

  • just sayin’

    Historian – the point was their season earned them a trip to a BCS bowl, which is what “Turrible” asked.

  • Football

    my top 5 are
    1 Chad Jeffries
    2 Michael Ball
    3 Garrett Pendleton
    4 Steven Rivera
    5 Travis Santiago
    let me know if u agree or disagree

  • Big Time

    Yes Chris Rix struggled at times in College.
    Yes he may “rub some people the wrong way”.
    He was a Big Time Division 1 successful Quarterback.
    Type his name into YouTube and you will see a bunch of highlights, and some lowlights against very good teams. Florida, Norte Dame, Georgia Tech, Maryland etc.

    For anyone in the San Gabriel Valley to have that type of success at Quarterback is quite outstanding.

    Besides Chris Rix: Who was the last one? Was it Dan McGwire (Iowa/ San Diego State)?

  • kh

    iam putting my money on covia qb to have a real good season,like the way he throws ball.

  • LA or Cathedral

    What ever happened to Longoria from LA. Did he finally transfer?

    I’m sure by now the decision has been made one way or the other.

  • Football

    kh, who are your top 10 qbs

  • Football

    kh, who are your top 10 qbs

  • Any Takers?

    How about we rank the Head Coaches?

    We’re always busting up the kids why not rank Head Coaches ?

    Top Twenty seems about right.

    I’ll give a basis for the criteria.

    Best staffs, best prepared, best big game performances, getting the most of of their players and last but not least…best on campus persona.

    Any takers?

  • Aaron

    What do Sportswriters do when they have nothing to write about? They make lists…and to me Aram and Fred have not gone out and done work. There’s a lot going on this summer: Little League All-Stars, Youth travel basketball, High School Travel Ball, Summer League Basketball and Baseball. Summer Practice is in full effect for Football, Boys Water Polo, Girls Volleyball and Tennis. Along with just practice Football you having passing league and passing tournaments.

    As far as this list is concerned, many of you know I defended and brought up all the positive things about Garrett Pendleton. I don’t need to do that at all.

    Bonita hosts passing league every Thursday, many also saw at the Air Assault Tournament and earlier in the season just how much progress he has truly made. If this list is based on potential he should be at the top. But it seems a mix of it. Rio Ruiz…has had what? Zero Varsity snaps at quarterback? Hernandez may have been the guy before Brock Booth left to Bishop Amat…but behind his offensive line last year he almost gave a game away in the first round. It’s a good thing Geoffrey Vaughns and Jamel Hart were in his backfield that night. Funny thing is Garrett almost won that night if it weren’t for so many dropped balls.

    Andrew Cameron’s signature and only win is over a Chino team that went 0-10…and that game was the only game that Chino scored more than 14 points with 17. And what about the supposed competition between him and Henry Omana? Omana also transfered in mid-season last year and was the backup straight away it seems.

    And just based off of last season? Garrett had some solid games. Westview, Claremont, Diamond Ranch, Wilson, Walnut and South Hills.

    Some of the people on here will even testify objectively that he was the best “QB” they saw last season. DRANCHHH, a few South Hills fans. And for all the heat he received all he did was work to get better during the season when he rode the bench for what was three games. If you go out and take a lood over at Glenn Davis Stadium just this week Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday from four to six thirty PM. Also look at the talent he has around him. (Hint=there’s a lot) The offensive line looks about the largest it has been since the last time Bonita won a title.

    If we can protect big guys up front do their job well, because it looks like they’ll it “ok,” then Pendleton will lead this team on a deep run.

    Also look out for Ray Medina’s defense, a lot of talent on that side of the ball as well. They were talented last year, and now that talent is experienced.

    In the end I like where he is positioned on the list at eighth because that gives him room to improve, however, there’s three people up there that shouldn’t be ahead of him. If I had the gumption I’d say he should be ahead of Santiago…but he has a ring. I agree with Football’s list the most though.

    In the end this season, Pendleton will be just fine if not better than that, more importantly the BEARCATS will show how good they truly are. Game 1 is where the focus is, stay focused Bearcats!


    P.S. This is my opinion, go ahead and flame away if you think I’m drinking too much Tang. Yet, be civil if you can.

  • just sayin’

    1. Hagerty


  • just sayin’

    Pendelton was 2-7 in games he played last season

  • Jackboy

    I couldnt agree more with you.
    Its two months before football season arrives, until it does its still ok to talk about summer Baseball programs, its still Baseball season. Im sure some of these kids that are actually doing something would love to see their names in the paper. Local All Stars etc
    No doubt Itll be fun when football season finally arrives, but until then
    Aaron, it seems you have a real sense for common sense.
    Ps. Two Scouts at the Bonita Glendora summer league game this morning.
    Wheres Fred?

  • Coach


    You have brought up a very interesting issue:

    “And what about the supposed competition between him and Henry Omana? Omana also transfered in mid-season last year and was the backup straight away it seems.”

    The interesting issue is Omana lives in Rowland Heights but has always attended Diamond Bar schools. I assumed he transferred before his sophomore year taking the freshmen option. If he transferred during his sophomore year the freshmen option would not have been available. The only option would have been a hardship for him to have been able to play last season. Now the way the rule reads he would have to attend Rowland High School, that is the public school in his attendance area.

    Took that one step futher, checked CIF and he was approved on 10/16/2009 under a hardship. Based on where he lives and the date of approval Diamond Bar may have some major issues. We are talking both the Football and Baseball program. This is a major CIF violation, we are talking a two year suspension.

  • would appreciate some South Hills 7 on 7 info from anyone, thanks

  • kh

    top ten list.
    well i have no glue of ten qb in the area.
    seen glendora bonita damien and covia,
    so its unfair to judge anybody i havnt see.
    so in saying i will judge my little teams ive seen.
    #1 g. pendleton has a strong arm,feet work has inproved 100%.throws good off wrong foot witch qb have to do running down field on changed routes.
    #2 chad jeffies, dosent have what bonita has catching the ball.
    #3 covia qb i really like the kids tight ball action,gets to the spot fast.
    #4 damien they had alot of dropped passes and i was late so dont know if it was the 1 or 2 qb

  • kevin

    coach, i played football at diamond bar last year, and Omana didnt transfer in june 2009 like you said, it was in the middle of last season…while he did play d-line for mater dei he also was a qb for them…why dont you check your facts before posting something?

  • saladdays


    Leave the DB kid alone he went Mater Dei and now has to go to Diamond Bar on a Hardship. Very easy to read between the lines on that one. You don’t transfer to DB for athletic reasons.

  • Coach


    Knowing what I know about the Omana’s as posted earlier I was assuming the transfer was before his sophomore year. You guys over at Diamond Bar are bring up an issue that is a major CIF violation. So yes you are correct I was wrong, that being said, Diamond Bar and the Omana family have some major issues looking forward.

    You can’t file a hardship to transfer out of the private school you are attending and attended a public school out of your attendance area. Putting a false address on your CIF transfer form if detected is a two year ban.

    Like I said I have been to the Omana’s home they live blocks away from Rowland High School, and have for years.

  • DRanchhhh



    1. Farrar

    2. Haggz

    3. Layton

    4. Bogan

    5. Podz

    6. Bub (Chino Hills)

    7. Negrette (Schurr)

    8. Arnold (Cal Hi)

    Think this is BS??

  • Anon

    Hi Coach:

    Walnut Valley has a district lottery where they take in students that reside in other district boundaries. Omana could have easily gotten one as many of the Asian students in Diamond Bar High School do. I can tell you this right now, at least 40% of the Asians that attend Diamond Bar High School do not live within the boundaries of the district. Some live in Chino Hills, others in North Diamond Bar, and some in Rowland.

  • DRanchhhh


    If you are one, you are one scandalous individual. We are talking about a kid here. Take your law abiding azz somewhere with that ish. Information like that, if applicable can hurt that young man for the rest of his life. Are you upset that he didnt go to Rowland? Whoever you are, you should laylow dude.


    Is it possible to delete those threads dude?

  • Legal Beagle

    Coach – which obviously you’re not or you would know rules. The school you 1st attend (Mater Dei) becomes your school of established “residential eligibility”. After that – his residence in Rowland becomes irrelevant. Now the hardship transfer was approved by CIF at midseason last year – then he started playing at DB. That sounds perfectly legit to me according to the rules.

  • Coach


    Many school districts have what we call open enrollment. A matter of fact Rowland Unified School District is currently sueing Walnut School District due to Walnuts attempt to pull Rowlands kids into the Walnut School District.

    That is not the issue here, the issue is eligiblity via CIF rules. The CIF rules are very clear, any student that transfers needs to transfer into the attendance area or needs to sit out one calendar year. Omana lives blocks from Rowland High School, once he moved from Mater Dei the only public school he can attend is Rowland High School to avoid the one year rule. The only exception to this is the one free move his freshmen year. Since this transfer was into his sophomore year that exception wasn’t available.

  • just sayin’

    DRanchhhh – based on the listed criteria:
    Best staffs-Hags by a landslide on depth alone
    best prepared-don;t upset folks without being prepared. can’t argue that one either – Hags
    best big game performances-you have to PLAY a quality opponent to call it a big game. When CO’s championship game is also against the biggest blowout on Amat’s schedule it says everything that needs said – Hags
    getting the most of of their players-Everyone’s pointing to Amat’s lack of D1 players – yet they still win bigger games – Hags again
    best on campus persona – only one that could be close – but Hags has been at Amat’s campus as a younger bro, son of a faculty member, student-athlete, asst coach, then Head Coach since before Farrar even got to Royal Oak/So Hags has been around Amat since the ’60s
    Hags in a sweep

  • Rank the Head Coaches by Criteria

    Note to Fred and Aram,

    Thats how you ask a question. You laid out “your” criteria and let people zero in on their picks based on the “criteria”. If someone wants to “change the criteria they can, at which time they could lay out their rationale.

    Great answers so far…keep them coming!

  • Real Coaches Don’t Behave That Way

    Coach with all due respect…you have some balls. If a man comes into my house I believe he has a common interest in the welfare of my family. You sir, have betrayed that trust. Being “correct” is not the point here sir. The fact of the matter is you “hope” you’re right and that stinks to high heaven. If sir, you are wrong, it confirms your belly crawling status if you are right you’re belly crawling droppings.

    You said you were in “their house”. Dare I ask under what pretenses?

    Better yet, DON’T ANSWER !!! YOU’VE SAID ENOUGH.

  • Coach

    Legal Beagle,

    Maybe you need to call cif at 562.493.9500. Once again any player transferring can only transfer to a school in their residents attendance area. That is the reason why private schools have a huge advantage, their attendance area is everywhere.

    Now if the family wanted to do it right, they could have transferred to Rowland High School. Filed for the hardship, which was approved and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  • kevin

    Coach, he was already cleared. Don’t you think DB would’ve checked these things out before we played him?

  • Coach gives coaching a bad name:


    you have reached a new low for blogging, stating information as fact when it is not, about a great kid whom you say I have been to their house . Its amazing what people will do to win.

    Knowing that they stand in your way in baseball and possibly football in the new league and you are already trying to cause trouble. Just win on the field. And leave the other stuff to others.

    How despicable. And learn the facts before you spew crap.

    Diamond Bar High is a school designated as “district of choice” by the state of CA. Just renewed this year and this basically means they can take any student WITHOUT their home schools ok. CIf then processes the hardship based on the facts, address of where the player lives HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. So you read the rules. I will bet that cif has no written section on district of choice. And by the way Glendora is now district of choice too.

    Further that is probably why he went to DBAR and not a better football program, because they can take kids regardless of address. They have already done this in baseball with another player.

  • Hardship Trumps ALL

    Kid filed and had an approved Hardship Waiver.
    Hardship Waivers
    Sections may waive the limited eligibility of a student pursuant to Bylaw 208 – Transfer Hardship.
    give it a rest

  • Coach Is Right!

    Man reading what Coach has to say, he is correct. You guys can attempt to twist words but the bottom line is 99% of the time CIF isn’t going to allow a hardship and then allow them to transfer to a public school out of his attendance area. In your attempt to shut this down you guys are just making it worse. What is amazing is such a key player to their baseball and football program why would Diamond Bar want to take that risk of getting caught. This kid has been part of the Diamond Bar Community for years it is common knowledge that he lives out of the area. Why would the parents wait until the middle of the season, make the same move a few weeks earlier no issue.

  • Lance R.

    What do you think Ruiz does better then Michael Ball?

    For starters:

    Ruiz plays at Amat, Ball plays at Rowland

    Ruiz plays D1 football Ball plays what D7?

    Ruiz Plays against teams like Crespi and Notre Dame, Whereas Ball plays against teams like Walnut and Nogales.

    Ruiz is taller at the position of QB, taking that into consideration flip Ruiz to QB Rowland.. he would be going on as a 4 yr. QB starter at the Varsity level at a school like Rowland with the league they play in. No doubt about that. Put Ball to QB Amat??? Ball would never even be considered a QB at Amat much more would wet the bed seeing those D1 players after his —.

    Just because Ball has exp. at QB at the Varsity level and Ruiz does not, does not make Ball the better player.

    Lastly if Ball was such a stud what is he doing playing at Rowland? Why was he not a Amat player from the git go.?

    Now ask that question again.

  • Liv iT up

    Coach Booth

    Freshmen Season At LA You Made This Quote
    That One kid is way better
    Now At 5th Year senior level Those QB’s Are Way Better Than BROCK Booth
    So have Fun riding Pine After 5 Years Of High School

    What Comes Around Goes Around

    I Do Believe In KARMA Out

  • AE 1178


    Look dude, here’s an example. If I LIVE in Walnut and go to Bishop Amat my freshman year, my school of residence is Bishop Amat. Say my father has been incarcerated and my family has lost their income, I can no longer go Amat. My Options are: A to move. If I move out of Walnut’s attendance area, I can now go to ANY school EXCEPT Walnut. For this to work, I MUST move to another attendance area. It doesn’t matter where, I can move to Chino and play at Los Altos. OPtion B: Use loss of income as a hardship. If I claim a hardship and get it approved, I can now be eligible at ANY school without moving. It doesn’t matter where I live.
    What muddles that now is, to use the term “recruiting”. If a former school now claims that the player was talked to by someone at new school, it seems as if CIF is deeming those players moves as Athletically motivated. If CIF says that, then you will be ineligible NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, move hardship or otherwise.

    The DB kid got a hardship approved, it doesn’t matter WHERE he LIVES, he doesn’t have to move anywhere. If he HAD moved, he go anywhere EXCEPT Rowland. Quit your complaining and learn the rule.

  • Just Call

    Coach is right

    You did say “99% of the time” right?

    Can you allow that the 1% is what happened here. So who’s nitpicking now?

    On a larger scale what is being accomplished here with this conversation? Not sure who it helps but I’m guessing that’s not Coach’s position here is it? No I think it’s clear the “Coach” who want this kid to sit or for a school to be reprimanded, and the kid sit.

    Either way what’s disgusting is his “intent” especially after being “welcomed” into the parents’ home.

    Could anyone argue that’s a betrayal beyond words. My guess is that’s the reason the “coach” came here with this nonsense considering it’s been how many months, and how many games later?

    Give it a rest Coach or better yet call CIF for clarification and then come back and apologize using your real name.

  • Aaron

    Just Sayin,’

    Now you just went stupid. Not every kid who has talent should play for Amat. Don’t give me the we play better competition BS. Ruiz has not played any of those teams as a QB so that argument is void.

  • Aaron

    Wow…not many times do I make mistakes like that. My Previous posting was directing toward LanceR.

  • AMAT 73

    A little hot there on the QB, so much so your eyes went crossed. I tend to agree with the making of Rio all everything when he hasn’t taken a snap in a varsity game . But like Fred stated he’s basing it on potential and nothing but potential. If I had a buck for evey kid with potential well you know the rest of the story. I do hope it is all true on Rio because if so we could have a great season ahead of us. On the subject at hand I like Johnson from WC . The natural choice would be Jefferies because of all the ink but I really think the kid from WC will lead his team to great things this season. He’s a senior and a proven leader and this is time to shine . Just can’t figure why they have him rated 9th .

  • Non Issue

    Aaron you just went really stupid. Please compare last years Schedule of Rowland and put it up next to Amats schedule of last year. Please do this while using both hands and put those schedules in front of your eyes please. Ball took a face mask that the Walnut Kid delivered and was KTF out! for the season and you think he is better then Rio? dude think again those D1 linebackers from Amat last years schedule aka Mater Dei, St. Bonaventure,Crespi,Notre Dame and Loyola would smash Michael Ball worse then what Aubrey Coleman did with that facemask. You are living in lala land if you think playing the likes of the San Antonio league is like playing the likes of the Serra league. you must not get out to too many D1 games. Rio is by far the better athlete and better QB. I mean the late Lucille Ball could play QB for Rowland in that last years weak San Antonio league.

  • It’s just different

    Aaron I usually agree with you but in Football “game speed” is everything. It’s what makes a star JV player into a average Varsity player. A star JAA into a Freshmen third stringer. Size is a factor for sure but game speed is what separates the men from the boys.

    Playing QB is a unique experience, one I’ve had as have four of my brothers as well, and I can tell you playing defensive back does wonders for your understanding of the possibilities. Playing WR also helps and indeed is an added bonus when all is said and done.

    Not to knock any one because their careers are not over yet but look at the Qbs form DR and Gladstone. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuge difference in caliber of competition and it showed in the All Star game when both displayed their skills. Notice I didn’t say either was better just making the observation that one had outstanding coaching and played against top caliber teams and the is 6’5″ and raw as wheat.

    Ball is a Michael Vick type player who depends on his athleticism to out duel lesser athletes. Rio plays against the best athletes in the state, and in some cases the country, and depends on his coaching. Huuuuuuuuuuuuge difference. BTW who was the undeniable All Star MVP?

    Now the statement that Ball would see pine, doubt it but he’d clearly depend on his coaching rather than his athleticism.

    One play illustrates this point. The play where Rio caught the juggling TD to win a game. Coaching put him in the right spot and athleticism sealed the play. No disrespect to Ball’s coaches but their are inherent difference in leagues and resources…and commitment.

    Aaron you back state side?

  • AE 1178

    Lance R

    That’s a hint of the arrogance that people don’t like about Amat. I will tell you this, having been against both Rowland and Amat. Ball starts for Amat. I have seen Ruiz throw this summer and I have seen Ball throw. Ball is a game changer. If he had the surrounding cast that Amat had last year, he would be very very good. It is very arrogant to assume if you’re the best, you should go to Amat. i think the biggest difference is depth. I seriously believe that most of the public schools in the valley have at least one player who could got to Amat and start. It is ridiculous to assume that EVERY good player goes to Amat. There is another big difference, that Amat has the coaches, means, and equipment that a lot of public schools don’t have to train their athletes. I am not saying it’s wrong on Amat’s part, it just is.

  • SH????


    How is the QB at WC? He started as a Sophmore?

  • Aaron

    I’ve even been around La Verne a little bit recently. Got to see Jerry Neuheisel throw at the Air Assault a week and a half back…that kid is polished but his attitude shows at times. He’ll probably ride the bench a little bit with Kevin Prince currently the starter. But He’ll start for the Bruins for sure.

    What I saw Ruiz as a DB and WR shows the kind of athlete he is. My opinion is that that’s where he should be, behind Amat’s offensive line Booth or Pruszynski could have excellent seasons with Ruiz and Gonzalez to throw to. Last year Ruiz was Jerry Mac’s number one receiver.

    At QB Ball is a proven commodity and Ruiz is not. If Ruiz is all he’s hyped up to be, it won’t matter because Amat will have an excellent season and his placement as number two on this list. Two for two doesn’t tell you much about a quarteback’s true potential…but Lance R’s argument was bad.

    Here’s why, the reason why students attend certain schools is because of the decision of their parents and not all parents can afford private school tuition even with the tuition assistance that is provided. Michael Ball is a great athlete and he’ll get a shot more possibly on the defensive side of the ball.

    I do know the difference in game speed, I saw Amat play three times in person last season, so yes I do know the competition they face and it is as good as can be.

    Bonita hosts passing league on Thursday, Upland and Glendora will be there, I do not know the fourth team. Jeffries, Nunes, and Pendleton…that sounds real good.

  • G-Force

    Aaron, Did they change the schedule for Glendora’s passing game this week? As far as we know were going to be at South Hills on Thurs.

  • Aaron

    Honestly I don’t know, Bonita passes both Wednesday and Thursday. I was told Glendora would be at Bonita on Thursday.

  • Ro

    I live one block away from the Omanas and my kids had a choice to go to diamond bar high school or walnut high school. We chose walnut over Diamond bar. it is considered diamond bar where they live .

  • Dan

    Johnson is underrated like he has been since his sophomore year, like Amat 73 I think he will have a big year as a senior, he’s throwing the ball well this summer, WC hasn’t passed much in recent years cause they haven’t exactly had a plethora of good receivers, when given the time Johnsons passes are almost always on the money, but we’ve dropped a lot of passes, this year I think we will have a couple of good receivers to go along with some good running backs, should hopefully be a fun year.

  • QB

    Lance R.,

    Ball will never play for amat his family is loyal to Rowland. I personally don’t think either are D1 talent but in the amat system your staff would be all over Ball, with his PROVEN VARSITY skill sets.


    Here’s another take using the potential and the development aspect of this debate.

    Glendora had two solid QBs in their system in the past three years. QB K and Jeffries. Jeffries could have started his soph season at most programs but had to wait, to his credit he didn’t whine and transfer. QB K was raw but a winner who really put together an exceptional senior season with one clutch throw after another. Interesting how it all worked out for everyone concerned. CJ is going D1 and QB K in front of him is D2 I believe. So let’s not rush success.

    Look at Thropay. I’ve never seen him happier than he’s been at CO playing two sports. Some times potential is tied to ego and some times it’s tied to the wrong tree. In his case he really found his niche. Still think he could have played the QB position but like Steve Young there was always some one better in front of him…and by better I mean “got it done”.

    I still have yet to hear any info on the SV QB that’s left handed. I think he’s a talent for sure and he’s no where on this list. Anyone have any info on the kid or how he’s done against them? Kid throws a great ball.

  • Seriously?

    Lance R.

    After reading your long rant, I came to the conclusion that you’re an idiot and you don’t know anything about football.

  • X-San Antonio

    After getting roughed up by Walnut last year (Walnut mind you???) and he did not see the field after that Mike Ball will have that “I am going to get hurt again” worry this season planted in his mind. He will play QB, He will play tentative, and he will not be the same player that played with reckless abandon before. In turn he will be injured again due to playing scared and he will be remembered by what he used to do and not what he did for Rowland as a senior QB. No Playoffs for Rowland and just another talked about what used to be of Mike Ball. He is not that good. So before everyone in here has him as player that can play QB at a D1 level, lets just see what he does this season playing in the confines of the D7. You must remember you need a O-Line to protect your QB and from what I can see that O-Line of Rowland is very bad.

  • Lance R.

    To: Seriously,

    Sorry you got so offended by my comments and opinion but facts are facts and I really do not care where one plays his football in HS but to watch Ball play against the San Antonio Teams and Rio play against Pac5 teams is a huge differance, appple to oranges. Ball at best plays reciever or DB for a Amat squad. QB last year never. Good player but against what teams? I think you need to see more D1 games to have re-think your arguement here.

  • Thee Boss

    Wow CODE RED. I hope you aren’t talking about ontis, the sorry frosh qb from West Co that is supposedly coached by steve clarkson. This kid is weak. He will never be at the calliber of these top qb’s.

  • view from afar

    Code Red: You are single-handedly destroying your son’s hopes and aspirations for football.

  • what a joke

    Fred how can you say that Rio is #2 behind Chad. This kid has not taken one play at QB as a varsity player. How can you make such a prediction. You guys, meaning you and daddy build this poor kid to be so great and he couldn’t shine T Pruszynski shoes. Don’t take it from me just ask 3 different combine coaches that were and teach the position, including Chris Rix. This kid has a rifle for an arm and has played QB since his freshman year. He would probably start at any other school. What a joke.

  • maggie Santiago

    The quarterback from Sierra Vista is named Erik Perez. He is a senior this year, and his brother was the quarterback last year. He is a great athlete.

  • Thanks Maggie

    Maggie, thanks. I ran into the Sierra Vista’s JV basketball team yesterday @ Baldwin Park and the kids told me who he was. They also mentioned his brother. Very polite kids at SV btw, great to see that.

    Yup I like the way Eric throws the ball. He’s something else. I was also impressed by the coaching staff and as every one at Damien found out, “You kids come to play” !!!

    Best of luck during the season !