The best high school football coach in the East San Gabriel Valley? That’s a tough one, but if you could choose, who would you take?

There are a few things to think about. Do you pick the best x’s and o’s coach or the coach you would most like your kids to play for? Do you pick a coach with the best track record for winning, or an underachiever you think could win with the same players? Do you want a coach with a history of working the phones with college recruiters, or working your son’s tail off to be the best he can be. Do you want a disciplinarian or a players’ coach. So much to think about and I know you want a top ten, but I’m not that foolish, I have to work with these coaches all year. But I will name my top 13 in no particular order, so here you go……

In no particular order ….
Roddy Layton, Diamond Ranch — Have always loved his passion, work ethic and player relationships.
Steve Hagerty, Bishop Amat – Is the best Amat coach since my all-time favorite Mark Paredes, who led Amat to an 84-14 record in eight years, including a 15-0 campaign in 1992. Plus, I get the feeling Hagerty bleeds Amat blue.
Greg Gano, Damien — Not afraid of challenges, brilliant with star players, a proven winner, and always assembles a great staff. What more could you ask?
Mark Pasquarella, Glendora — Look at his history, wherever he’s coached, he’s turned them into winners, especially at places that are tough to win at. He has a great offensive mind, certainly among the best game planners.
Lou Farrar, Charter Oak – The Godfather of the SGV. The most consistent over the long haul and smart enough to know that coaching staffs, not individual coaches, win championships.
Bill Zernickow, San Dimas — The Wizard of the Wing T joined the coaching elite with last year’s championship. Prior to that title, when I asked other coaches who was the most underrated coach in the Valley, Zernickow’s name came up most often.
Craig Snyder, Rowland – He’s one of my most underrated. He’s done more with less and in a tough situation going against West Covina and South Hills all these years. Truly an intense coach on the sidelines who speaks his mind and is loyal to his players.
Mike Maggiore, West Covina Consistently in the hunt every season and with a CIF title on the resume. Don’t know a single player that didn’t enjoy playing for him. Plus, we went to high school together, so I know what a great person he is.
Jim Singiser, Arroyo — One of my Valley favorites, doesn’t always have the weapons other prominent coaches enjoy, but when he does, such as the next two years with Steven Rivera at QB, watch what happens.
Steve Bogan, South Hills – Arguably one of the best in Valley history, no better game planner than Bogan. His four titles in the last ten years earned him Valley coach of the decade.
Matt Koffler, Rosemead — His teams always over-achieve and he has great relationships with players. His M.O. is defense first, and that has worked for him over the years.
Eric Podley, Bonita — One of the great offensive minds over the years, and when he has talent, they win. Has had bad luck in recent years, especially in the Smudge Pot, but he will be back.
Joe Scherf, Azusa-– All he’s done in his first two years as a head coach is go 21-4 with back-to–back Montview league titles with a quarterfinal and semifinal appearance in the playoffs. Maybe one of the greatest coaching debuts in Valley history.

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  • Edgewood

    Two Edgewood Graduates with Maggiore and Bogan.

    If it is only a pure football question (X’s and O’s) the list is quite good and really hard to choose only one.

    If my son is not a star football player, one who needs to be coached-up to play and have success at the Varsity Level…. I have to send him to Maggiore.

    Every year his teams get better as the season goes along.

  • My top 5

    1. Big Lou
    2. Gano
    3. Bogan
    4. Hags
    5. Z

  • Facts Confirm

    This is a very interesting question.

    After looking at the list I can see a common thread, all these Head Coaches are pretty “good” guys and some are “exceptional men”, more importantly they are “winners” in life and it shows in their off field actions.

    I have brothers and friends that have been coaching for decades and to a man they all say the same thing…

    “There is no best…there’s only “among” the best.” I also hear some say…”top five or top ten” but never the “best”. I find that very enlightening and refreshing.

    What’s interesting about this question is you can take it a couple of ways. Who would “you” play for or who would you want your “son” to play for or who would you want “on campus” if you were an administrator. The GREAT ones check off on all three.

    The truly great coaches, the ones that inspire, motivate and stir the soul cultivate a culture that far exceeds the sport they coach. Those men are the one’s that fill Churches when the Big Guy calls.

    Recently Salesian had a day to honor “Alhambra’s” Coach Gil Ruedaflores’ retirement. He hadn’t “coached” at Salesian in almost 20 years yet it was a packed house with lots of great memories and picture taking. My best friend was kicked off the team my senior year and went to the function “just” to talk to coach and get his picture taken with him. Meant that much to him. He’s a man’s man for sure.

    One thing I will say is the SGV is very fortunate to have these men on our campuses.

    High school coaches have incredible power. The great ones impact our lives far beyond our teen age years. Here’s my two picks

    *Salesian’s Brother Tom Keegan If there is a better man to have walked this planet he also walked on water.
    *Glendora’s The Great Le Duc sometimes greatness is in your own backyard and the myth pales in comparison to the man himself. Years from now we’ll all be honored to say. “I knew the man”.

    Fred guess who didn’t make your list. Some times you have to pull back to see the Truth and other times the Truth is staring you in the face. My point has always been the same, expect more of Head Coaches than Wins and Loses, have a standard that extends beyond the whistle, know the standard and enjoy the standard.

    What would be great is to have a Charity Event “In The Round” with Gano, Bogan, Layton, Hagerty, Farrar, Podley, Maggiorre and Koffler discussing their views on players, parents, high school dynamics and why the love their jobs. Just imagine Layton in that forum. Too rich for words.

    Hold it at APU’s auditorium and sit back and be entertained. Maybe Aram could ask the question and end with questions from the audience. Wouldn’t that be something?

    Fred how about greatest “coaching” moments….

  • Coach DJ from Arroyo should be considered.
    Won the most with the least amount of skilled players and talent. Almost anyone can win with abundant talent,transfers and year-round programs.

  • top 4

    1. Lou

    2. Hagerty

    3. Maggiore

    4. Bogan

    —these are the most consistent and greatest coaches in the valley.

  • Aaron

    What’s interesting about this list is how far Podley is down on it. I understand it is in “no particular order”, but bear with me.

    Coach Eric Podley is on his way to being the longest tenured coach at Bonita, he had a better record when he was at Northview. Heck in my dad’s opinion when we beat Northview back when Bonita was still in Valle Vista we were good. I learned a lot of things because of him. Sadly one thing that has escaped him since coming to Bonita has been a playoff win, granted two years in a row we missed because of a coin flip.

    Before him there was Coach Larry Hatley who won a CIF Championship in 1999, but the program wasn’t like it is today. The program has changed for the better over Coach Podley’s tenure. And it is quite evident to those that have followed Bonita through the years.

    To be a great coach I think you have to be a good man, notice I did not use the word “great.” Coach Podley is a good man and those of us that were lucky enough to play for him whether it has was at Northview or now at Bonita know. Hopefully we were willing to be taught and learned the lessons he tried to impart on us.

    Mr. Corona and a few other people on this blog that also know what kind of Coach and person Eric Podley is and has been for Bonita and Northview High Schools. For all he’s given us, I think that this is the year’s squad has the talent and experience ready to help him make a run and possibly win a CIF title.

    I don’t know about the other coaches on mentioned because I don’t know them as people, if I get the chance, I’ll let you know what I think.

  • reality

    I don,t know his name but the H.C. that took over Ganesha’s program. Saw them 3 yrs. ago against San Dimas and they were all but done like 50-0 at the half. I vote for him. How about asst. coaches. I hear there are young geniuses at Bonita, S.D.,Amat, D.R., and Walnut. I agree with all picks except coach Z.

  • Easy!

    Coach Hags has spent 2 years at Bishop Amat and already has more Pac-5 powerhouse experience (plus St. Bonnies) than all other SGV coaches combined. He’s orchestrated HUGE upset wins over Orange Lutheran and St. Bonaventure in preleague as well.

    Greg Gano has dodged Bishop Amat for years while he was at Los Altos. Coach Lou Farrar got his very first taste of Pac-5 ball and got buried by BA about 5 years ago which apparenly scared the crap out of him. As a result, Coach Lou Farrar has never scheduled another Big Time Pac-5 school. Coach Bogan has the balls every now and then but has lost to every Big Time Pac-5 school.

    For me, this is an easy one because I follow football outside of the SGV. Coach Hags has to coach againts guys like Bruce Rollinson of Mater Dei, Raul Lara of Long Beach Poly, and Dave White from Edison.

    Yeah this is a no-brainer.

  • D-Mo

    Being a CO fan, I would have to say that I have been very impressed with Big Lou’s program over the last 10-12 years, but who’s to say who the best coach is in the East SGV. I will say this, though. I am very happy to see what Coach Scherf has done at Azusa (way to go Joe!), and since Hags played for my dad in Azusa’s JAF program, I am glad to see his success at Amat.
    Keep up the good work coaches, and thanks for the hard work needed to mold our kids into Preps finest.

  • More Easy

    Here is a hypothetical I think should clear things up…

    You take 3rd place in the Sierra and OMG you draw REDLANDS EAST VALLEY or CORONA CENTENNIAL!!!

    Please choose your head coach…

    A. Coach Gano
    B. Coach Lou
    C. Coach Bogan
    D. Any other SGV Coach
    E. Coach Hagarty

    See how easy that was? I too would have chosen E. because everyone knows that Coach Hagarty is the only coach in the San Gabriel Valley that has not only coached against some of the best programs in the state and nation but also beat some of these schools as well.

    Common folks, Coach Hagarty BEAT MATER DEI!

  • BHS

    For as good a coach as Mr. podley is supposed to be, he really screwed up last year’s offense. His handling of the wildcat was all over the map and stunted GP’s progress and his confidence. No real strategy as to win to use it and asked too much of the offesne to master two totally different schemes and he tried to implement the week before smudgepot. The game against SDHS was a disaster. The team was not prepared to operate a 2 minute offense against claremont and we ran out of time. All summer to practice and for some reason the two minute offense was too tough to master before the season started. To GP’s credit, he put it the nonsense behind him and put up some really good games towards the end of the season. Hopefully, this year will be different.

  • You cant leave him out

    Coach Thomas has been coaching at Covina for 15 years now. In addition to the X’s and O’s he has done a ton of good for the kids on and off the field.

  • Bonita whiner

    All you do is complain, complain if there isn’t a bonita player or coach on any kind of list.
    Now your whining because Fred didn’t put Podley up higher on a list that was posted as “In no particular order ….”
    With this one your starting to lose credibility.

  • just sayin’

    Hags has 4 championship Rings. 3 as a Head Coach (with 1 runner-up) and 1 as Offensive Co-ordinator (with 1 runner-up as an OC). Last two years has swept West Covina, Damien, and the two-time Southeast Finalist, has wins over Orange Lutheran, Crespi, St Francis, Loyola, Alemany, St Bonaventure, Notre Dame, Mater Dei and last minute losses to Los Osos and LB Poly (who was #1 in the Nation at the time)
    The other guys have beat….who?

  • Big Picture

    I think what Aaron was saying, and to his credit he actually understands this point clearly, “best” means more than wins and loses. On campus persona and what affect a coach has on a school’s culture matter as well. Don’t you notice who’s name is missing? Case closed.

    One last point playing Pac 5 opponents doesn’t make you a better coach per se but it does make you a more accomplished one. Think about the Pac 5 coaches who would fit the “overall” criteria here.

  • Think Big Picture

    By that logic a great basketball player is one who dunks. So Mugsy Bogues is out right?

    How about Rio Hondo Preps Head Coach, is he a great coach? I think the Rio Hondo Prep Community sure thinks so.

  • sgvpride

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Hags suppose to beat those schools? I mean he is getting paid to win ball games, while our other SGV coaches are making a nickel a hour salary.


    Okay lets put something on the table for you guys to nibble on. Why do the Amat fans hang their hats on the wins of preseason and league? Look at Upland last year they were the 4th seed and won CIF… Meaning you could have bearly made the playoffs but the wins in playoffs is what counts! Not all these so called major victories for Amat. Amat is in the PAC 5 the toughest division in California, aren’t they suppossed to beat that type of team? Some of the Amat fans are so intrenched in their I beat Mater Dei, I beat OLU, I beat St Bonnies but look at it again OLU didnt win it, St Bonnies didnt win it and Mater Dei didn’t win it. So what’s left to brag about? Much respect to what Amat has done in the last two years but I clearly remember having some Amat players sit in front of some of the CO players at the All Star game this year and they asked if they could take a look at the CO rings one of them even tried the ring on! So these so called big wins are great for press but when playoffs come knocking I hate to see our only Pac 5 representative out in the second round.

  • just sayin’

    sgvpride – I’m pretty sure Hags isn’t making what Gano is and I’d bet it compares to Farrar and/or Bogan (given the public school system rewarding yrs of service)If Pasquy left Damien I’m guessing he got a sweet package at Glendora too.

  • Kyle


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  • Sorry Kyle

    Sorry Kyle if it doesn’t say Nike or Under Armour these kids now a days are not going to wear it…

  • ?????

    Where’s Hoyd and Aguilar!!!

  • ?????

    Where’s Hoyd and Aguilar!!!

  • A Video is Worth a Thousand Pictures


    It’s painfully obvious that you have never laid eyes on a program like St. Bonaventure, Mater Dei, or Orange Lutheran! Lemme guess…you must be from Charter Oak! I know…I’m psychic!

    This what it looks like when you BEAT the CIF Southern Section TWO-TIME defending Northern and Division III (school population only,peeps) California State Champions. St. Bonnies was also ranked #3 in California by Cal-Hi Sports, #3 in California by Maxpreps, and #4 in California by Calpreps and #17 in the nation by USA Today…

    You wanna compare the above victory and ensuing celebration to Charter Oak’s second win over Diamond Ranch? lol What’s even MORE hilarious is that you actually think that a Bishop Amat football player would trade the above mentioned victory for a CIF Championship ring earned by beating a team that BA had already beat 41-13! lmao! My sides are hurting now!

    Oh and btw, there are approximately 1,850 public high schools and 140 private high schools in the State of California. So, you can see it’s quite a big deal to Bishop Amat fans when you play and beat a top 10 or even top 25 type of football program. But you know all about playing that level of competition year after year right…..

    you know what that’s like right……?

  • Nview Alum

    I played for Podley at Nview in the late 90’s and I have to agree with u, Podley is a great coach. I hope he reads this to know what an impact he makes and has made on all of his players. Keep doing what ur doing coach Podley and know that what u do with your players everyday does make a positive difference in there lives. And good luck this season.

  • Fred goes yard !!!

    Amat can rest assured they have a very accomplished coach and play in a top flight division, among the best for sure. No one is arguing that perspective on “best”. Maybe for once Amat bloggers can see past their zippers and actually have a conversation about the true value of great and the intrinsic complexities of the role of coaches in players lives. Especially on the heels of the passing of one of the greatest coaches of all time. Would be interesting to actually hear about what Hagerty brings to the table/team/school off the field.

    I know coaches who have .500 records who are loved and admired by the student body, parents and players and others who win tons of games and players and parents are glad when they’ve played their last game for a program, and we all know that’s true.

    I think Fred finally got this one right and laid out some criteria for discussion. Best means more than wins and loses and addresses the reality that sports is a learning experience that should be a rewarding one for more than just the stars and a coach’s resume. The best coaches understand their role within a community and build rather than destroy good will.

    For that reason I believe some also rans were omitted. Am I wrong Fred?

    The best part of your list Fred was seeing these men for who they are.

    That’s a A, great list.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    Those prices are way too high. $40? when UA, Nike are selling them for $25.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    Those prices are way too high. $40? when UA, Nike are selling them for $25.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    Those prices are way too high. $40? when UA, Nike are selling them for $25.

  • TheMid

    I don’t know if Coach Thomas knows what an X and an O is. Might be a good guy but sure can’t do anything without talent.

  • Arellanes Best HC in the Valley

    Talking about best coaches in the Valley you got to see this video, it is LA’s Quarterback interviewing some of their players and one of their coaches about the upcoming season.

    According to them you have to put Arellanes in this conversation. They are predicting 8 to 10 wins this season. That’s 4 to 6 league wins.

    Diamond Bar
    West Covina
    Diamond Ranch

  • Basic


    I have to agree with you, while I still think Pod is a great guy I don’t think he is a “great” coach and as you posted the wildcat, and the two-minute drill are just two examples (while I like the wildcat and what it could have done for the team with what we had, the way it came about or when it was called was puzzling) You could also bring up the time outs after getting the ball back from a kickoff (how does that happen) or the fact that you don’t pick on a 5’5 CB from San Dimas when you have WRs that are 6+???

    While I also have to agree with Aaron, that Pod is a good guy and maybe a good coach or at least as a good offensive mind, I also have to bring up my own… let me say it again, I think Pod is a good guy and does well for the school BUT I think his role should now be more of the AD. I’ve said it before, I see him as our own “Joa Pa” once upon a time a great coach and now only has flashes of it. His long tenure actually hurts him in my eyes because it seems that he is settled in his ways and does not have the fire needed. So yes, he should be on this list if you want your kid to play for a good guy who happens to be a pretty good coach but if you have an elite athlete and want him to play for an elite coach to make sure he gets to the next level, then you might send him somewhere else…where football matters and not having a playoff win gets you fired.

    Just MY opinion of course

  • Aaron

    Ummm…that video was when Poyet was the backup at Los Altos behind Justin Zamano.

    Notice how Poyet says they’re coming off a disappointing 1-9 season? That was fall 2008, fall 2009 Los Altos went 3-7.

    So according to your logic Felipe Aguilar is one of the best? I hope Aguilar does well as the QB coach over at Rowland.

  • Don

    You guys picking on Podley for his play calling in the SDHS game or even 9/10ths of the rest of the 09-10 season need to get your facts straight.

    Yes, he was the Head Coach and was responsible for the team’s overall play; but offensive play selection?

    Better drill down a little more.

  • Knights86

    D.J. Mack

    Coach Mackinnon should be on your list, even if he’s already retired. He did more for Arroyo than Singiser can ever hope to do. JUST LOOK AT THE RECORDS. He should still be the HC at Arroyo, something is not right.
    D.J made Arroyo football what it is, Singiser know’s it, and should step down. Go Knights

  • BoHi Parent

    As A Bonita parent I too feel that Coach Podley does an outstanding job. Not only is he an excelent Xs & Os Coach but he is an awesome mentor to the kids that he coaches. As a parent I am impressed with his Integrity and the level of respect that he has shown my son. Yes, my son is being taught football but way more important than that he is being taught much more important things such as Character, accountability, hard work, perserverence, among other things. As a parent what more could you want?.
    As far as last year goes, I think he did as good as he could with what he had. His senior qb was hurt all yaer and he tried to implement a system that would work for the talent that he had. Too many coaches try to fit the kids into THEIR system instead of fitting the system to that paticular kids talents. As far as GP he was not hampered or held back by coach in any way. Frankly they had two very good quarterbacks and Coach chose the returning Senior to lead his team. Because of the way he communicated to and handled GP, He could have a very good up-coming season.
    Coach if you read this- the next DOUBLE-DOUBLE fries and a shake are on me.

  • Xs and Os

    One other thing that no one has yet to mention about Podley is that he deserves a big thank you from the SGV football scene. Not only has Podley helped mold the lives of the kids he coaches, but he also highly responsible for the success of other coaches in the valley. He is one of the most respected coaches by other coaches because he has mentored several coaches throughout the area, just ask coach Zernickow. When teams want to learn a new offense, they go to Podley and when they want to learn a new defense, they go to his longtime DC Ray Medina. Some of the coaches on this list have received help from Podley over the years. He continues to do the same thing to this day mentoring his younger coaches on staff, who will one day be strong head coaches themselves.


    Good Pick Fred and way to recognize!

    Coach Scherf, you must be doing something right, to be listed here with some of these great coaches. If you only could have some bigger, quicker players, there’s no telling how far you can go next time in the playoffs.

    We all know AZUSA is predominantly Hispanic, but well play what weve GOT!

    To my new self doubters, (HATERS) Frankie and Joe (momma) Smith, read it and weep boys! Im talking about what Fred wrote on COACH JOE SCHERF,

    Thanks FRED for silencing the CRITICS, but you also got to give credit to the rest of the coaching staff , like Coach Beetle, Bubba, Beltran and the rest of the staff who give countless hours of their time and give GREAT ADVISE TO ALL THESE KIDS on becoming a RESPONSIBLE person in SOCIETY!

    AZUS AZTECS, who I will always support this program.


  • From bad to worse aka LA

    Aaron you are stupid, that was a sarcastic comment . They posted two weeks ago. Zamonto was one of the players interview. Had Fred fooled he opened a thread on it.

  • Born and Raised SGV

    The Mid,
    No one can do anything without talent. Pete Carol will not win a game at Bassett…that goes with any sport. Joe Torre didnt do anything with the Angels.

  • Aaron

    That’s cool, go ahead and call me stupid…but you certainly got Fred to post the video.

  • The Truth

    How can anyone put Koffler on the best coaches list? He gets kids out of his area, Rosemead is in weak league, and he has not won anywhere else.
    Good coaches can turn programs around. He was fired from Artesia, left La puente and could not win the big one.

    Bogan. Now will see if can win his new league with Ayala, Chino Hills, Charter Oak, Damien. If, a big “if” South Hills makes the playoffs they come out to leagues where Big Boy football is played.
    Before anyone gets hurt feelings, use some logic before you answer. Everyone know who does what,so do not claim innocence, or the Holier than thou attitude. YOU JUST SOUND IGNORANT!

  • observer

    Coach Pasquarella certainly deserves consideration as one of the top coaches. In terms of being in Hagerty’s class, one cannot judge him because he has obviously never been given the reigns to a program like that. Think back to the days of Glendora football prior to Pasquarella, it was always a struggle every year. The Tartans under Pasquarella have become a top team every year in the SGV. The Sierra league also is far and away the class of the SGV excluding ofcourse the BA Lancers who we all can conclude play on a different level. Glendora also is one of the tougher places to coach around here, but they must be doing something right. They field competitive teams in just about every sport and have a tremendous fan base. The justifications for Pasquarella are simple. He is a proven winner. He did great things at Covina, Damien and now as one of the unquestioned top coaches in the Valley at Glendora. A three-time Sierra league champ to end its tenure there. Something has to be said for the way he develops players and reloads every year. Last season, he adapted to the loss of all-everything RB/ DB Andre Holmes by just sweeping the rest of the Sierra league.(Chino Hills and Ayala included) He puts together a great team every year and they are always competitive. Something has to be said for one of the better game planners around. Give Pasquarella a week to game plan and he picks you apart. Glendora is extremely lucky to have him as well as a number of top tier coaches. The fraternity of coaches at Glendora is tremendous. Henley, Pasquarella, LeDuc, Mitchell, Pollard, Mair… Talking with former Damien players, a lot of them wished they had Pasquarella during the Morrison years. They all had respect for Pasquarella despite the fact he was/ is their biggest rival’s head coach.

  • Frank

    @ Azztec pride
    Most of the time when Fred does a top ten, he will cal it the sgv top ten, but, he will only use teams in the east sgv for his list. This time,for his top coaches list he called it the East SGV. Yet, he must of ran out of picks by the time he got to the bottom, he realized there were not any more worthy coaches in the East SGV so he went to the west and picked Rosemead, NICE CURVEBALL FRED! See Aztec, in baseball when a pitcher is ahead in the count O and 2 count, he does not need to throw a strike to the hitter he might throw two pitches outside the zone to see if the batter will swing at a bad pitch. I guess you swung at that last one. Strike three your out!
    by the way I did notice that you hid out for a week before posting on the other blog. also I don’t hate you, I don’t know you. As for your son congratulations I hope he does well. I would never put down a kid individually, a team thats another story.
    also I am not a Duarte fan, I am an Analytical Observer!

  • WOW!!!

    Aztec Pride,

    We all know Azusa is mostly Hispanic… haha that doesn’t mean anything, three of the top 5 projected QB’s come from a Hispanic background (Hernandez, Santiago, Ruiz) Those all sound pretty Hispanic to me. If you suck, you suck, it’s just that simple. Nobody judges by who u r anymore, it’s all about whether your good or not, and your level of competition. Azusa just got lucky and gets the kids who are not as talented, lol! I’m sure if any kid from Azusa was really talented and had the chance to play at Bishop, SH or CO he’d be gone in a minute!


    WoW; your comment is ridiculous! I can name three players from AZUSA who played on the 2009 season and are doing great in college.

    1. Rauley Zaragosa, will start for Citrus at receiver .

    2. Steven Arceo, playing linebacker for Citrus

    3. Justin Betha played receiver for AZUSA ,and now is the leading High Jumper in
    The Nation for Mt. Sac.

    If you think they SUCK, why dont you come out and watch them practice.


  • Dee

    @Wow and Frank,
    What you fellas seem not to understand is, its not about the school you go to its about the kid and how much he/she and there parents put into it. I have a daughter that went to Amat played basketball left for Covina her sophmore year played there all 3 years and ooops shes on her way to school in NY with a full ride. Now my younger son wanted to go to Amat since he was 10, but after my experiences at a private and public school, he can do just as good in public and even if that public school dont have all those top players that are cheating the system and dont really live in boundaries….by the way I know of 7+ girls that stayed at amat and guess what? No schoarships or even drive! Thats what it takes is drive dedication and a whole lot of love to get through the bumps.

  • SGV Pride

    Hey what about the worst ten coaches?

    1.Los Altos Arrelano

    5.Wilson Zavala

  • Why not Top 25 !

    Fred you forgot Scott Morrison. Why did you do you stop at thirteen when a list is suppose to be Top 25?

  • Wilson Parent

    Sgv pride,

    I understand Arellanes but Zavala?

    Should have been at the four way at Arroyo yesterday, Wilson handed it to LA. LA varsity on offense 2 or 3 interceptions no touchdowns. Wilson on offense 2 touchdown no interceptions. Both were ten plays only. It got so bad that LA had a 8th player on the field to rush. On Wilsons last play with the ball on the five yard line LA decided they needed help so he covered the back coming out of the back field, 7on8.

  • Frank

    @ Dee
    I am glad for your daughter, yes many kids get scholarships or drafted who dont go to amat, I think if a kid is talented he/she will get noticed almost anywhere he goes. Although he may have to worker harder to so show he/she can compete with kids who play at a higher level. I think there are a lot of public schools with good programs and good coaching staffs. Why shouldnt a kid go to one if they live in that district, I think they should. But there are also some school that have really poor programs, from coaching staffs who destroy a program, and ive seen kids in those programs who are good players, get no recognition. So this is really a parental and child decision on what will probably be best for the student. It’s a tough decision to make, obviously yours paid off. But i also have never said that a kid has to go to amat, nor did i imply it.

  • wow-wow

    Kofler? Seriously, his athletes make the program. Might as well put Ray Hernandez on the list. What a joke.

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