Damien football camp this weekend

Damien High School’s Prepare for Glory football camp is on Friday and Saturday at Damien for kids in the third through eighth grade. The camp runs from 3-8 p.m., on Friday and 8-11:30 a.m. on Saturday, which will include a tshirt and lunch. For more information, contact coach Greg Gano at 626-260-1917.

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  • Youth Football Coaching Clinic

    There will also be a youth coaching clinic Saturday morning during the youth camp.

    Mt. Baldy Pop Warner Approved Coaching Clinic
    Saturday July 10th, 2010
    Location Damien High School
    Time: 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
    Cost $25

    Come join Coach Greg Gano and staff for on field training. Coach Gano and his staff will be conducting their Prepare for Glory youth football clinic. You will coach side by side as the coaches take players through;
    Dynamic Warm up
    Speed & Agility
    Defensive Fundamentals
    Offensive Fundamentals
    Question & Answers

  • whos coaching who

    most of the fontana pop warner staffs know more football than gano and staff.

  • Wrong

    Even if Fontana pop warner knew more, it goes to waste because they don’t know how to coach ’em up….

  • fohi..hahaha

    Not like fohi has had the benefit of all that great coaching.

    Oh I know all the new high schools…blah blah blah.

    The name of the game is to coach up not out number like you do at pop warner level.

  • Fontucky

    You would have to be from Fontucky to make a stupid comment like that, really, I’m sure your kid is all back-yard in Fontana, so you and little Johnny just keep away. You sound like a cancer anyways.

  • LDL’S

    Gano on Speed & Agility?

    Gano on Nutrition and fitness? Or I forgot, donuts will be served. LOL

  • NIce Day 4 Campers

    The Damien event was pretty awesome. Nice to see UCLA’s Sheldon Price along side UCLA’s Tre Hale working with kids. The day ended with a great Happy Birthday for the youngest camper in attendance.

    One more observation, Damien’s loaded with great coaching. Might take a year or two to get the athletes there but no one can match their top to bottom staffs. Just an incredible lining up of the stars for Gano.

    This year will be interesting to say the least but the players will be well coached and if the ball bounces right they could surprise themselves.

  • just sayin’

    did you really just say “but no one can match their top to bottom staffs”
    don;t get out much do you?

  • give credit where credit is due

    just sayin

    Actually I did.

    Gano’s staff is as good as any. Didn’t say the best I said as good as any. Just look at the Championships, the Championship Games and the next level athletes they’ve produced.

    Couple that with the new Freshmen staff and I think they measure up. I mean how many freshmen staffs could coach half the SGV teams at the varsity level and win. In fact I would say, safely, that this new freshmen staff puts Damien’s old staff to shame man for man and coach for coach.

    Now I don’t know every staff across the valley but why nit pick when you see them at work and come away that impressed.

    Any way I appreciate a difference of opinion and who you think is better. Hey I’m always up for giving credit where credit is due.

  • just sayin’

    I agree that the new freshman staff at Damien is head and shoulders better than their frosh previous staff and might even be good varsity staff at some schools in the SGV. Find out where they were castoffs from and you’ll have your answer as to the unquestionably best staff in the valley. The battle is for who is a distant second.

  • Just opining

    just sayin

    I hear what you’re saying buuuuuut the freshmen staff is better than the previous Damien Varsity staff and if you know what you’re talking about you’d agree. In my humble opinion they are better than half of the Varsity staffs in the SGV.

    Now when you look at the JV coaches I’d say you’d say I might have issues but once again when it gets to the Varsity it’s pretty well documented that they are as good as any in the SGV, not better but as good for sure.

    I’d give the nod to Amat but they lost too much letting go of who they did. Hey it’s all opinion and nothing else.

    BTW who did they get to replace that staff, Jerry Glanville and John Robinson?

  • Damien sub .500 team next five years with Gano

    You guys at Damien keep dreaming….

    You don’t have the talent, Gano and his staff aren’t going to bring you a CIF title. You guys had little hope before the league realginment now after you have no chance at all.

    The only thing Gano has proven is he can win when he has a team loaded with talent compared to the teams he is competing against. To get that he would have to put a local alstar team together to compete at the D2 level, and that isn’t going to happen. Espically with South Hills and Charter Oak in his league. You just don’t have enough local talent for the three of you and at this time you guys are on the short end of that local talent.

    Interesting you talk up Gano and he hasn’t even had a winning season in four years. A guess 5-6 record is exceptable for Damien, get use to it.

  • actually

    Amat’s Head Freshman coach remains the same. It was assistants that were mostly let go. Damiens Freshman coach was let go from Amat prior to last season