Lebron James is headed to New York! Probably not, word is The Three Egos are teaming up in Miami to form the Super Heat … I’m still hoping he says in Cleveland with Byron Scott

Multiple sources this morning are predicting the Super Friends are teaming up in Miami to form the Miami Super Heat. So this is how it goes, Lebron’s hour-long special tonight on ESPN will announce that the Three Egos are going to Miami, a made-for-TV event showing Lebron driving his decision into the heart of Clevelanders on live national television with split-screens showing Cleveland fans crying as Prince James announces his decision. What a guy! BTW, they still won’t beat the Lakers.

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  • NBA fan

    Fred, I’m a Laker fan just like you and everyone living in the greater los angeles area. But, I am also a realist. The lakers have a 2 year window to win more rings. They are not getting any younger. So, may be not now, but the three headed monster that seems to be forming in miami WILL surpass the aging Laker dynasty. Did you forget what the aging big three in boston did to the lakers in 2008? This is a young, talented trio in the prime of their careers. They will beat the Lakers. Only a small-minded, ignorant, Laker homer will dismiss that. I’m a Laker fan, but I’m also a realist.

  • FredJ

    The Lakers have about a four-year window of guys at or near their prime…Michael Jordan won his last championship at 35…The (aging ) Big three in Boston advanced to the finals and beat Lebron in his prime, Dwight Howard in his Prime and Dwayne Wade his his prime with Ray Allen (34), Kevin Garnett (34) and Paul Pierce (32), and being a realist, they came within a few minutes of beating the Lakers on the road in Game 7 for their second title in three years, and will be formidable again next year now that they added another older still capable center in Jermaine O’Neal while Perkins recovers…You do need some younger guys, which they have Rondo and we have Bynum, so it works out.

    The way I look at it, the Lakers can compete for at least four years, then build around Bynum when all their contracts expire at or near the same time…. Look at the ages..

    Ron Artest 30
    Kobe Bryant 31
    Andrew Bynum 22
    Pau Gasol 29
    Steve Blake 30
    Lamar Odom 30
    Sasha Vujacic 26

    If they keep them
    Shannon Brown 24
    Josh Powell 27
    DJ MBenda 29
    Luke Walton 30

    Only over-age player will be Derek Fisher at 36 next month, and by the time this Lakers team gets old, we might have the cap room to go after Durant, Lebron, Wade or whoever else, so I’m not worried….Bring on the Big 3 in Miami…

  • just sayin’

    Bosh is simply Lamar Odom on a bad team. Identical skill set – but Odom handles it, has better court vision, and is a much better passer. Career stats are similar – and Odom has done it longer. So now we’re talking about Wade & LBJ vs Kobe & Pau. I like big. Finally – the Heat have “who” else on the rest of their roster. Gotta play with 5 – unless you’re Norman Dale

    Laker 3-peat

  • NBA FINALS 2011

    Pat Riley will be the Head Coach if Le Bron signs. Guaranteed !

    Riley vs Jackson might be better entertainment than Kobe vs Wade and Artest vs Le Bron and Gasol vs Bosh. Still Miami has no answer for Bynum or Lamar.

    Lakers in seven ! Credit to Riley…he gets a standing ovation every time he’s introduced at Staples Center.

    West, Riley, Magic, Dr, Buss, Phil Jackson, Wade, James, Bosh, Kobe, Gasol, the Kardasians…what a who’s who! That series migth break all records

  • Lakers will turn the heat off!!!

    James is a punk.. totally dissed the sport and handled it wrong. Hey James Takes some notes from Durant.

    Then it doesnt matter… that will always be Wade’s team. I see a lot of arguing the next few years.

    Lakers Baby!!!

  • Ro

    lakers had a hard time with lebron and wade last year. now they are on the same team. it all depends who else they pick up because the east is so tough compared to the west.they have to still get by celtics and magic. lakers should breeze thru to finals.

  • LeQuitter

    LeBron is what is wrong with athletes today. Getting on TV to crush the good people of Cleveland. Never thought I would see the day I would root for the Celts to beat anyone but I will be pulling for them and anyone else to beat LeQuitter.

  • Le Bullsht

    Le Bron will be busted for steriods very soon. Soon all the dirt will surface. Le Bron quit on his team in the playoffs and now the truth comes out. What ever dirt can be exposed will. Same goes for super steroid freak Wade. Nike pulled this deal with money on the back end. Too bad they’ll be booed for a while. Kobe played with Smush Parker and others and finally got a team together to win a Championship. Pierce won with an aging KG and and even more aging Ray Allen. The Pistons won with defense and a team of good but not great players so it can be done.

    Funny but the Celtics were one half away from beating the Lakers this year with a non All Star for a center and an over weight and short back up in Big Baby. Role players win Championship “games” while superstar get the team there.

    Two words…Trevor Ariza, without his two great steals the Lakers are out two years ago. This year the Lakers won with the slowest PG in the League and a Center who has yet to play a full season.

    Sorry but the league took a hit today. Every team in the East will bring it now. What a waste of talent. Imagine if Paul Pierce abandoned the Celtics years ago when they had Walker and nothing else. Le Bron proved one point today…he’s not The One. In fact on his new team Wade is better overall.

  • socalbasketball fan

    LeFraud really did in the city of Cleveland. This circus was planned 3 years ago and LeFraud knew he was going to play with either Wade,Bosh or both. I agree with every thing Bill Plaske said in the LA Times today about this signing. If Bynum’s surgery goes well and he can play the whole season next year w/o a major injury I still think the lakers are the best team. Getting Steve Blake was a good pickup who will add size to the pg position and a good passer/shooter. The NBA may as well disband Toronto as no one wants to play in Canada. Poor Byron Scott who will have a tough time winning in Cleveland.

  • COChargerfan

    LeBron is by far the best individual player in basketball and for anyone to say otherwise must be blind.

    And LeBron knows that the Cleveland team, which is unlikely to change for the next two years, isn’t going to win any titles. Winning 61 games against the weak Central is meaningless to him…he needs an NBA title or else his legacy will be just like Barkley and the other greats who don’t have a ring.

    So Laker fans, cut LeBron some slack because we got titles because of the likes of Wilt, Kareem and Shaq, who all changed teams.

    Hey Laker fans, AI is out there looking for a team…with Farmer and Brown gone, is he worth taking a chance for a couple of million?

  • Mo-Money

    This deal will be good for the city of Miami and basketball. What ever happens, the stands will be full every night and the hype throughout the season will be real!

    Its going to be fun to watch for the fans! Lakers-Miami would be a treat and the owners would love it!

  • Ron B.

    Miami has their big three now and may be looking for a point guard, guess who may go there to help that cause out. Derek Fisher. I truly think LaBron needed to step into a situation where the team he went to was going become his team as a leader. Chicago, New York or the Clippers could have been just that for him. The Heat is Wades team and Labron, not being the headliner there will cause problems in the ranks unless Wade steps aside and says this is now Labrons team. I do not see that happening. Lots of Egos there that will clash. If and when it becomes Labrons team and you know it eventually will Miami will then start to play basketball. Can they beat the Celtics I dont think so. Miami has no bench with the trio getting all the money. Can they beat the Lakers I dont think so you are playing 3 (miami) vs 5 (lakers)There is one basketball to play with and The town of Miami is Wades for now. Labron just may have screwed that team up more then what he helped it. Chicago or New York is where he should have gone. Labron left alot of money on the table not playing for those two cities. Endorsements alone would have made him huge $$$ with Chicago being a team he could compete for championships with right now. Miami does not have that market in endorsements for Labron. In Miami he may just get in trouble in that party town with drugs and women. Doesn’t Tiger Woods live in Orlando FLorida. well you get the picture.

  • Gerry Manders

    When you say can’t win in Cleveland do you know what you’re talking about. One Finals appearance where they were swept by a “dynasty” team and a League best most wins and now the talk is “You can’t win in Cleveland”, really? How stupid is that?

    Do you know how difficult it is to have the best record in the NBA, which included wins against all the best teams. It’s not as if Cleveland beat the East and were swept by the Lakers in their two game series.

    This is the ultimate gerrymandering of a Championship in recent history. Championships come from great players who will their teams to history. Wade made a huge mistake. He won with less already at MIami and no one was crying foul. The Duncan Dynasty was formed around a great system with buy in players. Magic stepped up at 20 to play center and win against a powerhouse Sixers and Bird got it done with Dennis Johnson, Danny Ainge, MC Hale and Parrish and a bunch of scrubs.

    What is Le Bron talking about? He “needs” Championships? Are you kidding me! Barkley, Stockton, Malone, Baylor and on and on are in the HOF and yet no Championships. How did Chauncey Phillips ever win one.

    The sad truth is Lame James, who I thought might one day be the best ever, isn’t who he made out to be. He got beat and picked up his ball and went home. Or in this case to Miami.

    What’s telling is Le Bron couldn’t bring players to him, a run down Shaq? A much traveled Jamison? And several also rans while others loaded up Le Bron could never command that respect around the League, and that’s telling.

    You play with five but the bench win close games…who’s their bench?

    What we see here is the Travel Ball syndrome played out at the highest level. “Can’t win” …move to a better team, can’t win…hire a better coach…can’t win…blame your “supporting cast”…it’s never the individual.

    Tim Duncan is laughing at Le Bron today.

    What do you get when you put Shaq, Karl Malone, Gary Playton and Kobe on the same team (four future Hall of Famers and All Time greats) …a flame out in the FInals. Time will tell if Miami is a dynasty but my guess is they win one and flame out after three years.

    BTW Jabbar was traded and his Laker teams sucked for years, Chamberlain was traded yet only won one title with Elgin and West (better than this three) and Shaq was a free agent going to an average team at best and was swept early on until Kobe became Kobe.

    Who knows maybe Dwight Howard can demand a trade as well.


    Last time I checked it takes a team to win a title and the debate is still out on who is the best individual player in the league .It was thought LeBron had that title but then came Kobe in the playoffs and change a lot of minds on passing that torch to LeBron . As of right now who would you start a team with Kobe or Lebron ? To me LeBron would of had a greater legacy if he had stuck with Cleveland and see with the addition of B Scott as coach and win a title there. Playing together in the Olympics is one thing but the rigors of an 82 game season is much different . Let’s see what these young men do together first and besides I am sure Boston has something to say as far as Miami being a shoe in for the finals. What we saw on tv yesterday is all that is wrong with star athletes in today’s world of sports in America.

  • The King wears no clothes


    D Wade already won a Championship so why did he need LB and Bosh? So how is LB a better player to start a team when D Wade wins a Championship and is growing as a player PLUS attracts great players to HIS city?

    What player did LB ATTRACT in seven years…a fat and over the hill SHAQ?

    Come on. This is a no brainer Wade is the next one…wait or is that Durant?

  • COChargerfan

    People, it isnt LeBrons fault that the players dont want to live in Cleveland. Isnt anyone listening because he tried to get Bosh to join him on the Cavs but was turned down? And it is the experts like Barkley that are unanimously saying that the Cavs arent going to win any titles with their roster.

    And Gerry, youre nuts if you think that Dennis Johnson, McHale, Ainge and Parrish (and you forgot Maxwell-who was the 1981 Finals MVP) were scrubs. DJ had already won a title with the Sonics (he was the MVP), was a 9 time member of the all NBA defense teams, 5 time All Star and averaged 14.1 PPGhe should be in the HOF. McHale is in the HOF and was voted one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history. Parrish is also in the HOF. Hardly scrubs.

    And I went to a lot of Laker games in those early Kareem years including the 1977 series against Portland (led by Walton, Lucas and Hollins), who would go on to win the NBA title. These Lakers didnt suck and in fact had the best player in the league and perhaps of all-time (38,387 points) and instead just couldnt beat a superior team. And folks, this is the same problem that LeBron has in Clevelandcome on, nobody with any basketball IQ thinks that Delonte West, Mo Williams, Varejao, Illgauskas and those other guys are going to beat the elite teamsNOBODY.

    When Shaq went to the Lakers, like LeBron, he was also the best player in the game but couldnt win titles without additional playersmultiple players and not just Kobe. Heres a parallel, in 1997-1998 the Lakers like the past years Cavs, won 61 regular season games but were eliminated in the conference finals. And that was Kobes 2nd year in the league so he was on that team. And lets not forget Kobe was on the post-Shaq losing teams and he was seriously threatening to do a LeBron and opt-outactually this would have happened if they hadnt acquired Gasol.

    BTW, the Lakers would have won the title in 2004 with Malone except that he seriously hurt his knee, which is a lot different than saying they couldnt win with him. And, that team had Shaq, Kobe and Fisher but that wasnt enough without a healthy Malone. Isnt this more proof that LeBron was not going to win in Cleveland?

    Anyone want to talk about the early Jordan years? He didnt win a title until his 6th year.

    And for you doubters that are saying LeBron isnt going to win any titles in Miamiwell, the smartest guys on earth AKA Las Vegas Bookmakers are saying otherwise.

  • just askin’

    What would Jordans legacy be like had he left Chicago in the late ’80s and gone to the Pistons – because he couldn’t get over the hump? Take a look at Bulls roster in 87,88,89,90 and see the very minor additions each year. Was adding a gimpy Bill Cartwright really that different than an overweight Shaq? Drafting Wil Purdue? Stacy King? Not much difference between them two and Varejoa? Do you really think BJ Armstrong is head and shoulders better than Mo Williams? LBJ needed to give it another couple years – Cavs were a pice or two away at most. Miami needs to sign a roster full of players

  • sgvpride

    First off it is just odds out there in vegas, it doesn’t mean anything. Last time I checked the Heat did not even have 7 guys. Lebron ruined his brand, he sold out. Jordan went through trouble, kobe had his struggle, a very average pistons team knocked off the lakers in 2004, so don’t tell me Lebron could not do it in cleveland. San Antonio is not a big market yet Duncan won it wG ginobli, and parker then who else. Can you name more than 8 players off those chamionship teams w/ the bulls, ?..Lebron showed that he is a follower not a leader, that his work ethic will never be at the elite level of Kobe, Jordan, or even Tiger. The so called “chosen” one just lost that title, he will just be Lebron to us now.

  • SWISH !!!!

    COCF said:

    “nobody with any basketball IQ thinks that Delonte West, Mo Williams, Varejao, Illgauskas and those other guys are going to beat the elite teamsNOBODY.”

    COCF ..”THAT” team went to the NBA Finals one year and had the best record in the NBA this year so obviously they “BEAT THE ELITE TEAMS”.

    COCF…once again you mis-state my statement regarding the Celtics and go on to prove you’re an idiot.

    “Bird got it done with Dennis Johnson, Danny Ainge, MC Hale and Parrish and a bunch of scrubs.”

    Notice the word “AND”? Your point was that I said they “WERE” scrubs.

    What a legal mind you have.

    Lakers Record in Kareem’s first four years (pre/Magic)

    1975-76 ( Regular Season 40-42 Playoffs DNQ)
    1976-77 ( Regular Season 53-29 Playoffs 4-7 )
    1977-78 ( Regular Season 45-37 Playoffs 1-2)
    1978-79 ( Regular Season 47-35 Playoffs 3-5)

    Kareem w/ Magic

    1979-80 Playoff record 12-4 World Champions

    Care to revise your statement. The Lakers “sucked” by Laker standards with a playoff record of 8-14 during Kareem’s first four years.

    Way to mis-state my comments yet again.

    BTW aren’t you the same person who said “Kobe was a poster child for jungle ball” or something to that affect yet very knowledgeable basketball expert says Kobe has the best “FUNDAMENTALS” in the league and some say “OF ALL TIME”. Hard to argue that point don’t you think or d you have a higher BB IQ than Jerry West.

    Just incredible how you continue to try and prove people wrong by engaging in misrepresentations of the present opinions/facts.

    Enjoy your Sunday…I got an early start!

  • socalhoops fan

    The 3 head players had arranged back in 2007-08 to all and up on the same team as each took a 3 year contract that would expire in 2010. The only question was which team the knicks or heat would have the cap space for all three. This suggestion that Bosh may join LeBron in Cleveland was part of the charade.
    After the last meeting with the Cleveland executives LBJ cut did not return any text,phone calls or e-mails with the Cavs owner indicating he was not going to play for Cleveland. LeBron if he had stayed with the Cavs would have one at least one championship however he decided the hard work was not worth the effort and decided to to with B and W.
    The 3 had already met in Ohio and the only thing I dislike was the circus LeBron was conducting and how he said the Cavs were still the slight favorite for his services. If at the end of the season he would have said he would be leaving in a press conference in Akron fans would have accepted his desire to join another team.
    Fans in Cleveland,NY,and Chicago will now show their dislike for LBJ when he comes to town. The Cavs will move on and again be a lottery team and get a chance for another LBJ in the future. The Bulls would not allow James posse to ride their private charter nor hire his boys. I hope Kevin Durant spends his entire career at Oklahoma City and his new 5 year extension will help.

  • Lady Karma has a new toy

    While I thought LeBron James would one day become the greatest basketball player of all time I have begun to see a side of him that six championships will not erase, he’s not the “man” of his time.

    Nike may sell us his greatness and indeed he is “great” but the Celtics of old routinely beat a “better” all time trio, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor and Wilt Chamberlain. Hard to argue those facts. In fact, Jerry West was was better than D-Wade is now by comparison, Elgin Baylor was the “original” LeBron and Chris Bosh is not where near Wilt’s stature…yet they lost repeatedly. Some time in spectacular fashion.

    Given the money from advertising (read Nike/Gatorade) and the suspect officiating that’s taken place recently I have no doubt this “money making machine” will succeed in winning “a” Championship yet will any Championship be as well “sweet” as they should have been.

    We’ve been down this road before, egos clash and injuries happen, and sometimes Lady Karma pays a visit. Just look what happened to Shaq, Kobe, Payton and Malone and their “Pick your poison” Championship that never came.

    The “true loser” in all this will be Chris Bosh who will be traded when things go bad, and they will. I mean who else will they trade and the 30 million he left on the floor will be missed.

    Kobe will retire soon, the Celtics will get old sooner than later but both have Championship “hearts” and will not go quietly into the night, as the recent Finals proved. Wade is key to this “run” and if he played his cards right he would have been the next great “Laker” instead of the yesterday’s Florida Marlin.

    Even with all that fire power the Heat still needs an aging Derek Fisher…why? Seven Finals appearances, five Championships and a history of taming the strongest ego in the NBA…that’s why. Like the characters in the Wizard of Oz they are in search of what ails them most, character.

    Fred that’s “printable” don’t you think? lol

  • COChargerfan

    I am not trying to prove you or anyone else wrong and instead am just offering my opinion. And you made it sound like Bird won with little surrounding talent and the truth is that he had HOF and all stars playing with him. So how many future HOF players are on the Cavsthe answer is NONE. And the only all star for the past 5 years was Mo Williams (in 2009) who was added to the team after, ironically, Chris Bosh couldnt play because of injury. And Stern added Mo as a carrot for LeBron and not because there werent a dozen more deserving guards.

    And the only players on the 2009-10 team that remained from the Finals team of 2006-07 were LeBron, Gibson, Verejao and Ilgauskasso no West, Jamison and Williams.

    Duncan, who was the best player in the league at that time, won in 1999 with David Robinson, a HOF player, plus all star Sean Elliott, a very good point guard in Avery Johnson and a great shooter who was already a 2 time Champ in Mario Elie…that’s 5 great players including 2 all time greats in Duncan and Robinson. Still had Robinson for the next title plus they added Tony Parker…who would you rather have, Parker or Mo Williams? Heck, does anyone doubt that the Cavs would have traded both Williams and West for either Parker or Ginobili?

    In 1976-77, the Lakers lost in the Western Conference FINALS to Portland (who won the title) and in 1978 in the semishow exactly does that make them suck by any reasonable persons standards and not some mythical Laker standard? Thats like admitting that Amats football teams have all sucked for the past 15 years because they havent won a ring. But the truth is that they have had many very good teams but just havent been able to beat the best of the best for the title, which is a far cry from sucking.

    And Magic did put the Lakers over the top for the 1980 (and later) title(s) but lets not forget that the 1980 team included young all star quality players named Wilkes (1975 Rookie of the Year who averaged almost 20 PPG over a 12 year career) Nixon and Cooper (8 time all defense team) plus two very solid veterans in Spencer Hayward (a 5 time all-star) and Jimmy Chones. Of course, they also had Kareem who didnt play in the game 6 of the final but in the other 15 games he had a 31.9 PPG averageyes thats 32 PPG folks. So what player on the Cavs helped out LeBron with 32 PPG or even the 20 PPG that Wilkes also kicked in with his 20 foot lay-ups [thanks Chick for all the great memories]? Big difference in team talent between the Kareem-Magic Lakers and the LeBron Cavs who other than a past his prime Illgauskas, no other great players big, big difference.

    Next year we are going to find out how good those other guys on the Cavs really are without LeBron buttering their bread. I happen to agree with Vegas who think they will stink…they are now 75-1 to win the title…the same as the 76’s and Pacers…doesnt that put into perspective how far the LeBron less Cavs have fallen?


    I guess you only proved my point, LeBron couldn’t, didn’t and can’t “bring” talent to him and over the past seven years he proved that. Wade “brought in/lured” Shaq for a Championship and now LeBrat and Bosh. Pierce “brought in/lured” Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett, Kobe “brought in/lured” Gasol and Artest and Fisher. So why couldn’t LeBrat “lure” quality players to him? That’s a huge question mark for me and might speak to things Gilbert alluded to, we’ll soon find out.

    With a Lakers playoff record of 8-12 over four years with a Did Not Qualify in Kareem’s first year I’d say they sucked. Sorry no mythical standard necessary. 4-7 in Kareem’s second year and 4-7 “combined” in his 3rd and 4th seasons hints to a hot and cold team.

    You have a difference of opinion COCF and as usual it’s a road of splitting hairs to the bitter end and ignoring or misrepresenting statements to your advantage. No thanks. I know you do that for a living but those skills here only prove to me how valuable you are to the company that hires you and how hated you must be to the insured who had the displeasure of having their words twisted by you, thereby reducing their benefits.

    No thanks COCF. I’ve had enough of that game. Besides I’ve run out of kids you can insult.

  • COChargerfan

    You have a very selective memory…read the posts again because I made a simple comment that LeBron left because he knew that he couldn’t win a title with the Cavs and it was you that jumped into the discussion with an insult by saying that I was “stupid.”

    Last time I checked, LeBron wasn’t the GM or owner of the Cavs, therefore, he wasn’t the guy responsible for drafting or signing free agents. And it was widely reported that he did try to persuade Bosh to join him on the Cavs but he refused, not because he didn’t want to play with LeBron, which is obvious because they are now playing together in Miami, but because Bosh refused to play (i.e. live) in Cleveland. So you are dead wrong…it’s the city and not LeBron that other stars have a problem with.

    Kobe didn’t lure Gasol and instead, he was traded and Gasol never knew it was coming until he was called out of practice to see the GM who then told him…this came straight from Gasol’s mouth when he sat down for his first Laker interview. So stop making junk up that fans like myself who are paying attention know just isn’t true. And while you are at it, if you’d stop insulting me then I wouldn’t be compelled to respond to your foolishness, with facts and not some junk that you made up.

    BTW, the LA Lakers have appeared in the NBA playoffs 46 times en route to 11 Titlesso does that mean that there are 35 years in which they sucked, including the 15 times that they were second best? Heck, some of those years they won the conference and Im guessing that if you added up their playoff won-loss records for those years there will be more losses than wins. So arguing that a losing playoff record amounts to sucking while not taking into account that pretty much all perennial playoff teams that dont go deep into the playoffs have an overall losing playoff record. And stop isolating the first few Kareem years and look at the overall picture, which is without him the Magic era Lakers do not win those 5 titles, same as Jordan didnt win anything his first 6 years which gets us back to the predicament that was staring LeBron in the face, namely, after 7 years there was little hope that the Cavs team was going to win a title…so he teamed up with two guys and Riley in Miami with the hope of improving his chances. Really, who can blame the guy?


    Seems to me what we have here is a failure to communicate. Now why don’t the both of you egotistical jackazzez give it a rest before I throw you both in the hole until you get your minds right or get a motel room and have at it .

  • COCF is NOT an imbecile…he just plays one on the blog.

    BTW no one called you stupid I’ve said you’re an imbecile many times and you’ve shown me nothing to change my mind. Isn’t calling a kid a fruit as retaliation evidence enough?Or was it a “couldn’t pass it up” joke? Notice I still haven’t sunk that low and you still haven’t apologized…that’s an imbecile in my book, plain and simple.

    Like I said it takes a road map to stay with your positions and the evidence you bring up rarely addresses the original point, hence the waste of time. I’d rather count ants.

    You have no moral compass I can decipher and therefore I’d rather not engage you. Fair enough?

    Enjoy your intellectual masturbation on someone else’s dime.

  • COChargerfan

    FC, you have a long history of drive-by attacks on different bloggers so to say that I’m the problem is asinine. The latest example for everyone to see is that on 7/9 I made a simple comment on this thread and you then started with the stupid insults and long rants. So, if you stop your nonsense than I won’t have to respond and then you will not be exposed for being the village idiot…Am I the only one that doubts that you can keep your mouth shut as, afterall, you have already broken past promises to do so?


    Simple comment my azz. LeBron is the best individual player and if you don’t agree with me your blind. That is bacically what you said . I am taking a page from your book on twisting what bloggers write to validate your rebuttals to them when they disagree with you. Very simple of you to write everyone off as being blind if they don’t agree with you . That type of post is just one of many in you blogging career where you feel the need to off bloggers if they don’t see it your way and only your way . I think FC has every right to step on your nutz anytime he feels like it because of your stupid and inconsiderate post on his son of which I have yet to see a valid apology from you to his son and to him. And what nerve you have telling someone about keeping their mouth shut.

  • Give it a rest

    This is what you said:

    COChargerfan said:
    FC, you have a long history of drive-by attacks on different bloggers so to say that I’m the problem is asinine.

    ( I never said you were “the” problem only that you were an “imbecile”. As far as my “long history of drive by attacks on different bloggers, Name one “drive by”. I said Morrison was a terrible coach and was attacked for it, he’s at Workman , “nuff said” after being passed over at Los Altos and other jobs. I said Carroll Sr. should step down as a coach and was attacked for it, he has to his credit…it was time. I said Damien had to address their piss poor lower level coaches and was attacked, all are gone and Amat’s coaches came to the rescue. BTW where are all the FC Haters now that Gano and Co have dazzled the Morrison backers. In fact where are the Morrison backers? I’ll tell you…singing the praises of Gano and staff and dumping on Scott with both hands at EVERY practice!

    The latest example for everyone to see is that on 7/9 I made a simple comment on this thread and you then started with the stupid insults and long rants.
    ( Actually NONE of you comments are “simple”, as you’ve admitted…you’re an imbecile “half” the time. Remember the Soccer BS that killed any commentary on the WC only to have you admit it was all for sht and giggles. “Fred should thank me” remember that assinine comment. As far as “insults” and long rants…I was Gerry Mandering and never called you stupid. I was talking about the so called “King” so maybe you thought I was talking about you. “Long rants” or Lengthy comments is what I do, always have. Unlike the short drive by comments that some use to “drive by” and entertain. To each there own.

    So, if you stop your nonsense than I won’t have to respond

    ( “So if you stop” …are you a second grader? When was the last time you held your breathe to get your way…are you reading what you’re writing?)

    and then you will not be exposed for being the village idiot

    ( “Village idiot”? You mean because when I say something some as hole has to make a stupid comment about my kids…like your dumb punk azzz did? Is that what makes me an “idiot”. So when I read “dick face” 1000 times I’m the idiot..rrriiight. You think because I get all touchy feely and moralistic (their words) and then read “filth” directed at me…that’s on me? Riiiiiiight.

    …Am I the only one that doubts that you can keep your mouth shut as, afterall, you have already broken past promises to do so?

    ( “Am I the only one”….always looking sideways aren’t you. Ever wonder why I use so many names? Because of cnts like you. Always running you mouth at me. Go after the bloggers that make comments to irritate or provoke without so much as a care in the world. Why not “engage” them. They could care less. Why not pick on them. I’ll tell you why…because you, like all cnts, enjoy the eventual comment about my kids that will set me off. So now you set me off.

    I’ll tell you one more time. I think you’re an imbecile, stupid you’re not. If that offends you at least know you know who I am and you can take it up with me when you see me. See I don’t know who you are because you won’t “say” who you are but you will attack my son. Like I said many times on this blog

    What I say I truely believe, unlike other who get off on being stupid.. What I’ve said about coaches and their behavior towards my sons took place. When I say they crossed the line it was all true. If I said they were incompetent, they were. They can sue me if they like, trust me they won’t. Even that idiot you have as a HC in Basketball who all the JV players ignored recently when we beat your JV team and he tried to “get some love”, too funny. In fact it was the only game this year that Dunn attended. I was comical to see Phillips try and “rescue” the game at the end, but then he lost more than half of all the games he coached at Damien. Can’t even count the blow out loses he’s engineered or the constant “antics” that got him run from games!

    Look back on things COCF…the “haters” were proved wrong and most are gone. Damien is a better place with out Morrison. If I was true idiot I’d be all in Gano’s business. I’m not. In fact I’ll be surprised if I see three games this year and I love what he’s doing. Have more interest in the Freshmen actually.