What will the top ten look like in the fall?

In June, these were Aram’s 2010 top ten predictions … we’re about to finalize the top ten for the football magazine preview, is he close, and what adjustments should be made…I’m listening.

1. Bishop Amat — The gap between Amat and the rest has narrowed thanks to Anderson’s departure. Hey, did you know Tom Salter is back?
2. Charter Oak — Anyone thinking CO has slipped may change their mind when the Chargers go four wide with no receiver under six-feet tall.
3. South Hills — Strong along the line and loaded with skill. But Jamie Canada’s knee injury is a concern.
4. Glendora — Excellent coach + good QB is a nice formula in HS football.
5. Chino Hills — The Huskies ranked below CO and South Hills? I’ll admit it doesn’t sound right. But Nate Harris and who ….?
6. West Covina — Bulldogs have to get thru rough Hacienda before they can even think about the Southeast.
7. Damien — When Coach Gano is mum, I get a bit concerned.
8. Diamond Ranch — Are we looking at the weakest Panthers team of the Roddy era?
9. San Dimas — Deep at QB, strong along both lines, but I haven’t heard much about the running backs.
10. Rowland — A one-man show won’t get it done in the Hacienda. Just sayin …

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  • I’m dead-ass wrong about Chino Hills they should and will be higher. There are some other things I’m wrong about, too.

  • Aaron

    I’d like you guys to come out to Glenn Davis before Bonita goes on break before fall camp.

  • jesusjr23

    C’mon Aram, pick it up! lol

  • Everyone should watch out for Chino Hills. After Amat, they will be the best team in the Valley. When the current seniors were freshmen, Terry Roche even admitted that they were the best freshmen team he has ever had. From what I heard, they shutout 8 of the 10 teams they played and dropped 50+ on 9 of the 10, going for a perfect season. Roche isn’t with Chino Hills anymore, but Bub is doing a great job. Watch out for the Chino Hills Huskies this season. I think they’ll win the Sierra League.

  • subject change

    Hey Fred did you put out the final baseball and softball polls?

  • Mike

    Sure losing Jay Anderson over at Amat is not a good thing, but Moore and Shay will do just fine. The running back position is deep at Amat.

  • Come on Aram, put in the time

    Fred coming off a great Head Coaching list this list looks pathetic by comparison. Aram is obviously on auto pilot.

    In the spirit of fair I won’t go into who’s who but at least three teams on there aren’t Top Ten material. One team won’t win four games all year and will miss the playoffs yet they are on the list.

    Lazy reporting.

    Just go see a practice and stop making call or going to a passing league game and making conclusions. Line play and skill sets are crucial to success but nothing is sure until pads come on and we see who’s afraid of contact and how quickly DBs, WRs, and RBs get exposed.

  • Norco

    wow…Chino Hills @ 5…


    Very true, Mike

    If there’s one position at Bishop Amat that is never lacking in depth it is the running back position. Bishop Amat is going to devastate defenses this upcoming season.

  • Reporter?

    Damien at number 7 in the valley. Last years team had more talent than this years and they went 5-6. Since Gano isn’t talking you are going to rank then 7th, ok.

    Then you have Rowland at 10th which is fine but the comment is clueless. I’m not a reporter and my son doesn’t play at Rowland but I am aware of kids that have transferred in that will be a big impact this year, are you Fred. I am also aware of multi players that left the program after their freshmen year put have returned for their senior year.

    Fred, report facts not this crap.


    Did you also know there is a Parades roaming the fields of Amat this summer.

  • Frank

    Anyone who is really familiar with Amat’s program, knows that they are deep in running backs, you got j.v players who would start varsity any where else. As well the incomming freshman will probably have four or five solid running backs, if you thought Amat was strong last year prepare for an even stronger team this year. When it comes to football this one is not even close, Amat is far superior then any team in the SGV.
    How did chino hills make it in the top ten, they are not part of the sgv. Not denying theyre skills, or ability. Maybe Fred just didnt want to be forced to put Azusa in there, since the dont belong. As well a few of those last teams don’t either.

  • just saying

    west covina should be ranked higher. at least 4th behind south hills.


    Hey Frankiee,

    Heres an idea, why dont you go pick up the dog sh@t from the backyard because its beginning to SMELL! Whats up with you and AZUSA??? Heck we didnt even make ARAMS top 25, and do you see anybody from AZUSA complaining about it. Will take our Montview League Championship(S) and be happy with that! LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS arent just handed out, THEYRE EARNED MY FRIEND! Because Ill be the first one to tell you this, dont think La Puente, Gladstone, Duarte, and Workman would love to say


    Frankie I dont twitter, I dont Face book, or My Space and ever since the ST. Louis Rams took out their Blog Page because there was to many idiots who ruined it, Im here on FREDS ROBELDO PREPS PAGE. So just like most of you bloggers can say whatever you , I have the same keyboard buttons, just like you my friend.


  • AMAT 73

    Aztec Pride,
    You go right ahead. Back to back champions in any league is a great accomplishment. I am with you on the Rams . How do the Aztecs look this coming season. I see where Fred did throw some props out to your coach which are well deserved. Solid program and we have always had some good ball players come from your area including the Hagerty boys. I was a classmate of Kevin and his mom used to keep us in line in the library. We probably have a few mutual friends in the Azusa area.

  • Frank

    A Azztec pride
    I personally have nothing against Azusa’s football team, but what I dont like to see is a weak team giving credit or made to sound like they could compete with anyone else, who is a proven strong team. Since you have been blogging on here and trying to pump Azusa up, someone has to bring them down.
    I do have a problem wiht your city officials. Who is feeding their pockets? That Vulcan deal is pretty dirty, as well was the Rosedale deal, which turned out to be a bust. Oh yeah forcing the gun club to close, to satisfy some residents who pay higher taxes, after they had signed aknowledgment of the gun club before they moved in. Azusa needs to clean up, and maybe you should be more concerned about the cities image then the football team.

  • AMAT!!

    “the gap is narrowing”, is this you trying to “appear” fair? We get it Fred!

  • What a joke !



    Hey Mr. Self Appointed who says anyone “needs” to be “brought down”?

    You can’t believe how STUPID you sound.

  • Aaron

    Hey Frank…you’re a tool. John Wooden said it best: Children need role models, not critics.

  • dranchhhh

    9th?? Hmm!! OK we will take 15th. Work will be done. Funny thread…

  • Frank

    @ Arron
    When did I say anything about a child, I have done nothing but congratulate, kids who have done well, and their parents who raised them, even aztec pride, i gave him props for his child doing well. Obviously you have not understood my post. If I have been harsh on a team it is cause i don’t think they are that strong of a team compared to others. Doesn’t mean that their are not talented players on those teams.
    @ “what a Joke” or Aztec pride
    I can see that you are very angry over some of my posts, why does it anger you so much that I speak my mind or say things I may not even believe, what matters is you believe it, and it has pissed you off. Some people cannot handle freedom of speech without becoming belligerent. Your anger is about you, it has nothing to do with me or what I said. My small words have only casued some stinging to the wounds that already exist.

  • Frank is right on!

    Frank you are an incredible insightful blogger. A breath of fresh air in a community to narrow minded to understand that voices will not be silenced. Continue speaking your mind. Thank you for everything you do and say because you know the story.

  • Chino Hills

    Check out one of the reasons Chino Hills will be successful this season.


  • GameDayatUSC


    Way to stick up for NOT only your school BUT for the league as well. Winning a league title is impressive in ANY sport, and doing it back to back is a nice accomplishment! Nice job to the Aztecs.

    I hope NOBODY is assuming Azusa is a weak, and lousy team. Maybe compared to Amat, and a few others , they may not win or match up well. But having two championships in a row is a tough thing to do, in ANY sport in any league, in any division. As much as I like Amat, exactly what have they accomplished in 15 years of football? Beating a team that was in the top 5 in the nation is a feat I agree, but that isnt what Amat football is about. They want championships!
    Its hard for NONn Amat fans to get a undersanding of us Lancer fans because of what SOME have become. Its hard when a FEW come up with some of the garbage that spills out in here.
    When you get classy guys like Joe Amat, among others who are grads, and bleed blue BUT who puts it all in order, and perspective. Its when guys start to think AMAT is the best thing around that probably annoys others. I mean I graduated in 1982, and sometime I can’t believe what I read. I do believe that Bishop Amat is one of a kind when to comes to BOTH sports and academics. But I am NOT one who will make a excuse for a AMat loss, or to say it was becasue we play in the PAC 5. I believe myself, and Joe and a few others have given “props” to other schools besides Bishop Amat, when they deserve it. When some of the Amat faithful only prop up the Lancers, and not mention the accomplishments of other schools, it only makes ALL us Lancer fans seem mean, or look not as bright. Its sad that a few attempt to ruin it for the rest of us.

  • Jerry Urias

    How about South El Monte High School in the top 10. South hasn’t been the same since I left.

  • Frank is an illuminant

    Frank brings up a great point. One that escapes most minds. In truth he had the where with all to dig deeper than most and come out with the prize. At times he illuminates and shines his light of brilliance and things become clearer. I too have been confused at times but after repeated hammer fists to my own skull I understand his methods. Keep illuminating for all our sakes before the darkness consumes us all.

  • Aaron

    Azusa won the SGV shootout today. Went out and watched and I was continuously impressed with how they played today.

    You’d think with who they lost from last season’s team, there would be a drop off. But based on what the rest of the league lost, they will be fine. Actually I think they repeat what they did in the Montview the past two seasons. Again the thing that will hurt them is depth, but you know what, they’re a tough bunch of kids. Their QB is also their middle linebacker and he looked good passing today.

    Whittier Christian looked good, went on a roll until they ran into Azusa, the game before they had knocked off West Covina. Who also looked good today was Wilson, I like Schriemann, last year because of his toughness. This year, I swear he grew three or four inches. He’s still skinny but the decisions looked good. They have some bubbas up front so also expect them to make some noise in the Valle Vista.

    I was surprised Monrovia lost to Azusa the way they just dismantled Rowland.

  • This frank is a hot dog

    Frank, you are so stupid. Any fool can see that your slapping yourself on the back.

    What makes it so comical, is that if you keep slapping yourself like that, people will start to think that your slapping that monkey of yours instead.

    Your a joke

  • Imitation is the greatest form of flatery

    This frank is a hot dog.

    Maybe you missed the sarcasm. But then again you were never the sharpest “tool” in the shed.

    “repeated hammer fists to my own head”…. thought that was funny didn’t you?

    Next time instead of trying to lick the sweat off my noogies man up come correct. You’re an imbecile..and a “child” in a man’s world.

    Now go play on the freeway.

  • Same old, same old

    Took you folks long enough to know he’s blowing smoke up his own butt. It wouldn’t be the same here on the blog without that nauseating arrogance that only Frank can bring. And it’s only July, wait till he really gets rolling next month. We love to hate him. How sad is that?

  • too funny, same old same old drive by bs is all this is

    took you long enough…

    some one came on here with the name Frank and Aztec Pride and others knew it wasn’t me, credit to them, Then “frank” starts saying more outrageous stuff and feints similarities and I cal him an “Illuminant”…still playing along folks. Finally some one, god knows who, thinks I’ll chomp on the “bait” and I tease him some more. Now I’m the ego maniac. lol too funny

    hey whatever it takes to get my attention or bag away more insults, what a clown you are.

  • Aaron

    Mr. Corona,

    I don’t think this guy going by the name of Frank knows who you are. Stay classy, who’s Damien’s QB? Saw you guys rotate three: black haired kid, lanky blonde kid, and another blonde kid with a gigantic knee brace.

    Couldn’t understand why you guys had so many kids just standing on the sideline. Use them and develop the depth, gonna need it the new Inland. You guys put on a nice six way last week.

  • Thsi Frank is a hot dog…..Joemama

    Actually, I knew this Frank wasn’t our old beloved, and still full of himself, FC.

    That’s why I posted this as, “this Frank” as opposed to the other, more expreienced BS’er known in these parts as the guy who always, invite’s you to eat at joes, or writes long and poignant and rather pointless diatribes.

    Still, if I were the real Frank, I would be pissed that this guy’s usuing my handle.

    But then again, Frank NEVER uses his handle

  • screen name # 2,537 …lol

    Actually joemama you are “my” handle and the other guy is my “tool”..lol. Just kidding.

    Speaking of QBs Damien has three. All of which would be welcomed on most teams. Because I have so much respect for Gano and Co. I won’t dare say who I think should start, especially when Gano was a QB as well of tremendous success form what I’ve heard.

    As far as what I think of each here’s my unsolicited opinion, seeing as this is a sport’s blog.

    The tall kid with black hair throws a pretty ball. The tall kid with blonde hair makes good reads. The kid with quick feet has the most athleticism. All can be groomed but my opinion is always the same when it comes to QBs….who takes the best beating and who leads the team best. That’s the starter. I’m sure Gano knows what he’s doing.

    I have my personal favorite, for the QB job, but I have so many games to go to why limit myself to Damien this year.

    Still I have to smile every tie I see a practice and watch players and parents united behind what Gano and Co are attempting to accomplish. This is a great atmosphere and what the high school experience should be about.

    I guess it all worked out for the best, who knew?

  • needftbinfo

    hey screen name #2,537,

    I have not been able to make it to any Damien practices or passing leagues. So, I have no idea what the team is looking like…..thanks for the 411 on the QB’s….how about on offense or defense anyone interesting?…All my son tells me is “big kid, small kid, and fast kid”…typical teenage answers…lol…..

  • Frank

    Thanks for the entertainment this weekend! I had a lot of laughs reading all the responses today. Some I struggled with as they were not clear to me, but I am not as intelligent as some of the other bloggers. So at times I have to re-read things to try to comprehend them.
    By the way I have always used the name Frank to blog, if I have been mistaken for someone else, sorry to that person, Frank is somewhat of a common name.

  • time will tell


    I’ll be honest here. I don’t know much about the individual players even though I try and make about three practices a week. When I’m there I just concentrate on the coaches…and nothing more. That might surprise some but I just appreciate the job they’re doing and more importantly how they interact with the parents, first class all the way. Besides, without pads we won’t know much.

    Any way hope that helps.

  • Exhale

    Damien Fans

    Win a league championship, then you and FC can talk! Until then, your talk is just cheap!

  • Time is our friend


    Gano “already” won a Sierra League Championship in his first year. Thought you knew.

    He also had players move on to continue playing at UCLA, Villanova, Colgate, Abeliene Christian, University of Redlands, University of Dayton, APU, Mount Union and some local JCs.

    Last year Damien was in several close games but lost in the end when stronger senior leadership might have saved them. To Gano and Co’s credit they were able to shut out Glendora, harrassing Jeffries to no end and playing a great game against Bishop Amat to bookend his first Championship.

    Let’s see what plays out this year. Like I said the pads will come on and the Spartans will figure it out one way or another. Finally we have the makings of a Program.

    Here’s what I will say, if this staff is in place back when Brown and Johnson roamed Sparta we have at least three CIF Championships. Bold talk for sure but that’s what I truly believe.

    No one is rushing anything at Damien because we know, in Real Estate terms, this Program was a “tear down” but it has a great location, a great view and outstanding potential…always has.

  • easydosit

    Time is our friend,

    I agree with you…..only time will tell….Gano and co are a good coaching staff and they are great with the players and parents…..I believe there will be a few surprises this season…they do have some talent and believe me the coaches are working with them…for now they continue to work hard to play hard…..Good Luck Spartans!


    Frank the(FRANKFURTER).

    Yo Frank, you almost made me spit out my coffee when I read your post,

    “city officials. Who is feeding their pockets? That Vulcan deal is pretty dirty, as well was the Rosedale deal, which turned out to be a bust. Oh yeah forcing the gun club to close, to satisfy some residents who pay higher taxes, after they had signed aknowledgment of the gun club before they moved in. Azusa needs to clean up, and maybe you should be more concerned about the cities image then the football team”.

    Frank please don’t bring your political views in here and if you feel that way about AZUSA, why don’t you attend a council meeting so you can ADDRESS YOUR CONCERNS AND COME OUT ON CABLE. LOL…

  • Exhale

    What’s the total record at Damien since Gano? You guys already come on here claiming leadership, coaching ect. Talk at the end of the season, not before!

  • Have fun….

    You guys Damien was 5-6 last year and it was a two or three way tie. Gano and staff haven’t had a winning season in four years. You guys couldn’t win d5 how can you expect to even compete at d2 in the playoffs.

    Have fun………..

  • Kaptain Keifer

    There is going to be some good throwing teams at AMAT today; North High School, Upland High School and St. Francis HS. Two good I.E. teams but don’t know much about ST. Francis this year, any insight from the blog world???

  • Justrab

    What time is the four way at Amat? 3:00 or so.


  • SGV realist

    Azusa is overpowering all lineman. They have not lost a lineman competition.
    have 2 lineman benching 300lbs+.
    Have 1 with all-valley title.
    Receivers and a QB who took the SGV shootout trophy.
    Fred don’t deny them a top 10 spot just because whoever you bump down, will cause a forum war.
    And from what I see, they have some D1 prospects who need to be noticed. For examples. Andrew Rocha, Edwin Garcia (all C.I.F/All valley OG/DE), Abraham Ochoa(all C.I.F receiver), and a big ass boy on the line named Quiroz(Not sure of first name)

    Watchout SGV

  • Kaptain Keifer

    Justrab – Sorry I got caught up at work, the Four-way started at 5pm. Did you make it? How did it go?

  • News Flash

    Seen the four way.

    1) St. Francis/Upland 3) JW North 4) Amat

    Amat clearly belongs in D3

  • Amat Onlooker

    News Flash – Dude you are absolutely right. Amat should probably be in D3, but then again, its a good thing WE PLAY IN THE PAC 5 WHERE 11 MEN TAKE THE FIELD AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY GET RUSHED, BLOCKED and TACKLED…..what an unfounded and absurd assessment to make after watching a passing scrimmage. I bet you can’t wait for Flag Football Season? AMAT will be just fine, even without your support. Go Lancers, Big Blue!

  • AMAT 73

    News Flash,
    It seems those same things were said about AMAT last year during passing tourneys and look where we wound up , league champs. We look much better when the whole defense gets on the field and plays as a complete unit . In my opinion passing leagues are just a tool to look and evaluate what type of talent you have and what positions suit certain players better then others .Now if you were to tell me that about a scrimmage well that’s a different story. I have yet to see any patches or banners hanging based on passing league victories. No putting them down but there are what they are. Good luck to all and hopefully no one suffers any serious injuries to ruin what looks to be a great season ahead for the entire SGV schools.

  • Justrab

    Kaptain Keifer,

    No problem. I decided if it was earlier it was too hot to go out, but I got there a little late and caught the end of the Amat/Upland series. I don’t know how that series went, but Upland lookk pretty good aganst the other two teams at the other end of the field. Amat has some work to do DBs, but I am sure they will put a combination together that works.

    North has some great looking kids, but I am not sure they caught more than five balls in their entire series with Amat.

    I don’t know if Amat has ever had the all world summer passing numbers like Edison or a gather like South Hills (Guru), but they looked good.

    Quick observations:

    WGIII looks great and in good shape. He just looks really relaxed ready for a great season. The DL will miss Cane and in my mind may be where they have some issues just with the size of league teams, but Haggs and staff will work that out.

    They have a senior receiver that is about 5’6″ and about 140 who really gives 100%. I am sorry I don’t know the kids name, but if they still have the Tate Duff 100% award that scrappy kid sh ould get it. He made some nice catches against St. Francis I believe.

    For anyone with inside knowledge, I saw that Blue’s father was there (I think he left for Chaminade) with a freshman kid “Moddy” that I thought is also from the SFV. Does Amat have a connection with the valley? I was just curious as I though Blue left becuase of the drive and now there is another kid driving by Loyola, Alemany, Chaminade and Crespi on their way to Amat.


  • just sayin’

    Justrab – he can wave at the kid that drives from Claremont to Notre Dame Sherman Oaks as they pass on the 210. Different strokes…

  • Justrab

    just sayin’,

    Yes, god bless that kid (Helinski) for having someone drive him up the 210 and beyond for school. I was not trying to be critical, but was just curious if there any connections with talent out that way.

    BTW, anyone know if the new freshman class has any big lineman? They need a big NT.


  • just sayin’

    Didn’t read it as negative. Both are nuts.Alotta times it has to do with where the parents work. Easier to play closer to work than home?

  • Frank

    @ Justrab- yes Blue has returned to Bishop, the kid with the moody shirt was Blue.
    To anyone who wants to make a big deal about passing leagues, they are not as big of a deal as some fans make them out to be. It is well known that teams who do well in passing leauge do not always do so well in real games. There is a major difference when the pads are on, and also when the running game is involved. Passing leauge is two hand touch. guys who would break tackles or slip through hands of defenders are simply tagged and the ball is down so guys with speed or good movement do not standout as well in Passing leagues. PL’s are just to get some work in against ohter opponents.

  • Justrab


    Nice to hear D. Blue is back. Thanks for the 411. The Times made him a major pickup for Chaminade when he left. Is there a reason he is not working with the Varsity over the summer? I recall he had some press in the underclassman camps. He looks like he has grown a bit from last year.


  • One in the same ?

    Justrab are you the same Justrab, Head Coach @ MSAC?

    Hard to believe you would be blogging.

    Could you set the record straight.

  • just sayin’

    JAstrab is the coach at MSAC – Justrab? no need to set the record straight

  • OMG!!

    Cup Check!!

    All the Azusa talk about the overpowering Lineman and they have not lost a lineman competition. Here is your wake up call!!!

    1.I did see if you want to call them lineman at SD earlier this summer and SD pretty much manhandled the Smurfs.

    2. La Puente High School lineman kick the @%#! out the Azusa lineman.

    I did not see any lineman from Azusa that looked like they could bench any weight over 200lbs!
    Trust me the SGV does not need to worry about the Smurfs.

  • Frank

    @ Justrab, yes form what I understand Blue will be with the j.v. team for the year at least thats the deal for now. He probably was not going to start varsity any way, but since he left the school, then decided to come back, Varsity already made other plans. Any program wants kids who are dedicated, they probably want to see if he’ll stick it out this year, before making him a varsity player. I’m sure he might play some vasity and definitly in playoffs, but for the most part it will be j.v.


    That’s what she said when you dropped your BVD’S,(OMG) YOUR SO TINY.

  • SGVrealtlk

    how can you say san dimas destroyed the smurfs, when all of the Azusa D-lineman got passed thier fat O-line and out powered them, not even Allen Brown was able to block out the end. I dont what lineman competetion you were looking at becuz what from i remembered Azusa Clearly dominated La PUente and San Dimas in that Lineman competetion.

    Just watch Azusa at the Arroyo Lineman Competetion, they will quiet all the critics. and haters out there

  • concerned

    I know this is off the subject.

    I want to mention that the basketball teams at Bishop Amat our very political. Their coaches inparticular lack the knowledge on how to evaluate and develop basketball talent. They do a good job of playing politics and keep kids on the teams for all of the wrong reasons.
    My son was let go from one of the teams, because I quote “he doesent`t dribble good enough and needs to work on his shooting” As for the dribbling, he is the best ballhandler on that team. Now as for his shooting, he has been working very hard on that area.

    I was told that a incoming freshmen had taken his spot on the team. He was told that they don`t carry four guards on the team. I`ve seen this freshmen play and he does have some skill, but not enough to take someones spot. The two guards ahead of him cannot dribble as good as my son. One is a shooter and the other is a defender. I want to say to future parents of Amat, re-consider sending your son to a football school to play basketball because you will be disappointed as I am. Don`t get caught up on the hipe of Amat. In spite of this issue, I will encourage him to stay at Amat and get his education.
    I`m a frustated parent, but I would not come on here just to toot my son`s basketball skills, if I felt as though he wasn`t good enough too make that team. I just want to open peoples eyes to the silly politics that goes on at BISHOP AMAT!!!!.

  • Cathedral Fan

    To Concerned Dad Transfer You’re son to Cathedral. Same league as Amat in Basketball and brand new Facilities. Go To Phantom football.Com

  • Top Three BB Programs

    concerned, welcome to the world post travel ball.

    too many parents believe their kids can play basketball because they hit shots in the back yard or scored the most in city leagues. that’s not basketball. today the fastest, quickest and most athletic kids go to the front of the line, but they are not basketball players. unbeknownst to most parents basketball has plays where timing and execution are crucial. they also have nuances like help defense and situational awareness. none of that is present in what passes for high school basketball any more.

    a few months ago my son was part of cameron murray’s basketball league. what could have been a great experience was instead open gym basketball with coaches who encouraged the run and gun game that makes parents believe their young kids know the game…THEY DON’T!

    one parent in particular said the magic words of any parent who doesn’t know the game..’I tell my son he should shoot more, I mean some one has to, right?” that’s not basketball. one day we exchanged views and i said, “that’s not basketball, sorry”. He wasn’t pleased. Well long story short he said his kid was going to glendora. I told him thank the basketball gods…”you’ll see things differently soon, they are the best and Le Duc is incredible, on and off the court. Count your blessings” and wished him well.

    Ran into him during a Glendora Summer Basketball game where his kid plays and the first thing he said was, “he’s learning the game” and smiled in a way that showed me he understood our previous conversations. I said, “That’s good…there is a difference isn’t there?. Best your son is havin the time of his life.” He said…”I never knew” and shook my hand.

    I’ve seen Amat basketball and I will say this. Bonita runs the best freshmen program, to my knowledge, considering the expectations of parents. Coach Miller is the best at developing players minds, body and spirit for the game regardless of who’s who or where you live. Glendora runs the best program top to bottom , without a doubt, and after that it’s a tremendous learning curve among coaches, without many star pupils on the horizon that don’t wear Glendora colors.

    Top Three BB Programs in our area (extended)

    1) Glendora
    2) Chino Hills
    3) Bonita

    In that order.

  • Amat hoops has gone down the drain

    I have to agree that the Bishop Amat basketball program is lacking in SO many areas,starting at the top. It’s pretty evident that the present head coach has no idea, has some guy with a pony tail on the bench (at a school with a dress code?) and if it wasn’t for the girls coach stepping in they’d be lost. Winning playoff games looked good-until you look at who they beat. It is the worst program on campus and I’d agree – if you;re a basketball player -find someplace else. And I’ve never had a kid play there-so not being biased.

  • OMG

    TO:SGVrealtlk (“Jimmy Crack Corn”)
    SD lineman are far from fat, what are you smoking? They are solid. If I do recall, Allen Brown picked up one of the smurfs and tossed him like a beachball onto the Covina freeway on-ramp.
    2. The SD lineman that you referred to are the same lineman that put an end to the smurfs season last year 50-24!! All of the SD front
    O-line from the 09 season are back and ready for the 2010 season.

  • OMG

    TO:SGVrealtlk (“Jimmy Crack Corn”)
    SD lineman are far from fat, what are you smoking? They are solid. If I do recall, Allen Brown picked up one of the smurfs and tossed him like a beachball onto the Covina freeway on-ramp.
    2. The SD lineman that you referred to are the same lineman that put an end to the smurfs season last year 50-24!! All of the SD front
    O-line from the 09 season are back and ready for the 2010 season.

  • AMAT 73

    concerned parent,
    First off let me say if you chose AMAT for your son to play basketball and develope a future in the game I personally say AMAT is not the school for him. It has been noted by many here that we are just not that strong in boys basketball but we did make the playoffs and went I believe a couple rounds deep . Now I do commend you for seeing beyond that and telling him to stick out for the academics. We are stictly not ” a football school ” although we are mostly known for it but as many will tell you we have a pretty good baseball program also . At least give a few details as to what year your son is and was he starting or subbing or something to take what you are saying and put into the proper perspective. As FC wrote and I think it was FC, he pointed out 3 very good basketball programs for you of which I am sure the academic standards are there also . Unfortunately for some and fortunately for others the coaches are the ones who evaluate the talent and make the calls as to who plays and who doesn’t . Some do it better than others and the schools who have the good ones are fortunate to have them . Good luck to and your son and I hope you find a solution to his basketball problem , sometimes it just takes working a little harder or attending some good qualified camps to hone those skills the coaches feels he is lacking in. But as you put it I will put this question to you , why would you send to a football school to play basketball in the first place ? Something other then basketball must have turned you to AMAT, because it surely wasn’t the basketball program.

  • who’s the best QB

    So I hope everyone witnessed who should be the Qb at Amat after watching the two perform on Tuesday.
    The chosen one was probably 45 to 50 Percent,2-3 picks and no TDs. while the Sr (Tyler P) was like 80-85 percent With 2 TDs and no picks. That’s what I.m talking about..

  • SGV realist.

    I don’t know why you call those kids smurfs when they are all filled with more heart and dedication than most kids out there.

    They are just trying to do what the kids before them never did.

    They won some lineman competitions AND GET OVER IT.. I know it is dramatic to watch Your beloved San Dimas not win, But you have to accept it.

    Give them the credit they deserve. Because you would be upset watching all these “Haters” putting the team that you coach soo hard down. Scherf is doing things right now. And nothing wrong.

    I am looking forward to this season. For I have seen the facts and I am well impressed. You should probably go watch them practice and see if you would doubt the talent.

  • concerned

    Amat 73, you are correct with most of your points. We sent him to Amat for the academic experience first and the athletic experience second. My son has attended Cameron Murray`s basketball academy and he really honed his skills. My son will be a sophmore this year. He is very disappointed, but I told him to continue to work hard and he will be a better person for this experience. I told him God closes one door and opens another. If we were looking for the athletic experience first than we would seriously consider Chino Hills,Bonita,Glendora, but we`re not. I truly believe it may be a little personal,but I will not go speak to these coaches about that because it`s petty and if they can`t realize it than “what go`s around comes around”. It`s unfortunate, but he will get through it. Thanks for the responses. Cathedral is a litte to far to drive, but thanks.

  • bb dad

    concerned you need to get out more. I’d send my kids to glendora, bonita or chino hills before i’d send them to bishop amat for basketball AND academics. sorry i know people at all those schools and it’s a no brainer.
    with due respect to amat the school is great in some areas and sorely lacking in others. glendora has great coahcing at all levels, chino hills has outstanding resources and bonita has a great small town feel with solid academics and a safe campus. still think this story is missing some thing, maybe honesty. don’t know why but this isn’t all the story

  • OMG

    SGV realist get over it!
    1. I’m not an SD fan!! so your wrong again!!I’m just an High School football fan.
    2.Read your own blog:
    Warning.Azusa is overpowering all lineman. They have not lost a lineman competition.have 2 lineman benching 300lbs+.Have 1 with all-valley title.Receivers and a QB who took the SGV shootout trophy.Fred don’t deny them a top 10 spot just because whoever you bump down, will cause a forum war.And from what I see, they have some D1 prospects who need to be noticed. For examples. Andrew Rocha, Edwin Garcia (all C.I.F/All valley OG/DE), Abraham Ochoa(all C.I.F receiver), and a big ass boy on the line named Quiroz(Not sure of first name)Watchout SGV.
    3.If I was a SD Saint fan, I sure would love having a CIF Championship Ring than winning a lineman competition without pads!
    4. I’m sure it’s not as dramatic as watching the smurfs get blown out 50-24!!! But you have to accept it.
    5. Too bad you don’t have as much heart as the players, they would be much better than having you on here talking crazy. Let them play the game.
    6. We are not all haters, it’s nice to read about teams that go from 0-10 one year and 14-0 the next year. What is sad id when the parents come on here and start promoting how great Johnny is after sacking the quarterback (4)times
    or beating a team 55-0 with a 0-10 record.

  • blueandgoldstud

    News Flash said:

    Maybe you were sitting in the sun too long, this 11 v 11 scrimmage created multiple mistakes across the board, neither team looked sharp especially when you have pressure up the middle from overpowering lineman & blitzing linebackers.

    This type of scrimmage is a valuable yard stick for these teams to put into perspective about individual assignments & reads, in my opinion, more valuable than winning a passing tournament. Amat did have a slight edge over the other teams but not by much. St Francis OL are all over 6’@ +200lbs, JW North OL/DL over +220lbs. Upland looked average to small like Amat but managed to make some better offensive & defensive plays against St. Francis & JW North.

    No one got hurt allthough a couple of t-shirts got ripped…it was a good day. Things will change again once they make full contact..then the fun begins.

    Can’t wait for the pads to come on. Go Big Blue!

  • Jimmy C. Corn

    One More Gabble,
    i haven’t posted in over a year and really dont know y now but if you were a fan you would of known the difference but while im here…rowland will be the team coming out of the gate that will turn the most heads.

  • AMAT 73

    Well all can say is good luck to you and tell your son to keep trying and go out for the team when the next school year begins. Your statement of it may be personal leaves it open to only guess what happened there . Keep playing in other leagues and make the coaches take notice. You never know what will happen , perhaps a change of coaches or something else . Either way good luck and I am sure his experience at AMAT will work out for the best. Thank you for your responce.

  • be honest

    concerned parent take what the coaches say and run with it. if you really want an evaluation ask one of the coaches to run your son thru drills that could develop the skills that are lacking. (accept that they are lacking as a foundation for creating a working relationship). Then ask the coach for a weight lifting program and a set of goals that can be measured, like quickness, stamina and fundamentals. make an honest effort to see these things thru and tell the coach the truth. be a straight shooter and not a dead eye. never look at other kids weaknesses as a sledge hammer for proving your son deserved the last spot. no one wants to be the last player picked.

    when it’s all said and done accept the facts as they are laid out. but more importantly make sure this is something your son wants to do and not something he wants to do for you. tricky issues.

    best of luck

  • concerned

    Amat 73 and be honest,
    I appreciate the opinions and encouragment and will take them into consideration. Thanks.

  • AMAT 73

    You are very much welcome. And besides that what FAMILY is for and at AMAT WE ARE FAMILY.