Gang Green: South Hills duo Dakota Behr and Melinda Gomez earn athlete of the year honors

By Fred J. Robledo, Staff Writer
It would take multiple letterman jackets to sew on all the accomplishments of South Hills High School standouts Dakota Behr and Melinda Gomez, who have been selected the 2009-10 Tribune athletes of the year. Not only did the duo finish their senior season in style, but the two shared a brilliant prep career that shows the multiple-sport athlete is alive in well during an era of specialization in high school sports. (To continue, click thread).

“Playing more than one sport is something I would encourage everyone to try,” Gomez said. “I learned things in basketball I wouldn’t of learned in volleyball and vice versa. It helped make me not just a well-rounded athlete, but a well-rounded person.”
Gomez, headed to Loyola Marymount University on a basketball scholarship, earned her second-straight San Antonio League girls basketball most valuable player award, and was named to the CIF-Southern Section Division 3-A first-team list for the second straight year too.
Gomez also was a McDonalds All-American nominee and the most valuable player in the Tribune/Star-News all-star basketball game.
In girls volleyball, Gomez was named the San Antonio League most valuable player for the second consecutive year.
She also was a Tribune first-team selection in both sports her senior year, and is a three-time all-valley first-team selection in both sports, having earned the girls volleyball player of the year award her sophomore season.
“Honestly, it all blows my mind,” Gomez said. “I’m not surprised because I put in so much effort and hard work, but it’s humbling to know that God put me in this position.
“It’s a great honor (to be athlete of the year), and I will look back on my high school career with so many great memories.”
Behr’s career at South Hills includes 12 league titles combined in football, wrestling and baseball, which include two dual-meet CIF-Southern Section team championships in wrestling, an individual wrestling CIF title, and a Division III baseball title his junior year.
During Behr’s senior season he earned San Antonio league second team honors at tight end for the league champion Huskies’ football team, setting a school record for blocked field goals with nine.
Behr also was the 171-pound San Antonio league champion in wrestling, and was named to the Tribune second-team all-area wrestling team.
Behr also had a huge season in baseball, earning San Antonio first-team honors as a pitcher, helping the Huskies win another league title.
“To win the championships, the individual awards, it was all great because everyone said you couldn’t do it, you can’t play all three and have that type of success,” Behr said. “That’s part of why I did it, because so many said I couldn’t.”
Although Behr’s biggest individual success came in wrestling, he said winning a CIF title his junior year in baseball was the greatest moment of all.
“That’s because you do it with teammates, and because we had lost in the championship game the year before and had that sour taste in our mouth,” said Behr, who is likely headed to Mesa State College in Colorado.

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  • Don

    Way to go Behr! Now to Colorado.

    R&A: Good work, one down, two to go.

  • Hoppy

    Jerry Mac got robbed. He is easily the athlete of the year in the SGV. If not him then it should have been Rio.

  • FC

    I don’t know DB so it’s not fair to say anything but congratulations for an awesome career and much continued success at Colorado. I have however met MG and she is a remarkable individual. I saw her effort in the All Star Game and she was as advertised, great athlete, great work ethic and and great team mate. The world needs to take notice of a person so focused on success without losing their humility. LMU got themselves a winner for sure!

    That said I think Jerry Mac’s legacy is unquestionable. Few could have imagined the turn around Bishop Amat enjoyed with Jerry Mac making his debut in grand fashion. When you start your varsity career with one of the greatest comeback in SGV history what do you do for an encore.

    All he did was out do himself by generating even bigger wins and an even more improbable Serra League Championship. It has been an honor to see Jerry Mac in action. Coupled with his duties behind the plate and his scholarship to UC Irvine I see nothing but great things in his future.

    In a time when every athlete asks others to “look at me” Jerry Mac instead leads by example and quietly earns the respect of all who have seen him grow and perform.

    I still believe he deserved no less than a CO AOY but that’s for others to decide. I want to thank Jerry Mac and congratulate his family for a job well done.

    Best luck to all the athletes who will continue their studies while representing their schools in competition.

  • wantingtoknow

    Why is a kid like DB, such a talent, only going to a small school in colorado? Is it a lack of coaches helping a kid out. Making some calls. Do they not care about a kid once he leaves HS?

  • Radio

    letting you know- thank the scouting Goof……. i mean Guru.

  • GARGLE MY #@lls

    We can’t have one blog without some amat honk pissing and moaning if its not about them. Get a fricken life people.

  • just sayin’

    GARGLE MY #@lls – not from an “amat honk”. actually I’m pretty sure from someone with no connection to amat and has kids that go elsewhere. why is it anytime anyone tells the truth/supports amat they must be an “amat honk”?

  • Wrong again, no Amat “honk” here

    Gargle, sorry but I don’t have kids at Amat. Never had kids at Amat. I just understand how important Jim Kelly was to the University of Miami’s eventual dynasty. Not saying Amat will enjoy that level of success but Jerry Mac was that important to whatever turn around Bishop Amat enjoys and “could” enjoy in the future. Look at the facts separate from any personal feelings against or for any school.

    I also saw Jerry Mac when he was just new to the varsity and that kid has come a long way. Remember he wasn’t the season’s projected starter but in fact came off the bench to rally a team, and indeed a program.

    As I said I have nothing but congratulation for the Behr family but I do believe in my heart that no single athlete, short of Mc D at Covina, meant more to a school than Jerry Mac. In fact could Amat have enjoyed their success without him?

    As I wrote, and you should read it again, I think the world of Melinda Gomez, it’s just seems that Jerry Mac had similar importance is all I’m saying.

  • Frank

    Congratulations to both. It can always be argued that someone got robbed and no doubt about it Jerry Mac was great. But only one person can get this award, and at times those making the pics have to make tough decisions. So good luck to all the kids who got scholarships and are moving on to bigger things.

  • SHHS sportsfan

    Congrats to both AOY. They both are outstanding athletes and without a doubt had a huge impact on their teams’ seasons-especially Melinda G. She helped lead the VB team to a league championship and through the playoffs and of course Bball-she put SHHS on the map. A great way to cap off her 1800 plus points @ SHHS and other accomplishments. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about her in the future. Best of luck to all the SGV grads and their futures

  • AMAT 73

    Can’t we ever have a positive post by someone other that an AMAT honk or someone with no ties to the school that has an opinion of one of ours without some cry baby getting their chonies all in wad and trying to pin it on an AMAT blogger. Gargle your azz because that is from where you speak , maybe you are the one who needs to get a life and get AMAT out of your head. On another positive note, congratulations to these 2 fine athletes and good luck to them in their future.

  • Nikon DSLR Fanatic

    Fred, great article but next time have the photog center the picture a little better. The athletes are the cover story not the bat.





  • It’s male and female athlete of the year = equally

    You can see the male’s bat, wrestling shoes and football helmet clearly. He is also repesented well in the picture. On the other hand, the female’s basketball is obscured by the male and it is in a shadow, you see half a volleyball and part of the female is cut off. Poor photography.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Actually guys it’s a quirk in the system that sometimes crops photos a bit too much on the right side. The photo ran in full in the newspaper.

  • SH fan

    Congratulations to Dakota and Melinda.

  • Behr cuboards more like it

    This is the worst choice ever seen, when does 2nd team honors get you AOY… are we now soooo desperate to give South Hills something that you have to look for guys making 2nd team honors…Now Melinda Gomez is someone who there is NO doubts…she probably could have won this award all 4 years, outstanding young woman, great family…everything you could ask for in a young athlete…the only thing Dekota has in common with Melinda is that they go to the same school…Dekota was never the best player on any of his own teams much less the Valley…so many other choices…Jerry Mac, was at least 1st team in both FB and BB and was a one time league MVP…Will any one ever remember what Dekota did for his school, NO….Now will anyone remember what Jerry did for his school, Hell Yes! He helped lead the greatest Valley Football team back to prominence..
    When Bishop wins, the Valley spins right…thats why there is near 10 times the blog hits on Amat stories vs. any other school…16 hits on the blog on this item proves nobody gives a rats Axx about Dekota Behr because he was a nobody, and didn’t do Jack squat…I would be embarrassed if I were him knowing that he didn’t have a good year, compared to others…Somewhere his Dad Arnie is laughing his ash off and shaking his head with both hands tight around the award…What a frecking Joke!!!

  • Jerry Mac in a landslide !!!

    Dakota is wearing four rings but only was part of ONE Championship in Baseball. WHat are the other rings for?

    I second Jerry Mac’s worth as POY. Incredible that Fred made that call considering his own criteria over the years and the great “wins” that “Jerry Mac” engineered. Even in Football Jerry Mac wins over Adam Muema in my book with numerous “signature” wins for Jerry Mac and what “signature” win for Adam? Yes CO went back to back but level of competition? Please!!!

    South Hills enjoys a huggggggggggge advantage over their league opponents, and has for years, while no one can say the same about Jerry Mac’s football wins and obviously his baseball scholarship showcases his great play behind the plate.

    Jerry Mac was clearly the Athlete of the Year but than again Shaun Cody made Payer of the Decade with out making Player of the Year…the Tribune has that shameful record to live down so why stop now huh Fred?

    Cody was “National” Player of the Year and was credited with starting the flood of D1 five star athletes to USC but no POY in the Fish Bowl.. In ten years people will forget who won AOY in 2010 but no one will forget Jeryy Mac….take that to the bank !

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