Jordan Canada finally gets his scholarship

Scouting Guru writes: South Hills Running Back Jordan Canada – who recently graduated from South Hills High School three weeks ago – was offered a full scholarship at the University of Montana and has signed a letter of intent to play for the University of Montana. Canada, a first-team All-Montview League selection in 2008, didn’t play in 2009 when the California Interscholastic Federation’s Southern Section Office ruled him ineligible to play for the 2009 season. Canada also had an offer coming off his junior year from New Mexico State University. (to continue click thread).

Canada was planning on walking on at Fresno State University – but was contacted by the University of Montana football office several weeks ago and after tapes were sent by South Hills HS’s football office and our service and phone calls were made, Canada received word from HC Robin Plugfund (former Offensive Coordinator at University of Oregon) that he was going to offer a full scholarship and Canada committed this afternoon at 3 p.m.

“I am extremely happy to being a Grizzly,” Canada said. “It’s been a very interesting process, but I am glad that things worked out in the end. I want to thank my mother Gala and the entire South Hills High School coaching staff and in particular (Head) Coach (Steve) Bogan. They really pushed the pavement for me where most other schools would not have gone the extra mile for me. I hope to represent South Hills HS very well in college. I can’t wait to get back on the football field.”

“Obviously this is a great day for the football program here at South Hills,” head coach Steve Bogan said. “We were extremely disappointed that Jordan couldn’t play for us this past season here at South Hills. It was a shame that Jordan couldn’t play for us in 2009. But I am more disappointed in the fact that the fans of the San Gabriel Valley – who I think are some of the most knowledgeable football fans in Southern California – couldn’t see this young man play. All I can say is that Montana is getting a great kid.”

Our service had Canada ranked as the 22nd best football prospect for the Inland Empire and the San Gabriel Valley.

Canada is the second player from the class of 2010 at South Hills High School to sign a letter of intent to play Division 1 FCS college football in 2010. Ify Umodu – a first team All-CIF and first team All San Gabriel Valley Tribune selection at WR, signed with the University of Northern Arizona in February.

The Unviersity of Montana is considered one of the more successful teams in Division 1 FCS football and have been to the National Championship game the last two seasons. This past season, the Grizzlies lost to Villanova University. Ironically, South Hills class of 2009 alumnus Dorian Wells plays on the Wildcats team and made a huge impact in the national championship team.

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  • I hope the head coach over at BA takes a good look at the Brock Booth situation. I would hate to have BA forfeit all their games because of this South Hills kid.


    Why should they look at the Brock situation when CIF already cleared the transfer for Brock to play at Amat. Is there something you know that wasn’t reported or are you just another blow hard starting shiat on something you know nothing about.

  • Aaron

    For the record Booth is not a fifth year senior. This will be his fourth year of high school, supposedly he was held back in middle school. But I’ll call BS on that one. Oh and supposedly Bishop Amat is his fourth high school. He’s already been declared eligible for the 2010 season. It would be pretty damned hard to hide the fact that he would be in his fifth year of high school considering he lived in Hacienda Heights for most of his life.

    I hope that squaches a rumor. And no I don’t know him

  • SGV for 30 Years

    Ok Aaron here is your scoop on Mr Booth’s stops along his way to Amat. He was at Los Altos his freshmen year. From what I hear they had a pretty good squad. He left LA and was headed to Walnut. He never actually played there because the Walnut people weren’t willing to look the other way on his change of address. So they had to find a place that would look the other way. That’s where South Hills comes in (I know everyone is shocked about that one). So he becomes a Husky. He gets there and gets beat out by another Transfer from West Covina. (Shirley’s parents excuse for transfering was that he didn’t feel safe at WC. CIF saw right through that so he lost a year of baseball then decides to come out for football ends up the starting qb). Word on the street was that Mr Booth wasn’t going to be the guy at S. Hills again this year so off they went to Amat. We will see if he ends up the guy there. There really isn’t anywhere else he can go. He may be the best QB that we never see. The funny part about the whole thing is that had he stayed at LA he would have been a 3 year starter and some of those other guys from that team who left may have stayed and we would be talking about how LA has risen from the dead. If only.

    SGV430 Ouuut!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    Congratulations to Jordan Canada. As a parent with kids in college I know how important a full scholarship is to him and his family. Also good job to the South Hills staff for helping this kid out even though he didn’t play one down for them.That in it’s self shows what it’s all about-helping these kids out.PRICELESS Good Job!

  • AF

    Whats the word on South hills head coach. I herd that this will be his last season at South Hills. Can you elaborate a little more on this.

  • la down fall

    Booth was the real beginning of the LA down fall. Booth took Sisco and jordon with him to south hills. Another starting lb/rb came over to south hills the next year from LA.

  • just sayin’

    Aaron – obviously don’t know him. Lived in West Covina (by Hollencrest School) his whole life. Not sure of the boundaries – but maybe in South Hills district. I think there were “extenuating circumstances” between his departure form Los Altos too.

  • jesusjr23

    Brock Booth’s a great kid! Both his parents are extremely nice and respectful, GOOD LUCK BROCK!!! I’m sure Jordan and Siaosi wish you the best and appreciate everything Mr. Booth did as their coach/mentor!

  • Same Sht Different Day !

    Wasn’t this thread about a kid who won a scholarship?

  • Frank

    Way to go Canada- way to show Duarte’s GOT Talent even if he didn’t get to play at south hill his last year, very impressive. This is a great example of someone keeping themselves focused on their goals. good luck in your college career.
    As of Booth I can guarantee you he will not be starting QB at bishop,he will most likely play defense.

  • really

    South Hills sent tape WOW! stop it

  • la down fall

    Booth was the real beginning of the LA down fall. Booth took Sisco and jordon with him to south hills. Another starting lb/rb came over to south hills the next year from LA.