Is there any doubt that Glendora-Charter Oak should lead the way in week zero? Um, can we move the Smudge Pot to Thursday?

I had a fun conversation with Glendora quarterback Chad Jeffries yesterday, who wasn’t short on predictions. One, he said junior Donovan Holmes, the younger brother of Andre Holmes, is an absolute stud and will be a huge part of their offense in the backfield. He said he was glad he made his decision early to go to San Diego State so he could concentrate on the season, and said we should make the Week 0 Charter Oak and Glendora the game of the week, because they’ve got some surprises for the two-time defending champion Chargers. You got to love his confidence, when I asked where they should be in the Trib rankings, he said No. 1, then laughed and said no lower than No. 3, though I know he really felt they deserved the No. 1 tag. The smartest team of all is Ganesha, they will have the stage to themsleves by kicking off our season with a Thursday night game on Sept. 2 (too bad Bonita and San Dimas couldn’t play on Thursday, it would have been the biggest Smudge Pot ever). As far as who gets the Friday night game of the week, is there anything better than Glendora-Charter Oak? I know San Dimas-Bonita is tradition, it’s for the Smudge, but for pure football anticipation Jeffries is right, Glendora-Charter Oak is No. 1. For the fun of it, I will rank who we feel are the most important games as far as coverage.

Thursday, September 2
Ganesha at Montclair, 7 p.m.
Friday, September 3
1. Charter Oak vs. Glendora at Citrus College, 7 p.m.
2. San Dimas at Bonita, 7 p.m.
3. Rowland at Baldwin Park, 7 p.m.
4. Garfield vs. Bishop Amat at East Los Angeles College, 7 p.m.
5. Covina at West Covina, 7 p.m.
6. Nogales at Diamond Bar, 7 p.m.
7. Ontario at Arroyo, 7 p.m.
8. Los Altos at El Rancho, 7 p.m.
9. Diamond Ranch vs. Santa Margarita at Saddleback College, 7 p.m.
10. Ayala at Don Lugo, 7 p.m.
11. Garey at Pomona, 7 p.m.
12. Bassett at Keppel, 7 p.m.
13. Chino Hills vs. Mayfair at Bellflower, 7 p.m.

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  • Football

    you guys are idiots how is the smudge not thee number one game of week 0 and the year

  • GHS Dad

    We were hoping to keep Donovan Holmes a secret. I guess the cats out of the bag. Glendora has a lot of talent on that team.

  • BoHi

    If the smudge is not number one then it needs to be co number one

  • BigDog

    You should probably just do the smudge pot bowl. The way i see it Charter Oak should spank Glendora by at least 17 points. Glendora wants to play with the big boys but there not even close to competing with CO or any of the big boys.

  • How good is GHS going to be?

    They lost to West Covina last year, lol… CO, SH, and BA completely destroyed West Covina.

  • Hmm…

    Let’s see play with the big boys? Glendora lost to upland last year cif champs 10-3 and that was with Wallace gonzales not giving a crap and played like s**t and Glendora beat chino hills and that was one of chino hills best teams. So to play with big boys you shouldn’t be talking. And Glendora used to play in division 2 what’s the hghest playoffs co has played against? Exactly big dog. Let’s just face it co will lose the season opener and it will be a long long season for them. Glendora has two running backs staying under the radar who will dominate this season. Look out for glendora everyone.



    The number 1 spot is great for CO and Glendora. The number two spot should be given to San Dimas and Bonita. There is no reason why Bonita should not be beating San Dimas by three touchdowns every year I dont really see the importance of this game. The number three spot I have an issue with, I know its Balls first game back and everyone wants to know whats going to happen with Rowland… To be Frank Rowland does not stand a chance in the southeast with Muir, La Mirada, Dranch, West Covina and Bonita! Thats why the third best game maybe the second best game needs to be Garfield vs. Bishop Amat. I got a feeling that the garfield QB will be dragging some Amat defenders for extra yards this year!

  • One Glendora Dad to another.

    Glendora Dad,
    What secret? C’mon man, His last name is Holmes!

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J,
    Now that we are getting closer to the season openers thank God , what’s the word on Duarte and Bassett. I know a lot of ink was spilled on Duarte last year and Bassett this year on the down fall of their programs . No word on how Duarte or Bassett is doing as of yet . If I have one complaint on the coverage you guys give it is the fact of no follow ups on stories that you make issues of such as these two . I can remember much said on how Duarte only had 11-13 players and many left for other programs and recently the same for Bassett as far as only the type of numbers showing up for practice. Let’s at least see some update on how these 2 programs are doing since it was blog worthy of the downfalls by both.

  • Aaron

    Based upon the history of the Game in this Valley it seems Mr. Jeffries needs to look at the Tribune and Daily Bulletin Archives to understand. Fred you even have access to those archives to understand the history between these two schools.

    It’s cool if you want to discount that. Our boys and the boys from SD will again put on a show for not only these two communities but for all SGV Fans that know the history.

    SGV Football…you guys mind moving to Th

  • Sierra League Fan

    GHS did beat a tough Chino Hills team last year. A big win for sure. But the Tartans also lost to a 5-6 Damian team. Shut out 21-0 as a matter of fact. First shut out in nearly a decade of league games.

    So, it is alright to be excited about what you’ve got on your team this year and to look forward to anticipated success. But it is a faulty premise use last year’s results to judge this year’s team. Particularly true if you only want to consider victories and while you discount losses, especially losses to middle of the road/bad teams (such as Damian and West Covina).

  • DRanchhhh

    I think that is BS. CO has had a HUGE drop off in talent. They will not be half the team we faced in the last 3 years. So Glendora is getting the leftovers. If they beat CO, it will not be due them not being good, but moreso a drop off in talent. Can anyone list the graduates of that CO team and their accomplishments? Glendora would not have stood a chance against CO in the past 3 years.

  • Aarons a joke

    Do you think any player gives a rats a$$ about the history of Smudge Pot in the Tribunes Archives? Doesnt matter who or what team is playing C/O zero week they are going to think that is the all time game of the year.
    If you think Smudge Pot is the game of the week, great go to it.

  • Aaron

    Hey it’s an opinion…and you know what they say about those. I’m alluding to the history of the game, you know football, in this Valley. Looking back I’m wrong about Jeffries, but I have no idea why Fred would think about it this way. This game has been played continuously since 1972, this will be the 39th game in the series. A game that is in the roots of this Valley’s history.

  • Aaron came to his senses

    Ok I understand that history means alot to you and Im glad you came to your sense’s about a player who is playing C/O in zero week not haveing to realize the history of smudge pot in the Tribune Archives is most important.

  • SGV Athlete

    Gladstone vs. Northview (Scrimmage)-Thursday Sept 2 7pm

  • please

    Since when is CO considered “big boys”?

  • JFR

    BA FAN,

    I would not fear Crespi this year, CO 1st, celts 2nd and SH 3rd. Looks like all teams are rebuilding on D. CO Looks good on O but its still just passing league. Guru was far and away crespi fan with a quick whistle, not that it meant anything. If anyone has time to make it out to see the GURU please make the time, you won’t be disappointed.

  • BigDog

    You herd my prediction here first. Charter Oak by 17 over Glendora, yes the same Glendora team that just got by Diamond Ranch in a last second winning field goal against a Diamond Ranch team who led the whole game last year.You know Fred everyone has been talking about this kid Jeffries but I’m not convinced this kid is that good.I think he is way over hyped. Also makes me wonder why he verbals with SDS over Oregon? I don’t get it he picks a team that has had three coaching staffs in four years.SDS has been terrible lately.I could go on but i think you catch my drift.



    Unless you are affilated with CO in some way shape or form. You would know that every year we lose great players. We tend to find a way to reload with great athletes, did you already forget last year that everyone was saying about this same time that CO lost a ton of seniors on that 2008 CIF championship team. “Who is going to replace Chris Allen” “Who is going to replace Kiely Rycraw” “Who is going to replace Tyler Perri” “Who is going to replace Evan Willams” you catch my drift??? Glendora will have their hands full with this CO team, mark my words. I have this gut feeling that the game is not even going to be close, which sucks because I always like watching a competitive game. This year CO will be just fine, just like every other year. Just ask Crespi and South Hills after the beat down they took today, even though Crespi was alot bigger than Charter Oak!


    Do you thinks its Dranchs time this year to raise the plaque in December? Also if they dont make it will it be a disapointment of a season?

  • what a joke


    You talk a lot of smack considering Charter Oak has never faced an elite D-2 or Pac-5 program.

    Common dude…No one cried louder than Charter Oak’s Coach Lou Farrar when he learned that CO was moving to D-2 ball. It was quite embarrassing for Charger fans to witness this was it not? You can tell us! What was it like to watch Coach Lou Farrar argue and beg to be spared of greater competition?

    It’s really sad that it is going to take getting your ass kicked by REV, Norco, Chapparal, and Corona Centennial in order to gain a greater appreciation of what Bishop Amat does every godamn year.

    So have fun playing programs that your Coach Lou has spent his entire career avoiding!!!

  • DRanchhhh


    Look, I have a ton of respect for CO and BA Football . You are right in your assessment of CO’s ability to reload year in and year out. But here is what I am looking at.

    Adam Muema was the main ball carrier for 2 years on that CO team. Prior to that (07), K.Snowden and the other kid (cant think of the name) carried the load. Adam had a great supporting cast too with L.Youngblood and K.Smith in the backfield.
    All of these bloggers gettin all super hyped about CO ability or inability to be an effective passing team. They (CO) is not a passing team. They RUN the ball, again correct me if I am wrong. Honestly I have seen 2 of the linemen at camps and I must say that if they average that kind of height and weight across the LOS again, which they will I am almost sure, Glendora will seriously have a hard time. I know that CO had a smaller RB last year that saw very few reps, but he was fast. So we shall see. I have CO winning by 2 TD’s. Although GHS has a stud QB, I don’t think he has the receivers to throw too. But they have a great coaching staff who will coach them up correctly. Unless they (GHS)are going to run a lot of PA and crossing routes, again, they have no chance.

    As far as DR, I will keep it under wraps bc I don’t know much more than what I see when I get a chance to get up there. I know they have some very good backs, 3 very good receivers, a huge O-Line and D-Line and an OK QB. More importantly, we have Roddy Layton who is a stud HC. He will find a way to make it happen. First game is against trinity league, Santa Margarita. So we shall see the outcome. I say we win by a few TD’s if that team (DR) fires on all cylinders.!!

    As far as the list:

    1. Charter Oak vs. Glendora at Citrus College, 7 p.m. (CO)
    2. San Dimas at Bonita, 7 p.m. (Bonita, hands down)
    3. Rowland at Baldwin Park, 7 p.m. (BP)
    4. Garfield vs. Bishop Amat at East Los Angeles (toss up, I read a few good things about those big boys at garfield)College, 7 p.m.
    5. Covina at West Covina, (WesCo all day) 7 p.m.
    6. Nogales at Diamond Bar, 7 p.m. (0-0) LOL
    7. Ontario at Arroyo, 7 p.m. (Arroyo..ONT looks like a Pop Warner team))
    8. Los Altos at El Rancho,(El Rancho) 7 p.m.
    9. Diamond Ranch vs. Santa Margarita at Saddleback College, (DR all day)7 p.m.
    10. Ayala at Don Lugo, 7 p.m. (I def like Don Lugo, Line is massive and they have depth)
    11. Garey at Pomona, 7 p.m. (I have Garey in this one. PHS has a lot of speed but I think they blow this from a lack of discipline)
    12. Bassett at Keppel, 7 p.m.
    13. Chino Hills vs. Mayfair at Bellflower,(C.Hills by far) 7 p.m.

  • Playoffs

    What exactly does Amat do every year besides lose in the playoffs?

  • observer

    To Big Dog,

    Despite the fact that you have already shown a complete lack of knowledge or any semblance of self-respect, I’ll still indulge your rediculous comments..

    Lets begin with the idea that Glendora is “stepping up to play the big boys” against CO… Puh-lease! You are talking about the Glendora team that plays in a far superior division to CO. Used to play in Div. 2. Plays in a far superior league(If you recall, CO SHUTOUT their entire league last year).. More so an indictment of a horrendous league rather than CO’s sheer dominance, although no one can understate the talent with Powell/ Rufus as DB’s and Keith Smith/Leon Youngblood at LB… Even so, CO’s toughest game all year probably came against Etiwanda where it took an incredibly late TD down the right sideline to AJ Powell to complete a 19 or so point turnaround against the Eagles.. Eagle QB ran all over the CO defense as well as passing for well over 200+…

    Chad Jeffries is overrated and Glendora somehow ‘lucked out’ in their win over DR last year.. First of all, it was clear from start to finish the best player on the field was Andre Holmes.. It was also the benefit of a phantom pass interference/ late-hit call against Donovan Holmes of Glendora which I still don’t know what the call was reminiscant of the French-African referee who duped the US out of a WC win over Slovenia.. Also try to remember who it was who managed the game down the stretch and beat DR every way possible sacrificing limb in a drive to put GHS in position for the game-winning FG as time expired.. Jeffries ran all over those kids and ask any of them, I’m sure they’d tell you to temper your criticism.. Glendora, on an off night, was still better than a desperate DR team who needed the win more..


    what a joke,

    What does my comment to Dranch have to do with you or Amat? No where in my post do I mention you or Amat… To correct your statement Big Lou did not fight the divisional changes but he argued being moved out of their current league. We already had a feeling the league was going to be bumped up… Also let me know where I was talking smack?

  • yes way

    Andre Holmes was the best RB in the Sierra League last year.

  • Film dont lie…..

    Just watched your video link you posted and the best part of it is when Glendora is setting up for the field goal you can see every DR fan standing in anticipation for the kicker to miss. All the DR players jumping up and down on the sidelines and then, “the kick” and Glendora erupts in celebration. THATS CLASSIC !!
    Thank you.

  • Film dont lie…..

    Just watched your video link you posted and the best part of it is when Glendora is setting up for the field goal you can see every DR fan standing in anticipation for the kicker to miss. All the DR players jumping up and down on the sidelines and then, “the kick” and Glendora erupts in celebration. THATS CLASSIC !!
    Thank you.

  • Film dont lie…..

    Just watched your video link you posted and the best part of it is when Glendora is setting up for the field goal you can see every DR fan standing in anticipation for the kicker to miss. All the DR players jumping up and down on the sidelines and then, “the kick” and Glendora erupts in celebration. THATS CLASSIC !!
    Thank you.

  • please

    All we do is shine! Oh yeah, we play and beat the big boys. Who else among us can make that claim?… … … yeah, I know! LMAO at Playoffs!

  • just askin’

    please – what’s worse – to LMAO at Playoff results – or the poor quality of Playoff opponents?

  • Smudge #1


    The Smudge Pot is the number 1 spot hands down. A CO/Glendora game is big, but the crowd the smudge draws is huge. Past CO/Glendora games don’t come close. Sorry, the history of this game in the SGV is big!

    Jeffries isn’t goin to pack the stands because CO will dominate him! One thing to look good in combines, but big CO defense will crash him!

  • CO#1

    Dont you worry about Glendora’s QB you should be worried about your own who is as slow as a turtle.



  • One Game…that last a life time !!!

    Smudge Pot Dynamics

    Fred has failed us once again. The SP is the only game in the Fish Bowl that actually has history on it’s side.Charter Oak and Glendora share some history but mostly it’s a game that has been played off and on depending on off the field issues. The SP on the other hand has been played continuously since it’s inception. South HIlls. West Covina. Covina, Damien, have so such rivalry to speak off and no continuous “Trophy” marking it’s importance.

    Garfield and Roosevelt play their game annually and pack ELAC every single year regardless of records. One team could be winless and the other undefeated and still the game is ‘The Game”. Fred fails to support that concept by believing any game could trump that history.

    Give credit where credit is due, Bonita and San Dimas, and there out all community support, have done what others in the Valley have failed miserably to accomplish…create a legacy. Aaron has it right, and anyone who has attended a Smudge Pot Game will attest, the atmosphere is unreal. If high school sports are suppose to create memories that last a lifetime and players are suppose to cry , win or lose, than the Smudge Pot approaches that criteria.

    My brother played in the Garfield Roosevelt game in 74 leading an undefeated RHS team against a stubborn nothing to lose Garfiled team, and it was a war! Finally. late in the game, he threw a “rainbow” deep into Fernie Montes’ hands (he was the Texas Rangers’ trainer who “outed” Roger Clemns btw) the stadium erupted! 25,000 people on their feet as the ball flew thru the air (yes the stadium holds 22,000 but they pack at least 25,000 for that game annually.

    Pac 5 games are unbelievable exhibitions of school pride and community involvement but NOTHING comes close to “beating your neighbor” and that’s what San Dimas and Bonita have created in the Fish Bowl ..and somehow Fred and others are to myopic to see it’s relevance.

    Smudge Pot gets my vote if for no other reason than “that’s what high school football is all about”…..”bragging rights” for one year, that last a life time !!!


    Hey D-face,
    Take your trash cans out of your driveway. You’re making the whole neighborhood look bad.

    Shut up D-face!

  • SGV in the House

    The smudgepot may have the history and fan support, but there’s no way I’m missing CO and Glendora….


    Years ago, before I changed my ways. a man with bad ties threatened my wife because he wanted $200 dollars from me. I went to that man’s house that same night and walked in his back door, not expecting to walk out alive, and didn’t leave until I felt he’d changed his mind….and he did. It’s something I’m not proud of but it’s something that “I”did, to myself, that brought some one I loved into harm’s way. That was almost 30 years ago. It may have helped me change my wicked ways but there are two things that I will never let happen again while I’m still alive. That’s one of them, don’t threaten those I love.. I’ll take that comment as a real threat to my family’s safety. Make no mistake about my conviction to finding out who you are.

    Last year I spoke with Fred and the Tribune Editor about issues like this after some one tried to talk to my wife on her way to work one morning. And after some one left a note on my car saying to stop blogging or else. Pray to whatever filthy god keeps you alive because if I ever see you near my family or my house again God won’t help you. This is a blog about sports and you crossed the line before and this time I will file charges with whatever authorities are necessary and pursue whatever legal action I can to bring this to an end. Your IP ADDRESS is a start.

    You are officially put on notice. Nothing will occupy my mind more than getting you to understand how much I’ve taken that as a threat to my family’s safety.


    I will call your office tomorrow. How stupid is it for anyone to make this sport’s blog more than it is.

    THE TEH…. you went where you should never have gone.

    Believe that!


    Your trashcans are still out in front of your house.

    Shut up D-face!

  • AE 1178

    I played in 3 smudgepots and coached in 4 more. I have also coached at other schools. The only rivalry that might spew more dislike is the milkcan. There is a genuine dislike for the other school in the smudgepot. I can say I never lost it as a player and have never won it as a coach. The atmosphere is like no other. I can remember playing at Glenn Davis my senior and the crowd 3 deep around the west fence. you couldn’t move. I remember coaching in the game at San Dimas and seeing people sitting on hill behind the visitor stands and barely being able to get to the locker room at halftime, absolutely unreal atmosphere. I think the smudgepot is the best rivalry game in the area.

  • Sierra League Fan

    Smudge pot for tradition.


    CO v. GHS should be a better game.

  • The Game

    When UCLA beat USC recently did the team’s record reflect a great game going in?

    How about Roosevelt vs Garfield, do records matter?

    CO-GHS might be a better game on paper but games aren’t played on paper and they blew their chance for a great rivalry when who ever passed on playing ever year did recently.

    Rivalries are ever year…not when things line up for you.


    Trash cans, Bro.


    Shut up D-face!