When the glare of Friday Night Lights stares down on them, who will become your next rising stars?

You know most of the big names, but how about the newcomers, surprises and first-year varsity players expected to make an impact. You know that Jay Anderson isn’t returning his senior season at Bishop Amat, but all I’ve heard is great things about junior running backs Jalen Moore and Zachary Shay, whom coach Steve Hagerty described as “pure” football players. Speaking of which, Hagerty is extremely impressed with sophomore tight end Sal Velasquez, a 6-foot transfer from Los Altos whom Hagerty said, “Is a kid that was a Lancer and didn’t even know it. It was in his DNA. If I could draw a Lancer on the board, he would be it. He comes in, works hard in the weight room, works hard on the field and is unfazed by things. You can tell a lot by how a kid works, and he gets it.” How are those for strong words. You want more, we asked coaches to list their top newcomers, here a a few, Covina lists sophomore RB Gevontray Ainsworth and linebacker Justin Turner, Baldwin Park likes junior QB Ray Bosque, Azusa is counting on junior LB Eric Perez, Glendora naming junior RB/LB Cory Victoria, Duarte naming practically everyone (which includes Sr. QB Anthony Martinez), Workman loves Jr. QB Val Cervantes, Gladstone RB/LB Carlos Gomez, Northview going with a pair of sophomores in RB/WR Javon Taylor and LB/TE Roy Torres, just to name a few …. Now it’s your turn, lets hear your predictions on the Valley’s next rising stars. We want to hear it here first.

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    These are the kids who I think will make a name for themselves. These are all kids who played on the Freshman team for CO last year.

    Khari Garcia – Think of Adrian Peterson in the early stages
    Brian McIntyre – Think if Mick Vick without the dog charges… LOL
    Luis Cordova – Think of Rey Maualuga with the same hair and beastly collisions.
    Brice Bobo – Think or Randy Moss, hands all day.
    Eric Ortiz – Think of Tony Gonzalez with a little bit of defense in him.

  • I was typing in these kids names into google and this was just posted today.


    Maybe this kid can crack the starting lineup at CO and try to start filling Keith Smith’s shoes at Linebacker.

    Top 10 in the nuc ultimate 100 is not bad.

  • A republic view

    In short Corey Victoria is a stud.
    He works hard, he is a good teammate and he is as tuff as nails. Look for this kid to contribute significantly on both sides of the ball. He is going to be fun to watch over the next 2 years. Good luck to him and the rest of the boys over at GHS.

    Another kid to keep an eye on at CO is soph LB Alex Hernandez. He is big, fast and has all the makings of being an impact player.

    Good luck to all the up and comers!

  • X-coach

    I coached Sal when he was very young and all I can say is he is a great kid! Works very hard and is going to be very successful at BA!

  • C.O. Beep Beep

    I’ll tell you what. C.O. has a tradition at Linebacker being players of the year on defense and even amongst their rank and file of coaches there is a long standing tradition. My son thrived in Coach Lehigh’s system and players before my son in his position had expectations which I thought was outstanding. Good luck future C.O. linebackers and make your community proud. The future sounds exciting with you guys playing together.

  • Line Backer U

    What ever happened to Psycho Pasalo? Is he in the NFL yet?

  • Slick

    Take a look at the charter oak sophmore class on varsity. This class will go far. Brian macintire FS/WR, Khari Garcia SS, Brice Bobo WR, Aaren Vaughns RB/CB, Eric Ortiz LB/TE, Luis Cordova LB, Alex Hernandez LB, Darren Andrews WR /CB, and Matthew Cisneros S. Talk about talent. Future cif champs. Good luck younguns.

  • Jus putting it out there

    When Sal V. had played Co freshman he had done nothing but get blasted throughout the football game.

  • Observer

    Kids at GHS besides Victoria and Holmes to watch :

    Demetrius Hicks RB
    Skylar Crawl LB
    Dakota Mendoza LB
    Charles Johnson DB
    DJ Pray LB
    Willy Regis C

  • Rhyme away

    Dekota Mendoza…Wallace Gonzales….is there something in the water?

  • Review

    CO Sophmore linebackers Eric Ortiz and Luis Cordova work hard and will be outstanding in the years to come. These kids do nothing but put kids on the floor and make big plays. Ortiz a 6’0″ 200lb LB/TE. Cordova is a 5’9″ 200lb LB.

  • Should be in green….

    I agree with A-Replubic’s comments about Corey Victoria, great kid. One of the hardest working kids I have ever seen on the football field, gives 110 percent every-play, both in games and at practice. He’s fun to watch and he’s the type of kid you want to see succeed and quickly become a fan of his. Keep working Kid, best of luck in the next two seasons.

  • reality

    Saw this def. player from Bonita, Mckenzie? Looks like a physical guy and a leader, of the type that Bonita could really use. Sorry if I misspelled the name.

  • ya ok

    “Future cif champs”…..sure buddy…

  • Slick

    That means you haven’t seen these kids from CO play yet.

  • Norco

    Slick…..What it means is your haven`t see teams from the BIGVIII play yet…

  • George Czarnick HH Wilson – reciever
    Dominic Salas- Rosemead
    Eric Magos- Schurr
    Paul Cruz – Rosemead

  • just play

    shhs lb randall varela(not even playing much summer but tough)olb/te josh delagardell(think spelled right)wr cody deen quick good hands

  • SGV Athlete

    Gladstone has a few underclassmen that will contribute early. Five Sophomores that stick out the most include:

    RB/LB Carlos Gomez (listed above)
    RB/LB Aaron Sanchez
    OL/DE Christan Guzman
    OL/DL Adrian Solchaga
    QB/FS Kevin Amazquita

    All are extremely talented players that will start or see a lot of playing time this season.

  • BA Blues

    Norco…..What it means is your haven`t see teams from the PAC5 play yet…

  • Norco

    BA Blues….

    We can turn this thread upside down…It`s up to you…Anyways here is a little food for thought. I ran PROJECT A MATCHUP on CALPREPS with Amat & Norco…I know their only hypothetical match-ups…but interesting none the less…

    neutral field
    [2009] Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) 31, [2009] Norco (CA) 28

    neutral field
    [2008] Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) 24, [2008] Norco (CA) 21

    neutral field
    [2007] Norco (CA) 28, [2007] Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) 17

    neutral field
    [2006] Norco (CA) 31, [2006] Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) 17

    neutral field
    [2005] Norco (CA) 32, [2005] Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) 21

    neutral field
    [2004] Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) 28, [2004] Norco (CA) 22

    neutral field
    [2003] Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA) 28, [2003] Norco (CA) 24

  • Norco

    Calpreps has released their preseason power ratings for California high schools. Here are a few of interest:

    Top 20 Teams In Southern California
    1. 69.6 Westlake
    2. 65.6 Servite
    3. 59.9 Chaparral
    4. 59.0 Serra
    5. 58.2 Vista Murrieta
    6. 58.1 Crenshaw (L.A. Section)
    7. 57.7 Moorpark
    8. 57.3 Mission Viejo
    9. 56.4 Lakewood
    10. 54.1 L.B. Poly
    11. 54.0 Mater Dei
    12. 53.5 Edison
    13. 51.6 Corona Centennial
    14. 50.3 La Habra
    15. 49.1 Bishop Amat
    16. 48.9 Alemany
    17. 48.3 Cathedral (S.D. Section)
    18. 45.5 Norco
    19. 45.0 St. Bonaventure
    T20. 44.8 Palm Springs
    T20. 44.8 Valencia

    Toughest Nonleague Schedules In The Pac-5

    What I find interesting is out of the 29 teams in the PAC5 Amat`s Non-League schedule only ranks 16th….not very impressive if you ask me..

    1. 43.6 L.B. Poly
    2. 42.9 Mission Viejo
    3. 42.3 Servite
    4. 41.0 Loyola
    5. 40.9 St. John Bosco
    6. 40.8 Mater Dei
    7. 36.8 Edison
    8. 35.5 Notre Dame
    9. 32.8 L.B. Jordan
    10. 32.2 San Clemente
    11. 30.9 Crespi
    12. 30.1 Newport Harbor
    T13. 29.2 Dana Hills
    T13. 29.2 Orange Lutheran
    15. 27.4 Tesoro
    16. 26.1 BISHOP AMAT
    17. 25.3 Santa Margarita
    18. 23.9 Trabuco Hills
    19. 21.4 Compton
    20. 21.1 Fountain Valley

    Special Empty Nutsack Trophy For The Most Gutless Nonleague Schedule
    Lakewood. The #3 Pac-5 team has the #23 toughest nonleague schedule.

  • Incomplete Rankings


    Great rankings list that shows the best of the best in California State football. BUT! There must be some mistake. You see, it’s Passing League time and Charter Oak,South Hills, and Chino Hills are doing well and have proven that their football programs can compete with the best programs in the State! Sure neither the Chargers nor the Huskies (x2) have ever SEEN any of those team on that list but hey, HYPE has got to count for something right?

  • Norco

    Flag football don`t cant…BUT…

    If teams intentions are to work on their QB’s, Wrs, & Defense with their reads and timing, then I guess it could be a good thing. But most teams like to throw to backs coming out of the backfield; or who run ghost sets by lining running backs two feet behind the guard & tackle gaps and then send them down field 3 & 1/2 seconds later on seam routes; or teams who drop backers to 9 yards without read steps; or who take snaps from shot gun even though they never use it; or who consistently throw passes at what would be O-lineman shoulder level from unrealistic pass drop levels; or who wait until backers have cleared and throw shovel passes right at where their protection would be…These teams look good…But usually its a different story when pads come on….Get my drift???????

  • Kaptain Keifer

    Well the 16th hardest non-league schedule is still better than the 17th – 25th, right???? Here’s something you might find even more interesting, how many of those PAC-5 teams (1 – 25) has Norco played and beat?

  • Eligible??

    Someone from Amat please explain to all of us bloggers one simple scenario?
    According to CIF, Brock Booth is already eligible? How?
    I live around the corner from his house in West Covina and see him and his family on a daily basis. Now, in order for him to be eligible, didn’t he have to move with his entire family? And didn’t BA have to approve the home check?
    5 schools in 4 years and this was not athletically motivated?

  • Norco

    Whats even more interesting is your an idiot to believe that the best teams reside in the PAC5…Norco SOS is tougher then the majority of PAC5 teams with City Champion & D1 finalist Crenshaw, CIF Champion Upland & Semi Finalist Etiwanda…

    Norco called several PAC5 teams for games….Los AL was one of them…But LA wanted to play cupcakes..Hell Los Al hasn’t won a playoff game since 2004. As a matter of fact they didn’t make the playoffs at 8-2 one year because the schedule was so soft. .

    Los Alamitos “tough” Preseason Schedule

    Toughest preseason schedule-gotta be Lost Alamitos. Check out these California football powers;

    1. Norwalk(at least the Griffin’s will be home here).
    2. Mayfair(they were the team to beat 7 or 8 years ago)
    3. West Adams Prep(in Barnes true tradition, his squad takes on a LA City Power-remember those games against LA Washington?)
    4. Valley Center(they beat Mater Dei last year-just don’t ask me which Mater Dei…leave it at that)
    5. Rancho Santa Margarita(to round out this tough preseason schedule, they schedule a Trinity team! And it’s not JSerra).

  • Amat Onlooker

    Eligible?? – Get over it. The kid is playing at Amat and he IS eligible….move on.

  • Kaptain Keifer

    WHOA! A little testy there aren’t we Norco? Nobody said anything about the best teams residing in the PAC-5. Just a tad bit sensitive huh? My point was merely that among the PAC-5 schedules, 16th was not as bad as 17th thru 25th. No need to go all postal. My second comment (question?) apparently touched an exposed nerve regarding Norco’s lack of PAC-5 competition, so I guess I will just take your “Explaination” as your answer. See, no need for name calling, insults or genitalia comparisons. Just two bloggers exchanging info. Have a nice night and you may want to switch to Decafe bud.

  • Eligible??

    Amat Onlooker,
    Are you guys hiding what goes on at Amat by telling us “just to get over it”?
    Honestly, if he is playing for the Lancers, than your team is not very good. The kid couldn’t even find the field at SH.
    I am a Bulldog and know this kid and the family are currently living in the same address he used while he went to SH, so what happens at Amat is being exposed by little ol’ me. Nervous?

  • Aaron

    Hey Norco,

    I know that Norwalk and Mayfair play in the Southeast now…but those two will be tough. Norwalk’s O-line is gigantic. Lightest guy is 290. Not sure how physical they are, but they have athletes. Mayfair also…but the Suburban league has three good teams and four weak sisters.

    Saw JSerra at the Claremont tournament…they didn’t win a game.

  • Coach


    You are clueless, if you coached Sal when he was younger we all know your level of coaching, flag. Sal is a great kid, but way to slow to play DE at that level. They end up putting him on the D-line or O-line then maybe.


    First off you say your a Buiidog , so how does it feel to get your azzez kicked 2 years in a row by a team that’s not very good. CIF ruled him eligible not us so really , get over it . Maybe your gripe is since he does live in WC that they never considered WC an option for them . By the way you are a Bulldog so why the concern over Amat and Booth . If he is as lousey as all make him out to be everyone should be thankful he has the possibility to start or play at Amat because you know everyone of you haters would just love to see us have a losing season.

  • please

    Hey eligible, don’t we have a kid by the name of Wallace Gonzalez? Didn’t he have to sit all last season at Amat? Guess what he did… SIT! What’s to hide?

  • x-coach

    Coach…you are the clueless asswipe! Who ever said anything about coaching him in football? What a scum bag comment!

  • ontherise

    SH has all new starters in the secondary…
    Jamie Canada-speedy playmaker
    Jamel Hart-athletic,in right places @ right times
    Levi Osborn-smart football player with great football instincts
    Manny Alvarez-big phisical saftey

  • Argue that

    otherwise…and yet Diamond Ranch handled you guys your lunch. How is that? Weren’t Deen and Bowden suppose to win it all that year, or at the very least educate DR. The DR boys out playe them and Roddy and Co out coached them.

    Argue that.

  • GameDayatUSC

    I am not sure I would take the S.O.S for anything serious.

    No way Poly OR M.V should be in front of Servite.

    Servite ONLY has THREE CIF champions, and the Pac 5 runner up, in NON league. They had to schedule a SORRY Kennedy of Granada Hills ONLY becasue that Louisiana school couldnt come to terms. THEN they get Mater Dei, Orange LU, and J SERRA IN LEAGUE! HANDS DOWN the TOUGHEST in ANY division.

    POLY plays NO CIF champions, and some playoff teams, as does M.V., BUT they do get each other.

  • Aaron


    JSERRA is nothing to squawk about. Yes it is passing league but they lost all four of their pool games at the Claremont tournament. They looked bad. Still for as new a school as they are it still great that they play in the PAC-5.

  • 2009 Pac-5 (77 wins, 33 losses) vs. Inland (45 wins, 33 losses)

    The best teams do reside in the Pac-5. The “no name” Inland Division teams did much worse than the “no name” Pac-5 teams. Check out Maxpreps if you don’t believe me.

    You can also take a look at Calpreps preseason #25 in Southern California posted by Norco. The Inland Division has 4 teams while the Pac-5 has 8.

    Also, Calpreps ranked 3 Pac-5 teams in the top 25 in the Nation (Servite #3, Edison #6, Mission Viejo #14) The Inland Division had zero.

    Calpreps also ranked the Pac-5 as the #3 toughest division behind Texas 5A and Ohio D-1. The Inland Division was ranked #27

    In regards to strength of schedule, the Pac-5 had the toughest in the entire country…but this is not really surprising.

    Here are the Inland’s established “Football Factories”…

    Redlands East Valley
    Vista Murrieta
    Corona Centennial

    Here are the Pac-5 established “Football Factories”…

    Long Beach Poly
    Mission Viejo
    Los Alamitos
    SO Notre Dame
    Orange Lutheran
    Mater Dei
    Bishop Amat
    Esperanza (was)

    I agree that the top teams in the Inland could compete with the top teams in the Pac-5. However, in regards to number of quality programs, the Pac-5 wins hands down.

    In regards to Los Alamitos, they have been struggling the past 3 seasons. However, they have gone 23-9 which is a pretty good record for most schools. ALL of Los Alamitos losses have been to Pac-5 teams as well…

  • huskybaseball

    Steven Mendoza, an incoming freshmen at south hills made team usa baseball 14-u today!

  • GameDayatUSC

    Interesting regarding the schools I saw that were consided “factories”

    The Temecula squads, ie….. Vista Murietta, and Chaparral, have been around less than a dozen years.

    I wouldn’t say having ONE down season OR at the most two should take you out either.

    SO if WE say take this past decade ONLY, then alot will be left out, wouldn’t you agree?

    I mean Outside of the last two years, LAKEWOOD, has been awful, LOS AL has been average, and just five years ago, EDISON won ONLY 2 GAMES. We can look deeper, and say what has AMAT done in that time period, or Crespi having a few seasons with 6 wins, or Loyola getting 4 & 6 wins. The list goes on and on.

    So in the lsat Decade the so called “factories” probably be less than 7-10

    If I had to make a TOP list of “factories” who have been CONSISTANT REGARDLESS of how many rings THEY have or how long the schools has been open, the past 8-12 years, THEN in NO order we can say FROM Palm Springs to the ocean, and North to the Grapvine we may get a TOP 15, MAYBE!


    This is why its SO HARD to come away with being called a “factory” Schools have been open, and have gone through changes, as well as being hurt by those same newer schools opening.

    In my honest opinion IF WE EVER, had “factories” it was over 30 years ago. To me those schools should have been called factories. Schools who played at least 11-12 games a season for a period of years, seemed to be all from the 1970’s

    ST. PAUL
    NOW THOSE WERE consistant EVERY season, regardless of titles.

    Very intersting subject though, so thanks!!

  • just askin’

    GameDayatUSC – if a school has victories over 4 of those schools, a winning record in the past 6 seasons, and 3-1 in the past two seasons vs your “factory” – should they be included in the “factory”? Or is this subjective?

    Hart’s is IN your factory? They were 7-4 & 5-6 the past two seasons with 2 additional 5-loss seasons in the past 6.


  • just askin’

    to clarify – a winning record in the past 6 seasons “against schools in “the factory”. And with additional wins over schools that have beaten “the factory” in the same year.

  • Coach


    I am only reporting the facts out of LA. The kid was the only player on the freshmen team that could catch a ball. Are we going to be honest here or what? He is a great kid, good hands, good size but has always lacked speed. This kid would haven been much better off staying at LA, at a level that he would be able to compete. At Bishop Amat don’t see him seeing the lights. If he does what does that really say about the talent level at Bishop Amat. I guess since Booth is competing for the starting QB job at Bishop Amat we really do need to start to question the talent level over their. Bishop Amat has a second or third string quarterback from south hills and a junior that only played quarterback his freshmen year competing for the starting job. Any one that knows footballs knows that the quarterback position requires extending training at the position. Something Booth has but no way Rio has. So what are you really saying about the talent level at Bishop Amat?

  • No one said Booth was going to start but anyways…


    Funny how that is your name. Hands down, Bishop Amat has the best coaching staff in the SGV. This is no secret and BA also added the legendary Tom Salter to their staff. Salter just got done helping his brother Tim at Upland land a CIF Championshiop last season. The Lancers are PUMPED that he’s back.

    What I am trying to say is that if any school can take an average kid and transform him into something special, it’s Bishop Amat. To be honest, playing at BA is intimidating because of who they play and what is expected. If you ever looked across the field and saw Mater Dei, you would know exactly what I am talking about.

    Take a look at Wallace Gonzales…when he transferred over, everyone bascially wrote him off saying that he was a loose cannon, slow, selfish, and could not possible fit in at BA. Now,everything is different about this kid. He’s a team player now and will be a dominant force to be reckoned with. What caused this??? Perhaps coaching? lol

    Amat RB Jay Anderson, WR Rio Ruiz, and QB Jerry McClanahan were all baseball players FIRST! Football, SECOND. Yet, they all managed to turn heads when they beat St. Bonaventure, SO Notre Dame, and Mater Dei. So how can baseball players accomplish these feats?

    That’s right Coaching, it’s great coaching =)

  • Sport of Kings

    What separates Bishop from the rest is not the number of superstars they have on their team. Its the number of straight up natual footballers they have filling in the supporting roles. Ya know, the guys that never make the newspaper yet play every game? They have crazy depth over there along with a top notched coaching staff which I think has a couple of former NFL players (can anyone verify this?)Calpreps preseason rankings has Bishop Amat as the # 15 in So California. Unfortunately for Bishop and despite these advantages, they gotta play teams that are just like themselves and even better.

  • Coach

    You guys are missing my point.

    Yes Bishop Amat has the best coaching in the valley. For the record Damien isn’t even close.

    Yes Bishop Amat does have depth, that no other team has in the valley.

    My question is what is the real gap in talent between BA and other schools in the valley. Two examples of this is Bishop Amats quarterback and running competition.

    Your front runner at QB is like you said a baseball player. From what I was told came into high school with no real tackle football experiense at the QB position. So this kid has one year (freshman) of experience at the QB position. You guys expect this kid to lead your program. The quarterback position is the most learned position on the field, you don’t learn it part time during the summer.

  • Breaking News……………………..

    Word out is that Jay Anderson may return to play football this season, if he apologizes to his entire team. Also Dionza Blue a highly regarded sophomore who transferred to Chaminade is back on campus and according to some reliable sources might be back in a Lancer uniform this year.

  • Coach

    Jay Anderson may return if he apologizes to the whole team, that sounds great. So I am going to assume that this policy applies to all players not just key players. So next summer when a couple average players on the team decide to take the summer off they will also be allowed to return as long as they apologize to the whole team.

    This will be Hag’s biggest mistake by far to date if he allows Anderson to return, and he knows it. He will lose the respect of the whole team if Anderson is allow to return after taking the last six months off.

    Win at what expense?

  • Aaron

    I find this ridiculous. Let him back on…but don’t humiliate by making him do something that he doesn’t need to do.

  • yeah right

    Jay Anderson and Dionza Blue are back? I find this a little far fetched to believe…I think someone is having fun with you guys.

  • duarte!

    so happy to hear duarte is building it program back up wish them lots of luck!

  • mtownhopeful

    nice picture of nick bueno of monrovia on this esgv post

  • just sayin’

    Jerry Mac was a baseball player first. He didn’t start at QB until game 2 his jr year. played wide receiver in game 1 that year. 1st start was the comeback vs OLu. Worked out pretty well for him.

  • Football Supporter

    Stop hating on SAL Velasques, just because LA was left with nothing. This kid is going to surprise and quiet all the criticts he is a hard worker and he is not slow for a tight end people he is just a soph. he will grow and get stronger. Can’t wait to see this kid play as well as the RB Co-Frosh MVP that is know at Garfield starting on the Varsity team both these kids like I said are very young and will mature into some special football players. So stop knocking kids on this blog!!!!!

  • FredJ

    I have been told there is no truth to the Jay Anderson rumors that he is coming back, or that he has intentions of coming back.

  • AMAT 73

    Coach ???????
    The gap in talent between AMAT and others is not that great of a gap. We do have some blue chippers as all SGV teams do as well. The biggest difference is the coaching but there is another intangible . I have seen kids of average or little above average talent and some who you never thought would see the field just take off and blossom and become awesome ball players. Every year you hear quite a few names you never heard the year before making plays and contibuting big time to the team. That intangible I was speaking of is playing for AMAT and trying to live up to the honor of wearing the blue and gold . Now a lot of bloggers come on here and knock us on how we live in the past with our traditions and past glories but unless you have been there you just don’t know what the will do for a player. Just look at what Hags has been professing to the kids. If you know the program you would know what he preaches and it has gone a long way in our return to being a damn good football team again. Maybe one or two other schools in the valley can speak in terms of winning football and tradition like AMAT and one of is a no brainer and I am sure their coaches use it as a tool also. So you are right if you say the gap between AMAT’S players and other schools is not that great but it is what AMAT’S coaches do with that average player is where the gap is huge. A good case is who thought J Mac would turn out to be one of the best we have had at QB in a while and on Rio I believe your wrong because this kid is a natural at any sport and works very hard to become a better player and has a good head on his shoulders and that coaching staff will turn him into another fine QB in the short period of time you speak of .


    Amat 73 how can you expect anyone to understand, much less appreciate, what you’re saying when they have seen Mater dei, Loyola and Lon Beach Poly fans at all levels. Never seen the work ethic it takes to compete at that level. Playing at the highest level is like earning a 4.7 GPA and scoring off the charts on the SAT and still being tuned down to Harvard. Not every one gets in but that doesn’t stop the 4.7 student does it. Just looka t teh difference between schools who work their way into the Pac 5 and thsoe that complain about D2 inclusion. Where’s that coming from? So how do you expect anyone to understand what tradition is when their tradition is based on fear, envy and insecurity.

    Still makes me proud that Amat’s schedule is still not as competitive today as my Salesian Mustang teams were back in my day. Win or lose we competed. Hey a Championship is nice and all but I wouldn’t trade it for what we did. ) Pre- season) Pius X, LB Poly, LB Banning , ( League )Crespi, St. Francis, Notre Dame, St. John Bosco, Loyola, Cantwell and Salesian.

    I have coached some kids that went on to play for Amata nd I can tel you you’re absolutely right. They change. Still I know it’s an honor to lay for Bishop Amat regardless of record. Those that understand great, those that don’t…don’t.

    Like the Marines…Bishop Amat si looking for a few good men, not everyone wants to be a Marine. First one in, Last one out. Amat 73 wasn’t every one saying Amat didn’t belong in the Serra League? BTW who won the Serra League last year?

    EXACTLY !!!!

  • Amat Forever

    To this so called “coach”, there is a thing that some people have more than others, and it’s called Talent! Just because a kid says’s he play’s a position, doesn’t mean he will play that position…For instance, the Booth experience has been dead for almost a month, Brock has not been under center at any practices, or Tuesday 4 ways for some time now, he is the second or 3rd string TE at best, just not enough talent, Tyler P…great kid, has practiced at the position for 3 years, maybe 1 yr as the frosh starter, but that is it…so experience wise, Rio and Tyler are equal…But talent wise, thats where it ends, Rio has the “IT” factor, he compete’s at the highest level in both sports and was considered the best at his position…HIS coaches at Amat see this, realize this and understand the “IT” factor…Hater’s can write all they want but what we have here is a future professional “ATHLETE”…and I mean the word athlete who understands the game, has the instincts mentally, can play in the moment and not get caught up in the moment…Big time players always play big during big games and Rio proved his worth last year. Darien Johnson carried the Team for the first 5 games as Jerry Mac struggled, Jerry got going once he started throwing the ball to Rio’s side and Rio made big time play after big play…Lakewood stated that they had to knock Ruiz out of the game in order for them to win..This came from Coach Thadd, Lakewood knew Rio was the game difference maker on offense…Without Rio the offense struggled to sustain it’s small lead…Rio will be a multi threat player, with his arm and legs, he can throw on the run over 65 yards and hit his reciever in stride. He can hit a 20 yard out on the left side of the field and place it perfectly…And he can run like a running back in the open field and drop his shoulder when he needs to to get a tough first down…Look at any of last years film and you will see, exactly what we know about from this Kid they call the “Big River” The Team believe’s in him, the coaches trust him, you should see Salter’s face light up after Rio complete’s a tough pass…as a big Amat fan in our small circle of the Amat Nation…we couldn’t be more excited for this year and can’t what for Rio to help lead this team back it’s prominance

    Go Big Blue

  • jcaz

    Hey fred,

    Just wondering if you wouldn’t mind reposing a complete list of football games just like you did in last years blog.

    I have to say that it was awesome because I was able to pre-plan my weekly football schedule ahead of time by always going back and refering to your list. Way better than CalPreps in that regard because it focused on all the locals.

    Only problem was that it was sometimes incomplete as you left off a few teams in some instances.

  • TC observer

    Amat Forever,

    Talent wise RR is the best option Amat has at QB.

    Now what about the LEADERSHIP part of the QB role? How is that role going to be affected when/if RR goes off for 3 weeks during the Fb season for baseball?

  • AMAT 73

    AMAT forever,
    Great post until your last line on the nation. We are not a nation we are a FAMILY as any true Blue Lancer fan knows. Otherwise your post hit the nail right on the head.

  • Victcoryous

    I have had the priviledge of coaching Cory Victoria & he has the physical tools to be very successful at any level. But, I know this kid & I can tell you that he has the heart of a Lion, & a toughness that can’t be measured. Cory kick some ass, you are a great kid from an awesome family! I am very proud of the young man you have become! I will be watching you & pulling for you, & looking for that friggin’ cove @ the river! Go Tartans, I mean SPARTANS!!!

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