College football: Is the Tide the team to beat?

Hi all: I just wanted to let you know of the first post of the season for my college football blog. I take a look at the upcoming season with my top pre-camp Top 5. You can see who I like as the favorite in the BCS.

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  • sgvfootballfan

    This is a High School blog only …..

  • Steve Ramirez

    SGVFF: We are the gatekeepers, as my old journalism 101 prof said. We can post whatever we want, just as Fred occasionally puts up posts concerning the Lakers, LeBron or Tiger. I thought some might want to talk about college football as well.

  • just sayin’

    all the college players USED to be in high school. connect the dots

  • Not Really

    Igor you suck.

  • yukitup

    sgvfootballfan you are an idiot. maybe your screen name should be : sgvhighschoolfootballfanolnybecauseimtoostupidtolookpasttheendofmynose !


  • My Buckeyes.

  • righteousLJ

    the sec is such a crazy conference that anything can happen. ohio state has a way easier rode to the ship than that of the tide. i do believe the tide can make it their only tough tough test away is lsu so we’ll see

  • Aaron

    Too bad Toby didn’t stay at Stanford. They’d be a lock for the Rose Bowl and he would get the Heisman, even though he earned it last season.

  • My, how soon we forget which conference was best during the bowls last season — The Big Ten. The SEC has been great, but B10 is the best conference in the country this year.

  • Steve Ramirez

    I’ll still go with the SEC, Aram, my good friend. Big Ten had its best year in, well, years, last year, but I find it hard to argue against the SEC, which has produced six of the 12 BCS champions, including the past four. Big Ten might be a bit deeper, but the SEC is so top heavy with Bama and Florida that it really trumps that. Although the Big Ten is really strong with Ohio State, Iowa and Wisconsin.

    Aaron: If Gerhart comes back, I still like Oregon as No. 1 in the Pac-10 and top five, but I would definitely move Stanford up to No. 2. in the conference. Oregon, despite the loss of Masoli, still has too many weapons.

  • Dust Bowl Transplants?

    Aram are you a transplant from Ohio. I see lots of Ohio stuff in Glendora. What’s with that after all you’re home to USC and UCLA?

    Seriously what’s with all the Ohioans in the Foothills?

  • GameDayatUSC

    I will make things interesting, and say BAMA loses a game maybe TWO! Don’t be suprised if Alabama goes down Sept.25 @ Arkansas. Then the following week they get Florida, not to mention three AWAY games in October( SC, LSU, & TENN). And we can’t forget Penn St in week two.

    This COULD be the year a NON BCS school gets to the championship game. IF, Boise St. gets by the opening week against Va Tech in what is considered the Hokie’s backyard, then look for the Broncos to run the table. Remember USC opened with VA TECH, and then proceded to go undefeated.

    I think FLORIDA is ranked a little high, but then again they get the benifit all the time. Also IF these alligations pan out it could hinder UF’s thinking the whole season.

    Ohio St. Is this the year # 2 Pryor puts it all together? I guess becasue once again the BIG 10 is weak, and besides Miami in September, they get Marshall, Ohio, and E. Michigan in non conf. I think their test comes in November @ Iowa

    I think this is why we should see NO ranking before October 10 or so at least after week 5. Anything can happen, and IF teams like Florida open up at 3-5 and are NOT as good as advertised they will hang around for the whole season.

    Here is a pont to ponder. Watch the difference of drop in rankings between the SEC, and everyone else. If Oregon, USC, STANFORD, lose they fall 4-9 spots. Same goes to OHIO St, and IOWA, or MIAMI,& VA TECH. IF a LSU, UF, BAMA happen to lose they fall 1-4 IF ANY! Favoritism? HMMMM!




    are you going to be writing up any articles about Citrus College? Steve, Citrus is stacked with players and there’s probably 4 TO 5 players for each position. That’s good to see so many players from all over the SGV out there trying to play.
    Steve how do you think Citrus will do this year?


  • Steve Ramirez

    Aztec Pride:
    Yes, I will be writing a Citrus preview, as well as outlooks for Mt. SAC, Azusa Pacific and La Verne in August.
    I think Citrus will be improved as the Owls will shift to a more competitive conference that fits their current talent level. I’m reserving judgment on Mt. SAC, which is moving to the toughest conference in the state and must deal with the loss of OC Tom Craft, who is now the new coach at Riverside Community College.

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