Amat Alum Pat Haden takes over at USC

The L.A. Times reporting that Bishop Amat graduate Pat Haden is set to take over as USC’s athletic director beginning Aug. 3. Mike Garrett is retiring.

If anyone has Haden in an Amat uniform, email it to me, would love to post it ..

Steve’s take can be found here

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  • Aaron

    Good…take out the trash!

  • Joe Amat

    It’s a great day to be a Lancer!

    Pat is the new AD at USC and will clean things up (Kevin O’Neil can start packing his bags soon) and Carlos Pascual, the US Ambassador to Mexico is featured on front page of Trib.

    Good luck Pat and everyone’s very proud of Carlos

  • RedryderBlue

    Finally !!

  • Oh wow, and Garrett was doing such a good job.

    Anyway, it always bewildered me why more Amat fans aren’t Notre Dame fans. They all seem to flock to USC.

  • Jastrab

    JK over football and Assistant AD…Nice! Two Amat alums

  • King Stud

    Garrett has been a clown from the start. This is a good move for SC even though Haden is an Amat grad. (Sorry had to toss that in there)

  • whitey

    Aram there are a lot of ND fans among the Amat faithful! You just might have to gack a couple decades or so. We’re not all Raider/Dodger/Laker/SC frontrunners as often projected, Phil Cantwell a ND guy was Amats first championship coach in the early 60’s , add in guys like Pernell Taylor and Joey Geatherall, the Irish have a sizable following, who else would honor St. Paddys Day by wearing the Green on the diamond?

  • … and Kory Minor. OK, I’m starting to feel a little bit better. Still too much USC love for my taste. Glad you brought up the Raiders/USC/Lakers/Dodgers connection so I didn’t have to.

  • AMAT 73

    Great day in Lancerland. Looks like the old Haden to McKay is back in action. Fred you should have put up a picture of Haden in the blue and gold. Good luck to Haden and McKay in getting the programs back on track. Aram don’t worry we have plenty of ND supporters in the Family .

  • Catholic School Brotherhood Rules !!!

    Let’s all take a look back on things and accept some responsibility for what happened here. Mike Garrett came out of Roosevelt High school and won a Heisman Trophy that started a nice run of hardware and National Championships for the school. When he took the job he was being strung up for not delivering the “goods”. Well like a good soldier Garrett “did what he did” when orders are implied and not spoken, and delivered the “goods”.

    As a proud Trojan Parent I’m not one to dump on Garrett for two reasons. One he grew up where I grew up and made his way against all odds and two he helped increase USC’s profile and endowment when no one else wanted the job, so yes he delivered the “goods”. Like I said he was a “good soldier” who will fall on his sword and allow Flyod and Carrol, both white men, to run free to continue coaching careers while Garrett will never hold a lofty AD position again and is “lynched” publicly.

    While many laughed at UCLA during USC’s run I think UCLA has the last laugh no one will remember, and there’s the rub. EVERYONE WAS ON THE USC BANDWAGON AND ANY CRIES OF “WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?” WERE MET WITH CRIES FOR A LYNCHING. … sounds like Damien to me.

    The other day I told my son, “USC has gone ghetto” He looked confused until he saw a Damien parent walking around with a USC T Shirt with “Raider” like graphics…a skull and cross bones with a bandana wearing Trojan Rules in Old English script. Talk about disturbing…. or is that disgusting.

    Over the years I’ve been proud of USC for all they do for the Los Angeles community, as their largest employer and the size of Financial Aid they give to minority and low income students, almost 25% of their student body. I also know they provide an outstanding education that trumps their athletics all day , every day! Plus my son graduates this coming year, in four years like he said he would!

    Years ago I said Carroll would leave USC high and dry and people thought I was crazy. I said he treated Sanchez like a common gardener and people said STFU. When Pete put on his public sideline cheer leading face ever one said it wasn’t “bad form” even though we all knew it was more about “PETE” than it was about USC. AND YES IT MADE TRUE TROJANS CRINGE ! So where is Pete now after pleading loyalty from Mays, Leinart and Sanchez…and others. G.O.N.E !

    I’m sure there was a Trojan group that “KNEW” this day would come. You know the ones that said, ‘Something’s wrong here.” and people told them to STFU. Same as thing happened at Damein as well all learned in the baseball and football programs. The programs were a cease pool of incompetence and back stabbing. When coaches are less than the “standard” it reflects directly on the AD.

    Now Haden comes in to “right the ship” and his influence will be undeniable, based on the way he’s lead his life on and off the field since his Lancer Days. He’s a winner, thru and thru!

    Let this be a lesson to all. Understand the difference between holding people accountable to a “STANDARD” we can ALL be PROUD of and some one who just complains to complain. USC, like Damien, will find their way back to a “standard” we can ALL be proud of. Why except anything less?

    “WHAT GOOD IS IT FOR A MAN TO GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD YET LOSE HIS SOUL”…that’s a valuable lesson here.

    BISHOP AMAT should be very proud today. Sharing a common brotherhood I can say all of “us’ are proud for you guys. “WE” stood for something back then…maybe it was our parents sacrifice that keeps us going against all odds. Today too many parents “use” private school to get their way instead of allowing for excellence thru true competition. It’s an embarrassment to our parents that so many “new” converts “run” OUR schools.

    AMAT WILL SHINE…today especially bright!!!!

    Fred I do agree…Haden in a Lancer uniform would have been clutch!

    There’s still time…

  • BigDog

    Thank You God
    I don’t have to listen to Haden do the play by play for the Irish games anymore. I hope he’s a better AD then he was an announcer.

  • Anthony

    I’m going to be the 1st one to say it. Can Charter Oak say they have a AD at a D-1 school like USC????


    Haden said it best:

    “Winning the wrong way is not winning at all.”
    I also like what he said. Even though his mom is no longer alive he “would never do anything to embarrass her”.

    Stunning in it’s simplicity.

    Great “values” always are.

  • whitey

    Frank, Amen to the brotherhood comments, however Mike G has only himself to blame , he hired petey boy, his 3rd or 4th choice and Mike himself would not have been an AD at any other D1 school, he has no previous experience outside of that community, his smug attitude and disengenious attention to compliance were his downfall, his latest faux pas , a couple of weeks ago angrily accusing UF of recruiting violations, then a weak written apology post slur. The man had no class, no dignity as an AD whatsoever. Todd McNair fired, Floyd fired, Petey left before the ax fell, Garrett retires? “golden handshake” in disgrace and the coup de gras, Reggies a non entity at USC, Heisman returned et al, sure seems to be a way different story that Petey boy and Gareet spun these last few months, SC is a great academic institution no doubt about that, but athletics! that is 1 huge s*** pile to clean up, looks like the circus elephants made a mess, time for some Amat guys to clean it up and bring some respect to the school!

  • JoP

    Bishop Amat and USC, I now pronounce you Man and Wife!

    You may kiss your incoming transfers!

  • Open Question

    Does Pat Haden still have ties w/BA?

  • AMAT 73

    That is exactly the type of post that brings on the heat to us . Why would you even be thinking about CO at a time like this. Just sit back and wish Pat and JK well and enjoy the moment in true LANCER fashion. BigDog what bothered you about his announcing the fact that he’s a LANCER, because he was very insightful on ND football as bad as they have been lately he made it interesting. Never pulled any punches on the situation of their program.

  • JFR

    Put those chests out Amat,

    I’ve had the honor to meet that man and all I can say is CLASS!

  • Dan

    Haden and McKay, it worked in 70 and 71, lets see if they can do it again. Proud days to be an Amat Lancer. Interesting tid bit, if Haden had chose to go to public school he would have been at West Covina, he grew up a couple blocks from where I live.

  • socalfootball fan

    I to was a childhood friend of Mike Garrett who grew up in near poverty living with his mom on 1st street near Evergreen Cemetery. His brother John was in and out of jail and Garrett’s way out of ELA was football. He was a good baseball player and played OF for Roosevelt. He was chosen to play in the North-South Shrine game which at that time was a huge deal. After a great career at USC he did well playing for the KC Chiefs and helped them win a super bowl.
    He did improve academics at USC during his tenure as AD and I wish him well in retirement. Pat Haden should do a great job as AD at USC and clean up the program. He needs to fire the baseball coach and get a better basketball coach. Lane Kiffen better watch his step as he may not survive with how closely USC football will be watched.

  • jcaz

    Whoa, am I the only one in here who is surprised at the reaction that has come out of all of this?

    People are all over both Garret and Carol, over problems that were created by others. Nobody and I mean nobody was sitting in here calling for their heads when the national championships were rolling like pancakes off the grill.

    All of a sudden we discovered that Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo are involved in nefarious acts and now in hind sight we try to crucify the two most influential men who have dawned the cardinal and gold over the last two decades?

    Its amazing…

    Its amazing to me because people arent celebrating the accomplishments of these two great men, and have decided to simply ignore those who were in fact responsible for their actions. Its not fair to both Pete and Mike to completely assassinate the caricature of these two great men, because in the end, all they did was to bring back pride to a bankrupt football program, and tried to resurrect a floundering basketball team.

    But obviously of course, we have to lay blame on someone right ?

    Well people, try to blame Reggie bush and OJ Mayo…

    BTW, has anyone seen the irony of all of this ?

    USC has decided to give back Bushs Heisman ostensibly because they want to be known as an athletic program where all of their athletes have clean hands, but no where do we see USC wanting to give back OJ Simpsons Heisman !!

    Am I missing something here ?

  • White Lines

    Snort Snort.


    Trash cans, D-face.

  • BigDog

    I would rather watch a funeral procession then listen to Haden call a football game.

  • Trojan Man

    Let’s see what kind of magic Mr.Haden has up his sleeve.
    This is a GREAT MOMENT for all the Bishop Amat honks AS WELL as the SGV !

    Fight On

  • diogenes

    Pat Haden did not “grow up” in West Covina, but he certainly made a real impact after he arrived. Woody and Helen Haden moved themselves and their three kids to West Covina from Arizona when Woody was transfered here. They bought a house in WC right across the street from us. All the Haden kids were athletic, but Pat always had an edge somehow. Physically gifted, he also had a work ethic that elevated those skills to a level most never reach. Same was true in the classroom. A good student, his bedroom light burned late every night to complete assignments and makeup for hours spent at paractice and games. I remember Pat and John McKay working for hours, day after day, on their timing and routes at the adjacent Cortez School, abilities that certainly helped Amat during their tenure. A varsity candidate at 15, Pat could not play until he turned 16, and when he did, was not the starter, yet got a lot of game time, but was the rest of his high school career. St Paul was the big rival in those days and those games were really something. As seniors both were targeted by opponents in every gaame. Against Pius X, they combined for five td passes with three or more defenders hanging on to John with every reception in an 81-0 rout. The fan following was, as then, fabulous. Sell outs and standing room only for some. Pat and John and several of their team mates were easy all CIF selections, even after the championship loss to Blair and their twin talents, Johnson and McAllister, who both went on to UCLA. Amat won it all the next year. Little known, perhaps, Pat and John were starting guards for the Amat basketball team, too. And were very good at it. USC was not a sure thing for Pat, Nebraska was a strong contender, but local ties amd a familiarity with Coach McKay were the differences. Pat bunked with the McKay family after Woody was transferred and the family moved.
    Pat’s academic skills brought him a Rhode’s scholarship offer at graduation and he took it, enjoying the playing fields of England for two years. He played for the Sun professional team on return and later, as well documated, for the LA Rams, picking up a law degree along the way. This guy is smart, works hard, and is a class act anyway you look at it. All you who auto-hate anything and everything Amat and/or USC are way off base here. Pat Haden transcends all that as a man who happened, along the way to a series of accomplishments, to have gone to those two schools. Who he is, what he has been, and what he has done, has been well earned. SC could not have done better. Nor, I strongly suspect, have we.

  • Steve Ramirez

    None, that’s the point. USC got into this mess, because of “magic.” Haden said it best during a radio interview today when he said he wants to win, but win with integrity.

  • Dan

    Check that Diogenes,
    I should have said he lived in West Covina during his highschool years, thats still considered the growing up years aint it?
    By the way do you know Jim the bee man?

  • Jastrab


    I had a good friend that lived on Rio Verde that always claimed Haden lived on or near that street. Back in the 70’s that street was interesting as about two blocks east of Hollenbeck the district changed from West Covina HS to South Hills HS. Usually you have a major street, but I recall in those days that area was split which made pickup games at Cortez Elementary fun. Did Haden live on Rio Verde?

  • Let’s move on

    As we now see “Success has many fathers but failure is an orphan”.

    I guess Mike Garrett is the fall guy. Lucky for him he had already earned his own place in history before he became a “once successful” AD. He can retire knowing he came thru for USC when no one thought they’d ever sell out the Colesium again. One year I went to see Notre Dame beat USC. I got 50 yard line seats for FREE!!! Remember those days folks when ND was eating Trojans for breakfast, lunch and dinner with less than stellar coaches.

    I agree Garrett needed to step down but can someone please tell me why Floyd and Carroll are allowed to continue saying “they did nothing wrong”.

    Haden’s a great man of tremendous personal accomplishments. He’s above reproach and will probably have some easing affect on the NCAA sanctions. People know USC got it right.

    Let’s move on.

  • diogenes

    The Hadens lived on Meadow Road just off Cortez in those days and moved a couple of times, once to Hollenbeck before we lost contact. Saw them about two years ago when they revisited the neighborhood. One correction, there were four kids, the three boys and a sister. The eldest, John, became a nationally renowned hospital administrator and ran Queen of the Valley at one point. I think Pat and his family have lived in San Marino for a long time. One son, at least, went to Pasadena Poly and got some ink in the Trib and Star News for his own athletic achievements. 57, Pat has, or soon will have, 5 grandsons. We were right at the Eastern edge of the WC-SH attendance border then and were up to our necks in local sports on Meadow for about ten years with the Hadens, the four Stocking brothers next door, my two, and others on the street in WC American Little League, WCHS, Amat, and MSAC.

  • COChargerfan

    Just wondering whether any of you guys read the NCAA report? Because, the “credible evidence” that the NCAA cites is mostly from Lloyd Lake, who the FBI reported is a Crips gang banger who has an extensive criminal history with prison time. For example, regarding the purchase of the Impala vehicle, Bush’s biological father (not the alleged money receiving perpetrator Griffin who is his “step-father”) told the NCAA investigators that he gave Reggie the cash but they found him not credible and, instead, decided that their boy, the gang banger criminal, was more believeable. And the money and/or inducements that Bush’s step father and mother allegedly received came from Michaels NOT their star witness Lake, and he never cooperated with nor even spoke with the NCAA, including the use of the house which, BTW, the NCAA acknowledged they have no proof regarding the financial arrangement, repayments, etc including whether there was a perfectly legal deferred rent agreement.

    As to Mayo, most of the allegations were that a “representative” of his gave some cash and cell phones to OJ’s girlfriend and brother…so exactly how is USC guilty of some wrong for these items?

    The NCAA uses a guilty unless you can prove your innocence standard that makes them no better than a third rate dictatorship…heck, I bet Kim Jong Il is still applauding the decision.

    As a Trojan fan, Haden is a great hire with a clean reputation who can hopefully get those sanctions reduced and get the school back on track to greatness.

  • Restore Order

    Bottom LIne:



    Lets not forget PAT HADEN being an Los Angeles RAM! Which happens to be the pro team I still follow. What a Combo, EXRAM player now in charge of SC! Great news.


  • Still Does

    Yes…Haden still has ties to Amat and provides support in many ways to the school throughout the year.

  • socal-warrior

    Pat Haden is an example of a good role model that still have ties to the community. He has given money and support to the schools which he has affiliation with.

    I have spoken proudly of him to my kids as an example of a person of good integrity, hard working and a student athlete.