I got an email from an incoming high school freshman asking about hitting the weight room

“We don’t have the best workout facilities, but I want to work out and take this seriously. What type of workouts and workout schedule should I take for the summer? And is there some kinda protein I should take?”

C’mon bloggers and ex-coaches, help him out, or help me out, I got a week to whip this 40 something 🙂 body into shape for Cabo … Good luck with that happening. BTW, this isn’t the kid below, just a Chino Hills lineman in competition ..

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  • Dranchhhh

    Come on really? REALLY?

    Kid lay off of supplements and allow your body to at least kick out enough HGH and Testosterone before indulging. Do yourself a favor and learn the game of football first. Learn your playbook, learn how to properly do push-up, sit-ups, dips, stadium stairs. Learn how to develop good work ethic. Learn how to balance HOME 1st, SCHOOL 2nd and then sports. FOOTBALL is a priviledge not a requirement. Learn how to listen to the person running your football program at your school. Learn how to listen and apply effectively. The smartest and happiest kids normally win at this game. Wish u the best of lucc!!

  • T

    Couldn’t Agree more with Drannncchh……Make sure your priorities are set. Once you feel you do have them set then focus on football. The summer is the most important part in getting ready for the year. If I could go back to play ball knowing and feeling what I do now I would have had a completely different mindset. The opportunity to play high school is a once in a life time so you need to make the most of it. Looking back I worked my butt off working out, running, etc. and I still feel like a left a couple of sprint, push-ups, sit ups on the field. There is going to be days where you feel like doing nothing and you will wonder what is the point. If you truely love football and want memories that will last forever it starts in the weight room. You dont need supplements, protein is fine make sure it is Whey. Eat healthy and work your butt off to have no regrets. Good luck to you I wish I could go back in time

  • AMAT 73

    I couldn’t agree more with Dranchhhh on this one . Greatest post you have ever written . You should quit while your ahead and go out in style. HA HA HA . On a serious note this kid should do the best with what facilities his school has . I remember back in the day our weight room was a corrigated shed under the bleachers and during summer the room was like an oven . Get there early divise a workout with the equipment you have and put in the time and if you work hard it will happen. No need for supplements at this young age just eat the right type of foods with a good balance of food groups and just let your body develope on it’s own and with good old fashion hard work you will see the benefits.

  • Aaron

    One: Nutrition plan, lots of greens, salads, fruits, other vegetables. All the protein you need you can get in chicken, turkey, and fish.
    Two: Hydration; cut out sodas, coffee,tea. Drink Gatorade sparingly. Lots of water.
    Three: As a frosh you don’t need to do a lot of weight lifting, but you need to do calisthenics. As DRanchh said proper pushups and situps. There’s so many things you do with just your body.
    Four: Cardio, hit the track and run long distance one day, power the next and rotate. So Two miles one day, bleachers the next. Cross train: biking and swimming. If you want to really get yourself in shape then run before breakfast and then run after supper.

    If you were going to be a linemen this will change your body and you’ll be in great shape. You’ll be able to move off the line and play somewhere else. If not it will help you.

    Lastly Don’t Eat Junk!

  • WTF

    If your are going to lift weights. Focus on your form not how much you are lifting. It is very important you lower the weights slowly. It should take you about 3 seconds in lifting the weight and 3 seconds lowering the weight. Lifting weights is not a race slow is your best bet. Only move up in weight when you do around twenty reps with proper form and remember slow Slow!!!

  • E

    All of these suggestions make valid points. If a freshman is going to lift weights though the best way to do it is to lift for proper technique and good repetitions rather than large amounts of weight.

    Side Note. That is not a Chino Hills lineman.

  • Jack LaLanne

    Stop going to lunch with Aram, that’s a start.

  • Oh Dios Mio !

    Fred you sound like a girl. You weigh maybe 140, with wet clothes on and have a 30 inch waist! Heck maybe 28 you wear them tight and stand about 5’6″ . Heck if you put on lipstick and a wig you’d be a size 5 hoochie !

    Fred tell you’ve never been in drag for Halloween!!!

  • Dan

    Lots of good advice here, and D ranchhhh, that was a real stunner you pulled off here, In comparing your post from last season to now you got my vote for come back blogger of the year. lol. Great advice guy’s.

  • Be a great team mate

    The first sentence bothers me,

    “we don’t have good work out facilities and I want to take this seriously”.

    The first thing you need to do is check that attitude at the door.

    Run stairs to build your legs, your stamina and your mental toughness.

    Do push ups. Start on your knees until you can do 50 straight with perfect form. Start with 10 at a time, 5 if you have to but do them with perfect form. You’ll get results as quick as anything else you do. Then go on to regular push ups. Start with 10 with perfect form or 5 if you need to.

    Get a weight and tie it to a rope tied to a piece of wood or metal. “roll” teh weight up and let it back down slowly. Build forearms, Essential in football at any position.

    Do crunches or any abs exercises that don’t hurt your back and develop your core.

    Finally do the STAR DRILL. Five point about 5 yards a a part in the shape of a five point star. Start in the middle. Touch a point and touch the middle, and keep going, point, middle. point middle. Increases quickness, reaction time and stamina, plus it builds your legs.

    Finally, and this should be done first…eat right! Look it up.

    Finally. commit to being the best player you can be. Trust yourself to get out of your comfort zone and accept every challenge. Be first in line and make sure it’s fun.

    If you do all this you still have the most important decision to make, be a great team mate. All for one and one for all.

    Best of luck kid.

  • jcaz


    Funny you should mention that, but if anyone has ever gone and and watched a game at Kieffer, they would have no doubt noticed all those old weights sitting around there under the bleachers.

    I could have sworn that they have been there for more than a few years already.

    Perhaps the powers that be are considering going back under the bleachers once again ??

    Ha ha ha

    Hey Fred, where’s my football schedule that I asked about anyway ??

  • FredJ

    Except for the “Fred is a girl comment,” there is some great stuff, great advice for kids.

  • Help a brotha out

    As for info on protein stuff, i recommend this place

    They really know their stuff when it comes to football nutrition, especially high school. They have Cheap prices and they ship fast, im glad i found them the other day.

  • Are 5’6′ 135 pound men out of shape?

    Fred “this 40 year old body into shape”? Dude you’re in perfect shape. That was my point.

    You remind me of my brother in law who doesn’t have a sense of smell, and is color blind as well. Every time he comes over he says the same thing,”Mmmmm something SMELLS GOOD”. I’m the only one in the family that notices. Is he being polite or does he think no one knows. Either way it’s annoying.

    Fred…I was just teasing you. You know how women always say they need to lose weight whne they good PERFECT !!!

    Did you at least giggle?

  • COChargerfan

    If you are a Costco member, they carry Muscle Milk and EAS Protein/amino acid powders which are both good products that are perfectly safe and will help fuel your body and assist in recovery….6 lbs for under $30…and don’t go overboard as taking too much protein at one time taxes your liver and kidneys and doesn’t get absorbed anyway. If you work out twice a day, then its ok to use the recommended amount after each workout. At your age, you should stay COMPLETELY away from Creatine or the testosterone boosters.

    Once puberty is reached, weights are perfectly safe but suggest using something that you can do for 10-12 reps and avoid the 4-6 rep power lifting as this is how injuries occur in beginners. Besides, the higher reps build lean, long muscles which are more useful for all sports and life in general.

    Good luck, work hard and don’t ignore the speed and cardio training that others have suggested. Also suggest getting a jump rope.

  • FredJ

    Of course I laughed, that’s why I brought it up, and for the record, I’m 5’6, 148 pounds, woot, woot

  • Eye Ball Test

    Sold Levi’s at the Starlight Drive Inn during my high school years for gas money so I know what people weigh and what size they are within 4 lbs. Funny that it’s never left me.

  • socal-warrior

    Dude! You should try P90X. It will kick you butt for good result. I have tried it and lose 8 pounds and also take that whey protein to add muscle. It taste bad but its work.

    Give P90X for a 3 months, you will see result. I have done it for 2 months with 8 pounds lose and muscle ripping. No pain no gain!!!

  • ELC

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