The Scouting Guru: “These people live among you.” What? Guru thinks he’s T.J. Simers?

The Scouting Guru has been all over the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, and like always, he’s offered to share his thoughts, free of charge. Don’t hate, enjoy it for what it’s worth, which is one man’s opinion on the talent in the San Gabriel Valley.

The Scouting Guru answers bloggers questions in his own T.J. Simers-type way ….To read the Q&A, click thread.

These People Live Among You ….

SGV Football said: Rufus was burning your boy Ifo Ekpre-Olumu on a couple routes a couple weeks back in a passing leauge game at Chino Hills.

Guru: Yeah and let me guess, it took 4.2 seconds to run the play. This is one of the things that I can’t stand about passing league. You have coaches that run routes just for passing league only. It’s not stuff that you would run on Friday night. Memo to all teams, just run your Friday night stuff. It does no one any good to run stuff that is totally unrealisitic.

HuskyFan said: Guru is just a lonely guy trying to figure out what he is going to do tomorrow

Guru: Must be a friend on my facebook account…

Ask Jaime said: Guru I have a question for you. Damien’s Polonio was on no one’s list last year, not eve yours but some how signed with Villanova. What was the GURU’s take on Polonio?

Guru: Josh has decent late game film and Villanova decided to take a chance on him. I thought he was OK at best and a long-term project kid. Maybe he’ll turn out well, maybe he won’t. I wish the kid all the best.

Aaron said: Re-read this list…wow James. You screwed up big. Aubrey Coleman has bricks for hands. But he is on that tier for one reason, except he’s going to a BCS school…wouldn’t that make him Tier 1. He’s gonna be a DE at Washington. He’s a physical specimen that is for sure.

Guru: Yeah, except I don’t buy into the hype for the kid. My board is not going to match up with some boards in the Pac-10. It’s not supposed too! I have serious questions about his speed and other issues. Plus, I just think the kid is a Pac-10 player.

Guru???? said: Mr. Guru, Nothing that you said is true. I’m not going to put any former players on blast right here. But I have noticed that everything that you have said has not come to pass.You go and grade these players like you are some sort of expert, but what you are is a former Coach that really LOVES SOUTH HILLS! Is BIAS to SOUTH HILLS and everyone that has read your columns knows that as well. They also know you are full of it! Stop your “TIERS” process, because it’s just plain ignorant. The colleges know what talent is and you have shown other wise. Stop scouting and just do something.

Guru: Do you have Wardell Crutchfield’s phone number? I think the both of you should have lunch one day and talk about recruiting….

Now the Guru is a Pac-5 expert? said: Ummmm..I’m sure Lakewood is going to have a good team. I’m sure they looked impressive to you considering you have about 2 years (3 at the most) experience with Pac-5 football. BUT The best PAC-5 team next season is going to be MATER DEI!

Guru: I guess you haven’t seen Mater Dei’s Offensive and Defensive lines…

Why does anyone care? said: Would be nice if, for once, he’d write a piece like a professional rather than cheerleader or a drunk at the end of the bar. Can’t imagine any Coach rummaging through his drivel and taking him seriously.

Guru: That’s an idea. Maybe I’ll write my next column from the bar at Barney’s Beanery in Pasadena?… And maybe Aram will pick up the tab… oh no, that maybe asking too much of the big man!…

HuskyFan said: Guru, Do you think Huskies have enough to play with Diamond Ranch this year.

Guru: Where are you planning for the game to take place, on x-box 360?… Do some homework dude!!!

Not even all the local schools said: And why should we refer to you as a “Guru?” Why don’t we all just say James has visited a campus (South Hills), has done a little, very little, research, and has compiled a list of players who everybody knows has a possibility of being recruited. Lets drop the “Guru” title. You haven’t earned it.

Guru: Talk to Fred

Blank said: Guru, I have a serious question. How on earth do you not believe in Aubrey Coleman as a prospect.Here is mine. He is the best “Prospect” in the Valley, by far. 6’5” 220+ lbs and can move the way he can is not your everyday player. Remember, college coaches don’t care how productive you are in HS when you have all the potential in the world. Too many factors can change his productivity, like Walnut playing this future DE/TE at Free Safety. It’s a joke. Washington see’s the intangible’s this kid has and correctly evaluates him as a “tier 1” guy…why don’t you?

Guru: Thanks for the primer on what colleges are looking for. Man, you’re too sharp for me…

Hello said:Did anybody go to the South Hills 3 way with Crespi and CO?? I know I did and CO cleaned house once again scoring pretty much at will on them! Crespi was bigger but CO definately the more physical team! congrats to CO!

Guru: Wow, I didn’t know that they were keeping score on Thursday at SH. Next thing you’ll tell me is that the Dodgers are going to win the West….

Class of 2013 said: Coach James Escarcega,How do I get in contact with you about potentially helping my son with recruiting within a year?

Guru: Drop me a line at and let’s talk….

Celts said: There was nothing wrong with Crespi and there was nothing for Jack Mack to turn around.

Guru: Wow this is news to me. I didn’t know that Crespi hired a guy named Jack Mack. I know that they hired a man named Jon Mack… maybe you were at Jack In The Box when you sent your entry in….

And finally…

JFR said: BA FAN, I would not fear Crespi this year. CO 1st, celts 2nd and SH 3rd. Looks like all teams are rebuilding on D.

Guru:Really, then how do you explain Crespi winning the Claremont Tournament?… Hey, I’ve got a great idea for you – want to become a scout start your own service? I need all the competition I can get. BTW, I’ll make sure to tell coach Farrar, Coach Bogan and Coach Mack that there defense needs work. After all, you know more football than they do right?…

Have a great week…

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    OUCH Guru your so mean. I tell that to Lou every time I see him.

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    Who are the sleepers that when I say Nobody has heard of are? Can you go scout for a sleeper?

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