Grooming a high school quarterback

I told ya I will keep posting questions from random high school football players, local players or in this case an assistant football coach that I found on google that wants to know if his requirements for a quarterback are too harsh. Well, are they?

Coach asks: I am a Quarterbacks coach and Assistant Offensive Coordinator for a local 5a High School. I am 20 years old and have not been able to continue my playing carrier (but I have had 2 walk-on tryouts with a team who WILL start in the top 5 in the nation next season) My question is, I have expectations for my players (Quarterbacks) above that of the rest of the team. To be on the team you must have a GPA of a 2.0, For my Quarterbacks I want to say you must have a minimum of a 3.0 (but for some kids that may be hard to get so I lower it to 2.5) If you have lower than a 2.5 you can still be on the team, but you may not be a Quarterback. I also will give my Quarterbacks the Wonderlic test for the evaluation process. Along with this I ask them to write a 1-2 Page paper over why they want to be a Quarterback, what makes a good Quarterback, as well as what their personal goals are. The last thing I do is send a contract home with the player to have signed by the player and his parents to explain what I expect on and off the field, so that we have an understanding of the rules. If they were to be broken then I would have NO problem benching that player and playing the Back-up. Now with this said…. What do you think of this? Is this too harsh? Is it okay? As a parent how would you feel? Is it getting them ready for College and the professional working life? Or is this ridiculous and not needed? I really wanted to hear some thoughts on this.

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  • Videoman

    Every athlete on a high school team should be under the same “Team” guidelines to participate on the team. Different treatment of some players no matter how well intentioned will only cause problems down the road. If I’m the head coach and you are my assistant coach, I do the benching of my QB, not you. You have some good thoughts, but some of the application is not practical.

  • Aaron

    QBs are always held to a higher standard or should be. Leaders always are.

  • April Fools Day Again Fred?

    Get over yourself! You’re 20 years old and you;re a wanna be hard azz. WHY? Because you couldn’t cut it in a top 5 national program. The second part of this story rings BS. NO 5a program is putting their assistant OC to do anything but learn form the OC and HC. Do people even think when they post? Furthermore by the time a QB is at the varsity level all his issues have been exposed. What makes anyone think a snooty 20 year old college drop out will supercede District Policy of a 2.0. Think lawsuits. Fred I thought you were better than this.

    What a joke. Is it April Fools Day again?

    There are liars, BSers and exaggerators and then their are fabricators, wishful thinkers and the kind of individuals who give people wrong directions for kicks.

    This is all BS.

  • SGVFtbl

    As a coach myself, I applaud your efforts to try to have the highest profile players (QB’s) maintain at an academic level which is required of them. Quarterbacks need to be the smartest players on the field along w/ the O-Linemen, and if they are failing classes it sets a poor example. That said, I think you will have a hard time enforcing some of your requirements, i.e., not being allowed to participate in football if you don’t maintain a 2.5. The fact is that most of the young men that play for you won’t ever play past high school (QB’s included), but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn the type of discipline that will help them be successful later on in life. If you stick to your principles then it won’t matter what anyone else thinks of you, because your players will remember you forever.

  • General Turgidson

    “Assistant” offensive coordinator??? You are a joke son. Do some studying on any successful high school program. They have no where near the requirements you are setting. These are high school kids playing against high school kids. Where do you get off giving the wonderlic test??? You do realize that psychologists – read: people with degrees – get paid slightly more than 100 times your stipend to administer and interpret those tests.

    Another thing… is the competition soo stiff among your qb’s that you need to do any of this? Goodness. If you need this garbage to help you decide who to start, you shouldn’t be within 100 clicks of a field. How does this help you be successful??? If it does, you need to write a book so you can correct the likes of Bob Ladoceur, Harry Welch, Greg Gano, Steve Haggarty… they’ve all been going about this whole football thing the wrong way. You better hurry and correct them before it’s too late!

    You want to know what the really sad thing is? You actually asked a question like this. Additionally, your comment about your “tryouts” reveals that you are still a little boy. What in the world does that have to do with coaching??? Please don’t coach. Wait till you grow up.

    That’s how I got ’em.

  • High School Football Parent

    Are these comments for real? Do you people realize that it is a privilege to be on a high school team? As a parent of a high school quarterback, I think every kid should be encouraged to do their BEST both academically and athletically, EVERY single day! Keep up the good work, coach. You are so right…anything we can do to get our kids ready for the real world is a good thing! Just one suggestion…yes, QB’s need to be smart to be able to read the field, but think about holding all players to that standard. Good Luck and keep pushing the kids!

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