Charter Oak and San Dimas won titles in 2009, but the computer had Bishop Amat ahead in a landslide … interesting

With all the discussion about top programs, top teams, I thought it would be interesting to post CalPreps’ final state rankings computer poll from the 2009 football season. Calpreps’ state poll obviously factored league, division, strength of schedule, quality wins, opponents’ record, etc, etc. Bishop Amat wins the computer poll easily because in comparison to other valley schools, they crush everyone locally in terms of schedule strength and quality wins, though the CIF titles went to Charter Oak and San Dimas. I ranked Charter Oak No. 1 in our final poll, but this goes to show if you had to compare our locals using a BCS type formula, this is how our top ten would have ended in 2009.

state ranking, team, record
17. Bishop Amat, 10-2
42. Charter Oak. 13-1
114. San Dimas, 13-1
150. Diamond Ranch, 7-7
157. Glendora, 7-4
163. South Hills, 10-3
166. Damien, 5-6
187. West Covina, 7-5
331. Rowland, 8-2
337 Azusa, 11-2

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  • Rolls Eyes…

    Duh Freddie (and all the rest)

    BA is a D1 school. Do all you fishbowlers think that that has no relevance in the equation? They’re forced to play at a higher level, which requires better coaches, and better players.

    Sorry CO & all the rest. As much as I hate BA (and I do), they’re gonna kick your azzes (head to head), year in, and year out.

  • Unreal…

    Numbers don’t lie.

    Calpreps is a pretty reliable system. They are usually in line with most other national ranking systems. Amat had a solid season against stellar competition.

    C.O. is #42 for the same reason why they weren’t even considered for a state bowl when they went on a tear last season…weak schedule.

    Go Amat!!!

  • WTF

    Rolls Eyes and Unreall, I agree with you people 100%. The San Gabriel Valley needs to start playing teams out the area. Amat is the only school who dares to do so. CO & all the rest of the teams in valley are too scarded to get hurt or lose. Good programs donot care about getting hurt or possibly losing. It is about challenging your team to play better. SGV stopping being scared and step-up (Cobardes)

  • Joe Amat

    Pointing to Arams “best program in the valley debate” and his obsession with division titles, I think it’s interesting Amat is listed at #17 in the State and there were *47* division champs in the state.

    Clearly, while we all want to win them, it’s not just championships when deciding who has “the best program”

  • Haha

    Tell Aram he can chew on that


    ~AZUSA AZTECS~, thanks Coach Scherf and the rest of your staff for putting us on the MAP, or FISHBOWL.LOL…


  • Norco

    Congrats to Amat for its “Virtual Championship” well deserved.

  • Debate?

    Hey Joey:

    Would the kids want a ring, or times article, or computer program?

    I think the players would want the ring!

    Everything else is just bragging rights for a SGV team that has advantages in enrollment and recruiting!

  • JFR

    Fred always knows how to get mega hits on his blog by mentioning Amat and CO, but not this time. Amat had a huge year beating highly ranked teams in higher divisions and the ranking makes sense. Sorry Fred, this CO fan excepts it and has no valid argument against it. A for effort FJR.

  • Righyt on



  • Oh my goodness, what is the world coming to when Amat fans are taking solace in computer rankings?

    My argument ISN’T about who would win head-to-head if they played. Amat should and probably would. A PAC-5 parochial school is a much different dynamic than a Southeast (now Inland) Division public school in Covina. Keeping the best company doesn’t make you the best program.

    And before Fred pats himself on the back or anybody else does it for him, please note CO was ranked No. 1 in the Tribune’s final rankings last season.

    Amat fans, here’s a reminder, you guys judge success by winning CIF titles. Nothing else. Seriously, what the heck happened while I was gone? You guys either got soft or these aren’t the same Amat people I know. There are standards!!!! Do you need your own girls hoops program to prove it? You think Coach Wiard would call it a successful season when his team beats Brea in December, but loses in the second round of the playoffs? Of course he’s not. He’s gonna be ticked off because he knows the standard for that program is winning CIF titles (and maybe even state titles).

    When it comes to football, September and October wins are nice, but nobody’s going to remember that in 10 years.

    I really think it’s time Amat73, Joe Amat and any other Amat blogger who needs a reset take a stroll through the gym and the Hall of Fame. I look at the banners every time I’m there. I look at the Hall of Fame every time there. I don’t see any banners for regular-season wins. And the retired jerseys and artifacts in the cases are from players and teams that won CHAMPIONSHIPS. It me helps in my job remember how success at Amat is judged. That, and every Amat athlete I’ve ever interviewed or done a feature on always says the same thing “Win CIF …”

    By the way, if you asked me in 2003 who had the best program I’d have said Los Altos. In 2005, I’d have said South Hills. Right now, and for the past few years, I say CO. In 1995, I’d have said Amat. Get the point? It changes. I call it like I see it. I have no clue who it will be in 2011 or 2015 or 2020.

  • justheard

    Heard SH just received 2 big time transfers any news, they have the best Oline in the area

  • Oh yeah, and about these rankings, right off the bat I can tell they’re worthless. Didn’t No. 157 Glendora beat No. 150 Diamond Ranch on the field last year?

    Man, on most days I’m humble enough to know I need this Valley more than it needs me. Today isn’t one of them.

  • The real Blue and Gold

    Real simple comparison

    Amat (Manny Pacman)

    CO ( Mayweather)

    One says bring it that (Manny Pacman / Amat) the other runs and makes excuses to mix it up afraid to blemish their record (Mayweather / CO) A very long season awaits CO as they scramble in this new alignment of teams and does not make the playoffs. It will show what CO is made of this year and telling the truth with no excuses CO is so so this season and is really brought down to earth. They have been a big fish in a little pond for years now and it is time for them to step it up… but they will not, they are now normal where they are playing and will feel the heat this season. The days of a CO powerhouse football …allegedlly?? is over.

  • MidValley

    It is very simple really….STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE. Charter Oak played a decent schedule and had a good ranking. SD played a bunch of pansies. HOWEVER, if they go 13-1 this year they will definitely break the top 100. Bonita is better, Ganesha is out, and they scheduled Rancho. One game at a time boys, but the schedule is set for greatness.

    Charter Oak….Reloaded
    San Dimas….. Not sure…..QB is recovering from surgery, not very athletic on D, and no proven back. Message to the Offensive Line……you will have to carry this team, no question. They don’t have a RB to just hand the ball off and run opponents over. Last 4 years SD running backs: Barbone, Josephe, Evans, Kohler. All 190 lbs or more and could flat out run. They have speedy backs, but not with combination of size and speed.


    Fred/Aram lets get away from the CO/BA talk and lets get to something more exciting. Put up a thread on how the magazine is coming along and let us know what articles you will be running or what team or player will be on the front cover???? Give us some type of hint of what the front cover will be.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Actually, it’s not quite like the Bowl Championship Series rankings. Cal Preps is like computer rankings, which in the BCS is one third of the equation. I guess the other 67 percent can be a top 25 from Fred and Aram, and then go with the average for the TCR – Tribune Championship Rankings.


    Do you know what this on going debate about BA vs CO reminds me about, that stupid movie (When Harry met Sally). Will they just do it already!

    You can’t have a better TOPIC???

  • Ro

    Walnut pony bronco 12 yr old team in the finals tueday at 5pm york park against simi valley last night advances them to this weekends westzone tournament.winner of westzone heads to world series in monterey.

  • AE 1178


    187 West Covina also beat 157 Glendora. Computer rankings = worthless. So I think you can %&$#can your computer. Doesn’t take into account that both DR and WC were without several line starters for several games.

  • Joe Amat


    Seriously – who is twisted here? If someone asked you “Who has the best *program* in 2005 you would have had a different answer than in 2003? *Programs* don’t change in 2 years – teams do, but not *programs*. “Programs” last. They aren’t good just because a player transfers in or the school has a good class. And they don’t get worse because a class that is down comes thru either. They regroup, rebound, reload and renew their efforts and stay a good program. Do good programs win it all every year? They can’t. Actually 45 champions in California and over 1000 football teams. What about all the rest?

    Definitely no need to remind me about the HOF. I’ve been a part of some of that memorabilia and more than one banner. I know our goals, standards and where we want to end up. But THAT isn’t the discussion. It wasn’t who aspires to be the best at the highest level and fights to stay there vs who wins and lobbies to stay down. THAT’S not the discussion… is it? Which would “good” programs try to do in your mind?

    Ask Coach Wiard how he felt about the seasons while you were playing with the big boys during CIF’s failed experiment to move leagues up or down based on performance when his Girls played in D1. I know his answer. Satisfied – hell no… successful…yes. Ask him. I know I’m right.

    You see that’s the difference. You grew up in the AYSO world where everyone gets a trophy and we create 9 yr old all-star teams, and everybody feels good. So they water down CIF create 13 divisions and they can give more “trophies” and more people can call themselves “champions”. Then they decide to be more “politically correct” and rename the divisions so a D7 school doesn’t feel inferior than a D1 school. Really? You’re going to fall for that? That’s ok – tons of people are that gullible. but I thought you had something on them. After all – you did “Power Rankings” for Fox so you should know with the imbalanced schedules not all records are created equal and winning American League Central doesn’t necessarily make you better than missing the playoffs in the American League East.

    So in 2005 you woulda picked South Hills? Because they won? Please! You’ve been hanging with Jaime to long. That year the Lancers beat Damien, Glendora, and Charter Oak by a combined 96-16. Beat Mater Dei and Loyola (who won the Pac5 wih a win over Esperanza… South Hills only loss – expect for Rancho Cucamonga who the Lancers swept the next two years.) So even at 6-4 Amat was still the best team in the valley… and hands down the best *program*. Even in the down years. Now you remember how I was during the next few years. Had we continued down that road we wouldn’t be having this discussion. But we rebounded.

    ram, if you are going to compare programs TO each other, which is what you did, you can’t judge them using a different criteria. Because CO beats Diamond Ranch and Amat loses to Long Beach Poly that makes one better than the other? Delusional logic. It’s like saying that Troy or Middle Tennessee is a better program than Georgia because they’ve won more Sun-Belt championships than Georgia has SEC championships in the last decade. You continue to mix & match your arguments. It’s not a head-to-head argument because we know that answer and you don’t want to go there. It’s not next level players – you don’t want to go there either. Not big wins.. you gotta play in a big game to get a big win. So all you’re left with is the apples and oranges Championship of the Post-season Fish Bowl Tournament.

    No, when you compare you have to go further than that. I know us humans hate it – but those computers are pretty accurate when it comes to rankings. The link you provided made this ranking thing easy.
    Amat lost to #11 & #69 and beat #18, 23, 40, 46, 62, 112 & 150, 166, 187, & St Paul

    Charter Oaks best win was against #108 Etiwanda and they beat #150 for a Championship for crying out loud. Best Program? Not even a conversation, much less a debate. I know you want it to be… but it’s not. If you’re real competitor or have a son who aspires to be one… what schedule do you want him to compete against to develop and test his skills? When the kids are playing pick-up basketball at the park, which court do you want to get on? The short rims so you an dominate then say your better than the kid that lose to the big boys.

    To answer “DEBATE” – Championships are great, especially at the time. Rings end up on a shelf or a drawer along with the newspaper clippings. You know what lasts? … Memories. So what creates those memories? Moments. Those moments can come from anywhere. I remember some Semi-Final moments more than Finals. Some losses where we faced tough opposition much more than wins against inferior competition. If you don’t get that – you’ve never competed in a big game. Sorry. It’s great. You missed out.

    At Amat we want to graduate great people that have great memories. Think about that . It should be every schools goal. Graduate….Great People…Great Memories. Does it get any better than that?

  • DRanchhhh


    The whole valley should just xfr all of their studs to Amat that way we all become SGV AMAT fans.

  • Aaron

    Didn’t we have this debate all last week. This old already…but I guess the Trib only sells papers to a few people…guess I should cancel the subscription?

  • just sayin’

    best thing DRanchhhh has ever said

  • Joe Amat,

    I know, it’s hard to believe that just because you were the top program in 1995 doesn’t mean you’ll be the top program in 2010.

    And you know full well that the examples I used as far as different years were all with programs that had more than just 2-3 years of success. They had a solid foundation of winning championships and sending kids to D-1 schools behind them. But the overall point is that things change very quickly in HS football and in this Valley an already good/established program can take the flagship of being the area’s best program with a streak of monster years.

    Let me make some points I made to Freddie today in the office.

    First the non-tangible results

    2009 common opponents:

    Amat beats West Covina by 14
    CO beats West Covina by 25

    Amat beats Damien by 9.
    CO beats Damien by 3.

    Amat beats DR by 28 … (I wasn’t there, heard it was over quick and could have been worse)
    CO beats DR twice by 12 and 21. Blanked them each time.

    2008 common opponents:

    Amat beats DR by 11
    CO beats DR twice by 16 each time

    Amat beats Damien by 23
    CO beats Damien by 21

    Charter Oak and Amat did not play each other, so this is the next best thing. And as you can see, over the past two years, the results are mixed and do not support the argument that Amat is far and away in a different class.

    The best thing I can compare this to is a college football example using Boise St. against, say, Tennessee. Boise St. plays in a weaker conference. Tennessee plays in the SEC. Boise St. has a string of nice bowl wins, Tennessee has the experience of saying it plays in the SEC. Charter Oak has two CIF titles and some deep recent runs (finals/semis). Amat has a second-round exit, a first-round exit and missed the dance all together before that. Could Boise St. have the same results if it played in the SEC week in and week out? No. Would Charter Oak last playing week in and week out vs. the Serra/PAC-5? No. So while Tennessee is better equipped to handle the rigors of SEC play, like Amat is better equipped to handle the rigors of PAC-5 play, the bottom-line success is shaded heavily toward Boise St. because the Broncos are winning bowls. Not national championship games, but big bowl games. CO is winning CIF titles. Not PAC-5 titles, but Southeast titles. Would anybody argue that Tennessee is a better program than Boise right now?

    Tangible results:

    Charter Oak has two league and two CIF titles and a nice number of kids sent to the next level.

    Amat has a second-round exit, first-round exit, a league title (a legitimately great accomplishment) and a handful of wins over some amazing programs.

    Like I said at the start of this. These are imprecise arguments because the two schools are completely different animals. I guess analogies are the only way to make the argument if you don’t want to look at tangible results.

    I’d like to think that as an outside observer, I have some credibility. I’m not emotionally attached to either side other than I root for them both to do great and represent the SGV well. I root for ALL of the SGV teams the same way and I’m ready to jump on anybody’s bandwagon without apology. I’ve been called an Amat homer by literally every member of the Tribune staff! Five or six years back one staffer joked that Amat built a statue called Touchdown Aram. That might be something Amat fans would find hard to believe given this debate. But I call it like I see it … and when the argument from some on the Amat side is based solely upon being in the PAC-5 and not championships, then I have to shake my head.

    That logic stinks. Would anybody say Diamond Bar currently has a better football program than Arroyo because the Brahmas played in the Sierra League for the past decade and had great success a decade before that? I rest my case.

  • Fish Rots From The Head Down

    Let me make this argument better because after all most of the gloss we’re using is mine and the issues are mine. (Fish Bowl, Standards)

    Let’s be honest and say Aram doesn’t know squat about Football. He’s a lazy ass who writes well enough under the pressure of the clock and loves to talk about dating interns and his food fetish. His first two loves.

    A few years ago, when Aram was running the show, he made lists of position players. Sort of what Guru does but far worst. At least Guru has help. Aram was lost. I won’t blast palyers but most of his lists were junk.

    Now he’s making an imprecise attempt to change the English language. A Program means something. What exactly is the question to be asked.

    I’ve never liked the pandering that the Tribune writers engage in with local Head Coaches. Just a love fest of BS. This question highlights that basic lack of integrity and professionalism so rampant out here in the Fish Bowl. I’ve said this before, everyone dogged me for teling it like it was about Morrison and yet Fred doesn’t even include him in a Top Twenty list! Others bashed me and yet they didn’t include in in my Three Tier evaluation. I asked that idiot Guru once what BOgan would do with Rabe, McMahon, Mendru, Travis, Herrera, Pertusati and others and he said NO COMMENT! I asked him if he’d ever seen a Damein practice and he said, Yes. I asked what part of Morrison’s practice resembled Bogan’s and he smiled and said…None…I mean NO COMMENT.

    Yet Aram, Fred, and GURU said he was top shelf. Riggggggggghhhht! Is that why he’s at Workman?

    Now we have Fred and Aram playing dumb for hits. An act they are getting good at all costs. Who needs integrity when you can spin a word or two under a dead line.

    BTW while CO/SH are kicking and screaming to be respected they cry about moving up. Serra and Cathedral are moving form Division 10 to 3! Notice all that talk about “WE DON’T HAVE TO PLAY ANYONE OUTSIDE THE FISH BOWL?” Well guess what…you might wnat to rethink that.

    Last point. how about all the Coach Pasquerella “doubters”…especially that blow hard MTC. Seems the Tartans are doing just fine without his constant secod guessing the Tartan, opps….THE BUTTON WEARERS! Kool Aid…or their HC…or his TACTICS…or his this or that! seems when you win three SL Champiosnhips in a row the comments stopped finally.

    And that’s what I hate. Kiss Fred or Aram’s ass and all is good…. dudes have some credibility and tell me you know what a standard is.

    Like I said before if Fred and Aram can’t quantify their methods as a basis of discussion why do all this, just so peopel can ahte on each other.

    Fish rots from the Head down….;nuff said.


    HEY ARAM,and you thought we were bad on your blog! lOOk at FISH HEAD here? BOY this guy spewing HATE!!!

    ROTTEN FISH HEAD (CHILL OUT)! we don’t need to read cra* like that. Fred and Arams are the best source of football material we got. If you don’t like what there about, why don’t you go on that exciting whitter BLOG.

    Fred and Aram your doing outstanding!

  • FredJ

    Aram and I had a pretty spirited debate on this yesterday which maybe we should put on video, but what he doesn’t understand is that for Amat, they never have a week off, so comparing Diamond Ranch and West Covina scores is kinda useless. For Charter Oak, playing Diamond Ranch is for league and CIF titles, but for Amat those games are another bump in the road to a bigger game the following week. It’s a completely difference dynamic. Amat is like an SEC school in that every week is a monster challenge and no disrespect to our local teams, but Amat is in a nothing to gain, everything to lose scenario against our locals, and given that, they haven’t lost to a local since the beginning of the decade, which includes blowout wins over Charter Oak a few years back. Aram does not understand what it means to have to emotionally invest yourself every week for a “game of the week” type scenario, but that’s the division and type of schedule that Amat demands, which is why it’s a great program. Aram can argue who has more players going to the next level, but what is the difference between the number of players that Amat faces that will go to the next level as opposed to Charter Oak. It’s a dramatic difference, the difference between Pac-5 competition and the Southeast, which is basically the championship of the Miramonte and San Antonio. For Charter Oak, who was the biggest win on their schedule last season? Um, 8-4 Etiwanda, maybe? How many games did they win that they weren’t supposed to win, because that it what it’s all about. Zero. Charter Oak had basically a month off to prepare for its one gigantic game on its schedule, and by saying a month off, I mean it had to beat Gardena, University and Diamond Bar, who had a combined 6-24 record, before getting up for its game of the year against Rancho Cucamonga at home in front of Fox Sports cameras and they lost. Well, Bishop Amat had to play those games every week! I mean, every week! That was the game that would have given Charter Oak a card in this argument, and maybe put them in a state playoff bowl. But they lost. And not to drive the point home, but how many games did Amat win last year, or the year before, that none of us thought they could win. At handful, to say the least. Beating St. Bonaventure, Loyola, Crespi, Notre Dame, Mater Dei and Alemany were all bigger wins than any win than Charter Oak had on its resume. Now, Aram is going to tell you they should win those games, that’s where Amat should be, and that championships is the end all, be all. That’s fine, and I agree, I only measure Bishop Amat against Bishop Amat, and winning titles is what they need to do to be all the way back as far as Amat’s standards are concerned. But in no way when you talk about the Valley’s best programs am I’m going to say that anyone in the Valley had a better program than Amat last year because they won titles in far less competitive divisions. To lay claim to area’s best program you have to do more than that. Give Charter Oak and San Dimas credit, they were awesome and they have rings and five years ago, when Amat really struggled, other Valley teams could argue they were a better program in those years, particularly the early Los Altos teams. But it was not the case in 2009 when Amat goes 10-2 and beats the teams they beat. For me, if you’re going to have Charter Oak in this argument, one, they need to schedule up like Diamond Ranch, play an Oaks Christian, Amat and any I.E. powerhouse in the same season, and prove they can win games that we don’t know if they can win. You can’t just win the Southeast or Mid-Valley or be Rio Hondo Prep and win the Northeast and lay claim to best program in the valley. If you want that title, you have to schedule multiple CIF monster games in the preseason and prove you can win. So far, none of our lower level area teams have been able to do that, so as long as Bishop Amat has six, seven and eight wins bigger than anyone else has on its resume, thats top program of the Valley. Yeah, in no way is Amat the top program in the Pac-5, but don’t tell me winning the Southeast is more difficult than winning the Serra League, which Aram admitted to me yesterday he felt was the toughest league in the country. If you lay claim to a piece of the toughest high school league in the country, so said Aram, and that high school is in our backyard, how is that not top program in the Valley? If you’re going to buy Aram’s argument then I guess Division II champion Northwest Missouri State is a better program than any team that lost a BCS title game, right? Yeah, I know they have “rings”, but c’mon now.

  • COChargerfan

    Aram, went down that road last year with the Amat faithful and all I can say is good luck because they still and always will believe that they are “far, far, far superior” to the “lower division” teams like the CO’s just because they play in the greatest division in the country.

    As a suggestion, you might also want to mention that the bottom 1/3rd of the Pac-5 isn’t all that great and they routinely get beat by teams at and below COs caliber. So, it is not accurate for the Amat honks to only focus on the top few teams in the Pac-5 and ignore the bad ones like Cabrillo (ranked 248th) and Marina (ranked 263rd) or the average teams like Compton (ranked 83rd) and Esperanza ranked 65th). Is anyone going to argue that Cabrillo was one of the best teams in the country, state or even locallybut, but, butthey were in the Pac-5 so doesnt that make them so? Hardly.

    And the fishbowlers cant see that almost every high school plays solely in their geographical area…dont believe me, well just look at the schedules for the IE and Orange County teams (outside of the Pac-5)…all local opponents. Let’s not forget that the Pac-5 was created to force the private football mill schools into one division, which is why the division is almost 1/3 private schools and hence, spans a large geographical area.

    And finally, CIF doesnt use numerals for divisions anymore and, instead, they use geographical names. And folks, read the CIF rules because they specifically say ” enrollment, geography and competitive equity are the three criteria. Just look at the divisionsmost of the schools are within a 10-15 drive and at the extreme ends are 25 miles apart.

    And in 2008, CO was in the mix for a State Bowl birthwhile Amat wasnt even eligible. Folks, Amat and CO are both in the same Division II for the State Bowl but since a team has to be a CIF champion for eligibility, CO was but Amat wasnt eligible. So, for an Amat honk to argue that CO has been snubbed for a Bowl slot is ignoring the fact that they didnt even qualify for consideration of the very same slot!

    And the 2008 DII State Champ was San Diego Cathedral Catholic who other than blowing out a 2-8 Chino team, played all their games in the San Diego fishbowl. Point is, they didnt play any Pac-5 or out of state teams and still got into the bowl game. In fact, if you look at their schedules over the past 5 years, they pretty much play the same local preseason teams. So, what do the fishbowlers now have to say?


    Fred, what you just wrote is 100% accurate! Everybody who knows high school football and SGV will agree with you, with the exception of COcharger, because he’s a die hard and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Debate


    Classic and right on!

    Joey goes from “Best Program” because of a computer, to articles, to pre-season schedule rants which we all know that really gets left in the drawer, to MEMORIES.

    ” Memory all alone in the moonlight. I can dream of the old days life was beautiful then, I remember the time I knew what happiness was, let the memory live again”

    Keep walking down memory lane, I’ll take the ring(s) and you keep the computer for analysis!

  • There it is Jcaz doesnt like the hardware, he likes the memories created of beating a big time team but losing in their playoff bracket… You Amat homers are a joke, get over yourself and get past the 2nd round and then you can lay claim to the best team in the valley…

    “Rings end up on a shelf or a drawer along with the newspaper clippings. You know what lasts? … Memories.”

    This quote sums it all up for Amat. Jcaz do you really think beating a great team in preseason is a better than winning it all in CIF? I am 100% sure those Amat kids would give up that victory over St Bonnies to be CIF champs. Click on my name and you tell me what do you want… The memory of beating St bonnies and losing to lakewood or losing to St Bonnies and beating Edison in the finals? You tell me. Homers cant even see past all the fog in La Puente.

    Now that is one expensive ring…

  • WTF

    Hey COChargerfan, CO did start winning championships until the changed the playoff brackets and removed orange county. What happen 2004 thru 2007 you lost to orange county teams. I agree with Fred until CO plays someone big you will always have big ? mark next to your titles.

  • just sayin’

    COChargerfan – Amat doesn’t play any of that bottom third. They’re left for lower division schools like CO to schedule (read Tesoro) to fool people in to thinking they’re playing up.The reason it’s significant is that top third is the teams you face in the playoffs instead of the Bell Gardens of the world. CO want any part of that top third?

  • FredJ

    C’mon Aram, I brought it up because you brought it comparing programs of teams in divisions that are miles apart. And for the record, I made a mistake in my previous post, I did rank Amat No. 1 at the end of the year, with a quote, “Area’s most quality wins.” I couldn’t find our final rankings last year online, but found our final all area package with Amat No. 1, Charter Oak 2, and San Dimas 3. But as is the case with most rankings, just because a team is ranked lower doesn’t mean I/we don’t believe it can’t beat a ranked team ahead of it. I mean, Damien wasn’t ranked because it lost so many games, but not having them ranked doesn’t mean I do not think they could beat our No. 7 Azusa. Ranking the teams in our Valley, our fishbowl, is in precise as you suggest, because you do want to reward success, regardless of division.

  • Basic

    Fred’s and Aram’s comparisons:

    Fred: If you’re going to buy Aram’s argument then I guess Division II champion Northwest Missouri State is a better program than any team that lost a BCS title game, right?

    Was Amat in a Championship game Fred???

    Aram: Tennessee is better equipped to handle the rigors of SEC play, like Amat is better equipped to handle the rigors of PAC-5 play, the bottom-line success is shaded heavily toward Boise St. because the Broncos are winning bowls. Not national championship games, but big bowl games. CO is winning CIF titles. Not PAC-5 titles, but Southeast titles. Would anybody argue that Tennessee is a better program than Boise right now?

    Now that to me is a more fair comparison, Tennessee to Boise St.
    Tenn has better players and plays at a higher level but is Boise NOT a good program? and do they not have Huge Bowl wins???

  • Aaron

    This crap gets annoying. I went to Amat’s game against St Bonnies, yes it was a electric. However, there is no way you could say they knew they were going to win. Give them a fight, yeah, but just win? No, which is illustrated by the close upset in overtime.

    Charter Oak’s Championships span three decades, the first in 85, second in 98, and three in this last decade in 2001, 2008, and 2009. If that is not consistent I don’t know what is. They’ve always been strong and won way more than they lost. If you say that his first three were “watered down” you’re worse than an idiot, you’re a fool! In the Miramonte league, we loved to hate Charter Oak, the rivalry within the league was almost as charged as the rivalry with San Dimas.

    Since we’re resting on our laurels here, all I have to say is Amat needs to do some research. Amat73 knows what I’m talking about with this. Dynamics and populations change and school districts make choices. If San Dimas had never been built and Bonita been expanded we would have almost 3400 students and be competing at a much different level. But we’re not we can say we were great once. The facts remain the same though everyone goes through dry spells.

    Something on Servite’s web page : “Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly.” St Frances De Sales

    Charter Oak has won at higher levels than they have recently, but they’ve won at least one every decade. So that tells me that Charter Oak has a shot at the Inland Division, probably not this year or maybe even next year. But they will compete. I really do hate this debate because it makes it way too easy for Fred to get hits and not have articles about something else.

    I mean Tribune Dynamics seems to be post something about Amat everyday! Why: because haters gonna hate, and people are going to take offense.

    But to say that Kieffer Stadium is the best place to be on a Friday night, then I say no. Because the football product that many other schools put out is still great and you still see kids struggle through adversity everywhere else.

    This is how this whole debate comes up:
    Amat guy: We’re the greatest there ever was.
    CO Guy: Oh yeah, look at my ring!
    Amat guy: Crack jack ring
    CO Guy: Get bent, fifteen years and nothing!

  • OMG, Fred! You did not just compare the team you had ranked No. 1 in the Valley after each of the past two seasons to SW Missouri St.!

    And to “Fish rots from the head down” or whatever alias you’re using this week, this discussion is for the adults and non-schizophrenics. So pick a name and stick with it and please stop making the same argument you did 5-6 years ago. Damien/Morrison, again? Aram being lazy and dating interns? Blah, blah, blah. Gosh, I don’t get it — one week you love me, Freddie and MTC. The next week you don’t. If the message wasn’t always the same, I wouldn’t think I’m talking to the same person all the time.

    And by the way, this whole “fishbowl” thing is beyond stupid. Think about where you are. We are SUPPOSED TO BE fishbowl. Guess what, the OC Register is an OC fishbowl. The LB Press Telegram is an LB fishbowl. Go hit the L.A. Times if you want larger.

  • just askin’

    Hey Servite boy – what were you doing between 1983 and 2009? Were you a good program then? TWENTY-SIX YEARS between championships? I think your answer may prove Amat’s point – they have a ways to go to reach that level of “futility”. Are you willing to agree with THAT?

  • AMAT 73

    My turn. Aram I posted a reply last night from home which I hardly ever do and it did not go thru for some reason, maybe because when I saw your post I had some choice words in there for you and your post. Let me just say this and that is I could give a shiat about your or the Trib’s or the Time’s or Cal Prep’s rankings because the only ranking I care about is being NUMBER 1 IN THE PAC-5 AT THE END OF THE SEASON. I have never come on here and argued the fact of us not being number one in the valley because it a senseless argument .Yes I do come on here when some fish pops off and says they can beat us in years we have beaten some top schools who would tear up any valley team they face other than AMAT . Last year at the end of the season CO was number one and deservedly so but I also argued the point that SD should have been number two and not us . A CIF title in any division speaks volumes to me and since they both won they deserved it . I don’t need to stroll thru the HOF to know what and who we are . WE ARE AMAT and will always strive for a championship and settle for no less. Now in your opinion you choose to pick a top program from year to year and base it on CIF championships that is all fine and your opinion . But overall we do have the best program in the valley hands down . We have been competing at the top level for roughly 40 years straight of which there have been a few valley teams who were there but where are they now .If your a top program you stay at the top not slide way down to the bottom or rise a couple of years and sink a few years later you stay at the top. It’s funny you use SH and LA as examples of the top programs in certain years and they will never ever step on the field against AMAT. It would have been better if you put CO or Damien because at least they play us and put it on the line. So the next time you deceide to call me out on what my expectations are for AMAT do some research to see where I stand on what makes AMAT the football program that it is because it sure isn’t rankings by people who can’t see beyond the glass of the fishbowl . Aram you name me one just one program in the SGV that has competed at the top level for 40 years and maybe I will see your point but until then I think you need to revisit the HOF and see just who you think is not the top overall program in the SGV. Answer this ,in those years you say SH and LA were tops what do you think the outcome would have been if they played AMAT in those years seeing as you say they had the top programs. Did you forget the outrage when Verti was our coach . I did say give him time in his first year but after that I and many others called for a change. Do you think we were happy because he was still beating the SGV teams we faced and would settle for that . No because it is expected by us that we do beat the locals and will settle for nothing less and the goal is the PAC-5 CROWN AND NOTHING ELSE. NOW DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR ON THIS ISSUE.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    Hey c.o. fan, tell ya what? I’m gonna reserve judgement in this arguement until the end of this coming season. Some how I don’t thik you will be so self-absorbed at the end of this year. Go ahead and start making Thanksgiving plans and let friends and family that you will be available this year for out of state travel. Your not in Kansas anymore toto….

  • King Stud

    Ah yes football season is just around the corner as the first sign was the 10000000 alias good old franky boy keeps using. He even pulled the old Mean Machine out of the wood work. It’s funny that he gets upset when someone takes a shot at him yet he has the gall to call out Aram chasing interns and his food comment. Go look up the word hypocrite in the dictionary I would bet his photo is right next the definition. Btw Aram loved your response. Hilarious.

    This CO Amat debate is an interesting one. I do think Amat would beat CO most years but i liken this to the college polls that are used. Lose and you move down. Just like the best team in college football doesn’t always win the championship but in the end ranks the team 1st who wins the title . The point here is that last years Amat 10-2 should have beaten CO even though they won a title but doesn’t take away from the fact CO won a championship and should be the tribs 1 team.

    Aram made some great points and the Boise St reference was the best. Did anyone see them knocking off Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl a few years back led by Damien’s Ian Johnson? No way. No one is saying that Amat is not playing the best teams outside the SGV but to be number one in the area don’t you think you need to win a title? People never remember where you finished in year in college football only that you won a championship. Ask Nebraska who year after year would win a ton of games and never titles until they finally won one.

    Joe Amat. I respect your knowledge and you have soften my dislike for Amat because of you and Amat 73 but you are dead wrong when it comes to titles. Aram’s example of walking thru Amat seeing all the banners of championships is a great example of the motivation that Amat students and fans should have. Do you really think that kids will have a better memory of losing a semi final against a great team as compared to winning a ring? I doubt it. I don’t think people who go to their reunions 10 20 and 30 years down the road would rather bring their rings talking about a championship than to talk about a playoff loss to a great team. Also do you think the Amat baseball teams thinks anything less than their CIF DIV 5 title rings because it happened at a lower level? Not likely.
    Amat 73. Much respect to you. You are the first Amat person to say championships are the aspiration of Amat programs instead of others defending the team for losing in the 2nd round. This should be the aspirations for Amat teams not some ranking system from maxpreps.
    Some good points made by all. Can’t wait for kickoff. Let the games begin!!


    Lan C. Erbacker,

    Yes thanks for the advice, at least we know its coming from a supporter who has tons of experience in hanging up the pads before Novemeber… LOL

    We dont even play you guys this year and still we cant get a good luck CO give them all you got in the Inland. There are only a few CO supporters who come on this blog and wish the best for Amat football but there seems to tons of Amat fans that want to bury this little program in Covina, seems to me like they are a little insecure with their place in the Valley.

  • Joe Blows Harder


    Keep blowing harder! I am getting a kick out of your nonsense!

    Memories, now that was classic! LMAO!

  • Good one


    Don’t you see what FAST FREDDY just pulled on us bloggers? He’s off to CABO, FOR BIG GAME FISH and left this nice little article, so you BA and CO fans can bang each others heads off. Fred not all people are biting! And you have a NICE ONE FRED!

  • Steve Ramirez

    Wow, this thread continues to grow.
    First of all, unlike what “Basic” said, Boise State does have talent equal to or perhaps better than a Tennessee. The Vols, like most teams from a BCS conference, just have more depth. Boise State has more talent among its top 22 than a Tennessee, which talent level is more tight than a Boise State as you get into the top 44, 66 and so on.
    I think that’s the difference between high school teams and FBS teams.
    As for this comparison, I don’t think you can prop one team over the other because of its schedule. Yes, one is tougher than the other. But it’s how each plays within the confines of its schedule should be how they are judged. If one plays an easier schedule, like Boise State does in comparison to the SEC teams. it has to do more than go 12-0, but also win impressively.
    But back to which program in our area has the better program, well I tend to look at them as 1-A and 1-B. There was a time when Amat was the TEAM, but the Lancers have definitely slipped this decade, putting together a few average teams that didn’t make the playoffs, even a 2-7 team in 2000. Charter Oak has upped their program, and been a bit more consistent, but the real barometer is the players. Back in Amat’s glory days it had the best players in the area, hands down. They had guys like Daylon McCutcheon, Kory Minor and Joey Getherall who were not only keys to winning championships or getting to the finals, but they were also getting major FBS offers, like USC and Notre Dame.
    Now both teams win on a consistent basis, and they both send players to the FBS level, but they are are to the mid-major level, which is props to them and they should be congratulated. But there’s a difference between going to an Alabama and New Mexico State or San Diego State. Plus, as I told Aram a few weeks ago at the Hall of Fame All-Star game, the real barometer of how much Amat has slipped was to just look at the Hall of Fame roster, which had a few Amat players on the East squad. During the glory days, Amat never had players in the Hall of Fame game. Now part of that was the Shrine Game was still in existence, but there were some who didn’t even play in the Shrine Game, because they were such high talent that their college coaches didn’t want them to play. But its a good barometer to how much Amat has slipped.
    Is Amat still one of the top two programs in our area? Yes, but the gap has closed. Now maybe Hagerty and staff can get it back to like it was, but it’s definitely not there yet.

  • Norco

    very interesting reading…I must say..


    That’s what we do in SGV, talk FOOTBALL! NOrco, now go and adjust your panties

    Norco who? AND WHO CARES.

  • Norco

    No you argue like a bunch of pimply faced 15yr old virgins…

  • good old franky boy

    i’ve been thinking so correct me if i am wrong but isn’t fred robledo now attempting to attach himself to bishop amat like he already has with the scouting guru? i just love the company you chose to keep fredj.

    how about you amateur fishhacks go get you own blog instead for a change and leave the professional journalism to guys like Aram Tolegian and Steve Ramirez.

    better yet i’ve got even a better idea. how about you invite bishop amat to go with you so that way you can then all swim in your very own fishbowl together?

    what do you say guys?

    something sure does smell fishy around here. aren’t you suppose to go fishing fredj or did you already go and come back?

    fish heads, fish heads, rolly polly fish heads
    fish heads, fish heads, eat them up

  • whaaaat

    NOrco, becareful making underage statements like that, you may have the F.B.I knocking on your door and taking your computer away! HAHAHAHAH…

    You see people,that’s what happens when you live in the desert. NOrco= perv. LOL…

  • just askin’

    Norco – how would the blog conversation go out your way if someone came out and said Linfield Christian had a better program than Norco because they were 14-0 this season with a CIF title while Norco hasn’t won in years.


    JUST ASKIN, please don’t get NORCON started, because he loves the attention and tries to bring up how big his linemen are at NOrco. I believe and you can tell this is his first rodeo on this blog, because he gets all excited like a 15 year old who JUST MIGHT GET, L_ _ _d! LOL…

  • Norco

    just askin’…

    In all honesty…I could care less about Linfield Christian…And for me to even debate with someone about whether or not Linfield Christian is better than Norco would be a joke in its self…


    How is it possible that so many people can disregard just how difficult it is to win the Pac-5.





  • Norco

    Ya Norco OL are & 7ft tall and blow fire from their arses…And don`t assume this is my first rodeo on this blog, I`ve been on here before using a different screen name to get some of you SGV Honks all upset with one another…

  • Norco

    yup….the PAC5 is the toughest division in the Universe…I mean some of these teams just scream toughness…

    and even SJ BOSCO.

  • DRanchhhh

    Norco- Great last post

    SGV FOOTBALL- 100% agree with you.

  • just sayin’

    Norco – you don’t have to get through those teams to win the Pac5. You need to get through the top teams – 11 of which are ranked in the top 50 out of the 1000+ schools in the state (7 are above Norco). And I’m sure we don’t want to play the “bad teams in the Division” card when in your own Big VIII (the 7th toughest league in the state – behind 4 of the 5 Pac5 Leagues – only Long Beach Poly and Lakewood’s Moore league is behind yours) has teams like Corona, Riv Poly, King and North much less teams like Fontana, Rialto, Ike, Ramona, etc. When talking about Divisions you have to look at quality depth – not just the top or bottom

  • just sayin’

    Wow – that’s funny cuz DRanchhhh is hangin their hat on “almost” beating Amat in a game they had 40 some yards offense outside of one drive, they blame a phantom non-call, and Amat took a knee 4 times in the last 2 minutes inside the 10 to spare them more embarrassment. That’s their best “win” in two years!


    COME ON DRAAANCH, get off NOrcos leg and don’t ever settle for sloppy seconds! Maybe, just Maybe you’ll just might win a title. But for now, your DRaaanch falls under the category NORCON JUST LISTED!

    Why don’t you try some DRAAANCH on your CHICKEN LEGS.

  • Norco

    just sayin…

    rankings are always subjective..I watched Dana Hills 2x last year against Edison & mission and both times they were blown out, hell all three of their losses were blow outs and yet they get rewarded for playing cupcakes to make their overall record look better? Also Calpreps has LH ( way LH was better then Norco last year) & Corona Centennial in front of Norco…Norco BEAT CC last year…so that tells me these rankings are a joke…but you wont get no argument from me but overall division strength…hell corona had two ALL AMERICANS on last years team and didnt even make the playoffs..

  • Okay

    Norco yes you FINALLY beat CORONA CENTENNIAL last year, but they have been whipping Norcos AZZ for several years before that!

  • AMAT 73

    This is getting crazy , Norco you know as well as I do that every division has teams that are not up to snuff as others. You are of better knowledge then to follow in the haze of some of these other bloggers. Funny you mention Tesoro because a few of the SGV teams have or tried to schedule them as a sign of scheduling up . I do remember a time when 4-5 of those teams on the list were top teams and almost always in the hunt for a championship but when you have been around it for 40 some odd years you see them come on go . Maybe their time has passed them and they are not what they used to be . You of all people should know some of the things we post are valid as the Big 8 is full of top teams and I don’t think the Sierra knows what they are in for when they face you .If you want a real laugh just read COCF’s post about high schools playing in their geographical areas and uses the OC and IE with a note except the PAC -5 as proof of that. As I have said I have much respect for CO and what they have accomplished but facing teams of the IE and specifically the Big 8 is something new to them .Also you could make an argument that the Big 8 could make the PAC-5 and change it to the PAC-6.I remember when Eisenhower and Fontana were powerhouse programs before the masses moved out to IE and the talent started to get spread around and I am sure you do also. The biggest difference is you have faced the type of competition AMAT faces and and they haven’t so when they do it will be a whole new ball game . Now I do believe CO has the best chance of all of them but we will see. To the King , thanks for the words .

  • Norco

    right and Norco still leads the series…look for Norco once again to beat CC this year…

  • jcaz

    Actually, this is turning out to be a very good thread because everyone in here is finally getting all the dust off after that long baseball season and slowly going into football (smack talking) mode.

    First of all:

    1. Fred, I have to say that I was completely shocked by the comments you just made. Obviously of course, I couldnt agree more on EVERTHING you just posted, but I do have to say that I was surprised (albeit) pleasantly by the fact that you came out of the closet just with this love for Amat !, AND the fact that you actually spared with your old friend and mentor, Aram over this was heart warming to say the least. Truly amazing, but hey, in the end, you have your moments right ?

    2. Fish rots from the head down. As a general rule, I dont usually like the way you bash some of these people in here sometimes. To me, it almost seems as if it gets kind personal with you in some instances, but, believe it or not, I really gave some thought to this last entry by you just now. Maybe you have a point here when you say that perhaps Fred and Aram can really take a look at some of the stuff that pisses you off so much with some objectivity. When you said, “Who needs integrity when you can spin a word or two under a dead line” I really felt that perhaps you were right. These two are often over playing the rivalry thing, when in fact there is no rivalry. Having said that, and in all fairness, you have to give credit to these guys because in the end, they certainly know how to keep things lively considering the fact that we are in the summer months where there really isnt any sports to talk about.

    3.To Just Saying..ya, you right about that one. Couldnt agree with you more on drranch.

    4.SVG Football, I think that Fred must have eliminated the earlier entries that I made in here because I couldnt find what it was that got you going. But for what its worth, I couldnt agree with you more. The facts are that Amat hasnt gotten past the second round in the last two years, but hey, it isnt as if Amat is playing football in some pee wee pop Warner league right ? I mean, they do play with the big boys, so if your going to take a shot at Amat over that, ya really should find something better to hang your hat on dude.

    5.Aron….funny take, I liked it..

    6.King stud….I know, I know. 100000 names, too funny, but, it’s just “Manny being Manny” ok

    7.Norco, at first when you came in here I really thought you were as annoying as that bump I found on my pecker the other day, but for what its worth, I kinda like some of the bull schitz you throw out there sometimes because you keep it lively…..I guess.

    8.Hey, is it me or did I just notice that all the major bloggers really came out in full force today ?

    Must be getting closer to football season because almost everyone of them go on and on and on. Sort of like this one here ?? Ha ha ha

  • Norco

    Amat 73….

    fair enough..I gave no idea why I let these guys draw me into this crap. What people don`t know is a few years back south coast league wanted out of the PAC5 because the league 1-6 in the two years of Pac-5 Division playoffs…The BigVIII took a vote to join the PAC5 but the PAC5 didn`t want to lose the “at-large berth” and give the BigVIII an eight-team league, four automatic qualifiers…


    Hey JCAZ, smack this.

  • Best line of the thread

    this discussion is for the adults and non-schizophrenics.

  • AMAT 73

    Hey Jcaz, you sure that bump isn’t a callus . HA HA HA HA . How’s the neighbors dog doing these days . You’re right, football is right around the corner and it is heating up . Hopefully the blog keeps up like this with some good arguments and interesting takes as we have seen lately instead of the typical hater bullshiat. Drrrranch a couple of questions for you . With all the hype on Roddy ( much respect for him ) and the many players that he sends on to D-1 and other schools what is your take on why they just can’t put it together and win a title and what is their outlook for this season now that CO is out of the way .

  • How about I use numbers?564616516513 …lol

    I love when Aram gets mad, he’s so professional. Not like Fred who deflects or Miguel who responds with even more insight and analysis. No Aram gets BMOC silly. “I’m going to big time you once”. Dude get real you’ve never been BIG TIME.

    Is everyone ready for an education in reality. Who has a better program Mater Dei or Charter Oak?

    I’ll ask Aram for his opinion seeing as he’s an expert in these matters.

    Mater Dei or Charter Oak ?

    Simple enough? Charter Oak has more championship this decade I believe so you can start there Aram.

    Programs are based on coaching staffs, next level players, strength of schedule, quality of players, quality of staff at EVERY LEVEL, community support, resources, and yes wins and loses. Sorry but I didn’t mention Championships, my bad.

    Before this year was Servite a better program than CO. Too funny. So is SD a better program than SJB over the past five years? Get out more Aram.

    For another example. By the time Morrison was fired he had won two or three SL Titles and had several players move on to D1 scholarships and NFL tryouts (pretty impressive at first glance)…plus playoff appearances.

    When he left Damien was Damien a well run Program? Sorry Aram I keep bring up Scott buttttttttttt… I only know what I see. I’ve seen Bogan and think he’s over rated in my opinion. I know Gano and Co love teh guy but I liek what Roddy has doen oever the past two years better, especially when he busted them up on the field if not the scoreboard. But then I’m comparing Bogan to Grady. Rollinson, Aguirre, Lara and others I’ve seen up close and personal.

    Never seen Farrar practices but I hear they’re great. BUt I did see Morrison school CO before the Alllen switch and seen CO mistfire as often as they won big games. remember the two ties over the past three years. especially the tie with Damien. PLAYERS made CO. ’nuff said. Good coaching for sure but not Special Forces great. Sorry/

    Point I have with you Aram is this. Your knowledge of Football is poor. At least I tell you up front, and always have. I know football people and you’re not one of them. Sorry. Your talent is writing. END OF STORY. Sorry.

    This Football Program ANALysis is a joke. Putting Azusa over Damien when Damien lost to CO by 3 and went toe to toe with BA? Seriously. I seen Azusa play twice last year and enjoyed a JV game at Citrus…wait it wasn’t a JV was a Varsity game. The lights went out but the truth was still on the field.

    Aram and Fred stop pandering to bloggers. If you know Damien is a better team say why. Who cares that Azusa has a great fan in Aztec Fan ( great fan btw) the team was not anywhere near Damien in size, speed, talent, coaching or anything else. Sorry Sparta dominates them and they lose five to six players …okay maybe two. I’m on a roll. lol

    Just look at the Gladstone QB, all 6’5″ of him and compare him to Guillen. Compare Sainz to whoever they had, Hale. Manley, Matthews, Salter, Turner, Brown, Johnson, yes even Morrison to any Azusa players…not close. SORRY!

    That’s why when MTC talked about Coach P it was so nonsensical. Look what Coach P has accomplished. Imagine if he had MTC on staff….lmao!!! YEt Aram indulged his BUTTON WEARS comments because like all BMOC he needed worshippers….who big guy? Although with MTC’s pedigree I could never figure out who was who in the Aram/Mikey Show.

    This argument is stupid and yes fish rots from the head down. Aram and Fred I’ll give you credit when you deserve it (is that love?) but when you act irresponsible I’ll say so (is that hate)? Only a child would think so.

    Better yet Aram. when you were at FOX was that equal to Charter Oak/Tribune level or the Pac 5/FOX level. Remember my brother in law is a Director there so be honest.

    So tell me when all those college grads get around and talk trash during College Rivalry Week do you mention the “hot battles” at Temple? But omit the word “CITY”?

    Honest ENGINE Aram you EVER post under a different name? …. even once? Trust me I know the answer. Make people register, stop the BS and let’s upgrade the comments. THAT won’t happen because the hits would dry up.

    Back to Football.



    Opps I threw you under the bus and you didn’t even write the post, my other post was directed towards Joe Amat not you jcaz. My bad…

  • I’ll try and stay consistent but “numbers” aren’t clever headings…6845165684516

    Hey what’s going on here. Someone give Aram a bone. His blog has threads that haven’t been touched in days. So much for that idea.

    Wouldn’t it have been better to have a blog called THE THREE AMIGOS with Fred, Steve and Aram or the FOUR HORSEMEN with Fred, Steve, Miguel and Aram.

    Save costs, expand the Fish Bowl and actually bring people together. Put that on the good idea pile.

    Hey Norco I like your takes and your breath of football knowledge. I’ll take in a game this year just to see those linemen crunch each other…or as you’d like to say…crunch others.

  • Tech Support

    Yeah I am Team Aram on this one.

  • 64+6+61+61+20-65650= ME ! lol

    BTW this is a great group of comments. All are LONG and PASSIONATE…I think it takes a level of commitment to write more than one sentence over and over. I mean how many ways can you say “I HATE YOU…but don’t have the NUTS to CONFRONT you”. Gets old quick.

    Hey even Amat 73 got “DELETED”….lol.

    BTW Amat 73 I seen Amat in passing league. Most people should see Amat and compare the growth in one year. Pretty impressive!!

  • jcaz

    73, toooooo funny, but hey, I thought that calluses grew on your hands, due to over use, rather than….well, you know where I meant.

    Hey SGV Football, no worries, I guess that i’m just a little bit upset that everyone is catching on to me now days, because other than 73, no one jumped on that last comment back there.

    Still be early in the season I suppose.

    Oh, 73, that one single dog became a whole flock of dogs (BTW, is that what you call a bunch of dogs ? Flock, Gaggle, Heard, what ??) Anyway, if you know chihuahua’s the way I do, and let me tell you I do, I can tell you that they’re pretty horny little turds, and that they reproduce like crazy !

    I know this because every time I go over there, those crazy azz little dogs are always trying to hump my pants off !

    I guess that in the end, eventhough i’m getting older and fatter and slower, that SOMEBODY still finds me attractive eh ?

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    SGVFOOTBALL….Just sayin. Oh and by the way…..Goodluck!

  • Football

    I agree with some of the comments made by “How about I use numbers……”

    I try and stay away from this blog, but sometimes you guys on here are just too funny to stay away from. The controversial topics such as the CO/BA argument are always good reading material….

    However, I do agree with the below poster when he says that Aram (no disrespect towards Aram at all what so ever) has poor football knowledge. Aram is not in a category of his own when it comes to a lack of knowledge, but I would say 90% of media types, aside from those analysts who have played, know very little about the game. The same could also be said for fans and parents who post on this blog. I especially find it hilarious when bloggers and sports writers want to question the decisions coaches make.

    I may be going a little off topic, but I played at the Div II college level and a couple years in Europe and can tell you for a fact that even at a lower level, the coaches have a whole lot on their plate that the average fan or sports writer cannot even fathom. I even thought about coaching, but realized that I did not want the headache that these guys deal with on a regular basis

    For example, a fan might say “why isn’t coach throwing the ball more,” while the qb is struggling with accuracy, the defense isn’t packing the box, and the DL’s 3 technique is running up the field and is dying to get trapped.

    Coaches have a lot to to take into consideration that most of us don’t understand. They see things that the average fan does not.

    For example:
    They notice when an ol is using man or zone protection, they know that the defense began to overload blitz away from the trips side, they recognize that the opponent is running into the boundary to the weakside on every third and short situation, they understand that the cover 2 safety continues to bite on a curl by the slot receiver, they see that when the opponent is in a split back formation that they are throwing and when in I backs they are running,

    While some fans may say, “why aren’t they running ‘such and such’ play?” It’s probably because it either 1) doesn’t fit into the system or 2) they worked on it at practice and threw it out when they recognized that they couldn’t execute the play vs. the scout defense much less their worthy opponent or 3) the defense is giving them something completely different.

    Not only do the coache’s have to worry about the X’s and O’s aspects of the game, but they have to take into consideration of what went well during that week of practice as well as other personnel issues. The RB may have started cursing out his O-line, the star receiver may be gassed and need a breather, the linebacker could be nursing a stinger in his shoulder, the QB could be thinking about his girlfriend as oppossed to the game. These are all things that coaches have to take into consideration that parents, fans, and even sportswriters don’t always comprehend.

    Think about it. I highly doubt that Joe Amat, or jcazz know more than Hagerty or even Verti for that matter. Just like MTC does not know more than Pasquy. Azusa Pride doesn’t know more than Scherf or Schuster. CoCharger or SGVFootball do not know more than Faraar, Basic or Aaron do not know more than Podley, DRaanch does not know more than Layton, Sparta Fan does not know more than Gano or Morrisson, and huskydawg does not know more than Bogan.

    The bottom line is that although bloggers may want to call out and criticize players and coaches, there is no way they would be able to do the job any better. I’m not saying this to bash bloggers, however, I do notice that a lot of people here are self-proclaimed experts and a lot of you have never even PLAYED THE GAME which is what I find to be humorous.

    My favorite NFL Films segment is when sports reporters had to go out and attempt to complete football drills. Man that was hilarious.

    Sorry for the rant, but it’s just what someone who played the game for 11 years believes.

    I also did not mean to disrespect the valued members of the Trib staff. I think you guys do a great job, however, I do believe that you’re opinions when it comes to football matters are equal to those of a glorified blogger.

    I’m sure I may be misquoting Bobby Knight (which is why I’m not a journalist), but I believe he said the following regarding sports writers:

    “We all learned to write in kindergarten. Some of us have gone on to do better things.” (like I said the quote is not 100% accurate).

  • JFR

    I guess u can’t mention Obama in a post anymore, ur kids watching the board are obviously LIBS if they wouldn’t let that last post go through! I guess “little people big world” is blurring your vision FJR and little Steve R. Good luck with that guppy Fred.


    How about I use numbers?564616516513 …lol said:

    Wow, read your post and as usual I see AZUSA thrown under the bus again. I mean the small guy can never get a break. I mean just because were improving and been winning some games the last two seasons and Ive been on here making statements on how AZUSA football is MUCH better now, WHY!!! Because we have Coach now who has opened up the playbook and is playing the game of football like it should be played. Not just run the ball every freak in play, when you have some decent kids who can catch the ball. Ill be the first to say this; you know most of all the Montview league coaches will run the ball 90% of the time, making for a type of (JV) GAME and yes, it does look like a very slow game. Yes you mentioned their sizes and speed and compared them to Damien kids.

    WOW, I cant believe you would make a statement like that, I know theres several of those kids who could play for a private school like (DAMIEN), and make the team. AZUSAS halfback K. Mc dade ran that ball hard and maybe not as good as Sainz, but probably pretty darn close.
    When he ran that ball against San Dimas in that playoff game, he alone was carrying the team and scoring. AZUSA and San Dimas were tied at halftime and that was an excellent game my friend, and by far was NO JV game! (BELIEVE THAT)! Bottom line though, AZUSA RAN OUT OF STEAM and eventually their DEFENSE folded. But, Im no fool and Ill be the first to say this, that I know AZUSAS size and height is no way near the depth of Damien and would not beat a DAMIEN type of team.

    But lets not forget AZUSAS playoff run beating Covina and San Marino when a little team from the Montview league wasnt suppose to win! So come on 546 can you cut us some slack! Why come on here and argue against Fred and place statements like that and remember its a COMPUTER RANKINGS. Which by the way if you would go to Cal Preps and punch in AZUSA against Damien, you would see Damien would be the projected winner? Their, that should give you a consolation prize!

    Okay you mentioned you were at two games that AZUSA played and that the one game you watched, the lights went off and I too was at that game which is a great rivalry game and sometimes makes for a low scoring game. By the way, what side were you sitting at? Gladstones and maybe thats why you were let down! Yes that was a very slow game, why because both teams go at it! By the way I also remember seeing Damien kids with their jerseys on at the game, and also reading their post about the game on how it was a decent game. You mentioned Gladstones QB and his size, and why would Coach Albert play him both ways, because at the end of that game, he TAP OUT and didnt even finish the game. The BEST QB was left standing at the end of the GAME, JOHN CHAVEZ. Its too bad this kid doesnt have the size like kid from Gladstone, because who knows how far he could have gone!

    Pandering, to bloggers? WHAT THE AZUSA for the last two years has done something it hadnt done in their school history, and why beat them down! Heck, I remember when AZUSA played against Covina THAT FIRST PLAYOFF GAME in the 2008/2009 season and Fred and the whole Tribune crew had AZUSA losing, (PANDERING)? YEAH RIGHT! And what did I here on this blog before they played COVINA that a team from the Montview League couldnt beat a VALLEY VISTA TEAM. And now has beat a Rio Hondo league team in 2010 season and made the semis against San Dimas.

    Who cares I DO MY FRIEND and will keep on supporting AZUSA, and dont need no special attention from FRED or ARAM, because AZUSA is doing it on there own!


  • Frank

    As always there is nothing like winning a championship at any level, even a lower level against week competition. So we always have to take that into consideration and give the respect due to the teams that won. Yet, as most everyone knows who knows anything about HS football, Amat is by far a more suprerior team than any other in the SGV. Amat’s schedule is so much tougher, any time they played a SGV team, Amat demolished them. It showed that if Amat played the likes of DR or any other teams amat would blow teams out every weak.Amat would really not have a challenge in the SGV. So yes Amat doesnt win CIF ever year, but they have decided to sacrifice that for better competition. Its a tough choice but many believe its worth it.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Nice post, Football.
    I will say that I don’t think you necessarily have to have “played the game” to have an understanding for it. Charlie Weis never played, but became a student of the game while starting as entry-level coach in high school and working his way up, all while learning more about it, and became one of the top coaches in the NFL. He didn’t have success while at Notre Dame, but Bobby Bowden once said that in college the head coach doesn’t coach the players, he coaches the coaches. And as an Xs and Os guy, Weis is top notch.
    As for me, no matter what sport I’ve covered, I tried to learn some knowledge of it, getting the idea after reading about former ABC News science correspondent Jules Bergman, who never flew in space or worked on the ground with NASA, but made it his business to know the basics while covering NASA.
    When I began covering NHRA drag racing, I tried to adopt that philosophy. I talked to drivers and crew chiefs to learn a few of the basics and why some things happen. I could never learn all that a driver or crew chief know from years of experience, but I felt if I could gain just a little bit of that knowledge, I could have a better understanding, which in turn would make my stories better.
    I tried to do the same with football, learn the basics, using examples of like how a conventional, pro-style offense will try to stretch the field vertically, while a Wing-T and spread-option offense stretches it horizontally. I tried to just get the basics, so when I could ask a question from knowledge. And I can remember last year while talking with Ohio State coach Jim Tressel for my Rose Bowl stories in which he said that it’s easier to coach kids up these days, because of the way the kids grow up with the Xs and Os from TV telecasts and video games, they have more football IQ when they get to college.
    But I will say most sports writers, myself included, don’t try to write toward an Xs and Os angle, but more to get the personal side of the subjects of the game. I would never ask a coach of his decision, unless it was a game-changing situation, and it was something I felt the reader might want to know. I can remember two years ago asking Glendora coach Mark Pasquarella after they lost to Corona Centennial why he decided to begin the game with an onside kick, since it was not the norm, and felt most reading the story would want to know. He said it was to gain an additional possession, which made sense to me.
    Having said that, for our discussion here, I don’t think measuring what program is better, you have to know the Xs and Os, but examining the numbers on each team’s resume.
    As for what makes a good sports writer, I will just leave with a quote from “The Natural,” which I believe says it all.
    In a scene near the end of the movie, Roy Hobbs asks sports writer Max Mercy, “Did you ever play ball, Max?”
    Mercy pauses and replies: “No, never have. But I make it more fun to watch, you see. Because whether you are a goat or a hero, you’re make one (heckuva) story.”

  • DRAnchhhh

    Maybe you two should get off of your own “glass nuts” and get to a title game before you boast about being the best at NOTHING. People are getting tired of talking about AMAT. San Dimas, CO, Chino Hills, La Mirada, La Habra all have something to brag about. You all have done NOTHING. Darien Johnson single handely won 4 of those games for yall last year. Get off of yall own straps and welcome the other teams that deserve praise. I like AMAT and I respect the bit they have done over the last 3 years. I like that, Ill admit it. But damm…be humble about the few accomplishments u all have. I mean afterall you guys are the only SCHOOL in the imeediate area outisde of DAMIEN that can recruit, shyt you guys should BE #1. Can you imagine how good Big Lou, Bogan, Layton and even Glendora’s programs would be if they could recruit?? Fcuk, humble yourselves. If you dont get past the 2nd this year again, what will the argument be next year on the blogs??

    FJR should chill with all of the AMAT dcik-riding, sh-ts gettin’ old and boring. I dont find it odd that mid-valley is sweeping in all of these great interviews from local schools (WC, Walnut, DR, CO, Glendora, Bonita and the list goes on) YOU guys should be covering. But I guess AMAT is the only school in the TRUE San Gabriel Valley that deserves coverage.

    And as for me commenting Norco, dude has a point. When we beat Santa Margarita in Sept, will we be able to boast about beating a PAC 5 team, HAIL NO, bc we are trying to get a ring, not a NOTABLE win.

  • JFR


    I know i’ve busted your chops in the past but from here on out were on the same page when it comes to BA, sort of. I figure that we will need at least 1880 other bloggers to keep up with their greatness. I only know this number because I pay a kid who works for me and makes me look stupid when I type. Money poorly spent, but that’s on me.

  • 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1= STEVE

    Steve you’ve humbled me as usual. You are, what is good about Sportswriters, “they” aren’t the story. I also appreciate your honesty. BTW the question you asked Coach P highlights your professionalism. “I think the readers would want to know”…who doesn’t answer a question honesty after that?

    While Aram may have an ego to match his size and Fred may have the “Robledo” pacifist charm you have what God gave you…true insight.

    When I researched your body of work I noticed how clearly you lay out your positions and how sincerely you cover your subjects. The best writers come at their subject with a genuine willingness to “understand” rather than provoke, with a genuine curiosity for answers and finally with respect for the relationship that exists between the subject, the audience and the Sport itself. You sir, are truly a professional.

    Can’t wait to read your work in the Big Issue.

    Any chance you could be part of The Three Amigos Blog? I mean how does the Tribune justify not giving you more to share with us.

  • SGVsBest

    Same old ‘Amat Is The Best’ Preseason forecast? …This is boring.
    Come on now…Does this need to go on for another 16 years?
    Come on now…Even the best La Puente Menudo doesn’t last this long.
    Let’s get real people…Amnot’s season is over after they lose to Garfield.
    They have no Defense, no QB, and now no Running Backs. Strength of schedule means nothing when you’re getting your A$$ handed to you every Friday.
    Thanksgiving dinner is at the Amat’s house…Again!. Take that to the bank!

  • Aaron


    I always liked you.

    To everyone that is wondering. Mr. Ramirez does have his own forum but it is mostly dead. No fault of his own, more possibly that no one knows the jewel we have.

    Steve Ramirez on College Football, The Red Zone:

  • seriously?

    Hey Football, you should be sorry about that rant. While most of us here never claimed to be an expert, you in your not so subtle way, just did.

  • Keep Playing


    Will you be in charge of JC circuit this year?

    I am hearing good things from the locals!


    To my fellow bloggers:

    I have a question for you, of the three games I have listed below which three teams do you think will come out victorious in the week 0 matchups? Give some details of what you think about the matchups etc… This is my take on these three games

    Charter Oak vs. Glendora??? I really do believe that CO will dominate the game and at least win by 2 TD’s. We are better at the skill level than we were last year. We have a bruiser and a shifty running for that two punch combination and Glendora will not know what even hit them.

    San Dimas at Bonita??? Bonita will be returing alot of keys guys this season and most importantly at the Qb position. Bonita beats San Dimas by 10 points.

    Garfield vs. Bishop Amat??? This game will be a blow out, just because they have BA and OlU back to back doesnt mean squat. Garfield will always be Garfield and this will be like the Dranch game over at halftime. Lets not forget that St Paul beat Garfield 22-7 last year and we all know the BA vs St Paul score last year.



    Leave the articles to FRED, Steve and Arams!What are you trying to be the fourth person in here? I mean I believe some of us bloggers are tired of your CO rants. Go and pluck some weeds in the back yard… But I’ll give credit for posting something because the blog was dead!

  • Basic


    Game 1. I actually think Glendora will really be up for this game and have been working towards this week 0 match up, so, They will keep it close but it will be up to their D. I see it 24-17 CO maybe 24-21.

    Game 2. (number one in my book) Yes the Bearcats return a ton of athletes and the BE has improved on his footwork and speed but you can only tell so much in passing league, wait for game speed and we shall see. He has the size and a good arm so the year of experience should only help. We really have some speed on Offense and Defense and SD’s bruising back is gone so we should be able to win this game and IF we don’t, then it comes down to coaching (unless there is an injury). SO I say 27 to 21 BONITA.

    Game 3. I totally agree, this game will be over at halftime. he interesting thing will be to see who starts at QB for the Lancers and look at the team…

  • AMAT 73

    Come on man he rarely goes on rants just lets some overvealous bloggers know where he stands when then get a little out of hand , especially when it concerns AMAT and CO . Solid blogger and level headed .
    1. I would think CO but this should be a statment game for Glendora and a great way for them to start the season with a win over the # 2 team in the SGV . ( Just kidding )You know my feelings on that subject. A lot of hype on the Glendora QB but I think depth and a champions heart will be the key so I give the nod to CO .
    2. I don’t have that much insight on these two teams but on general principles I go with the defending CIF champ SD .
    3. Well I have been reading a little on Garfield and I don’t think they will be such a push over as everybody thinks. They aren’t scheduling who they are to get smacked around so maybe they know something we don’t . We will be basically sending out an entirely new offensive unit and it does take time to gel . Having said that I do think we will come out on top but as I said with CO, depth will be the difference along with speed and execution . The second half will be where we win this one. But I hope you and Basic more on point than I am . In closing, My Friend Sparta, I think you came down a little to hard on Azusa and Aztec Pride. I do understand the point you were trying to make and it is a very valid point but Azusa has been bringing their game up and to say you saw a JV game was wrong . You should not have blasted Azusa for the Dynamic Duo’s short comings. But really they are all we have so maybe we take their opinions for what they are meant to be . Their thoughts on the teams and their rankings as they see it . Like I said in my earlier post I really do not care where they place AMAT because all that matters is the final ranking in one’s division which in essence shows hanging in the gym and on the finger.

  • DrAnchhhh


    GHS vs. CO—I have CO by a small margin ONLY bc I know they have a huge line returning. I think CO’s running game is going to be no where as close to what it was, but it will be enough to get past GHS. GHS has a decent RB returning and of course CJ, but who will lead the receiving corps??

    SD vs. BON–I have Bonita. SD is not what people think. DR took them to the spot in the OL comp and 7 on 7. Unless there were some major players missing, I believe Bonita will hand it to them…

    BA vs. Garfield– Now look I just went on Maxpreps and these dudes have scheduled up OLU, BA and Colony. Can u say what?? Based on the Roster they look deep. But unfortunately for the BA is ALL WORLD, ALL INTERNATIONAL and will BEAT the SOCKS out of them…Yea right. Look, Garfield players have a LOT of pride, watched a documentary on them. If they lose to BA it will be by a 1-2 TD margin. They will NOT have the speed that BA has to compete.

  • Amat On Looker

    Dag Nabbit! who turned that rock over and let DDrrraanncchhh and SGV’sbestturd out?!?!!?!?! More Menudo, Thanksgiving, no offense, defense racial slurs and the like for another season. Just when you thought it was safe to read the blogs, the sewer busts open – AGAIN! Whatever boys, bring it on I guess? Not that this Amat fan will ever respond to any more of your assinine comments for the up coming season. The good thing is that you add to the total hits count. Let me end by saying goodbye. Your posts will be skipped over from here on out. May catch one of your drive-by posts by accident but the stench of your posts will tell mid-way through and guess what? SKIPPED and on to the next post! To the rest of the bloggers on here, pretty good stuff. Let’s try to keep the flow going. A sheer lack of intelligence will weed out the losers. The seasons almost here gang! Good luck to all SGV teams this year! GO AMAT!

  • Amat On Looker

    Addendum to previous post – There appears to be several DRAannch, Dranch, etc, etc bloggers out there and a few often offer good prose; unfortunately, you also have a few clowns using your screen name too, so to those with football knowledge and a sense of decorum I apologize. the others….. please see previous post.

  • 55665658152989+ 5565188661=what % of Pi

    Amat 73 I wasn’t trying to be harsh on Aztec Pride because he is a great blogger, with great pride, but I’m just trying to highlight the ridiculous nature of Fred and Aram’s positions and rationale. (pandering) Records mean what?

    So Azusa at #7 is better than Damien at 5-6? Really. Examine the loses and level of competition before you go there.

    Rancho Cucamonga (CIF Finalist)
    Bishop Amat (Serra League Champion)
    St. John Bosco (take a look at their league)
    Charter Oak (CIF Champion)
    Chino Hills ( CIF Semi Finalist)
    Upland (CIF Champion)

    As far the JV comment that was just being silly on my part. I thank Aztec Pride for his gracious retort.. But in all seriousness the technique wasn’t very good and that’s more a result of economics rather than heart, ability or potential. But Amat 73 we know Serra League JV teams that are heads and shoulders above some “local” varsity teams, don’t we?

    Funny story when we played SJB my soph season the varsity was coming on the field as we finished. One said, “Their Varsity is huge!!’. I said, ‘That’s not there Varsity…THAT’S THEIR VARSITY” and pointed down the field. HE was looking at their JV team…. you should have heard the silence. Amat 73 I know you know what I’m talking about.

    And that was my point, blunt as it was. Sorry Azusa Pride but I figured you were the only one who wouldn’t go ballistic on me. BTW how’s your boy doing at Citrus. See that’s the point. I’m sure he was raw when the Citrus coaches first evaluated him but they saw the heart and commitment that he has for the game and took it from there. Besides he’s having a blast, as are all his friends and family that cheer him on.

    In my mind those can be the best team mates, guys who understand they are raw instead of the Pop Warner/HS studs who quit when they don’t get their props.

    Amat 73 think about this. Aram and Fred are doing what service for the community. as a whole, by stoking the fire between BA and CO, when BOTH schools should be promoted and admired. Instead a 2x CIF Champion is dissed and their 2x opponent is trashed in the process. I’d respect both Aram and Fred’s opinions more if they didn’t pander so often, especially to that idiot Guru who’s a hack if there ever was one. Can a man be so blatantly biased to SH and still call himself a scout?

    CO is going into deep water. Hope they win the whole thing. Same goes for Glendora, hope they win the whole thing. Same for Azusa, hope they win the whole thing. No need to hate.

    As far as competition goes it’s all relative. SD’s Championship or Mc D’s playoff run. Sorry but I’d pick Covina’s run. More pain but what a ride it was… something else.

    I will say this about Championships and Champions, they change people. Salesian played Rio Hondo Prep. (yes I know after playing ND, Crespi, Loyola, ect but that’s life). We busted them up bad, real bad. They lost two Qbs and multiple players but kept on coming until they beat use on a goal line stand to end the game. They lost to Linfield the next week but that was a Champion who refused to get punked, very violent game. I think CO will do the same, same goes for Gano, maybe even Bogan. Maybe that’s Norco’s point. Maybe that’s Amat’s point. Champions refuse to accept anything less.

    Servite proved one thing when they won. Coaching Matters. Funny but that’s always the case. Best of luck to all teams but seriously the Tribune rankings are junk. Where was Bonita Baseball ranked all year…exactly.

  • AMAT 73

    My Friend Sparta,
    I hear you load and clear and agree with you 100% on that jackazz ( no offense jcaz ) guru. Still haven’t seen the trophy he owes Hags . The only thing in defense of the Dynamic Duo they have to play to their audience so we should cut them some slack maybe . The problem is there is no real critieria that is used for these rankings. I believe last year I said to just keep AMAT out of the rankings because how can you justify who we play in league let alone our pre league schedule against any schedule most of the SGV teams play to rank us based on wins and loses. We could go 5 or 6 and 0 in pre league and go 0-4 in league but lose every game in OT by one point and we would wind up 25th or not even ranked . You and I and many others know once something gets posted on either AMAT or CO man the hits start flying. Just look at the week by week thread . It started with the debate on the smudgepot but once the CO vs AMAT war got going upwards of 100 hits , then Fred posts the computer ranks with the ” interesting ” word on there and bamm 97 hit as of now. It is sad but true between AMAT and CO we generate the hits good or bad . The DD are just trying to sell ads and do a good job of ruffling our feathers to get it done. On another note have you gone to the blog that Norco posted a link to the mainly the IE blogs on . Take a look it is football driven and plenty of good takes on IE football . Maybe Norco will post the link on here. It’s worth the visit and I am sure you would like it . It is in Aram’s blog under the Los Oso’s line competition. Good luck to your Spartans and can’t wait to see the battle between us . Good measuring stick for both of our teams . I think you should have used South Hills instead of Azusa as an example in the rankings , that would have made more sense. But that’s just my opinion. I better quit now because my last few post are starting to resemble some of yours. HAHAHA , but it’s football season and the juices are starting to flow .


    On Looker–Continue to do just that, be an onlooker. DRanchh and SGV are not the only ones tired of your amnot tirades. It’s getting old and outdated. Take CIF then talk!!


    deeranch ,
    What nerve you have coming on here you wannabe invited to the dance chump. Look to your own self when you talk about winning a CIF championship .I will take whatever SGVFOOTBALL cares to hash out against Amat because they have tasted the waters of a championship . Although it has been quite a few years since Amat has tasted the waters and 16 to be exact at least Amat knows the taste. But you have never even come close . CO shut you out and Amat just plain sent you home with your deeranchazz tails between your legs the last time you thought you had what it takes to take the field against Amat but you found out the hard way . I bet you regret the day you put Amat on the schedule. Why don’t you take your own advise and at least win one once .For someone who has never won a title you to want to talk the talk .Well my friend you are just pretenders and never will be’s in my book and probably the whole valleys book also. I guess you putting your stance behind that puzzy drrrranch speaks volumes. If you are tired of it get the he!! out of here. Remember the old saying ,if the fires to hot get out the kitchen. Or is it because you know you just don’t belong in the same conversation as CO and Amat and can’t stand the fact that you got no place in here .

  • DRanchhhh

    Look dude,

    I dont know who this other character is (DeeRanch), but I spoke my peace. The reality is I dont play football, I’m just a fan like most of you are and I would like it if we all took the other programs into consideration when blogging. You can get mad and grit your teeth while you respond or you can respect it. It’s a blog for gOdSake. No matter how vicious your words are, your behind a computer screen and that my friend means nothing to me. Its a matter of support for our home programs AND others in the Valley. It’s not so much the AMAT family, but the “drive-by” AMAT posters. You effers irritate me. Joe Amat, Amat73, Jus sayin, Bleeds blue and gold are the ones I respect. They actually have enough respect for the community to not make it about AMAT ALL OF THE TIME. They respect SGV Football. Thats all im saying. Just because I am DR FAN, doesnt give me permission to dog every other program in the Valley.

  • SD



  • AMAT 73

    Following in the footsteps of fellow blogger SGVFOOTBALL here’s another question for bloggers out there. Passing league contests. Are they just a flag football game as some have said or are they a good measuring stick of how the offense and defense will perform once the lights come on.

  • just sayin’

    AMAT 73 – can’t pass if you can’t pass block. tough to throw if you’re not a threat to run too. good teams get it done in the trenches.

  • Aaron


    They are a tool.

  • Basic


    They are fun to watch and fun to play in and you get to see certain things as a team but that is about it…There is Nothing that prepares you for game speed, even if a play has worked all Passing league games once you are in the game it just doesn’t flow as easily and like ‘just’ said “you can’t pass if you can’t pass block”

    So to me, they are a fun flag football game to watch but also HELP. However, they are not a good measuring stick…

  • AMAT 73

    Aaron and just sayin,
    That’s kind of the way I look at it . More so of a tool to work on routes and timing and evaluation of talent somewhat . I was just putting that out to see what kind of replies I get since SGV’s post really didn’t muster that much action. I think maybe Fred and crew should post some threads of this type. Not really heavy x’s and o’s stuff but just opinions of what we think on topics of this nature. Besides how much of CO vs AMAT can the public take . Even I admit it gets old after awhile and especially when you have 2-3 threads steering the bloggers in that direction. No real need for all the inhouse fighting especially now that the Sierra is repping the SGV in the IE .


    AMAT 73,

    Passing will tell you if you have a decent set of skill guys and how your QB’s timing is. It also helps the skill guys go through the plays over and over so when pads comes the routes are second nature. Once the pads comes we find out which receivers have alligator arms and which receivers are willing to strech out for the ball and take a hit in the middle of the field exposed to safety’s and linebackers.

    I just want to know where are all the Glendora folk I want to start the Glendora /CO battle of the blogs soon.

  • Amat Class of 1994

    Charter Oak may have won a CIF title…but again they play a bunch of pussies.

    Charter Oak would have lost to Alemany, Mater Dei, Dominguez, Notre Dame, Crespi, St. Bonnie, Loyola and would have gotten spanked by Lakewood or LB Poly. We killed DR and they barely beat them in the Finals….go figure (a testament of a weak schedule). The computers and all the factors don’t lie that’s why CO does not get any RESPECT period!

    Farrar is the biggest Pussy in the SGV, he doesn’t want to lose 3 in a row to Amat. Gano formerly of Los Altos has dodged Amat for so many years but he and his Green Spartans are gonna get their asses kicked at Kiefer on Sept. 24 can’t wait for that!

  • 12+65 = my numbers

    Amat 73 having actually played QB in passing league games it really does expose players. Simple as that. If a corner sucks in passing league he sucks, period. Just so the bashers don’t start in on my opinion I should explain thee word sucks, or maybe not use the word. If a corner is lost in coverage, doesn’t break on the ball, loses it in flight or doesn’t have the hips or worst of all is “afraid” of speed…it comes out. Maybe not so blatantly but “doubt” is there and that’s a killer at that position.

    At the WR position it’s tougher because unlike the “getting hit across the middle” nonsense the real key for me is if WR fight for the right to the pattern. If a corner pushes a WR off route without pads it’s tough to rely on them in games, especially if your offense is based heaviliy on timing patterns. Yes some QB don’t use timing and instead “see” receivers and get the ball there. Another issue is that clouds WRs is in passing league EVERY down is a passing down. In teh game maybe a WR gets three passes thrown to them. Will he block? Will he push his routes every time, will he recognize “blitz” all that stuff passing league doesn’t help.

    Seen Amat, St Francis, Upland and J.W. and they went 11 on 11, so did Bonita when I seen them. That’s far better an indicator of what everyone will do.

    Playing QB is tough but getting over the “RUSH” is key. Some can handle the pocket closing. some can handle feeling the pocket” and some are just “pretty throwers” who will never call a play while holding their guts in.

    That’s a QB. Getting off the floor, when you shouldn’t and “hitting that switch”….saying to yourself…”Okay….I’m about to make you pay!!!”

    Viiramontes was good at that, having his team lose so many games and yet willing his team to two back to back Finals with half the talent on his side and twice the maturity on teh other side.He may not be a pretty passer, or a Manning robot but he’s a winner in my book. Just look at what he did in the All Star Game.

    Jeffries, is good but I haven’t seen him take a beating. To me, in my humble opinion, that separates the men form the boys.

    Amat 73, hope that helps. BTW notice when people give long responses it really does help the process…WHO KNEW!!!!

  • 6854651568856669+91+0/**/4411

    Almost forgot….you see this in passing league all time. “Dumping the ball” to the RBs. When I played I did it in “real” games all the time, some times quickly and some times as a last resort…either way it made the LBs nuts and kept the Safety guessing. Most teams don’t do this in real games. What a waste of an advantage! When the played called for “deep” route I’d tell my RBs, “It’s going to you”. The WR with the deep “primary” route would at first complain but I’d say. “You want me to move the ball or throw an interception?” Everyone would laugh.

    In fact one time I throw a ball straight up like a punt and my WR came over the LB “fielding the punt” that I threw after almost having my head ripped off. He catches the ball and runs for like 40 yards. He comes back to the huddle and says, ‘Throw another one like that!” Everyone laughed!

    So if you “can” throw to the backs. They will love you and it gets the linemen some easy “pay back” crunches down field. They’ll be laughing in the huddle as well when they return. Just make sure and “sell” the “deep” route or it will be painful for your RB.

  • AMAT 73

    Slow your roll there 94 . We have all been through those types of post so no need to rehash the same old lines. It’s getting old fast and brings nothing but misery upon us. Let’s focus the pent up energy towards this coming season and another Serra league championship and a very deep run in the playoffs. Just as we get tired of seeing the menudo man and his idiotic posts towards us the SGV gets tired of these posts from us if indeed you are an AMAT blogger. Thanks My Friend Sparta, but what I find interesting is the different outlooks on the subject by bloggers. What do you think about threads of this nature ? Should Fred ask questions like this one and SGV’s to the bloggers or continue the wars that bring the hits. I know you will have an interesting reply .


    Amat Class of 1994,

    Alright you want to talk sh!t about Big Lou and the CO program… Lets take a stroll through your big bad PAC 5 schedule this year. Lets me demonstrate who the Pac 5 pussie is.

    1) Garfield: Not even a .500% team
    National State
    6447 … 505

    2)Dominguez: A .500% team
    National State
    1011 … 113

    3)Muir: Not even a .500% team
    National State
    4199 … 346

    4)Damien: Not even a .500% team
    National State
    1744 … 167

    5)Cathedral: A .846 win % but the only two losses came against Serra and Oaks but the rest of the schedule was against teams like Mary Star of the Sea!
    National State
    814 … 96

    6) Venice: Only decent team so far
    National State
    1125 … 126

    7)Crespi: A .600 team
    National State
    592 … 70

    8) Loyola: A .400% team
    National State
    558 … 62

    9) Notre Dame:Good team
    National State
    146 … 23

    10) Alemany: Good team
    National State
    346 … 46

    Guess what DIP SH!T your schedule doesnt look tough at all right, you want to call out a coach and a program like you just did I suggest you take a look at your program and the monster schedule they have lined up. I guess playing the next best team in the division and shutting them out 21-0 in the champion game is nothing to you. People like you need to go back and crawl under the rock you came from because there is only one team on your schedule that has a better state or national ranking and the Amat folk are always wondering why do people hate on them so much. Just take a look at the bloggers that come on here and bash a team that did what it was suppossed to do! Too bad Amat hasn’t been able to do what they are suppossed to be doing… I rather read a post from Norco then to hear this BS from Amat followers.

    No championships in 16 years but hey guess what you have memories right… LMFAO your a joke just like your post.

    I guess Amat is a bottom feeder in the PAC 5 they are just bait for the big boys in the PAC 5 and the Inland.


    When i typed this line “better state or national ranking and the Amat folk are always wondering why do people hate on them so much.”

    It needs to be

    better state or national ranking then CO and the Amat folk are always wondering why do people hate on them so much.

  • AMAT 73

    I highly doubt this kid is an AMAT blogger. Probably some poser trying to get a rise out of the blog and it worked.

  • 5845465165165

    Amat 73

    A wife comes home early only to find her husband in bed with another woman. The wife screams at the husband, “How could you bring another woman into OUR bed!!!!” The man doesn’t skip a beat and says, “What woman?” The wife says. “What do you mean what woman?” The husband says, “I don’t see any woman.” The wife yells, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN, ‘WHAT WOMAN?’….SHE’S RIGHT THERE!!” The man calmly says, “There is no woman in our bed” as the woman gathers her clothes and walks out of the room. Finally the wife crumbles in the husbands arms sobbing. The husband comforts her, waves good bye to the “other” woman as she leaves and whispers in his wife’s ear….”Babe…who you going to believe…me or your lying eyes? Nothing happened.” The wife says, “I know I’m just so insecure…I..I…love you”.

    That’s the blog. Look back at any situation and it holds true. People see what they want to see, believe what they want to believe and drink “love you” kool aid all the time.

    Kind of remains me of Damien today where you don’t hear a peep from the “loyalist”, don’t hear a peep from the know it alls and don’t hear a kind word about Morrison. Yet he was fired because of “one man”. Too funny.

    Amat 73 you did say you wanted”interesting”. Hope that “cracked” you up.

    But to answer your question specifically I have a brother who pretty well known in coaching circles. Every time he talks Football he loses me in the first two or three sentences. Coached for over 20 years and has been the DC at numerous schools winning numerous Championships and LEague Titles. In fact the other day I was looking at a picture he had of CAL’s team. He coached 6 players on that team…SIX! Coached Stephon Johnson, Randall Carroll and many, many other while at Compton College (yes they send many players on) others.

    I’ve always thought giving bloggers a chance to express themselves,especially based on their personal experiences, would help the blog. Some say that’s bragging but I think if your talking sports it helps to know what you know. Besides how many ways can you say…HATE???? lol

    WHat I would want to know is about Amat’s outlook on playing Garfield. Is this a beat the crap out of them game or a recruiting trip?


    55665658152989+ 5565188661=what % of Pi said:

    I coudn’t keep my self away from the keyboard on this one! Compliments of SGV FOOTBALL! Now I can have a good night sleep! WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!

    4)Damien: Not even a .500% team
    National State
    1744 … 167

    You see 5566… there’s always a bigger fish out there, waiting to pound their chest!


  • just sayin’

    SGV FOOTBALL – YOu wanna talk about how watered down your schedule was in your “championship” year? In your CHAMPIONSHIP game you beat the #1455 team in America – a .500 team. In the CHAMPIONSHIP! Worse than EVERY team you listed except for Garfield (and we’ll see how they are THIS year), Muir (who is WAY better than last year when they scared the crap outta you and coulda made you 1 and done) AND Damien (who won the league you’re moving into)
    CO’s schedule last year
    WINS: #972 Etiwanda (CA) (27-26), #1403 California (Whittier, CA) (38-10), #1455 Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) (12-0), #1455 Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) (21-0), #1742 Damien (La Verne, CA) (23-20), #1935 West Covina (CA) (35-10), #3754 Gardena (CA) (15-14), #4189 Muir (Pasadena, CA) (20-19), #5033 Bonita (La Verne, CA) (31-0), #5785 Los Altos (Hacienda Heights, CA) (38-0), #9277 Wilson (Hacienda Heights, CA) (42-0), #9404 Diamond Bar (CA) (48-0), #10102 University (Los Angeles, CA) (43-6), LOSSES: #512 Rancho Cucamonga (CA) (35-25)


  • AMAT 73

    My Friend Sparta.
    Here it goes . The war has just been fired up again. All it takes is one small bull shait post and the backs arch up , the fangs come out , and itchy figers start firing away. But it’s all good because it makes for great reading at the end of a long work day . The season is just around the corner and then the real talking starts with no speculation because the truth will be told on the field . Good luck to all the SGV teams and hope all the teams make thru with no serious injuries and all achieve the goals they set during training camps ( hell week and such ) which will start very soon . Sparta, I am really looking forward to seeing my grandson in the Blue and Gold on the freshman team this year . Can you imagine . Time truely does fly by .

  • Dan

    Amat 73,
    I think those type of post and questions to the bloggers are a good thing, a nice change from the Amat /CO wars that happens to much on here.
    I like reading the different opinions and insights this board gets in responce to the questions you and Fred and others have posted on here, plenty of knowlegeable blogger out there, with some pretty good answers.
    Frank[Mean Machine],
    You both catch and give flack on this board, but you have some interesting takes on most of your post, I can imagine having brothers in the coaching ranks gets you some pretty good insight as to what the coaches have to go thru, keep up the good work.
    Well said, these coaches have a lot going on in both the games, game preparation, practices and running the programs, in the passion of a game I’ve been guilty myself more than once of being frustrated at some of the game time decisions that are made. In one of our big games last season I was frustrated that we only used a particular player on only a couple of plays in that game, the kid had a breakout game the week before with several big plays that kept us in the game but he was used only 2 or 3 times in this game, during the game I’m thinking… “I don’t get it, this is a big local game, we need to pull out all the stops, we need to use all our assets”, well I come to find out the kids head wasn’t in the game, he is very talented but he was also young in that game and had little varsity experience and he was getting several plays wrong, like you said, there are a lot of behind the scene issues that we as fans are not aware of, I would imagine our coaches have to deal with these and other issues constantly.
    Your gradually starting to become a voice of reason [lol], agree with some of your post lately. Should be a lot of fun in the Hacienda.


    just sayin’

    Guess what your are now in the same boat with that schedule, but the difference is we bring home the hardware.


    AMAT 73, I almost forgot to mention that I appreciate the support, Thank you! You must be really excited on seeing your Grandson play football and I wish him a great season. You’ll probably have the Video Camera out there and this way you can go over the game, and point out what he needs to do. I’ll say this, take as many shots as you can, because before you know it he’ll be graduating!

    I’m also looking forward on seeing my son play at Citrus College and Rauley Zargosa also from AZUSA, who right now is their top reciever and how’s that for an explayer from AZUSA!


  • Hang on to that feeling

    SGVFOOTBALL – Let me the first to point this out to you….You USED TO BRING HOME THE HARDWARE! You wont be bringing home anything but your pads and arses in your hands for quite awhile! HA, Ha, HA! The days of beating a crappy .500 DR team for the “championship” are O.V.E.R. We are waiting for you chumps. oh, I mean “champs”. How can a program like c.o. even begin to equate themselves to a program like amat? You are the c.o./sgv version of the amat blogger you love to hate and all I have to say to you is, The Inland awaits….

  • Norco


    Sorry no hardware for you this year…


    I can see us SGV fans fighting amongest ourselves, but I draw the line when these COCKY (IE) girls come in here wagging their tongues!


  • Norco


    8-man football don`t count…Enjoy your passing league trophies…


    Norco, people like you that come in here running there mouths on how a team won’t win before the season even started is foolish. Please quit banging on your kids drum on how the IE will do this, and that, because at this point all it is NORCO HYPOTHESIS, WHICH EQUALS (BULLLLLLL SHIIIIT)

  • Amat Class of 94

    SGV knuckle head,

    Hahahaha, that’s like the pot calling the kettle black. So puleeze don’t go there talking about watered down schedules. You guys have cornered that Market, you guys are the King of Watered down schedules. You guys play cupcake schedule according to the LA times Prep Sportwriter Eric Sondheimer and talk smack about Amat?

    Remember people dislike Amat not because of their fans and bloggers, but because we can beat your asses whether we have an up or down year against your Championship teams and we have the record to back it up.

    Remember the beat down in 05 and 06? Oh that’s right I forgot Farrar and CO fans have Alzeimers! I know this argument is getting old, but some of you fishbowl CO fans need to get your daily truth and fact medications daily.

    Go play and beat a high caliber team in Pads and not in passing league and I will wear a CO jersey at an Amat game and eat crow. And I’m not talking about Rancho Cucamonga who destroyed you guys, I’m talking about REV, Chapparal, La Habra, Norco, Riverside North or any top PAC5 team.

    Kudos to West Covina for scheduling Amat and Mater Dei….now that Maggiore has balls!

  • OUCH! is right

    Average of wins = #4347
    This is the team we’re debating to be SGV’s best?
    SGV FOOTBALL tried to pop off about Amat schedule this year (results actually remain to be seen)

  • Norco

    Running their mouths? Sorry buddy I don`t talk while I`m imputing on the keyboard. Nobody said CO wouldn`t win-Now what I have said is CO will get blasted if they run into a top Inland team in the playoffs. I mean the BigVIII with Centennial, Norco, Corona Santiago, Roosevelt & JW North sends more kids D1 colleges then the Pop Warner League you play in-Hell even Corona High School last year had two HIGH SCHOOL ALL AMERICANS on their team and didn`t even qualify for the Inland playoffs. See we see BCS talent week in and week out—-Can you say that? Thought so…There is a reason your coach fought to keep you in your little fish tank….


    Norco you know, your being repetitive like an annoying little child. Why don’t you click on that San Bernardino SunPrep link and place your little comments on that and see how far they go.

    I’ll tell you why nobody cares about Norco, because your in another time zone and nobody from the SGV will drive that far to watch football there. Heck we barely get enough fans coming to watch out here! By the way i’m just an SGV supporter and nothing more.

  • JFR


    Everyone forgets that CO asked and BA said NO two years ago! Fact not fiction, it would have been great but it didn’t fit into Hag’s schedule. You guy’s are like O’bama and the other LIB’S, short memories.

  • Howard Baker

    That was just Lou hiding behind his buddy saying “let me at ’em”. First YOU forget that CO asked OUT of the final year of the last contract after the 2 consecutive butt -whuppins. You forget that? If that didn’t happen it just may have been a yearly game. THEN you forget Amat tried to restart the matchup (I was gonna say rivalry – but they say it’s not a rivalry if one team has never beaten the other) Lou said NO. THEN when Amat was ready to play Dominguez (A better game to prepare for the Pac5 anyway) CO said “Let me at ’em” – knowing full well Amat was already down the road with Dominguez.
    Did you conveniently forget all of THAT happened 1st? Funny you bring up the LIBS. I’ll paraphrase this fine moment in GOP history. “”What did you know and when did you know it?”

  • SGVsBest

    Hey all Bishop Amnot a CIF Champion Honkers-
    Lets not go around saying you’re a league champion. Remember that you’re merely a CO-champion. CO as in you’re sharing it! You are NOT a champion!
    If you shared your La Puente Menudo people would like you a little bit more. You arrogant dumb A$$E$. Take Ol’Man 73’s advise cus you have nothing in 2010.
    By the way, whatever happend to that shady Softball Coach of yours? Does he still collect a paycheck from your Noble school?

  • SGVsBest

    It’s the insecurity of your own future that makes you afraid…Doesn’t Bishop Amnot? This is your Monsenior talking to you!
    You and all of your USC and Notre Dame honkers can finally be left alone to lick your wounds together.
    You are now officially the shame of the SGV and the season hasn’t even started! LMAO!

  • SGVsBest

    Hey Bread Maker-
    Why didn’t you show up at the South Hills 4 way passing tournament? I heard Hags lost his car keys…or was it that mami didn’t let you come out and play?
    Maybe you are just afraid of SH? What about Crespi? CO? Maybe it’s CO that you’re afraid of. Which is it?
    I think Hags is too worried about Garfield! Can you imagine your Tio Chuco and Tia La Gatta from ELOS laughing at you? 16 years from now they’ll still be laughing!
    Can you say Oh and Uno? LMAO!

  • tiebreaker

    I think if two teams are tied and “co-champions” but one beat the other head-to-head 31-14 it’s fair to say they are the champions. As in outright champion.



    Commom man! Bishop Amat took on Orange Lutheran but decline to play Charter Oak??????

    What world do you live in man???

    geezus people…

  • COChargerfan

    Congrats everyone, this dragged on long enough to wake up SGVsBest. The amazing thing is that none of the CO coaches or real fans ever say that CO is better than these big name, big school programs and, instead, it is the honks from them that are constantly belittling CO for their accomplishments with the cupcake, cracker jack rings and you the cant hang with us garbage.

    BTW just saying, last season BA also didnt play the top three Pac-5 teams (Servite, Edison and Mission Viejo). In fact, BA only played 3 of the other 14 teams (excluding Amat at #5) in the top 15 and lost 2 out of 3 including the 1st round playoff to #4 ranked Lakewood. I know, but CO played even easier schoolswhich they did.

    Norco, youre right that the IE sends more kids to D1 schools than CO but that is not some big deal considering that Corona-Norco District has over 52,000 kids with 5 high schools that total 15,000 kids vs. COs District with 6,800 kids and one high school that has 1,900 kids. So, how many intra-district transfers wind up at the premier football schools in the district? There is the reason that Corona High with almost 3,200 kids is a perennial loser. Based on enrollment, CO and South Hills belong with the other 2,000 kid schools and not the giant districts but, unfortunately, success against their contemporaries resulted in the liberal do-gooders (i.e. educators that run CIF) seeking to punish this very successa stick it to the successful until it hurts attitude that is actually counter to what made this country great during its growing yearswelcome to the socialized USAI bet everyone cant wait until we all have to start wearing the same clothes.

    And Norco, like Ive said before, with Roosevelt taking half your talent, your greatness is probably behind youlast title was in 2006. In a few years, looks like youre going to be Fontana and still dreaming about the good old days.

    And while it is true that CO didnt win any titles from 2004-2007, they were competitive and actually did win some games against the OC schools. In 2004, they lost to Newport Harbor who lost in the finals to Orange Lutheran, in 2005 lost to Newport Harbor who went on to win the title, in 2006 beat Trabuco Hills in the 3rd round before losing to El Dorado in the finals and in 2007 they lost in the third round to Trabuco Hills. So while they didnt win, they werent getting smoked during these years. And lets not forget that the CO team in 2008 was arguably the best team that CO has had for some time so who is to say for that year they couldnt have handled a lot of the OC teams? And CO got re-leagued in 2008 based upon enrollment (and geography)Tesoro has 3,000 and Trabuco Hills has 3,300 kids. If history holds true, CO will compete in the Inland but will fall just short against schools that are mostly 50-80% bigger than them.

    One last thought, wins and loses early in the year need to be examined with a grain of salt because teams change especially considering that a veteran team will be better than a bunch of newbies early on but that might not be the case after young more talented players get 8 or 9 varsity games under their belts. Remember, it is not how you start but how you finish that counts.

  • Norco


    Yes our last Title was in 2oo6 and yet 2007, 2008 & 2009 we managed to get the semis….And in 2009 we were the BigVIII League champions, as far as Roosevelt taking our talent…the only talent they were getting was at WR…thats not happening anymore with Norco opening up the offense and implementing the spread & if anybody thinks Norco will fall off this year…they have another thing coming. Also Norco has at least 9 transfers this year for football on them Roosevelt starting DT from last year AJ Kennisson 6`0 310lbs…so that should tell you something. And like I said before Norco enrollment is just above 2000 kids and yet their still able to compete at a high level year in and year out.

    Bottom line I wish nothing but success for the two new leagues in the Inland-I believe the Inland has some of the top talent in the State of California. And i would like to see the play in the playoffs rivals that of the PAC5 top to bottom.

  • Norco

    SGV SUPP..

    Who throw you a biscuit?
    Real simple…
    Don`t like Norco….
    Don`t read Norco…
    to play..

  • COChargerfan

    Norco, I just want to clarify that I’m not wishing ill will for you program, instead, am just saying that over the years lots of very good programs have been impacted when a new school opened that divided the talent base. Norco has great coaches and reputation so they will be able to recruit and retain enough kids in the district to be competitive but at 2000 kids it will be more difficult to be the powerhouse that you were a few years ago.

    Good luck to all the teams and especially health to all the young men that put everything on the line no matter how good or bad their teams may be because it is some of the best times you will have in your life…so enjoy.

  • Norco


    Fair enough…Good luck to CO this year…I`m actually going to catch their first game against Glendora…

  • AMAT 73

    Is the reason for the switch to the spread because of the HC’s son being a QB and now on the team on the other blog a few people were writting that as the reason . I also saw where they will be splitting QB between him and another player who I believe is a junior. What’s your take on that issue or is it a non issue and just hater talk.

  • AMAT 73

    Aztec Pride,
    Thanks for the kind words . Yes it will be a blast watching him on the fields of AMAT . That will be my main focus watching him grow on and off the field at AMAT . Very proud of him as I am sure you are of your son . Good luck to your son at Citrus and hopefully it parlays on to something great for him . Enjoy the season and looking forward to your updates on Azusa . Went to school with a great group of people from St Francis back in the day . You think we will get Bradford signed before preseason. I saw where the offer was 6 years and a lttle more the 72 mil. Better offer than Stafford got from the Lions .

  • Norco

    Amat 73..

    When I first heard that Norco was going to open up the offense, in my heart I believed it was because of young Gerhart… But now I know that is not the case, Norco has talent at the WR spots and has had a few kids transfer in who can run and catch. I understand Coach Gerhart wanting to open up the offense more… I mean it was not uncommon for Norco to face teams putting 9-10 guys within 3yds of the box and yet still have great success…Norco has in years past always adjusted to the talent at hand and that was the case this year… The Norco coaches spent some time in Utah learning their Spread offense-Coach Kruger said in a recent write up that only one play from Norco A Set offense could not be run from the shotgun formation….Also Norco for the past few years was already implementing a shotgun formation and was running a Zone Read (Option), F Trap, Counter, Counter Read (Option) & Speed Option…So they were preparing for the change…This IMO will only make them more balanced and dangerous…IMO it will still be a run first team smash mouth offense, only run out of the spread. Norco has always run college level zone blocking schemes, blocking play-side, but not back-side (or vice versa), trapping or pulling and that will not change with the spread . I believe the Norco coaches are fairly confident that the OL will dominate even more so with less defenders in the box & are very confident RB Kelsey Young in the open field with any backer will take it to the house.

    Now back to the Qb`s I`ve watched both in spring practice Truelove 6`1 190lbs 4.8, strong arm, very accurate and is a threat to run….Gerhart 5`11 200lbs 4.6 (little Toby clone) very strong arm, accurate and in person looks to be quicker then Truelove & IMO has a better grasp of the offense….Now IMO I like Gerhart who should be an incoming sophomore, but he was held back, so maturity is not the issues …but I think Coach Gerhart is going to do the political thing by letting both Qb`s battle it out during the preseason and pick a starter just in time for league….

    Here is a couple of highlights….check out the OL play…

  • Watered Down

    The opening of new schools in the Inland Empire (or anywhere) could have a dramatic effect on the strength of each football program. I remember back when Fontana and Eisenhower were in the Pac-5. They used to be able to trade blows with the best teams in Cali. Within 5 years of the opening of AB Miller and Rialto Highs, Fo-hi and Ike had to leave the division indefinitely.

    The exact same thing just happened to Esperanza who is no longer a Pac-5 program. With the opening of Yorba Linda High, the Los Alamtitos/Esperanza rivalry will most likely end. It’s sad but it happens all the time.

  • Norco

    It`s no happening….Norco has always been around 2000 students…they were up almost 4000 before Roosevelt opened…Now they are back to a little over 2000, and just recently the school boundaries were changed, so Norco will be pulling students from Corona Centennail (cant go wrong with either school) …What sustains Norco is there JAAF program…Not to mention the new football field. team rooms, weight room & pool….Norco has been going under major construction for about 20 months now…school is top notch…

  • Fitness NOT!

    Stop advertising Fitness Donkey! This is a website for high school athletics and kids not to exploit the opportunity for your individual wallet and by the way my cousin went to you and said your program is a scam!

  • kh

    whos cares,
    if a man fills good by helping other young men fill better,
    then who cares if he talks about his personnal training,
    sounds like your jellous.
    this blog is for blogging and training the athletes is part of the big picture ,if your son or daughters not on a program then my friend he or she will be left behind in the smoke.
    just put my son on a personnal trainer,results in three workouts are looking great.going today and buying protein and muscal mass .you get out of it what you put into go watch the line backer at bonita this year and tell me trainers arent its his last year in h.s. big deal it cost me alittle more money my son is worth all the penneys in heaven my friends.go bearcats

  • kh,

    Speaking of fitness training, my advice to you would be to exercise your brain because obviously you flunked language arts classes throughout your formal education. Your posts are grammatically atrocious. Good luck and let me know how everything goes for you.

  • Maybe it’s time…980909-0-008987y0-

    Lots has to be said for everything Charter Oak has accomplished over the past four years. Too bad teh blog has played a large role in dimishing it’s obvious accomplishments.

    While the aguments have centered on far, far superior issues the students, community and players have largely been thrust into a battle of wits between those who seek to reduce or defame.

    Another sad reflection on the complete lack of foresight by The Tribune and it’s writers who sit on their hands while others slowly tear each other a part.

    Maybe the Bloggers Pizza Party, or a different entity, would have gone a long way to seeking common ground and mutual respect and admiration for those who risk it all for us in the stands.

    This year Bogan, Farrar and Gano, long time competoraries, will do battle to see who really has the goods. Hopefully The Tribune can do more to bring people together. Yes I do believe we live in a Fish Bowl, of sorts, but the CIF has clearly poured us into deeper waters. Maybe it’s time to pull together and support those that venture out instead of saying, “they’re going to get killed!!!”

    150+ hits means people have passion for sports,and want to be heard, the real question is how do we best harness that passion for something we can all be proud of.

    Seems like a Tribune sponsored event would do wonders to growing a positive fan base. I know I had that idea four years ago but maybe it was ahead of it’s time. We should all rethink that given how much we’ve missed with so many fine athletic efforts over the years.

    Just a thought. I know several local establishments who would welcome the business, especially in these difficult economic times.

    Hope The Tribune makes thr right call.

  • Dan

    That Deantre Lewis was lightning in a bottle, heard of him but never had a chance to see him thanks for posting that, Kelsy Young isn’t to bad either, not quite as quick but he looks strong and fast.

  • GFD

    KH is regular contributor to this blog and a lot of people enjoy what he has to say, you don t have to be phi beta kappa to post to this blog, it’s the content that counts! Keep up the good work KH! I enjoy what you have to say. Wish KC all the best for his senior year, have a great season.