Inside sources say Crespi at Bishop Amat in Week 6 could be the Fox Sports Game of the Week

The fabulous inside sources at the Tribune are telling us to mark your calendars for Friday, Oct. 6, when Crespi rolls into Kiefer to take on Bishop Amat. The sources say Fox Sports is looking at the Serra League opener for their live high school game of the week and why not, no better place than Kiefer to show the Southland where the greatest fans in the Valley reside.

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  • correction

    You mean Serra League not Del Rey League.

  • Kaptain Keifer

    That would be a great game for FOX to schedule as game of the week. There is a lot of talk about Crespi being a very good team this year and I think AMAT will be a very good team this year too. AMAT Lancers, Go Big Blue!

  • TC Bruin

    Who will be QB’ing for Amat that week?

  • just askin’

    not South Hills v Damien? not CO’s Sierra League opener at Ayala? I’m shocked!

  • Lancerfan

    There will be no less than 7,000 people in attendance. If both schools are doing well, 8000+

    The 50/50 Drawing will destroy the $1000.00 mark!

    This is HUGE! This is why parents and kids love playing at Amat!

  • facts dont lie

    If you go by what has happened in the 7 on 7s and 11 on 11s and who has looked better in the stats and through out the practices, you have to go with Tyler P. The last showing he’s about 85percent in completions, two TDs and no picks. As oppose to 45-50 percent completion two and almost four picks, no TDs and a bunch of over and under throws. There is really something wrong here if he doesn’t. If Hagerty sticks to who ever looks better, earns the position.

  • No No No

    Grandpa Stop!
    Tyler is not and will never be the starting QB at Amat. We know how the story goes it will be the coaches fault. Same story different grandson different sport.

  • sgvfootballfan

    I hope they have some new stands on visitors side. Was there a couple of years ago to see a game,absolutely terrible stands.Not that great on home side as well.You would think with the large alumni that Amat has they would have some nicer facilities. Charter Oak is refurbishing there stadium with new artificial turf. Nice. Even John Jackson commented on Bishop Amat not changing anything in 30 years.Common get with the program Amat and start looking like a big time program.

  • Relax

    You don’t have to be “Grandpa” to see that Tyler P has come a long way and is throwing the ball Very well these days. Give credit where credit is due. Tyler P has busted his butt to be where he is. Tyler has looked very good at times this Spring and I for one think he will be just fine as the #2 QB. I like him a lot better than Booth and that is not a slam on Brock, I think BB is going to add to the Lancer offense in the capacity that he has been practicing at all Spring. RR is working to get into starting QB shape and you could already tell he was starting to get into the swing of things towards the end of the spring session. RR will be the #1 QB at AMAT this year with a very Capable and Ready Tyler P to back him up should the need arise. Stay Positive Amat family…and all you smack talkers pretending to be Amat Family Members run your negative comments elsewhere. Go Lancers!

  • AMAT 73

    Unfortunately we have to put our money where it can best be used by the entire student body . As you saw our new state of the art student activity center serves a purpose for many of the students at AMAT including the new weight room . Next up is a performing arts building / theater . There was a new turf surface put in before last season so some money was invested . But you are correct that the bleachers are not up to par on what the should be .I wish we could at least have a new scoreboard. I believe the wood on the home side was replaced over the summer and a few other things.Now if you would like to help the cause please feel free to drop off a check at the office and remember it is a tax deductable donation. HA HA HA HA .

  • jcaz

    sgvfootballfan, unfortunately, I couldn’t agree with you more here.

    BTW, did anyone happen to notice an article the came out in the LA Times today ? It said something about (yet) another conflict for Amat’s quarterback regarding his baseball play.

    It seems that Rio, and a few other very good local baseball players are on a team that made it to the little league world series.

  • Joe Amat

    It makes me chuckle when people talk about the stadium. It is clear and without question that Amat is the best Friday Night experience around – in their present stadium.

    Don Bosco Prep was #1 team in the nation last season. Take a look where they play their home games.

    Servite, the Pac5 champion, doesn’t even have a home stadium so they need to rotate where they play – and on what nights. We used to fill MSAC – but ran into the same issue – so back home it is.

    And with providing a great experience – why change too much?

    There is hefty debate over the present plan on rearranging the physical plant and putting the football field on the baseball field and moving the baseball field to the stadium location. Another brainless plan by MSGr Carroll. Had MSGr been smart enough he would have integrated new home bleachers into the gymnasium construction – but he’s not a forward enough thinker to figure that out. Cant wait ’til there is no MSGr

    There also is a large contingent that does not want a turf field. Unlike our local public school districts, we can afford to water our grass without restriction and have someone line it once a week.

    When you visited our visitors side – you may also have noticed that the bleachers are placed over the track. We rent them and assemble them every year – then remove them for track season. There is no room for permanent stands (unless you want to be creative) They also are right up against the backyards of our neighbors – and it’s always good to be a good neighbor.

    I think we have more pressing expenditures to worry about

  • Really sad reality

    It really speaks negatively of SGV football when someone boasts of having 7-8,000 at a hs football game, and that is the highest here in the valley – miserably low – and yes the stadiums in CA are some of the worst in the nation, and will still be that way I guess since everyone thinks it is fine

  • Freddy??

    Just think Fred you didnt even have that as your game of the week in your previous thread. Joke

  • AMAT!!!

    we all know that in the end the best AMAT players will play on Friday night! I wont worry too much about RR or Tyler facts are facts whether it be RR has to go off to play baseball and we need someone else on Friday night, then that will be. No need to worry about AMAt, Hagerty is a winning coach with a winners mentality, meaning, he has plan A, plan b, Plan C, and even a Plan D….
    Because its never about any 1 player, AMAT is all about the Team and never about any 1 player…

  • Uuuhhh, What???

    Really sad – whats really sad is I don’t know what the he11 your talking about???? Dude what are you trying to say? 7-8,000 people at a game is a bad thing or maybe when you were in school you had 7-8,000 on a bad night? The stadiums are crappy despite all the new stadiums being built in the public schools?? What? WHat? WHAt? WHAT???

  • S Cal is not really football land

    I realize that I am probably wasting my time here but here goes – 7-8,000 from my experience would be an average to below average attendance at a hs football game //

    I’ve been on the field at Abiline Cooper and Midland Lee (Friday Night Lights movie), been on “astroturf” at Wichita Falls Rider in 1970 as a soph in a 15K stadium – and it is not just TX, I have lived in 9 states and been to all 50 states — Maxpreps preseason has Euless Trinity (TX) as the no. one team in the nation right now – my son considered transferring there (live at Grandma’s house) and when we went there to see the program last spring he got a chance to see Pennington Field a typical great hs football stadium – and it was there before Trinity was even a school – but it has been updated in a great way //

    at the college level I have been on the field at Texas, OK, Tex A&M, Ark, LSU, Florida, Penn St, Michigan, USC, TT, TCU, SMU, Army, Navy, Fl State, Alabama, Miss Sate, not even USC-UCLA comes close to the same atmosphere or attendance – UCLA gives away tickets to pop warner guys (which is a good thing)because they are not going to sell out

    we wont even discuss the pro level here in S Cal

    — so when I see 1500 people at a hs game here with no visiting band, it is depressing —

    maybe SGV does not have great hs stadiums because they can always “rent” Citrus, Mt SAC, APU, ELAC when needed – but the reality is – S Cal is not real football world from hs to the pros

    every hs team in the SGV has a game on Thurs 11/11 because Friday is considered a holiday and they are worried that it would affect attendance – most of the rest of the nation will be playing on 11/12 – Friday because it is called “Friday Night Lights” – I rest my case

  • shfan

    if your inside source is james hes probably wrong…just sayin

  • Jastrab

    S Cal is not really football land said:

    I too have been to Texas and it is a different culture. I worked with a project that included nearly every district and got to see Texas from Big Bend to Houston and from Wichita Falls to Corpus. No doubt when I flew into each down 15 years ago I was amazed at how many schools had Astro turf.

    That said, and having been to many towns, the culture is that in many areas the whole town closes down and heads to the stadium. No doubt that there is nothing negative or can be made, but in many areas the high school football game it the only thing to do on Friday.

    I will give you that some of the stadiums are unreal. Westlake HS’s stadium (Austin) is like a new MTSAC and there must have been 200-300 girls in their flag/dance team alone.

    I would love to see more interstate games, but many of the Texas schools don’t like to play California privates as in Texas there are no 5AAAAA (The equivalent of our PAC5) private schools. They just have a different system where most kids (the good ones) stay in the public system. Interestingly enough the PAC5 is rated behind Texas, but that is one conference in California behind the entire state of Texas. I don’t think Calpreps has them that far behind either.

    My comments are not meant to be negative to Texas and having been to a few others places high school football in that state is just different. Much different.


  • smallcity

    It’s no secret that Texas high schools tend to draw much bigger crowds, but let’s put things into perspective. If you get out of the metro areas of Texas, you’ll find that there isn’t much to do in the smaller towns. High school football in these towns is the ONLY thing to do on a friday night. It’s a fact. I have family in different parts of Texas and have been there a number of times. In California, there are a TON of things to do on a friday night. I’m not slamming Texas folks, just pointing out the obvious. I really don’t think that Texas folks take offense to this and in fact are proud of this, which they should be.

    This doesn’t diminish the talent out on the field. Take a look at all the high school recruiting sites and you’ll find the top 3 states for recruiting (in no particular order) are California, Texas and Florida… every year!

    So by California standards, 5k, 6k, 7k, 8k… is a GREAT crowd! And more would be nice.

  • 7-8,000 Reasons….

    DUDE! This is So. Cal NOT the wastelands of TEXAS, Missouri or Wichita Falls! There are a million other things to do in So, Cal other than shutting down the shop mart or the steak corral to go to a HS football game. There are 15 different games to go to within a 10 mile radius not to mention pro sports, college sports,youth sports and…arts and entertainment options. 7-8,000 people in one area, for a HS football game, with so many other options available to occupy your time….is really prety darn good in So. Cal.

  • dear dudester

    again a waste of time but here goes – 3 of the nations largest cities are in Texas and there are a lot of other things to do besides football – but gee – the largest crowds at Texas hs football games are not in the small towns – Ca has a severe shortage of – loyalty to anything – the post about the best players in Tx are in public schools is very correct – in Texas only catholics would go to a catholic school – a top athlete would never even consider going to such a school if he was not part of the particular group –

    my son turned down Euless Trinity for the same reason he turned down Orange Luthern 2 years ago – loyalty to his friends from elementary school, his neighborhood and community – something very foreign to the jump around talented kids to whichever school athltees of CA

    CA has 33 million (those that are counted) people and 7-8000 is miserably pathetic for a hs game – so dont try to make excuses –

    no one wants to put a pro team here because there is no loyalty to anything, especially football – that is really pathetic and miserable

  • Get Real!!

    Dude, you’re an idiot!! I wish I could sugar coat it, but lets face it you are. You say that there are 33 million in CA, but only 7K to 8K show up to games? Okay, why don’t you give the other side of that statistic? How many HS are there in CA? When you look at schools, in the SGV for example, there are quite a few per city. Think about it, there at least 4 or 5 public schools per city and not mention some also have some private schools in those cities as well. I’m sure that if you put one school per city, you would get more than 7K to 8K per game.

    And you talk about not crossing into other schools communities because of loyalties? Perhaps it is a Texas way of life to not want to expose yourself or your children to different cultures, lifestyles, or beliefs. Its a scary thought to many people that people somewhere else may just not do things exactly the way they do, or to have your beliefs challenged. If your son turned down Orange Lutheran because he didn’t want to go there or because he felt a loyalty to his elementary school kids that is good and well. But also don’t attack parents and their kids for going and looking at schools for better opportunities, because they only want is best for their kids. If that means having to expose their kids to different believes, then so be it, it may even help them in their personal growth and may even re-affirm their believes.

    Also, you talk about California not having loyalty to anything. I can remember last year, in the 1st Rd of the playoffs, Amat v. Mater Dei drawing a crowd of over 18,000, as well as the game being televised on FSN. A few years ago had Mater Dei v. Servite game was scheduled at Angels, once again it was televised on FSN, and the game still drew over 22K fans in attendance. Is that enough loyalty for your @$$??

  • From the idiot

    I have been to 2 hs football games with over 50,000 in attendance – one in Texas Stadium and the other in the Astrodome, and the one in Houston had Dallas Carter playing – a 4 1/2 hour drive for their 25-30,000 loyalists – but no one has answered why all SGV teams are playing on Thursday 11/11 ?????? – they all know they will have empty (more empty stadiums than usual if they played under Friday Night lights, but then what do i know I an the idiot – the bottom line is that BA fans are sensitive about several things – their crappy stadium and their location, the only worse location for a school is Cathedral – they get to overlook the county jail every day

  • Colt texas boy get a life

    I can think of maybe 100 better things to do on a friday night then close my shop up and go watch a HIGH SCHOOL football game. Get real dude, its Southern CALIFORNIA! This is not TEXAS! Yeah a average high school football game out here will draw about 5K to 8K. Not bad at all seeing that it is california. I can see in small towns where fridays are like the biggest thing to happen once a year for about 14 weeks, but down here boy we have other things to worry about then a game. If we can make it we will try if not o well we have another game the next week at over 6-8 high schools in a 15 miles radius to choose from. Now get off our blog and go back to OLU or whatever school you claim.

  • Not a Longhorn fan

    There are only three things in Texas…..Steers, Queers and Football fans.

  • COChargerfan

    Who says that all SGV teams are playing on 11/11? CO plays SH on 11/12 as does Damien vs. Claremont.

    You apparently aren’t aware that the 3 Covina Unified high schools share District Field so one team pretty much always plays a Thursday night game.

    There is also the issue of not enough refs in the area which is also a factor in playing both Thurs and Friday nights.

    As for Texas, no doubt that high school football is a cult but I’ve been there a few times and they also have giant freakin bugs, locusts, hail the size of baseballs, tornados and mostly crappy weather…point is, while every place is different it doesn’t make one better or worse.

    As they say, everything is bigger in Texas…especially the egos.

  • SGV spotter

    actually SH – CO as well as Claremont/Damien are scheduled on 11/11 thursday accoring to Aram’s schedule here on the blog is lists all twams on thursday – not friday

  • COChargerfan

    I don’t know about an Aram list but in week 10 of Fred’s list on the Prep week-by-week thread it bolds Thursday 1/11 but that’s only for the first two game because the third line says “Friday, November 12th” and every game thereafter is a Friday game. Perhaps that is the source of the confusion.

    Anyway, look it up for yourself at Maxpreps or as they list the schedules of every team.



    No one give a crap about who CO plays. South Hills you say? LMAO!!!


    Oh, I’m sorry, youre a Charger Oak fan, you have absolutely no idea what that means do you…


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