Prep Extra in production, time for vacation

Well folks, tomorrow I’m on vacation until Aug. 9, hopefully surviving another week in Cabo before another wonderful football season. Steve Ramirez will be here to monitor and post on the blog in my absence, and hopefully you get a few posts from Aram too. It has been a busy month working on “Prep Extra,” our first football preview magazine, which debuts the first week of September.(To continue, click thread).

Never before have we had every coach in the Valley come in for pictures along with the teams’ top players. We gathered more info than ever before, and for the first time, we will have a preview page for all 36 valley football teams, giving equal coverage to everyone. Nearly every story has been written, every ranking is in, cover shot finished, and now it’s in the hands of our production crew, the same people who do our Rose Magazine. The issue will include rankings of top QBs, WRs, RBs, defensive players, etc, etc, but I will leave it there, don’t want to give everything away. With Aram back, he’s writing an intro column for the season, and our cover story, and deserves a big thanks, because he’s written his tail off the past few weeks. We love to argue in the office, but we also love working together, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to have Aram back in the fold with us, good times again. Mr. SGV history himself, Steve Ramirez, deserves a great thanks too, as usual, he delivered great stuff. When I return from vacation, we’re going to hit the summer hard. We will have more daily stories from camps than ever before, video interviews with players and coaches, and much, much more. By doing the preview so far in advance, we will have August to work on daily stories instead of spending the month working on our preview, as in years past. The bottom line, it’s more for you, for our football teams and its fans. So, see you in a week and a half.

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  • AMAT 73

    Nice Fred . Start the fire and leave town . Enjoy the vacation and I am sure ” THE TOPIC ” will still be going strong when you return.

  • Fish On

    HOOK UP!!!!!

  • clover

    lets talk about pasadena schools

  • You’ll never guess who…6516515481558465511…this is fun!!!

    Fred how about THE THREE AMIGOS Blog?

    I think it’s a waste to not come in with your best team. The three of your collectively are better than any ONE of you by yourselves. No offense by is it any wonder Steve Hartman has had soooooooooo many co-hosts and as enjoyed tremendous success for soooooooo long.

    Think about what it.

  • Great News!!!

    Maybe we will get a vacation from reading that BA and CO are the greatest things since the resurrection of Jesus and a QB who can walk on water

  • Robert

    Enjoy your vacation……………With all you do for preps, you deserve it.

  • SGaletti

    Freddy, I’ve seen that picture a few times. Have a great vacation. Will the magazine be online, or do I need to have it sent to me?

  • Trojan Man




    Since you are manning the fort in Fred’s absecnce, are you going to give any coverage to the ASA 18U Softball Nationals? They are playing in Hemet, CA Aug. 1-8. at Diamond Valley Sports Complex. You have alot of the local talent playing for there travel ball teams. It would be nice to see a little ink about it.

  • Joe Amat

    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat all day drinking beer.

    Have fun Freddie!

  • diogenes

    There is also some hot shot baseball team with a lot of football-baseball locals, like Ruiz, locals playing right now. LAT had a short bit on them. Whaaat, SGVT?


    Don’t you wish you could walk on water rather than on mud!

  • diogenes

    What happened to the Area Code team?

  • kh

    area code game are playing now in l.b. blair fild

  • Roll on July 11th, i can’t wait to play KH3D even if it is Japanese. Of course i will have to play it again when the US copy is launched to completely realize the story line but i will get the the nitty-gritty.

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