While Fred is enjoying the beauty of Cabo (and everything that goes with it) …

SGVN Staff Photo by Miguel A. Melendez

… I have posted the preseason SGVN All-Area Team. This combines the top talents from the SGV Tribune, Pasadena Star-News and Whittier Daily News coverage zones. You can see it here.

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  • JFR


    I loved your post on your facebook page Saturday morning praying that CO and Crespi would meet in the finals and it wouldn’t even be close. I’ll go back and send it in quotes for your fans. Still can’t figure me out and I love it! You know it all big boy, P.S. try swinging your arms when you walk it’s very odd looking not like you don’t already draw enough attention to yourself.

  • Please tell me that didn’t happen.

  • SGaletti

    Nice looking list Aram. Good to see you back in the saddle.

  • JFR


    Why has the GURU become such a Crespi honk after so many years as a SH backer?

    A) Coach Bogan finally got wise and asked him to move on.

    B) He got sick of always needing an escort whenever he stepped on campus.

    C) He doesn’t think SH can hang in the Sierra so he’s jumping off the bandwagon.

    D) Bogan hired a new cheerleading waterboy.

  • JFR


    Here is what the guru posted on Thursday before the tourney and I quote “Escarcega It”s off to San Diego for the North County Passing League Tournament. All I will say is if Crespi plays Charter Oak….it won’t even be close!!!! I have anything to say about it!!!!” He screwed up the last sentence but I’m sure he meant to say “if I” which makes it even more hysterical. Is he now calling plays for Crespi, good job amat for keeping this guy off your campus.

  • kh

    why didnt my comment go thur,

  • kh

    wonder why theres no storys on local ball players still playing summer baseball,
    look at all the crap food you guys eat,
    my god your digging your own grave,
    theres plenty of storys to write about,while your boss is stink fishing,
    where did the babe ruth all stars end up,is it over.
    what about big mac from bonita making the area code games.beat out over 2000 young athletes.
    the games will be played in aug. at blair field.
    theres acouple other local kids on team to ,these are suppose to be are next crop of minor leaguers trying to make that climb up the ladder.
    there wasnt one reporter at the babe ruth all star trny two weeks ago.100 or so major and colege players have come thur those doors.
    so your going to sit on football all summer ,how rude,
    what about manny coming back.
    do you guys just sit there and read the wire,go out see some games,every sunday there a game at brookeside park for the klast 40 years.
    i mean strawberry,eric davis chillie davis matt young randy johnson,nomar gar.
    theres been so many big leaguers playing in your back yards get out and see them.
    as i write the pasadena redbirds our in san jose 1 and 1 so far in the western regional.ex arcadia stand-out jason cly pitched 10 inn. to give the redbirds the first win .then in second game cif winner tyler garkow drove up with father and pitched 5 inn,but was on the wrong end at the end of the day.we have ball players every where,last season 2b all area player mier is playing in a world serirs in new mexico for don mattingly baseball clud.
    what about apu henley and plowmen any news where there at,henley last seen in babe ruth all stars playing for torres he went 4 for 4 and made a great play on my son to rob hiw of a base hit.
    in the pros ant word on bonitas 1 st rounder taken bye astros two seasons ago gio mier.
    guys theres plenty to do except seat there with a mouth full of diet soda and cheap chips.

  • kh

    i apologize…alcohol and blogging dont mix

  • 90930093-0-30-03=03=0-3=-]-

    ken that was a great up date. keep them coming. you know the old saying, “either do or get done”. nice to know you’re doing so much for kids. must be nice to be in love with a game you can stay close to for so long.

  • kh

    here we go someone already using my name.
    i never said alcohol and blogging dont mix.
    its oil and water.
    i saw the boys from amat at the area code try outs,
    ill stick with our three guys over theres,i mean if you put them together a made one what a stud he would be,
    i got to watch first hands of there tools ,
    the big boy hit the ball like fave winfield,he really had a great round of b.p.
    the other outfield ran a 6.7 or better the kid can fly,strong to,then again wheres he going to play,arm strenght,to play cf in the big you and the right fielder need plus arms,if he works on arm speed the sky could be the limit,both kids and parents are class acts.but would put my money on bonitas cf and rt field any day.thats just me.in time we will see who goes further in this game,i didnt see any pitchers from amat so hands down with a mac making team check to bonita,we need to play amat next year,fred make it happen,i know with all your reporting time you where sorry you never seen the cif runner ups bonita bearcats,but with a speaical amat vs bonita game i know you will be there?

  • Coaching change

    hey I heard the basketball coach over at Ayala quit, after all that crying about how he thought he was done wrong he still quits. Bet they wish they would have stayed with Walker now!

  • kh

    what about the line backers at bonita,did any body pay attention to k.c. second game back after a broken foot all season .first play-off game agianst s.h he had 17 tackle boys,you want the film.you count them for yourself.
    aram.dont be like fred and miss every bonita game because theres no bonita girls football for him to report on,
    bonita out for blood this year,hungry senior class and will be undefeatted,no bodys going to stop us,with the speed of gelhish on the outside with casey little brother in the deep zoon and k.c. amd casey with mickadee,in the l.b. slots and big harrmen and the other big blond lb which should be d-end and other side of harrmen .then bome gart other flowing saftey.speed strengh toughness # #1 defence so cal-ive been knowing to go out a make pre season champs,this year with garrant p at qb and the bid all leaguer on the line its bearcats title to lose

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