Breaking News: Nogales boys basketball coach Ricky Roper leaving to powerhouse Gahr

Nogales high school is losing one of the best young high school boys basketball coaches in the San Gabriel Valley. Nobles coach Ricky Roper is leaving to Southern Section powerhouse Cerritos Gahr, who won the San Gabriel Valley League title last season while competing against the likes of Lynwood and Paramount. (to continue click thread).

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Picking the Hacienda is like picking the Kentucky Derby, there are so many betting favorites

There is no league tougher to predict than the new Hacienda League, which includes Diamond Bar, Diamond Ranch, West Covina, Rowland, Bonita, Los Altos and Walnut. Looking at Aram’s recent All-Encompassing San Gabriel Valley Top 25 poll, he has four teams from the Hacienda ranked, with West Covina No. 9, Diamond Ranch No. 10, Rowland No. 13 and Bonita No. 22, but seriously, there is no telling how this is going to shake out. Won’t Diamond Bar be reborn again after leaving the Sierra, especially with its sights set on a mammoth Oct. 1 encounter with its soon to be hated rival, Diamond Ranch, when the two meet for the first time? Can’t you picture Los Altos bouncing back and recharged under new coach Jim Arellanes? Walnut might be the one team in over its head this season, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this race comes down to the final weeks with as many as six teams within a game of each other. It’s going to be that tight. I too think West Covina has a slight edge, but I like Rowland to finish second, Diamond Ranch third and Bonita fourth. Diamond Bar, for me, is a sleeper. This is just what the doctor ordered for the purple, and looking at their preseason lineup of Nogales, Wilson, Don Lugo and Brea Olinda, the purple could and should be 4-0 when they meet DRanch, a game that will take bragging rights to another level.

Above: West Covina coach Mike Maggiore and staff will have their hands full this fall.

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Grooming a high school quarterback

I told ya I will keep posting questions from random high school football players, local players or in this case an assistant football coach that I found on google that wants to know if his requirements for a quarterback are too harsh. Well, are they?

Coach asks: I am a Quarterbacks coach and Assistant Offensive Coordinator for a local 5a High School. I am 20 years old and have not been able to continue my playing carrier (but I have had 2 walk-on tryouts with a team who WILL start in the top 5 in the nation next season) My question is, I have expectations for my players (Quarterbacks) above that of the rest of the team. To be on the team you must have a GPA of a 2.0, For my Quarterbacks I want to say you must have a minimum of a 3.0 (but for some kids that may be hard to get so I lower it to 2.5) If you have lower than a 2.5 you can still be on the team, but you may not be a Quarterback. I also will give my Quarterbacks the Wonderlic test for the evaluation process. Along with this I ask them to write a 1-2 Page paper over why they want to be a Quarterback, what makes a good Quarterback, as well as what their personal goals are. The last thing I do is send a contract home with the player to have signed by the player and his parents to explain what I expect on and off the field, so that we have an understanding of the rules. If they were to be broken then I would have NO problem benching that player and playing the Back-up. Now with this said…. What do you think of this? Is this too harsh? Is it okay? As a parent how would you feel? Is it getting them ready for College and the professional working life? Or is this ridiculous and not needed? I really wanted to hear some thoughts on this.

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Future High School Stars: La Puente and San Dimas meet for Little League Section 3 title tonight at Lambert Park in El Monte

Richie Cantero’s three-run homer punctuated an 11-0 victory for La Puente National in Tuesday’s Section 3 All-Star tournament win over previously undefeated San Dimas. San Dimas would have won the title with a victory, but La Puente forced a decisive game tonight at 7 p.m. San Dimas had been dominating to this point, but La Puente has been on a role since losing earlier in the tournament. “My team came in with momentum from the night before,” La Puente manager Juan Cuevas said. “We’re hoping to bring the momentum back for tonight’s game.” The winner will advance to the Southern California Divisional Tournament’s North Sub-Divisional, which starts Saturday at Perry Park in Redondo Beach. Go root them on, these two are our last chance for a local in the Little League World Series.

Above: La Puente starting pitcher Richard Magana

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I got an email from an incoming high school freshman asking about hitting the weight room

“We don’t have the best workout facilities, but I want to work out and take this seriously. What type of workouts and workout schedule should I take for the summer? And is there some kinda protein I should take?”

C’mon bloggers and ex-coaches, help him out, or help me out, I got a week to whip this 40 something šŸ™‚ body into shape for Cabo … Good luck with that happening. BTW, this isn’t the kid below, just a Chino Hills lineman in competition ..

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The Scouting Guru: “These people live among you.” What? Guru thinks he’s T.J. Simers?

The Scouting Guru has been all over the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, and like always, he’s offered to share his thoughts, free of charge. Don’t hate, enjoy it for what it’s worth, which is one man’s opinion on the talent in the San Gabriel Valley.

The Scouting Guru answers bloggers questions in his own T.J. Simers-type way ….To read the Q&A, click thread.

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