College football: Masoli heads South

Hi All:
I just wanted to let you football fans know about my latest topic on our college football blog – The Red Zone. It’s about former Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli transferring to MIssissippi. You can read more about Masoli’s transfer to the Southeastern Conference school here.

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  • Really?

    Any updates on local pony teams still in? Nice coverage. NOT!!! This is our future high school players here

  • kh

    good luck getting any local sports reports,remember you would have to go out and fine those games,thats not going to happen.did you see the picture of those out of shape sports writters,joke i remeber play for a ind. team in 1992 i think the sonoma co.crushers.we came in frow playing palm spring team and we just got to l.b. field,this hugh i mean fat guy called me over and asked me who i was,there where doing a report on the western ind. league so i went a did a interview with this large young man at the time ,his name was joe macdonnald,never heard of if you reporters are trying to be like big joe,your going in the right direction.get off the wirwe and fine so real live games to cover,the cal league has ex sgv guys in it,fined them please,you havnt done crap sence fred left.inless he pulled all the cards and has the controls with him in that case my bad,but your diets thats on you guys.

  • khboner

    sweet story kh!!

  • what?


    Are you like only six years old? Cause you write like you are. I didn’t understand a word you were trying to say. Spelling, I can kind of figure out. Your grammar and sentence structure on the other hand are incomprehensible.

  • TeachDGame

    Not that I am in a hurry to back kh, but as to why I even care about Masoli and where he is going to screw up next, you guy’s care about local sports???? Just curious. While you are scouring the internet for info on some Oregon cast off, are you aware some local players competed last weekend a NATIONAL WORLD SERIES event? Or maybe that another local team packed with almost all players from within the SGV Tribunes area??? well just in case, the West Covina Dukes just competed and made it to the Championship game of the AABC Sandy Kaufax World Series (that would be 14 Yr olds). And the San Gabriel Valley Arsenal leave tomorrow to compete in the AABC Mickey Mantle World Series (that would be 16 Yr Olds) loaded with a bunch of players you guy’s cover all year long….. so maybe rather than sitting back in the office you could possibly get out and cover some NATIONAL WORLD SERIES events that LOCAL PLAYERS are participating in rather than cover some Criminal from Oregon….. your kidding me right. I know its’ not football, but hey, this might actually give you something to do during the last 2 weeks of Dead Period…..


    Hey STEVE, is the page your going to have the Local JC’s on. I’m looking forward on hearing about Citrus College and there new conference.


  • kh

    good then dont try to read it,do like these guys do, read the hot wire to see whats happening around the world of sports.
    did you under stand that?what.

  • Robert

    To Really?
    Here is all the Protect Our Nations Youth (PONY) info you can want/need…………………

  • kh

    your missing the point,
    your a local reporter,go out and get local reports.that what there doing is going on web sites to report,didnt see one news guy at the palimino play-offs last week at brookside in pasadena or arcadia h.s. had the senior babe ruth trny zero local sports reports in the tribune,its like beating a horse junk food horse.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Sorry to disappoint you, KH and the rest of the bloggers. But it’s not like I’ve been sitting in the office. In the last two weeks, I wrote a feature on some SGV All-Stars playing a team from Mexico at Sierra Vista High School; covered the Industry Hills City Golf Championship; wrote a column from Pac-10 Media Day at the Rose Bowl; covered NASCAR racing from Toyota Speedway three times in July and I’m now working on coverage of the big Galaxy vs. Real Madrid international exhibition match at the Rose Bowl, which is scheduled for Saturday.
    Here’s the link to my notebook that will be in Tuesday’s paper:
    Eric Terrazas is our summer baseball reporter and does all he can with limited resources. He covered a tournament on Saturday, and even included what the Colt team from Covina did in a tournament in Santa Clara. He will have a story in tomorrow’s paper, which will include how the Covina Colt team does tonight and some highlights from how Glendora’s Pony team does in its tournament in Whittier. Eric is also planning on covering Tuesday’s games, if they advance to the final round.
    I’m going to start a thread that can be a base for those who know of other results to post them.

  • Robert

    To kh,
    I did not miss any point. You don’t need to bust someone’s balls about not reporting info that is readily available. I’m sorry they don’t check with you before they get their daily assignments.
    (NOTE: your is actually you’re)

  • jojo

    Is it true bishop amat tried to enroll him?

  • smallcity

    I don’t see a problem giving a guy a second chance. However, If you go to Masoli’s website, you’ll find that he makes excuses for his actions. This bothers me. It’s a recipe for a repeat of one’s behavior. You’d think he would have been boasting about acts of contrition. In any case, I hope he succeeds.

  • jojo

    Hey,Steve maybe they would rather have you look for Obama’s birth certificate. You do a good job of reporting with the space the paper allows.

  • kh

    why dont we fined out from the local coaches whos going to be there to go guy for the up coming season,not some reporters byess views.

  • Steve Ramirez

    I’m not sure what you mean, KH. I always believed both make for better reads. And what biases to reporters have. We have no reason to like one coach or the other, unless some are more available. There is a former head coach who is an assistant now at an area school, who was evasive, but I never held it against the kids he coached, even though he and I never got along.

  • kh

    steve both is good,what i was trying to get at is to here from the head coach or go inside and do some one on one with the lb coach,rb coach whos the moster on the speacial a parent we want to know the true fillings,whos your studs,whos going to lay it all on the line in the crunch,put there head down and get that first down on the game winning drive,things like that,sports writers are program to allready know most of the ? they ask,steve was a minor leaguer for some i kind of know the insides,and managed one season ind.ball in guys will ask? like with jones being the big senior returnie next year is he the go to guy?you already know the anwser,yes.
    why not coach who do you want to have the ball with the game on the line,?
    or whos your studs pre season line backers,
    put it on them thats it.
    season here and i really need to start getting pumped up.
    cant believe there down playing the smudge pot with the glendora game,
    bad management that week i would love to go see glendora thursday then my sons team bonita friday.
    hands down this is giant game,last season my son had a broken foot,missed it,damn how fun would this game be to play in high t.c. i guess arcadia game pre-season was pretty big,they built the mall so it was kind of mall always knew the rams players.shaved heads,shirts tucked in and always walked with pride,coach hitchcock never showed weakness.thanks steve

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