After being fired and rehired, Ayala boys hoops coach Kenny Donovan turns in his resignation

Donovan, who was fired in March after a 17-12 campaign, then rehired after a public outcry, said last week he’s resigning to spend more time with his family. Back when Donovan was first fired, rumors circulated that former Charter Oak coach Ray Walker was set to take over. When Donovan was rehired in March, this is what what we wrote

Ayala boys basketball coach Kenny Donovon was given his job back on Friday after being fired earlier in the week by principal Diana Yorboi, who told Donovon he was not coming back because the school was moving in a different direction. Sources indicated to us that it was Yorboi’s intention to hire former Charter Oak head coach Ray Walker. But it appears Donovan’s firing didn’t sit well with a lot of people, and Donovan took the job back when it was offered to him.
“The principal apologized,” Donovan told the Times. “She said she made a mistake.”

“She told me she made a mistake,” Ayala athletic director Steve Martin told the Bulletin’s Clay Fowler. “She’s a principal in her first year and I think she was trying to placate as many parents as she could. I think she’s discovering, in athletics you can’t placate everybody.”

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